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Snow sports goggles
Replacement ski goggle lenses

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u/Statuethisisme · 12 pointsr/MTB

Something like this

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Look at slimline safety goggles they are available in lots of different styles and some have more ventilation than others.

Uvex variant.

Another Uvex


More Bolle

Good luck.

u/Lokept · 6 pointsr/airsoft

Looks like it actually went down in price. I personally own them and so do 2 of my friends. They all still work perfectly. My only complaint is the fan cord to the battery is short. Not a big deal tho.

u/giraffeaquarium · 4 pointsr/BigBrother

I found the goggles (or something similar) that Alex wore in the ball rolling comp.

u/CypherFox · 3 pointsr/airsoft

Have you had a look at the Bolle X800 or Bolle X810 goggles? They're ballistic rated goggles with the lens as a separate piece from the frame, allowing for great ventilation and they're pretty much impossible to fog. I'm the sort of person that fogs any and every kind of eye protection even with antifog and I've yet to fog my X810's! I'd highly recommend them! It's as close to a permanent solution as you can get.

u/M00SE__ · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

Not sure they ship to the UK, and not super cheap, but the best UL snowshoes I’ve ever used are NorthernLites. I picked up a second pair on BPL for less than half off as a loner pair, so deals are out there.


I second the vote for a pair of goggles, but most conditions I use them in is because of high wind and blowing snow - maybe not appropriate for your use.

Goggles on Amazon

u/Chrome4320 · 3 pointsr/watchpeoplesurvive

Right, depending on what level of protection you're after i'd say they offer 3 options:

Light - Bollé Tracker -

Medium - Bollé Cobra -

Heavy - Bollé Pilopsi -

I've only really got experiences with the Tracker and Pilopsi. I found the trackers slightly uncomfortable myself but i do have a rather wide head which could explain that, my brother tried them out and found them very comfortable! The Pilopsi goggles i've worn every day in work for the past 3 years or so, with very heavy use and throwing them around the shop I've replaced them twice due to the rubber seal starting to denature a little bit I'm guessing from sweat but the lens is extremely durable!

Basically I may be biased but I'd go for the Pilopsi any day of the week, extremely comfortable, virtually no peripheral view obstruction, plus the best sealing from the 3 options above!

Hope this was handy for you, if you've got any other questions in the same area i'd be happy to answer! :)

Edit - the last link was wrong sorry, corrected!

u/ImmoralGamer · 2 pointsr/airsoft

I use these and never have an issue with fogging,plus I also use these with a helmet.

u/BMXTKD · 2 pointsr/TwinCities

You will die in those jackets. Literally.

Here's my winter setup.....

  1. Jeep cap. Keeps the sun out of your eyes and it keeps you warm. You can get them at Ragstock for 5$
  2. A pair of good winter gloves, and a pair of those cheap stretchy winter gloves. Wear the stretchy winter gloves underneath the thick winter gloves. A good tip on whether a pair of gloves are going to be warm, is if you hold a McDonald's cup of ice water tightly against them. If you can feel the cold cup, then they're no good. If you can't, then stay with them.
  3. Your legs will get cold too, so buy a pair of base layer pants. Maybe double up. Wear them underneath your regular pants.
  4. Get a good pair of snowpants to go over your regular pants. Again, McDonald's cup of ice water trick.
  5. Get a base layer shirt to go underneath your regular shirt.
  6. Get a good, thick jacket. Do the ice water thing for the jacket too. My personal favorite kind of jacket is an ice fishing jacket.
  7. Ski goggles. Sounds weird, but your eyes will get cold too.
  8. [A neoprene mask] ( . They keep your face warm.
  9. 2 good pairs of wool socks. Yes, 2. It gets that cold.
  10. A thick pair of high top skateboard shoes, if you're going to avoid getting winter boots. High top Osiris shoes are good alternatives to winter boots. But you're going to have to get them waterproofed. They're naturally thick.
  11. Ice cleats.
u/mojob · 2 pointsr/wintercycling

Greetings, fellow ninja!

u/zxj4k3xz · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Is it these? If so, they are not OK for Airsoft. They are not Impact rated and will most likely break. I’d suggest getting some ESS Land ops off EBay instead.

u/Lost-in-LA-CA-USA · 2 pointsr/skiing

I like these Swiss Corps goggles w/ interchangeable lenses. The lenses are easy to swap out for changing weather and light. Good quality for the price.
SwissCorps M1S Swiss Army Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles w/ 3 Magnetic VLT Anti-Fog Lenses Polarized OTG w/Case for Men (White Camo Band)

u/Madprofeser · 2 pointsr/LSD

The tapestries are from Sunshine Joy

I bought one off of Amazon, if you just search the name a bunch come up. Most are roughly 30 bucks.

I wasn't interested in anything else personally, but after some quick google searching, those kaleidoscope glasses can be had on Amazon for 12 dollars cheaper, 10 dollars cheaper and
a whooping 30 bucks cheaper

The clothing, at least from an initial search, seem to be Chinese Wholesale stuff. At first glance I see a couple designs on AliExpress

So if you want something particular, just get a little creative with your GoogleFu. He didn't name any of the items the correct names so you can't just google the title of it to find it cheaper You will have to do broad searches and use the result to narrow down your possibilities for the item you want.

u/hidperf · 1 pointr/MTB

I bought these and have had no problems with them. But I only use them in cold weather.

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles (Vermillon Gun Lens/White Frame)

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/amazondealsus

Price History

  • Unigear Skido X1 Ski Goggles, Snowboard Snow Goggles for Men,   ^PureLink
    ReviewMeta: ★★★★★ 4.8/5 from 46 valid reviews
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]

    Always check the prices. The savings can be Knight and day.
    ^(Info) ^| ^(Developer) ^| ^(Inquiries) ^| ^(Support Me!) ^| **[^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2Famazondealsus%2Fcomments%2Fdmqha1%2Funigear_ski_goggle_expires_112_couponcode%2Ff541sy2%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A
u/CarlBrutananadilews · 1 pointr/snowboardingnoobs

These are cheap and good enough for most/all conditions:

u/jrt364 · 1 pointr/snowboardingnoobs

How "cheap" are you talking?

There are $15 snow goggles on Amazon, but without knowing your budget, it's hard to give advice.

Let me know your budget and I can help you find something.

u/VersysTheWorld · 1 pointr/motorcycles
u/advice47 · 1 pointr/BurningMan

Bought these goggles for my first burn, they are awesome, no fogging, no dust gets in, they're comfortable, and I'm still using the same ones now. Plus they're only $15.

u/Anjin · 1 pointr/BurningMan

I have a narrower face and got these and they fit and worked great:

u/bilago · 1 pointr/oculus

Build yourself a "Boxulus Rift" for now and use your cellphone as the screen. You can DIY with a cardboard box, cheapo ski goggles, and magnifying lenses... All probably sub $50 Dollars.

Goggles on amazon:

Lenses (buy 2):

And use the shipping box they come in. :)

u/kingbowser · 1 pointr/BurningMan

I have wide frame glasses and these have worked well for the the last couple of years: Bolle X500 "Attacker" Ski Goggles

u/AimForTheAce · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I bought this Bolle's cheap goggle. $16 shipped with prime.

Last week, high was high 25 and low 5. On the way home, it was prob. mid teens. It worked pretty well, but it was my first time to use it. So, the sample size is small.

u/artist508 · 1 pointr/airsoft

Those are clones of the rather expensive Bolle X800, but as said I would get them from a brand other than Lancer Tactical. The Save Phace version is made in the USA.

u/hbalagtas · 1 pointr/wintercycling

Anyone here wear glasses? I'm thinking of getting this but my prescription glasses are pretty wide, not sure if this would fit.

u/DeuceIsWild · 1 pointr/snowboarding

Two questions for the masses:

  1. Is this a good deal? I want some new Smith I/Ox and these seem pretty inexpensive. Don't buy them all if they are.

  2. I may need a new jacket this year. I don't want to spend more than $200, if possible, and its been a minute since I've bought a new one. I really want something warm enough so I dont have to layer up and ideally is water proof for the wet days.
u/Jgrnaut · 1 pointr/ATV

My brother has a $22 zionor clear pair from amazon and he rides with his glasses on. Can’t guarantee it’ll work for you but here is the link

Zionor Lagopus Ski Snowboard...

u/TheMapesHotel · 1 pointr/BurningMan

We use ski goggles which can be had readily and cheaply in many areas with used recreational shops.

What you want regardless is a layer of foam or something similar that goes along the edge between the goggles and your face. Something that produces a breathable seal.

What I like about the ski goggles verses motorcycle goggles is they tend to have a large, wide face plate similar to diving goggles. I like having that extra space in my field of vision during whiteouts. I also like this because both of us wear prescription glasses and they fit over the top of the glasses.

Honestly both my SO and I did the daytime and nighttime goggles because that is what everyone says you need. They took up too much room and we NEVER have once needed them so we ditched the different types years ago. IMHO its a waste of money. Just get a solid clear pair and go. Less to carry, less to worry about switching back and forth, and the less you have to worry about out there the better.

Let me know if you need any other help. I am always very glad to answer any and all stupid and not so stupid questions you may have. Feel free to PM me if need be.
Ours are something similar to these:

u/Gnyff · 1 pointr/airsoft

It's a Danish shop though. But I'm sure you should be able to find a shop near you. :)

Edit: found an amazon link. Go nuts.

u/Minizman12 · 1 pointr/airsoft

I have almost a full squad using them and they hardly ever fog with the top foam removed. If you are at all worried about fog I suggest getting this:

The other option is to get a goggle like this:

Which has a lens slightly lifted off the frame which allows a ton of airflow. One guy on my squad uses these and says they're fantastic.

u/2hunna- · 1 pointr/snowboarding

Hey there,

In the market for new goggles eventually. Wondering if anybody has any experience with the cheaper Amazon goggles, OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO. I would be comparing them to something like Anon M3. Obviously at a fraction of the price one would expect lower quality, but how much of a difference is there?


u/jcasper · 1 pointr/skiing

I've been pretty happy with these as a cheap pair, no complaints for the price:

u/Raceon4 · 1 pointr/running

I have two pairs of ski goggles. One has colored lenses for daytime and the other is clear for night. I figure that most people think I look ridiculous running in the winter anyway so why not use something that works.

These are the ones that I have:

u/Bdc9898 · 1 pointr/skiing

[I've enjoyed these] ( New lenses go for like $20 new on Amazon. I like having a lens for sunny days, and then I can just easily swap it out for a lighter one for blizzard/cloudy/night skiing. It's especially nice because then I can leave my prescription inserts in.