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u/ookiisask · 409 pointsr/Cyberpunk

The mask is an MSA Millennium with the tinted polycarbonate lens cover. It's very similar to the Advantage 1000, but the unused filter ports appear flush as opposed to having a cap. They also have a different drinking tube and exhale valve assembly.

They're very popular in the uh...(highly NSFW) Latex crowds.

Based on the rear ring sight and the lack of a rail accompanying said sight, my best guess on the gun is a Remington 870 Police.

The shotshells have the characteristic white color and tip of beanbag rounds.

I'd guess that the radio is an APX6000 or a similar variant. The antenna doesn't match, but the rest is really close. Maybe aftermarket antenna?

The rest of his gear looks like pretty generic law enforcement gear, but I hope that helps to some degree.

u/Zazierx · 47 pointsr/Cyberpunk

>The mask is an MSA Millennium with the tinted polycarbonate lens cover. It's very similar to the Advantage 1000, but the unused filter ports appear flush as opposed to having a cap.

>They're very popular in the uh...(highly NSFW) Latex crowds.

Welp... bring out the gimp.

u/Esparno · 15 pointsr/pokemongo

Buy something like this:

Put one on every time she lights up. She probably won't care but if anyone asks tell them exactly why and shame her to her face.

EDIT: I don't know if it would help but it's a silent harmless yet very visible protest.

u/Seeders · 14 pointsr/nfl

Time to get a gas mask sent to Garrett's house.

this ok?

u/darthcaldwell · 8 pointsr/motorcycles

Awesome! Its super satisfying.

parts are surprisingly cheap! I really like eastwood and amazon for finding stuff for painting.


Pretty awesome $70 paint gun that will work with a cheap compressor (only uses like 4cfm!):

Eastwood also has some nice single stage urethane paints (clear coat built in) that I like a lot and are cheap, or your local auto parts store should have a budget brand.

Definitely a fun project to do yourself, and surprisingly easy!

I would recommend that if you have a little space to work in, you can hang up some plastic and put a fan on to make a little spray booth, even outside! But also you will find like you did that you can get a good finish just sanding between coats even if there is a little dust.

Cut and buff with some polishing compounds and you will have a paint job that will look and feel pro, with high corrosion, solvent and wear resistance!

u/Lineweed · 6 pointsr/brushybrushy

No problem!

Here you go :)

u/macbooklover91 · 6 pointsr/EDC

Sum up the light in a few words:

Name | Battery (type and quantity) | Lumens and mode | battery life (in order of lumens mode) | length | price (rounded up to full dollar)


The simple one mode guy:

u/DrRocuronium · 5 pointsr/AskDocs

I would recommend picking up a dust mask to prevent you from inhaling the clay. They are super cheap and can be found at every hardware store.

u/yogurutu · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Along with aquaphor maybe you can try using a lip oil?

I'm not sure about Western brands, but I know a lot of K-beauty have lip oils without pigment. I just use the lip oil by The Face Shop which has a nice large doefoot applicator. Usually I put this on before bed or during days when my lips feel especially chapped.

Since the colder weather is coming stronger now, I suggest using a humidifier indoors and wearing a face mask when going outside (Or protecting your face with a scarf). I feel like cotton face masks help keep my face/lips/under nose area more moist and less dry simply from my own breath creating a humidifier effect lol. But they do get stinky after a couple days so throwing them in the wash regularly is probably a good idea (less bacteria too). If you don't like that idea, I know you can also get disposable face masks, but some of these mask have a chemical scent and they aren't as thick as the cotton ones. But it's better than completely exposing your face to the cold!

I know a good steam facial will help too! Not licking your lips is also a good habit to get into as well.

At the end of the day, one of the best remedies to skin conditions is to not stress too much about it (Wayyyy easier said than done). Best of luck!


u/eltejano · 4 pointsr/AskSF

Was it thicker like neoprene? I've seen some w/ charcoal filters that are supposed to act like air filters in polluted areas. There's also a kind that supposedly restricts flow as if you were at higher elevation, but I believe that technique been debunked and is just a fad.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/collapse

Multipurpose waterproof match case. I prefer this case because it's not much bigger than other waterproof cases, but has other stuff built into it. I put waterproof matches in it along with the striker strip from the package. The whistle is good for signaling. The other functions are marginal, so I supplement them with the actual things, which consist of a signal mirror, lensatic compass, and emergency fire starter.

A stove and solid fuel. I was pretty impressed with this particular one when I received it. It's stainless steel, well constructed, and you can store four fuel tabs inside of it.

A multitool and a fixed-blade knife. I don't have either of these specific models, but they seem pretty decent.

A folding shovel. These are good for burying waste, helping a car gain traction in the winter, etc.

A self-adhesive bandage. This is a three-pack. The single one cost $4 locally. Buy this one and leave the other two in your medicine cabinet. Wrap the remaining one around a piece of cardboard and put it in your emergency pack.

Disposable antibacterial wipes.

Antimicrobial silver gel. Like Neosporin, but better. Stays on a wound for multiple days without covering, and the colloidal silver is a strong antimicrobial agent. See the oligodynamic effect.

Dust masks. This is for a 50-pack, but for half the price, you only get 10 at a local store. These help prevent you from spreading germs if you're sick, and keep you from inhaling macroscopic particles if you're in a dusty/dirty area.

QuikClot sponge bandage. This helps to stop bleeding from major injuries. Along with an Israeli battle dressing you have two great ways to help stem major bleeding, separately or combined.

Local anesthetic for stings. Good for numbing injuries other than stings, too.

Sterile pads, 4” x 4”.


Cigarette-adapter power inverter. Good for charging small electronics.

Hand warmers.

Work gloves and watchcap.

All of the following are probably best bought in stores or scrounged up around the house:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, all with obvious uses.

Aspirin, for heart attacks and pain, ibuprofen for pain, anti-histamine for allergic reactions, and Imodium or off-brand equivalent for diarrhea. I can't stress having Imodium enough. Having cramps and shits can render you unable to do anything for long periods of time, even more so than other ailments.

A disposable razor can be used to shave to keep up appearances, or to shave the area around a wound for better bandaging.

Maxi pads and tampons can be used as intended as well as to prevent bleeding from wounds.

Toilet paper. Wrap it around a piece of cardboard to save space.

Bandanas or an old shirt can be used to make a sling, protect yourself from the sun, filter macroscopic particles out of water, filter dirty/dusty air, etc.

Hot chocolate with caffeine added can be used to help stay alert.

Lighters are a must-have to start a fire.

I also have a Ziploc bag containing about ten cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly. They're great firestarters.

Cash. Keep various bills and coins in an amount that you think is suitable for emergencies.

Maps. Carry folding maps of your area, state, and surrounding states.

I think that covers everything that I have. There's a lot of redundancy, but it all fits in my bag, so I'm happy with it. I'm definitely interested in hearing thoughts as to what can be added or changed.

u/10XL · 3 pointsr/macbookpro

I ended up buying the Micro SD since I found it at a discounted price.
To address the issue wit the card sticking out, I bought a BaseQi Adapter made to sit flush with the 13" macbook pro. I think it fits a lot more stealthily than the Transend Drive too.

u/Ksrugi · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I grew up in Louisiana and always had these at the ready in case another Katrina came by. Barebones and lightweight in case you need to get up and move.

Multitool - Something that's sturdy, offers plenty of options, but also is lightweight. If I got washed out, this would be one of the top things I'd want coming with me.

First Aid Kit - You just never know. Water can hide a lot of nasty stuff like sharp metal edges, broken glass, etc. The kit I've linked to also comes with a multitool.
Water Filtration System - Dehydration will get you before anything else. Southern heat combined with physical exertion takes a lot out of anyone and tiny filtration systems like this will take care of you without adding bulk.

Meal Replacement Bars - You'll ideally want a few days emergency food. I recommend meal replacement bars that are high in protein and fiber and no less than 500 calories. They'll provide decent nutrition and should make you feel satiated for at least 2-4 hours. I don't have a recommendation on this one because there are so many brands and flavors.
Hand Crank Lantern - A reliable source of light that you can crank on your own. Generally, I avoid using generators and the like. I'm paranoid about electricity after flooding occurs.

Whistle - Great for alerting people without tearing up your vocal chords. It's also very, very, very good to have in case animals that shouldn't come by are nearby.
Dust Mask - If your city floods, there's going to be a lot of crud that comes up from the sewers and a lot of things accumulating inside buildings. Save your lungs and your noses.
Portable Battery - I love this age of technology we're in. Charge this a few days before the storm hits and you'll be able to keep your phone charged for days if the power goes out.
Insect Repellant - The ample amount of still water after a hurricane is prime bug nesting. A little repellant goes a long way.
Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman - Or any book really to help pass the time. This is a fantastic read though. :)

u/PangurBanHammer · 3 pointsr/chemtrails

I looked around for information on nanoparticles and respirators, and I found this paper. Basically, it seems that current normal respirator ratings are pretty valid for use with nanoparticles. If you want the most protection you can get then, you'll want an NIOSH N100 or P100 rated respirator, which means it blocks 99.97% or higher of all particles. Something like this should work, plus it's not as obtrusive as a bigger mask. So if you feel like that's what you want to do, I'd recommend that mask or something similar.

I personally don't believe wearing a respirator to deal with "chemtrails" is reasonable, but I won't try to change your viewpoint. Hopefully I've helped.

u/kraftwrkr · 3 pointsr/woodworking

Don't waste your time with these;
They do virtually nothing as they don't seal against the face effectively.
Far better to use something like this;
Also, a lot of the better powered hand tools have a provision for attaching a vacuum to catch most of the dust generated.
I've been a pretty high-end restorative/decorative painter for 30 years, and aside from the quality of my work, I get praised for keeping dust under control.
If you can vent your workspace to the outside, that'll help too.

u/johnnysexcrime · 3 pointsr/flashlight

I can recommend a fenix LD20 , which can get pretty low on lumens for endurance (70 hrs @ 9 lumens). It is about the size of your E21 with similar function. I can also vouch for the 4sevens quark mini 123, which can go for 6 days on low mode (3 lumens) with one CR123A. This one is much smaller and easier to carry, but the twist bezel operation make one hand switching problematic.

u/sharkamino · 3 pointsr/vinyl

All in ones with speakers built in are terrible.

Lowest budget decent to start with entry level turntable is Audio Technica LP60XUSB £119. Or look for a better used vintage turntable for possibly less.

Low budget speakers: Mordaunt Short M10 £59 with low budget amp IMG Stageline SA-50 £59 or SMSL SA-50 £63 mini amp. Add speaker wire: AmazonBasics 14-Gauge or similar, then 4 Ways to Strip Wire - wikiHow.

Or powered speakers: Tibo PLUS 2.1 £149.

Or look for a used integrated amp, stereo or AV receiver and a pair of used bookshelf speakers for less.

u/WynterWolf63 · 3 pointsr/metro

This is a Russian-developed PPM88 panoramic gas mask (bought this on amazon if anyone wants the link) it works great with the filter I got for it! Here, I'll just post both the links:

The PPM88 gas mask (I got the medium one):

The filter I bought:

u/thirdxeye · 3 pointsr/mac

Then definitely get the 2015 Retina Pro, even if it's just the entry level machine. You'll be looking at the screen all the time and that alone makes it worth it. Performance is a nice bonus too.

You're the only one who can estimate how much storage you're going to need. For office stuff and your personal documents it's enough. Maybe you'll run into problems once your photos library or music in iTunes gets really big. But there are a few options.

Transcend makes JetDrive Lite:
Up to 256 GB and you pop it into the SD card slot.
They also have a replacement SSD, but it's not available for the 2015 model yet:

Or this adapter: (German link). It's a clone of the Nifty Mini Drive. A small adapter for the SD card slot that takes a microSD card. I used this and moved my iTunes library to it.

I also got a WD WiFi drive (My Passport Wireless). 2 GB of my data available wireless wherever I am.

u/NWVoS · 2 pointsr/DIY

From the pictures it looks like you are wearing a simple mask like this Home Dust Mask. If you have another project involving tile or dust like it, or a friend has such a project you should wear a better mask. One like this one would work, and this one would work even better and be more versatile.

On a side note, I bet the dust got to the refrigerator's compressor.

u/y0y0ma · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile


SMSL SA 50 (£56) + Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 (£40!) + Speaker cable (£6) + 3.5mm to RCA cable (£8.5) = £110.5

PS: Those speakers usually sell for more than twice the sum. That is a great deal (probably clearing out sale).

u/Kenji776 · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Her goggles are the Revision Asian Locust Fan Goggles.

If you are asking about the half mask thing, it's this Neoprene Black Thermal Fleece Half Face Mask Facemask . We originally got that for snowboarding, but wanted to see how it would look on her outfit. Now she usually wears Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Metal Mesh instead.

u/ZombieButch · 2 pointsr/learnart

Scrape, you mean? Use a palette knife and just scrape off as much of the paint as you can, then sand off the rough bits with some fine grain sandpaper. Just make sure you do the sanding outside and with a mask on; a dust mask is better than nothing. If you used any paints with hazardous pigments like cadmiums, spend $20 and get yourself something better. Most paints and pigments are harmless, at least relatively so, but the ones that aren't you don't want to screw around with. If you're not sure, just check for warning labels on your paints.

u/DoTheEvolution · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I prefer passive speakers, especially for my PC, no worry about hum/brumm from amp when nothing plays...

u/cheerfulhappy · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I've been looking for something similar for three weeks, asking about it on reddit and other places.

It seems the most popular brands mentioned on this subreddit aren't easily available in the UK, and it's easy to think that £100 will get you a good set of speakers (in PC terms, £100 would let you pick among the best keyboards or mice), but for speakers it seems that 95% of the options under £100 are bad.

Speakers are either active (power supply built into them) or passive (needs a separate amp). Cheap / normal PC speakers are active, so I'm assuming you don't already have an amp.

In the UK the most highly recommended speakers under £100 are Whafedale Diamonds.

Best for under £100:

  • Amp: LEPY 2024A Plus (£24)

  • Speakers: Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 (£60)

    The best for under £200:

  • Amp: SMSL SA-50 (£53)
  • Speakers: Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 (£100), these speakers are quite big for a desk.

    Also needed:

  • 3.5mm to RCA (£4) or something similar of whatever length to reach from your computer to the amp
  • 2.5mm multi-strand 432 (2x216 strand), 14 AWG (£6), or any 14 or 16 gauge speaker wire, to go from the amp to each speaker.

    The £24 amp isn't great, but should do fine for sitting in front of a computer.

    You don't normally need banana plugs or anything fancy, unless you plan on swapping speakers regularly. If you use the £53 amp, check the plug that comes with it, some aren't fused / safe for UK.

    Hope this helps, and if anyone has any improvements, please reply, I'll probably be reposting this reply to any other similar UK questions.
u/mattsme124 · 2 pointsr/audiophile

Yeah I'm pretty sure $300 for a new amp and speakers would get you better sound than using a $300 amp and the old speakers. These little amps are very good for the price if you are only going to be using it with your PC I suggested that amp because the Yamaha has many inputs and functionality that you may never use if you are only playing music from your computer. Regardless I'd suggest getting an amplifier and trying the old speakers first, they'd probably sound pretty good and you might be pleasantly surprised. Then when you upgrade you will be able to appreciate the difference! Otherwise you could also spend the €300 on some nice studio monitors which have built in amplifiers such as these:

u/Retrikaethan · 2 pointsr/atheism

step 1: acquire some decently large rocks and/or bricks as well as a big bucket, some lighter fluid, matches, graham crackers, bars of milk chocolate, marshmallows, and some cheap wooden skewers. step 2: dig a nice lil pit somewhere outdoors, preferably away from trees/dead foliage, and fill the bucket with the dirt you dug out. step 3: fill pit with undesirable fundy paraphernalia and line its edges with the bricks, tearing pages out of your least favorite and crumpling them up into tinder. step 4 and the order is important for this and the next one: douse the paraphernalia/tinder with the lighter fluid from a safe distance. step 5: once the bonfire-to-be is sufficiently doused and the lighter fluid container, empty or otherwise, is stored safely far away from the pit, light a bunch of matches and drop them into the pit from a safe distance a few feet away. step 6: once the fire is sufficiently going, skewer some marshmallows and toast them over the fire. use them, the crackers, and chocolate to make some s'mores. step 7: once you're done having your fun, douse the remaining fire with the bucket of dirt, packing it back into the hole as desired. bricks/rocks may be left behind if you wish or take them with you in the bucket. step 8: have a bucket/bricks tied to what is hopefully a fond memory of a bonfire and s'mores.

depending on the amount of paraphernalia you have, you may need to bring some extra firewood (or dig a bigger pit) which you can usually get at a hardware store along with the big bucket, lighter fluid, and some matches. probably have to go to a grocery/convenience store to get the s'mores stuff. you also don't have to use lighter fluid if you aren't comfortable with it, most hardware stores also sell firestarters for such fires which are safe and easy to use (they look and work like big chewy matches though they usually sell them in bulk so you might end up with a lot of them). as far as safety is concerned, the bucket of dirt should be sufficient for dousing the fire and while not necessary, if you don't like the idea of smoke inhalation the hardware store should also sell filter masks which are usually used during woodwork and other dust producing practices. if any concerns remain, bring up that you're having a small bonfire to one of the employees at the store and they should be able to fill you in on anything i've (probably) missed.

u/Trolldad_IRL · 2 pointsr/daddit

Is it the smell or the idea of having to clean it up?

If it's the smell, get some of these.

If it's the idea of cleaning poop, man up.

u/hopfen · 2 pointsr/vinyl

This one is actually quite popular for people who want a mini amp.
Also it sounds good, which is really one thing you should look out for.
I guess the price in pound will be 65 pounds or something. Maybe it's cheaper in the UK.

Edit: 50 GBP

u/dustinpdx · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

This is a dust mask, they do not filter asbestos at all - ever - the particles flow right through it whether it is sealed or not. What you need to get is a respirator like this that either has a purple cartridge or is rated N-100, P-100, or R-100. You are disseminating false information that could cause harm to others, that is very irresponsible.

u/-Motor- · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

I know where you're coming from.

I'd recommend trying something that almost created a breathing box that will allow the air to warm up more then just a fabric mask.

I'd try something like this, and maybe even swap the n95 filter part with a piece of the performance wool. Or skip the inner fabric and go with a buff over top of the mask. You'll have to figure out what works for you as far as condensation but some space to pre warm air is the ticket IMHO.

u/zeroair · 2 pointsr/EDC

Exactly $25 is tough to hit, so I'm voting for this.. It is worth your $ to pony up $12 for this:

$37 4Sevens Quark Mini 123

Also since you didn't really mention any deficiencies in your carry, I think we kind of have to pick a
replacement or we'll be suggesting something you don't need. As such, I suggest this knife:

$21 CRKT Peck

Mine stays in my pocket and I love it. Great money clip too, if you fold the bill properly (bill disappears behind clip).

$11 Sandisk Cruzer Blade

Face it. That flash drive you have is about to crash. It's old, you'll lose all your data, and you'll be pissed. This is a cheap, excellent replacement/upgrade.

$10 550 Paracord

Think of all the fun things you can do, and survival situations this will help you survive in. Yep. Buy 2 and a half.

$13 or Kelty Triptease is a fun alternative to paracord. Does not have same survival possibilities! Is way more fun.


I guess I'll go on and stop there. And I'm not sure upvotes will be helpful. Maybe you should specify one vote per reply. LOL

u/PolskaPrincess · 2 pointsr/Detroitcityfc

Also recommend this gas mask as a cheap option. It's better than the scarves, but not super expensive like a true gas mask.

u/ctfrommn · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Ive never in my life heard anyone refer to Yamaha HS5's as not clear. Theyre a very forward sounding speaker on the bright side of neutral.

Presonus are decent to good for the price. Mackie MR series and Adam T5V's are my picks for powered monitors. CR series Mackies are junk and not even worth considering.

Now, on to your actual question. $200 Euros is tight for anything much better. The main benefit of going passives + amp is ease of upgrade. There is no upgrade path for powered speakers.

I would look at something from Q Acoustics QA3010's, 3010's, etc or the Klipsch R14M's if you like clear, bright sound with a good soundstage. Plus these will play loud with ease.

For an amp you could go with a cheap SMSL SA-50 for now.

u/mattsah · 2 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Again, I will urge everyone here not to listen to any statements that say you should not bring a mask.

Get these:

And these:


Even if you intend to be peaceful and even if you just carry it with you until needed. Additionally, bring extra bottles of water not for drinking.

u/beerice41 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

It might be worth it to pick up some of these before you get started.

u/Matchstix · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I agree with cyclefreaksix that you'll likely have to spend a bit more than $20 to get a light with enough throw and power for what you're looking for. I personally have a Fenix E21, TK12, and a Xeno E03.

The E21 is a 2x AA light, slim, with a good feel in the hand. Decent mix of flood and throw. It's my go-to light for around the house work.

The TK12 is likely a bit more than you'd wan't to spend at $70, it's a very well built and very bright (compared to Maglites as well as my other two LED lights.) In this price range there is also the 4Sevens Quark 123^2 and AA^2. I use my TK12 in the theater or if I think I'll need more throw out at night.

The Xeno E03 is a 1xAA light, smaller in the hand, but still putting out a good number of OTF (Out The Front) lumens. In this size category there is also the Quark Mini 123 and Mini AA. I carry my E03 daily in my pocket. There are of course more options in all these categories.

Do you have a particular size or battery type you would prefer?

u/Flyingswami · 2 pointsr/Warhammer40k

Airbrush Booth - You really shouldn't breath in the fumes. If you are painting indoors, you should use something like this to capture and filter the overspray/fumes. This is in addition to wearing a mask. You will see people in youtube tutorials not wearing masks and not using a booth - it's really bad practice if you care about your brain cells. I like the one below, but the fan is louder than the compressor.

80$ on Amazon®-Portable-Airbrush-Painting/dp/B00BMUH8L6?ie=UTF8&ref_=pe_385040_128020140_TE_3p_dp_1

$20- Paint mask/respirator - See notes above. I use one designed for spray painting.

Airbrush - I recommend starting cheap until you get a hang of it. It's easy to damage parts. It's been a while since I've researched, so I apologize for having forgotten the terms. You want an airbrush that is fed from a cup on top (gravity fed?), a trigger to control the air separately from the paint (maybe called dual action?), and needles .2 to .5mm. This airbrush came with a quick connect (to snap on and off of the compressor hose), which is a big convenience. They are cheap if you need to buy separately.

$10Airbrush cleaner fluid and brushes - to flush the airbrush and clean it after use.

$10- Airbrush cleaning pot - You spray cleaner and excess paint into this.

90$ - Compressor with Tank - The separate tank is key, it will maintain constant pressure very well and provide good steady flow. This one is pretty quiet as compressors go, but still noisy enough that you need to work behind a closed door.

$10 - Airbrush hose-

All in, it cost me $250 before paint.

u/saltr · 2 pointsr/audiophile

Check out the SMSL SA-50 (50 Watts per channel). It pushes 50W to each channel so it should have plenty of volume for speakers on your desk and be able to fill a small room as well. It is just above your price range. If you must stay in your price range, SMSL also has a 20W version. Also check out the Muse M50 (50WPC).

u/etjones · 2 pointsr/BurningMan

My favorite is a Shemagh, just learn how to wrap it before you get out there.

Also a regular surgical mask like this works really well, just not as stylish.

u/OutwestRedneck · 2 pointsr/turning

I picked up the "Breath Buddy" respirator mask off of Amazon and it fits my 9yr old with ta faceshield on, so I'm sure it would work for a teen. They're fully adjustable and work pretty well for dust and particulates.

u/Bradalax · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Thanks for the links. At the moment those are a bit out of my budget. But you have given me something to think about to try and decide what I want to set up.

For now I've just ordered an SMSL M3 because the interference I'm getting through the headphones is driving me crazy. I might at some point pair that with something like the SMSL SA-50 to power my speakers, but I need to think about that, do I want to have something to run a sub-woofer?


Happy to ditch the Z3's just looking for a budget start option for now, unfortunately doesn't look like that sub is available in the UK.


Thanks again.

u/heatr216 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Found it! Thank you very much.

u/maverickmonk · 1 pointr/DIY

Like any safety gear:

  1. Anything is better than nothing
  2. No safety gear is 100%
  3. Everything is inbetween the two

    This is what I use, but I also use it for sanding bondo, painting (with different filters) and working with cutting/grinding G10 and fiberglass which is way nastier than wood.

    If you don't want to bother with a full respirator, the P100 is a good doctor-type cloth mask

    If you really look into it and are the paranoid type though, you'll realize your chance of trapping any of the 30nm and smaller dust particles are basically 0, which can be a problem because they're the ones that get deep into the lung tissue. But anything like the above will work fine for trapping the bigger stuff. People spend thousands of dollars on systems to trap or get rid of the smaller particles, but unless you're a serious hobbyist, ie: exposed for many hours a day, it's overkill. Source: Working on a dust collection system for my grinder with exterior vents and basic filtration. It's a pain in the dick.

    Best way to minimize the risk? Do it outside. Dilution is the solution for pollution. This isn't a post to scare people so much as remind them that literally everything can be hazardous in some way. Just take regular precautions to minimize the risk and enjoy what you're doing.
u/3AlarmLampscooter · 1 pointr/todayilearned

I think you should up to disposable P100s at a minimum, but IDK... not my lungs.

u/jebert32 · 1 pointr/batonrouge

Bifen XTS Bifenthrin Concentrate 1 Quart

You’ll also need a garden sprayer

Chapin 20002, 2 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle, Translucent White

Also, it’s not a bad idea to get a respirator, this stuff is strong. I picked mine up from harbor freight but here is a link to a similar one.

Breath Buddy Respirator Mask (Plus Safety Glasses) Reusable Professional Breathing Protection Against Dust, Pollen, Pesticides, and Organic Vapors - Perfect For Painters and DIY Projects

u/joethehoe27 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I was worried about kitchen style so I was thinking maybe get the goggles that have animal ears on them to help retain manliness? I like giraffes anyway so it wouldn't hurt.

Would i have to get goggles that cover the nose as well? I'm not sure if onion gases can penetrate thru the nose or not

Edit: these seem like a winner (Bonus boob in URL)

u/ushmel · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

You can get something like this for cheap:
Universal 4528 Non-Toxic Disposable Dust & Filter Safety Masks (50 Count Box)

Or the masks they use in hospitals work pretty well.

A respirator is probably overkill unless you have a medical condition.

Have you tried a saline nasal rinse at the end of the day? Works wonders if you can keep up with it. I usually do one at night and one in the morning to flush all the crap out.

u/boathole · 1 pointr/AskNYC
u/floodingthestreets · 1 pointr/guineapigs

I've noticed that the Small Pet Select paper bedding has less dust than Carefresh, so it might not aggravate your allergies like Carefresh did.

These simple masks have helped my SO's allergies during cage cleaning.

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Where do you keep your smoke hood, then?

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Amazon Link - SMSL SA-50

Has a few colour options

I've had mine for a year now - replaced an old amp sitting under my desk. Sound quality is good, and it's tiny - the size of your hand.

It has RCA for stereo input, and 4 binding posts for stereo output.
This pic from another reddit thread shows just how small it is compared to a monitor (its the little box on the right).

It's loud enough for a small house party (lent it to my sister for a birthday party, worked fine) and stays ice cool when in use (thanks to a class D amplifier circuit) 10/10 would recommend.

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I looked into that mask, but it said it wouldn't get here for over a month. This respirator isn't that much more expensive, has good reviews for smoke, and will get here faster. It doesn't look badass like a full-on gas mask, but it should do the job.

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I'm also getting my PPL and hoping to fly with an EUC. Even though it's unlikely, i'll be keeping once of these: handy and keeping the wheel in an asbestos fireproof bag while it's in the aircraft.

Fires while flying are no joke.

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I don't camp, but this is what goes in my small drawstring backpack:

  • Phone recharger and cable

  • Etymotic earplugs

  • Spare Cheaters sunglasses

  • Sunscreen spray and lotion

  • Hat

    I also bring these along day 1 and stick them in a locker:

  • Sweats

  • Face masks (kind of like these, but I get them from work.)

  • Goggles

    I got stuck in the duststorm in 2013 and it was a nightmare. I was hacking up black crap for days. I haven't needed that stuff since, but sure as hell would like to have it handy.
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Are you using a respirator? It's worth every penny. They are easier to breathe in than you think and saves you from dangers like these. If you are using a respirator and still getting dizzy it's time to replace the respirator or filters.

If you also have someone else in the house, also build or buy a spray booth to filter and expel the air outside.

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I bought 2 of these for £23 each at the time (on offer) :

As an alternative, these seem to get good reviews on Amazon for much less £££'s :


Along with this SMSL 2x50W amp :

These connectors :

And 2m of audio cable (only available inn 1m atm) :


I have the 2 shakers mounted underneath my Ikea chair on the left & right sides.

They are just screwed into the wood base with some rubber washers on there too for dampening.

I've read that it's better with the shakers mounted on some metal brackets / bars to allow them to vibrate more, but I haven't tried this yet.


Currently use a SoundBlaster Z for the main pc sound, and my motherboards' onboard audio to drive the amp/shakers.


Works well as far as I can tell - don't have anything to compare it against - and I never need to have the amp above 50% volume, with the onboard audio at 90% volume in windows.


For software I use SimVibe, but both Simhub & SimShaker Wheels also work well too. I'd say SimhHub is easier to tweak to taste due to not needing to mess around with .wav files in Audacity.


Plus if you want rumble from other games / movies output through the shakers for some added immersion, then use Voicemeter Banana and enable the eq on the secondary output channel assigned to the onboard audio.

Then set the low pass filter @75-90Hz.


There's a big thread on RaceDepartment with plenty of more info on setups much more advanced than mine :


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Hi again, I have been doing some research, but I haven't reached a conclusion so I decided to wait and buy after christmas.

I have a new contender :

I have found a lot of nice reviews about them in spanish audio forums. They are from germany and available in amazon spain. The problem is than I haven't been able to find measurements about them. Where do you usually search measurements?

These are pasive so I suppose I would need an amp. I have been seeing cheap amps, what amp do you recommend?

I have 2 amps in mind :

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I use a 3M N95when I go out and a P2 respirator mask around the house. The reusables are so much easier to breathe in and the air doesn’t get so hot or moist like it does in the disposable. I imagine the military grade n95 or higher are better than the disposable (and not as bulky as but I haven’t used them). P95+ makes is probably overkill unless you want to use it for aerosols, but always safe than sorry?

My reusable: Breath Buddy

I also use this for projects at home like spray painting, cleaning my cat’s litter box, or using heavy cleaning supplies. It’s great for blocking out odors where I can still smell odor with my disposable mask.

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I run a 5k every few days in winter, it takes me ~ 30 mins with [this mask] ( Once in a while I also use this one.
With the latter, which has an exhale valve, I couldn't run continuously with it, have the same issues of moisture + excessive perspiration + fog build up on glasses.
I'm curious as to how you managed to run with it continuously. Even with pacing, I found myself out of breath with both masks after a certain distance (1.5 km - 2 km).
This was last winter, and I ran for a few months (Oct - Jun), stopped wearing the masks around March.

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I'm pretty sensitive to breathing in hairspray. Could I use this mask to filter it out of the air completely?:

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I'd take reasonable precautions, but while creosote is kind of nasty, it's not like it is going to sneak into your bed at night and strangle you while you sleep, either.

Since the board is that old, there's pretty much no chance it was treated with any of the modern, really bad stuff.

So yeah, wear a proper dust mask (one of these, not one of those totally useless disposable ones). Clean and process the wood outside. Wipe your pieces down with denatured alcohol to get all the dust off after you have the beam milled into usable stock. But once you've done all that, the amount you have to worry about whatever used to be on the outside is pretty small. And after you build your coffee table and put finish on it, you shouldn't have to worry at all. A proper polyurethane or whatever will keep it all sealed off.

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Monitor Audio MR1s, they're quite a bit better than the Miccas too. There's also a larger 6.5" model (MR2) for £40 more. They're not powered thus not "plug and play" but you just need a small amp and a bit of copper wire. They're really pretty good.

If you must have something powered you can get these but don't expect the same sound quality.

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There are masks you can buy, the filters however have to be replaced often and they can be quite expensive, but if you plan on staying in Jerusalem, then I guess you have no other choice.

This one is relatively cheap and is a p100 mask, meaning it should filter at least 99.97% of airborne particles to be certified as such. You may need to adjust it though so that it fits properly, any mask will be useless if the fit is not correct for your face.

These are the filters for the mask.

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I was using something like this
but i didn't feel like it was very effective, and it was so hot and uncomfortable I ended up adjusting it and touching my face a lot thus negating its use.

The thing you linked sure does look serious! I'm just curious if you (or anyone) have tried something like this..? it also seems to have good reviews from allergy sufferers.