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u/legalpothead · 32 pointsr/printSF

Blood Music by Greg Bear.

u/Leifman · 6 pointsr/litrpg

Well, i think you can safely add the following new releases :

The Crafter's Defense (Dungeon Crafting Book 2) by Jonathan Brooks, It was released on September 30'th but seeing as you put God of Gnomes that was released on Semptember 26'th i reckon it fits here :


Shadow Sun Rebellion (Shadow Sun Book 3) by Dave Willmarth that was released on September 29'th :

u/spontaneousCAPSLOCK · 5 pointsr/cormacmccarthy

I'm not even fit to shine Mr McCarthy's roper boots but I am a big fan of his and I did write a novel in a vaguely similar style:


I'd also highly suggest Daniel Woodrell, Herman Melville (who he gets most of his inspiration from) and Faulkner, who is widely compared to him.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/scifi

> What I got from searching is that the Dune series is good, as are Ender's Game and Hyperion. Are these good for science fiction newbies?

Yes to all of the above. Especially yes to Ender's Game, but a caveat for Dune: the series is pretty heavy on politics, mysticism & world-building, so it can feel a bit dry & self-important. (Also, never read any of the Dune books by Brian Herbert.)

> Also, I'd really love to get into the expanded Star Wars universe and was planning on starting with the Thrawn trilogy. Any suggestions after that?

Yes again; that's a great place to start. The Star Wars EU is all pretty pulpy (as you might expect), but it's also a lot of fun. Check out the X-Wing series, plus more or less everything from Zahn or Anderson.

A few books to check out (Kindle links for your convenience):

u/Matt92HUN · 3 pointsr/hungary

Ha szereted a világvége utáni lehangoló dolgokat, a Metro könyvek nagyon jók. (Metro 2033, 2034, 2035)

A World War Z túlélők visszaemlékezésein keresztül mutat be egy zombiapokalipszist.

Az Északi mitológia egy összefüggő regényben mutatja be a skandináv mitológia fontosabb történeteit a világ teremtésétől a pusztulásáig.

Nem találtam azon az oldalon, de mellékesen megemlíteném The Old Axolotl: Hardware Dreams című könyvet, ami a földi élet teljes pusztulása után csak számítógépeken létező embereken keresztül elmélkedik arról, hogy mit is jelent élni és embernek lenni.

Szintén nem találtam azon az oldalon, de a Dragon's Egg ingyen letölthető. Azt képzeli el, hogy hogyan alakulhatna ki élet egy neutroncsillagon és hogyan küzdhetné le az otthonával járó nehézségeket.

u/deffik · 3 pointsr/Gamingcirclejerk

I'm always wary to give recs. I've had bad recs given to me, I probably gave some recs that didn't click with other people but it just happens with recs.

Anyway, are you okay with ebooks? At least read the synopsis of The Old Axolotl: Hardware Dreams, it's more of a short story than a novella since it's only 160 pages long (and it costs less than $4 on Amazon). I wish other books from Dukaj were translated into English.

u/ReveresRain · 3 pointsr/litrpg

This month's releases:


R.A. Mejia , Joshua Swayne, et al. 2019/7/1 Project Alpha: Book 2 (Project Alpha series)

Shane Walker 2019/7/1 All Trades Book 1: Master of None

Blaise Corvin 2019/7/2 Accounts Payable (Nora Hazard Book 3)

Wyatt Kane 2019/7/2 Enhancer 5 (The Enhancer Series)

Arlo Adams 2019/7/8 Breaking Ground: A Fantasy LitRPG Gamelit Adventure (Enora Online Book 4)

Elian Tars 2019/7/10 Gloominess +1: Gleam of Darkness. A LitRPG Adventure: Book 1

Nathan Thompson 2019/7/11 Lighting Distant Shores (Challenger's Call Book 4)

Aaron Oster and Richard Sashigane 2019/7/12 Skyflare (Rise To Omniscience Book 3)

R.R. Virdi 2019/7/15 Beast Queen: A LitRPG/GameLit Action Adventure (Monster Slayer Online Book 2)

Dmitry Bilik 2019/7/17 The Time Master (Interworld Network Book I): LitRPG Series

Michael Anderle 2019/7/19 Controlling The Goddess (Chronicles Of KieraFreya Book 2)

Benjamin Douglas 2019/7/23 Quest for Vengeance: A LitRPG Saga (Hero Online Book 1)

Ivan Shaman 2019/7/23 Cannibal. Demon of the Mind. A Post-Apocalyptic Survival LitRPG Series

Troy Osgood 2019/7/30 Sky Realms Online: Grayhold: A LitRPG Adventure

P.A. Wikoff and Sean Lenahan 2019/7/31 Imprisoned Online: Gaming the System (A LitRPG Adventure Book 1)


More books searchable through and

u/gienerator · 3 pointsr/printSF

I don't think this particular story was translated into English. As far as I know only one of his novels was translated The Old Axolotl and several of his short stories.

u/libraryspy · 3 pointsr/smallbusiness

Fan of 21st cyberpunk mixed with dystopian Arizona and bisexual heroines? Under Dark Sky Law is Tamara Boyen's debut novel.

An Amazon reviewer wrote, "this book is evidence of an immense talent, hinting at a voice poised to be among the greatest of the decade." Another wrote, "There is so much action and bizarre s*** going on."

Want it for free? Tell your library to buy it. Available to libraries worldwide via Ingram (print) and Overdrive (eBook). Or stream it with your Scribd account.

u/Cdresden · 3 pointsr/suggestmeabook

These 3 books are about societies in transition to a post-human society, a post-scarcity society, or something unfathomable:

Blood Music by Greg Bear.

Nexus by Ramez Naam.

The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson.

This book is about designing and training an intelligent machine:

When HARLIE was One by David Gerrold.

u/earthwormjimwow · 3 pointsr/printSF

The Phantom of the Earth series, it is free on Amazon for now.

u/amazon-converter-bot · 3 pointsr/FreeEBOOKS

Here are all the local Amazon links I could find:

Beep bloop. I'm a bot to convert Amazon ebook links to local Amazon sites.
I currently look here:,,,,,,,,,,,,, if you would like your local version of Amazon adding please contact my creator.

u/ecstaticandinsatiate · 2 pointsr/shoringupfragments

Yes!! I'm doing print and eBook like I did for my novella. :)

u/TheItalianBladerMan · 2 pointsr/metro

Yeah, here for 2034: (also illustrated!)

2033 does not have one exactly the same style in english, but the russian version does, here:

u/sonofanarcissist · 2 pointsr/audiobooks

Michael Jayston reading Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household is one of my favourite audiobook experiences: I can only find an incomplete youtube link to the version I'm talking about -

I am also very fond of this reading of Robert Charles Wilson's "Spin" by Scott Brick -

The other one that comes to mind that was excellent was Richard Coyle reading At The Mountains Of Madness by Lovecraft -

u/alexander_london · 2 pointsr/cormacmccarthy

Hey man, that's a huge victory. You should be incredibly proud of yourself for this step. If nothing else, you've been a part of an anthology and that's something to be celebrated. My book is called 'The Black God', you can find it at:

'Can arrogance keep you from starting a new project?'
I think it's arrogant to expect nobel-level things from oneself (with 'expect' being the key modal here). You should aspire to be amongst the greatest ever but you shouldn't fool yourself into believing that it's your destiny or something. When a person heaps that much pressure on themselves, it can be debilitating. I understand why McCarthy chose to isolate himself, it's because without anyone else involving themselves in his craft, the only expectations left were his own. He was free to experiment and to focus without having to worry about the most noxious interference (other people).

It sounds like your feet are firmly on the ground tbh, just try and tell your own stories in your own style and I'm sure you will reach a level of great satisfaction and skill.

u/serralinda73 · 2 pointsr/scifi

Doesn't fit exactly, but Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis series, 1st book is [Dawn] ( might interest you.

We wreck the Earth and some aliens rescue the survivors, fix up the planet, and then expect the humans to become "trading partners" by mixing our genes with theirs. They have a hard time understanding each other, the aliens are pretty weird but not mean.

u/Qeng-Ho · 2 pointsr/printSF

The Old Axolotl: Hardware Dreams was translated last year.

u/cyborek · 2 pointsr/transformers

It should be on amazon.

u/strolls · 2 pointsr/printSF
u/sblinn · 2 pointsr/audiobooks

Since last week here's what most catches my eye the week ending Tuesday Sep 20:

  • Warp By Lev Grossman, Narrated By Kirby Heyborne -- Grossman's previously nearly dustbinned debut novel, back in a new release complete with its first audiobook edition, with a new foreword read by the author. I've had the opportunity to tease /u/LevGrossman about this being his most valuable book (copies of the original edition were going for quite a bit!) in front of a lecture hall audience, and have been counting down the days to its re-release: "The lost literary origin story of best-seller Lev Grossman - including a new foreword about how and why he wrote his first novel: 'It is the intense, concentrated, boiled-down essence of the unhappiest years of my life'. Twentysomething Hollis Kessler languishes in a hopelessly magician-less world (with the exception of a fleet-footed nymph named Xanthe) not too far from where he graduated college. His friends do, too. They sleep late, read too much, drink too much, talk too much, and work and earn and do way too little. But Hollis does have an obsession: There's another world going on in his head, a world of excitement and danger and starships and romance, and it's telling him that it's time to stop dreaming and get serious. This republication of Lev Grossman's debut novel, Warp, shows the roots of his Magicians hero Quentin Coldwater in a book that is for anyone (and everyone) who has ever felt adrift in their own life."
  • The Family Plot By Cherie Priest, Narrated By Kate Udall -- Holy smokes, I've had my head under a rock not to already have Priest's latest on my personal book release calendar? A Music City salvage crew finds much, much more than it bargained for on the Winthrop estate, where the 30-gravestone family cemetery is not as "decorative" as they've been told...
  • As /u/goose_on_fire mentioned already this morning, Death's End by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu, narrated by P. J. Ochlan, the concluding third book of The Three Body Problem series, the groundbreaking, bestselling, award-winning Chinese science fiction epic of first contact and interstellar war.
  • The Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl by Julian David Stone, read by Stefan Rudnicki for Skyboat Media: "Winner of the 2014 Next Generation Indies Choice Award for Best Historical Fiction. The golden age of live television comes to vivid life with the memorable and entertaining tale of Jonny Dirby, who unintentionally captivates the imagination of America with his creation of the hit show Justice Girl. This fun, engrossing work of historical fiction transports listeners back to a time when television shows were chaotic tightrope acts balancing the agendas of actors, studio executives, advertisers, and politicians—and all of it broadcast live to fifty million viewers without the security of a safety net."
  • Little Nothing By Marisa Silver, Narrated By Saskia Maarleveld for Dreamscape -- "A stunning, provocative novel, Little Nothing is the story of Pavla, a child scorned for her physical deformity, hunted and tormented as a woman, whose passion and salvation lies in her otherworldly ability to transform herself and the world around her."
  • The Queen of Blood: The Queens of Renthia, Book 1 By Sarah Beth Durst, Narrated By Khristine Hvam for Harper Audio -- a major new fantasy from the South African author Durst (The Lost) with a well-voiced narration from Hvam: "An idealistic young student and a banished warrior become allies in a battle to save their realm in this first book of a mesmerizing epic fantasy series filled with political intrigue, violent magic, malevolent spirits, and thrilling adventure."
  • Midnight Burning: The Norse Chronicles, Book 1 Written by: Karissa Laurel, Narrated by: Jessica Joens for Red Adept -- Alaskan-set urban fantasy with some real "bite" to it. Note: the audiobook was not apparently 100% fully edited on release day, hopefully an updated file will be provided to Audible shortly for those who can't take the (few, thankfully) repeated lines.
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain, Narrated By Nick Offerman -- Offerman's delivery for Twain's classic may not suit everyone, but it's spot-on for me and my memories of this book, and you can pick it up for just $1.99 if you buy the (free) Kindle edition
  • Zero-G: Book 1: A Novel By William Shatner and Jeff Rovin, Narrated By William Shatner -- 11 hours of Shatner in my ear, talking space? Hm... A new novel from the author of the TekWar series and, of course, Denny Crane. Oh yeah. And that Captain Kirk fellow. "In the year 2050, the United States sends the FBI to govern its space station, the Empyrean. Under the command of suave 80-year-old director Samuel Lord, the Zero G men are in charge of investigating terrorism, crime, corruption, and espionage and of keeping an eye on the rival Chinese and Russian stations."
  • Fractures: Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon By Tobias Buckell, Troy Denning, Matt Forbeck, Kelly Gay, Christie Golden, Kevin Grace, and Morgan Lockhart, Narrated By Scott Brick
  • Fiction: The Wonder by Emma Donoghue, Narrated By Kate Lock -- "In Room author Emma Donoghue's latest masterpiece, an English nurse brought to a small Irish village to observe what appears to be a miracle - a girl said to have survived without food for months - soon finds herself fighting to save the child's life."
  • Fiction: The Lesser Bohemians: A Novel By Eimear McBride, Narrated By Eimear McBride - "One night an 18-year-old Irish girl, recently arrived in London to attend drama school, meets an older man - a well-regarded actor in his own right. While she is naive and thrilled by life in the big city, he is haunted by more than a few demons, and the clamorous relationship that ensues risks undoing them both."
  • Fiction: The White Boy Shuffle: A Novel, Slumberland: A Novel, and Tuff: A Novel By Paul Beatty, Narrated By Prentice Onayemi -- earlier novels by the author of the absolutely fantastic The Sellout, now in audio

    And a few more from the small/mid/indie press world:

  • Twilight of the Dragons: The Blood Dragon Empire, Book 2 By Andy Remic, Narrated By Barnaby Edwards (Angry Robot, Audible)
  • The Way into Darkness: The Great Way, Book 3 By Harry Connolly, Narrated By Michael Kramer for Podium Publishing
  • The Phantom of the Earth: An Epic Sci-Fi Saga, Books 1-5 By Raeden Zen, Narrated By John Lee for Podium Publishing -- a "Whispersync Deal" at $3.99+$3.47 if you start with the Kindle edition for this series pitched as "Herbert's Dune meets Banks' The Player of Games in The Phantom of the Earth, a spellbinding science fiction epic set deep underground after the fall of civilization on Earth's surface."
  • The Year's Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 8 By John Barnes, David Brin, Aliette de Bodard, Ian McDonald, Sean McMullen, Alastair Reynolds, Michael L. Shoemaker, Narrated By Tom Dheere, Nancy Linari
  • In Perpetuity By Jake Bible, Narrated By Michael T. Bradley
  • Artifact By Vaughn Heppner, Logan White, Narrated By Luke Daniels


  • Oh no. Damn it. The run of "missing in audio" Publishing novellas continues with Brian Evenson's "The Warren", which has been one of my most anticipated books of the entire year. Well, I suppose I still have eyeballs to read with: "X doesn’t have a name. He thought he had one—or many—but that might be the result of the failing memories of the personalities imprinted within him. Or maybe he really is called X. He’s also not as human as he believes himself to be. But when he discovers the existence of another—above ground, outside the protection of the Warren—X must learn what it means to be human, or face the destruction of their two species."
  • Leigh Statham's THE PERILOUS JOURNEY OF THE MUCH-TOO-SPONTANEOUS GIRL, book two in her Steampunk series: "A solid plan, a trusted friend, and the finest warship France has to offer, won't be enough to keep her out of trouble."
u/Sanpaku · 2 pointsr/collapse

I recommend Greer's Star's Reach: A Novel Of The Deindustrial Future for fans of Paolo Bacigalupi, or anyone intrigued by the paragraph on the denizens of Zeta Reticuli IV in this post.

u/WendallX · 1 pointr/writing

No problem. Here is my book, [New Alcatraz] (

I just dropped it to .99 and will keep it there for a week or so (maybe that will help others decide to pull the trigger on it).

And shoot me a message once you finish your project. That is no BS, I want to read it.

u/Chtorrr · 1 pointr/FreeEBOOKS

hey there!

Can you repost and link to the kindle version instead of the paper copy? Here is the link:

u/KeronCyst · 1 pointr/eFreebies

Removed for having referral data in URL ( Please resubmit as only

u/VStarsky · 1 pointr/litrpg

Cannibal. Demon of the Mind. A Post-Apocalyptic Survival LitRPG Series. by Ivan Shaman AMZ July 23 Click here

u/neotropic9 · 1 pointr/writing

Read an autobiography or non-fiction book that's relevant, until you feel confident enough to write it. Then write it. There will be mistakes, no matter what. You catch these in editing by passing them by people whose knowledge on these subjects you trust.

For my story "True North", which takes place in the Canadian North and has an Inuit-Metis secondary character, I read two books on Inuit beliefs, two short books on survival (focusing on the article survival stuff), and a few dozen online articles on life in the arctic and religious beliefs of Inuit people. I still got some things wrong, and some of them pretty darn wrong. I fixed these in edits.

For my story "Ars Poetica", which has a poet/sniper as the main character, I found an official sniper guide (US Military IIRC), and went through it twice, highlighting relevant passages and using the knowledge to determine character actions and scene descriptions.

Research is key, and it really pays off. Not only does it help you avoid errors, it adds color to your descriptions, makes your story more believable with key details, helps develop scenes and guide character action, and stimulates your imagination.

u/kluzuh · 1 pointr/suggestmeabook

In addition to some of the great options people have recommended, I'm gonna throw an odd one into the mix: Star's Reach, by John Michael Greer.

It's a fairly science-savvy post apocalyptic book that was originally released as a web serial, and is now an ebook:

Don't trust me alone, check out the goodreads page:

u/dedokta · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

/r/Scifi came to the rescue. The answer is Sylvia Engdahl "The Children of the Star"

thankyou /u/QuantumModulator

u/TamaraWriter · 1 pointr/selfpublish

I hope this is okay because my book isn't self-published, but it is distributed by a small, indie publishing house.

Under Dark Sky Law is a gritty post-apocalyptic thriller with elements of cyberpunk.

It's available on all all the major platforms but here's the Amazon link. ebook price is 6.99 and paperbacks are 17.99.

To make the traditional cheesy comparison, it's like Breaking Bad meets Mad Max/Tank Girl meets...Biodome xD.

Here's the cover blurb for easy access:

Xero knows what she wants: absolute rule over Southern Arizona, a cure for the superbug that’s killing her best friend, and a decent bar of soap. Some are easier to get than others.

The dreaded Zaps are dissolving Trina’s lungs, and only a rare medication can save her. No problem: Xero is an expert smuggler. As the ruler of the Tucson Exiles, she hustles supplies for the government and then pumps the desert full of illegal designer drugs on the sly.

Catastrophe looms when Yuma goes kaboom, and Trina's cure is destroyed along with it. All that remains is a complicated web spun from Xero's biggest demons: money, germs, and drugs. As she struggles to dig up some Ketacillin, one thought stays with her: Who do you have to kill to get some soap and a hot shower? The body count climbs as Xero struggles to protect her friends and stay clean in a very dirty world.

Thanks for considering my book!

u/Brassow · 1 pointr/metro2033
u/sc4s2cg · 1 pointr/printSF
u/Hydrael · 1 pointr/Hydrael_Writes

Exercise the Demons and Scythe will be updating today and tomorrow! Not sure which order yet.

Hey, just a fun fact if you're looking for more good reddit reads: /u/ecstaticandinsatiate has created a full novella, the Control Group. It's up for free in first draft form on her subreddit, /r/shoringupfragments, and you can also buy it on Amazon in it's final form.

This is going to start a semi-irregular thing where I point out other reddit writers who I like or who I think deserve more attention. I'll probably mention it again in the fanart and news post that's coming up!


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u/Alasr · 1 pointr/Cyberpunk

indeed! great promo. so intense and emotional. btw - just found out that an ebook is already on amazon, gonna read it finally:

u/thymeonmyside · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'll go first second to /u/Aeoles: I fell asleep last night reading Spin, which is a book about what happens when the stars disappear from the night sky, and then we discover that (due to some stuff with time passing differently in space than on earth), the sun will expire and the earth will die... forty years from now.

So then I had a dream where I was in a house with my husband, some friends, and some kids, and we were trying to stop the world from ending, which was going to happen three days from now. Signs of the apocalypse started showing up, such as trees randomly spouting shrubbery that blocked windows and doors. The village where I lived went nuts: people walking around with guns, rampant racist shootings, etc. My family is trying to keep everyone in our house and just lay low. And then my husband decides to go out for provisions, and he gets stopped. (It's like I'm watching a movie, so I can see what happens even when I'm not there.) I wake up before I know how things end.

Now I sort of want to write my dream out as a book, with characters and everything! I also watched the episode of Angel where Doyle dies, so my dream had a lot of those elements, too.

u/Appa_YipYip · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Toronto Maple Leafs !

I'd like this book, please! It sounds amazingly intense :O (I put it on this list)

u/matt_will_ · 1 pointr/eFreebies




In a world of immortals, one girl is dying.

u/SweatyOffer · 0 pointsr/metro