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u/twitchinstereo · 29 pointsr/ATBGE

Might have to do some mixing and matching.

Bullet buttons - $10

Gold buttons - $6

Wood grain shell - $20

u/tubzgaming · 18 pointsr/PS4

I use: ORB Controller Thumb Grips 4-Pack (PS4)
The 2 Xbox360 Grips feel just like the 360 ones which feels great on the DS4 imo

u/DARKZIDE4EVER · 12 pointsr/xboxone
u/Tucksimm2 · 10 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Sure. Mascarry on amazon sells shells, white shells, down by the sea shore.

The metal dpad i used can be found here and requires a little bit of filing to get to sit right but very worth it.

I used these buttons, only one small divit was cut into the shell to them into place so they were the easiest part

And almost the process can be found here...

I have a few other builds I finished including joycons that im probably going to post soon.
I spent way to much trying to find the right parts to not help other if they want to jump into it.

u/JulesCoast · 7 pointsr/smashbros

Quality fightsticks, used for traditional fighters, cost about this much. It may seem like a lot, but that is the market value.

As an example, this is a popular, high quality fightstick.

u/Vole182 · 7 pointsr/xboxone

It's a LTGEM EVA Hard Case Travel for Xbox One with a SteelSeries SmartGrip Mobile Phone Holder. I had to cut the bottom section of foam out but it works perfectly.

Controller my wife designed and got me for my birthday.

Hard Case

u/Geo1234 · 6 pointsr/howto

You could buy replacement sticks like these
but you need to open the controller to replace them.

or you could order "grips" like these that slide over the old ones.

i just bought These for my ps4 controller and love them, but be warned they ship from the UK and it took like 2 weeks for them to get here.

u/truefreedom4711 · 6 pointsr/galaxynote10 You have to remove the rectangle deal on the bottom of the holder that’s attached by adhesive then you can put the Xbox One Controller in it.

u/lankeymarlon · 6 pointsr/PS4

The same started happening to my controllers, I bought these grips:

They cover the worn rubber and make the controllers look brand new again.

u/FoN925 · 6 pointsr/PS4

My boyfriend and I each own our own PS4. I have two launch controllers and one of the new model controllers that came with my Pro when I upgraded. He has two white old-model controllers.

Of the five controllers we own, every single one of them still works perfectly even after years of use, and I DO use mine almost every day, specifically on Resogun, a game which is pretty rough on the joysticks.

Granted, I always keep grips on my joysticks, cheap ones like these, but only because they provide better control in Resogun. My boyfriend hates the thumb grips and never uses them and his controllers are still in great shape.

I see people post on this sub from time to time complaining about Dualshock 4 controllers wearing out quickly, but in my experience they've been perfectly fine. I can't stand the XBox controllers, personally, as they feel big and bulky in my hands.

u/promofaux · 5 pointsr/PS4

It's an Amazon exclusive the black backed pad, I know because I have one and you can see the listing here

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 - Gold (Exclusive to (PS4)

u/jimhatesyou · 5 pointsr/iosgaming

it’s pretty decent! i’ve only had it for 2 days. it’s not MEANT for xbox controller but it fits okay. it’s worth the $9 price tag. a bit confusing to set up initially but you’re good after you understand how it works.

SteelSeries SmartGrip Mobile Phone Holder - Fits Stratus Duo, Stratus XL, and Nimbus - for Phones from 4" to 6.5"

u/h98matty · 5 pointsr/PS4
u/NTPrime · 5 pointsr/PS4Pro

Get this one. It's an official Sony one, it's nice looking, and 100% breathable for the system. I have one and love it. It comes with attachments for base PS4 and PS4 Pro.

u/cameronks · 5 pointsr/PS4


(Look under "More Buying Choices" to get it for $32 + Free Shipping).

u/Tampa03cobra · 5 pointsr/MonsterHunterWorld

In my case the fan had begun to fail from having to run too hard for too long (it had quite a bit of play in it when I took it out, and the console would often overheat and shut down despite the fan running because it couldn't go full speed).


After doing some research I purchased this kit on Amazon, it was excellent all the way through.



I also paired it with this stand, ( which has some fans underneath to feed it air, not totally needed but it reduced the noise another few decibels (Likely helping to feed it cool air to the main fan, and keeping it in vertical orientation but not flush against the ground.)

PM me if you need anymore details, I took some pictures when I did the tear down to show what to look for (also some good videos on youtube).

u/Rogue11 · 4 pointsr/PS4

I've only heard about a sticky R1 button and the analog sticks degrading. All of my buttons are fine about a month of use, but to be safe I got some analog stick covers which I purchased here and made a video of here. I enjoyed the covers so much that I put them on my other controllers as well.

u/NightwingDragon · 4 pointsr/PS4

I like the official Sony-branded version better, but that's not released in the US yet. You can, however, pick it up off Amazon if you want a Japanese import.

u/Meckelvaney · 3 pointsr/PS4

I use these. Comes with two sets, convex and concave. Pretty grippy and they don't slide around. Amazon refunded me $60 for the faulty controller. Not sure what the turn around is for a replacement from Sony. Back before they acknowledged the issue, they told me 4-6 weeks. The Amazon refund hit my account an hour after talking to them.

Ships from the UK, so it took a few weeks to arrive for me in the US.

u/BarryBojangles · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

What's your favourite food?

u/Eeveeleo · 3 pointsr/MvC3

Don't switch if you're not committed to learning to clean your inputs full time. You're going to practice to adapt to your controls anyway. From playing all three at one point I noticed a few things:

Lightning loops are easier on pad than on stick if you're doing neutral jumps as opposed to tiger knee inputs. Issue being sometimes depending on what you use it's annoying to adapt with a set shoulder button as your charge button.

Hitbox is a pain to learn for grappler inputs (think 720s) and half circles and tiger knees don't feel nearly as intuitive when starting out.

*Stick's like a middle ground of pros and cons. Not the best yet definitely not bad either. I didn't like having to anticipate blocks and using your wrist felt like more work at times when compared to the rest. Recommended? probably look into Hori (Real Arcade, Fighting Edge, VLX), Eightarc/Qanba, or Mad Catz (PS4 SFV TE2+) sticks... er, the higher end ones. Don't bother with the cheaper $30-80 range since those sticks usually have worse parts (stick,buttons) and generally won't last long without a good mod.

There's definitely more to think about. What characters you're playing will determine your choice... and ask yourself if you're willing to push your characters to the limit and beyond or if you're content enough with what you're comfortable using from when you started. It goes without saying that lots of practice is required to be successful in the first place; for some the answer's obvious and for others it's all a matter of thinking about what you want to do for yourself.

Me personally. Hitbox all the way. I couldn't picture myself playing Zero teams to their full potential without one,and its led to me trying out other characters I didn't even think about picking up before.

u/mistur_niceguy · 3 pointsr/PS4

I'm currently using the stand manufactured by Sony, which works very well:

u/ps4s · 3 pointsr/PS4

maybe just shoot for the gold DS4 instead.

u/mattmo317 · 3 pointsr/MLBTheShow

I got these, they take a bit to get used to but just having a little more height to the sticks helps accuracy a ton.

u/geoelectric · 3 pointsr/PS4Deals

This is a good charger, but if you can find the very similar imported Sony DS4 charger on Amazon it's better. It cost me about the same as this, doesn't have fiddly moving parts, and can accommodate controllers in silicone skins. I replaced this with it and it's been a net improvement.

Here it is. It's $23 instead of $16 but I'd still recommend it over the Power A.

If you do get it, one pro-tip. If you try to get the controller to plug onto the power lead it feels totally unintuitive (though you will have to do this if you use a rubber controller skin--you get used to it). But if you just drop the naked controller on the cradle slot and let it slide itself down into the indent, it just hooks up with no effort. Key is to not try to "help" it.

u/TheEternal21 · 3 pointsr/PS4

They're cheap enough, where you can order different types and see which one works best. I ordered from 3 different places, and ended up using the ones I tried the first time:

But you really can't go wrong with any other ones you see on Amazon.

u/killagoku · 3 pointsr/fightsticks

I can say I have never seen the obsidian go lower then $160 so I think that's a steal. As for the TE2+ the pricing gets tricky since they don't make it anymore the price seems to always be inflated a couple months ago they where at over $300+ easy. I would say this sale is about as good as it is going to get until EVO since the prices on sticks only seem to drop around the release of new Fighting games and DBZF is huge right now so they are pushing them hard. But of course you do get random stuff like the Panthera being $140 I even missed out on that sale. But once the hype goes down for DBZF you won't see a sale on them for easily 6 months since they are a very niche product. It has gotten to the point where I get excited every time there is a huge fighting game out even if I have no intention of playing it since the sticks will finally come down in price. Here is the sales history of the TE2+ on amazon, Obisidan, and Drone. You can see its crazy how they rarely go on sale and when they do it is always with hype of a new game or Black friday. I mean hell the obsidian seems to never be on god damn sale, I would say if you wanna buy buy now before we enter the drought but that's just me.

u/Goosebeans · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

From what I understand a lot of the Scuf controllers have low tension on the analog sticks by default. Makes it quite a bit tougher to control higher sensitivity settings.

You can try something like these foam rings to see if they help add enough resistance to get you the feel you're looking for:

Otherwise you'll need to get the controller modded to add tension, or return it for something else that offers that as an option (e.g. Evil Controllers or Battle Beaver Customs).

u/Omegapug · 2 pointsr/PS4Pro

Sure. ElecGear Replacement Internal Cooling Fan for PS4 Pro CUH-7xxx - CPU Heatsink Cooler, Arctic MX-2 Thermal Compound Paste, TR8 Torx Security, PH0 Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit for PlayStation 4 Pro

Stamped Nidec on the metal housing and the notches around the back matched photos I’ve seen of Nidecs. Brand new.

u/AFD_0 · 2 pointsr/PS5

I'd love a clean DS5 wireless charging solution. Had to buy an import OEM DS4 charging cradle (LINK, highly recommend it!), since SIE couldn't be bothered to sell their own version here in the US.

u/zrith1 · 2 pointsr/fightsticks

I'm assuming you are on ps4/pc? There are a ton of good sticks to pick from.

  • Hori Fighting edge

  • Razer Panthera

  • Qanba Obsidian

  • Madcatz te2/te2+

    They are all in the $200 price range and are all great sticks. Personally I have a te2 and love it. For the most part, it just comes down to preference. If I had to pick, I'd probably go for the Panthera since I don't think Madcatz is making sticks again after they came back.

    All of these sticks besides the Hori fighting edge use sanwa parts. The Hori stick uses their own parts, but they are really solid from what I've heard (you can swap buttons/joysticks in any of these sticks, so it isn't the biggest deal).

    In terms of using custom art, the Te2 is probably the easiest. The Panthera and Te2 are the easest to mod overall because of their clamshell designs where you can open them up with buttons on the front, but all of these sticks are easy to mod.

    I've tried an obsidian and didn't like the shape of the case or the way it looks, but that is just my preference.

    I'd just look up each of the sticks and see which one looks best to you. You can't really go wrong with any of them.
u/JSB199 · 2 pointsr/PS4

I’m assuming this is available where you are but, I personally use this, if you wanna remap l3 r3 and the touchpad it requires some basic soldering skills but nothing too fancy

u/tiredocean · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

It's incredibly sad that the majority view from the 5 comments already posted is that Capcom will not add include PS3 arcade stick support for SFV's PS4 release.

However, it's not sad because Capcom aren't taking a consumer-friendly step in order to allow for a greater amount of potential players on the PS4. It doesn't bother me that the driver to enable this capability is being offered for completely free by Lab Zero (though of course you can never ignore the time it takes to implement it), and has already been used by no less than Capcom's own USFIV. Funny, isn't it - the port job (outsourced) was initially so buggy that it couldn't be used in EVO 2015 as planned... but out of that trainwreck one of the few things that worked was the driver. Maybe it isn't that hard to implement? Who knows - Capcom certainly doesn't (or if they do, they're not telling us for absolutely no reason).

Disregard all of that. What really bothers me is that despite all of this anti-consumer tight-lippedness on the behalf of Capcom, is that people are going out of their way to accommodate them! "Hey guys, do you know where I can get a Hori Pro 4 Kai / MadCatz TE2 for cheap? How is the lag on these converters? Will they be allowed in tournaments? I've got to be ready for Street Fighter V!" What the fuck? Seriously? You're going to drop $60 ^^or ^^your ^^regional ^^equivalent on their game, and then anywhere from $50 $35 to TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FUCKING US DOLLARS on top of that because some schmucks at Capcom thought your old stick wasn't good enough?

Not only have a huge amount of Street Fighter players collectively spread their buttcheeks for Capcom, but they've gone and bought the lube as well. Good work. I kind of get why they thought they could get away with on-disc DLC with SFxT.


At least SFV won't have Focus Attacks, right guys? Right?!?!

u/OhioJeeper · 2 pointsr/Gamingcirclejerk

Yes, there's a ton of options on Amazon, I'd go for one licensed by Sony. PowerA makes one for the switch that holds two joycons and the pro controller, I have that and it's pretty good. I see they make one for PlayStation as well.

For my PlayStation I have this one, I really like it but only paid $25 for it.


u/All_The_Gains · 2 pointsr/PS4

Get a DS4 chargerI prefer the sony original dual charger and just hook it up when you stop playing. Keeps the place neat.

Get some thumbgrips, I prefer Kontrol Freeks, it really helps, not to play better but for comfort.

Lastly if you are into fighting games, get an arcade stick.

u/k3v1ng1994 · 2 pointsr/PS4

You can get the wave blue DS4 for £38 off Amazon. On black Friday I picked mine up for like £28 from game.

u/steeleix · 2 pointsr/FortNiteBR

I have used them for a while with a number of games, i find the standard thumb-sticks on the DualShock controller too small.

The greater surface area provided by the ones i have are a lot better, imo.

Hope this helps.

u/elctrcboogaloo3 · 2 pointsr/Guiltygear

Both of those should be great sticks; you can't really go wrong with either of them. The TE2 you linked doesn't have a touchpad or L3/R3 buttons, while the Hori has both.

It's not a huge deal for GG, since you can press Play + Record instead of the touchpad to reset in training/combo mode. Other games probably won't have that shortcut, though, and Skullgirls uses it as the back button in PS4 mode, so it's great to have.

If you want those features on a TE2, you can go with the TE2+ instead, for a bit of a higher price. The main draw of both the TE2 and the TE2+ is that they are extremely easy to modify, especially for cosmetic things like art.

I don't have a Hori, but from what I've heard it's not much harder to mod buttons and such than on the TE2. So if you don't care too much about easy cosmetic modding then your best bet is probably the Hori, but they are all great sticks.

u/BlueLemming97 · 2 pointsr/3DS

If there are such things like a grip that just goes over top the analogue, like these, then maybe you could glue a PS3 stick cover over it.. might be pretty thick when it's all done though. Then you could just take it off before closing your 3DS.

u/Ryoshien · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3

u/tiff92 · 1 pointr/PS4

I still have the first controller that came with my PS4 on launch day. Very soon after the analog grips began to tear so I looked into some analog covers, found these and they are much better than the original grips. Use the ones with loads of dots on for maximum comfort and grip. I haven't had to purchase them again. They are very sturdy.

u/MrPeriodical · 1 pointr/OWConsole

I'm high diamond.

I used to use vortex but I switched to an inferno on the right stick of all my controllers.

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Charity links:

u/TitanIsBack · 1 pointr/PS4

On the bottom, not the top. and both charge from the bottom.

u/QuadFecta_ · 1 pointr/MouseReview

Will grip tape like this or this stick to a matte model O? I assume it will but with the honeycomb shell thought I'd ask before ordering

u/FornPreakzZz · 1 pointr/PS4

I just looked at different online shops in Germany.

The docking station is out of stock everywhere and most of them state that it will be back in stock on the 04th June 2014. I guess since you are in the UK it will be about the same.

But the camera is in stock nearly everywhere for instance:

or from the UK:

It's such a shame, I love my Docking station for my DS3 and would love to have one for my DS4 :(

u/oskwish · 1 pointr/PS4

> As for hardware, I would like to see some colored controllers like the PS3 has, but that's just a minor thing

Magma Red

Wave Blue

u/itrooper · 1 pointr/vinyl

The Sanus is very stout. I like it a lot. I think it's the best value you can find on Amazon for an item of this kind.

You have a keen eye! The right of my audio setup is my video game area. 60" LED corner mounted with a PS4 and WII-U. I had a couple of crapy controller chargers that all broke or were hard to use. It turns out Sony makes a really great charger but just don't sell it in the USA. Here is the amazon link: Sony PS4 Dualshock Charger

u/B1-66ERDK · 1 pointr/SteamController

I believe they are ORB Controller Thumb Grips (there are many others), I originally got them for the ps3 but they fit perfect on the Steam Controller. You can get them almost anywhere. Think i got them from a supermarket.

Find them here:

u/ctrlaltd1337 · 1 pointr/PS4

You're better off buying these. You get an additional 7 sets for $5 more.

I've used them forever and they're great.

u/PTG_ · 1 pointr/PS4

I purchased these last week and they're great. I've used grip-its and the gel tabs from Gamestop and the ones from Amazon are better.

u/Ronnie_Recluse · 1 pointr/gaming
(Or similar)

Remove the existing till its bare.
One dab of super glue, a smidge, put the new grip over the bare stick, and you're golden.

u/RayTrap · 1 pointr/PS4

You can also just buy rubbers for your controller.

u/awilder27 · 1 pointr/PS4

I used the KontrolFreak from my Xbox 360 and they actually fit onto my PS4 controller. I recommend getting the sticks that sink in towards the middle since I have big thumbs but if your hands are small you may prefer another kind. As far as peeling the set I bought did have a little visual wear but still felt sturdier and lasted way longer than the standard controller sticks. They are kinda tricky to get used to playing with. I turned down my sensetivity for a few games to get used to them and worked my way back up to a comfortable level.

For reference this is the closest thing to the ones I bought. They don't appear to make the exact ones I have but this is very close.

u/colacastell · 1 pointr/PS4

Wait what? You can buy these for a very long time now. I had one like 14 month ago, it's already broken.

u/medullah · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Hmmm been a few months since I used mine, I'll try it and see if it's still working when I can. It's this one right?

u/RevLegoFoot · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

You could try something like these:

Simple things but I've been happy with the one I got. They noticeably improve small adjustments when flying or aiming.

u/taitaisanchez · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Amazon's out of stock

Trying to find anything locally has been a huge bust.

I don't trust online inventory reporting, period.

u/Redizded · 1 pointr/PS4

Buy some thumb grips for your dualshock 4. I don't know if the stock grips have been fixed by sony (they would wear and tear easily on launch ds4), but the feeling is just better with those on.

u/Fur_Shure · 1 pointr/DestinyTheGame

I really like the black CQCX ones. They don't have crazy night and their textured like a rubber golf ball. They feel really natural. Cannot play without them now. Don't know if your one PS4 or Xbone but here's the ones I have.

u/squid0gaming · 1 pointr/Rainbow6
u/Oomenacka · 1 pointr/PS4

I'm too lazy/paranoid to swap analog stocks but if you're up for it, it's obviously the way to go.

That said I got these and love them KontrolFreek Alpha Thumb Grips for PlayStation 4 Controller (PS4, Black)

Decently cheap. Got then about 8mo ago and going anywhere from 3-15hr a week of gaming they look just like they did when they were new. They are concave, have very small almost brail-like nubs spaced decently, and are made of a decently grippy rubber. Most importantly they snap on and off very easily. The one complaint I do have is that most of the colors they produce are lame and thankfully this matches black thumbsticks and looks good with my midnight blue controller but I can't even consider these on my new Berry Blue controller.

All in all if you don't want to swap sticks I think this may be what you are looking for.

u/Exeneth · 1 pointr/gaming

You may want to look at this, if you haven't already.

u/Brandhor · 1 pointr/Games

> the placement of the sticks feels so wrong to me

funny that's exactly how I feel about the xbox pad, also the sticks are concave which is really uncomfortable for me

although I gotta say that the dualshock 4 sticks are not really good and I liked the older ones more and that's why I use these stick covers (the convex ones)

u/endangeredpangolin · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Looks like this official product:
But people with the Pro complain it doesn't fit well.

This AmazonBasics one for the older PS4 is just $4.34, licensed by Sony:

u/poeticpoet · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

Ok first off hi! I'm beatlemnkyhuman a.k.a Jesus nice to meet you.

You don't need a stick

It's a luxury. Sticks are pricey and custom sticks can get really pricey. I've heard of players buying sticks and never using them so some buy them just for the swag but it is no longer needed.

Luffy won evo and went pro with a ps1 pad and he still uses a ps1 pad.

Punk went pro on pad, nuckledu is pro on pad coolkid plays pad.

you no longer need a stick

A stick will not make you better.
Contrary to popular belief a stick is not magic.

You will still have to work. In my personal experience, it took me 3 months or so to get over pad and get used to stick. If you did not grow up with a stick then there's no reason.

Next thing, if you did grow up with a stick then your memory maybe rose tinted in that your remembering being better then you ever were. Sticks take work just like pad.

If after all this you still want a stick:

I recommend focus attack for custom art work and big e customs for custom designs as that's what I use

[the te2 is the pro standard. Amazing stick, easy to mod. Sanwa buttons and sanwa stick.] (

some players prefer the hori rap4 with hori parts. It's cheaper so the stick is a little more loose. Hori parts fully and difficult to mod

the qanba drone is seen as a cheap alternative. Sanwa buttons i think and if not it can be modded easily. Known to not last

The qanba dragon is a monster of a stick that goes for 300 and the obsidian goes for 200.

EDIT: The razr panthera is a pro favorite as well, impossible to mod the artwork but an amazing stick for 200

If you want to go custom from the ground up then you can do allfightsticks. Com which will give you a sleek heavy steel frame or marvelous customs.

Each of those custom sticks will run you 300 plus.

You can even go wood frame which may be even more expensive.

Good luck.

u/HordetheWench · 1 pointr/StreetFighter
u/koeta · 1 pointr/MortalKombat

same issue here with my TE2+

game works if I switch it to PS3 mode but PS4 will crash even with the XINPUT Drivers installed.

u/Gaudzauw · 1 pointr/PS4

Are these the ones?

u/Zkv · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Uh, what ever the standard price is. Bought them off Amazon. I use these. FPS Freek CQC - PS4

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

The people who have been complaining about the rubber wearing off are people who abuse their controllers. I've had a DS4 since day one and it's still in great condition.

If you're concerned about the rubber though,

u/Regular_joe02 · 1 pointr/forhonor

lol happened to me too, took me a solid day or two to adjust mentally but I could never go back now.

Changing that button assignment and buying some kontrolfreek alphas (aftermarket stick pads) for my Big ass thumbs have upped my game considerably

u/fulviov · 1 pointr/PS4
u/Spawn3323 · 1 pointr/PS4
u/cremeegg88 · 1 pointr/PS4

I bought these things:

One of the best purchases of my life so much value I highly recommend a try. I mean they are so cheap you have nothing to lose imo.

u/FrostyDoggg · 1 pointr/Overwatch

So -- the biggest part of improving SIM time (generally correlates with FPS) on PC has to do with lowering video quality within Overwatch's graphics settings (aim for a consistent 300fps). You're basically trying to minimize the amount of data the graphics engine has to transform and output in order to minimize the time between mouse/keyboard input and the visual representation of that input on screen (otherwise known as simulation time, or SIM, and is measured in milliseconds). You won't necessarily see the difference unless you have a very keen eye, but you'll definitely feel it.


Now, unfortunately, you can't tweak video quality on console, so you don't have any options on the software side. And that's not so bad considering everyone you play against will also be bound by these restraints also. That actually makes competitive console play a bit more consistent, or at least reduces the number of variables affecting players' possible advantages/disadvantages in relation to one another.


Biggest thing with console is TV/monitor input lag, and you can't get any better than a 1ms monitor. And it sounds like your network and everything else is optimal too. So, the only thing I can think of is maybe purchasing these little joystick-extenders; I've heard they can be a big help in improving aim, so I'd definitely recommend doing some research and seeing if that might be something you want to try out.


Note to any other Overwatch players reading in the market for a new TV:

>Make sure you research input lag, and shoot for sub 15ms. I wasn't really as knowledgeable on the subject when I purchased my LED, and the lowest I can get it is 42ms; that makes a huge difference at higher levels of play, where you need every advantage you can get.

u/huddy_ATO · 1 pointr/PS4

You could buy these thumbstick covers instead of a completely new controller.

u/JMDS8 · 1 pointr/PS4
u/lkmyntz · 1 pointr/playstation

I am in the US but recently ordered this one on Amazon. Still waiting for it to be shipped from Japan but the reviews seem solid.

u/IntrepidGamer · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Actually got it off of Amazon, lol.

eXtremeRate® Solid Matte Blue HDD Bay Hard Drive Cover Shell Case Replacement Faceplate for PS4 Console

u/Mrcool360 · 1 pointr/PS4

I play COD every day and have been using these for the past few years. I actually use the Geltabz on the left stick and the Kontrol Freaks on the right for greater rage of throw. Both of these do not inhibit movement and you are able to move sticks all the way forward and all around.

GelTabz Performance Thumb Grips - PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3


Those are the exact ones I have. The Kontrol freaks are available in multiple heights and shapes so choose what you like, I chose the convex shape so it doesn't dig into my thumb when I sprint forward.

u/konstantin_lozev · 1 pointr/oculus

For the PS3 Eye + PS Move controller it is EUR 30 .

PS4 camera is EUR 43

So, if you want to buy 2 packaged controllers + 2 PS3 Eyes + 1 PS4 camera (mind you, that is actually a stereo camera with an accelerometer built in AFAIK), you will be at EUR 100.

u/Sancticus · 1 pointr/battlefield_4

I use these:

They are great.

That being said I still have my 4 PS3 controllers (2 dual shock and 2 Sixaxis) no fatigue at all.

I have 2 PS4 controllers and one of them had the peeling plastic on the thumb sticks. The other is fine but I fitted it with the ORB replacement pads to be sure.

The PS4 controllers had issues with triggers getting destroyed and the rubbers peeling on the thumb sticks in the beginning. That being said that you have had problem with all your PS3 controllers and now your PS4 seems to all have a common cause. You :)

So yeah you might be a bit to excited.

u/Mikeindahousee · 1 pointr/PS4

I cleaned it with a vacuum attachment (very carefully), then used this, Aweek® Dust Proof Dust Prevention Cover Case Mesh Jack Stopper Pack Kits for PlayStation 4 PS4 Gaming Console .Does the job for sure, good luck!

u/cunningmunki · 1 pointr/SteamController

I recently purchased one of these kits for my Dualshock 4 -

Firstly, it's an amazing bit of kit, that is not only easy to fit, but also works perfectly. Secondly, and more pertinent to you, it allows you to map one of the four back buttons to the 'click' input on the DS4s touchpad, effectively giving you an additional button on top of the usual set.

I know it's only one extra input when you're used to two additional back buttons, but by getting creative with the other buttons you can use all four to your advantage. Bear with me.

For example, if you map two back buttons to the 'Options' and 'Share' buttons, you can use those two inputs as additional 'regular press' inputs which can be mapped whatever you like, and then have 'long press' inputs for the actual Options and Share buttons - does that makes sense? That effectively gives you at least three additional inputs.

So in your case, you could map the wheel up and wheel down as 'regular press' inputs to 'Share' and 'Options' respectively, and map two of the back buttons to those inputs, then add 'long press' actions to those same buttons to activate whatever those buttons would usually do (usually things like menu, inventory, objectives, scores, etc. in other words inputs which don't require quick responses and so work better for long presses).

Obviously, you would always need to use the Steam input software for the DS4, but since you can add absolutely any game to Steam nowadays using either SteamGridDB Manager or GloSC, I don't know why you'd need to use JoyToKey anyway.

u/SkeptikalAnus · 1 pointr/mvci

well im assuming you are from the USA(please correct me so i can giv you appropriate advice and prices) The Mad Catz TE2+ is onsale for $179 a great premium stick with all the features i listed i paid $300cnd for mine and love it it recomend it over the panthera because they are so similar, but if u want a bigger sturdier base go for the mad catz, if u want a smaller one the panthera.

the qanba obsidian is $180us a great deal

u/Phimb · 1 pointr/PS4

I had the exact problem, I called Sony, sent mine back and within 6 days they sent me a new one, I believe it resets the warranty too.

Just a note, a big reason I turned mine in to Sony for a new one was not only because of the sticky button, but also because the analogue fabric was tearing; as you send your controller in, I highly recommend [these grips] ( Highly, recommend them, they're cheap, arrive within two days, you get two pairs, they're easy to put on, will save your analogue stick just in case and they really effective.

u/Blitzed97 · 1 pointr/PS4
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Is the product page on Amazon, but the seller is different. Mine was from AKBmart International, Inc. However it shouldn't matter as Amazon actually ships it to you.

u/__Revenant__ · 1 pointr/PS4

Dobe Dust Proof kit. After a few washes and changes the mesh kinda gets weird, but it's so cheap. I really don't mind investing in it every six months or so.

Exact one I have :

u/kthawk9473 · 1 pointr/PS4

try these. mine were just delivered yesterday and for $1 (+ $5 shipping, they're from China) they're totally worth it

u/lunch_aint_on_me · 1 pointr/PS4

If you want a solid charger, this will do it. It stays on my table and doesn't move. Not to mention when my cousins come over and play with my ps4, it's fine, and they're 3 years old! The charging port on the controller can't really break because there isn't a whole lot of wiggle room and you just plop the controller in to charge, it's great.

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For local streaming use the OneCast app does the job but it costs but i think there is a trial.

u/mbcowner · 0 pointsr/PS4

i got these and i love em . I do not like most the ones you find, as they for some reason clip onto top of joystick and end up making it taller. These i posted just slide right over the current rubber left on urs . Doesnt make it taller and they are a pretty tight fit. I recommend them to anyone !