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u/Rs9OrxchP0 · 23 pointsr/RealEstate

get a $30 kindle and note taking apps

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black - with Special Offers

u/GrandmasCrustyNipple · 21 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Actually just found it on amazon while browsing for gift ideas. Here you go!

u/tielknight · 14 pointsr/buildapcsales

Fire 7 :

Fire 8 :

Discount also applies to the 16GB Fire 7 and 32GB Fire 8, which are $10/$30 more than their base models, respectively.

Both come with a Micro SD Slot so I don't really see a reason to get the higher capacity model unless you don't plan on using a SD Card(though on the HD 8 it's quite a bit more expensive for such a small storage gain so i wouldn't get that one at all).

u/remembertosmilebot · 13 pointsr/makeuporganization

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

Maybe these?




^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/trickstergods · 10 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Get one of those food cages that lock. :)

u/gazoom44 · 9 pointsr/AskTechnology

Kindle fire is 50 bucks and you can pick a cheap sd card that you can fill with movies or musics from the places you mentioned.

Before you pick that up though pm, I might have one I can send to you.

u/NandoMusicNet · 7 pointsr/cats

Cat butts? Definitely.

u/I_Love_McRibs · 7 pointsr/iphone
u/Drama_Dairy · 6 pointsr/SubredditDrama

My mother bought me these for Christmas one year. I still have them on the outside of my cubicle at work. Every now and then someone will brush up against the edge of my cube as they walk by, and I always loudly proclaim, "Hey! You've knocked down one of my cat butts!"

u/daiowl · 5 pointsr/CrossStitch

Search on amazon, either neodymium or high strength magnets.

I bought these:

They were a great deal and comes in various sizes! But they work like a charm!!! 😍 good luck!

u/ThatBitchNiP · 5 pointsr/BreakingParents
u/DeltaIndiaCharlieKil · 5 pointsr/gardening

I gave my sister cat butt magnets flast year for christmas. My niece was going through a kissing stage and would waddle up to the refrigerator and kiss the cats right on the butthole. She had no idea what she was doing, only that it made adults either horrified or laugh hysterically. Best present I have ever given.

u/Filmcricket · 5 pointsr/makeuporganization

Maybe these?

These are great if you can overlook that time the owner spewed a bunch of classist venom on customers for not liking her waffle iron or whatever it was. Idk bc she's irrelevant. But srsly great magnets!

These seem well loved and always intriguing to find products with such outdated packaging...bc they know the product is so good they knew they didn't have to bother with after 1967

u/torvoraptor · 5 pointsr/india

Ah, the good old OLPC computer. Still trying to get the price down from $200 to $100 while Amazon is selling $50 tablets.

u/XDamnationX · 3 pointsr/summonerswar

I bought a tablet just for summoners war (Nvidia Shield K1) and it´s pretty much chargeing while playing so idk :)

Just get a Amazon Fire Tablet 7" for 29.99$ or the Amazon Fire Tablet HD 8" for 49.99$ .

They are on sale now.
A friend just bought the 7" (just for summoners war) and he is happy with it .

u/constantly-sick · 3 pointsr/funny
u/dothosenipscomeoff · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

amazon sells branded tablets for 50 bucks

(would very strongly recommend you spend the extra 20 for a 16gb model, or buy a micro sd card to put in it.)

u/Tekpc007 · 3 pointsr/3Dprinting

just search for toys on the model sites like thingiverse , maybe you could insert small bells or magnets for tactile feel like the crafting type in some prints that need infill and possibly use meshmixer to change textures of some of them . a flexible filament may handle throwing better but PLA or PETG should be ok for most stuff , a CR-10s should be able to print about anything toywise.

u/kalub92 · 3 pointsr/smarthome

For sure - he said neodymium earth magnets. Looks like there’s a fairly cheap set on Amazon:

u/Yangoose · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

Consider that you can get a solid 7" Android tablet for $50.

Now consider how much it costs them to fly sales reps out or host luncheons at steakhouses or buy the lists of potential customers.

Now consider the profits involved in selling a few hundred thousand dollars worth of hardware.

I'm surprised we haven't seen more of this type of thing TBH.

u/method3000 · 3 pointsr/TheRelentlessPicnic

Cold Lock Stock! Fridge Locker. Because you work in hell. The saddest review is "it was easily taken apart and gotten into".

u/fergusonbt · 3 pointsr/battlestations

Command Strips
These only cost me $4 at Walmart

Cable Ties
100 for $6

You are correct, the rack is from Ikea.

These are the fridge clips used for the headphone wires. I found that the adhesive strips they provided were too weak and kept falling off though. I purchased these, which are also cheaper at Walmart, and used them instead.

u/CambodianDrywall · 3 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

Here you go. They are so versatile. Hold stuff on your fridge like pictures, recipes, etc. Clip bags (chips, cookies, etc.) closed to keep food fresher longer.

u/DankRadon · 3 pointsr/homeautomation

Here's my setup:

It's a Fire 7 Tablet running Wall Panel that points to my ActionTiles page.

u/Bensemus · 3 pointsr/orks

I've been debating magnetizing my Kanz. However as for magnets I'm currently using something like this. They are 3mm magnets.

u/harpdog88 · 3 pointsr/Eldar

I’ve magnetized everything with optional load-outs, I would highly recommend. I’m about to start on my knight as well, picked up this set of magnets to figure out which would work best.


u/PHILS0N · 3 pointsr/Warhammer40k

Hello friend, I just got into magnetizing and have done all my research and my models came out great. The best magnets to get are made by "Primal Horizon". For swapping out weapons use the 1/16"x 1/32" sized magnets

  1. I bought mine on Amazon and it came with 140 magnets of varying sizes (I have some small enough to swap out my plasma pistols, bolters, power swords etc...). I bought off Amazon to get started: HERE. They all use standard drill bit sizes, so any kit of drill bits should suffice.

  2. The depth of the magnets is not a concern if you get the ones I linked. They are all the right depth for each respective application, just make sure you are not boring the holes too deep and let them sit nicely. On a lot of models you will end up drilling through the model and it will be a hole, get some green stuff! The citadel green stuff that comes in the bottle I found worked the best. Place the green stuff in the whole and fill it completely, let it settle for maybe 2-3 minutes then place in your magnet. Let it settle for another 10-15 minutes and make sure the magnet is flush (or sometimes it is nice to have it pop out a bit depending on the look you are going for). Last step is to place a very small coat of superglue over the green stuff to make sure you have a layer to keep the green stuff and magnet in place. I cannot tell you how many times I let the model sit overnight only to have the magnet sucked out (these things are very strong for their size) and negate all the work I had just done.

  3. Size matters!! As I said previously, there are different magnets for different applications. Once you get the magnets, it is very easy to tell which size to use for which application. The nice thing about the small sized magnets for replacing arms, hand weapons and even being able to swap out combi-weapons is that the magnets seat perfectly without using green stuff or superglue, although a thin layer of superglue never hurts :)

  4. If you have the citadel set of drill bits, they will include the smaller bits needed for the smaller magnets. The sizes of the magnets are all standard drill bit sizes, so your basic drill bit kit at any hardware store should do the trick. When you start to get to larger diameter magnets, a low RPM drill is very, very time saving! Not only will it save you time, but it will make a nice clean hole allowing it to sit nice, neat, and flush with the model. You could purchase a Dremel tool since they are relatively cheap and easy to work with. If not, use any powered drill, or heck, do it manually! Remember, low not go drilling holes quickly as this can crack the model seams and create more problems later such as having to fill in around the magnets with green stuff and more superglue which equals more mess and cleanup before painting.

    My final note, and this is my BEST piece of advice! ALWAYS CHECK POLARITY! I cannot tell you how many times I had everything set, magnets on both ends of what I was trying to adhere together and then arrrggghhh.... wrong polarity. The best approach to this I found is keeping the magnets stacked and stuck together... kinda like this > [[[[] I hope that crude picture helps haha. What I would do is keep them stuck to a piece of metal that has a good surface area, place my first magnet into the arm socket of the model while they are still stacked and then let the first magnet settle and dry. After that, remove the tool in which the magnets are stuck to and with the other piece you are trying to attach, just simply put the magnet on the opposite end into the hole on the piece in which you are attaching. This will ensure polarity is correct. I am sorry if that was a crude way of explaining it, but I would be happy to take photos and link them to explain this process.

    Most of all, have fun! There is no better feeling being able to swap out all my Dread weapons, melee weapons on squads etc... I also put some magnets on the torso of my Dreads to give it some nice movement and rotation (almost makes it feel like a ball bearing). If you have anymore questions or need any clarification please let me know and I would be happy to help ya out, upload photos etc..

    Good luck, have fun!!
u/thisismyhawaiiacct · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Did this because the MAC large double-sided palettes are only $8, and magnetic stickers like this are needed (also mega cheap, yay):

u/margalicious · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Well I just LOVE cats. :D I'm so excited you get to bring your furballs home!! This is my monster, Loki. <3

Some things you can buy:

u/nervelli · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I normally clip off the pin, use a metal file to file it as flush as I can, and glue a rare earth magnet to the back using E6000 glue. The glue you can get at any craft store. You should be able to get the magnets there too. Depending on how many you want to make though these ones are probably a better deal.

u/alzirrizla · 2 pointsr/AnimalsBeingJerks

here are some cat magnets purrfect for you...

maybe your purrfer these

u/AggressiveBread · 2 pointsr/LaptopDeals
u/darkpurple_ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If I fits I sits :)

Kitty in box

Play doh & Magnets

Thanks for the contest!! :)

u/Girfex · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I haven't talked to you much OP, so I pick you! Muwahahaha.

My favorite fact is your appreciation of zombies. I love zombies. I also love magnetic poetry.

So get those for yourself and make some awesome and scary poetry.

u/Sparksreturn · 2 pointsr/TalesFromTheFrontDesk

Can you put remote control alarms on them so when you hit a button they start blaring?

(F*ck Amazon but) something like this?


Edit to add link

u/Lars_El · 2 pointsr/lifehacks
u/mezdup1 · 2 pointsr/TheSimpsons

I snipped off the actual pin part on the back with some wire cutters and then just glued on a tiny magnet.

Round Refrigerator Magnets,100PCS 6X3MM Small Cylinder Magnets for Fridge, Kitchen, Home, Office, School, Science, Crafts

That + krazy glue

u/caivsivlivs · 2 pointsr/TheMarvelousMrsMaisel

You cannot;

it has to be a tablet/phone/mobile device unfortunately :/

I think tablet or android phone download for later and then mirror screen to TV is best option. They have cheap tablets, this'll prob work:

u/64_g · 2 pointsr/HelpMeFind
u/ryanmercer · 2 pointsr/minimalism

Egg foam and plastic boxes for the pewter, for the plastic just place them in the bottom of a shoebox and line them up, use egg foam to eat up any empty space if you can't fill a shoebox.

If you want to spend a little extra money, buy a BUNCH of thin neodymium magnets from eBay or similar. Hot glue them to the bases, cut a magnetic sheet metal to fit in whatever container you want and then place them in the container. They'll stay in place and you won't need to fill empty space with egg foam.

5mm x 5mm flat squares (or similar sized discs) should cost you 3-4 cents each by the 100 and 1 should do fine for plastic and 2 or 3 for the heaviest pewter figures, just flip them over, apply a dab of hot glue and drop a magnet on and press flush with a pin or something, should fit i the bases just fine without changing the height unless bases have changed in the past decade since I stopped buying them. Makes it easy to move large quantities at once without worrying about them sliding around/falling over.

Edit: Kinda like these although these are likely going to be entirely too thick to hide under the base flush

I bought several thousand small square disc ones years ago and use them for everything heh.

Edit 2: exactly like these, except that is way too expensive, definitely check eBay if you don't mind waiting for shipping from China pretty sure I paid like 1.5-2 cents each.

Edit 3 these should work , 6 cents a pop. I mean it has been 10 years or so since I ordered any that small so that might be fair pricing now, eBay does have cheaper but China shipping can take a month or more.

Edit 4: I hate you, I just bought about a hundred bucks of magnets from them. Hooks and ones with countersunk holes because I just thought of like 8491283 things I can do with them for use as storage solutions haha.

u/sopholopho · 2 pointsr/CrappyDesign

My advisor in college had a set of cat butt fridge magnets displayed proudly in his office

Edit: 4got how 2 link

u/levislegend · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy birthday to you, and to /u/LadyAmpersand!

here are some cat butt magnets that would be hilarious to have.

also, heres some awesome cat ear sunglasses that i love!

u/tobyluvr2000 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Yeah, if they're not willing to take four minutes to help you out in gifting, then they deserve whatever they receive. [These, perhaps?] ( (I'm only partly serious..the other part of me would love to have these decorating my fridge)

u/Lyd_Euh · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love magnetic poetry. You can also get expansions like obscenities if you like.

Another fun option are these [random note letters] (

u/dadoprso · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Small Magnets on shirt collars keep falling off. Similar to these: Fridge Magnets.

Any way to prevent them from falling off? Or just get bigger magnets?

u/rosie__ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/WholesomeUpvoter · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You could get him the fire 7 tablet. It is $50 which is a little more than your budget but he could use it for ebooks as textbooks can get heavy and expensive, It would also be able to provide entertainment, and it could also be used for notes and other productive things that would help in college.

u/CaptPhilipJFry · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Khiraji · 2 pointsr/WTF

These will have to do. I have them all over my fridge.

u/OrionBlastar · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

Do you have board games or something you could play with your children that doesn't cost much?

Can you get cardboard boxes from some store that are big enough for your children to play in and pretend it is a car or ship or rocket or whatever?

I'm not saying be cheap, but be thrifty. Find a way to save money and keep your children happy with you. Even a card game of Go Fish or Crazy 8's would be fun. Checkers, Candy Land, The Game of Life, Monopoly, RIsk, and other games are fun as well.

If you have an Amazon tablet for them you can get the Amazon Underground store and Actually Free games for them to play on a tablet
An Amazon KIndle Fire tablet can be cheaper than an Apple iPad. Look at this one for $50:

If you save up the money for it, and not use credit cards it would be a good deal. You can get Kindle children books for them to read as well.

There is a tablet for children for it costs more.

Good luck.

u/qqpugla · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This is awesome!

  2. My daughter would love these.

  3. How about Zoe?
u/lalalalady22 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1.) Something that is grey.

Silver is grey, right? ;)

2.) Something reminiscent of rain.

When I think of rain I think of cuddling up with a good cup of coffee.

3.) Something food related that is unusual.

Coffee chocolate Not that weird... but pretty amazing.

4.) Something on your list that is for someone other than yourself. Tell me who it's for and why. (Yes, pets count!)
Bones for my dog because he hates being alone!

5.) A book I should read! I am an avid reader, so take your best shot and tell me why I need to read it!

I haven't read this yet, but it's supposed to be amazing!

6.) An item that is less than a dollar, including shipping... that is not jewelry, nail polish, and or hair related!

This book

7.) Something related to cats. I love cats! (keep this SFW, you know who you are...)


8.) Something that is not useful, but so beautiful you must have it.

I don't think any nail polish is useful, but I love this color

9.) A movie everyone should watch at least once in their life. Why?

Shawshank Redemption Come on, it's amazing. And sad. And Stephen King.

10.) Something that would be useful when the zombies attack. Explain.

These would be particularly useful because I could keep my hair out of my face so I can see zombies better to kill them!

11.) Something that would have a profound impact on your life and help you to achieve your current goals.

skip for now

12.) One of those pesky Add-On items.
Apparently you can straighten your nose with this interesting little item Ohhhh, China.

13.) The most expensive thing on your list. Your dream item. Why?

This book is the most expensive item on my list. Dream item? Nah. A kindle would be my dream item, but not feasible to have on list right now.

14.) Something bigger than a bread box.

This big enough?

15.) Something smaller than a golf ball.

This ring is itty bitty!

16.) Something that smells wonderful.

This air freshener. Mmmm

17.) A (SFW) toy.

Amazon lists this as a toy, so I'm going to have to go with that!

18.) Something that would be helpful for going back to school.

These would be great to hang papers and reminders up on the fridge.

19.) Something related to your current obsession, whatever that may be.

I'm obsessed with books, so uh... most of my wish list. Or this bookmark that symbolizes all that is books.

20.) Something that is just so amazing and awe-inspiring that I simply must see it. Explain why it is so grand.

I'm sure you've seen this but come on! It's John Snuhhhh!

Bonus! Oregon Fruit

Fear cuts deeper thank swords! Thanks for the contest. =)

u/serpentcroissant · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

these! because i have the letters and my kids love those! :D

thanks for the contest!

u/walksalot_talksalot · 2 pointsr/funny
u/akashik · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

I found something close at Walmart last week that worked almost as good. The same brand but they were Fridge clips. (also at Amazon)

u/fabikw · 2 pointsr/boardgames

If you're ok with the selection in the Android/Kindle marketplace (doesn't have Agricola for example), the Kindle Fire 7'' is just $50. I've used it to play:

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Terra Mystica
  • Splendor
  • Twilight Struggle

    It's not a great tablet, but it can handle boardgame apps just fine.
u/Casualcryptic · 2 pointsr/Tyranids

I went with this. It really covers your bases.

This page is a good go to for what to use for what:

u/ThisIsMyWeedAccount · 2 pointsr/trees

With a kief press. Also known as a pollen press. Here's a link to get a better idea.

u/GherkinJerkin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I keep girly essentials on my desk like Lip Gloss and Lotion 1 or Lotion 2
but you could also use:
Flower Fan for when you get too warm
Flower bud organizer
Daisy Magnetic Paperclip Holder
Wall mounted flower pots THAT LOOK LIKE CLOUDS
Owl Magnets if you have metal somewhere
Mouse and pad
Badge holder if you need one my company has badges for the time clock even though we're an office
Post it!
Name plate

u/musicAlly · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here they are. They're amazing. I laugh every time I go to the fridge.

u/megangigilyn · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

$5 funf

$4 vier

$3 drei

$2 zwei

$1 eins

and oh my god is the Hootie so cute! I'm obsessed with owls and LOVE all those patterns!

u/DavidBernheart · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

My powerful yet stealthy touch screen sound system for about $500: An Amazon kindle running the Pandora app sits in a kitchen cabinet. Plugged into the audio out is a headphone to RCA adapter. That's plugged into a passive volume control mounted beneath the cabinet. The output drops down to the basement, where I have a signal detecting power amplifier. That amp drives four Polk in-ceiling speakers mounted in our open concept first floor.

u/AngelicBabyGirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Those are super cute, I want them all! Xp

I think that cutie marks would be adorable!

Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie



owls because they are super popular at the moment


Hello kitty bow

u/youreabuttface · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I watched Tangled 3 times, followed by Kung Fu Panda twice, and Shrek once. I did get to play with this puppy though.

Oh hey, magnets to keep the kids busy!

u/crankyoldfart · 1 pointr/funny

I'll see you the acton figure and raise you...this

u/Whatsamattahere · 1 pointr/cats

She got them on Amazon. They have a whole slew of animal butts!

u/PurpleYoda3121 · 1 pointr/trees

I had a Space Case that was AWESOME. I would recommend it to anyone willing to shell out the cash. Unfortunately, while the Space Case was exponentially better than any other I've used, it was not better enough to justify its price tag. So if you have a friend in the hippy smoke shop business that can hookah you up with one at cost, get that shit. If you don't, go with Uptoke's suggestion. May I also suggest you pick up one of these: . If you have the patience you can collect so many kief and make a magic bong bullet to load up and blow you brain out with before work. Hit that shit emperor!

u/WhySpongebobWhy · 1 pointr/Warhammer40k
u/harimaurimba · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

I've read and watched a lot of reviews for the Amazon Fire tablets. Dirt cheap for the 7 incher with small memory but its very durable and should be enough for a toddler. Seriously, the 7 inch tablet is TOUGH!. Otherwise you could look into the bigger 8" and 10" Fire tablets too. Pretty good specs all around and should be more than enough for kids to play around with. I'd buy one for myself too if they were available where I am.

u/shitstainjane · 1 pointr/cordcutters

Yeah, Amazon will have some Fire Tablets that are like $50 soon. I would go with something like that, especially because it comes from a brand like Amazon that you know you can somewhat trust.

u/Axiom_Brevity · 1 pointr/tablets

I know its android based but you might want to try the new amazon fire 7. Its $50, however, im not to sure about the android L.

u/GoatTheCook · 1 pointr/summonerswar

apperantly only 30$. I bought it in €. just select with special offer, which means the lock screen is an advertisment, wich doesn't realy bother me personaly. The 8gb version is big enough for only summoners war, because you can use 7.6 gb of it for your own stuff, 400 mb are for the system

u/Wishful-Thought · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Lightsaber Lamp or chopsticks are pretty cool. This apron, this thermos, these playing cards, this bottle opener, and this ice cube tray are also pretty sweet!

There's a variety of cat tote bags but I personally love this one or this one. I also love these coasters, this plush, this game, this cup, and these magnets.

This camping first aid kit looks super useful, as does this multitool, and you can never have too many torches. An inflatable pillow, or a funky backpack cover might be cool too.

I'm not great at looking for stuff for kids yet, so I can't really cover that aspect, but I hope you like some of these suggestions!


u/halomomma · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Winter is on its way!


I think you could use this under a sweater.

Lighthearted reading.


For your fridge.

u/Noah_A_S · 1 pointr/magicleap

YO /u/glitchwabble the most expensive Kindle FIRE I can find from amazon warehouse is actually THIS That is a $49.99 tablet!

u/rnelsonee · 1 pointr/funny
u/wsrdbro1987 · 1 pointr/funkopop

Exactly, use cheap poster wall stickies and utilize craft magnets for the wall. This way you can distribute weight horizontally as well as vertically. I also adhere on the inside plastic too and attract them to neighboring boxes for further support.

If you go just the wall route you may wish to do it for every row, currently I do it for every other row, with protected Pops as a foundation for further support. I like the vertical look and hopefully this works for you too, if desired (it can be a little time consuming arranging them to work with magnets).

For complete autonomy, I wouldn't recommend attaching the magnets to the paper of the box (decreases resale value). Only adhere one magnet to the wall and a free magnet on the inside. I would also suggest going to a Joann's or something. They specifically have better magnets and sometimes the ones I get are weaker but Joann's will have guaranteed good ones. It's an experiment after that to figure out how to arrange the best way structurally. I offset Pops like bricks to further increase strength.

Reference if my words are too crude

Edit: Forgot the wall hangings

u/TheCrowGrandfather · 1 pointr/kindlefire

It's basically the same with Ads. But the homescreen on the Fire devices is different so they put more ads on it.


Sounds like you probably want one of these:


Personally though, I would recommend just a regular Android tablet as you can just download the Kindle App on it, and you don't have to deal with Amazon's ads or shoddy hardware.

u/Jeank1 · 1 pointr/audiobooks

This isn't the answer you are looking for, but you might try listening to the Kindle version of the book using the Kindle Fire's text-to-speech capability.

Kindle version of Colombian Exchange by Alfred Crosby US $30.05
Text-to-speech is enabled in this book.

If you don't have a Kindle Fire, this is the lowest price version. $49.99

NOTE: In previous years this device has gone on sale for $29.99 during Thanksgiving Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. If you are thinking of purchasing one, be on the lookout for sales next week.

Video on using Kindle Fire's text-to-speech function.

u/vegetableagony · 1 pointr/Anki

The cheap versions of Amazon Fire tablets seem like the sweet spot to me e.g.

I don't think you can realistically get anything cheaper without going for something used.

u/PengyTeK · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I'm assuming these are 7th gen? The one with the case is decent deal. The ones without not so much. Amazon is currently selling these new for $40, so for just $7 more you get no scratches and the full 1 year warranty.

u/yunus89115 · 1 pointr/pics

Oh man I know the problem well. I've considered something like this but have no first hand experience.

Mint H Wireless Item Beeper - Track Your Keys, Wallets, or TV Remote (4 trackers)

u/r3d5h1f7 · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Some TVs have this function. You can press a button on the TV, and the remote starts beeping.
Also, this:

u/lenavanvintage · 1 pointr/Wishlist

This is the one I added. Happy cat butting!

u/Eagle_spirit · 1 pointr/Warhammer40k

Apologies in advance if this breaks any sub rules, but I got these. for the troops I use the smallest size in the hands, and the next size up for the arms.

u/avlas · 1 pointr/italy

ci sono anche le gabbiette lucchettabili da frigo, se ti ruba le cose anche da lì dentro.

u/lunarlaika · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

I registered for these!! FH just shook his head and laughed at me but I really hope we get them.

u/KCarriere · 1 pointr/HuntsvilleAlabama

I honestly never occurred to me that someone might not know what magnetic poetry was. So the original edition is 300 words on magnets that you can rearrange to make funny and weird poems or lines on your fridge (or storm shelter). There's a ton of different editions like sexy, geek, ect.

We also added this to our shelter for those words that are missing:

Magnetic Ransom Notes:

u/Crockpotbob · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These are pretty cool

Ninja magnets look cool too

I think these Pretty kitty are the best though

u/Mike-3D-Animator · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I adore the style of these ones. I even got some myself.

Star Wars Themed

Stitch themed

Marvel Themed

I also like these ones.

Star Wars again

Also, if you want something weird here are some;

Cat Butts

u/rumbleberrypie · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/spacemonkey86 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/PostYourSinks · 1 pointr/teslamotors

Maybe, but how are they going to realistically compete? You can get a tablet for less than 100 dollars these days, and you can mount it anywhere on your dash for 10 more. I don't see any auto company making a better infotainment system than an android/ipad any time soon (and it certainly wouldn't be cheaper). They just haven't put the hours and money into development. If they paid for integration with those companies, now THAT would be very interesting.

u/JennaBug6272 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So, this is the best I could find of my favorite song Santa Caught A Cold On Christmas Eve. Girls little girl's dancing is just an added bonus.

I would love these Owl Magnets For my fridge. Bonus is that they'll keep my daughter busy while I cook!

Thanks for the contest! I just joined back again as well!

u/Odine17 · 1 pointr/woodworking

I used these ones. They were plenty strong despite only being 3mm wide

u/-TheDoctor · 1 pointr/Futurology

Amazon already does this with their Kindle Fires.

u/_tenken · 1 pointr/promos

I wish for peace on Earth and goodwill toward all men (and women).

Son -- we're the US Government and not into that sorta of thing!

but on a serious note I could use some fridge magnets:

u/VannaVictorian · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Justin Bieber is one of the cockiest douchebags to ever rise to fame.

you may be a girl, but so am i. not every girl is girly, so i am going to link you a few different items :)

also, i'm native american so this is how part of my bedroom is decorated. the picture was taken for a fellow redditor as he was putting together a photo album for his wife.

so here it goes.. one


i'm also a fan of skulls and day of the dead so here's a few things you might like .

i would get this for myself if i could.


here, have a melting clock.

who doesn't like pillows . weird people don't like pillows

ok i think i'm done


u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Zombie poetry because I'm in a depressive episode so I've felt quite zombie like for about a week or so - often tired, pretty quiet and withdrawn.

u/accioveritaserum · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is how I feel right now. I'm exhausted, but I have so much creative energy inside that I want to do stuff with (working on commissions). I had a powerful adult beverage with dinner and I'm soooo tired.
I should stop fighting it soon and go to bbbbbbbbbbbb

u/lostdragon37 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Probably this because I'm really tired and could totally go for some silly poetry

u/britachu · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

One day a twenty-something girl was walking down the street when she saw some cat butts in front of her.

"That's weird..." she thought to herself, as she pulled her Burt's Bees out of her pocket and applied it to her lips. "I wonder if those cats are plotting to kill me?"

"Oh well" she decided, walking past the suspicious cats. "At least I'll have one last geocaching experience before I die"

In the end, the cats didn't kill her. But when she got home her pants were wrinkly from wandering around in the woods. Good thing she had an ironing board to smooth them out!

u/scumteam14 · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Hey! Sorry to be annoying but Automod removed your comment because some of the links contain "tag=", which generally signals a referral code. They don't really look like typical referral codes to me though, maybe just something weird Amazon added on when you searched, but could you edit the links for a couple of the items so that everything from (and including) "tag=" is removed? I'm going to do it for you so you can just copy and paste them easily:

Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser

Aztec Healing Clay

Wait 30 min

Again, sorry about the trouble, just want to make super sure that there aren't any "tag=" in the links!

After you've replaced the links just reply to this comment so I know to reapprove your comment :)

u/pg13wodehouse · 1 pointr/handpan

The Origin is in E--which means bigger magnets for bigger keys and will probably cost you around 50 bucks assuming you get the right sized magnets.

With a G major, minor, or any drum tuned higher, you can use these:

For the G I use two pairs of those magnets stuck together. Same with the A and then less magnets the higher/smaller the tongues get.

u/Kalranya · 1 pointr/rpg

Best Buy frequently has these on sale for about $30. For a functional, if barebones, tablet, that's basically unbeatable. You're stuck with Amazon's launcher, but most of its peculiarities can be turned off and it has native access to the Play store. And if you break it or lose it? Who cares. It cost less than a tank of gas; go buy another one.

For a reader app on both the Fire and my S7, I'm currently using Prestigio, but the ads are getting spammy, so looking for a better one.

u/Dithermaster · 1 pointr/madisonwi

I ordered some from Amazon for my hobby (I wonder if it's the same hobby?!?). They are plenty strong for what I needed. I got two different kinds:

Their unit of measure seems to be how many pieces of paper they can hold to a refrigerator. I don't think that's an official SI unit though.

u/YourLovelyMan · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

If you don’t want to pin the flower on, try attaching it with mighty magnets and green ribbon.

u/psycho_pirate · 1 pointr/microgrowery

It isn't exactly hash but you can buy kief presses (Link to pollen press) that you fill with loose kief and the press it together to make solid "hockey puck" looking clump of kief. My grows are always pretty small so I don't have enough kief to use other methods, but this works great and is pretty simple.

Visual guide to using the pollen press

Guide to making hash. Try technique 3

u/TheLawIsi · 0 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Get these and end your rage.