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u/Biduleman · 12 pointsr/LearnUselessTalents

According to /u/meangrampa it cost about 75$.

25$ for the angle grinder.

80$ for the drill press

30$ for the vice

And then you have tools you can use for other stuff too.

But let's be real, anyone who needs a square broach already have at least the drill and the vice.

u/theboredlockpicker · 8 pointsr/Locksmith

20v dewalt angle grinder with 4.5in cut off wheels. About 20 seconds of “work”

Edit: I have this one uses same batteries as my drill

u/neuromonkey · 8 pointsr/DIY

For that kind of cutting, you should use an angle grinder.

L brackets are usually made from galvanized (zinc-dipped) mild steel. Note that burning, cutting, or welding galvanized metals without a respirator and adequate ventilation is a bad idea.

First, scuff-sand the brackets. Spray with primer, wait for it to dry, spray with paint, wait for it to dry, spray with clear-coat.

I can tell that you're putting the spray paint on a bit too heavily. See how the primer is visible at the edges? That's because the paint is too liquid, and is pooling. Back off to 8-10". Spray paint should settle into place as particles, not be blasted on in a heavy liquid. Multiple light coats are better than 1-2 heavy coats.

Also, wrap the screw & bolt threads with blue painter's tape before priming & painting.

u/headcrap · 7 pointsr/sysadmin
u/art_and_science · 6 pointsr/Blacksmith

This... but a wire brush on an angle grinder (even a cheap one like: will work better and faster then on a drill.
Where there are chips out on the left one, you should probably radius the edges just a little so that you don't get more metal chipping off.

for the wire brush I would suggest something like:
Twisted wire brushes are very aggressive, so you won't need to work very hard to get the rust off... but at the same time wont do more then polish the steel. Make sure you really have proper eye protection on when you wire brush (or really do anything in the smithy)... wire brushes can throw tiny little bits of wire at high speeds!
These look like two really nice anvils. I'm curious what the makes and weights are... If you did not thank who ever gave you these in a very dramatic way, you should! ... even if you did, you probably should again. These are really nice anvils!

u/Jugrnot · 4 pointsr/Welding

It's a 4.5", but I use a Dewilt 11 amper. It's a skookum choochin' son of a bitch. Quick adjustable guard with no tool, and will use either a 1/4" allen or a standard spanner wrench for the wheel.

u/Vlad_The_Impalpable · 4 pointsr/trees
u/kuangmk11 · 3 pointsr/Seattle

haven't been booted yet but I keep this handy. Its hard on batteries but should be enough.

u/richdrich · 3 pointsr/AskUK

Or you could have:

u/Rockerpult_v2 · 3 pointsr/Tools

Drop a little air tool oil in this thing at the start of every day and it will run forever. Spend the rest of your budget on 3M die grinder tool accessories.

u/LockAndCode · 3 pointsr/lockpicking

I use a cordless right angle grinder with an abrasive cutoff wheel. There are some padlocks that can take hammer blows and have boron shackles that break bolt cutter jaws. Nothing resists the grinder.

u/kabir424 · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Metabo Angle Grinder is what you are looking for. It consistently is what welders end up getting for their work. They rely on angle grinders hour after hour every day of their working life. It's going to fail eventually but apparently this one lasts longer than others and if you aren't using it every day of your life then it has a better chance than others to last you the rest of your life.

u/SSChicken · 2 pointsr/NYCbike

This cordless one would work fine, It takes about 30 seconds tops to get through something like that bike lock with mine. Wouldn't really be worth it to buy one just for this situation though

u/belk92 · 2 pointsr/Machinists

This is a good question. I worked briefly as a mechanic and hardly ever used any metrology tools. If he didn't specifically ask for a measurement tool you should get him a nice 3/8 drive air ratchet or 90° die grinder.

u/fabricator01 · 2 pointsr/Welding

AFAIK, this is what a Metabo made in Germany looks like, the base models are all one color plastic and are made by slaves in some Asian hell hole.

u/ModerationLacking · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

I might be wrong but I think those angle grinders have a lock so that when you try to unscrew the disc, it doesn't just rotate the motor. I think that lock is your guarantee that even if it gets switched on, the disc won't spin up (but it might be bad for the motor).

Edit: Source -
> * Spindle lock for quick and easy wheel changes

u/bradhs · 2 pointsr/howto

Will this do it? BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6.5-Amp (BDEG400)

u/Gr8ingPresence · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Note that Motion Pro recommends grinding off the head of the pin on chains 520 and larger. You'll see lots of posts from people who ignored this recommendation and now have broken Motion Pro tools. If you've got an angle grinder, it makes the removal step really quick.

I bought this angle grinder for 40 bucks - super torquey and lots of included wheels to get you going, and a nice carry case, to boot.

u/spikefu · 1 pointr/Bellingham

I've heard good things about General Chain Saw, but you could also pop down to lowes/home depot/hardware sales and pick up one of these:

That's what I use when I need to sharpen mine and it seems to work well enough.

Edit: Oh heheh, I'm assuming you mean flat rotating lawnmower blades, not reel mower blades. I would definitely take a reel mower to someone like General Chain Saw. Hitting reel mower blades with a hand grinder really wouldn't be a good idea.

u/Thedream17 · 1 pointr/Tools

Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with Aluminum Case

u/AyeMatey · 1 pointr/DIY

Use an angle grinder with a cut-off wheel for cutting sheet steel.

u/Tattertott · 1 pointr/Skookum

What is your thoughts on this one. Makita GA5010Z 5-Inch Angle Grinder

u/wiretapp · 1 pointr/turning
u/mechazirra · 1 pointr/StainedGlass

Hmm... I have a gyphon gryphette grinder from Amazon here:

... I think I'm already pretty aggressive putting probably too much force on it when I'm grinding and I get impatient. (This is not when I crack things... it's always when using grozer pliers to get off some excess glass). I do a combination of pushing forward and left to right, mostly just trying to figure out what's faster. Maybe I just need a new bit? But I've barely used the bit as it is... How often do you need to replace them?

u/nothing_911 · 1 pointr/Welding

i see, i would try to make the jump to a 5inch with a handle when you can, more stable and powerful, and you get much more out of a disc. if i were buying a new one i would get something like

im not a akita guy but they make a hell of a grinder, for the price.

u/vimtutor · 1 pointr/sysadmin

If you're bringing destruction with tools into it, your average office isn't very secure either.

With this, this, and a hammer... Baby, I'm comin' in.

u/YMK1234 · 1 pointr/wien

Uff bring gleich die Batterie-Flex

u/BPS-13 · 1 pointr/Locksmith

Worth keeping in mind that no matter how high-security a padlock is, it suffers from the disadvantage of being located entirely outside the structure and is vulnerable to attack. I have yet to see a padlock that could stand up to a hundred dollar battery powered right angle grinder with an abrasive cutoff wheel. It's probably not the answer you're looking for, seeing as how you're asking for free advice on the internet, but you really ought to spend a little more and perhaps get a professional to survey your door and suggest a way of installing the locking mechanism on the inside of the door, leaving only the keyed cylinder (or keypad or card reader) exposed on the outside. $200K worth of stuff really ought to be secured better than with a padlock on a sliding door.

u/cesrep · 1 pointr/Bladesmith

This is the angle grinder I have: Porter Cable PC60TAG

And these are the cutting disks I bought for it: DeWalt DW8061B5 Cutting Wheel

Will be cutting O1, D2, 1055 High Carbon, and, eventually, Gucci shit like CPM S35VN, all prior to heat treating.


u/robostuffed · 1 pointr/landsurveying

That looks like it could be threaded into the larger component, kind of like a big bolt.

See those two little holes in the second image? You should find a tool like this that fits in those two little holes and try to turn it counter-clockwise. You may want to put some sort of penetrating fluid in there first to make it easier to remove.

u/zackcp04 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I have used the following tools for all my tiling needs so far each has their own strengths and weaknesses:

u/Ministry_Eight · 1 pointr/DIY
u/OgreUAhole · 1 pointr/AskReddit

As mentioned by others, you could try something like a rust buster solvent. Lastly. do you own a grinder? If so, you could cut them off. If not, you should think about buying one. It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime purchases that really come in handy.

u/james32353246 · 1 pointr/Tools

Here's the Dremel package for $99. -

Tack Life $37 (I wonder how much better this one is compared to the $17 one) -

Skil 4.5" angle grinder ($47.95) -

I really like this Makita and the case it comes in -

Hitachi 4.5" $44.99 -

Bosch 4.5" $49 -

u/GrayLeopard · 1 pointr/citybike

> is easily broken by a tool that costs 10x the lock price.

Or much, much less. I still haven't seen a lock that will stand up to an angle grinder which can be had for $100 (only $20 for a cheap, corded one):


My 15 lb. Kryptonite chain I carry was $100 and I also always use an ABUS Bordo alarm lock which put me out another $150.

u/thepimento · 1 pointr/DIY

If hollow, give it a try, but I'd be surprised if it isn't steel rod (they're not thick enough to support the weight of a body otherwise. Use a hacksaw, or upgrade to a grinder with cutoff wheel. If you're handy, it won't be the last time you use this inexpensive and robust tool. The Harbor Freight version is 10 bucks.

u/Cuntrover · 1 pointr/ebikes

Cordless angle grinders cost less than the best bike chains. It’s not even fair.

OEMTOOLS 24492 20V MAX Li-Ion Cordless Angle Grinder

They don’t even need a big bag of tricks. This will cut through pretty much anything and that big handle is detachable and not really needed for cutting so it’s portable.

I used to build cool custom ebikes but these days it’s easier/cheaper just to steal them. /s

u/SendyScardieCat · 1 pointr/StainedGlass

Here is my shortened list, I put an asterisk next to items I can't do without

Items you buy once:

  • breaking pliers*
  • running pliers*
  • glass cutter (i prefer a pistol grip one)*
  • Solder Iron (get one that has temperature control!) + solder iron stand*
  • safety glasses*
  • fid*
  • grinder (can be cheap! I have this one and I am very happy)*


    Supplies you replenish:

  • Flux*
  • solder*
  • glass cutting fluid*
  • foil*
  • silver sharpie (those things write so good)
  • glass cleaner (or isopropyl alcohol works too in a pinch)
  • patina + rubber gloves
u/OneofOneKnives · 1 pointr/woodworking
u/adambultman · 0 pointsr/Roadcam

Tens of thousands. I almost said "hundreds of thousands", which clearly I should have.

The point is - the amount of wear on those particular e-brake parts is so insignificantly small as to render your points above moot. A couple of pounds of pressure, maybe, on metal ratchet parts? Yeah, not going to happen.

Tell you what: Take apart your e-brake handle, and measure with a proper set of digital calipers, all of the various parts there. Put your e-brake back together (being sure to properly lubricate it, as it likely was from the factory!)

Cycle it 20,000 times, disassemble, and measure the wear on it. It will be an insignificant amount of wear :-/.

No cheating, either!

u/throw667 · 0 pointsr/AskCulinary

The investment in the grinder might not compensate for the skillet, but HERE'S ONE IF YOU'RE IN THE USA.

THIS type of attchment could help get into the corners.