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u/Gumukku · 51 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Amazon reviews aren't great: Asobu PB55 Pill Bottle, Pink

u/gotandwinter · 47 pointsr/ProductPorn

I think this is something very useful who have Alzheimer's.

I found it on the other days and I think it will fit here as well.

Edit: Found it for someone interested.

u/roland00 · 21 pointsr/ADHD

Aka Delet3r is talking about this and similar products

u/gotfoundout · 20 pointsr/DesignPorn

TimerCaps with Large Vials (Qty 2) - LCD Stopwatch Timer Automatically Tracks Time Elapsed Between Doses - Pill Reminder for Medications and Vitamins

u/metradome · 18 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Hijacking top reply to put a link to a product for people like me who need something like this and wanted to see how much they would be. Looks like around 5 a bottle on amazon. link to a product for the lazy

u/melanie_me · 12 pointsr/ADHD

I have a timer cap for my prescription bottle. Each time you take the lid off the bottle the timer resets so you know the last time you opened it. No more mystery. Doesn't help if I accidentally leave the house without taking my meds, but at least I don't take 2 by mistake.

I have this one: . One problem: The lid does not fit on the prescription bottle my pills come in. Solution: I transfer my pills to the bottle that came with the cap and carefully peel off the prescription label and stick it on the timer bottle (so I know when to call my doc for a refill and for legal reasons).

u/Queen_Combat · 11 pointsr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns
u/OutofanAbundance · 9 pointsr/ADHD

I’ve also seen a med bottle cap that has a time counter that resets each time it’s opened.

u/lordofthejelly · 9 pointsr/TheRedPill

Your list is good, however there's a few things you're likely to run into.


TL;DR: of what’s ahead

You only have so much willpower to expend in any given day, you probably can't pursue everything at once. To maximize your goal fulfillment, remember the following:

  1. Cut unnecessary drains out of your life.
  2. Figure out which goals are most important. You don’t have to pursue them all at once
  3. Figure out which goals (once reached) will make the others easier.
  4. Look for smart investments that will make your goals easier to fulfill (ie cost less willpower)


    In a nutshell, humans have a finite amount of willpower that we can expend in one day. There are only so many conscious decisions that you can make in one 24-hour period, only so many things you can force yourself to do.

    And that’s fine, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We’re all human, that’s how we are.

    Think of as being like money, where you only have a finite supply at any given time. If you suddenly start expending more on one part of your life, one of two things will happen:

  5. You'll eventually peter out. You're spending extra willpower (or money) that you don't really have, and you can only do that for so long before you go back to doing what you were before. OR
  6. You'll keep at it, but you'll find yourself dropping the ball have enough willpower (or money) to go after your new pursuits, but not enough to also keep at it with your old ones.

    So you might take on new fitness goals but find yourself dropping the ball on your diet goals, similar to how you might start making payments on a car only to find yourself unable to pay the electric bill. Make sense?

    That's the bad news. The good news is, there's a few strategies that you can use to stretch your willpower a lot further, adapted from the financial advice world.


    1. "If you're in a hole, stop digging."

    In other words, be prepared to make significant lifestyle changes.

    For example, suppose you're using all your willpower just to get through the day without punching your boss in the face. Guess what, you need a different job long as you stay there, you will be so sapped of willpower/energy that you'll never accomplish your other goals.

    Make sense? Look for the unnecessary willpower drains that you can cut out of your life. Your friends, your church, your job, your girlfriend. All are fair game, if they're only sapping your strength.

    2. Some goals are more important right now than others. There is nothing wrong with choosing to focus on a few and letting the others go for now.

    Financial example: I have credit card debt at 20% APR, and student loan debt at 8% APR. Do I try to pursue both equally, at the same time?

    Answer: no. Obviously I heavily pursue the credit card debt first, and worry about the student debt later.

    Similarly, I might decide to only worry about diet and sleep for now, and take on my porn addiction and lack of fitness later.

    And remember: once you've established a good habit, the amount of willpower you spend on it will be significantly less than what you spend on it right now.

    For example, right now you might be spending all your willpower on eating correctly. But a year from now, it will come naturally to that point, eating correctly will be so easy that it doesn’t cost you any willpower whatsoever.

    Then you’re free to start pursuing your fitness you easily have enough willpower to pursue both diet and exercise, because you didn’t try to do them all at once.


    3. In addition to #2, some goals (once they’ve become second nature) will actually make it easier (ie cost less willpower) to accomplish other goals. I call them “enabling goals.”

    Sleep is the best example…if you are able to get the appropriate amount of sleep every night, suddenly your other goals all become easier and cost less willpower because you’re not so damn tired all the time.

    So if you can’t do all your goals at once, focus on sleep (or other enabling goals) first. You get those down, the others will follow.

    Make sense?


    4. A smart investment up front will save money (or willpower) down the road

    Financial example: you ditch the junker and spend extra money on a car that is highly reliable and gets good gas mileage, saving you mechanic’s bills and gas money down the road.

    Personal goals examples:

  7. I have a lot of nutritional supplements that I take every morning and evening. At first, I was unscrewing every bottle, every morning and evening. I was a dumbass who wasn't putting any thought into it, and surprise surprise, I was failing. I just wouldn't get around to it.

    Eventually, I bought four of these weekly pill organizers on Amazon. Now, I just go and fill them up once a month (not difficult), and pop one slot open and take the supplements every morning and evening (also not difficult).

  8. I used to try to eat greens...but by the time I was done, I looked like a cow chewing its cud and my jaw was literally tired. And again, I was failing at it.

    Until I went and bought a used, I juice once a week, and getting my vegetable intake is as easy as drinking it.

  9. One of the supplements I take in the evening (per #3) is a small amount of melatonin...this in turn makes getting adequate sleep much easier, which makes all my other goals a lot easier.

    You get the idea? A smart investment can mean a far smaller willpower expenditure in pursuit of your goal. Figure out what’s holding you up, and if there’s something worth investing in to make it easier.

    Easier = less willpower expended = greater chance of success & more willpower for your other goals.


    Now go start fulfilling your goals, TL;DR is at the top. Questions?
u/not_the_queen · 9 pointsr/ADHD

I've done this more times than I can count, it's one of the drawbacks of medicating ADHD, actually remembering to take your meds properly. You'll feel shitty and speedy for a few hours.

To make sure you don't do this again, go buy a weekly pill box like this one and fill it up once a week. Always fill it up at the same time every week, so you don't forget that either and wonder if you've taken your Sunday morning pill yet (yes, sadly, I speak from experience here.) I also use a timer app on my phone, set for 4 hours, to remind me when the med is wearing off. This helps not just to remind to take my meds on time, but will also help me to remember that if I'm feeling overwhelmed and can't figure out what I'm supposed to do, it might be the med, not me.

u/wz_ · 7 pointsr/eldertrees
u/CharlesP2009 · 7 pointsr/Hypothyroidism

T4 has a half life of 5-7 days so this won't make much difference in the grand scheme of things.

Drink plenty of water, stay away from caffeine, consider getting a weekly pill organizer to help you keep things straight.

u/Porkjungle · 7 pointsr/bipolar

Yes, I have two cases so that I only need to refill pills once a month. They have four spaces for every day which is great because I take crap 3x day. It's really helpful for if my alarm goes off, I take the pills, then forget if I took them or not. I just look at the pill case and I can tell which day and which time have already been taken.

This is the one I use:

u/slackdastard · 7 pointsr/ADHD

Pretty much just like those, except mine have QFC (Kroger) stamped on it because that is where I got mine. You might want to check with your pharmacist because mine were made for the various pharmacies in some QFC stores and they gave it away for free.

u/GlobbyDoodle · 6 pointsr/ADHD

I bought this. Best investment ever. Don't have to think about it. Don't have to remember to use an app or write anything down. I can also tell if someone else has opened the bottle!

u/rphgal · 6 pointsr/Supplements

AUVON iMedassist Weekly AM/PM Pill Box, 2nd Gen Portable Travel Pill Organizer (7-Day / 4-Times-A-Day) with Moisture-Proof Design and Large Compartments to Hold Vitamins, Supplements and Medication

I have this one. It’s awesome. One separate container for each day of the week, and allows for morning, lunch, dinner, and bedtime dosing. Plenty of room.

u/imjustyittle · 6 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting

Don't have any myself yet, but found this on Amazon.

u/Jin_the_Wanderer · 6 pointsr/bipolar

I do, yes. There are a few things you can do though; I asked someone else to handle my meds for a long time since I didn't trust myself, if you can rely on a family member, friend or whoever, it's a good alternative.

There are also special pillboxes such as this that are locked and have a timer so it only dispenses the medication for the given time and day so you can't access all of them, at least not easily. Do give the key to unlock the thing to someone else of course.

That said, I do fight the urge to down the bottle more often than not but I'm trying to learn how to live with it by distracting myself from that intrusive thought, mainly with music.

Stop taking them though, no, it's been hard enough already to reach the point I'm in right now to flush everything down the toilet. Besides, I'm not angry at the world anymore, well, not as much as I used to be, so that helps.

Take care of yourself.

u/pumbump · 5 pointsr/ADHD

I see these suggestings of pill minders, but my favorite solution is the timer cap. No need to fill it weekly, good way to keep all your extras in the same bottle, just very fool proof.

u/xthatwasmex · 5 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

You can get bottle caps that show the last time it was opend.

I just post this as a suggestion for her next gift.

u/clangunn · 5 pointsr/ADHD
u/Zappy_Kablamicus · 5 pointsr/Drugs

Lol, well put. Yeah they make these

u/dnew · 5 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Fill it once a week. Problem solved. It also gives you a week to realize you've run out and need to buy more.

u/Urtehnoes · 4 pointsr/TumblrInAction

Ok I don't know which comment to reply to, because everyone has the same issue, but here's what worked awesome for me!

Pill Bottle Timer Cap

I mean all it does is start a timer every time it's been opened. The cool guy top doesn't fit my Rx bottles, but they come with a bottle that fits it anyways. It's honestly super dope. I once took a double dose of Adderall because I forgot that I'd just taken it mere moments before. Yikes. never again.

I got mine over a year ago, and the time has just started to fade. But apparently you can replace it with just a regular ol' watch battery.

u/blueshiftlabs · 4 pointsr/ADHD
u/Hq3473 · 3 pointsr/changemyview

Most people put in the required effort to take the required drugs.

Your extreme case, in particular, has likely never happened or happened just a handful of times.

The invasion of privacy needed to enforce such a policy to combat a few marginal cases is unjustified.

Would not a better approach be to have extensive education on the necessity of taking the drugs combined with access to devices that help people remember to take their medicine.

u/adhdjd · 3 pointsr/ADHD

Caps are like these, but I got mine from rite aid and they were much cheaper:

I'm not finished with the kondo book, but the current tl;dr is

(1) choose what to organize by category, not room (I.e., clothes day, makeup day, as opposed to closet day, because people tend to store things of the same category in multiple locations), and

(2) immediately donate or trash anything in that category that doesn't bring you joy.

u/theeTC87 · 3 pointsr/CysticFibrosis

Sagely! Is an awesome pill holder!! Elite!

Its on Amazon...u can take them individually out and its magnetic!

u/TableTopFarmer · 3 pointsr/camping

I have a Walmart brand solar lantern similar to this one. I keep it collapsed, in one of the center cupholders, so that it is always handy and charged for the times when we are setting up camp after dark.

A gear net that stretches across the inside roof of the UTE is good for stashing a wallet, phone, eyeglasses, slippers, and a change of clothes for the morning.

If you want privacy or the ability to sleep in after the sun rises, strip magnets and black cloth will suffice to cover your windows.

If you like to cook, rather than pack a passel of spice bottles, transfer your favorites into daily medication organizers. If you are road tripping and will be out for a while, look for organizers with larger compartments.

If you will be camping in the desert in the summer, get a spray water bottle to dampen your top sheet before you go to sleep. That will keep you cool until you do and the sheet will be dry again by morning.

If you will be camping in hot and humid areas, a small rechargeable usb fan set to blow on your face and neck will make you feel much cooler.

u/ginsengwarrior · 3 pointsr/Nootropics

Taken during the morning, brunch, afternoon and before bed time :) usually 20 minutes or so before eating. It's not too cumbersome, I have one of these amazing bottles

u/htrxpp · 3 pointsr/ADHD

You can also check out these since sometimes it's easy to forget or just not organize our pills. These might help.

u/JMJimmy · 3 pointsr/ADHD

Highly recommended... it's pricey but it's the only one I've found that solves all the problems

u/MySweetUsername · 3 pointsr/MDMA

I've used something like that with other legal pills mixed in many times.

u/crippled_bastard · 3 pointsr/pics

Even OP in your link admitted is was from somewhere else.

This is where you can get them. It's the first amazon link I could find.

u/mjp141r · 3 pointsr/bipolar2

Okay. First things first, I think you need to have an honest talk with your doctor about your meds, side effects and your lifestyle. It’s gonna be hard to remember to take meds - especially if you think going back on them will negatively effect your ability to work or function. Not all meds do that to people. There IS a way to get an effective cocktail that won’t slow you down like that.

Next, I also have ADHD on top of bipolar because someone has a sick sense of humor. Anyway, I had to use this elderly talking medication reminder clock that would literally yell at me until I took my meds at night. I also worked with all my doctors to get me meds that I can all at once - at night. I take an antidepressant and a mood stabilizer- all at night.

Some doctors told me it couldn’t be done. Lots of doctors use their knowledge and authority to shut you down when they don’t want to do the extra work to help you. However, a doctor who understood ADHD and bipolar confirmed that it was possible and it happened. I’ve been diagnosed for about 20 years - and I’ve had to start getting these doctors together.

Link to medication organizer and alarm clock:

MedCenter (70265) 31 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder System

MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock

Also, CVS and Amazon will now presort you’re meds into little packets and that may help you, too:

Hope this helps!!!

u/overprogrammed · 3 pointsr/Alzheimers

My grandpa had a similar problem- he would forget that he had taken his meds and would take them again. There were multiple times where he overdosed and ended up in the hospital. I ended up getting him this dispenser and it has prevented overdoses for nearly 2 years. The lock is kind of a joke, but it's enough to convince grandpa that no one is taking his pills.

LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser, 28-Day Electronic Medication Organizer with Alarm Reminders, Flashing Light and Safety Lock - Dispenses Prescriptions Up To 6 Times Per Day - Clear Lid

u/txhusky17 · 3 pointsr/Parenting

We were on a plane with our almost 2 year old son last year. My wife found an idea of using one of those weekly or monthly pill boxes like this one and filling each compartment with little snacks. Helped immensely plus I'll second /u/trytryagainn 's notion of cheap toys (ones you wouldn't mind losing) as presents and opening one every so often.

u/Asterea · 2 pointsr/ADHD

I use a 7 day pill thingy but in each container is enough of my certain drug I need for the week; the original bottles are put away in a first aid box until I need to refill the container Sunday night.

Doesn't help with meds I don't take often (i.e. OTC meds); currently driving myself insane trying to remember if I took some painkillers after work. :p

u/VolvoxTurbo · 2 pointsr/depressionregimens

Check out these pill bottle caps that tell you when it was last opened

u/KashEsq · 2 pointsr/Supplements

These are the pill boxes I use:

7 Day 3 Times a Day Pill Box Organizer Borinhalbich Model 6007 Orange Plastic Tray

u/kendi108 · 2 pointsr/CysticFibrosis

I own 7 weeks of these bad boys. Perfect for travel, fun colors, and very dependable. I do the 3 times a day deep organizers, but this company has a few different options. The only thing is they can be a bit difficult to open, but when I load them I just use a letter opener to save my nails.

u/Myfeelingsarehurt · 2 pointsr/Alzheimers

We use one of these for my partners meds. In the beginning it helped him to remember to take them. As the disease progressed and his meds increased I took over the job of actually giving the meds to him as he would become distracted half way through and leave the mess on the counter. I still use that thing though as it keeps me from forgetting and keeps them on a schedule. At the programmed time it rotates to the next slot and beeps and flashes until you turn it upside down to dump the pills out. You can also see missed doses really easily.

u/Faust723 · 2 pointsr/ADHD

I had this problem at first too. If you're taking it daily, I would highly recommend a 7-day pillbox like /u/kalupa said. Really helps stay organized and getting the right doses prepared ahead of time. I put it somewhere that I can't miss, which is typically in front of my alarm clock. If you take multiple doses a day, get the AM/PM version of the box.

Then, I leave that specific day open so when I wake up to turn the alarm and can barely see, I can just grab the box and toss 'em back like skittles. Now when I'm feeling weird and not sure if the meds are kicking in, I just look at the box and see if I missed it today for whatever reason. And that's happened at least a handful of times.

u/thisgameisawful · 2 pointsr/ADHD
u/magicjem · 2 pointsr/ADHD

I use something like this to help me remember to take pills. You don't need this exact one. Put it a place you will always see it so it will constantly remind you to take your pills.

Also, I use the calendar app on my phone to remind me. I just set up a daily reminder and it beeps at me to take my meds at the right time.

As for depression, talk to your psychiatrist. You may need an SSRI to help. Welbutrin is different than SSRI and doesn't raise serotonin levels. Even if you didn't like Welbutrin, an SSRI may still help.

u/NinjaLanternShark · 2 pointsr/ADHD
u/quietlyaware · 2 pointsr/infertility

Amazon! =D I splurged on this one because I thought it was pretty.

This is a much cheaper one.

And this is another cheaper format.

u/mynameismemory · 2 pointsr/infertility

The BPA free is an excellent idea. Ours that we've been using aren't, and now I kind of want to get new ones! I googled and found this one which would be nice because it has an AM and PM side!

ETA This one is super cool too!! And you can take off each day to throw in your purse if you need to. I think I may order one of these now haha. (another edit--nevermind, this one is quite expensive!)

u/GetOffMyLawn_ · 2 pointsr/cfs

I got this one since I take my pills at home.

Then of course I have a separate one for my prescription stuff.

u/RobotPigOverlord · 2 pointsr/Narcolepsy

I use these pill timer caps which show you how much time has passed since the pill bottle has been opened. I bought them specifically bc i was always unsure if i had already taken my meds or not. This completely solved the problem

u/Surrealle01 · 2 pointsr/Aquariums

> I will show one of them what a SMALL pinch of food looks like!!

Pro tip, get one of those daily pill dispensers and put an appropriate amount of food in for each day. That way no one will overdo it and you won't have mixups where two people feed in the same day. (And you can tell if someone forgot.)

Edit: like this one

u/anonymousforever · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

If you just want an am/pm pill dispenser, and something you could leave on the kitchen counter with that week's meds in it (nothing massive) try this it has push buttons to open the compartments. here is a different one that is interesting too.

u/CommanderPowell · 2 pointsr/SSRIs

I've had the same thing happen to me with my med, more times than I care to admit. These helped me get peace of mind.

u/Lonely_Mr_Cadaver · 2 pointsr/ICleanedMyRoom

For storing your meds; they make pill organizers for different times of the day. Lots of people, especially older folks, have to take meds throughout the day.

Something like this would help

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Okay, you absolutely need one of these bad boys. I use both sides as one weeks worth of pills, so that I have 2 weeks worth ready at all times.

Next, use an app to track an remind you to take your pills at the same time every day. CareZone and Medisafe both have free useful apps that are super helpful.

u/ghost1667 · 2 pointsr/Parenting

Depends on your kid. When I flew with my son at that age, this is the thing that kept him occupied the longest:

People told me to put little snacks in it so he could discover each one but he didn't (and still doesn't, at 22 months), care about that at all. He just wants to open and close the lids over and over and over and over and over...

Also, new books.

u/Billyblastoff · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Here it is on amazonPill Cap Timer

Sorry if already posted

u/klickitatstreet · 2 pointsr/Epilepsy

Here it is! Sorry it took me a while to find it :) I love it though!

u/ClaygroundFan69 · 2 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

This just came in the mail today because I've been so bad about forgetting my Savella and Gabapentin that I've caused myself to have withdrawal episodes.

Anyone else who's rolled around wailing uncontrollably for hours until you pass out because you're too afraid to go to ER and explain what a dummy you are will be able to relate. I thought the worst thing was being unmedicated, but it is not. The worst pain I've ever experienced with fibro was withdrawal. The reason being that the withdrawals do the opposite of the medication and add to the pain that is already there from being unmedicated.

Holy smokes, I hope this pill container works out. I like that it's rainbow. 🌈

u/GeoJayh · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

You guys are way over thinking this....

They even come in 2 week and month organizers. Put a piece of index card on it or put labels on them.

u/CakesNPie · 2 pointsr/bipolar

Bought a pill organizer and it's positively huge. I don't like the standard ones because they chip my nail polish (yes I know dumb reason) and it's just so much easier to push a button.

u/stormagnet · 2 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

Here's a weird one: a butter knife.

I use it to open cans that have a pull-tab top without wrecking my fingers. Stick the tip through the loop, lever up.

See also: an electric can opener, this giant pill organizer, these grab bars that can easily be installed in the tiniest of apartment bathrooms without starting an argument with your landlord (priceless!) combined with this hockey tape (put it on your grab bars and crutch handles to keep your hands from slipping) and these anti-slip stickers, (I even put the stickers on the bathroom floor.)

u/ZHaDoom · 1 pointr/ADHD

I was thinking maybe one of these, just so i would only have to fill it up once a month

u/GMan85 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Something like this might help you out if you're ever unsure. They have caps for different styles.

u/bfwilley · 1 pointr/AnythingGoesNews

TalkingBackAgain have a glass of water and check your pill box your either over or under medicated.

u/wanderstuck · 1 pointr/ChronicPain

This is behavior hacking! You need to (1) remove obstacles to success and (2) set up rewards and punishments for your behavior.

(1) Remove Obstacles

Stumbling Block: Too many bottles to open when I’m tired
On Sunday evenings, when my husband is ironing shirts and I’m going over my doctor’s appointments for the week in my calendar, I also put my pills in a weekly pill sorter. I had to try a few to find which one worked best for me.

Stumbling Block: Mid-day meds forgotten at home
Right now I’m on AM/PM only but when I had mid-day meds, I put them in a separate, smaller pill sorter that went into my purse since I am often out mid-day.

Stumbling Block: Don’t want to get out of bed to take meds in the kitchen/supplies were all over the place
My med bottles, heating pad, pain cream and other pain/injury stuff are in a 3-tier rolling cart from IKEA that is by my bedside. I try to keep the top tier clear except for my pill sorters, my take as needed meds and a few other small bits.

Stumbling Block: Started ignoring my alarms
I have phone alarms that have a loud and annoying ringtone to remind me to take my meds. I change it up every few months so I don’t get too used to it. It’s also a different sound than my wake up alarm and my other phone sounds. Some people do better setting a physical alarm clock that is harder to turn off or ignore.

(2) Rewards & Punishments

For awhile when I was struggling to take meds, I had a deal with my sister that I’d text her every am and pm with a picture of my empty pill sorter section that was time/date stamped.
(Note the removing obstacles here by fighting against my instinct for laziness. The check in was twice per day, required a photo and required a time stamp.)

I gave her an envelope with $25 bucks per week in it. If I missed an accountability picture text, I lost $5. If I was more than 30 minutes late with my meds, I lost $2.

At the end of each week, she’d tell me my balance and if I never missed a dose, she sometimes put in an extra $5 reward (Never asked her to do that. It was just her being awesome.)
At the end of the month, she’d send me the money in the mail since we live a few hours away. We could have done all this electronically, but physically sending her an envelope with $100 in it each month and physically getting that money back (or less money back) made it much more real to me.
I also got to reward myself with that money by paying for a massage or pedicure or a nice haircut/blowout.
If I didn’t have enough money for the reward I was working towards, I didn’t get to do it.

This worked super well for me until I got into a better natural rhythm. Now I do it for myself and my husband kind of checks in with me about it.

Here are some tools I’ve tried and liked:

AM/PM 7-Day Pill Sorter, long & flat - nicely sized, has push buttons instead of snaps that hurt fingers, good colors
AM/PM 7-Day Pill Sorter, removable rectangles - nice, large capacity, easy open, secure close, individual squares for each day of the week, 8th container for extra meds

Mid-Day/Travel Med Sorter, rectangle - nice size, secure, removable compartments for different pill sizes, up to 4 sections, nice colors
Mid-Day/Travel Pill Sorter (Round, 7 day) - east to load, easy to dispense, 7 sections, small and well-designed

Did You Take Your Pills? Tool - small card that has switches you can flip for each day and AM/PM to ensure you take meds
Time Since Last Dose Pill Bottle Caps - Of you forget when you last took your meds, check the color-coded caps to see how long it’s been since your last dose. Helpful if you take multiple times per day or struggle to remember if you’ve taken each med. several colors so you can mark multiple bottles.

Good luck OP!

u/Kris10NC · 1 pointr/ADHD

Going to throw in pill bottle timers too! I use them for my sleeping pills since a side effect of taking them is forgetting things! ;)

u/-jp- · 1 pointr/Anxiety

You might get a pill-minder and leave it with your phone and keys and such that you pick up every day.

Glad to hear you're feeling better though. Good luck to you!

u/missfarthing · 1 pointr/BipolarReddit

For my son I use a set of individual day pill boxes that is a set of 7. It has Morning, Lunch & Bedtime sections in each box. This one

It works really well, especially since he spends some weekends with his grandparents and I can just send the days that he needs instead of a whole week's worth.

u/orange_schmorange · 1 pointr/CrohnsDisease

I also use a toolbox for medication bottle storage, but fill one of these with routine meds each week.
My lack of organization is more of a problem for me when it comes to the never-ending task of keeping all the medical bills in order.

u/gigglepunch · 1 pointr/ADHD

I was thinking of getting one of those Monday through Friday pill boxes. Something like this.

They sell them at walmart or probably the dollar store.

If the box is empty, you took it.

u/ViviElnora · 1 pointr/JUSTNOMIL

I highly recommend these for meds that aren't on a "take at set time" schedule.

u/JeSuisGourde · 1 pointr/ftm

Do you have a cat (or dog, but I think cats are better at this)? Because I once read a post about forgetting to take meds, or in this case, T, where every time you take those meds at a certain time or on a certain day, you feed the cat a specific treat. After a while, they come to expect food at that certain time on that certain day and they WILL yell at you and follow you around the house until you do it. I know it's kind of silly, but I've had friends who said it worked for them for taking certain types of medication and things. '

Also, they sell pill bottles with caps that have screens on them that tell you how long ago the bottle was last opened. You could put the vial of T inside the pill bottle? So you know when you last opened it and took it?

u/queer_bird_sounds · 1 pointr/ADHD

You can get pill bottles that tell you how long it's been since you've last taken medication. You can also buy just the caps at CVS, which is what I did. They're a lifesaver.

u/joedevivo · 1 pointr/ADHD

It’s just as easy to forget if I already took it. These prescription bottle timer caps have been really helpful

u/BPkissofdeath · 1 pointr/bipolar

Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer - Sleek AM/PM Twice a Day Pill Box with 7 Day Travel Containers and Reminder App (Large Enough to Fit Fish Oil and

u/underpantsking · 1 pointr/ftm

I got a pill box like this one. Even though obviously T doesn't fit in a pill box, it has been helpful to flip open each lid each day and know that I can't flip open Friday until I take the shot. I also write a "T" on that day with a dry erase marker that I wipe off after I take the shot. It's been really helpful for me and it's really easy to pass off as anything, even vitamins and supplements.

u/Hugo154 · 1 pointr/ADHD

This already exists, the company is called PillPack and Amazon bought them out last year. Many independent pharmacies will also do this for their patients if you ask. But realistically it's only necessary for people who have a bunch of different meds and aren't able to handle them all themselves. Most of us can just buy our own pill box (here's one for $8 on Amazon) and do it ourselves - and if any of you don't do this, you should!

u/voiceofnight · 1 pointr/ADHD

I have an alarm that goes off an hour before I'm supposed to be up for the day so I can take my meds and wake with them working. Most of the time, I remember if I took them when the alarm went off. But a few times I had to play the 'do I feel like my meds are working' game. So I bought these and its come in handy a lot

u/pelolep · 1 pointr/asktransgender

I use one of these - fill it up every Sunday and I just slip my entire day's worth of pills in my pocket (purse when I finally go full-time) as I walk out the door.

u/save_the_runaway · 1 pointr/bipolar

From a bipolarbear to a loved one of a bipolarbear, if your nephew isn't in a place to say it himself: thank you. We have a way of alienating the people who care for us the most and a lot of us end up alone, ashamed of things we've said and done in the past with nowhere to go. The fact that you're willing to take him in is huge.

Now, part of what makes this decision huge is that it's probably not going to be a cakewalk. I think it's fine to require that he be compliant with treatment, but it's going to require some finessing on your end to make sure that things outside of his control don't get in the way of his compliance. Mental illness is tricky because it often operates on its own logic, and things that seem very simple or straightforward to you are quite complicated for someone whose decision-making capabilities are jeopardized by their brain chemistry.

Early on, "support" might mean that he needs help in his treatment compliance. Things like help scheduling and making appointments on time, picking up meds from the pharmacy, dosing them out into a daily meds organizer like this, reminders or help setting up a reminder system for taking meds, or perhaps even going with him to talk to his doctors about medication options that don't need to be taken daily, like monthly antipsychotic shots (yep, they can shoot you up with your meds so you don't have to remember taking them -- there are a lot of positives and negatives to this, so be open-minded).

When the mentally ill turn to substances as self-medication, consider this behavior as the desperation it is, rather than the disregard for others families tend to see it as. Substance addiction is tricky and really, really hard to kick, even with professional help. If your nephew is dealing with alcoholism, he has a long, uphill battle ahead of him and he's going to need your support and understanding more than ultimatums. Now, yes, it's your house, your rules, and your family's safety and sanity takes precedence, but when it comes to his substance use I urge you to measure any actions you take against the context of "Is this leading to positive results, or negative results?"

Let go of "should be" and "could be" when it comes to substance use. The things that drive people into substances have their own logic (which is why addiction ruins lives like it does), so tread softly. You're doing an incredibly generous, kind thing for your nephew that's going to require a lot of patience.

In that same vein, be proactive about recruiting outside help. Will he be in an outpatient group? Dual-diagnosis therapy (treatment designed to reach those who struggle both with mental illness and substance use)? Given the damage done to society by untreated mental illness and substance abuse, most regions have public health services and pro bono private services available. Get a support structure in place before your nephew even arrives so the pressure isn't all on you. If you do get to a point where he can't be in your home anymore, it will be easier for everyone involved if you've had a shit-hits-the-fan plan set up from the beginning.

Guns: Yep, off-site storage. You sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders and are a responsible firearms owner. It's an inconvenience, but follow your gut here and ensure that your nephew will have no opportunity to harm himself or anyone else with your pieces. The statistics on guns, the mentally ill, and avoidable accidents/suicides/tragedies just go to show that the two don't mix. When we're stable, being treated, and have spot-on crisis plans in place, even then gun ownership is dicey, but possible. But only after a great deal of time stable and a commitment to a solid treatment plan.

Finally, the thing that's going to help your loved one the most is knowing that you're there for him, you're doing to do everything you can to help him (especially when he has days or strings of days when his illness robs him of his ability to be the best version of himself), and that his illness isn't the most important thing about him. I encourage you to bond with him over common interests and help him relax and feel like part of the family (he might be struggling with feeling like an intruder, or waiting for the other shoe to drop and get kicked out). Make sure you recognize any steps he takes in a positive direction, and sympathize with him when he screws up, because bipolar is all about screwing up.

/r/bipolar is also an excellent place to get advice and feedback for anything that comes up, or to just shoot the shit and joke around when you need to, so stick around. We've got your back. Introduce your nephew, even? We're a bunch of weirdos but there's good people here. You're doing a good thing, so don't forget that. I wish you all the best.

u/mostlymaya · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

I always wondered why people don't use those pill organizers, to create "palettes". A monthly pill planner looks like it could work and this stackable pill reminder looks cool.

I wonder how these would perform with powder in them. I certainly wouldn't expect to toss them around without creating a powdery mess. Has annyone tried this method?

This pill organizer could be a cool way to manage baggies if that's your thing.

u/happysnappah · 1 pointr/ADHD

I got this. Absolutely necessary for me because I take IR so not only will I forget if I took it, but I will forget when even if I remember I did. lol

u/truevillen · 1 pointr/ADHD

Maybe this will help?

AUVON iMedassist Weekly AM/PM Pill Box, 2nd Gen Portable Travel Pill Organizer (7-Day / 4-Times-A-Day) with Moisture-Proof Design and Large Compartments to Hold Vitamins, Supplements and Medication

u/soplurnt · 1 pointr/Drugs

Please consider buying this pill bottle cap, which will tell you the date and time the bottle was last opened. This way you can see how long ago you took a pill, or if someone else is opening the bottle.

u/pinkmeanie · 1 pointr/boardgames

This is the thematic choice for Twilight Struggle tokens.

u/DarkLancer · 1 pointr/bipolar
u/capnofasinknship · 1 pointr/pics
u/moonboggle · 1 pointr/Fibromyalgia

You can get ones that offer four time slots, like this.

u/sauceallthewaydown · 1 pointr/mentalhealth

I like this one

They make it in several different configurations, and you can pack only as many days as you need so you're not constantly lugging around a whole bottle or a whole weeks worth.

u/meuserj · 1 pointr/Epilepsy

Consistently taking our meds is the single biggest thing we can do to prevent relapses. I used the pill boxes at one point, but those quickly become a pain to refill every week.

I've switched to this, which works perfectly for me.

u/J3ss1caJ · 1 pointr/MtF

I am using the following pill organizer, it has 4 pockets for different times of day, but I have them set up so I can use each pocket for a whole day and reload it every 4 weeks. As far as keeping track of when/if you've taken a dose, /u/Strells suggestion about phone reminders could be useful to you.

Also, it's the spiro that has the nasty mint taste, mine is the same.


u/StayMunch · 1 pointr/Epilepsy

Something like this one. there's other ones that's just the first one that showed up.

u/Dimingo · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

Go to Walgreens or wherever you want and get a [large pill organizer] (

Fill it with your D20s and just shake it around to roll several in sequence. That'll give you several rolls at once.

I'd also put your normal bonus to hit for each of your attacks on the container as well.

This works for GMs who like to roll various checks secretly for the whole party as well.

Alternatively, get the group to use roll 20, you'll be able to program your iteratives in there (among many, many, other things)... But that's probably not a viable solution if you're not already using it...

u/CollateralFortune · 1 pointr/homelab

Most screws and stuff, I put in pill organizers. They have a variety of sizes. For bigger stuff, something like what you linked is good

u/AlexTakeTwo · 1 pointr/Fibromyalgia

It only has two slots, but I really like this case due to the volume it holds. I take my pills in really only two main times anyway (morning and lunch) but a lot of them are LARGE pills, so this holds them all really well. I waffled for a while because the cost on it is crazy, but I've had it for a year and its been great. I also like that the days come off individually, so you can re-arrange them, or take just a day or two with you when going somewhere. It's easy to load, and then I dump the relevant pills into a cute little dish each day to take them.

Then I use a regular small, 7-section pill holder for my bedtime pills that was one I rejected for my main daily pill holder because it was too small for everything.

u/sherry497 · 1 pointr/ADHD

I think I have one of these floating around in my basement. It’s a little obnoxious but it will definitely do the trick

u/dori_88 · 0 pointsr/opiates

It's likely infected or something if it's causing you that much trouble. Go to the dentist. Be upfront about your abuse history. Tell them you do except to be treated humanely and have a plan to take painkillers as prescribed. For instance, with my spinal surgery back in September, I used these timer caps, to take my meds as prescribed. It helped a lot.