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u/Archons_ · 21 pointsr/Drugs

The most important thing with scales is stated tolerance. If you have a 0.001g readable scale but with no tolerance than. 1mg may be off by upwards of 10mg! Now, most are not off by that much, but with no guarantee from the manufacturer, should you risk it?

The most common MG scale is the Gemini 20. A member on reddit with access to high grade lab calibration weights and equipment calculated the Gemini 20 has a tolerance of around 4 to 5mg, however it was a non linear error... Meaning that the tolerance changed based on the weight in the weigh boat.

There's also a pro version of the Gemini 20. It has a double calibration, a linear error, and a stated tolerance of +-2mg. It's what I use, a D what I would say is the best price for the features.

u/_FormerFarmer · 11 pointsr/espresso

The American Weigh Scale - 2kg x 0.1g gets a lot of recommendations. I got another scale similar to this one in looks, but different brand - the one I got has done ok for about 2 years on one change of batteries. It is a bit slow in coming to a reading, though - a couple seconds to stabilize. So if using to measure shot weight, need to cut off a bit before you hit your preferred output.

u/Mymom429 · 10 pointsr/Coffee

Hario Skerton - $32

Skerton ring upgrade - $11

Gooseneck kettle - $35

The kettle isn't nearly as necessary as the grinder upgrade but it would help with pourover. I would definitely recommend getting a burr grinder though, I had a similar setup to yours for a long time and the skerton totally blew my mind. I also haven't tried the ring upgrade personally but I have had issues with the skerton in coarser settings and that's exactly what it's for so I thought I'd mention it.

Edit: I just noticed you didn't have a scale there. I would definitely get a scale instead of the kettle, [this one] ( is $20 and works really well.

u/themick187 · 10 pointsr/FRC

Our team bought a postal scale last year similar to this one. We balance a big piece of wood on it then zero it and put the robot on. Weighing it is super important because you don't want to be drilling massive holes or taking off components in the pits. I've seen teams spend hours in the pits sawing and drilling because they were overweight.

Edit: looks like marshallm900 and I had the same idea.

u/dragonbubbles · 10 pointsr/kratom

"Burning" is an outdated term that comes from kratom having been sold as incense.

The Kratom 101 has a lot of good general information. You are going to need to get a few different strains and start trying them out. u/ko951 put together this list of vendors who offer samplers. After that, your best course of action is to get yourself a scale and try different strains and keep notes - dosages, effects, pros & cons, etc.

Kratom affects people differently so it is hard to predict exactly what to expect, especially when starting out. Finding what works can take some time, patience, and trial and error. Many times people starting out think that it is not 'working' at first. Some of that is about managing expectations.

A note about "less is more" You will see people here say all the time that "less is more." This is because kratom has a ceiling effect at which point more kratom will not get you more of the feeling that less kratom gives you. Unlike opioids, kratom has diminishing returns and eventually any good feelings you had will be give way to severe discomfort and probably puking yourself inside out. However, When using kratom to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal from opiates, you may need higher doses depending on your situation and people who have been through this generally advise to use whatever amount takes care of your withdrawals and then taper down to a reasonable minimal maintenance dose as you progress.

In addition to the help people will give you in this thread, here are some previous discussions that may you might find useful/helpful as well. I have put the ones directly talking about methadone near the top but I have also included other discussions about using kratom for withdrawal from other opioids:

u/genericdude999 · 9 pointsr/camping

Once you get on the trail carrying all your gear on your back vs. unloading from your car ten feet away, you will immediately notice three things matter most:

  1. weight
  2. weight
  3. weight

  4. OK, having a pack that fits and comfortable shoes too.

    Some people think you have to be a crazy "ultralighter" to care about how much things weigh. Cutting tags off of things to save fractions of a gram, etc. Not true! Just be mindful of the weight of everything that goes in your pack. After all, you'll be carrying it up and down mountains all day. Your pack is not a suitcase, where you're rewarded for throwing in any odd object that has a slight chance of being useful. More like a punishment device, where you're punished all day on the trail for every careless pound you put into it.

    It's a misconception that you have to be rich enough to afford exotic titanium and carbon fiber gear. Some weight cuts cost almost nothing. Buying your toiletries, condiments, sun screen, bug repellent in one or two ounce travel size for instance. Liquids are heavy. Here is a list of very inexpensive lightweight gear, much of it you can improvise from items around the house. Buy a scale first. Anything a half pound or more deserves a second look to see if you can reduce its weight or substitute something.

    One mistake that practically every beginner makes is rushing out and buying a pack before they own any other gear, just guessing the size, then filling it with stuff. This is actually backwards. If you want to be smart buy your gear first, then the pack, in the size you need.

    If you have some money to spend, one of the best places to splurge is not on a fancy pack, or fancy boots, or a fancy multitool or stove. Get a good down sleeping bag. This will save you pounds not just ounces. This one is popular and doesn't cost a fortune.

    Lots of beginners overdo their shelter, taking a six or seven pound dome tent because they think they need to have room to spread out all their gear inside. Leave your pack outside covered by a garbage bag against a tree. I've done it for years and years and my gear has always stayed dry. There are a couple of inexpensive options for beginners that are fairly light. Go small for your solos. You're probably not going to be spending that much time in there anyway.
u/nekrad · 8 pointsr/Flipping

Accuteck scales on Amazon are pretty popular around here. It's useful to have one where the LCD screen can be moved away from the scale (for when you have large boxes). I have this one:

Don't spend too much time on a business plan. It's more important to get some practice at actually selling things. Good luck!

u/OGShua · 7 pointsr/cigars

If you are just doing this split, go with USPS flat-rate.

Also, DO NOT trust the self-adhesive, use tape to ensure a good seal.

If you are planning on truly getting in on the box split game.

This is what I have:

  • Scale
  • Small boxes
  • Large boxes - Whatever I find, mostly reuse Amazon boxes
  • Labels - I will be moving to a this in the near future.

    I mostly ship First Class.

u/internaloutdoors · 7 pointsr/Ultralight

Make sure it weighs grams, oz and pounds. Also check that the screen is not placed on the weighing platform. My old food scale was like that and when I would put bigger items on I wouldn’t be able to read the screen. Some scales also have a top that folds up 90 degrees to hold bigger items, but a shoe box also works for that. I use a smaller “jewelry” scale for items less than an oz. or two

ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital With Ac Adapter, Silver

I have this one now, that I got on amazon for about $17. It’s nice because it takes batteries but also can plug into the wall and has all of the features I talked about above.

u/Lodur · 6 pointsr/Nootropics

But like seriously, snag this scale and you won't even have to blink an eye at getting the right dose.

While you don't have to stress over the small stuff, I like being able to know about how much I'm taking.

u/names_irrelevant · 5 pointsr/Supplements
u/roionsteroids · 5 pointsr/Drugs

Gemini-20 and Gemini-PRO on Amazon!

u/Tarasco · 5 pointsr/Nootropics

I have this American Weigh Gemini Pro20....

Measures 20x .001g, is dependable and cheap...~ $50.00 more or less.....with a 10 year warranty which I've used once already...with no issues

I find it to be professional and dependable....

Remember that when you use it it has to be in a draft-free location away from any electronics like your smart phone....

u/stldanceartist · 5 pointsr/coins

Books: This is what I said when replying to another thread for book recommendations. I love the CherryPicker's Guide - these will pay for themselves over and over. I don't personally recommend Striking it Rich, but to each their own. I'd rather see you "creep" a coin forum where die varieties and mint errors are discussed and new finds shared than spend a ton on books right out of the gate. I might also recommend learning about the entire minting process (I think a book called From Mine to Mint?) - this will help you understand how die varieties and mint errors are created in the first place and eliminate the confusion between a true doubled die and something like strike doubling.


Bookmarks: John Wexler has a very useful site called with lots of images and descriptions of die varieties. CONECA has a Master Listing of all known die varieties for US Coins and a forum (that, honestly, I rarely visit because no one ever replies to my posts there.) These are just a couple examples; there are tons of great websites out there for you to reference (even PCGS and NGC have some nice high-quality images of varieties they attribute, which also can be very helpful when determining value.) Start building your set of web bookmarks and it will make things easier for you in the long run. PCGS Photograde is a free online reference to help you learn how to grade US Coins, for example.


Loupe: I'm always happy to recommend the BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe - it's the loupe I've been using for about a decade now. IMO 10x is large enough to see even tiny varieties, and you'll mostly be concerned with the quality of the glass and metal. Lots of those cheap plastic loupes say they are higher magnifications, but aren't, or the "glass" isn't even glass (let alone high-quality glass.) I like the shape of the loupe and the texture of it - if your hands get sweaty, it won't slip out (like the cheaper chrome-plated examples you find at every coin shop.) You really, really want good quality glass here - save your eyes - and the better quality glass and larger field of vision (wider glass) the easier it will be on you. Cheap loupes make it hard to focus properly.


Magnet: Get yourself a decently strong magnet - this will help diagnose some bad counterfeits out there. I think I got mine at a local hardware store. I'm always amazed when a coin shop doesn't USE the magnet and buys a bunch of, did we forget how to deal coins today or something?


Scale: I have been using an AWS SC-2kg scale for a few years now with decent results. My older version doesn't have an AC Adapter (just battery operated.) This will also help you diagnose counterfeits and other various mint errors.


Lamps: IKEA sells their Jansjo gooseneck LED lamps for less than ten bucks. They have a few different styles of these including some with clamps. They will be bright enough for variety hunting and if you get a few of them can be useful in coin imaging.


I tried to use gloves, I really did. But when you drop half the coins because the cotton is too slippery, it's best to learn how to properly hold a coin in your hand. I bought a really nice set of coin tongs in person at a coin shop somewhere - can't remember where - but they are sold on Amazon and eBay now. The problem with them, though, is that the company is in Germany and the shipping is more than the cost of the item.


I'd start learning how to image your coins as you look for varieties and errors. If you can take a good image of a die variety, chances are someone will be able to help you attribute it. I've never had good luck with the cheapo LED USB microscopes that are available, they all take crappy images, don't work with my computer, etc. I've returned every one. This could be an entire other discussion, honestly.


I love using my tablet (I maxed out with an iPad Pro a couple years ago) for reference books and cherrypicking on eBay. It's wonderful to have a ton of reference books/manuals/coin images handy and portable.


Other than that - best of luck to you, and we'll do our best to help. Just remember at the beginning to take a breath before you get all amped up and start thinking you've found a valuable variety on every coin you see. I've seen it so many times - new person shows up, posts thirty threads about thirty different coins, none of which have usable images (all out of focus for example) and then gets butt hurt when people tell them their coins are worth face value.


Don't take it personally.


It takes time and persistence to learn how to find real varieties. THEY ARE OUT THERE, though...I just found a nice 1934 DDO Quarter in a bag someone told me fifty times had been searched and searched (he's just that kind of a person, though, so I just ignored him.)


u/Bout350z · 5 pointsr/Flipping

I use this scale
It goes from 0.01 oz all the way to 110 lbs and is great for weighing small first class envelopes all the way up to larger FBA packages.

And at $29.99 it beats the ~$40 scale that only weighs up to 11 lbs that came from Staples.

u/nothinggold · 5 pointsr/BehindTheClosetDoor

Other things to keep in mind with eBay for sellers coming from Poshmark:

Give yourself a realistic handling time. When something sells, your handling time is how long you have to get it to the post office and scanned. I used to keep a 1 day handling time, but I'm not able to make it to the PO daily due to work and life in general. My USPS pick ups didn't always scan right away and dropping items in Blue Boxes is also not the most reliable, so selling something was usually really stressful for me and left me scrambling to get to the PO to ship. I ended up switching my handling time to two days because of the holidays and have since left it at that. I have more wiggle room to go to the PO or delays in scans to happen and I don't have to worry. You are penalized if you do not get something scanned within your handling time. I have not seen a reduction in sales since moving to a two day handling time, so I would highly recommend giving yourself the time if you need it.

Purchase a small scale for postage and learn how USPS works. Buy your shipping on eBay, it is more expensive at the PO. Remember that if you're going to use a Priority or PFR box, your label as to be a Priority label or the appropriate PFR label. Poshmark makes us all lazy in that regard. You can still ship in your pretty polymailers and recycled Amazon boxes, but just watch your Priority stuff. This is the postage scale I use, I like it, it works well. It used to be the cheapest option on Amazon, but looks like there is cheaper available. Alternatively, if you have an old food scale you don't use or can find a scale at the thrift, that would be an even better option.

I don't personally do auctions. I have done them, I just prefer not to. If I do list some for auction, it's usually damaged as fuck and I put a starting bid at $0.99 and take a loss just to get the item out of my life and recoup some costs of it. However, as of late, I've been just listing these items fairly cheap and letting them sit as BIN until somebody buys them.

/r/Flipping has a really helpful Daily Newbie Thread and I have always gotten my eBay questions answered there with reliable information. I highly recommend reading that thread to learn more and if a specific question about eBay arises, definitely post it! People are usually really helpful. They also have a few selling guides linked in that thread.

u/OreoPillow · 4 pointsr/trees

dude, if you're looking for a scale recommendation, I bought this thing for about the same price its listed right now. Keep in mind though that you might want to buy a calibration weight, too. If not, you can use 20 nickels. I think each one weighs exactly 5 grams. If you're across the pond, I think 20 pent coins weigh exactly 5 grams, too. If you're in the EU, you could use 12 0.50 euro coins, 1 0.10 euro coin, and 1 0.01 euro coin for exactly 100 grams. I'm sure there are other combinations too, you guys just don't have nice round numbers for your coin weights.

Good luck, dawg

u/6745408 · 4 pointsr/Coffee

Invest in a good grinder. Here are two items that you'll also need:

u/BaggySpandex · 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

I use this postal scale and it works great for me. Accurate, and has a solid tare function.

I order most of my grains online pre-crushed and weighed out, but if I need to add adjuncts or anything it's served me very well. "Boots" instantly, and I think the auto-timer is something like 2 minutes.

u/SingularityParadigm · 4 pointsr/Coffee

Top pick: Brewista Smart Scale II

Budget pick: AWS SC-2KGA Digital

The Brewista includes quality of life features for coffee brewing including several auto modes (though I just use manual), a silicone drip mat, and an integrated count-up timer. It also has a faster responding load-sensor which means it will register and then update mass changes quicker on the display, making it less likely that you will overshoot your water mass targets when brewing pour-over. (You place your entire brew setup on the scale, and measure your water simultaneous with brewing.)

I have the first-gen scale which lacks the silicone drip mat and the rechargeable battery...and was also about $20 cheaper than the gen2 scale. Fortunately it has very long battery life and I can use rechargeable AAAs with it! I love the thing to death; definitely part of my essential coffee brewing kit along with my Kalita 155 pour-over, my Lido E-T manual burr grinder, and my gooseneck pouring kettle.

u/enineci · 3 pointsr/loseit

I was wrong. It didn't come with the weight; it was one of those Amazon "Frequently bought together" things that it does.

Amazon link for the scale

Amazon link for the weight

u/justtappingit · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

What scale do you use for measuring your grains at home?
Thinking about getting this.

u/PastTense1 · 3 pointsr/Flipping

I like the UltraShip-55

They have different models with different maximum weights (the 55 has a maximum of 55 pounds).

u/Joest23 · 3 pointsr/asktrees

Then that's about what you should get for $20.

Buy a scale and you'll never have to ask the question again.

u/ifajig1 · 3 pointsr/trees

Lol. "expensive"

If you cant afford to spend $6.39 on a tiny wittle pocket scale then you need to smoke less weed.

u/heisenberg1492 · 3 pointsr/SilkRoad

I bought a digital scale online that measures grams to 0.00. This will only give you increments of 10 milligrams, but it is accurate enough for MDMA.

u/whattothewhonow · 3 pointsr/coins

You can check the specific gravity pretty easily if you have a scale that is accurate to .01g.

Weigh the coin dry and write down the mass in grams

Place a small plastic container on the scale that contains enough water so the coin can be fully submerged. Tare the scale to zero.

Tie a bit of cotton thread to the coin and dip it into the water so the coin is fully submerged but does not touch the sides or bottom of the container. (To get a stable reading you may have to tie the string to an improvised tripod or a pencil resting across two stacks of books or whatever. As long as nothing touches the scale or the container you're good.) Write down the value on the scale, which is the mass of the water displaced by the coin.

Now, divide the dry weight of the coin by the weight of the displaced water. For a 40% half dollar, this value should be 9.53 or very very close. For 90% the value is 10.34, and for .999 pure silver bullion this value should be 10.49. A copper-nickel clad coin will have a value of 8.92. A difference of a couple hundredths of a gram can be attributed to the volume of water displaced by the string or slight variations in the metal alloy, but if you're off by more you might have an issue.

They have decent scales on Amazon and eBay that are precise to .01g for around $15 bucks.

u/dakine_ · 3 pointsr/saplings

if hes your only source, buy a scale.

my dealer even borrows my scale to weigh stuff out when she comes over. Its useful and makes sure everyones accurate and honest. If its off, mention next time "hey i was off a bit last time and i hate to split hairs but i wanna monitor how much i smoke"

he should take the polite hint and it shouldnt be an issue

remember to learn to "tare" the bag [it subtracts the weight of the container for you]

u/KetchupIsForWinners · 3 pointsr/Flipping
  • A smartphone
  • A PayPal account
  • A postal scale -- I have this one
  • Half sheet sticker labels for print at home postage
  • Goo Gone is magical for removing sticker residue

    Depending on what you commonly sell, bulk buy padded mailers / boxes for that size. Stop tossing any boxes & padding material from shipments you receive. Figure out somewhere to store that to use for your outgoing shipments. A good chunk of the boxes & padding I use is recycled from another shipment I got in.

    Definitely getting yourself set up to manage printing postage from home vs. waiting in line at the P.O. should be a big priority overall. There is no way I would enjoy flipping half as much if I had to wait in those lines to mail every item.

u/tkCrown · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Buy a scale. I got mine for $20 on Amazon and it weighs up to 75LB but also can weigh in ounces.

Anything under 13 oz. can ship first class for usually less than $2-4. I use poly mailers and bubble mailers for this purpose.

(I don't know if these are the best choices for your purposes, do some research on what size items you typically sell and buy mailers accordingly. These are what I buy and they fit anything from DVD's, small trinkets, and XXL jackets.)

Buy packing tape, bubble wrap, poly mailers and/or bubble mailers.

Packing tape:

Bubble wrap:

Poly mailers:

You print your shipping through eBay/PayPal because they give you a considerably decent discount and then can print straight from whatever printer you may have access to and tape it onto the package. It's acceptable to write it on a piece of paper and tape it, but then you have to wait in line at the post office (with prepaid labels, you can just drop it in the package drop box) and pay for tracking there.

u/nnichols · 3 pointsr/Supplements

I just got this one from Amazon today:

American Weigh Scale Ac-100 Digital Pocket Gram Scale, Black, 100 G X 0.01 G

I also ordered a 100g calibration weight.

Out of the box it was within .02 of proper calibration, and I was able to recalibrate it to a consistent 100g. Seems to be decent quality for the money.

It weighs in .01g increments, which is 10mg, but the instructions say .02 is the acceptable tolerance for calibration.

I'll get to try it out tomorrow when my order from Powder City comes in.

u/kbrc · 3 pointsr/askdrugs

You will need to spend at least a few hundred dollars to get a scale that can come close to measuring 6mg accurately.

Go buy the GPR-20 from Amazon (not the cheaper Gemini model, trust me) and use that to measure out 48mg. Then you can dissolve that into some manageable amount of solvent and take 1/8 of the solution for 6mg.

u/rj_atl · 3 pointsr/atlbeer

16.76 seems ridiculously low to go all the way California. I wonder if you can even send an empty box to California for that. For reference, closest recent shipment I can find on my account was 18.3 lbs, 20x13x10, and it cost 27.76.

Check your statement/history online.

Edit: I use this to weigh, works great -

u/pmstacker · 3 pointsr/Silverbugs

I bought a cheap, but accurate little 2kg x 0.1g scale:

Also second the gloves. I ended up buying a number of air-tites that fit the most common sizes I get, so I have some on hand. Also picked up some silica dessicant to keep my safes dry.

u/L1zardcat · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Lots of sellers prefer the Accuteck Shippro which is significantly less than either option that you mentioned.

The imgur link is broken, so I can't see what you posted. That said, any shipping scale that's accurate out to an ounce will do the job. I prefer having a remote display so the package itself doesn't make the numbers hard to read.

u/RasKunt · 3 pointsr/Flipping

I have this one but will be ordering this one soon.

u/meow_said_the_dog · 3 pointsr/Flipping

I just picked one from Amazon. It is this one and has been accurate. For the most part, a scale is a scale.

ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital with Ac Adapter, Silver

I'm upgrading to this one this week because I am tired of dealing with trying to see the weight with large boxes:

Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Black (W-8580-110-Black)

u/Youkahn · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Tbh bud, if these replies are even remotely similar to how you'll be treating your future customers, your account won't last long.

On a more relevant note:
^ affordable and reliable, bought in 2015. You neeeeeed a scale

u/picklelady · 3 pointsr/Flipping

spend a little more and level-up to a scale with a detached readout.

this one is less than $10 more, 110 lb max, never needs batteries, and has a detatched readout. It's the one I use.

u/haroldthehobo · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

No problem. It really isn't as hard as it looks. My best suggestions would be to first look at what you have, and really think about if you need it. Just not bringing things will save you way more weight than buying the lightest stuff.

After that, invest in a decent scale. It doesn't have to be too expensive. Just something that is accurate to atleast .1oz. Start weighing your stuff, and put it into a LighterPack list.

Once you've done that, and you feel like you've done your best to get your baseweight as low as you can, ask for a shakedown on here (instructions are in the sidebar as well). People will look over what you have and give you ideas on where to cut down.

I found it really helpful to just sit on this subreddit and read as much as I can. Even reading through other peoples shakedowns will give you an idea of things you could do to lose weight. Also, I like to read through a lighterpack whenever I see it. For example, my flair next to my name has mine. Reading through other peoples lists also gives you some great insight.

Best of luck and welcome to the wonderful world of gram counting ;)

u/madnesiu-m · 3 pointsr/Depop I use this one and it works great, no issues so far and it's been over a year. Hope this helps!

u/marshallm900 · 3 pointsr/FRC

This should work nicely for you:

Also, you can find a local pet store and they will have scales large enough to weigh a robot.

u/SmoothSlavperator · 3 pointsr/MosinNagant

Yeah...a Lee press is like $30.
Lee RGB Dies are $20. You'll save a lot of headaches.
Shell holder
Case trimming......If you really want to do it the ghetto way, you can use a piece of sandpaper, laying it flat on a table and rubbing the case mouth in a consistent manner on the sandpaper. Alternately you can use a coutersink bit from Home depot and just hog off the excess brass with a hand drill. Trim die is probably your next cheapest option.
Digital scale like this is alright....just check it with a known value each time you use it. Use a bullet or a pellet gun pellet or something. If you're using a middle burn rate powder like IMR4064 or Tac or have to be pretty far probably ten grains... before it gets dangerous if you're going for a middle of the road charge. Consistency is more important for accuracy.
Simple ram type primer....or just use the priming function of the lee loader you already have....
And then a set of calipers to check your length

u/te-fod · 3 pointsr/vaporents

Get the same black one from amazon that everyone has, it's cheap, reliable and has a space for a spare set of batteries inside too

here is the link

u/DoomedToMediocrity · 2 pointsr/kratom

Do yourself a favor and get this scale.

It is hands down the best scale I have ever used. No need to get a fancy Gemini or anything.

The best way I have found to weigh it is to get a small teacup. Place on scale and turn it on. This scale autotares when turned on and it will display as 0. Then just add kratom to teacup until desired dose is reached and down it.

u/UAphenix · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Oh man! I recommend this scale. Let us know the weight on that bad boy when you get a scale, inquiring minds need to know!

u/highastrees · 2 pointsr/WTF
u/goofygooses · 2 pointsr/trees

When in doubt, bring out a scale. You can even buy keychains that you clip one end to the bag and it has a little weight to tell you how much is there.

apparently they’re called postal scales

u/GherkinJerkin · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me" - C.S. Lewis
"Ask her if she still keeps all her kings in the back row" - Catcher in the Rye
This is for tea. Promise

u/dinoclub · 2 pointsr/shrooms

Yup, scale saved me as well. Here is the perfect one for $6.50

>14 grams wet, so 1.4 grams dried. Looks accurate to that.

u/uRabbit · 2 pointsr/Coffee

This little guy. Our Escali Arti can do it as well, but the AW can go to .001 oz and .1 gram. The Escali only goes to .1 oz and whole grams. Also, the Escali's tare does not work (never did), and it often times is super inaccurate. Huge waste of money IMO. We will be replacing it with this AW scale if Escali does not replace the one we have.

u/NeenerNanner · 2 pointsr/leangains

Here's one. There are a lot online that you can order. I've seen some in Target for $15. They do have some up to $50 though.

edit: Seven dollars

Six Dollars

Free shipping too

u/BigSinLV · 2 pointsr/Flipping

eBay fees are 10% of everything you sell. We have two scales -- one for larger things, another for smaller things. Our large scale is similar to this and our smaller one is like this

Salecalc implements the fees into their tool. I believe it's 10% to eBay, and $0.30+3% for paypal.. I don't remember the exact numbers for PP.

u/LyleGately · 2 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

I was pretty excited to do a poop weight test with the ultra awesome shipping scale that I got based on shortkid's recommendation. I had the weakest shit ever and only lost .1 of a pound on the poop. Anyway I weigh 180 now.

Tested 305 squat and 370 deadlift. Bench I may or may not be finally getting back into starting this week. It'll probably just be a slow climbing deload type thing until I hurt myself again. Stupid bench.

u/r3dreck · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Snagged this one for beer brewing now for weighing gear, it's super accurate and never had an issue with it. I've tossed on mini cord locks on it to get the grams and it recognizes them fine. Takes 6 aa batteries and been about 3 years now and never replaced them yet.

u/paintedcones · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I'm curious about ordering ingredients online.
I'm doing the full switch to all-grain. I've been driving back and forth from my place to the brewshop every brew for the last few weeks, and it's getting to be a pain in the ass. I want to start ordering online, storing grain, and keeping a scale to weigh my stuff as needed.

I found this scale on amazon:

and it looks pretty good. .1oz increments up to 1lb... which I think should be good enough for hops... and it goes up to 35lbs, which should be good enough for a 5gal all grain batch, right?

I've found a huge selection of grains on northern brewer... I'm assuming SOMEONE has experience with ordering from them... but is it the best option?

What do you do if you closest brewshop is 20/30min away?

u/Tetrazene · 2 pointsr/trees

Why would they need that? A small scale can be had for under 15$...

u/Mr_Algorithm · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I bought this one 2 years ago and love it. Haven't had any issues with it and I haven't had to change the batteries at all (it also came with an AC cord to plug it in)

I have no affiliation just sharing what works for me.

u/flipperripper · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I recently bought this off Amazon for 20 bucks. It was suggested by a few members on here. Its can go up to 75lbs. The other day I took a package to the Post office and the lady remarked how exact I was with the weight.

Weighmax 2822-75lb

u/LavernicaDeLuca · 2 pointsr/poshmark

I've had this one for at least 5 years now and it still works flawlessly and it has been 100% accurate for me too. I think I've changed out the battery a grand total of 1 time, I lost the power cable a long time ago so it's been battery only for years.

A little tip for eBay, make sure you weight with packaging. This is mostly relevant for stuff that must ship in a box but make sure you are accounting for the weight that packaging adds, I made that mistake far too often when I started on eBay :)

u/SnowmanOlaf · 2 pointsr/FulfillmentByAmazon

You're right. I'm sorry I came off condescending. I just did research on all local options and you are absolutely correct, the prices are outrageous. Get amazon prime, or a free trial, and you'll receive it in 2 days. I understand since this is your first shipment, you wanna send it out NOW, but just wait til you get the scale. This is the one I own. Works great. You don't need a 330 lb scale. 75 lb is perfect.

u/rabidmonkeys · 2 pointsr/comicswap

There is much more to this, topics like shipping usps, and media mail, or parcel post using insurance is critical and nothing is more important tracking information (and delivery confirmation - if you have a big trade).
I'm hoping others have opinions as well.

Also, I would buy a shipping scale. This is the scale I use

u/1977topps · 2 pointsr/Ebay

Here is the scale I use. It is $19.99 and weighs up to 75 pounds. I have used it for a few months and am very happy with it.

u/XxCoreySxX · 2 pointsr/saplings

Here's the grinder I got (mine was red and a little bigger, but the same basic thing). It works great, is at a reasonable price, and I can tell you from experience that if you put a nickel in there and shake it around after every use, you'll get a ton of kief.

Other accessories:

  • Scale. I also just bought this one myself. It's perfect.

  • Pipe tool. I highly recommend this little thing. Extremely useful for pretty much all things marijuana. The scraper is great for cleaning ash and resin out of bowls, as well as scooping kief or ground bud. The tamper is used for packing the bowl mainly. And the poker is good for unclogging it or just stirring up the bowl. I imagine it might be useful for rolling joints too.

  • One-hitter. This is great for discrete smoking in public, because it just looks like a cigarette at a glance. Pretty cheap too, unless you want a dugout with it. A dugout would be super convenient, but I just keep my pre-ground bud in a separate little plastic tube.
u/fuser-invent · 2 pointsr/Coffee

This one is made by the same company for half the price, has 0.01g resolution and has lasted me about a year now with no problems and still going strong.

u/MKM71012 · 2 pointsr/DIYBeauty

By 'really accurate' I mean one that won't drift up & down, give a different reading every time the same item is placed on it... stuff like that. I've been using this scale because my husband already had it for his coin collecting (we both have expensive hobbies XD ) and it's not the most accurate. I have to constantly calibrate it, like not just once when I first start using it during my DIY session but every time I turn it on. And it's hard to get it to pick up very small measurements like .02 grams (I often make very small batches to try a recipe out- like 10 grams total in order to not waste materials if it doesn't work out). Thank you for the link, I will check it out.

u/thesonofdarwin · 2 pointsr/tea

I think the AWS-100 is the scale I see a lot of other tea users have. After a lot of research, and reading a lot of reviews, I went instead with AC-100. It's the same price and didn't have the trend of negative reviews the AWS had regarding the scale maxing out and becoming unusable.

I bought a weight set for calibration, but every time I check it it's spot on. The cover on the AC-100 is perfect as a weigh boat. Just flip it over, tare, and add your tea.

I keep mine in my work laptop bag and transport it between work and home daily and it's had no problems handling that.

u/phagemasterflex · 2 pointsr/RCSources

I like the G20 pro a little better than the G20 standard.

u/orbitup · 2 pointsr/reloading

This is what I used before I got the Chargemaster.

American Weigh GeminiPRO GPR-20 Digital Milligram Scale 20g x 0.001G

u/PapaSom · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I've used this milligram scale, American Weigh Gemini-PRO with no problems and its more accurate than the $20 version American Weigh offers. It maxes out at 20 grams, so if you want to weigh out more than that, I would buy a second scale for the heavier things.

u/aphrodite-walking · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I've been wanting one of these. I started going to the gym in May and I think it would be cool to see my progress and how many calories I burn in a workout.

I need one of these haha. I sell things on ebay and I need a reliable scale to calculate postage so I don't overpay :)


You both look like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day :D

u/shoangore · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

I own this scale, purchased for $17. I've used it for three years to ship everything. It can weigh ounces and lb's, and has a ridiculous 55 lb capacity. There's a hold button on the side for large packages blocking the screen, and I've yet to change batteries.

Build quality feels cheap, and the case has a slight crack from dropping, but otherwise it's an absolute no-brainer when shipping stuff. I also have a Zebra thermal printer for labels, but those are more expensive and only worth it if you ship regularly.

u/cutecutecute · 2 pointsr/Flipping

This is the one I got, and it weighs down to grams (I use it for my skincare line, too.) And only $20!

u/Marksta · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a shipping scale. Any advice? Thinking about this one the 55 pounds + .01 oz accuracy seems to beat out everything in the price category. I wouldn't do anything bigger than 50lbs at the moment just doing small FBM and sending out FBA inventory shipments.

u/kibbycoupon · 2 pointsr/Ebay bought this one and LOVE it. it can stay on if its plugged in, if its via battery power it may turn off after a certain amount but i havent tested it for this

u/the_celt_ · 2 pointsr/Ebay

I bought this recently, and like it:

The numbers stay on, but there's a backlight that turns off. When I put something on the scale the backlight comes back on. I'm quite happy with my purchase so far.

u/dubzors · 2 pointsr/Coffee

menschmaschine5 talked about machines like these. It is not exactly obvious but this is one of those that "use 4 nibs on discs to pulverize the beans and create very inconsistent grinds". That is what the "Disk" in the name refers to. I was actually heavily considering this one.

That Capresso Infinity is probably the cheapest electric grinder you can buy and not be wasting money. If you want cheaper go with the Hario Mini Mill or a Porlex (or Hario Skerton if you need to be able to grind a large amount and need cheaper than the taller Porlex).

I would also recommend getting a scale. That is what I am deciding on right now and you can refer to the wiki for that as well. I am leaning towards this because it is the plug-in-able version of a popular scale on here:

u/misplaced_optimism · 2 pointsr/tea

I use one of these. I've had it for several years and it still works perfectly.

u/TqpU · 2 pointsr/Silverbugs

This bad boy is used by a few silverbugs here and after shipping costs about $5 more:

u/hey_wait_a_minute · 2 pointsr/Silverbugs

Depends on your budget. You would have a hard time finding a worse scale than an American Weighs Scale, made in China using the least accurate electronic weight sensor in the world.

This one from Amazon is quite a step up, but still very inexpensive.

The world's best scales are made in Japan with the world's best weight sensors, also made in Japan. This Tanita 200g capacity is an excellent scale. I own both. Buy calibration weights for either. The cheaper one will calibrate with anything from 500grams down, (in ten gram increments) but the Tanita will only calibrate with 200 grams. Buy the 2 100s that Amazon suggests. You can calibrate both scales with those.

A simple test to show the sensitivity of a scale is to see how low of a weight it will register. Cut some pieces of paper into half inch squares. Each will weigh about 0.01g. Starting with a calibrated and zeroed scale, place a single piece of paper on the tray and see if it registers. Most cheap scales, including yours and the $17 one I recommend will not move from zero until you get to at least 0.04g, and then they must be placed all at once. The Tanita will register each piece of paper as you add them.

Remember that the electronic weight sensor in any portable scale is susceptible to to permanent damage if exposed to a very strong magnetic field like those from the silly rare earth magnets that many people think are useful to show silver purity. (They don't anyway.)

I recommend the cheaper 500g capacity scale because it has the ability to do a specific gravity test on ten ounce bars and coins. And with a piece of that size, you don't need 0.01g accuracy anymore either, 0.1 will do the trick.

u/Brooksc08 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I just bought this one a few days ago:

I like having the screen separate so bigger boxes don't cover up the readout

u/EdmontonCook · 2 pointsr/Ebay
  • If you're shipping to the US, try a company like Chit Chats (they have a location in Montreal but I don't know how close to you). They will ship through USPS for you and it'll be significantly cheaper than Canada Post. They should have a price chart that will give you a good idea on how much something will cost to ship.

  • Get a Canada Post Small Business card on their website. It doesn't help much but it doesn't hurt to have it. You'll be able to send expedited parcels for the same cost as regular parcels.

  • If you're buying shipping through eBay, it'll make your life easier to have packing materials and a scale on hand. I bought this one and have no issues with it. The time it will save you at the post office makes it more than worth it.

  • I haven't bothered with a PO box. I've considered it but decided it wasn't worth the cost and haven't had any issues yet.

  • Use PayPal. You will always hear the horror stories, no one posts about PayPal unless they're having issues.

  • You can get large envelopes at the dollar store but if you're going to be doing this alot, look for shipping supplies in bulk. eBay, Amazon, Uline, Staples, etc, all have some form of materials. Do some shopping around for the lowest rates. Just don't buy the supplies from Canada Post (probably the most expensive).

  • If you are going to use Canada Post, just get the dimensions and weight filled out on your eBay listing and use calculated shipping. As long as your measurements are accurate, the buyer will be charged the proper postage cost.
u/Hanselcj · 2 pointsr/Beekeeping

Here is the post of me building the scale:

I used this scale from amazon:

u/Liney3506 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Probably time to just invest the $20 you'll save on postage into a new scale.

u/MrKane123 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

This It's the same one I've been using for years and so far knock on wood it's worked like a charm. Has the detached read out, can be battery powered (AAs) or plugged in (comes with adapter)

u/ColoradoKEV15 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Have this one and it works great, I found it on

Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Black (W-8580-110-Black)

u/nametemplate · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I've used this one

and this one

Personally I like the first one better. The bigger base is very nice. edit: you need to consider the size of the packages you're weighing. I need a scale that will measure heavy packages, the first one is better for that sort of thing. For general purpose ebay selling I'd get a scale that measures up to say 50lb, that should be good enough. Or maybe 2 scales, one for small stuff and one like the 2 I listed for heavy packages.

u/w1ngzer0 · 2 pointsr/Flipping
  1. Get a shipping scale. This will allow you to accurately weigh your item and print shipping labels via eBay. Accutek 8580
  2. Anything that's under 15.999 oz packed goes first class. You'll get a discount and pay $4.something vs full costs to them if calculated, or pricing higher to offer free shipping. This 15.999 oz weight is weight only TMK. I've sent snapbacks in 8^3 boxes and only paid first class because the weight was under 15.999 oz.
  3. Since you're doing clothing, order padded flat rate mailers from USPS. $6.50 your cost.
  4. Use the following fitshipper calculator to figure out best methods of shipping to each zone:
  5. For anything that doesn't fit in a PFRE and you want to offer priority, learn cubic priority and cubic softpack. Put it this way, 8x8x8 box can go to zone 8 for under $11, priority.
  6. Read the other resources on fitshipper's site. There's a calculator for how much to shave a box down to go down a tier for cubic priority, etc.

    Edit: See further comments here:

    TL;DR: Get a scale, stop paying for over the counter rates.
u/BillfredL · 2 pointsr/FTC
u/freebird4all · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Definitely weigh them. I debated this for a while, but since I got this scale, everything has been smooth sailing in the keg filling department. I fill 3 at a time from a 1/2 bbl fermenter. For $25 you can’t beat it. Up to 110 lbs, battery or a/c plug. The display is separate and plugs in so the scale can be on the floor (even with an additional platform on it or whatever) but the display can be up on a table where you can see it easily. It doesn’t lock in on a weight after a few seconds like bathroom scales do, so you can just watch as the keg fills and close the valve when it’s done.

u/oceanalwayswins · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Here's mine - Accuteck S 50 lb x 0.2 oz All-In-One Digital Shipping Postal Scale with AC Postage (W-8250-50BS)

$17 and ships free with Prime. Runs off 3 AAA batteries or can plug in to a power source. I think it can weigh up to 50lbs. I've shared it with others around here and I highly recommend it.

u/ronnevee · 2 pointsr/Etsy

Scales are under 20 bucks : ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital With Ac Adapter, Silver

u/boredisaac · 2 pointsr/streetwearstartup

That is the most basic way to do it, but I've learned that paying for paying for shipping online is probably the most efficient way to do it. Plus they usually give a discounted rate for paying online. All you need is a printer and a postal scale ( You can even get shipping labels ( if you wanted to take your packaging a step higher. (Totally worth it imo)

Go to or Enter your package weight and dimensions. Purchase and print the label. Stick the label on the package and drop it off at a post office. Writing the address on the package isn't hard but I was taking at least a minute or more for each package and now and can get way more packages done in way less time. And don't have to wait in line at the post office anymore.

u/bugmochi · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I've been doing this only for a few weeks. I bought this scale: Yes, you can use any printer. You can print on paper and attach with tape or pick up some labels to print on. I bought these: but you can get cheaper ones that aren't Avery. I typically ship via USPS. If you're shipping through eBay it should show you the cost difference. USPS is most often cheaper unless you have a large or heavy item.

u/kyonu · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Is this a good scale for 50lbs? About to upgrade my Flipping location and need a bigger scale.

u/jjdrumz · 2 pointsr/Flipping

This is the one I currently have : Smart Scale

I have used a couple others in the past and this one is light weight and accurate. I also have a small scale for stuff on the ounce level.

I have had some success in the past with parting out common electronics. So if you know some part of the PS2 is broken you can part out the working parts. May not be worth it, or you could sell it as not working, for parts.

u/VinPeppBBQ · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

This is the one I got. It's got 400+ pound limit so I figure it will work for anything. I also use this scale for weighing grain and anything too big for my gram scale I use for salts/hops/etc.

u/randomretro · 1 pointr/Silverbugs

Ordered this at the same time - 100 gram calibration weight for $3.19 shipped.

u/testingapril · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I use this one: I think it's sort of the gold standard.

A 5 gal bucket sits on it perfectly with the rim just overhanging the weighing platform, and the ability to detach the face and move it away from the platform is great.

u/fireantz · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I have that same 100 gram scale for water and would also recommend it.

To weigh larger amounts of grain I use this shipping scale

My hops scale is an Escali one works the same as the one recommended above I'm sure.

u/homebrewfinds · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I've used this scale for weighing grain since April of 2009. It's a great scale. That post here is a review post that I did a while back. The product link in that post helps support hbf. Thanks in advance should you choose to use it. If not here is a direct link.

u/worsemorebad · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

You definitely want a scale, I just picked this up recently and it seems like it will work perfect. My old scale would only do 5lbs at a time and it was getting really old. This new one will go up to 55lb and has a removable faceplate.

u/The_ME_Brews · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

The first item has a Hands On Review and there's four additional scale reviews below that. Also, you can search Amazon reviews for keywords, as shown here. Homebrew Finds scours for the deals, and then it's easy enough to research from there.

u/TheCarpetPissers · 1 pointr/saplings
u/cryptoengineer · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Want a new one?

Attach letter to clip.

Hold up by the ring.

The arm with the letter, weight, and arc with weights marked are pulled down by the weight of the letter.

Read the weight of the letter, pointed to by the pointer on the left,
which is attached to the arm you are hanging it from.

u/pmr360 · 1 pointr/trees

I'm in the same boat, found your post while looking for reviews. I'm torn between the one you posted & this one. Any insight? What'd you end up getting?

u/obomba · 1 pointr/trees

Here's one for $6.35 with free shipping.

u/VAPossum · 1 pointr/smallbusiness

Also, I bought a small scale very much like this one to weigh stuff at home. It's been awesome. I wouldn't use it to measure medicines, but for postage, it's more than accurate enough. The platen is small, and so I just put a Solo cup on it, zero it out, then put my package on top of that, and I can see the display. I periodically use the kiosk to print out my most-used postage amounts (you can do custom amounts so you're only dealing with one stamp), keep those on hand, and it means I can mail from home all the time. I find it easier and cheaper than printing postage, because I don't have to spend money on sticker paper, or deal with taping stuff to packages.

u/PuristaBlog · 1 pointr/Coffee

You can certainly make a French Press work, but I prefer it only as a cold brew method. When our reviews launch, you will see that the French Press is good for certain types of coffees, but more often than naught, the French Press simply does not present as good of a cup as, say, the Chemex, V60, or AeroPress.

I strongly recommend going with the AeroPress. Really hard to get a bad cup out of that. I suggest getting a $7 American Weigh scale (AeroPress fits on there) if you don't have a scale already. Also, try out the paper filters that come with it, but I recommend the Able DISK for $12.50.

If you do not have a burr grinder, pick up the Hario Mini. Awesome little grinder!

u/PopoTheBadNewsBear · 1 pointr/Coffee

This should work for just weighing coffee (but it is too low capacity to do water as well, but you can use basic volume for that). Don't take it on any drug fueled adventures - depending on where you live, that could be a felony!

u/Both_Of_Me · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about this scale? Many diets fail because of old portion control habits resurfacing.

u/Freedomish · 1 pointr/trees

get this scale for 10 bucks, I have the same one and yes it does negative weight too... also fits in your pocket for stealth use and transportation...

u/rocketmonkeys · 1 pointr/disability

I've been thinking about this, and I'm not sure if my idea would work.

They have shipping scales that have detached readouts (which you need, since usually you're over/covering the readout. Like this:

The next step is you need the platform to be as big as possible. Normally these units have 4 pressure pads to read weight, so the platform just rests on these 4 things. My idea is to take a big piece of plywood (2.5x2.5'?), and attach the 4 pressure pads to the corners of the plywood. You'll have to account for the weight of the plywood, but most of these scales have "tare" functions anyway.

Then you have a platform you can roll onto that will show your weight. The only thing I don't know is if increasing the distance covered by the pressure pads would affect measurement. I'm assuming these are piezo triggers that simply vary resistance/voltage due to pressure, so the actual distance/wires involved wouldn't matter too much. Some extra wire and a solder gun would do the trick.

If I ever get down my project list, I'll try this out.

(I also once tried to do measurements with a hanging scale & pulleys. Too inaccurate, and a fairly clumsy idea)

u/SpeedGeek · 1 pointr/cigars

I bought this scale on Amazon a few years ago and it's worked out great. Should be able to get it for around $25 - $28 shipped.

u/Philostic · 1 pointr/shrooms

Regular kitchen scales are horribly innacurate for dosage. I had a gram scale that would tell me 8 grams, then 13, then 4. Get this off of Amazon for $15.

u/D-E-A-Bozeman · 1 pointr/StonerProTips

Thanks. I think I'm going with the American Weigh BT2-201.

u/joxyo · 1 pointr/FulfillmentByAmazon

I use this one:

$20 and does the job.

u/jm1982 · 1 pointr/Flipping

I bought this one in 2010 and it still works

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included

It's $19 on Amazon so pretty reasonable .

u/Toastedpubes · 1 pointr/Flipping <<<<Scale

What type of box to put it in: If you sell a xbox 360 game, a padded bubble mailer will work just fine. Your ultimate goal is to limit the weight, while still securing the package. Shipping prices are based on weight/dimensions. If youre shipping something larger like a blender, then you would find a box big enough to fit it, while also allowing room for padding.

I stay away from mailing large things because its a pain in the ass to find a box big enough, and then after padding, shipping is like $30. All depends what your ROI is.

u/drewbage1847 · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I drive to my shop - it's 45 minutes away. (They host my homebrew club and it wouldn't feel right to me to not give them the majority of my business - fortunately, they're awesome). Having said that I usually get together with a few folks every year and buy a giant supply of base malt.

For a scale, I think you'll be better served with two separate scales. I don't trust the large electronic scales for smaller measurements

This is the one I use for my grain.

u/RainbowSpectrum · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have this scale. Works great and spot on accurate with my local ups scales.

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included Weighmax

u/kmully · 1 pointr/Flipping

I got a scale for ~$20 that was well reviewed. If I could go back and do it again I would get one where the display attaches via a cord so you can see the weight without having to pick the box off of the scale again.

This is the one I bought.

I would get something well reviewed like this.

u/nasieo · 1 pointr/Flipping

I picked this one up about a month ago and its been great so far.

u/Logical_Psycho · 1 pointr/Flipping

It goes up to 75 lbs. (needed something with a higher capacity for fba).

Battery or ac.

Works for what I needed.

u/smackjack · 1 pointr/Ebay

You need to get a scale. You should never be guessing how much something weighs.

This is the one I got. It works really well.

u/IANALAMA · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Definitely worth getting a scale at this point. I use this one, works great for items of all sizes, and a good max weight to get your entire weight including food and water

u/vagoober · 1 pointr/Drugs

i have this exact scale and I'm not dead yet!

I use it for caffeine, mdma, and to volumetrically (is this a word) dose any sort of drug that I want to consume.

u/sheriff_skullface · 1 pointr/trees

You need one of these. I have this one, it is awesome. Also, I once got a teener that was like 2 smallish nugs, but it was dense as hell. (Yes I'm sure it was legit, I used 2 scales.)

u/bobeirasa · 1 pointr/espresso

American Weigh Scales AC Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale, Black, 100g x 0.01g (AC-100)

u/rockydbull · 1 pointr/Coffee

> Electric Kettle:

It is amazing how much these have dropped in price. I remember when $50 was a deal.

> Scale:

That scale is small and designed for low weights.

u/Logan_Chicago · 1 pointr/Coffee

It's an American Weight Scale AC-100. Only goes up to 100g (1/4 lb). Love it. I use it for measuring spices, salt, and my coffee beans. The OXO goes up to 10 lbs. so it's for bigger stuff.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Homebrewing is not a bad scale for small things, and not very much money.

The amount is alot though. I would try it if it wasn't $40 just to try.

u/KRegister · 1 pointr/kratom

I have this one. I've seen it mentioned a few times on this sub. Edit: typo

American Weigh Scale Ac-100 Digital Pocket Gram Scale, Black, 100 G X 0.01 G

u/TMaccius · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

On measuring small quantities of yeast, there's a pretty good 100g scale with 0.01g resolution on Amazon for $11. It's a luxury, but a small one. I got one for salt additions.

u/fsu_sketcher · 1 pointr/Drugs

I have this scale btw you don't even know how important it is for foxy.

This was just a one off mistake. My boy got a little over excited at the prospect of having MXE.

u/SwallowRP · 1 pointr/ExpectationVsReality
u/maryn86 · 1 pointr/Drugs
u/obviouslyaman · 1 pointr/dnp

It's not hard to make caps. You'll need the following:

u/treectma · 1 pointr/Drugs

I use this scale for mg measuring. It's good quality and reasonably priced. Beware though, fitting a full g worth of weed/shrooms on the weighing dish is going to be a challenge (with this, or any other mg scale).

u/desktop_version_bot · 1 pointr/Drugs
u/wec · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

This is the milligram scale I own for, eh, other consumable items whose effects are very dose-sensitive. I would recommend of course buying a decent calibration weight set that at least spans 4 orders of magnitude, especially with a "milligram" scale that doesn't cost more than $1000. I wouldn't ever use it expecting +/-0.001g accuracy for something I meant to weigh out precisely one milligram of, but it's accurate enough.

Then again, I basically have unrestricted access to USP-grade +/-0.1mg scales, so I haven't used it in a while. :) If you ever want something measured out painfully quantitatively, I wouldn't be opposed to helping any fellow DIY'ers out where possible.

u/scalehelpyo · 1 pointr/Drugs

Also had my eye on this scale:

Looks solid, but i'm not too sure about it.

Also, not looking to spend anymore then $50


u/joshfs · 1 pointr/Flipping

I hear ya. I have boxes of crap stacked in my office that are reserved for a garage sale once the snow melts. None of it is really worth selling online, maybe Craigslist for a few. Anyhoos once that is done we will donate what didnt sell and I can have a clean office. I also have a shipping scale on the way! which model did you get? I got this one

u/jestergoblin · 1 pointr/magicTCG

Amazon has them for under $20

u/Fakename998 · 1 pointr/Flipping

I use this one: American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale, Black

u/SgtFalstaff · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

This one has been great for me:

u/awesomesauceitch · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have this for 3 years. Had to replace the 2 AA one time. Works great.

American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale, Black

u/DaMooseWasLoose · 1 pointr/cigars

I use this one sometimes and have never had an issue. I mostly go with the flat rate boxes though.

u/80spizzarat · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have two of the Accutek scales but recently found one for about the same price that I like a lot better.

I was looking for another scale because I needed one with an adjustable display. After I got it, I found it will weigh as soon as you put something on the platform without having to turn it on. With the Accutek you have to turn it on and wait a couple of seconds, and it turns off automatically after a minute or so. So by the time you're ready to weigh the next package you have to turn it on and wait all over again. After I got the AWS it was incredibly annoying waiting on the Accutek.

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I have the AWS SC-2KGA and like it. From this post the HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale and ERAVSOW Digital Hand Drip Coffee Scale looks good. I wish I had fount them before I got AWS SC-2KGA. But I like the AWS scale. I do have a watch lol.

I am seeing more and more people talk about Acaia scales. What happened to Brewista scales? Did they fall out of favor? The Brewista Smart Scale II™ were suppose one of the best.

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  1. Any scale is fine, just make sure it has .1g or at least .5g resolution. Here's a couple starter scales: or

  2. Temperature isn't too terribly important as long as you keep it consistent and dial in that way. Without a temperature reading, it's easiest to do this by using boiling water. You can also get a PID kettle if you want to experiment. Bonavita, Fellow, and Brewista all make PID controlled gooseneck kettles.

  3. Your grinder is less consistent than what he's probably using (I'd guess an EK43). You're also grinding way too coarse, which leads to a lot of fines on a grinder like that.

  4. Way too coarse. French press does have a reputation for taking a very very coarse grind, but really it's not hugely more than drip. Check out the French Press grind on this page for a starting point:

  5. I'd just search for it on Google and look through what they've offered in previous months to see if it's quality. I'm not Canadian and haven't tried these, but I've heard good things about Propeller Coffee and Pallet Coffee.

  6. I've enjoyed Tim Wendelboe's videos. Good stuff.

u/alsignssayno · 1 pointr/Coffee

Sure, it's this one or at least similar this one

American Weigh Scales SC-2KG-A Digital Personal Nutrition Scale with AC Adapter

u/captain_brew · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

For larger things (i just cut nic into some 500mL and 1L bottles) I bought the AWS SC-2KG-A . It only has .1 resolution, but features an AC Adaptor to prevent auto shutoff.

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I have this scale and I ripped apart an old hdd for magnets. Like /u/FartSkin said the Redbook is nice to have.

u/jwalkermed · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

If you want to do a closed transfer a scale is the best way to know for sure.

This is what I use.

I also use it to accurately blend sour beer by weight.

u/prodiver · 1 pointr/Flipping

I use this...

The controls and display are attached with a cord, so large packages don't block them.

u/rosesarered330 · 1 pointr/Flipping

I've been using this one for the past few months, and it works very well. My favorite thing about it is that the display is separate from the scale, so big packages don't cover it up and make it difficult to read.

u/votech · 1 pointr/Flipping

I think a lot of us enjoy this one. Having the display seperate is nice Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Black (W-8580-110-Black)

u/ohiomensch · 1 pointr/eBaySellerAdvice

This is the one that I have. It’s economical and pretty versatile. If you have a larger item you can still see the weight.

u/elislider · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have this one that works great and only costs $26. Also comes in black for $24

u/_imjosh · 1 pointr/Flipping

> try to get something like an Accutek acb440. It's got a huge capacity

who needs a 440lb capacity for flipping? The problem with some of these scales with really large capacity is they don't perform as well at the bottom of the range. Here's an amazon review:

"Scale does not register weights under 4oz. Still increments properly after that, just no good for very light objects."

>Just jump in and get a scale that will last forever. I got lucky with my scale, it's a Mettler-Toledo PS-60...$44 at my local thrift store where I found mine

sure, if you find that scale for $50, you should buy it. but if you need a scale now, get the ~70 lb accutek w/ the remote screen for $25-35.

edit: 110 lb accutek, this one

u/cakeisatruth · 1 pointr/Flipping

This is the one I have, and it's pretty great.

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Check out /r/flipping. Many of us use small scales like this one to determine the weight. In your case, you then enter the weight and address into the Canada Post shipping calculator and it spits out a rate.

If you're selling on ebay, they automatically calculate shipping for you, making it even easier.

Boxes and other shipping supplies can be had for free from most retail stores. If you ask nicely, many places will simply give you their extra boxes at the end of the day. With a little ingenuity, you can make a hell of a lot of money. I've made $800 in 3 months and I don't thrift half as much as you do.

PM me if you'd like some more info.

u/MonkeysAbove · 1 pointr/funkopop

Here's the one we use at our house. Never had a problem. Just a tip, with my old college email address, we set up Amazon Prime for 6mos for free. Which means free shipping!

Accuteck All-In-One Series W-8250-50BS A-PT 50 Digital with AC Adapter (Silver)

u/AlluringSunsets · 1 pointr/Ebay

I'd say re-stocking with items.

Boxes: If you live in a building, use the ones people throw away that you can find in the basement or go around your neighborhood and get some from the curb. I also like to reuse Amazon mailers.

Label printer: At an entry level, it's probably most cost effective to use the printer you already have or to buy a cheap laser printer like a Brother HL-L2300D that you can use to also print other stuff.

Scale: You can buy one for Amazon for ~$20-30, so I'd definitely say buy one if you don't already have one, as buying USPS (especially) labels of the correct weight via ebay/PayPal is cheaper than paying retail at the post office.

u/w8liftah · 1 pointr/weightlifting

Something like a lower capacity mailing scale may have decent enough accuracy to show a better idea of the real weights, although the cheaper ones may not be super accurate themselves. This one has a sensitivity of around 3 grams for lighter weights, and 6 grams for heavier weights with a max weight of around 23kg (50#). But I still wouldn't trust that to be super accurate unless you also have calibrated weights to check the accuracy first.

u/Travesty_of_Travis · 1 pointr/Depop

Bought this one yesterday and should get it tomorrow! ⤵

ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital with Ac Adapter, Silver

u/halothreefan · 1 pointr/Flipping

$16.99 prime and goes from 1oz to 50lbs (iirc)

I use this one and am happy with it for what I need.

u/Kairiot · 1 pointr/Flipping

Use a scale here is the one I have, I like it and eBay's shipping calculator to get a good idea of the shipping cost. Unless if the item is very heavy, priority flat-rate is generally more expensive than a non-flat-rate box. I'd just do media mail for a dvd set through, you aren't amazon and buyers generally don't mind the "delay" of the media mail.

u/tielknight · 1 pointr/Ebay

Something like this Accuteck will do fine for most sellers until you get into shipping big & heavy stuff, otherwise it's all about getting your own packaging as you will get gouged at the post office(or wherever you're shipping from) if you don't use something like their Flat-Rate packaging(that's free).

Ebay is very a good source for packaging though you do want a general idea of what kind of packaging you need.

u/TheFudgeFactory · 1 pointr/tea

I bought this one from Amazon. I bought it for weighing packages and products to sell on eBay, hence it's larger size, but have also been using it for weighing out my tea.

No complaints from me.

u/APotatoFlewAround_ · 1 pointr/Flipping

This is the scale I use. It's great for the price.

u/Pbskidsopb · 1 pointr/keto

I bought and really like this one so far. It's a postal scale. 440lb max

Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale with Durable Stainless Steel Large Platform, 440 lbs Capacity x 6 oz Readability , UPS USPS Post Office Postal Scale and Luggage Scale

u/resoluter08 · 1 pointr/FlippingInCanada

I use this one:

Not for books specifically because I stopped doing that, but for Amazon / Ebay up to 50lbs. I like it because it has a low profile so is easy to slide under a heavy box, plus it has a separate display for easy reading.

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Yeah all the pcp hype shit doesn't scare me. I hope the flat scales are accurate enough, I really don't want one of those bitch milligram scales with the little circle cause you cant fit much on there and id probably lose a bunch of substance.

Dont want :

want a flat one like :

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So I'm just starting out - like haven't started yet. I'm going to try and sell some of my old stuff first to see how this goes. I'll be moving accross the country in the next year, so this coincides with me wanting to get rid of things so I don't have to pay to move it. If I like it though, I'll buy more stuff to sell when I get to my new location. However, the logistics of packing and shipping is really confusing.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is Amazon strictly for high frequency sellers, or could people like me, who are just trying to sell off old stuff - also use the platform? Not many things I'm selling will have original boxes etc. As of right now, I'm leaning more towards eBay and Craigslist. However, I'm not near a big city right now so I'm not too confident in Craigslist.

  2. What type of package scale do I buy? The things I'll be buying range in sizes. I've seen people link little scales like this. I'm not concerned about how much weight it can measure, more that it's too small to efficiently weigh bulkier packages and items. For instance, I have some bulky coats that I plan to sell. I can't imagine that little scale will be able to weigh that.

  3. Is it better to explicitly charge shipping or to increase the price of the item and sell it with "free shipping?"

  4. The logistics of how much to charge for shipping (or account for shipping in your price) is completely lost on me. Like, I'm supposed to weigh the item fully packed - but if someone orders more than one thing, I'd have to re-calculate weight or re-pack it entirely. Also, with shipping services like First Class, they charge more depending on how far it's going. So how am I suppose to list a price if it completely depends on who buys it? Similarly, it might make sense to ship it priority mail flat rate. So like, am I supposed to just throw out that perfectly good packaging material every time I decide to use a flat rate envelope/box instead?

  5. Which packaging material am I suppose to buy? I have zero experience shipping anything that isn't a prepaid return item in its original box. No idea which boxes will fit which things. I've heard to use poly-mailers for non-bulky clothing. And to use cushioned-envelope mailers for small things. But which sizes? Is it better to buy an assortment of different things and just hope I have things that use them all - or to just go big and pay for the extra postage?

  6. Is it better to pay for postage online or to do in the post-office? Should I do it through ebay (ebay seller portal) What happens if I unintentionally underestimate how much it weighs when buying postage online? Is it returned to me? Do I get billed? Is the customer billed?

  7. Which shipping options should I always include? When should I require a signature? Should I always get a tracking number?

  8. I don't understand how many ebay sellers are able to turn a profit for things. For example, I see many people selling things on ebay for less than a $1 with free shipping. Wouldn't the cost to ship that item cost more than that though?

  9. I have an ebay account that uses my real name. I've never sold anything on it - I just use it to buy things. It's about 9 years old. Should I create a new account if I plan to sell things? I notice that most sellers have a name for their ebay business