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u/artsyalexis · 122 pointsr/MarchAgainstTrump

Mace carrier here! May have saved me from an assault when two guys started approaching me right next to my college. I recommend Sabre. I got this one here: Pepper Spray,15gr Quik Release

It has a 10 foot range and UV marking dyes. It's used by many police forces.

Don't know if you are serious about getting some but hey, some info is always good (:

Don't forget to call your local police immediately to tell them if you ever used it or threatened to use it. I was only threatening with mine and it was enough to scare them away after a lengthy yelling match. The cops said I did the right thing and patrolled the area a bit more for the next few days.

Stay safe!

u/TeePlaysGames · 48 pointsr/legaladvice

She cant afford 10 dollars, and you cant afford 10 dollars to send it to her?

I can promise you, a paintball gun isnt stopping anyone who wants to take over that house.

u/ManForReal · 45 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

IANAL. Contact a local attorney and follow their advice BEFORE following the course of action suggested below. Laws differ in different locales. The advice below reflects the law where I live.

Having said that, my suggestion is: Don't leave. Take a stand. As Shanisasha and FastandFuriousMom suggest, put up no trespassing signs and call the police the second she shows up - before she's out of the car or as soon as you see her. Don't wait for her to bang on your door.

A firearm, suggested by another poster, is an unreasonable escalation. Your goal is to deter rather than harm her. Shooting a family member carries huge psychological consequences and displaying a weapon without the intent to use it has legal ramifications (brandishing) in many locales.

Consider pepper spray. The linked version produces a 'heavy stream' reaching 15+ feet.

If she comes on your property you can stay on your porch / just outside your front door IF it's just her or her and FIL. If she has anyone else with her, go back inside, lock the door and wait for the police. Have your phone in one hand with 911 on the line, if possible (911 calls are recorded).

If you remain outside, hold the spray by your side, ready to use (phone in your other hand). Don't mention it or threaten her with it. Loudly tell her the police have been called, 911 is on the line and recording (if so), she cannot take your son, you're afraid for your and his safety and she is to leave immediately. Don't argue, repeat the above regardless of what she says and if she stays on your property.

DON'T ADVANCE ON HER. Stay just outside your front door. If she approaches you, repeat that you're afraid for your safety and to stay away. When she gets to a little more than 2X your height (10-15 feet), spray her face and upper body. Count "Thousandone-thousandtwo" to yourself - at this point your goal is to incapacitate / deter her rather than to scare or warn her.

If you have to spray her the spray linked above will effect her. If she shows up she'll be expecting to intimidate you and the inability to breathe or to see clearly will be unexpected and shocking.

I've had to use this spray against dogs (never people) multiple times. It's instantly stopped large, determined animals, including an untrained, unsocialized pit bull which had entered my yard and attacked and drawn blood from my older and very gentle dog (she was OK after a vet visit).

When authorities arrive, tell them you were afraid for your safety, that she had threatened to take your son and would not leave. That you want her trespassed (formally warned to stay away from your property under penalty of arrest) and that you will cooperate in pressing charges on her for the present instance of trespassing (failure to leave when instructed) and whatever other charges (intimidation, assault) her conduct justifies.

TL;DR: Ivana will continue to attempt to intimidate and control you until you stop her. While cameras are a good idea, they won't do that - although recordings may support legal action. Defending your self and your home against her says "We're serious, bitch. LEAVE US ALONE."

u/HelloGunnit · 43 pointsr/Portland

OK, here's the deal: I'm a cop who has a fair bit of experience with the whole "self-defense" thing. If you want your wife to be able to protect herself from some kind of attack, a knife is an absolutely terrible way to do that. Don't get me wrong, a good pocket knife is something that everyone should carry: they are super useful for opening packages, cutting up snacks, even trimming hangnails in a pinch. But when a bad guy is trying to do you harm, a knife is a really bad way to stop it.

The very best thing your wife can do is to take a good self-defense class and learn some basic situational awareness, because the best way to win a fight is to avoid a fight. If she really wants to be able to protect herself, get her some good strong pepper spray. A good dose of this in the bad guy's face will give her time to run like hell and get help. Another good, but more expensive and less reliable, method is a Taser. Not some shitty stun gun that commonly gets called a "Taser," but and actual "probes shoot out and embed in the bad guy" Taser. Stun guns just cause a little sharp pain where and when they touch, but the taser gives you stand-off distance, and actually locks us the major muscles of the bad guy for 30 seconds (on this model, at least) if it gets a good hit. That said, I've used a Taser X26 on people a number of times, and when it works, it works great, but about a third of the time it doesn't work at all. A gun is a last-ditch choice, and then only if your wife is willing to put an enormous amount of time, effort, and money into instruction, training, and regular practice.

u/MasterChibbs · 34 pointsr/UpliftingNews

Pepper spray/gel is your friend.

I rarely leave the house without it.

Violence can and will come out of nowhere.

I don't want to kill anyone, I don't own a gun. I'll sure as hell put someone into pepper gel hell if someone is at risk because of them though.

If they have eyeballs or lungs, it'll stop them.

Edit: Amazon Link for the kind I daily carry. Its no joke, if you EVER press down the button for any reason, wash your hands as soon as possible and DON'T EVER TOUCH YOUR FACE until you do. Do not EVER think of it as a toy. Not only will this stuff temporarily blind someone, but it'll also cause them to choke and have problems breathing. This is only meant for very serious situations where someone is committing a felony. Use of it outside those situations and your not protected by the law, your committing assault if not something worse. Spraying this on someone with breathing problems could kill them.

u/Make-_-Me-_-Smile · 33 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

>Buying a gun is not a spur of the moment decision, not everyone is cut out to be a gun owner.

Thank you! This cannot be understated! You are more likley to be harmed or killed with your own gun. Every time the gun is loaded and drawn it must be understood that there is a potential for you, the person wielding the weapon, to shoot. If you shoot in self defense you must shoot to kill.

It's not a wishy washy subject, it's a go big or go home you need to be 100% in and make a careful decision and commit to the training, and do it well.

It's easy to forget those details and just make an off the cuff remark when it's something you grew up around and just 'knew'. So thanks again, Notmykl for the reminder.

OP would likley be in close quarters and need to carefully determine caliber, etc to ensure no walls are pierced, innocent bystanders struck. Tons of varyables to consider. Doubly so with a pending adoption.

You bring a good point especially considering that OP is from the UK and most likley didn't grow up around firearms as many of us in the USA and other countries did.

In that case Tactical Pepper Spray Gel is a better option. Gel is much safer than spray. I've had several police officers suggest this as an alternative to a firearm.

u/Ros1319 · 29 pointsr/Dogfree

The best kind of pepper spray to get is a dyed pepper spray, so the asshole owners can’t deny it was their dog or try to conceal it, as they often do.

u/[deleted] · 26 pointsr/funny

With this, preferably.

u/EctothermArts · 26 pointsr/creepyPMs

Wtf, who asks for "prom pics" is that a fetish or what the fuck is going on here. Also I saw someone talk about pepper spray and this product is really affective for fending away anyone , I had a kid at one school use it on me and it really fucks all.

u/illeilleille · 25 pointsr/india

Where in India? Because India as a whole is a very big country with every region being a country in itself.

1)Always drink bottled water.

2)Stay with your group. Don't go anywhere alone.

3)If you are into alcohol and stuff (I know you are underage but still), refrain from taking too much and getting sloshed however fun it is.

4)Don't be gullible.

5)Keep [this] ( and this on you all the time.

6)It's generally safe but I have a feeling you might go into ghetto type of areas a lot because of the nature of your trip. Be careful.

7)Don't go around wearing clothes that reveal too much. You will be working in very poor areas and those kind of people are not used to seeing that kind of stuff.

8)People will stare at you a lot. I know it sucks but that's how it is.

9)Read up on common scams that go on. Make sure you dont fall for them.

11)Be wary of everyone. Don't take food or drinks from anyone you meet in your travels.

u/emma_troika · 23 pointsr/niceguys

oh jesus, he's one of those PLS RESPOND losers. I love/hate those.

this one is legit creepy though. he's outright stalking you. jesus christ. you need to get pepper gel. it's like pepper spray, but better. they sell it on amazon for like 5-10 bucks or something. saber is a good brand.

I've relied on that one for years and it's never let me down.

u/FastandFuriousMom · 23 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

I bought my girls theirs off of Amazon, there are tons of different styles and products. This is the one I bought based on reviews and after talking to a local law enforcement officer in my district. Here is their main website that covers all sorts of safety stuff for law enforcement and private individuals.

They come with an expiration date as well, keep in mind, 4 years.

u/ATC_Boilermaker · 22 pointsr/Purdue

Outside of the legal options, may I also suggest you purchase some pepper spray from Amazon for your personal protection? Obviously don't use it unless attacked, but I think it's a good idea for everyone to carry this on their person. You are allowed to carry it. My wife has this on her at all times.

u/0ldblu3 · 22 pointsr/pics

Do you remember all the great Amazon reviews of the pepper spray product? Fantastic social commentary and satire.

u/Case963 · 20 pointsr/loseit

Just make sure you stay safe if you are walking around your neighborhood. I'm a male and the other day I got news through the neighborhood app that some 20 year old guy got assaulted while doing a jog. I myself make sure I have pepper spray on me and a personal gps device that can send a message to law enforcement with my location with a click of a button.


I work in security and want people to be safe especially with Christmas coming around. I walk 5 times a week for 2-6 miles at a time.

u/SpicedApple · 18 pointsr/legaladvice

I seriously doubt most people have the mental fortitude to actually get into a knife fight. I suspect that the majority of people who carry knives for protection would panic if an attacker didn't stop and would have it used against them or it would do nothing to help them. I'd highly recommend carrying real pepper spray, especially if you're running outdoors in wooded areas. Your knife won't do much against a dog or bear.

u/AIDS_Pizza · 17 pointsr/UIUC

This is referred to as the "knockout game" at a national level but apparently specifically in Champaign the people who refer to it call it "polar bear hunting". (1) Here's a post about it in Champaign specifically. (2) Here is an article.

And let's be fucking real here. This is categorically black-on-white crime. Even the term "polar bear" is what the blacks use to refer to their white targets. This is a race crime perpetuated by black people against white people.

A few tips on not becoming the victim of one of these events:

  1. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings. You should always be aware of your surroundings. Even if it is 2pm and you are walking to class. I recommend not wearing headphones and avoiding talking to the phone. This is even more true when it is well past midnight and you are walking alone.

  2. Avoid walking late at night period. If you do have to walk late at night, avoid doing it alone.

  3. Carry tools to protect yourself:

  • If you regularly do walk alone at night, you should carry a bright flashlight which you can use to light up dark areas as well as discourage or even temporarily blind an assailant.
  • Carry pepper spray, which can be used to spray a would-be assailant in the face to disable them and give you time to escape.
  • Finally, you can spend the time to get a firearm owner's card and concealed carry license. In some situations a handgun can be the difference between you getting viciously beaten and getting your shit stolen, and you walking away from a situation unharmed (particularly in situations where you are outnumbered). You cannot carry a gun on university-owned property but if you spend most of your time west of Wright St. in the evenings and on weekends, you can carry freely almost everywhere there.

    Remember, the bottom line is that this type of attack is extremely dangerous. Hitting your head on pavement like the guy in the video above can result in brain injury or death. And obviously this does happen right in the middle of campus. Take steps to avoid becoming a victim of what the bottom dwellers of society engage in to amuse themselves.
u/Kalki_Filth · 16 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis

It's Canada, they don't. You can carry bear spray / dog spray though. It's cheap too

u/SeafoodDuder · 16 pointsr/Advice

Just sounds like a bunch of weak-minded bullies that have nothing else to do with their time. They probably picked on you because they thought you were alone. Please consider buying some Pepper Spray and keeping it in your purse. There's lots of crazy men and women out there.

u/DerangedDeceiver · 16 pointsr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

You can buy pepper spray on amazon. Just saying in case you want a way to defend yourself.

u/delish3 · 16 pointsr/AskTrollX

Pepper spray! I’ve had one on my keys for about a year and even though I’ve luckily never had to use it, I always feel safer knowing I have it.

You can get one like this off amazon for pretty cheap.

I have one from a company called BlingSting, which is a bit more pricey, but I just wanted something cute if it’s gonna be on my keychain (Which is not a great priority, I know). They also have these alarm devices and escape hammers which could be good options for you too!

I hope you find something that works for you!

u/Whoami_77 · 15 pointsr/SeattleWA

>mist or fog sprays can be susceptible to wind and you could end up spraying yourself if you aren't careful.

Gel spray is the better alternative. It's a bit bigger than traditional self defense sprays.

SABRE RED Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Tactical Series with 18-Foot (5.5M) Range, 18 Bursts & Belt Holster

u/badon_ · 15 pointsr/TropicalWeather

u/TheSpiritofTruth666 said:

> Desperate individuals and crackheads are going to shrug off pepper spray.

Can confirm. However, the initial shock of it is debilitating enough, if you're fast, it gives you an advantage for follow-up attack with another weapon. Police are trained to spray, then INSTANTLY follow with baton strikes to the big thigh muscles for maximum debilitation, with minimal risk of breaking bones or causing other serious injury. This is my technique too. Only people loaded up on drugs can shrug off that amount of pain, and then you need to either retreat or do significantly more harm.

Never strike the head, neck, or shoulders with a club weapon. Even with no visible injury, it is unacceptably likely to kill or severely injure them. If you have to do more harm to stop an attacker, aim for the knees, arms, hands, hips, etc. If they're armed, or otherwise obviously intend to do you harm (as opposed to just steal something), then you're wisest course of action is to run. If you're too close to run or you're protecting your family, go for the head, and stop the attack immediately, but understand one or both of you are probably going to die.

Oh, and get yourself some GOOD pepper spray, and keep it in your hand so you're extremely fast with it:

u/Veniabiit · 15 pointsr/de
u/CaptainSigmund · 15 pointsr/Portland

Not sure why your comment got downvoted. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. If you want a recommendation:

Fox Labs 5.3 SHU Flip-Top Cone:

u/con_moto · 14 pointsr/running

I use a headlamp, reflective vest, and pepper spray that straps to my hand. And I never run outside with earphones because I want to keep aware of my surroundings.

u/Awken · 13 pointsr/ainbow

I asked my friend who is a gun/self defense nut what brand of pepper spray I should buy. He recommended Saber Red Gel. Its long range, a gel instead of a spray so you're less likely to get sprayed accidentally when you use it, and has tear gas mixed in for good measure. I bought two cans, one for me and one for my girlfriend.

u/crazyguyonabike · 13 pointsr/CCW
u/electropop999 · 10 pointsr/UIUC

Feeling unsafe. Just my opinion, buying a pepper spray should be considered by late commuters for self defense. $7 at Amazon

u/KaleAndChickenSalad · 10 pointsr/AskWomen

I used to, back when I had crazy people stalking me. I don't anymore.

I like pepper spray with a hand strap and sprays a dye to identify the person.

Found the link:

u/SupersonicMotivated · 10 pointsr/blackladies

Girl, I roll with this so I can get it into clubs and such.

... Maybe that's why I have so much confidence...

u/Bloodless_ · 10 pointsr/creepyencounters

Be very careful with this. Normal men in their 60s do not sexually pursue teenagers. Normal men listen when you say "no."

Next time don't apologize and blame it on policy or an imaginary boyfriend or that you're busy, because that leads this type on and it makes them think you would otherwise be interested, and they will try to wear you down. Don't say "oh I'm sorry, I can't because..."

Just tell the truth: "I am not interested in that. Please don't ask me again."

The most important thing I learned at that age is that you, yourself, have to be the "reason" you're not giving out your number. That gives them nothing to work with. Also, don't smile, don't be cute or quiet or unsure in any way. Make direct eye contact when you say "don't ask me again."

If he persists, escalates, or gets aggressive with you in any way, call the police. Don't deal with it yourself. They will let him know why it is inappropriate for a man in his 60s to try to force a teenager to have sex with him.

You would also be wise to get some pepper gel and keep it on you at all times at work. Better to have it and never use it, than to arrive at that moment wishing you had it. I speak from experience. Be safe.

u/Epistaxis · 10 pointsr/politics

If that's actually what you want to do, instead of having to pass through blogspam to get there, here's the link.

u/Mnementh2230 · 10 pointsr/TumblrInAction
u/ihatereddit321 · 10 pointsr/washingtondc

To be fair, you can carry a knife (of reasonable size) and pepper spray/gel legally and in the metro.

The knife is more of a tool than anything else, but it's there if a situation occurs where I need it. The pepper spray is my go to. I keep it on one of those retractable kevlar key strings. I have yet to use it, probably because I look like the abominable snowman (or so I've been told) and no one wants to screw with me, but I'd rather have options if something does happen, whether to me or someone nearby.

Even though I expect most of the people posting here can take a single teenager, the problem is they're like raptors. They hunt in packs. I might be able to take two on, three if I'm lucky. The pepper spray helps incapacitate enough/all of them to balance out the odds to where I escape with limited injuries and hopefully, end any situation with the would be attackers in custody.

I really wish people would be a little bit more assertive and proactive about their safety. Take a self-defense class. Start carrying a (legal) weapon and learn how to use it. If you can't be bothered to do any of this, remember that a hard strike to someone's throat will bring most people to their knees.

u/scottocs · 9 pointsr/Chattanooga

If not with a gun, with a portable pepper spray.

u/sandmansleepy · 9 pointsr/knives

It sounds like you want it for personal protection. Get this instead. This is coming from someone who loves knives and carries one always and has used them a ton and trained to use them. A lot more reliable, and will generally keep you safer, and a lot less legal liability if you use it. Yes there was a commando on the front page, but that is offensive use he was talking about anyway.

And a sweet edc knife, currently 52 bucks:

u/MakeTimeForWaffles · 9 pointsr/Portland

Amazon has pepper spray for $10:

Just remember to leave it at home if you're headed to the airport.

u/jepyang · 8 pointsr/Ultralight

The wilderness is probably where you need self-defense tools the least of anywhere in your life, but if that aspect is important to you, I won’t argue it any further.

That said, it’s a bad knife. Just cheap tacticool crap, not meant for any serious use. It’s liable to fall apart mid-use (one of the reviews even mentioned the locking mechanism failed resulting in injury). Can’t imagine much worse than trying to defend yourself and cutting your hand on your own faulty knife.

Something like a Morakniv is cheap but sturdy and well-made. Would work well for both camping uses and self defense (keep it on your belt and you don’t even have to flip the blade open to use it). Saves an ounce or so and is a massive upgrade to practical capability.

Alternately, a SAK Classic and a small thing of pepper spray is similarly cheap, saves 2-3 ounces, and is probably more effective for self-defense than a cheap flippy knife.

u/smellslikesulfur · 8 pointsr/CCW

Spray doesn't always work. I had a dog get loose and rush me and my dog when we were out on a walk. They got into it instantly. I backed up and emptied my entire can of spray into the faces of both dogs. It did absolutely nothing. Luckily my dog is 150 lbs (compared to the maybe 50lb heeler mix that attacked) and he won that fight for me. Had my dog not been there, and the vicious dog went after me... I would have been up shit creek without my firearm. That spray didn't even phase the dog. I love dogs and I never want to hurt someone pet if I can help it, but if I get attacked I'm going to do what I have to do.
That being said, I'm open to suggestions on a spray that will actually work on dogs. this is the spray I used.

u/vicious_armbar · 8 pointsr/MensRights

Obviously if you can't flush the condom wash it out with hot water and put a squirt of spermicidal lube mixed with clear pepper spray in the condom. A packet of arbies horse radish sauce can be substituted for clear pepper spray in a pinch. It blends right in.

If you catch her don't admit anything! Play dumb and ask her what happened. If she tells you what she did and accuses you feel free to tell her what a psychopathic piece of shit she is. Then tell her that it's gross and risky to pick things out of the garbage to shove up her cooch! Leave without admitting anything!!!

Good luck with her being able to prove what you did!

u/msghmr · 8 pointsr/bicycling

This is one reason I carry pepper spray. Also because of sometimes-dangerous unleashed dogs.

u/gobuyastick · 8 pointsr/Indiana

maybe pick up some bear mace instead of a gun?

u/mindfulmu · 8 pointsr/dashcamgifs

SABRE RED Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Tactical Series with 18-Foot (5.5M) Range, 18 Bursts & Belt Holster

u/TheOldKanye · 8 pointsr/chicago

I'm so glad you're alright after shit like that. My laptop bag is my fucking life, I honestly don't know how I would react to someone trying to take it. I know my logic wouldn't be sharp and I would probably try to do something stupid.

Again my friend, happy you're safe!

I highly recommend this military grade "pepper spray" to anyone. This is not normal pepper spray. It shoots out a huge 10ft cloud/mist into the direction of your target, making it nearly impossible to miss. There is no way anybody can continue attacking or focusing on you after being hit with this stuff. It truly feels like some kind of acid:

u/Sam_Vimes_AMCW · 7 pointsr/marchingband

I've used SABRE, they make a gel that's really good too. Personally I carry a knife and a kubaton and pepper spray, but I've seen the gel in action and it's really good.

Or if you wanna go budget, you can buy a 4pack of pepper spray for like 50$, I'll edit with a link

first one

two pack of the same product

u/triplehelix013 · 7 pointsr/homedefense

Alarm systems and Ring doorbells are reactive rather than proactive. They help the bad guys get caught after they break into your home and steal your stuff or injure/kill the occupants.

You want to be proactive. My 2 main focuses would be the following:

  1. Make it difficult for someone to get into your apartment.
  2. Give yourself the means to protect yourself if your apartment is breached.

    Things to think about for Main focus 1 (security):

    As far as making it difficult for someone to get into your apartment, having the appearance of a hard target will help. Beware of dog signs are supposedly effective for homes, I don't know how they work for apartments. May be worth researching.

    How secure is your door? How deep do the screws go into the door frame on the bolt? If it is less than 3 inches replace them. Consider a door jam, I don't have one of these yet but have heard great things about their effectiveness of resisting doors getting kicked in. Obviously won't help while you are out but is great for when you are inside.

    How secure/reachable are your windows? Is it feasible that someone could get to your window with or without a ladder? Secure your windows as best you can. I am a fan of security screens for windows but on an apartment I doubt you are going to want to install those.

    Do you have a balcony? How secure is the door/slider? If it is a door consider a door jam like for the front door. If it is a slider then make sure you have a security bar. Glass is a weakpoint, I like security screens as for windows, but if not an option security film may be.

    Things to think about for Main focus 2 (defense):

    I saw in a previous comment you are not comfortable having a gun in your house. I would suggest you get comfortable with it. A firearm is the most effect tool to use in self defense because it is a distance tool. It can be used to stop a threat before they get within range to do lethal damage. Also it is not uncommon for armed robbers to be equipped with stolen firearms themselves and you will be left at their mercy praying they are just thieves and not murderers. If you do decide to get a firearm to protect yourself and your home get some training. A good instructor will make you comfortable with firearm safety and help you develop good practices early to be safe and effective with a firearm. I realize you might not want to consider this option and it is your right to choose whatever you feel comfortable with but I wanted to mention it anyway.

    Non-firearm defense tools you could utilize is flashlights, pepper spray, blunt objects (as lethal as firearms but not as effective for self defense), sharp objects (also as lethal and less effective), stun guns (can be effective against weak willed opponents).

    Personally I always have a 800 Lumen flashlight, knife, and pepper spray on my body. In my home and car I also keep a 1000 lumen flashlight and large fixed blade knives. Although I would hope to never be in such a fight for my life that I have exhausted all my firearms and have to use them.

    I would highly recommend you get a bright flashlight you are comfortable carrying with you and pepper spray. A bright flashlight can be blinding in low light, if you have to deploy it shine it in their eyes and use that opportunity to see what is in their hands. Pepper spray is not very effective against determined attackers but may be enough to buy you some time to escape.

    You may also want to look into a stun gun to use when walking the dog to deploy if the pepper spray fails to stop your assailant. I have two flashlight/stungun combos for walking the dog.

    You only get one life, when it comes time to act or die; act with everything you got and the tools you have available to yourself at that time. Hopefully you will never have to deploy those defense tools but keeping them handy could be the difference between a long life and one that ends that afternoon.

    Good luck and stay safe
u/Teerlys · 7 pointsr/preppers

Here's a few I snagged from my recently ordered list.

Secure USB Drive - For storing scans of important documents.

Mylar Blankets - Ridiculously thin. Good to keep in the car or every day carry bag for a variety of situations.

Camp Suds - Or alternately hand sanitizer. Both useful to stay healthy in Flu season or another outbreak that spreads via contact.

Emergency Whistle - Small enough to keep on a keychain. Loud enough to get attention when it's needed.

Mylar Bags + Oxygen Absorbers - If you're prepping, putting a hundred pounds or so of white rice in 5 gallon buckets is a great way to get started on a long term food supply without breaking the bank. Put it in these and it will stay fresher longer.

Water BOB - Great little device for if/when you know the water supply may be at risk. It's a cheap way to be able to store 100 gallons in preparation for an emergency.

Pepper Spray - The security product you can take most places.

Starter First Aid Kit - Gotta get that going some how. This one has a hard shell which is nice for tossing it in a pack. You'll have to fill it out with what you're likely to need.

Mainstay 2400 Calorie Bars - They stay good through some pretty extreme highs and lows which makes them ideal for tossing in a car. They last about 5 years or so and don't require any water to make them. They're very handy as they're a purchase and forget about them item (for a few years anyway) that lets you have some immediate food for however long you have them stocked for.

Life Straw - A personal filter for waterborne bacteria. Most water purification methods have some significant cost to them, but this one is a great inexpensive item to get started with.

There's a ton of little things on Amazon that are kind of cool to have on hand, but I'd recommend snagging whatever is most likely to help you in whatever your situation is likely to be. If you live in a wildfire prone area... the usb drive would be a wise start. Earthquakes? The emergency whistle. Bad neighborhood, pepper spray. You get the idea. Good luck!

u/New_High_Score · 7 pointsr/funny

you got the wrong brand, bro.

you meant this one

u/LandonSullivan · 6 pointsr/CCW

Far as I can tell, she can legally carry a taser. Do NOT get a stun gun, they are only useful as a deterrent, you have to be literally touching somebody with one to do anything, and pretty much only output voltage. Tasers, on the other hand, can be used from significantly farther away, and deliver a much higher amperage, which is the part that actually drops people. It's not good for very long, maybe 20 seconds at most, so if you end up getting a taser, make absolutely sure that she knows knows KNOWS to immediately seek sanctuary before calling authorities. Don't go miles away, just get somewhere safe but close, otherwise with a good enough lawyer the assailant could catch her on an Assault charge, even if she calls the cops first. No sense risking it.

As for OC spray, try getting OC gel instead, it's outputs an adhesive, cohesive line with a much lower chance of blowback. I think Sabre is what some people use. Haven't touched OC in a while, it's not a good idea to carry both it and a gun at the same time.

A good knife can't hurt long as she knows how to use it. Kershaw assisted open or whatnot.

u/VaguePeeSmell · 6 pointsr/knifeclub

Something with an Emerson Wave like the Kershaw CQC-10K. That being said, you really do want pepper spray instead. C'mon OP, it's only $7 and it's better than being stabbed with your own knife.

u/schwing_it · 6 pointsr/CCW

This is the one I use
SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray - Advanced Police Strength - Compact Size with Clip, Contains 35 Bursts (5x Other Brands) & 10-Foot (3M) Range

I carry in my front pocket but it may be larger than what you are looking for.

u/SmiffnWessn · 6 pointsr/aznidentity

Ever consider carrying pepper spray? Check your state's laws. In mine it's legal to carry it concealed in your pocket/purse/backpack/whatever. And there's stuff with great range that can be effective against groups, like this: SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray

u/whosdamike · 6 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

>Have you ever taken a self-defense class?

This is great advice. Especially if you're at college, you can likely take self-defense classes for free or for a very low charge.

Since it sounds like both you and your roommate are on the small side, I highly recommend you take something like Brazilian jiu jitsu, which teaches you how to defend yourself without having to be particularly fast, strong, or big.

You can probably look up martial arts courses on your campus web-site. Don't feel intimidated. I've gone to a few different martial arts courses and they're extremely safe.

It's sexist, but because you're a girl, you'll probably be treated with greater "care." That does NOT mean YOU won't learn what you need to defend yourself: feel free to go "all out" when practicing with the men in the course. I understood why sometimes I'd hit the mat hardest when squaring off with the few women there.

>would you consider carrying mace?

Mace is likely to be available at a sporting goods stores. You can also purchase it online from Amazon. If you've signed up for the free Amazon Prime service for students, then you can have it in your hands in two days for no extra charge.

This is the pepper spray I got for my girlfriend. Right now it's less than $8 and comes with a keychain. You can shop around on the site and find something you like.

Good luck.

u/GenericName72 · 6 pointsr/Denver

Pepper spray is totally legal in Colorado if you're using it in self-defense. It's legal to carry and you don't need to warn people around you that you are in possession of it-- in other words, you can conceal carry it legally. I believe it's also legal to brandish it. I carry this with me at all times. Important to use pepper gel and not pepper spray, as it's more wind-resistant and less likely to blow back into your face.

u/Dumpy_Creatures · 6 pointsr/Survival

Bear spray is considered a pesticide by the epa and as such has standards for humane treatment. It is not meant to incpapacitate as pepper spray is. It isn’t as strong as I thought it was though. (In retrospect this makes sense due to a Bears much greater sense of smell than a person) Pepper sprays have more oil making them thicker and harder to remove. Bear sprays are designed to create a cloud for maximum coverage making where as pepper spray is a stream for less splash damage and blow back.

u/BoredDellTechnician · 6 pointsr/CCW

I had to Google this thing to see what the heck you're talking about.

I wouldn't recommend buying a taser that shoots prongs out. If those prongs fail to make proper contact with your target, your taser is now useless. It looks like this model has a stun gun built in as a backup, but at that point you might as well go with a cheap stun gun.

In terms of price and effectiveness, I would rather just purchase several pepper gel canisters and leave them in places such as your back pack, car door pockets, etc.

Whatever you decide to carry on campus, I would argument it with a high-power tactical flashlight. Simply walking around with a lit flashlight at night should be enough to give someone pause if they attempt to approach you while you're alone. A tactical flashlight will be able to switch to enough lumen output that you can blind someone with it well your retreat.

u/vaderj · 6 pointsr/Portland

I don't get anything for mentioning it, but it works on both dogs, and dog owners.

u/ARKnife · 6 pointsr/knives

First of all I don't recommend you get a knife for self defence, first and foremost for legal issues but also for effectiveness and range.

A good quality pepper spray would do a much better job, as you would consider less if to use it or not than to pull out a knife (speaking from experience).

I'd recommend the Sabre Pepper Gel for that task.

As for a good EDC knife - I'd go either with the RAT 1 (was my first serious knife) or the Kershaw Leek/Link if you don't mind it to be assisted.

u/fidelitypdx · 6 pointsr/Portland

Seriously, where are these idiots suggesting bear mace coming from?

If anyone is wondering, this is the one I recommend - $10 - it's the same formula as used by police departments across the country. The key chain attachment makes it easy to tie on a bright colored string lanyard, thus if it's tucked in your purse or pocket you'll easily find it. It's very effective.

If you want to step up in terms of distance, this is the one you want.

These spray a gel like spray, so the likelihood of it blowing in your face is very low.

u/KeepingTrack · 6 pointsr/relationship_advice

If you think they won't react negatively, tell a teacher. Always go to your car with a buddy. Look, don't trust that his obsession is just some "Cute Puppy" type of thing. Look at "nice guy" threads in other relationship subs and this one. If you don't have a pepper spray or mace keychain, and a self defense keychain, I reccomend these.

It's a mix of pepper spray, tear gas and UV dye to dye an attacker for later proof of ID. Made by Sabre, the best you can find IMHO. And the price on both of these are insanely cheap.


Cool, kitty-cat shaped self defense tool. Perfect for a chick. Or a manly man like me. :)


No, that's not overreacting. If you have Prime, total $16-ish plus taxes, 2 day wait on self defense tool, 5 day wait on the CS/PepperSpray/Dye spray.

Tell you what, even if you think I'm paranoid or it's excessive, get one. I'd get one each for yourself, and for your friend. Christians say God helps those that help themselves, so do that. Be proactive and respond to the situation fluidly, don't react during and after something bad happening, and chance being caught unprepared.

Be safe, and take care of yourself. :) You'll encounter many men like this in your lifetime, most likely.

u/Coffeezilla · 5 pointsr/LetsNotMeet

This is what all my retail coworkers carry.

This is what I carried riding the bus for over 2 years.

u/therealdarkcirc · 5 pointsr/gundeals

Cheaper in black, 5.95 prime

Cheaper in pink, 6.77 prime

Is there some reason you like this color? It's also cheaper, though from a 3rd party.

u/BamBam12612 · 5 pointsr/running

Personally I have never dealt with this experience. However, I think there are a couple things you can do. I always try to not run in the same place two days in a row, not because of paranoia but mainly because it's nice to not run the same way everyday. The other thing I'd suggest is maybe getting pepper spray. I know neither of these options will necessarily help you forget the things you experienced but maybe they'll put your mind at ease a little while running knowing that you are a little safer.

u/faradayyy · 5 pointsr/creepyPMs

Academy sells the kind that you can attach to your keychain. They're also on Amazon

u/kmaschan · 5 pointsr/running

I always run with pepper spray if I'm alone. You can get it on Amazon for $8 ( It comes with a strap so it literally sits on your hand, you don't even have to grasp it.

u/th_veteran · 5 pointsr/SexWorkers

Bring a discreet can of mace.

u/huckstah · 5 pointsr/vagabond

Funny your name is Saber, because Sabre is definitely the one I rely on.

The best is the Sabre Red Police-Grade Pepper Gel. It comes out in a wide spray of gel like substance, which is awesome because the first thing people do when they get hit in the face is to try to smear it off their face with both hands. But, the more you smear the gel, the worse it gets. It completely incapacitates them for better than typical spray.

It's only 13 dollars, I highly recommend it for any traveler.

u/Synaesthesiaaa · 5 pointsr/bicycling

This is what I use. I looped the belt strap through one of the straps on my seat pack so I can reach down and grab it quickly.

u/CoffeeNut98 · 5 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

REPORT THIS GUY! As a 19 year old man I can say "Abdul" is a damn creeper, and NOTHING he did could be considered normal or good in the slightest.

Next time someone makes you feel uncomfortable like that, ask them to leave IMMEDIATELY. The safety of you and your wife is not worth a few bucks, people over paper ya know.

Also as other people have said you might want to invest in better security. It's a trust but verify sorta situation, you'd like to think all of your guest are going to be super cool French, hitchhiker, philanthropists, but lets face it, some are going to be like Abdul. You need to prepare yourself for them.

1). Don't ever give them keys, do not give any random asshat with an AirBnB account permanent access to you home. Use something like the reset able combination locks others have suggested.

Also reinforce the hinges and strike plate, it's the most common way exterior doors fail against a home invader. A window reinforcement film is also super useful, it helps prevent windows from shattering when hit with bricks and the like.

2). Get a security system, a fucking loud one. Motion controlled flood lights, sirens, all that shit; messed up fuckers don't like having the whole neighborhoods attention focused on them. Something like this, doesn't require a contract and seems pretty good (Am not endorsing, just found it via Google).

3). If you like dogs, get one. You'll have an amazing furry friend and certain breeds can be intimidating, yet lovable, security puppers

4). Learn how to say no, it's a valuable skill that can be a literal life saver. Maybe go on a ride along with your local PD, see how they deal with belligerent drunks and the like. or you could ask the advice of someone you know is good at resolving this sort of stuff. These aren't the only ideas of course, find what works best for you.

5). A shotgun can be your best friend if perverts decide to take things to the next level. Invest in something like this, a security length barrel, and some self defense ammo (or anything that says "20 gauge, Buckshot, Low recoil, Home Defense," etc. on it).

Also learn how to use it and store it safely, Google around to find local ranges that host intro to shooting/intro to shotgun type classes. You don't have to be Rambo, but getting the basics down pat can turn you into a competent shot-gunner.

Plus trap, skeet, sporting clays, etc. are super fun!

(Tasers, stun guns, collapsible baton and pepper spray are also good alternatives if you don't want to use lethal force)

Hopefully this give you some idea of how to protect you and yours, stay safe!

u/bigpolar70 · 5 pointsr/legaladvice

Bear spray usually has a lower OC content than allowed in regular pepper spray - 1-2% for bear spray vs. 10% for humans.

Human Spray - 10% OC

Bear Spray - 2% OC

The only advantage of bear spray is that is is designed to shoot farther. If you want to use pepper spray get some designed for humans.

u/tgsa · 5 pointsr/CCW

Have you thought about carrying mace? Someone takes a swing at me I'm dousing them with it. Causes much more pain than my fist.

Fox Labs 1.5 Ounce 2% OC 5.3-mm Flip Top Stream Pepper Spray

u/Pithy_Username · 5 pointsr/CCW

Sabre sells a pocket sized gel mace that comes with a training cartridge. I highly recommend it. I also have their big fuck-off hand sprayer for home defense. I like mace as a proportional response for all the reasons you mentioned, plus a lower incidence of mortality on employment than electrical methods. More less lethal?

I always have one of these on my keychain in my back left pocket. Comes out quick with my off hand and leaves my dominant hand free for whatever follow up is necessary.

Edit: Thanks to the training cartridge, I know for sure that accurate one-handed off-hand employment is possible. Not awesome, but possible.

u/redavid · 4 pointsr/running

I think you're better suited with a can of pepper spray than a knife.

I have a small can with a hand strap that I like.

I'm not aware of any states that ban it outright, though it's possible some might have limits about strength or size.

u/someguyfromcanada · 4 pointsr/offbeat

Or you could just go directly to the Amazon reviews.

u/happyscrappy · 4 pointsr/politics

This was pepper spray. The use of chemical mace is rare now except as tear gas. It's still legal though.

This is the actual product used.

edit: Here's the materials safety data sheet for the product.

It contains no tear gas (CN).

It's pepper spray.

u/Is_anyone_listening · 4 pointsr/LosAngeles

Yes, screaming makes a difference because it calls attention to what the person is doing, and they don't want attention on it. Then they have to focus on getting the hell out of there before someone kicks the shit out of them or calls the police. Sitting there meekly does nothing. So you scream your motherfucking head off, like, "STOP TOUCHING THAT KID! LEAVE HIM ALONE! CALL 911!!!" You just sat there? Sorry but that's fucked up.

There are a ton of pepper spray options that spray in a stream--if they all sprayed you back in the face they'd be a pretty ineffective self defense weapon. Here is one that's cheap, sprays in a stream and goes on your keychain so you can have it with you at all times:

u/TheOriginalGio · 4 pointsr/lifeisstrange

For those curious, here's the link. It caught me off guard; the hair and outfit were pretty similar to what Max wears.

u/adrian87camaro · 3 pointsr/running

I have a small pepper spray that I take with me. Had to use it yesterday morning as this chihuahua mix had already made several passes at me. Stopped him real quick. I've used it on another occasion on two pitbulls (great breed, but these had asshole owners). A three second spray also sent them home packing. I use this pepper spray.

u/GlockR15 · 3 pointsr/EDC

From L-R, T-B


u/AlGeee · 3 pointsr/knives

One more time:

Knives are not good for self-defense

Get pepper spray

Or a gun

Pepper spray is cheap:

SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Compact Size with Clip (Max Protection - 35 shots, up to 5x's more)

I know I knife might seem like a good idea for self-defense, but is just not…

For one thing, there's a good chance that the attacker will take the knife and hurt you with it.

"The loser of a knife fight dies at the scene… The winner of a knife fight dies in the ambulance…"

So, carrying a knife for self-defense can be worse than carrying nothing at all.

Please get pepper spray.

Learn some practical martial arts.

u/cartoon_gun · 3 pointsr/boston
u/Z4KJ0N3S · 3 pointsr/internetparents

Pepper spray is $7 on Amazon, if that makes you feel safer. :)

u/MilkChugg · 3 pointsr/SeattleWA

Get it if you feel that your life is worth protecting. You don't need to be paranoid, but it's always good to be prepared. If you're in a situation where you feel that your safety or your life is in danger, use it - it is effective. If that time comes, and I hope it doesn't, you are solely responsible for the outcome of that situation and I'm assuming you want it to work out in your favor. The police won't be there to protect you and people on the street will likely not intervene.

This is the one that I bought for myself and my wife. I'd also recommend getting the practice spray to try it out a few times and feel confident using it.

And disregard the people talking about how safe Seattle is and mocking others for being prepared. Your safety and your preparedness is more important than what they think.

u/eventhough · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

I bought my girlfriend pepper spray from Big 5. This model:

Yes, it's pink. She carries it in her hand whenever she is in a scary area of the city (SF). Thankfully she has never had to use it. Before I bought it I watched some YouTube videos to make sure it actually works. Apparently military and police training programs use it for "OC Training". Check it out:

Pepper spray is scary stuff. It works.

u/rafiwrath · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting
u/llmmd · 3 pointsr/C25K

If I ever run at night, I carry pepper spray. Even if I never have to use it, it makes me feel safer. The one I have has a strap so it just sits in the palm of your hand.

u/fuck_im_dead · 3 pointsr/Portland That sabre? I have the one with dye in it as well, hopefully I don't need to use it but I do love the hand strap for when I go running along the swc at dusk.

u/zaphriel · 3 pointsr/creepyPMs

Hi. I agree with all the other posts about looking into monitoring for evidence to stop the stalker using the police.

The only thing I'd add is that everyone seems to have overlooked your personal safety here. Hopefully one of these will be near you.

And I'd also look into to carrying something for your personal safety. Something like this would give you a good bang for your buck.

I don't mean to scare you, but as stated before, you really can't predict crazy and being prepared is better than being sorry.

Best of luck.

u/Narmotur · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Sure, good pepper spray cans have, you know, safety guards. You can always go with the alternative, though.

u/jxcb345 · 3 pointsr/oakland

Yeah, I would also say to start carrying pepper spray just in case it's needed as a last resort - it's cheap and portable. If you don't have any experience with it, practice using it (NOT into the wind) so you have some muscle memory if you ever have to actually use it. I like this one.

u/relax_its_fine · 3 pointsr/SelfDefense

In his ama Johnny Knoxville said getting sprayed with Sabre red pepper spray was the most painful thing he's ever experienced. I've used it three times (work late nights in a terrible area) and it instantly takes someone out of a fight. It's a lot easier to explain pepper spraying someone to the cops than it is to have to defend why your knuckles are bruised and the other dude is unconscious.

u/_captain-shitacular_ · 3 pointsr/legaladvice

This is a completely valid and understandable reply regarding firearms. Even if it's not a gun, especially if it's not a gun, I still urge you to find a suitable weapon for daily carry.

Sabre pepper gel is reliable, doesn't leak, and because it's a gel as opposed to an aerosolized spray it doesn't atomize in the wind and can't blow back at you. I carry this and a punch dagger (cannot be taken away from you easily because the handle is completely wrapped in your palm).
Stun guns are not generally reliable, but again I recommend Sabre products, they make a stun gun that gets good reviews for reliability and power, and is supposedly effective through up to 3 layers of clothing. Expandable batons and baseball bats also have merits, but I wouldn't recommend either unless your upper body strength is better than average.

The idea is not to attack your ex on sight and it's not to avoid calling the police completely. The idea is to call the police when he shows up and have a last-ditch weapon concealed on your person if his violence escalates to intent to kill (you don't get close to him, but you make damn sure he won't walk away if he gets too close to you).

As I said, guns aren't everyone's cup of tea, and not the best for every situation; however, opting to not have viable self defense options at all is foolish. Please, for your own safety, research some serious self-defense options that will work for your situation. Domestic violence usually escalates over time and I've read too many stories of women that call the cops and try to talk it out every time who are murdered when their abusers finally go off the deep end. Anything is better than nothing, and if you ever have to use it, you're already dead and have nothing to lose.

u/MjrGrangerDanger · 3 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

If this is legal in your area it's what police use and suggest if you aren't comfortable with a firearm.

It's a gel so it doesn't have the blowback issues common with sprays.

u/Floccinaucity · 3 pointsr/news

I think someone took those parodies on Amazon a little too seriously.

u/gunmedic15 · 3 pointsr/SelfDefense

OK, "mace" really isn't a thing anymore. There is a company called MSI (for Mace Security International) that makes sprays, and makes good ones. All the defense sprays are OC based, what is kown as pepper spray commonly. Some have various tear gas sprays mixed in. You'll see those as OC-CS or OC-CN sprays. Do your research and you'll see what the advantages and disadvantages are. The big, quality brands are MSI, Sabre, Fox, POM, and possibly Kimber. I would start with one of those and see what size you need.

I personally feel that the little canisters where you have to twist a small safety lever like this styleare hard to use under stress. Avoid fine motor skills and get one with a flip top that is easy to use and orients in your hand automatically like this Same company similar size, much easier to use under stress. All the good companies have similar ones. MSI Pom Fox
The Kimber is different, it launches with a blank instead of compressed gas. There's plenty of YouTube videos, on mobile myself but look, easy to find.
There are advantages and disadvantages to the different spray patterns and types. A fog spray is very easy for the target to inhale deeply, and it gets in the eyes and mouth and nose well, but it lacks range and is affected by wind. A narrow liquid stream is longer ranged, but requires more accuracy (fine motor skill under stress) to hit the face, eyes, etc. The gels and foams buck the wind better and the foams get behind glasses and stick, but there have been cases of opponents flicking it back at the victim. What you need depends on where you go, where you figure you're most likely to need it. They're cheap, so maybe plan on getting more than one style to keep in different places. You should also get more than one can so you can train with one of them. You can also find any nuber of YouTube videos about people getting sprayed. Watch a few and notice the limited effects OC has on people. Have a plan in case it fails. If you think someone will react to OC the way Dracula does in the movies when somebody spalshes holy water on him, you're gonna be disapointed.

u/_Lady_Deadpool_ · 3 pointsr/insanepeoplefacebook

$8 on Amazon w/prime

It could save your life and fits in almost any bag. It also has UV ink so cops can identify the target. It's legal in most (all?) states but some don't let you ship it there.

Don't carry a pocket knife with dreams of slashing at an attacker. They'll just take it from you and use it against you.

u/TheManLawless · 3 pointsr/dogs

Look into a Gel Pepper Spray. I bought this one on Amazon. It has less blowback than traditional Pepper Spray, which should make it easier/safer to use(so you
don’t accidentally pepper spray your self or your dog).

A knife could be a decent last resort, but I hate the idea of using one when it’s unnecessary. That being said, you would be well within your rights to carry one (just look up the restrictions in your area).

I’ve not had occasion to use it yet, but I have a neighbor who likes to walk her large pit bull type dogs off leash. Animal control is useless (extremely underfunded) in my area, and seemingly they won’t do anything unless the dog attacks a person. Fortunately her dogs don’t seem to mind me or my dog, but they will cross the street to investigate us.

u/rochestercyclist · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

I didn't get a good shot at his forehead as far as I know, but I found a frame from the original video back when this happened showing the pepper spray hitting his ear. He got a couple swings in (that all hit my helmet) and eventually knocked me off my bike before the burning and my swinging back discouraged him. I know I got a well-aimed punch to his jaw before he walked off.

Ultimately, I walked away with zero injuries and continued on my day after the police finished taking a report. I'd consider that effective in my book.

u/ycgfyn · 3 pointsr/Seattle

You wife would drop JJ Watt with that. Easily. Also, welcome to downtown. You can thank the idiot charities who are hell bent on putting every junkie in the area into downtown.

u/JJMcGee83 · 3 pointsr/WA_guns

Getting a gun is going to take some time and will be a large commitment on your part, both from a cost, time and responsibility stand point (i.e. are you prepared to deal with the potential legal repercussions of needing to use your gun in self defense?)

In the meantime while you try to find the right place to train with and eventually buy a pistol I would suggest you buy some pepper spray because you can get it right now and start carrying it immediately. Almost any name brand will work but I always recommend this:

Because it comes with a blue inert training canister that will let you practice your aim and get an idea for how much spray is in there and how far the spray will go and arc without the risk of getting pepper spray in your face.

It will also give you an idea how you feel about carrying something extra with you; if this canister is too bulky for you then bad news a gun is even bigger and heavier.

u/boarlizard · 2 pointsr/EDC

Olight S2

HP zbook g4

G-Shock Classic

Sabre Red with Clip Holster for backpack pocket

Travelambo RFID wallet

Some basic first aid stuff I carry is pictured too, foldable mini splint, first aid kit, pocket resuscitator, and a RATS tourniquet. I HATE the RATS, pretty garbage but my old tourniquet has somehow disappeared… plan on replacing it when I have the money. Also, I fucking love local beer!

u/Highlifetallboy · 2 pointsr/guns
u/pushbutton55 · 2 pointsr/GetMotivated

I usually hangout by myself and I am a big strong guy and I usually always carry my pepper spray, as I do not always know who or what I might encounter, be safe!

SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Compact Size with Clip (Max Protection - 35 shots, up to 5x's more)

u/Cordingly · 2 pointsr/politics

Maybe a lot of people don't live in constant fear of "criminals" that intend to bodily harm us or our families? And maybe we think a hand gun would be fine in this hypothetical situation?

And if we didn't want to own a gun, I'd spend 7 dollars for this and not worry about my kid shooting themselves as much.

u/689430944 · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

get yourself some eye spice

u/calacatia · 2 pointsr/beautytalkph

I buy my pepper sprays from NelsonKRX on Facebook. Meron din sa Hahn Manila and some Ace Hardwares.

EDIT: This is what I have.

u/TheSaltyFlipper · 2 pointsr/The_Donald

Not sure if serious or concern trolling. When you attend an event carry pepper spray it's really cheap to buy. With all the criminal illegal aliens running around it is a good idea to have some on hand anyway. Order from Amazon if you must but please if possible buy from a locally owned and operated business instead. Spending money in your own community creates jobs and growth in your own community. MAGA!

u/Jewbaccafication · 2 pointsr/ucf

This works well.

u/Claydawg666 · 2 pointsr/NewOrleans

I would advise getting this one. Very user friendly and reliable. I run frequently and use the clip to tuck it in my shorts that don't have pockets. Never moves.

Go to the middle of bum-fuck nowhere and give it some practice shots just so you know what you are dealing with.

u/roadrunner8 · 2 pointsr/XXRunning

note that actual mace is illegal in many places, unless you mean pepper spray which is good everywhere

I clip on this for selective longer runs to areas I am not 100% with

u/dnd1980 · 2 pointsr/randomactsofamazon

Ok so $20 total between the two correct? Not $20 each?

For /u/marvelsyrin I say the pepper spray.

/u/MadiAlwaysBe Doesn't have anything that is Prime shipping that is less then $15. She does have an add on item for $4.69. She does have one item for like $8.50 total including shipping but its not prime.

u/EurasianChameleon · 2 pointsr/aznidentity

Skip knife. You bring a knife to a gun fight and you are dead. Only use knife as utility, not defense. Knifes are extremely useful in emergency situations like a car crash cutting seat belts and using the window smasher if it has one. Tons of good knives from China via Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood (check r/knives)

Carry an OC Spray. Use that if threat is unarmed and run in defense. I have the Sabre OC spray $10 on Amazon ( Quick Release Keyring ORMD )

The final force multiplier I carry is a the S&W Shield 2.0 9mm, or get the Shield 2.0 380EZ.

I love this guy on YouTube (Active Self Protection)

u/killtheslackers · 2 pointsr/USMC
u/hello-everything · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hmmm, under 10?

u/matches05 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


  1. This is my item because I want to feel safe walking to/from work!

  2. Something interesting I've done recently is that I got to use a very fancy surgery robot and I felt very cool!

  3. Rød grød med fløde (you're Danish, yeah?) :)

  4. Alright! Keep on smiling!!!!! What is your internship about??
u/Vinnyb1322 · 2 pointsr/starterpacks

So, weirdly, these popped up in my Amazon recommended. I am happy to report we're both right. There is a version that supports breast cancer, and a version that doesn't. Lol

u/mzeld · 2 pointsr/Egypt

This is the one I have SABRE RED Pink Pepper Spray Keychain for Women with Quick Release - Maximum Police Strength Pepper Spray, Finger Grip for Aim & Accuracy, 10-Foot (3M) Range, 25 Bursts - Helps Fight Breast Cancer

u/sundowntg · 2 pointsr/UCSantaBarbara
u/morosesarered · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

it would either be this (as a female planning to live in NYC this summer, I need this shit), my climbing gear [1] ( 2 3, or my old spice body spray.

u/MintChapstick · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

They have this $10 one I've seen at Office Depot before. I'm sure Walmart has it too.
Here's the reviews for it on Amazon.

u/kayceelee · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I used to carry this around but agree with /u/Valkes about it being impractical. You never know how you're going to react scared in a situation (hands shaking, freezing up) or if you can/have time to react. The one time I thought I might need to use my pepper spray on someone, I'm glad I didn't because it felt like it took hella long to dig out of my purse and open/have ready.

Probably not a huge concern to some people, but pepper spray/mace is also illegal to carry around in some places.

I recently (because someone got attacked walking the same route I walk home alone from work most nights) switched over to this. It hangs off of the strap of my purse and all I'd have to do is yank it off the key chain for a loud alarm to sound. Personally, I feel better having that on hand than pepper spray I might not even be able to use or could get hurt using.

u/sukithefox · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

My husband maintains that karate is very effective. There are various styles. Researching them for yourself would be most beneficial. I studied Tae Kwon Do and some shotokan, which is good for my body type because I have horrid upper body tone, though i have tried bulking up before, BUT I also have very strong legs. TKD is a lot of kicks, though some is for show. I think the main thing I liked about my husband's school was that they taught what to do when you lose the upper hand and have to grapple, as well as what to do when you have your feet under you. I can't for the life of me remember the style he learned, but the school was Hsin Lu Dao... I'm fairly certain it was shotokan and go ju. He says the grappling was more jiu jitsu... multiple schools tend to cover multiple bases. It isn't exactly comfortable at first, but it does eventually become ingrained as reflexes. Husband says shotokan schools are becoming more and more tournament centered, so it's probably worth shopping around for an academy.

The keychains I picked up at an armory the last time my dad went in for ammo. Mine is black, but it looks like this one

It fits decently in your hand. And it burns like a bitch, because I have had some on my hands and rubbed my face on accident before. I wouldn't recommend that particular experience. The main thing is to make sure that you don't put your finger over the spray when you push. Haven't used, have practiced. I don't think it'd be good for more than a couple of bursts, though the packaging says something like 20.

u/samsterk911 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

All of me, loves all of you

/u/Janiichan you're cool people! hope tomorrow works out better for you ! :D

u/BinaryMn · 2 pointsr/rocbike

I've taken it from Perinton back into the city at the dead of night multiple times without issue. I'll occasionally see some sketchy people once I get closer towards the city, but they've never bothered me.

If you feel nervous biking along it at night, invest in some pepper spray.

u/Bofus_QuestionMark · 2 pointsr/cycling

You're being downvoted but I'm seriously considering getting a gun. I have had multiple reasons to need to defend myself. I ride all around Riverside. People have threatened me with their cars. One came at me with his truck, freaking out about people breaking into his place. He used his truck to cut me off on the wrong side of the road and had me captured. I assured him I was not a thief. He was clearly wigged out on meth or something. Another guy, further out in the desert lifted his shirt to let me know he was carrying a concealed gun. He thought he was making me feel more secure I guess. I carry the only wimpy pocketknife I have and recently heard tale of homeless ambushing riders to steal their bikes on the Santa Ana River Trail. So, that knife is little insurance, not enough of it. A guy an hour away, in San Diego, was attacked and got shot on an idyllic trail my sister walks on all the time for his bike. I've had packs of loose dogs chase after me in my mom's neighborhood, yes, including pit bulls. The other day, I was mountain biking and randomly discovered creepy mines which were decorated by Leatherface or some Manson refugee. I ordered pepper spray for cyclists from Amazon and it's currently attached to my top tube. It's not enough. I came into contact with a mountain lion. The guy who told me the story about avoiding ambush said he was going to use bear spray on his multiple attackers but who knows if that would be enough against a group. I'm not even going to start to describe the year I had a work studio and lived in South LA.

u/doshido · 2 pointsr/cincinnati

SABRE CY-35-US Advanced Police Strength Cyclist Pepper Spray with Adjustable Bike Strap

u/TheBarbarion · 2 pointsr/running

SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray - Police Strength - Runner with Adjustable Hand Strap (Max Protection - 35 bursts, up to 5x's More)

u/VideUltra · 2 pointsr/uberdrivers

Bad idea. You won't hit him hard enough to take him out of the action, just enough to get him angry. Good way to get yourself killed by a wacko. Get pepper spray, the gel kind so it won't blow back at you, and a gun.


u/missionfbi · 2 pointsr/creepyencounters

I am glad you are okay. Pepper spray helps me feel safer.

u/GreenSkyFish · 2 pointsr/ForeverAlone

Normally id give you a long thought out reply but im really tired right now. Step 1, buy this:

now youre young so you may stil care about gender roles and feel "why would i need to crary papper spray"

The truth is, young kids are dumb. You already know your bullies run in groups. You fought them off once, but what if they catch you by surprise, what if they have weapons, they can really do some damage to you.

No matter what, if you have papper srpay tyou carry with you, it will really amlplefiy your self defense abilities. Its just a good precatuion to have. I would also honestly maybe consiedr tlking to the police officer about your hraassment from these guys. Tell thehead of the church or the main pastor just so he is AWARE of the history between you and these kids so later when something goes wrong, tehy cant try to blame it on you

u/TheOnlyCaveat · 2 pointsr/running

I have this pepper spray I carry if I'm worried I'll be somewhere with loose dogs or sketchy people. I've never had to use it, but it's super light and straps onto your hand so you really don't notice it much.

u/Belo42 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I've found myself in this exact same predicament. You have to be aware of the situation you're in and how vulnerable you are when you're out by yourself. I use to run, at night, alone, in an area where a women was abducted some years prior. Trust me I kept my music low, my eyes open, and mace in hand. The risk is there but that's no reason to live your life in fear. Bad things happen all the time, weather we're ready for them or not.

I would recommend a self defense class, some spray, and reevaluating your options.

u/WarlizardGamingForum · 2 pointsr/running
u/k-sci · 2 pointsr/The_Donald

The media will report it as indicative of a wider practice and fucks will put you in jail even if it is a clear case of self defense.

That's why.

Let the violence be on them. If you need something for self-defense in a non-life threatening situation consider pepper spray with a marker dye so the fuck can be IDed

u/FartingPickles · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Yes, but I'm saying pepper spray with paint in it is already being sold on Amazon. I'll go back through replies, I thought you said early on that it isn't a thing, but it already is.

I'm not saying people can't use it to blind innocent people on purpose, but the same goes for spray paint. You could literally use that instead and spray someone's eyes and no ones going to stop you from buying it.

Edit: Checked. You said there's ones that take pictures and didn't comment on the dye.

They also would likely make it so it wouldn't damage eyes. While it's not ideal to get paint in your eyes, I'm sure there's nontoxic that won't just blind you. People will find ways to injure others as much as possible anyways.

u/shutyercornhole · 2 pointsr/SelfDefense

For the most part this was exactly the outcome you could hope for. You are self aware and continually check your surroundings for exactly this purpose. They identified you as a potential target but then you engaged them, identified them, and chose the wisest path of egress. You did not present the easy target they may have been searching for.

IMHO, groups like this are only a threat as long as they're together. While personal alarms (almost as effective as car alarms), and stun guns hold a purpose neither would be effective in this situation. Pepper spray could strike multiple opponents and buy you the time to Get Outta Dodge. Keep doing what you're doing. Consider adding something like this to your daily carry:

Don't be afraid to challenge, appear mentally unstable, or to engage early if you're threatened. Best of luck.

u/StrangerMind · 2 pointsr/bugout
  • Pepper Spray - You can keep 4 legged and 2 legged animals away. I like the foam versions.
  • Crank/Solar Flashlight/Radio/Phone Charger - Lets you get updates on news and weather and allows you to replace your flashlight (keep the headlamp) with this.
  • Whistle - They really weigh a fraction of an ounce so no reason not to have one for emergencies.
  • Small notepad and pen - Writing down notes (like if the news lists a set of roads that are totally blocked or whatever)
  • Cards - if you think you will get bored.
  • Glow Sticks - Fire may not be your friend in a big city. A few 8-12 hour glow sticks could come in handy.

    It did not sound like you were looking at a true SHTF emergency so I left out things like a flat pry bar or silock key or some of the other larger items you would not need just because of a hurricane or something.
u/stolenbikesdc · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

In addition to a bat, I have a couple containers of pepper gel inconspicuously placed around my house in case of a situation like this.

u/cngut5 · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

Buy this one:

I unfortunately had to use it twice - one at an uncollared rottweiler that was running at me and my dog and another on a would-be mugger/whatever at night. They both dropped immediately.

u/ScrewpyNoopers · 2 pointsr/Portland
u/Singletrack_Criminal · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

This one. Gel because it's windy. Apparently it takes 20 seconds to kick in.

u/ViviElnora · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

You should consider getting pepper spray and a taser for when you aren't at home, first step is to check if they are legal where you are.

If you decide to get pepper spray, this kind is a gel, so you don't have to worry about where the wind is coming from. As for a taser, this one appealed to me because it is designed to make it difficult for it to be taken from you.

u/Dev_Jaime · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

Depending on your State laws (Such as California) its legal to have better forms of OC Pepper Spray range in capsicum concentration, force distance, etc. Other states require licensing or training or make it illegal for consumers to carry. I'm licensed in the State of California for when I worked as a Security Officer to carry law enforcement grade Pepper spray which is 10% oleoresin capsicum (OC). If your state laws allow it, this is the brand I use that has 10 percent and a higher range (5.5 meters): Sabre Red (gel form) Note: I prefer gel form due to its more idiot proof for me personally. This brand has other forms available.

u/Battle_Rattle · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Shoulder strap in stretch mesh on my Crown VC 60. I use this, as it's light but still fogs.

u/polychromie · 2 pointsr/occupywallstreet

This is the actual page with the reviews.

u/rspix000 · 2 pointsr/occupywallstreet

Yep, check out the comments and user images, Hilarious.

u/Iamaleafinthewind · 2 pointsr/politics

Yerp. You should check out the MK-9 product reviews on Amazon that cropped up after the UC Davis incident.

u/autumnfalln · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wow, that's amazing about your tuition! Congrats, and thank you for being so kind and paying a bit forward =) I also see that you're going to Spain for school! That's so exciting! I'm jealous, hehe. Seriously you're going to have a great time. I've had two friends study abroad in Spain and they loved it.

I know about dat tough student lyfe. I just graduated in Spring and man...most expensive piece of paper I've ever purchased, haha. AND I'll be going to grad school in the fall, so in two years, I'll have bought another really expensive piece of paper! ;D

There are a lot of school things that would be incredibly useful and helpful to me like this laptop charger or even this pepper spray since I'll be taking night classes. But I think what would help me out even more is at least a gift card toward a new backpack which I need desperately since someone stole mine, grr!

u/HeloRising · 2 pointsr/redpreppers

Ok, there's a lot going on here.

First, this looks unreliable as balls. The masks worked for a minute or two standing still against essentially an aerosolized oil. Contrary to what they said in the video, they were using pepper spray, not tear gas. This sounds nitpicky but it makes a difference as the actual stuff that wrecks your mucous membranes is, as I mentioned, an oil and that's relatively easy to extract from air with something like charcoal pellets. I don't see this working for much else. Certainly not for things like gases.

They also mentioned that breathing quickly made the masks not work. That's fine if you're standing still and don't need much oxygen but between the possibility of having to leg it somewhere, panicking, and the inefficient exchange of air in the masks you stand a pretty good chance of passing out from insufficient oxygen or breathing so deeply you end up breathing in whatever you're trying to keep out if you wear these for any length of time.

I'm also sold on the idea of breathing in activated charcoal. There aren't any specific negative effects to charcoal dust that I am aware of but there are risks associated with general dust inhalation.

Second, 50/50 antacid and water works. 50/50 mint antacid and water does not. Try a little experiment; get some toothpaste, put a little in a cup, and squirt some water in there until it's pretty liquid-y. Now dab that around (not in) your eyes. You'll note that that really fucking burns. If you're getting antacid for combating pepper spray, get the non-flavored variety.

Side note, this mixture does fuck all for tear gas exposure.

Third, if you are just bent on doing this, don't fuck around with soda cans and duct tape. Screw all that. Get a couple vortex tubes, they're a few bucks, and screw a small bottle on. You can even pre-prepare other "filters" and change them out as you need them rather than ditching the entire mask.

Overall, I feel like this is a terrible idea except under very, very particular circumstances that most people who are thinking of making these won't encounter.

u/freebass · 2 pointsr/houston

I recommend FOX Labs 5.3. It's extremely effective against any vermin you may encounter. It's legal and I carry mine everywhere I go. Make sure you get the stream and not the cone/fogger so you minimize the potential for it to blow back in your face. If you're curious about its effectiveness, look it up on YouTube. Drops em like a rock!

u/nemmy25 · 2 pointsr/milwaukee

Have you tried Amazon or Galls? Anyways, buy a 2 oz spray, stream not foam or mist, and something like this

Fox 5.3 is the hottest spray on the market and is absurdly painful. Anything smaller than 2 oz gives you little to no margin of error, great size to fit into a pocket as well.

Seriously this stuff is evil and will incapacitate anyone. I have been sprayed a few times in training and nothing compares to fox 5.3.

u/l0NG57VTk · 2 pointsr/sandiego

Yes, I know about the law. I usually carry a Fox Labs 1.5 ounce on my person. After witnessing a very violent road rage incident at Friars & Fenton in Mission Valley I now carry the 1lb can in the car. A gun, tazer or a super soaking of Fox Labs is the only thing that might have stopped this crazed lunatic. I'd rather be alive with a misdemeanor and $1000 fine than seriously messed up or dead...

Same thing applies to firearms. Lived in National City during the 1992 LA riots, $hit got real there and I carried my Glock 24/7 for about a week...

u/nistjunkie · 2 pointsr/sandiego
u/-reddy · 2 pointsr/CCW

I have this in my on the go backpack and in my vehicle.

u/NuclearLavaLamp · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

I use Fox Labs 5.3 Pepper Spray.

However, I would make sure pepper spray is legal to carry where you live.

u/heat128 · 2 pointsr/bicycletouring

I've never had to use pepper spray on a dog, but I have on several human beings, I would strongly recommend a pepper spray that sprays in a cone pattern over a stream, both have their uses but in a high pressure situation with little time to react, you might not have time to aim, a stream as expected is something more akin to a squirt gun which is more accurate, while a cone spray obviously is like a super powered mister/blast.

I've seen several 'jogger' sprays that have a handband you can wear in your palm, or reverse it to set on the back of your hand. The most important thing about pepper spray (or any item for self defense.) is to have it somewhere you can grab it and use it at a moments notice. Pepper spray or a gun is useless if it's at the bottom of your backpack while you're wearing it.

Obviously check state law, but in the state of Florida you can have I believe 3oz max unless you have a CCW permit or something akin.

This is what I use and would recommend, and also, don't neglect to buy a new one once every 1-2 years. Last thing you need is the false sense of security of something that won't work when you REALLY need it.

u/alangub · 2 pointsr/CCW

I carry this along with my ccw. The gel doesn’t blow back on you so it can be used in enclosed spaces and the gel gets a bit more range than most sprays. I like the flip top because it is easier to get out of my pocket and on target without some kind of safety switch. I’ve carried it everyday on my keys for about 2 years now and haven’t had it go off on me. Just tested and still sprays strong.

u/YoureAMigraine · 2 pointsr/antiMLM

Amazon is helpful here. I would advise getting two things: a reliable, bright flashlight, and strong pepper gel.

For the flashlight, I recommend a Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA ( or the Streamlight Protac 2-LX (

There are a lot of good lights out there, but these two models are excellent and should meet the needs of most people. The 2-LX is bigger, brighter, and can use rechargeable batteries. However, the 1L-1AA has the advantage of being smaller. Both can easily fit in a pocket or purse.

Here’s a video review if the 2-LX:

Here’s a video comparing the two:

For the pepper gel, I recommend Sabre Red ( It has good range, is super hot, and this kit comes with a practice unit.

u/sierrabravo1984 · 1 pointr/VEDC

That's why you bring the gun with you. Or if you don't have a ccw but are legally protected to have the gun in your car (texas? idk), get a good gun safe and lock it to the car somehow for the times when you have to go inside somewhere that is a gun free zone, like your kid's school that you had to drive an hour through the ghetto to get to. Idk, just an out of the blue scenario. But if I couldn't bring a gun with me in my car, I would bring pepper spray, but I wouldn't leave it in the car. I sometimes carry Sabre red with me for places I'm not allowed to bring my gun. It has a UV dye so you can identify for sure the person that attacked you, plus the screaming helps. Sabre red is really freakin hot, and it's a stream spray not a mist or cone.

u/Hrondir · 1 pointr/news

It wasn't a pleasant experience but if any of us were set on attacking someone it wasn't going to stop us. If it's legal where you live I suggest this. A blast from that and you won't be hurting anyone for at least an hour.

u/rafikidayo91 · 1 pointr/gaybros

In my pocket. It's not a very big bottle. I got it from amazon. I got this kind

u/Kenobi3371 · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

Exactly, whenever I'm not at work I'll carry oc or more. Sabre sells some that clip into a pocket well for only 7$. There's also products that can attach to keychains. Or if you want the extra liability Taser sells the pulse for 400$ which you can conceal in a waistband pretty easily (it's very small). Alternatively martial arts is an awesome resource -- if you're smaller in stature check out Wing Chun. Hope this helped.

u/Amanda_Hugnkiss · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

I'd recommend a small cannister of pocket pepper spray. Ultimately harmless and some are accurate up to 8 feet away.

7 bucks and can go on a keychain.

u/NAh2o · 1 pointr/LosAngeles
  1. Stay off the Blue line. It's the worst of all of them. I'm a 40-something old white guy that looks like a retired colonel and I quit taking the Blue Line because it was so fucking shady.
  2. Pepper Spray
  3. Shank
u/xoScreaMxo · 1 pointr/PublicFreakout

> Lmao are you actually trying to say videogames give you a good understanding of weapons?

Yeah, that's exactly what i'm saying.

> A gun can't "just as easily" be disarmed. No fucking way. The great thing about a gun is you don't have to be standing right next to your attacker.

Ever heard of the 21 foot rule? Look it up.

> Just get pepper spray. It's legal and its way way way more effective than a knife.

I don't disagree, I just like something I can easily conceal between my belt if I want to, also the whole intimidation thing. Anyways I just bought This after your last comment, didn't know it's that cheap. I'm still going to carry both though, a knife doesn't run out of ''ammo'' (or spray in this case).


u/WhyInTheHellNot · 1 pointr/CCW

Agreed. Look into this.

u/XIIXOO · 1 pointr/Advice

get a revolver. if guns arent your thing, keep one of these on you and in every room :

u/Hovsky · 1 pointr/AskLE

Not even that much - $6 shipped.

u/SnottyBonko · 1 pointr/SelfDefense

Get this. CS tear gas and pepper spray plus marker agent all in one, military/police grade. It’s a bad day in a can....

u/elephant2701 · 1 pointr/pussypassdenied

naw man, you got that wrong. pepper spray is weaker. This police strength pepper spray is 0.33%

u/Gunsandgoodcoffee · 1 pointr/CCW

For me personally it would be this stuff.

I keep a can in my backpack when I'm at school. I'm sure someone has mentioned it already but having a good awarness of your souroundings will do you wonders. Just remember that spray is not ment to end the fight as much as it is to disorient your attacker so you can flee. That's why most of these sprays come with a uv active agent so your attacker can be identified later. And of course make sure your state and local laws don't restrict you from having self defense spray.

u/volsain · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hmmm,....all these people stalking your post history. I think THIS item is justified.

u/MikoSqz · 1 pointr/funny

This is a cheaper alternative. Just a little in each eye should do.

u/JustAddBlu · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Great way to season food and enemies.

u/WUTDO11231235 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Ok. Is Amazon a good place to look? I was looking at this one.

**Edit*** Also is Red Sabre any good compared to Fox? Others said this was also a good brand.

u/jayjay59 · 1 pointr/TwinCities

Make sure you purchase one of these mace pepper spray to keep these criminals out of your hair

u/scottevil · 1 pointr/EDC

I bought a few of these and also one time we went to cabellas they were giving them away for free at the door. I like the key chain quick disconnect thing, we use it for more than just putting pepper spray on our keys.

u/drwhojedi · 1 pointr/EDC

Glock 43

Hornady Hollow Points

Uncle Mike's pocket holster size 4

Toyota Corolla key and Sabre pepper spray

Fossil watch

Glasses and Magicfiber cleaning cloth

S&W knife


Damascus Steel wedding ring

u/hardt0f0rget · 1 pointr/Parenting

I think I'm going to get this one. It's small and unobtrusive so it probably won't get noticed and I like the quick release feature.

Sabre Red Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring - Police Strength - 25 Bursts & 10-Foot (3m) Range with Practice Spray Option

u/kosulli · 1 pointr/Portland

Yeah, I just looked these laws up myself a few weeks ago after seeing so many gutter punks around with large kitchen knives sticking out of their cargo shorts. I'm from a state where the limit is 3" so I found it pretty unnerving. I'll be getting pepper spray, one like this with a comfy handle so it will feel better in my hand to walk/jog/hike around with.

u/emmarose329 · 1 pointr/running

What do you use? My boyfriend gave me [this] ( but the safety on it is crap and it shifts to the unlocked position frequently and I'm uncomfortable carrying it in my bag or otherwise.

u/MadNachos · 1 pointr/progun

You bet. These are as small as I think you should go. Pretty well designed case and a handy key-chain quick release thingie. They have enough sprays in them so you can test it to get a feel for the range although I wouldn't do it more than a few times:

For $9.99 its the way to go.

u/thunderdragon94 · 1 pointr/raisedbynarcissists

Hey, just a word of encouragement; you got this.

You're allowed to change your mind. You're allowed to say "no" and not explain yourself. You're allowed to call the cops on them, or to mace them if they won't leave you alone. My N's are actually a main reason why I carry mace; Nrage is not to be underestimated. You do not owe anyone an explanation. You only owe yourself to do what makes you happy as a person. You can do absolutely whatever you want, you are not beholden to them.

u/suckinonmytitties · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So my boyfriend is moving to NYC this month and I will be traveling up there alone a lot this year into the Brooklyn area on public transportation and I really need this pepper spray just in case. As a girl I know that I need to be prepared to defend myself if needed and this would make me feel very safe. Thanks for the contest you are so sweet <3

u/Independent_Male1980 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

>Hmmm, under 10?

> This Essie top coat that makes all glossy polishes matte.

Sweet Jesus where have I been to not know of these things...

This Too Faced "stuff" that makes eyeshadow a more permanent eyeliner.

Awesome suggestion. Never knew this existed. Perfect as it's impossible to find a good white eyeliner in my area. Plenty of white shadows in my collection plus this item will help greatly XD

> This pepper spray!

I love it. And it's my favorite color. PINK XD

This beautiful hanging lantern.


Had to add that simply because of the prettiness awesome factor.

u/ashley393 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

omg! Perfect.. Pepper Spray Self Defense Key Chain Both totally useful I get nervous going to my car at night in St. Louis!

u/KaNikki · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hi there! Many congratulations on your new job! I've spent the week looking for scholarships so I can get myself back to college. I've had some financial and personal issues that stopped me from going, but I'm trying my hardest to get back in without putting myself too far in the red. The schools I'm looking at are mainly public schools in not-so-great parts of NYC, and this would be great.

u/leverhead · 1 pointr/nyc

I bought my girlfriend this because she wanted some. Good reviews and only $7 with free shipping.

u/RobotPigOverlord · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Knives are not a good self defense tool. I train in combat sports and we train in knife fighting and all i can say is EVERYONE in a knife fight gets seriously hurt.

Pepper spray is my self defense tool of choice. Can be used without being in arms reach of an assailant. If u want something by the bed, u can get a roll of industrial velcro from the hardware store and pepper spray and attach a pepper spray to the side of ur bed frame or bed side table.

U can get vibration alarms for the windows to sound the alarm if a window is broken. And/or window alarms meant for opened windows. A good heavy duty lock for the door.

SABRE Window Glass Alarm - 2 Pack

GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm (2 pack)

SABRE RED Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Compact, Pink Case with Quick Release Key Ring (Max Protection - 25 shots, up to 5X's more)

VIPERTEK VTS-989 - 19,000,000 V Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

u/englishmusic · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Pepper spray is an add-on. Also super useful in keeping you safe. I imagine it comes in other colors too, if pink isn't your thing.

u/long_way_home · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A self defense keychain and pepper spray. I walk home from work when it's late quite a bit during the school year, and I would feel SO much more comfortable walking home with these! Seeing as my job is what pays for college... haha

Edit: Where's the asprin

u/frostfromfire · 1 pointr/WTF

If you don't feel like getting your girlfriend a small bottle of pepper spray like this you can make pepper spray at home. Take a cup of water and mix it with a few tablespoons of ground chili pepper, then pour it into a small spray bottle. It won't have the force coming out that a manufactured bottle of mace would have, but it will do the job if sprayed directly into someone's eyes.

u/haleylong10 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The most life changing, or saving, item is this pepper spray. I'm in college and often feel unsafe while walking home sometimes even alone. I think this product could potentially save me. Thank you for the contest :)

u/sighsorry · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I've come into this late and don't know if anyone's suggested these things yet, but just in case they haven't been I'll go ahead.

I'm glad to hear you've called the police and that they'll be patrolling your area more. In the meantime, you can buy a door brace to ensure your door stays shut while you're home, and pepper spray to keep by your bed. I would also recommend purchasing a pepper spray to keep on your key ring so that you have something on your when you are walking to and from your car.

You could also buy a taser gun, but I have no personal experience with them and could not vouch for them personally like I can for a door jam and pepper spray.

I'm sorry you're going through this. It's really scary to not feel safe, especially in your home, which should be a source of comfort for you. Take steps to make yourself feel better protected, and continue to call the police if anything else occurs. Do NOT hesitate to call them. I hope this situation gets taken care of quickly for you.

u/Squishy_Cat · 1 pointr/asktransgender

It might be a good time to mention getting some pepper spray. Sabre Red makes some small ones that are a gel type (much less chance of it blowing back in your own face) and they're only about $9 on Amazon. They have a slightly bigger size for $13 that has a longer range too.

u/friardon · 1 pointr/running

I run with a small can that came with a little wrist strap thing (You can see it here)

Watch a video or two of how to use it. And if you do, run to a safe place and call 9-1-1 afterward (especially if you used it on a human as it can cause an allergic reaction).

u/Vio_ · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

This bad boy. 35 hits, 10 foot range (some will have longer ranges), small enough to carry in a back pocket or small purse pocket. I carry mine in my back pocket whenever I go walking. I'm more worried about loose dogs though (also a good reason to carry it). I personally prefer the one with the key ring.

Collapsable batons are also possible, but they're bulky, can be hard to handle in a fight, and can get lost in a purse. The most important thing to understand is that your weapon can always be used against you. Batons are wicked numbers, because they have physics on their side. The collapsible component adds even more energy than a regular baton/stick, because of the velocity factor in the same way a police door buster often has moving components (sometimes inside itself)

The one, real goal in a confrontation is escape, not escalation. That's why I like the spray. It's long range (6 ft is enough time for an attacker run up to someone and stab them), non-lethal, and surprising. If you or her use it, it WILL get in your eyes through blowback. However, you personally will be expecting it and your attacker will not. When they are writhing in the ground in pain, she will be writhing too, but also escaping as fast as she can.

Tip: Don't attach your spray to your keys. You don't want your keys to get lost in a fight OR become police evidence. Keys can also be used as a weapon, but that's really a last resort.

u/Scyth3 · 1 pointr/running

Here ya go, some folks in my running club carry these (or attach it to their hydration belt):

u/SentimentalSentinels · 1 pointr/running

You can buy a canister with a hand strap to make it harder for it to be grabbed off you.

u/Tahns · 1 pointr/AbandonedPorn

Save yourself the legal hassle and the inevitable media shitstorm if the person happens to be a "photo negative" of you. I would say pepper spray would probably be about as wise as it comes. Completely incapacitates a person in the moment it's needed, but causes no longterm affects or death.

If the person is high, that might make it more of a health problem, idk but I'd still say its the best option.

u/slid3r · 1 pointr/CCW

Pepper spray. It's cheap. Here's two good ones:

SABRE RED Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Runner with Hand Strap (Max Protection - 35 shots, up to 5x's more)

Pepper Enforcement (Pack of 4) Splatter Stream Police Grade 10% OC Self Defense Pepper Spray - Max Strength Law Enforcement Formula - Pack of Four 2-Ounce Flip Top Canisters - 4 Year Shelf Life Cannot Be Shipped To: AK, HI, MI, NJ, NY, NC, SC, or Foreign Countries

u/HelgaG_Pataki · 1 pointr/FrugalFemaleFashion

I run outside by myself and I’ve found I like having a pepper spray on my wrist like [this](SABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray - Police Strength - Runner with Adjustable Hand Strap (Max Protection - 35 bursts, up to 5x’s More) I wear it on my left wrist to easily access it with my right hand. I like that it’s on display, I feel that it gives the perception that I am going to fight back. If I get into a situation that I feel uneasy about, simply switch the entire unit to your dominate hand to be on alert. The strap makes it harder to drop, which is really useful as a fairly clumsy person.

I also just want to say my heart really goes out to you. That’s a terrifying experience and I really wish you to best. We can be as prepared as possible and sometimes the universe just works against us.

u/nawaJ · 1 pointr/indianapolis

Pepper spray has a usage distance of 10ft or more and cost $5-10. That is much better than having to be close enough to an attacker to use a taser.

A quick google says you can have a taser if you are over 18 in Indiana, so I assume you can use them for self-defense.

I just received The Jogger via Amazon. It contains red dye, effective at ten feet, police-strength, has a hand-strap, and a quick-release trigger for $6 with free shipping on prime. I bought one for me and one for the GF.

u/thorgom · 1 pointr/mbti

This should help

u/SgtBaxter · 1 pointr/bicycling

I'd suggest getting some pepper spray or mace that straps to the back of your hand.

Putting it in a saddle bag or carrying it in your jersey pockets means it's not accessible, and if someone does assault you, then you won't have the time to retrieve it.

Something like this

u/Lowback · 1 pointr/The_Donald

We need the U.K. marking spray. Cover these shits in blue goo.

u/Rayneworks · 1 pointr/gaming

Fuck that rule. You have the right to protect yourself. They sell many disguised versions of pepper spray.

Lipstick Pepper Spray

Pen Pepper Spray

Stun gun that looks like an iPhone

Personal alarm

The "Women shouldn't have to protect themselves because people shouldn't assault women" argument is dangerous garbage to listen or respond to. Should and shouldn't is irrelevant. Assault, rape, and murder have been around for as long as living things have existed, and they always will be around. It's foolish for anybody, women OR men, to go around unprotected. Take your life into your own hands, get a tool, learn how to use it. If you can't carry a gun, carry a taser. If you can't carry a taser, carry pepper spray. If you can't carry pepper spray, carry it anyway. If you'd like any advice in how to operate or handle anything you may decide to carry, let me know, I'm glad to help.

u/Terminus-the-god · 1 pointr/PercyJacksonRP

For my brother. With a note reading, "Good hunting."
For the only girl.
For the person placed last.

u/turkey_berzerky · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals
u/CorruptProtocol · 1 pointr/martialarts

This is big and clunky?
There are a number of sizes you can choose from. I carry pepper spray in my pocket at all times.. It isnt a pain to carry at all and it can be out in the same amount of time, if quicker, than a knife. Less lethal...

u/TomTheGeek · 1 pointr/madisonwi
u/vehicularmcs · 1 pointr/CCW

This one.

SABRE RED Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Tactical Series with 18-Foot (5.5M) Range, 18 Bursts & Belt Holster

u/jonny-spot · 1 pointr/CCW

Better yet, get the same product with inert contents.

Real pepper gel

inert cannister for practice/training

u/hungabunga · 1 pointr/Seattle

Bears have much more sensitive noses and are typically fended-off from a longer distance. It's a much bigger can and it makes a big cloud. Pepper gel comes in a much smaller canister and is supposed to be safer to use and more effective on humans.

u/Lemon_Invader · 1 pointr/ainbow

Reposting something I submitted earlier this month:

Do not let Trump supporters attack you without a response.


Learn about your local and state laws on gun ownership.

Locate a fire arm retailer

Locate instructors and classes for training this group focuses on educating LGBTQ folks in the safety and usage of firearms for self defense.


Don't let them think they can get away with their attacks and hate. Make LGBTQ and Women the most armed demographics in the country. Make the Republicans hesitate before they think they can subjugate us.

Carry pepper spray. Sabre Red Pepper Gel is a gel-based police strength pepper spray.

Like guns, pepper spray (especially the 'police strength' type) have their own laws and restrictions, which you can read here and here.

While pepper spray is the "more comfortable" option for those unfamiliar with firearms, please remember it has limited range dependent on the size and design of the canister, and factors such as air movement can even end up blowing the spray into your eyes (making yourself vulnerable, although this risk is mitigated by using gel sprays). A gun has more range, and is not stopped by simple barriers. You can read more about using pepper spray in self defense here.

We need to be able to take action immediately, and in such a way that they are deterred from attacking us again.

u/sraperez · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

"Spray" is ok, but that crap can bite you in the ass if the wind is blowing. Look into Pepper "Gel" because it minimizes the chance of cross contamination. You don't want to incapacitate yourself accidentally. Pepper ____ is god awful stuff that makes grown men cry, scream and can cause temporary blindness. The affects can last for 45 minutes, which is a really long time to be in shear agony when you are trying to escape a situation.

u/barsonme · 1 pointr/CCW

I keep a can of pepper gel in my backpack, and my backpack is always with me during the work week. My SO keeps the same type of pepper spray in her purse (or a smaller little pink one on her keychain—she doesn't have her CPL), so, yeah, I usually have pepper spray with me somehow.

I really only have it in case I run across a neighborhood dog that wants to taste me or if I have to go somewhere I could get arrested for carrying. I also bring it with me to the gym since I'm afraid my old Corolla will get stolen and I don't want to leave my gun in a gym locker.

u/quegrawks · 1 pointr/funny

Resubmitted because the link didn't work in original post.

u/Sven_Dufva · 1 pointr/news

One of the problems was that the officer used a pepper spray which he had no right to use. he is authorized and trained to use MK4 but he used MK9.

MK9 is bigger, more potent which requires more training to use (but which to be knowledge works pretty much like MK4 in practice).

I understand the officers choice to use MK9, as MK4 is not designed to be used on so many people, and he would have had to empty several canisters in order to spray all the protestors, but rules and regulatons are there for a reason, and sometimes they are used in order to shitcan someone.

u/drewskit · 1 pointr/politics

Want Internet snark at its finest?

Read the product reviews on amazon.

u/PinheadLarry2323 · 1 pointr/CCW

I carry this stuff exactly for situations like the one provided. Lowers the use of force from deadly threat to simple assault. It's a good way to get someone off you for sure. If anyone has been pepper sprayed before, you'll know what I'm talking about

u/vegangyy · 1 pointr/astoria

SABRE Pepper Spray - Advanced 3-In-1 Police Strength - Compact, Black Case & Quick Release Key Ring (Max Protection - 25 shots, up to 5x's more)

u/Comrade_Belinski · 1 pointr/SocialistRA

I think you can buy tear gas, but it's much less potent than Police or Military issue. Here is a "pepper spray grenade"

u/DangerousLiberty · 1 pointr/trashy
u/macqueenpooh · 1 pointr/metaldetecting

San Diego, CA. In the busy summer months I've found arriving around sunset works great. It's much easier to find parking and your the first one to find the days treasures in the prime spots.

I use a Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp which defaults to red light but has a bright white when you need it. Red helps preserve your night vision to maintain situational awareness. I also carry a can of pepper spray just in case of weirdos. I've only had to pull out the spray once, and the guy was to stoned or drunk to really be a threat. He just headed towards me like a moth to a flame...

Edit: spelling

u/AppleThief18 · 1 pointr/pics

Yet another reminder of why I always carry a handgun (loaded with these bullets)and a tactical folding knife (if you want a non-lethal option, this is the pepper spray that most police use). You never think violent crime will happen to you, until it does.

As someone who's studied the psychology of violent criminals, they tend to be sociopaths with low IQs. They simply aren't capable of empathizing with their victims or fully understanding the long term consequences of their actions. That's why they'll literally murder someone for the $20 that they have in their wallet and then laugh about it. Combine that with decades of non-Whites being brainwashed into believing that Whites are brutally oppressing them, and you have a lot of militarized people of color who think that their White victims deserve to be assaulted.

And as someone who's studied race, behavior and demographics, one of the hidden racial truths revealed by violent crime statistics is that blacks and brown-skinned "Hispanics" tend to commit way more violent crime per capita than Whites and Asians. And as White Western countries increasingly get flooded with non-Whites, previously safe White communities are seeing an increase in violent crime. My White best friend unfortunately discovered the joys of our increasing diversity when he was murdered by Mestizo illegal immigrants in supposedly "safe" Fairfax County, Virginia.

u/thatswhatshisaid · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

I know I'm late to the game but there's a lot of bad information in this thread. Hopefully you read this. Accidental self-spraying happens if you buy the mist version of pepper spray. Any self-defense instructor worth his/her salt will tell you to NEVER buy mist pepper spray. Buy ones that gives you a concentrated stream output instead of a foggy mist. They shoot farther and give you a lot less chance of collateral damage.

I bought my girlfriend one of these:

u/xSiNNx · 1 pointr/LetsNotMeet

I looked up the laws in SC and it appears there is no legal restriction on pepper spray there.

I know most people think of pepper spray as something only women use in movies and many view it as ineffective. Many of the sprays you can find locally in the US are worthless crap. Those small keychain ones made by random companies offer nearly zero benefit.

But not all pepper sprays are like that. I’m a 240lb 6’1 dude in his 30s. I’ve carried spray on my since I was a teen, and have used it twice in real situations. I’ve also been sprayed, to test the effectiveness of what I was relying on. I’ve been sprayed by 3 different brands of spray, and they all really really sucked to experience.

But the one that won me over 15 years back was Fox Labs. I have no affiliation with these people, I just know what their product feels like, and if most pepper sprays are “air soft gun”, Fox Labs is “12ga shotgun”. Their spray is so absolutely violently painful that I literally carry it on me every time I walk out the door, and I know it works, well.

The other sprays I experienced were painful and blinding, and nothing short of misery. But the first time I experienced the Fox Labs shit I had actually deployed it on someone. I got him directly in the face, but a tiny bit of mist blew backwards onto my wrist and forearm, and my arm burned for two fucking days. And I don’t mean like a little burning. I mean like “omg I can’t focus on anything else this is so horrible” kind of burning.

I never hesitate to recommend this stuff to people to help protect themselves. So so many people I’ve met over the years have told me they think pepper spray is bullshit. I’ve had two people literally bet me money they could take a spray to the face and it wouldn’t affect them. They both lost those bets severely, and each one was an hour of panicking and pouring milk down their faces trying to make the pain stop. That was with the crap I carried before I discovered Fox.

Please please just consider it. It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, and the thing I love about it the most is you cannot kill or maim anyone with it!

If someone tries to punch me, I cannot legally defend myself with a gun or knife, because then I’m escalating the use or force, and now I become the aggressor and they the victim, in the eyes of the law!

But with pepper spray (technically OC spray), I don’t have to worry about that, because while it hurts like motherfucker, I cannot physically harm, and that means I don’t have to wait until someone is trying to kill me to use it. I can use it as soon as I feel I’m in danger, and I know the person will recover 100% with no lasting damage. This is what makes it truly valuable to me.

If I get in a fight with someone, I could kill them on accident. I’m not a professional fighter, so I could do something stupid and end up getting some guy killed defending myself from a punch, and that isn’t good. I run absolutely zero risk of that with a spray.

Please consider carrying some on you whenever you go out, especially at night, or alone.

They have bottles of all sizes, from those dainty little keychain ones (still with the same formula as all their law enforcement sizes), to 1lb “fire extinguisher” bottles for riot control.

I carry a 2oz bottle of the 5.3SHU formula, with a cone spray nozzle. I recommend it the most as you don’t have to aim as much with a big come of foggy nastiness as you would with a stream.

Here’s the type I carry: (again, no affiliate link or anything. If you want just search the web for Fox Labs 5.3 Million Cone, and you’ll find dozens of places to buy)

Consider it. It has saved my ass, and I seriously can’t swear by the effectiveness of their product enough.

Another thing to consider is a small, bright flashlight. If you go out at night you should have a light on you. There are lights that fit in your pocket that are absolutely blindingly bright. You can light up an entire yard or close of trees and see anyone or anything lurking. You can also shine it in the face of someone to bling them and keep them from seeing what you’re doing. I’ve also done this, when two guys picked up big rocks and tried to come attack me and a friend. The light blinded both of them and once they couldn’t see, the threat of me screaming at them and threatening them if they make one move was enough to get them to drop the rocks and walk away.

r/flashlight can help you find the perfect tiny powerhouse to suit your needs if you’re ever interested.

Hope any of this helps you or anyone else some say.

Good luck.

u/major_wood_num2 · 1 pointr/Dallas

Most PD carry either this or Sabre. It will ruin your day.

u/scroom38 · 1 pointr/offmychest

Pepper spray, $11

She starts ANYTHING. Douse her, call the cops. Explain the situation.

Your sister is a shitty person and honestly deserves the everloving shit beaten out of her.

u/mcdrama · 1 pointr/homesecurity

Check out Wyze labs at /r/wyzecam . They make affordable cameras that also pair up with a home sensor hub that will send push alerts if sensors are activated or people are detected on video. Inexpensive and a great value for some piece of mind and useful to build a case against someone, especially if something does happen.

As for self defense - anything you can do to get distance is key. Firearms are the greatest equalizer for this reason. Since you’re in the UK/EU I understand this isn’t an option. I saw Sabre GEL spray recommended which is great to have stashed in your pocket and around your home. They sell training canisters + real on amazon
I know several law enforcement folks (US) that keep these above doorway casings throughout their homes in case they don’t have a firearm on them. I thought this was a good safe simple idea for home, especially with kids!

In addition to making law enforcement aware of the situation, I would start looking for some sort of self defense class. There are some great easy things you can learn that if you find yourself in close physical contact and not able to retreat you can use. Eyes, ears and genitals are all very sensitive with lots of nerves. Not much strength is required to exploit these natural vulnerabilities.

Stay safe and keep us posted.

u/The_Mech · 1 pointr/CCW

Another vote for SABRE gel spray. I bought this kit with the practice gel for everyone on the family. It was nice to get a feel for distance, coverage and live operation of the unit.

u/Bacon22122 · 1 pointr/CCW

This is what I use:

The blue is training gel so you can practice aim and how it works. The black is the real stuff. Strong stuff and fits in a pocket well.

u/MathDoc1960 · 0 pointsr/writing

What about something in between that completely ends their interaction and their relationship, without seeming exploitative?

She reaches for her rape alarm when he's not taking the hint (perhaps the second time he unhooks her bra after she said not to), in case she needs it to get him to stop. This thing is 140 db, a little louder than a .22LR rifle but continuous, and as loud as a jet engine, or

She reaches for the pepper spray she keeps in her own bedroom, for the same reason.

Either way, she accidentally pulls the pin on the alarm and then can't find the pin she dropped, which is the only way to stop the noise, or she accidentally locks/jams the pepper spray in the "spray" mode so it sprays until it's empty, nearly incapacitating both of them and moderately affecting everyone in the extended shared space.

She's unintentionally announcing to her world that he stepped way over the line, when he wasn't that far over the line, and her roommates will all spend half a day cleaning every wall and surface in their apartment, etc. to remove the spray residue, or explaining to several dozen neighbors and the police that the noise was just an accident. He's mortified, and she's traumatized both by someone she trusted not respecting her limits and by the unwanted drama and attention from everyone in her life.

I like the element of her trying to regain control and then making it into a bigger deal than she wanted, by accident, before she was quite ready to take that step. I also like the idea that such an event would certainly end their interaction and make each of them unwilling to be near the other, without either a rape or a fight scene.

Any thoughts?

u/cerebrus21 · 0 pointsr/news

Peper spray may work and you can definitely spray yourself and someone can still fight through being pepper sprayed or even see it coming and cover their face with their arm. Tasers can work depending on their clothing but requires you to make physical contact with the attacker. You're not always surrounded by a group of friends or have your dog everywhere you go. And dogs have to be trained for attack/defense when most are trained to be pets and companions. The reality is that you can use these non-lethal tools, i have Sabre Red pepper spray on my keychain and can stop a group of people, but sometimes immediatly going for the lethal option will make sense and is the reason why I carry two non lethal devices, pepper spray and a 1000 lumen light, and a ccw pistol because I am not a mind reader or a fortune teller.

Japan has a relatively low violent and is considered odd how low it is. Austraila has more guns now than they did before their ban and they are seeing an increase in firearm crimes as well as the UK.

I cant find the exact study at the moment because I am getting ready to close but here is something that you can read.

u/hoanghuy · 0 pointsr/Entrepreneur

Or! You could buy this Police Strength pepper spray for $7 and resell on the location for $16-$18. When people are afraid, they'd buy what you have to keep them safe. This is another way to capitalize the fear of being robbed while playing Pokemon Go that people got lately.

When you sell power bank, they will ask you about the specs/feature. When you sell pepper spray, you sell them a benefit. It always works better.

u/fr0st_bytes · 0 pointsr/homedefense

This is the OC I personally use, but in a smaller canister since I carry it with me. I like this one cause it's one that can be sprayed from any angle, so if a confrontation gets physical, you can spray it upside down if need be. If you're worried about being accurate with your adrenaline pumping, something like this would help that, but it's also gonna cause even more OC to be in the room/area and you'll feel the effects stronger as well. TASER is in fact a brand, but it's basically THE ECW. The TASER Pulse+ is an option, though.

I prefer OC in self defense over the TASER. This is a video showing why. It's a physical confrontation only, not exactly the same situation you're preparing for, but if you ended up having to defend yourself and due to moral or legal obligations, a firearm isn't an option...OC puts baddies on their butt.

Did you say you already had a TASER? Something to keep in mind, some people here suggested gel OC spray...if you spray someone with gel OC, then tase them, there is a chance they catch on fire. Water based OC sprays are the way to go in my opinion. We're not allowed to carry gel based spray for that reason.

u/robotman707 · 0 pointsr/politics

You've clearly never been pepper sprayed with something like the, the capsaicin loaded chemical weapon that Pike was armed with.

If you have, go ahead, tell me your story about how much it tickled. Tell me what it's like. I have been pepper sprayed, and I've had the absolute shit kicked out of me to the point of broken bones, and I've been tased (disclaimer: not enough to shit myself). And I'd avoid them in that order.

u/TheSynthesizer · -1 pointsr/Portland

Well okay then....but at the same time I ordered it with free shipping no extra costs and it got here in 2 days super cheap, no shipping restrictions. Enough talking wanna spray about it? I think I spent 25 bucks for 3 canisters? You sound poor.

Edit: Here I found you one for 10 bucks, it is pink and has a ribbon.

u/casperrosewater · -1 pointsr/bicycletouring

I use this sabre brand and just hang the elastic strap over my bar grip.

Don't forget it could also be useful against rednecks with guns.

u/TakeMeXenu · -1 pointsr/CCW

I work in the home services field and have been attacked by dogs on 3 occasions.

I used this each time and never ended up with a bite.

I've also used this with same results.

Why the fuck would you shoot a dog if you didn't need to? Why bring that legal shitstorm into your life?

Are you dipshits just chomping at the bit to use your gun in a self defense role? You really need to stop.

I can't imagine pulling my G19 on a stupid dog.

Learn how to use pepper spray. A good pepper spray.

u/LogicalAmeoba · -2 pointsr/news

Disagree. If you think it's not at all that effective, order this and upload a video of how it feels. I have tried it on my arms, it BURNS, I can't imagine how bad it would be for eyes.

It's so strong that amazon is not allowed to ship it to a handful of states and is used also by Law Enforcement.

u/Not_Oscar · -2 pointsr/trashy

Some pepper sprays have colorants in them to “mark the person”

u/elsydeon666 · -14 pointsr/news

I am saying what happened is so damn easy and obvious that it is likely a false flag operation.
$9 for a MAGA hat.
$8 for some pepper spray

You can literally do this for $20 and keep the media's story of "MAGA = hate" alive. The hardest part if finding a fall guy, but getting some random homeless dude to do it for $100 isn't hard.

There were some assholes in the MAGA camp. Look at Maxine Waters, who explicitly demanded that people harass Trump officials while they were off-duty.

Update: The guy was one of ours, defending himself from a crowd. That crowd, however, is pushing for the installation of Pelosi as POTUS through Klingon promotion.

That said, it is still so damn easy that it can be a false flag operation.

u/catchlight22 · -17 pointsr/rage

This is why I open-carry an Omega Star-Warrior Stun Baton at night. Don't let the 150k Volts fool you - it's the amps that cause pain.

Also, police-strength pepper gel that shoots up to 18 feet away.

Both, legal to open-carry where I am.

Best thing you can do, short of a firearms license.

EDIT: Everyone must watch that last link - it's fucking hilarious.

EDIT2: Wow, fuck ya'll haters.