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u/Enter_the_Dingus · 46 pointsr/soccer

This captains armband weighs 8.5 grams.

Neymar's birthday is February 5, 1992, making him 25 years old. 1992/2/5/25 = 7.96.

8.5 - 7.96 = 0.54

7.96 - 0.54 = 7.42

The distance from Camp Nou to Parc des Princes is 1,035 km.

The distance from the Maracanã to Parc des Princes is 9,159 km.

Camp Nou, Parc des Princes, and Maracanã form a triangle. Triangles have 3 sides.

7.42 -> 7.(4-3-2) -> 4,3,2...? What completes this pattern? 1.


What does this all mean? It's unclear at the moment, but it's deeply unsettling.

edit: cleaned up a little.

u/MastaRolls · 8 pointsr/GoalKeepers

Well you definitely want to avoid sliding on your knees, but buy some padded goalie pants. They wont stop everything, but they help alot.

amazon - reusch GK pants

u/tehGeko · 6 pointsr/Referees

Just get two cheap pumps, two cheap gauges. When one breaks, use the other "brand new" one and buy another. No problem! Sometimes "dependability" means just covering your bases.

u/scpDZA · 5 pointsr/MuayThai

Bro check out a mesh ball bag, like for soccer balls. I can fit my thai pads, and a small foam roller on top of the other equipment, focus mitts extra gloves shoes, a change of clothes. Youll have so much soace! Costs like 30 bucks. I got this one its bad ass. Big pocket for wraps and mouth guard storage

Fitdom Extra Heavy Duty Ball Mesh Bag (Black)

u/TheMartinUriarte · 5 pointsr/LAFC

Incase any of you want the away Captain's band.

u/xBlackBartx · 4 pointsr/Amtgard

I find these to be extremely useful. You can create terrain such as bridges, walls doors, gates , etc. in a matter of minutes. And they come with a carrying strap that keeps them in one place.

KEVENZ Soccer disc Cones,More Thicker, More flexible,Multi Color Cone for Agility Training, Soccer, Football, Kids, Field Marker(50-Pack,Red,Blue,Oran

u/dougdoberman · 4 pointsr/motorcycles

Buy Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough & Total Control by Lee Parks. Read them. Read the chapters on vision & body positioning & turning again.

Watch Motojitsu's videos.

Watch MCRider's videos.

Note that many of the above lessons may slightly differ from MSF. Go with the above lessons. MSF leaves a LOT to be desired concerning actual road riding.

Buy some cones.

Go to a big empty parking lot. Lay out the cones. Set up a camera to record your performance if you have one. Practice. Review. Practice.

u/DonMan8848 · 3 pointsr/Referees

This may not be the most popular option - and addresses more questions than you posed - but I use a set of writable cards. I had trouble elegantly using a paper and pencil and book setup, so now I keep my game notes on the yellow card in my chest pocket with a normal Sharpie. My markings come off pretty easily with some aerosol spray and toilet paper. The cards themselves are a bit on the larger side (though I'd guess much closer to 6" than Amazon's 8" figure), but they fit in my pockets fine, their colors are true, and they don't get vent out of shape.

They are certainly professional and functional enough for my purposes but I don't take very high level assignments. Not for everyone, but I would recommend my setup to someone at my own level.

u/NickyG91 · 3 pointsr/gifs

Reusch hands down.

Had a pair of red and white finger savers when I used to play. Best gloves I have ever owned. Every pair of Adidas gloves I owned usually wore out within a year.

Exact pair of gloves.

u/Arnie013 · 2 pointsr/GoalKeepers

Precision GK Elite Grip Negative...

Give these a try. It’s what I’m using currently as my training gloves in lieu of my pred pros.

u/remembertosmilebot · 2 pointsr/bootroom

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/fuzznutz77 · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

I have some from Amazon that I ran Asheville in. Very inexpensive.

beroy Mens Compression Shorts Training Athletics Workout Tight Sports Base Layer with One Pocket for Phone 2 Pack(B+GreyL,S)

u/icantfindadecentname · 2 pointsr/autism

When you go to a shoe store, you can ask someone who works there to measure your foot. That way you will know where to start on find the best shoe size. Some shoes fit differently so, you might need to go up a size, or you might need a wider fit.

You can also buy "no tie shoelaces".
I've picked them up at Payless Shoe store, usually closer the cash register.

As for pants, my son usually goes for those sports type training pants. You could ask your parents if they have a measuring tape for sewing, that way you can check your waist size.

u/DarkDeliverance · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I chose Arcadus1280 because we seem to share a lot of the same passions and hobbies :)
He wants this awesome soccer ball because he's really obsessed with German soccer :P
Also, he loves everything car-related

u/Slinger17 · 1 pointr/GoalKeepers

I bought a pair of padded GK pants. 10/10 would recommend

u/dunksoverstarbucks · 1 pointr/MuayThai

I use a mesh ball bag it holds everything I have two pairs of gloves. Shin pads Thai pads punch mits

Rudmox Pro-Traveller Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag
I got the black xla one and it’s huge

u/jesustellezllc · 1 pointr/GoalKeepers
u/Arcadus1280 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love playing soccer with my brothers! I'm a huge fan and of course, it's always fun to just go and spend some time with my family. Purple Nurple!

u/ToothWZRD · 1 pointr/Referees

Back when I reffed, I would either use the little notepads that go in the cardbook, or write directly on my yellow card in sharpie, and rinse it off with rubbing alcohol/acetone after the game.

They also sell these

u/xynto · 1 pointr/TheMassive

I know this is a bit "spammy", but if anyone's interested, I'm selling some extra soccer balls I got on a black friday sale. (Asking $35)

Also the MLS Replica Ball is on sale today at Amazon for $10.

u/Mornarben · 1 pointr/bootroom

This thing is a tank. It will never break and will never need to be inflated, even if it has a hole. It won't bounce the same as a real ball, but it cannot die.

u/Soccer21x · 1 pointr/soccer

I don't remember the exact brand we used, but I found this:

u/RotationSurgeon · 1 pointr/CampingGear

My favorite compression / dry bags are Sea to Summit. Particularly their eVent line:

For big, loose storage bags for sleeping bags and the like, the ones you linked would work just fine, or you could look for a cheap net bag like the ones used to hold soccer balls and basketballs: