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u/Enter_the_Dingus · 46 pointsr/soccer

This captains armband weighs 8.5 grams.

Neymar's birthday is February 5, 1992, making him 25 years old. 1992/2/5/25 = 7.96.

8.5 - 7.96 = 0.54

7.96 - 0.54 = 7.42

The distance from Camp Nou to Parc des Princes is 1,035 km.

The distance from the Maracanã to Parc des Princes is 9,159 km.

Camp Nou, Parc des Princes, and Maracanã form a triangle. Triangles have 3 sides.

7.42 -> 7.(4-3-2) -> 4,3,2...? What completes this pattern? 1.


What does this all mean? It's unclear at the moment, but it's deeply unsettling.

edit: cleaned up a little.

u/lemonade_lmao · 14 pointsr/MLS
u/tehGeko · 6 pointsr/Referees

Just get two cheap pumps, two cheap gauges. When one breaks, use the other "brand new" one and buy another. No problem! Sometimes "dependability" means just covering your bases.

u/TheMartinUriarte · 5 pointsr/LAFC

Incase any of you want the away Captain's band.

u/scpDZA · 5 pointsr/MuayThai

Bro check out a mesh ball bag, like for soccer balls. I can fit my thai pads, and a small foam roller on top of the other equipment, focus mitts extra gloves shoes, a change of clothes. Youll have so much soace! Costs like 30 bucks. I got this one its bad ass. Big pocket for wraps and mouth guard storage

Fitdom Extra Heavy Duty Ball Mesh Bag (Black)

u/DonMan8848 · 3 pointsr/Referees

This may not be the most popular option - and addresses more questions than you posed - but I use a set of writable cards. I had trouble elegantly using a paper and pencil and book setup, so now I keep my game notes on the yellow card in my chest pocket with a normal Sharpie. My markings come off pretty easily with some aerosol spray and toilet paper. The cards themselves are a bit on the larger side (though I'd guess much closer to 6" than Amazon's 8" figure), but they fit in my pockets fine, their colors are true, and they don't get vent out of shape.

They are certainly professional and functional enough for my purposes but I don't take very high level assignments. Not for everyone, but I would recommend my setup to someone at my own level.

u/bkcoleman79 · 2 pointsr/ar15

I found this equipment bag on amazon that it very close to the material I used. (Can't say for sure). I'll post a picture of the material

Mesh Equipment Bag, Royal Blue - 24" x 36" - Adjustable, sliding drawstring cord closure. Perfect mesh bag for parent or coach, making it easy to transport and keeping your sporting gear organized.

u/dbe · 1 pointr/volleyball

So many choices. Shoes are nice especially if she's still growing. Ankle braces are nice and not a lot of people have a pair. She likely has knee pads so won't need those any time soon. A ball is nice even if she has one. I'd go for the super touch, /u/Kace10 provided a link. They're cheaper on Amazon. If she ever plays beach, an outdoor ball is a good gift here or here. Lines are also a nice gift, a little pricier here. If she has more than say, 2 balls, a mesh bag is nice here. Or even a regular bag for shoes, ball, towel, etc., you can get those anywhere.

u/ToothWZRD · 1 pointr/Referees

Back when I reffed, I would either use the little notepads that go in the cardbook, or write directly on my yellow card in sharpie, and rinse it off with rubbing alcohol/acetone after the game.

They also sell these

u/RotationSurgeon · 1 pointr/CampingGear

My favorite compression / dry bags are Sea to Summit. Particularly their eVent line:

For big, loose storage bags for sleeping bags and the like, the ones you linked would work just fine, or you could look for a cheap net bag like the ones used to hold soccer balls and basketballs:

u/dunksoverstarbucks · 1 pointr/MuayThai

I use a mesh ball bag it holds everything I have two pairs of gloves. Shin pads Thai pads punch mits

Rudmox Pro-Traveller Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag
I got the black xla one and it’s huge

u/kornis26 · 0 pointsr/ElectricSkateboarding

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