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u/raiden_the_conquerer · 166 pointsr/AskWomen

egg cooker for egg cooking

shark bed for pet snoozing

squatty potty for help pooping

u/NextDayAir · 152 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

best bet is to get a food dehydrator, find a marinade you like and make your own jerky. I used to make shitloads of the stuff and it was as good as, if not better than the stuff you get in the bags at the store.

you can also get something that looks like a caulking gun and the spices to mix into ground beef to make your own slim jim type things too.

edit: here it is for you.

u/goodhur · 103 pointsr/gadgets

Ok so this is ridiculous but my mother bought one of these in the 80's. A microwave popcorn bowl it just uses bulk popcorn. We never used the microwave bags.

I don't understand why but whenever one of my friends sees it for the first time they think it is amazing.

u/Bleachi · 67 pointsr/mtgfinance

Curvature is caused by the cardstock absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. The paper expands slightly, while the metallic front is unchanged. So the foil is effectively pulled taut across the paper, which bends it.

The fix is to remove the moisture from the cardstock. A food dehydrator is the cheapest and most convenient solution I've found. You can get them cheaply online. Here's the model I use:

Keep in mind that this also heats the cards, so the metal will expand, causing it to bend back the other way. But once the foil cools down, it will go back. However, if you left it in long enough, the cardstock will actually dry out, and when the card cools off, it will be straight.

It's not an exact science. I usually have to put my cards in a couple times. But it does last once you get it right, as long as you make sure to store them in a dry place afterwards.

I heavily recommend against any attempts at "flattening" with heavy objects or such. Those methods aren't really addressing the real issue, and you're actually damaging your cards.

u/VROF · 61 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Doesn't that take longer than making one from scratch every day? I got this Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker as a joke for Christmas one year and it takes only minutes to make a fresh breakfast sandwich.

u/sirJ69 · 58 pointsr/food

I looked it up, I actually paid $100, but it is still not a professional model by any means. Had pretty decent ratings on Amazon and at a price point I could afford.

u/M_Binks · 45 pointsr/IAmA

That flavoured salt is flavacol.

I've seen it sold locally under a generic name in bulk food stores. You can also probably buy it at any party supply store that rents popcorn makers. And of course it's available wherever fine internet is present.

The consensus seems to be that flavacol, coconut oil, and a premium popcorn kernel (eg. Orville Redenbacher), cooked in a whirley pop or similar, will get you as close as possible to theatre popcorn at home.

u/Sometimes_Lies · 44 pointsr/firstworldanarchists

Well, there are a lot of ways to do it, depending on your budget. It's pretty simple if you buy the right equipment, but "the right equipment" is expensive and improvising is fiddly.

I'd recommend looking this site over some, they have a lot of introductory guides and such. /r/roasting is also an awesome sub in general.

The biggest issue with home roasting is that the beans need to move continuously, for the entire roast, or else they get burned. There are some ways to do this with improvised equipment though:

-Using an air (popcorn) popper. Assuming you have the right model, it does get hot enough to roast coffee, and the beans are light enough to blow around in the interior chamber nonstop. It gets pretty messy though, and you don't have much control. You also can't do huge batches of coffee all at once.

You should have a dedicated popper just for coffee, since you don't want the different oils mixing. Also, some poppers aren't powerful enough, and many modern ones have safety features that'll automatically shut off before it gets hot enough. Some people have fun with disabling those features and/or modding their poppers to give them more control.

"The Poppery II" is a commonly-suggested model for air roasting like this. They don't make them anymore, but they were made like tanks and so you can often find them in thrift stores.

This is a good, cheap, intro way to do it, though the lack of control is annoying. The flavor develops in part based on how long it's kept at each temperature point, and an air popper gives you very few options for adjusting temperature.


-Using a stovetop popcorn roaster, like this. It has a handle that allows you to stir the coffee continuously, and it can work pretty well. The main drawback is monitoring/nailing the temperature, which is tricky. It's easier with a gas stove.

There are other methods as well, like using a heat gun, but I've never tried them and can't comment. I should also point out that everything I've just explained is a fire hazard, as is coffee roasting in general - the beans need to get quite hot, and they give off a thin, paperlike substance called chaff. I've never had a fire, but it's something you need to be aware of and plan for accordingly.

-If all of that sounds like too much of a hassle, you can just buy an actual coffee roaster. They make it way easier, and you can generally roast much larger batches at once. Sadly, they tend to be pretty expensive.

I'd recommend this one, which is actually on the very inexpensive end for a roaster. It's good quality though, and I've had one for over 1.5 years now without issue. Also note that the site I linked includes 8 pounds of free coffee when you buy from them, and (at least when I bought mine) they charge the same price for the unit as everyone else. So that's nice.

I really like roasting my own coffee. It can be a pain at times, but it means I always have fresh-roasted coffee available. Unless you buy from a local roaster, you've probably never had fresh coffee before. Whole bean coffee goes stale in like a week, and grocery store coffee is much older than a week. Pre-ground coffee goes stale in like minutes or hours.

They cover the stale taste up by burning the shit out of their beans, and so almost everything you see in a grocery store is only 1-2 stages removed from being charcoal. This page shows you what the beans look like at every stage, and you can see how "french roast" actually means "burnt to hell."

Man, long post! At any rate, roasting your own coffee can be quite nice. Green coffee beans run around $4-6/pound normally and you can sometimes find it for even cheaper. At least where I live, even burnt grocery store coffee is often much more expensive than that. So you're paying less for better quality -- as long as you don't mind improvising, or a big up-front investment.

Edited tl;dr: It's a good way to save money and get better coffee, though it can be either annoying or require a big upfront investment. This page has a lot of good introductory info on the whole process.

u/MaxPowerzs · 42 pointsr/LifeProTips

Also buy the plastic in bulk. I get mine on Amazon.

And always leave a sharpie next to your Foodsaver.

Edit: better deal on the 11" rolls. Two 11"x50' rolls for $17.07

u/eiphren · 41 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I bought a small IKEA style bookcase to put on top of my fridge. It currently holds my [slicer](Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer, my Kitchenaid mixer, my 9 cup food processor, my blender, and my Foreman grill.

u/Neapola · 28 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Absolutely. Buy popcorn kernels in bulk. It's so cheap. Buy a microwave popcorn popper bowl thingamabob like this.

1/3 cup popcorn - no butter - 2 minutes

1/3 cup popcorn - 1 tbsp butter - 2:10

Top with nutritional yeast and maybe a bit of hot sauce.


u/CommentsOMine · 27 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Or a Lunch Crock, if you have access to an electrical outlet:

Crock-Pot 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer

u/missing_rat123123123 · 22 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

this one is better. no microwave needed: amazon

u/[deleted] · 20 pointsr/gadgets

Dude, EGG SANDWICH MACHINE, $25. Use it every day.

newegg, $24 with free shipping

amazon, $24+shipping

u/_treefingers_ · 20 pointsr/treedibles

A Sous Vide cooker will decarb for your perfectly every time as well, and will have a million other uses in the kitchen as well.
Anova Sous Vide Cooker
Case (Optional but nice)
Reuseable Vacuum Bag Kit

So for a couple bucks less than a "unitasker," you can decarb perfectly as cited by Drama_Derp's link; You can take that decarb and do a perfect butter immersion with the same device, and you'll also be able to make perfectly cooked steaks, salmon, vegetables, perfectly poached eggs right out of the shell, etc.
Serious Eats has a lot of great material for Sous Vide cooking if you wanna browse how much more you could do on top of decarbing with the same device. :)

u/strangebrewfellows · 20 pointsr/boardgames

We use this air popper and bulk Amish kernels. No oil, and the resulting popcorn is fantastic.

Highly recommended if you enjoy popcorn.

u/timebecomes · 19 pointsr/food

My wife and I just bought one of these - It's actually a lot of fund to use and you can make it as healthy as you want by varying the ingredients.

u/mattburnsey · 17 pointsr/trailmeals

This is the model I have:

Pros are it's cheap to get into, expandable up to 12 trays, and easy to clean.

Cons are the heat comes from one end, so you will have to rotate trays part way through.

An alternative is something like this:

Pros are it heats evenly, so no need to rotate.

Cons are you're stuck at the amount of trays it came with (anywhere from 6-12 usually), and it's a little harder to clean.

Edit - Either way, you'll need to be careful of the smell, it'll get into everything. My dad bought one. I tried to warn him, he didn't believe me (although he did use his balcony). Thought I was exaggerating. Until his neighbor two doors down asked him what he was cooking (jerky). I recommend doing it in a shed or garage.

u/schmuckmulligan · 16 pointsr/Ultralight

If cost is a factor, definitely consider getting a dehydrator. I have this one.

The case:

  1. It's easy. There are recipes all over the Internet, and many are slightly intimidating, but it basically comes down to "Get food without big chunks, spread it out on the tray, and turn the dehydrator on."

  2. It's cheap. Check out the cost on dehydrated bulk items. Compare with the cost of fresh items (a little tricky because of water weight, but compare per calories). Grocery store food is inexpensive and your dinner leftovers are practically free. Dried bulk items cost a fortune.

  3. You can make more calorically dense foods by including fat. Dehydrated meals tend not to have much fat, because it goes rancid over a period of weeks or months rather than the years that people expect backpacking food to last. If you dehydrate your own food, though, you can make your stuff a few days before your trip and have it be fattier and tastier. Yeah, you can also just add oil during rehydration, but that does mean you'll have to carry a dreaded extra container. (And it's not as tasty in many recipes.)

  4. Better food, straight up. Food I've prepared at home and then dehydrated is delicious. It's way better than anything made from pre-dehydrated ingredients. You can get all the spices and sauces perfectly adjusted BEFORE dehydration instead of tossing raw ingredients together and hoping that they come together in beautiful symphonic unity when you rehydrate them. Meat that's been simmered or slowcooked with herbs is waaaay yummier than meat that's been rehydrated with herbs.

  5. There's a lot to be said for dehydrating fruits and vegetables at the absolute peak of their ripeness. I'm currently obsessed with banana jerky (banana slices dried to a leathery texture). When I do our weekly grocery shopping, I buy several bunches for about $2, all in, and watch them patiently. On the day that they're first lightly speckled, I toss them into the dehydrator. I cannot describe accurately how good this shit is. I'm not kidding. It's fucking up my diet.

  6. More options. This is somewhat addressed in point 1, but doing your own dehydrating frees you from the tyranny of foods that rehydrate easily. I can have normal spaghetti if I want it -- I'm not stuck with ramen because it'll rehydrate without simmering.

  7. Healthier food on trail. This is a knock on from everything else, but after getting the dehydrator, I found my food choices drifting away from candy and toward healthy, real food. Well-made mango leather is way tastier than Skittles. I'm sure there's no meaningful health benefit over the course of a short trip, but it just feels pleasant and right to be eating real, natural foods on trail. It's a wrinkle I hadn't expected. I still like Snickers bars here and there, but it's become a treat rather than a staple.

u/met_a_luna · 15 pointsr/Cooking

Another idea is a precision cooker if he doesn't already have one. I love my Anova. I do think sous-vide cooking tends to appeal to the more advanced home cooks. I use my Anova more than I use my pressure cooker, although pressure cookers definitely have their place. If you do go with the pressure cooker get one with a stainless insert, not the non-stick.

u/Zinxe · 14 pointsr/CampingandHiking

LPT: Buy a dehydrator. They are so worth it. I dehydrate leftovers from dinner and I get stocked with great food that weighs practically nothing. There's nothing like home made chili out in the freezing woods.

I recommend
Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, White

u/Acetylene · 14 pointsr/sousvide

I'm not the person you're replying to, but I usually buy my generic bags on Amazon—something like these or these. They've always worked fine for me; the only hitch is that the rolls are much larger than the Foodsaver brand rolls (because they're 50 feet long by 11 inches wide, as opposed to 16' x 11"), and the lid of the roll compartment won't close if I put a whole roll there. The first few times, I unspooled about a third of the new roll and wrapped it around the cardboard tube from an old roll of Foodsaver bags. That worked, but now I'm lazy and just let the lid stay open with the huge roll sort of perched in there.

u/shorthairedhippie · 14 pointsr/trees

Here's the best grinder ever, btw:

BUT if you buy it, click on the Amazon link through the Sensible Washington website, so the WA state legalization campaign will get a $ kickback at no cost to you. Link is on the right hand side here:

u/livin4donuts · 14 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy


Here you go, bro.

u/unibrow4o9 · 13 pointsr/sousvide

I bought this container with this lid, really glad I did. Perfect size, fits the Anova perfectly, and keeps the water/heat in.

u/dwoidat · 13 pointsr/Ultralight

Is it weird to think my best hiking purchase of the past year was a $50 dehydrator? I understand many hikers take on a "food is fuel" mentality but I also can't state enough how amazing it is to be able to eat my favorite chili recipe from home after a long day of hiking.

u/whenigetoutofhere · 13 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker


u/touchmybork · 13 pointsr/gundeals

Ehhhhhh I see what you area saying but you have to take into account that amazon is a conglomeration of things amazon has is in its warehouses and what other companies sell THROUGH amazon. A lot of the stuff that is shooting/hunting related is sold through amazon by someone else. I think this why, when we all look for shooting stuff there aren't crazy deals. Because outside sellers aren't motivated by prime day to drop prices. All that said you just have to know what to look for, amazon more deeply discounts things that are close under their umbrella. I was able score:

A second echo dot which was $15 off already then another $10 credit for voice ordering(with my current echo dot) = $25 Echo dot.

I took a CHANCE on the new amazon fire OS powered Element 55"4K tv for $399 (now OOS) saw it on slick deal slated for sale at 6pm PST sat at my computer and mashed refresh button at 6pm until price dropped from $649 to $399. I say took a "chance" because a number of crappy reviews have come out about this product, but for such a small price I'm willing to bet on amazons return policy and the extended warranty protection of the credit card that I used for purchase.


Then there was/is an Amex promo "amex17prime" with some loop holes (google it) but effectively $30 off $60 = 50% off I bought
-9mm collet for my hornady bullet puller
-Lee load all II 16 ga conversion
-Lee 7/8oz slug mold
For 471 Amex meme era hip rewards points and $30

details in link below

Then I bought the Anova gen 2 wifi 900w sous vide for $129 regular was like $179 a couple days before. Just wanted to screw around with sous vide and this is a palatable price for me given the feature set. I'm going to try and make back my $130 in food prep savings vs buying lunch out at work.


If you all are curious about the "Alexa deals" you can ask you echo dot "what are your deals?"

Or Visit

TL;DR Buying shit that amazon is likely to make more money off of reaps better deals

EDIT: formatting, added links, TL;DR

u/Omnibobb · 12 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

For breakfast sandwiches, I use this:

I get up, take my shower, plug it in to heat it up while I walk my dog, build the sandwich, finish getting shit together and have a hot fresh sandwich easy peasy.

u/PantalonesPantalones · 12 pointsr/instantpot

Have you tried the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker? I know Alton Brown hates it but I love mine and have used it for years.
Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

u/zebrastripe665 · 12 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I would highly recommend a sous vide for cooking chicken (link to popular model on Amazon). You place your raw chicken in a Ziploc bag with some seasonings - even something as simple as salt and pepper makes a big difference - and you place the Ziploc bag in a pot of water with the sous vide and it heats up and circulates the water. It's nearly impossible to ruin your chicken with a sous vide, however it is a bit slow. I cook two large chicken breasts at 150 Fahrenheit for 1 hour and 40 minutes and it comes out nice.

u/sideswiped · 12 pointsr/todayilearned

And for those that think that would be too hard, get a whirley popper. Crazy easy and almost as quick as mircowave popcorn (at least on my gas range).

u/Maetree · 12 pointsr/trees

First, while wearing gloves, pack that shit into a motherfuggin ziploc baggy. Then, dispose of the gloves and grab another pair. Throw those babies on and get yourself one of these handy dandy Vacuum Sealers and throw your baggy in there and seal it on up. Then, grab yourself some petroleum jelly, completely coat the outside of the first sealed package, swap out your disposable gloves and re-seal that baby a second time. Repeat once more with another layer of petroleum jelly, re-re-seal it in a third vac layer and sneaker express your way on down to your nearest USPS office cause you're ready to ship some weed. Key things to note are that if you have any trace amounts of particles on your fingers and touch the outside of one of the vac seals, you basically just nullified that layer (on the off chance a dog smells your package). Be very, very careful about contact transfers. Never try and pack while high. Also, make sure to package it discretely and in such a way that none of the layers will rupture. I'm also pretty sure that using the mail to ship across state lines probably makes it a federal crime, so don't be dumb kids.

Edit: that really neat bot below me linked the price history for that vac sealer but you don't have to buy an expensive one like that. I bought a ~$60 one like five years ago for sealing meat and shit and it still works great

u/wjchin · 11 pointsr/eldertrees

These are all very niche products. While each will work to some degree, the scope of its usefulness is very narrow (OK, I may actually be a bit skeptical of the degree to which any of these can work in 10 minutes, but that's besides the point). If you are serious about wanting to help your wife make easy, consistent edibles, skip these overpriced specialty items and get an Anova/Joule sous vide cooker, a bunch of Ziploc bags, and some cheesecloth. Follow the guides at and you will get efficient decarb and infusion every time without the smell. The sous vide cookers are cheaper and do an incredible job at actually cooking normal food too!

u/ferocity562 · 10 pointsr/Cooking

Honestly, instead of putting together a cookbook, why not buy him some outdoor cooking equipment like a campfire grill or some pie irons. Or a dehydrator to make jerky or trial mix or other things that will keep while camping. If you still want to go the recipe route, then pick up a few recipes specific to that equipment.

Like /u/apocalypso points out, I just don't see it being incredibly useful to put together a cookbook like that without a really clear theme or something that would make it more than just a lesser version of what they could find on their own online.

u/gonna_be_famous · 10 pointsr/recipes

If you want the best tasting popcorn, get yourself a Whirly Pop

Just pour in a little bit of oil, some popcorn, and a good amount of salt, and you will have the best tasting popcorn.

u/miss_guided · 9 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Hey, I love popcorn, it's awesome. Maybe you love it too? Got a stove? If you do, get yoself one of these -

If you put it on medium high (electric stove), put in the oil and add three kernels, wait for them to pop then dump the rest of the kernels in, you will have popcorn that pops nearly all of the kernels. The Orville Redenbacher kernels pop the best IMO (I was buying bulk from sprouts, but they weren't popping as well). Also, get this - You now can make movie theater style popcorn in less than five minutes.


u/damb_b · 9 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

They pay for themselves quickly and they are not that expensive. I think mine came from Big Lots for $30. Here's one on Prime for $35 shipped (if you have Prime). I've had it and used it for probably 5 years now. The replacement rolls cost a few bucks, but you don't use it for everything. I find that I buy replacement rolls maybe three times a year. I probably made my money back from the sealer itself just on avocados in a summer.

u/BoulderSOL · 9 pointsr/steak

My setup:

Anova Sous Vide Cooker

Polycarbonite Pan with lid
This really helps with long cooks, 48-72 hours for short rib or brisket.

For steak I cook at 129 F degress for two hours, let rest for 10-15 minutes then high sear in cast iron pan. I usually use grapeseed oil with a tab or two of butter, thyme, rosemary and smashed garlic.

u/feeltheglee · 8 pointsr/AskCulinary

If you're going to do this, make sure you're using good quality freezer bags, otherwise air will just get in again.

Honestly though, an inexpensive vacuum sealer and bags run about $40. I bought both of these about a year and a half ago, and the vacuum sealer is still working great, and I've used less than half of each roll of bags.

Also if you're looking to meal prep, things like chili or soups can be frozen pretty effectively. This sauce also freezes beautifully, but freeze just the sauce, not the sauce already mixed with the pasta. You could also do mini lasagnas in disposable aluminum loaf pans, which would provide 2-4 servings each depending on your hunger levels and the size of pan you use.

u/PhilipLiptonSchrute · 8 pointsr/jerky

I bought the dehydrator linked below for <$60 and bought 5 additional racks for it to increase capacity. Between chicken, turkey, and beef, I've probably made upwards of 200 pounds of jerky on the thing. Two years later, it's still running like a champ.

u/Bizarrmenian · 8 pointsr/grilledcheese

The crust on my photo is still there but I used a smaller sized toast. When you use larger sized toasts, you can easily pull the crusts off because of the sealing aspect of the machine.

The one I have seems to be discontinued, but I'm sure you can find more modern ones in the disney store or google.


This also looks pretty promising. similar to mine but not disney

u/freelancer799 · 8 pointsr/slowcooking
u/diemunkiesdie · 8 pointsr/sousvide

I'm about to blow your mind: You can use a lid!

I have this one:

u/helixflush · 7 pointsr/sousvide

or you could have got this lid and this container instead of hacking yours together which already has the hole cut for specific devices

u/mdracer45 · 7 pointsr/unpopularopinion

I'm not sure how you're making it but I've never had a stinky batch in my life. I use a food dehydrator and let it run for 6-8 hours. Here's a link to one, and pm me if you have more questions.

NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, Gray

u/CatzPwn · 7 pointsr/Weakpots

Gainz or also this. I don't have the first but Ive heard its pretty amazing. I do have the second and I can attest to rice cookers being fucking awesome. I use mine for cooking noodles, rice, soups, wontons, etc.

Alternatively if you want it to be purely lifting related I hear that Donnie thompsons recently started selling his bowtie and formal bowtie. Which are for people who bench a lot and have ache-y shoulders and ive heard its good.

Failing that maybe think of lifting clothes that are comfy that they might want? Ive heard a few pots talk about wool socks being amazing (though i dont know if you wear those to lift in or just in boots?). Also some companies like strideline let you put your own logo onto the socks themselves. So maybe get the weak elephant logo and put it on socks?

u/the_doughboy · 7 pointsr/seriouseats

I know people laugh at them but the dedicated Breakfast Sandwhich makers do a fantastic job, the muffin is toasted perfectly, the cheese melts all over the meat and the egg doneness can be adjusted pretty easily in a 1 minute window. 4 minutes for a bit runny and 5 minutes for fully cooked (like McDonalds)

u/foosanew · 7 pointsr/YouShouldKnow

I posted this in your LPT thread, I think it is worth reading so here.

A few years back, and even some today, I set out to find out how to make popcorn like at the movie theaters. Alton's recipe does not sound terrible and uses items most people will have on hand. However to make it better (read: more like movie theater popcorn) You will need to buy a few items for this.

  1. Gold Medal Flavacol popcorn salt
  2. Coconut oil for popcorn
  3. Whirley-Pop

    All total the items are under $40 (excluding popcorn) and all but the coconut oil will last a long time. Flavacol is a must have for this to work. I have not been able to find it locally near me. the 35oz carton will last you just about forever.

    The coconut oil is a bit on the messy side just because of the container, you can get different amounts which will come in a different container. I have noticed some differences in taste of some coconut oils and the one linked is the brand I am currently using.(note: Coconut oil solidifies at about 76F)

    If you are just toying with the idea of better popcorn, try Alton's method of popping. It cuts the total price in half and for a test run\proof of concept it should work. I have tested several poppers and settled with the whirley pop or similar design. Some outdoors shops sell these but charges about $10 more for them. Note: Yes it has a turn handle, but the gears are made of plastic, so do not hulk smash it.

    As for popcorn, not all popcorn is created equal. The artisan fancy colored stuff generally does not pop well in my experience. I have experimented with many different kinds and have mostly settled with Orville Redenbacher. This can be purchased off the shelf at most grocery stores or from Amazon. You can try others to find one you like better.

    As a note
    I do not have a set amount for any 1 ingredient. I just eyeball it, maybe one of these days I will get this down to a science with numbers and such. When starting out follow Alton's recipe but substitute the above items in it.

u/Brentg7 · 7 pointsr/Cooking
u/drivers9001 · 7 pointsr/ZeroWaste

I have a special bowl for microwaved popcorn.

Creates no garbage by using it. (Not sure about any packaging it comes in. Sorry.) Then you can use just plain popcorn seeds in it.

u/somethin_brewin · 7 pointsr/Homebrewing

I keep mine in pint-size canning jars with the air sucked out. Then they live in the freezer. One pound of pellets splits between two pint jars pretty cleanly. A canning jar vacuum adapter is pretty inexpensive and I use a Harbor Freight hand-operated brake bleeder pump to evacuate them.

I've got few ounces left of some 2014-crop hops that were still making good beer as of a few weeks ago. Probably a little less potent than fresh, but still good.

u/jlbraun · 7 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Using this jar sealer and this vacuum pump, you can vacuum seal the big mason jars to store bulk items without having to buy an expensive food sealer.

u/nitarrific · 7 pointsr/xxfitness

In regards to autumn foods: EAT ALL THE SQUASH!

  • Spaghetti squash lasagna

  • Spaghetti squash spaghetti

  • baked acorn squash

  • sweet peppers, chicken sausage, and whole wheat pasta with pureed butternut squash for sauce

  • zucchini everything

  • sliced zucchini with sweet apple chicken sausage, raisins, walnuts, and whole wheat spaghetti tossed with a little olive oil

  • yellow squash all the things when you run out of zucchini!

  • Ratatouille

    As for heating food without a microwave...

  • Portable mini crockpot

  • Heated lunch box

  • Hot packs

  • Thermoses
u/zomgw00t · 6 pointsr/movies

You need to buy one of these, my friend. It make popcorn that's better than movie theater popcorn and you can play around with using different oils to give your popcorn different flavors.

u/J_Kenji_Lopez-Alt · 6 pointsr/seriouseats

Whirley-Pop all the way! It has a thin aluminum bottom that distributes heat evenly but doesn't retain heat so that as soon as it's done popping, you can take it off heat and the popcorn on the bottom won't burn. The swirling arms also make sure that you get pretty much 100% poppage and that everything pops at the same time. It's amazing because normally in a pot or a wok, there's a gap of maybe a minute or so between when the first kernel pops and the last one does. With the whirley-pop, it all shoots off at once. Like, a five second interval start to finish. It also makes distributing melted butter very easy.

Pro-tip: clarify your butter. The water content is what will turn popcorn soggy.

I buy bay leaves, yeast, and an assortment of dried chilies in bulk and freeze. They are always in my freezer.

u/name2invalid · 6 pointsr/YouShouldKnow

Then get the right pot.

u/NRD-HRD3 · 6 pointsr/popcorn

I'm personally a fan of the Whirley Pop since it goes right on the stove, and you can control the heat more directly. I've never tried this one though, so it might work too. Only thing I would be concerned about would be if you wanted to make kettle corn. Not sure how well this would work with that. Maybe some other people can share their experience

u/ThatsATallGlassOfNo · 6 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

In the last place I lived, my roommate had one of those stovetop popcorn things. It's amazing. Throw some popcorn kernels in, pour in just enough canola oil to lightly coat (I mean lightly). When it starts to pop, turn the handle. When the popping slows down and starts to stop, pour it into a bowl. I used melted butter and white cheddar seasoning. Probably not the most healthy way, but it's delicious.

u/ChocoboThunder · 6 pointsr/fitmeals

I recently purchased one of these

Microwave Popcorn Popper

I cook it without any oil and just put butter on afterwards and it works just fine. 3 T of unpopped popcorn (120 Cal) and 1 T melted butter (100 Cal) and you have a solid 220 Calorie snack. I generally like just salt, pepper and butter on top. I tried some of those cheese seasoning shakers that you can buy at the store but all of them taste terrible.

u/helpfiles · 6 pointsr/Psychonaut

I keep them vacuum sealed in a mason jars (painted black) with desiccant and oxygen absorbent. I have had them last up to a year without loosing much in potency, and remain cracker dry. They would probably last even longer, but i've always eaten them up in less than a year.

u/runclimbfly · 6 pointsr/1200isplenty

I got an this air popper from amazon. Its $20, doesn't need any oil and is idiot-proof. Literally just put in the kernels, plug it in and you'll get perfect popcorn (no burning, virtually no kernels un-popped)

u/aspbergerinparadise · 6 pointsr/recipes


I can't recommend this highly enough. It's nothing short of amazing. Fast, easy, no clean-up, no oil, no un-popped kernels, and so so cheap. I bought like 5 pounds of kernels for about $3. That will make like 50 big bowls of popcorn.

that's the one I got

u/FearMeIAmRoot · 6 pointsr/funny
u/plethoraofpinatas · 6 pointsr/IAmA

Vacuum sealer.

Heavy duty plastic bag + stored in a vacuum and not going to exhale smells. I didn't tell you this. And I didn't tell you it doesn't dry out this way, even for long term storage. You do have to pick out the pokey stems though.

u/TomEdison43050 · 6 pointsr/sousvide

I've had this for 3 years. It's not the best vacuum setup out can spend a lot more money that would be very well spent, but it does the job very well for sous vide. If your problem is not getting a good seal, I've never had this unit not seal, or create a seal that failed.

The only downside is that if you are sealing a lot quickly, then it gets overly hot and then needs to rest and cool for a few minutes. The unit has a safety shutoff that keeps if from overheating.

But if you are looking at bang for the buck, this is what I'd get.

u/girl81 · 6 pointsr/keto

I have this. It works great. It just warms the food. takes about 90 minutes.

u/elizedge1 · 6 pointsr/zerocarb

someone who travels a lot for work mentioned she packed one of these and would find a grocery store and grab a couple pounds of ground beef, pack it in this thing at night and it would be cooked the next morning. That covered her for breakfast and some leftovers for travel the next day of course eating out you just pick whatever meat item they have almost everybody's going to have hamburgers and or steaks

u/maxhatcher · 6 pointsr/prusa3d

This [thing](presto 06300 dehydro electric food dehydrator actually works wonders. You can find good demos using it with filaments on the utube.

Edit: Sorry for the mobile mangle.

u/cawpin · 6 pointsr/reloading

The Frankford Arsenal tumbler works great and has a big enough capacity to do a good amount of brass at once. I'd also suggest the following for drying. One hour of tumbling and 30-45 minutes of drying gets everything done. I deprime before tumbling.


Extra trays

Mesh screens (to keep small brass from falling through)

u/I_Makes_tuff · 6 pointsr/funny
u/ReficuL1286 · 6 pointsr/jerky

I use the cheap nesco off of Amazon. It's pretty great, but I dont have a thing to compare it to.

NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, Gray

u/huffalump1 · 6 pointsr/sousvide

Just use offbrand foodsaver bags:

Chambervac are $0.08/bag, offbrand foodsaver are $0.125/bag. Yes it's more, but it's 4.5 pennies per bag more - hardly a lot for bags that will actually work with the foodsaver.

(Calculated by using 11"x8" bags from those rolls, which are comparable size to 10"x8" chambervac).

u/daemon_of_chaos · 6 pointsr/ketorecipes

You might be interested in the Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker then. It was the best $20 that I've spent in a while and the whole family has been eating more eggs because of how easy and consistent it is.
Thanks for sharing the recipe and tips. I'm definitely going to try this out.

u/ShadedSpaces · 6 pointsr/keto

>the link posted above is not an affiliate link

For me, that's a page-not-found so... you're not wrong.


edit: I don't know anything about affiliate links or anything so feel free to lemme know and I'll delete this, but is this a non-affiliate link to it?

u/n0esc · 6 pointsr/sousvide
u/TheMonkeyFather · 6 pointsr/Cooking

Something like this would pair nice with the food saver! Would also go good with the grilled food!

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker, 800 Watts, Black

u/tizz66 · 6 pointsr/steak

Looks like an Anova

u/the_acid_queen · 6 pointsr/DIYBeauty

For small DIYs, I use that setup: hot plate with some sort of pot/tub holding water, silicon trivet, and beaker. I use a digital thermometer to check it every few minutes and adjust the temp that way.

For larger DIYs, I use a sous vide machine. I just get a big plastic tub (I like the Rubbermaid Commercial ones), fill it with water, and let the sous vide do its thing. It's the BEST - it holds an exact temperature indefinitely, it pairs with an app so you can adjust it remotely, and it keeps water circulating so you don't have to worry about different temps in different places. It's maybe overkill for small personal projects, but I super duper love it.

u/SirEDCaLot · 6 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Try Sous Vide. A basic immersion circulator runs $120 on Amazon (Anova). It's practically impossible to screw up, and there's no risk of fire...

Also makes it easy to cook a LOT of steak at once. Sous Vide will cook several bags of steak at the same time, just use a big container of water.

u/servedconserved · 5 pointsr/shrooms

This one works perfectly, no controls, no power switch, just plug it in and it dries em at 165F. Dehydrators go to that temperature so it's safe to make jerky. Everybody uses this kind and nobody complains about potency loss.

u/e42343 · 5 pointsr/dehydrating

Personally, I'd skip the very expensive Excalibur units at this time. Stick with a cheaper and more basic ones at first to see if it's something you'll continue to do over time.

I have only had 1 dehydrator; the Nesco FD-75. I bought it about 1.5 years ago and I absolutely love it. It comes with 5 trays but can be expanded to 12 trays. I bought 2 extra trays because I need 7 trays to make a 5lb (beginning weight) jerky batch. I use is probably twice a month for jerky, dried fruits, or to dehydrate meals for backpacking. I think the biggest surprise was a backpacking Ratatouille. I made this for backpacking but I've used it more for pot lucks and dips for guests.

It has a temperature control but not a timer which, for me, isn't an issue. If I need a timer then I use one of these timers because I already have 3 of them for other uses. Clean up is easy since the heating and fan are on top. Everything below can be either hand washed or go through the dishwasher.

The best thing about this unit is the price; less than $70. This made it a reasonable investment at the time so I could see if I would use the dehydrator like I planned. I didn't want to spend a couple of hundred dollars for something and end up not using it. So far I've used this dehydrator for about 20 months and it looks like it's going to last for a while longer. I haven't had the first issue.

u/StanleyHammerschmidt · 5 pointsr/backpacking

I got this one on Amazon and can back it up. I use it every single camping trip to dehydrate fruits, veggies, beans, rice, chicken, etc. There are just so many things you can do with one, and they save you so much money on dehydrated/freeze dried food that they pay for themselves in just a few trips.

u/not_an_achiever · 5 pointsr/keto

You should tell people that the link you put in is an affiliate link, which means you get paid if they click and buy.

For anyone wondering, this is a non-affiliate link of the same product:

Edit: Appparently OP says it's not her affiliate link... is that believable, who knows.

u/RootsVerdes · 5 pointsr/Denver

I used to go to Deli Zone in Boulder when I was a student there and always got the Kong breakfast sandwich. It was damn fine. Looks like they have a DU location and a Tech Center location here in Denver.

Also, I have been using this thing of beauty on the weekends and it's hard to beat if you're willing to use an English muffin instead of bagel

u/herman_gill · 5 pointsr/Cooking

The expensive brands in that same price range:

All-Clad, Le Crueset, Henckel, and Mauviel.

This five piece set is worth it's weight in... well, copper. Cuz copper is super expensive.

At a much more reasonable price range you've got Cuisinart, Calphalon, Lodge, Victorinox and a few others.


Here's a list of things they could get (an entire kitchen revamp) for under $1000:

A $300 knife set with 4 steak knives (note: the 7 piece classic set is available from Costco online for only $80 if you have a membershit, same blades, no fancy handles. The steak knives can be got for $10-15 each, so the entire set is like $130 if you don't want rosewood)

Anova sous vide cooker for $110. Toys are fun.

Lodge enameled dutch oven for $60

Mauviel carbon steel pan for $40 (needs to be seasoned), or a pre-seasoned Lodge for $20

Lodge cast iron for $10-20 (depending on 8 inch or 10 inch).

Scrapers (super important!) and maybe silicon handles for $10

and the most important thing they'd want, is the Calphalon tri-ply set for $225 (which I think is also cheaper over at Amazon).

An Instapot (combined pressure cooker + slowcooker + ricecooker, this thing is like a slowcooker on crack). You can also opt for just a regular $30 slowcooker, too.

If they don't care about fancy looking handles, the Fibrox handles actually have a great grip, and Victorinox knives are sharp as shit.

Other things:

OXO good grips tools/spatulas/measures/everything for about $100 depending on what they want.

The Costco membership would probably be worth it just so you can buy the Victorinox knives (and I think also the Calphalon pans?)


Total price: ~$1000 if going with the rosewood handles (I personally didn't bother), and instapot (I would highly recommend the instapot, though!)

If going with regular handles and instapot, $850 <--- my choice

If going with regular handles, instapot, but no sous vide, $750 <--- probably most economical choice

If going with regular handles and regular slowcooker, and no sous vide ~$650

Just regular Victorinox Fibrox knives, and Calphalon Tri-Ply set and one cast iron skillet: ~$400

u/Walterod · 5 pointsr/Cooking

Go with the Anova, $150
And don't be surprised if you end up using it a whole lot more often you expect. Sous Vide 4-lyfe

u/mickeys · 5 pointsr/keto

To keep things in a rational perspective, you're much more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the store than from any bacteria.

Rinsing meat just spreads bacteria all over your kitchen. No need to do it. Ask any chef if you need a second opinion.

Also no need to cook meats to well-done. Get an "instant read meat thermometer" and learn how to use it properly. The USDA has minimum internal meat temperature recommendations. Aim for these targets and your food will be bacteria-free and taste the best. Even better, get an inexpensive sous vide cooker and be more than absolutely sure things are as moist and safe as can be.
Manga bene!

u/Backstop · 5 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Yeah, I don't use the microwave stuff at home either, I use a Stir Crazy, it drips a little butter on gradually through out the process so no popcorn is sitting in a pool of goo.

The "theater style" microwave popcorn is just a regular bag of corn with 500% more butter-flavored oil added.

u/henryb22 · 5 pointsr/hometheater

Whirlypop is great for the stove I just use vegetable oil with some flavacol. I should probably try a healthier oil though..

u/murdockit · 5 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuud

you need to get a whirley-pop.

I make kettle corn all the time and this allows me to not need to take the pan off of the burner and it coats evenly every time.

u/ttruth1 · 5 pointsr/AskReddit

Microwave corn sucks and it has some really weird chemicals in it. Recommend that you switch to this and control what you some $$$ too...

u/ultimaoath · 5 pointsr/trees

Air tight mason jars work great. I've had bud last just over a year in a mason jar with air removed ( that was stored in a box in my closet.

u/jim_diesel6 · 5 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I have the basic model found at target. I got it about a month ago, dont remember the exact cost but I think it was somewhere around $55-65. Also got the [jar sealer] ( attachment and about 4 dozen jars divided amongst quart, pint & half, and pint sized.

I loaded up on these bags: [Commercial Bargains 2 Pack 11" x 50' and 8" x 50'] (

The 8" perfectly fit my burritos. I'd say I'm using about 6 inches per burrito so if I'm careful I'll get at least 100 burritos out of a $12 roll. Also you can use regular ziploc freezer if you trim off their zip lock seal. The vacuum doesn't agree with the thin ziploc bags every time but it's surely good enough for freezer burritos.

u/MuhBack · 5 pointsr/vegan

Not OP but I will give you a couple of mine

Boiled potatoes
Popcorn - My wife bought this. Then she puts coconut oil and TJ vegan butter on it. I've never cared for pop corn until she started making it like that.
Chips and salsa and/or hummus - I like to do a chip in spicy salsa then the next chip in hummus for the compliment.
Chips and Guac - if making guac isnt considered cooking
Pasta and marinara
Trader Joe's Spring Rolls - Just bake

u/HeadFullofHopes · 5 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

They make electric popcorn poppers, called air poppers. Like this one

u/beetbears · 5 pointsr/Coffee

If price is the biggest factor, and he doesn't mind a hands-on approach, buy green beans + a popcorn popper and have him roast his own beans. It's a very easy way to roast and will taste better than Starbucks beans with a little effort. It also comes out to about ~$6/lb of coffee after you buy the popper.

Other options roasted beans:

u/e-as-in-euler · 5 pointsr/roasting

Popcorn Popper.

Roasts by the 1/2-cup and great for learning. Run it with beans for about 5-8 minutes at a time, and make sure you listen for the cracks.

It's not as large or fancy as the other suggestions in the thread, but it's also not $300.

EDIT: It's also really simple to repair and modify. I've taken out the temperature governor and installed a thermometer.

u/JoeyMontezz · 5 pointsr/trees

hmm what am I doing wrong? I dont get nearly that much. This is what I use

u/ender4171 · 5 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

So there are two main types of vacuum sealers; External sealers and chamber sealers. External sealers are like your garden variety food saver. The bag stays outside the machine and the machine draws air from the open end of the bag. Upsides are they are inexpensive and quite effective for sealing dry or frozen goods and they are small. Down sides are that they use corrugated bags (which are pricey) and don't work well with moist food (or at all with liquids) because the suction draws the liquids from the food and prevents the bag from sealing. Chamber sealers have a chamber that the whole bag/food combo sits inside of and the chamber is evacuated. Since the vacuum is on the inside and the outside of the bag there is no pressure differential so you can vacuum pack anything including a bag of liquid. The bags are also much cheaper because they are simple smooth plastic. Downsides are that the machines are MUCH more expensive, require maintenance (oiling) of the pump, and they are quite large in comparison to external sealers.

Now, the quality difference between a <$100 external and a $200-300 external are going to be things like durability, vacuum pressure, and sealing bar width. More expensive units usually have dual piston pumps that evacuate faster and to a higher level of vacuum, wider sealer bars for a better seal (for instance I always do two seals with my food saver to be safe), can seal more bags continuously without over heating, and have more features like adjustable vacuum pressure, marinating modes, and various sealing options.

You can get over priced externals that sell on points like built in roll storage, various (usually useless) accessories, and fancy looks but you are wasting your money. This is an excellent entry level external. It is a single piston pump with no fancy features, but it works perfectly fine on most things. You'll generally have to let wetter meats set up a bit in the freezer first so they don't leak liquid, but that's true for most externals without a "wet" or "low vacuum" setting. This would be a higher end external with dual piston pump, cooling fan and a bunch of settings. This guy here is about as cheap as you will find for a dual piston, but it will not be nearly as durable or versatile as the Pro350.

Chamber sealers, you can spend $500-15,000 on but for most home users this is the gold standard. Inexpensive (for a chamber sealer at least) and has a well proven track record. Come see us over at /r/sousvide we have a ton of threads discussing sealers.

u/not_the_queen · 5 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Do you work in an office? Or are you out in the field all day? Or drive for a living? If you narrow down the environment you'll be eating in & what sort of meal prep resources you have, we might be able to give you better advice.

That said, most things can be eaten at room temperature. I worked in restaurants /catering for years, where I got a meal every shift but rarely had time to eat it while it was hot. I got used to eating room temperature food to the extent that I preferred it. I've been out of the industry for a couple of years, it actually took me about a year to get used to hot food again. For a long time I would just bring my leftovers from dinner to work & take them out of the fridge an hour or two before lunch to take the chill off.

Last year I bought a [soup warmer] ( It works fairly fast & also works for more solid food, like pasta & casseroles - I add a splash of water to the food before heating so it doesn't dry out (I have celiac and the microwaves at work are always covered in bread crumbs, so I prefer not to use them.)

Lots of sandwiches can be frozen, tuna, egg salad, even PB&J (though you can always just keep a small jar of each, a plastic knife & a loaf of bread on your lunch bag. You could also make a meatloaf, cool & slice then freeze the slices individually. Make sandwiches with the slices & bbq sauce, ketchup or chili sauce (probably not a good idea to make the sandwiches then freeze - between the sauce and the meat it would get really soggy after thawing.) Same thing goes for meatballs, make a big batch, freeze in portion sizes & make meatball subs with BBQ sauce.

Chilies and stews are usually OK eating straight from thawing (but will always be tastier warm.)

Are you wanting to pre-make everything & freeze so you can just grab lunch & go, or do you have a few minutes to put stuff together in the morning? You'll almost always get better results prepping portions of the meal & combining them on the day of. You can freeze pasta, but the texture will be much nicer if you cook some fresh the day of, or the night before, and then grab pre-prepped sauce & meat from the freezer. Gnocchi is even faster to cook (about 2 minutes after the water boils.)

Any drier casserole would also work for grab & go meals - nothing too wet, so maybe not Mac and cheese, but lasagna, any kind of layered casserole that holds together well, you could make a big batch once a week, cool, slice, wrap in wax or parchment paper then put them all in a large freezer bag (and label the bag!) Grab one or two for lunch. Just make sure you've followed proper food safety rules when cooking and freeze them promptly.

Burritos & filled buns could also be a good option. Breakfast burritos are not at their tastiest cold, but they aren't gross. There are many, many recipes for filled buns of all sorts in cuisines around the world - calzones, pierogi, perishke, katchapuri, samosas, pasties, empanadas, etc. Most were invented for the express purpose of going in a worker's lunchbox, and most will freeze very well. You can make most quite easily using purchased pizza or bread dough. Cornmeal based dumplings are extremely easy to make - Colombian areas are basically corn meal mush with cheese added, patted in a disc & fried. They freeze extremely well (better before flying, but are just fine fried then frozen.)

You could also put a little bit of work once a week into prepping things that keep well in the fridge for a week - like boiled eggs (don't peel until you are ready to eat, and mark the date of cooking on the shell with a sharpie), sliced cheese, chopped veggies like carrots & peppers and hearty dips like hummus in individual portion baggies or containers, and keep fruits like bananas, apple & oranges in a bowl on the counter. That way you can grab one of each, pull something out of the freezer, grab a fruit and you have a hearty lunch plus snacks in the time it takes to make coffee.

u/mgithens1 · 5 pointsr/sousvide

Agreed... I use this lid on the pictured Rubbermaid container. I've done 24hours and didn't add a drop of water.

u/vegasflavordave · 4 pointsr/sousvide

I use this as container:

And this as lid:

They work fine for me, and the price is good. I guess the lid could be a little thicker if I had to pick something but really I'm satisfied with my setup.

I lock the zipper part of my bag under the edge of the lid so I don't have to fish it out of the water.

u/RedOctobyr · 4 pointsr/sousvide

This should show Amazon's pricing for the WiFi model over the last 6 months:

And the Bluetooth model:

The answer seems to be "somewhat often"?

(Edit: it shows 3 months of history by default, but you can change the amount of time shown in the graph. And sorry, I hadn't realized that your post title was a link to a similar site, so you already had the info that I linked to.)

u/EFenn1 · 4 pointsr/sousvide

Rubbermaid Commercial Space Saving Food Storage Container, 12 Quart, FG631200

EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid for Anova Culinary Precision Cookers, Fits 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount)

u/Kin-Luu · 4 pointsr/gardening

It is quite simple, really.

  1. I cut them into half and remove the stems and seeds. /e: But try to not remove the placenta, as this is where most of the capsaicin is, so if you cut it out, your powder won't be as hot.
  2. I dry them using a dehydrator (example). I use a very simple model I got from amazon for cheap. It only has a on-off switch, nothing fancy.
  3. When they are completely dry (and I mean really dry, they need to start to become brittle when you touch them), I grind them to powder using a electric coffee impact-mill (example).

    The most important part is that you always are very careful. You need to wear nitril gloves (latex does not keep you safe!) and if you are doing for the first time, maybe even eye and breath protection. If you get some of the powder in your eyes or in your breathing ways, you are in for a world of hurt.
u/southofi10 · 4 pointsr/dehydrating

Get the $75 Nesco Dehydrator instead of messing around with fans and air filters, and you will never look back.

u/Efflux · 4 pointsr/jerky

This is the one I have. It works very well. It is honestly quite fool proof.

Do some basic research about the meat you want. Slice it up. Marinate it. Pop it on here until it is done. It works well. I have done several batches for hiking/camping trips and it always receives compliments. If you have questions, let me know.

u/albatrossssss · 4 pointsr/sousvide

Quality of these have been amazing, better than OE bags

FoodVacBags 2-pack 11X50 Rolls Vacuum Sealer Bags 4 mil Embossed Commercial Grade for Sous Vide and Foodsaver

u/BurnAccount1974 · 4 pointsr/keto
u/Real_Supernova · 4 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

You should look into getting this. They also make a duel version that works just as good. Cleanup is really easy too.

u/SpoatieOpie · 4 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

Anova is usually on sale for like $80. Works great and simple to use

You can use it in a plastic tub or pot. Also, I use a roll of these and cut them with these.
Vacuum sealers are nice to have but not necessary. You can just use a sturdy ziploc bag and water displacement before sealing. Or you can just clip it to the side of the pot, no sealing necessary.

u/NoraTC · 4 pointsr/Cooking

I have no idea what you ate, but what you are describing is now easily achievable with sous vide. For chicken beer cooler sous vide works until you decide you want a rig. A few years ago I decided to get an Anova and am glad I did. In the summer I use it about once a month; in the winter about once a week; around the holidays, it never gets put away. The cooking style is totally different, so I recommend a slow start with things like the beer cooler method to see if the results are the ones you like, but if you do, the timing freedom for busy folks is a game changer.

u/WillMunny42 · 4 pointsr/vaporents

Here's what I use
200 degrees for 2 hours (or less some say). No smell as it's sealed (get a foodsaver too). When done, unseal the bag outside for extra stealth.
Also makes fantastic food...
Lots of ideas here:

u/Praise_the_boognish · 4 pointsr/Weakpots

My cooking game is on point, no problems there. Trying to decide what my annual tax refund kitchen purchase is going to be this year and I think it's gonna be one of these bad boys.

u/waynegholder · 4 pointsr/food

I have the Anova sous vide. It's not a whole separate appliance, like some sous vide models, this you just clamp to a pot of water and let it whiz away.

This is the one I use. Take a look, there are similar ones that are cheaper that do the same thing.

EDIT: Another cheap skate tip. No need for a vacuum sealer. Just take a regular freezer bag, put whatever in it, and submerge in the water until you get up to the seal and.... seal... The water will push all the air out and create the same effect. Just don't get any water in the bag of course.

u/billbixbyakahulk · 4 pointsr/hometheater

Thanks! I was having trouble sleeping and my thoughts were kind of jumbled.

I forgot to mention, if you don't have a traditional kettle popper, a whirlypop-style stovetop popper makes great popcorn. This is also the best choice if it's for only you or for a small group because the kettle style are a pain to clean.

There are lots of knockoff whirlypops but I've heard the the crank/gearing on some are very cheap and break after not too long. I think even whirlypop had QC issues for awhile. There are some good copycat brands, though.

Find the right heat/gas setting on your stove through trial and error and always stick to it for a consistent result. Also, you will get the best result with slow, even stirring as opposed to fast, occasional stirring. Anyway, once the test kernel pops it only takes a few minutes to pop a batch, so you're not handcuffed to the popper for very long.

u/Helpful_Googler · 4 pointsr/Frugal
u/jmikewarren · 4 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

It hold the lid up, pulls the vacuum, the lets the lid fall.

It's held on by vacuum until the jar ring is installed.

u/reddilada · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

The Stir Crazy pops some pretty tasty corn.

u/boondoggie42 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Butter microwave popcorn smells like sweatsocks/gymlocker to me for some reason.


I can make real popcorn with a WhirlyPop just as fast as microwave.

u/PeaInAPod · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

Secrets to theatre style popcorn:

  • Stovetop "Whirly-Pop" style contraption.

  • Coconut Oil

  • As far as butter flavoring. I've tried "theatre oils' but its hard to find a good one. I've had the best luck with getting "butter salt" a name brand is "Flavacol" but its all the same stuff.
u/theodopolis13 · 3 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

get a whirley pop & it won't be.

u/CheapAsRamenNoodles · 3 pointsr/movies

Get a stovetop popper for about $20 and find real popcorn salt.

I also have a $500 Sam's Club popper but this is easier, less cleaning, and faster. The downside to the $20 popper is that it isn't quite as good, maybe 8/10 instead of 10/10, and you have to turn it manually.

Edit-also day old popcorn is better and what you get a lot of the time in a theater.

u/staticthreat · 3 pointsr/tifu

I can't say I have ever heard of someone popping popcorn in the oven.

Next time get some paper bags for the kernels in the microwave, use a pot and some oil on the stove, or pick yourself up a whirley pop, or something similar.

u/xkillx · 3 pointsr/Cooking

i like the whirley-pop it is quick and simple. no nonstick anything, and the popcorn tastes much better than air pop or microwave. and its cheap!

u/Segal-train · 3 pointsr/indieheads

it looks like this

u/Tabarnouche · 3 pointsr/foodhacks

If you're looking to re-create theatre-style popcorn, then a spice/salt you're looking for Flavacol! My go-to recipe is a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil, a half-cup of popcorn kernels, and a teaspoon of Flavacol, all put in a Whirley Pop over medium-high heat. Three minutes later, you've got a pot full of popcorn!

u/RVelts · 3 pointsr/traderjoes

I bought one of these back in 2015:

And I use the bulk popcorn in a bag from Trader Joe's and it cooks amazing, no oil or butter or fat needed.

u/svel · 3 pointsr/food

The Nordic Ware microwave Popcorn popper, and Flavacol is what we use. Excellent results every time, and SO easy.

u/eldatari · 3 pointsr/budgetfood

I bought a microwave popcorn bowl; you just put the kernels in (with or without oil) and pop it in the microwave. It's lasted for at least five years now. This is the one I have, but I bought it at Walmart:

u/gooberfaced · 3 pointsr/nutrition

Make it daily.
And you can indeed vacuum seal jars- my Foodsaver works with vacuum jar lids that fit standard mason jars.

u/schlaghund · 3 pointsr/pics
u/earlandir · 3 pointsr/todayilearned

If you make much popcorn at all get a popcorn machine. They are small, you save money as popcorn kernels are ridiculously cheap, and it tastes way better.

u/Aloof_pooch · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

I think you need to make your own popcorn with a popcorn popper. Imagine the warm, buttery, salty goodness of fresh popped popcorn 😀

u/cheald · 3 pointsr/videos
u/thyfearfulsymmetry · 3 pointsr/dehydrating

Mine takes up less than 3 sq ft. Probably less than 2. Here's a link:

I bought the maximum number of trays I could along with the tray inserts for sauces and fruit leathers and drying herbs, when not in use they all sit inside the dehydrator which sits in the bottom of my pantry or on top of the fridge if it's running. I've had it since 2013 and while I don't see it saving space on food much it's been a worthwhile investment. I think it would be just fine in that amount of space, I pulled it off in mine with 2 people, 3 cats, too much furniture and 150 sq feet of that being a studio space. Also! They are super light so they can stack pretty much anywhere. I can carry the whole thing stacked up with all the trays with one hand when it's ready to store it.

u/BentSlightly · 3 pointsr/Marijuana
u/zackmknight · 3 pointsr/trees

Thanks for the link. Brought me to related products. I just ordered this. I WILL BE THE KING OF KIEF.

u/binginJAK · 3 pointsr/smoking

Found this on Amazon for $123 and has decent enough reviews.

Edit: This also seems pretty good for home use and is $100.

u/PM_me_ur_launch_code · 3 pointsr/smoking
u/lovellama · 3 pointsr/Canning

If everything is dehydrated, I would vacuum seal it instead of pressure canning. There are adapters that come with vacuum sealers that will do canning jars. Haunt Freecycle or Craig's List for free or cheap sealers.

u/Boss_McAwesome · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

I have this one, and I got it for like $20 on a deal, and I've seen them on sale there a few times. It works perfectly fine for all my purposes (hops and sous vide steaks).

u/Trw0007 · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

This one. (I have and use a lot. Not just for hops, but sous vide cooking and buying meat in bulk)

u/Koker93 · 3 pointsr/sousvide

I have this food saver :

I vacuum pack liquid stuff all the time. Specifically I make chicken thighs with lawrys jerk sauce in the bag. Turns out great. But you don't need to freeze first and then vacuum seal the bags. If you have a food saver like mine just clamp the bag exactly like normal. Now before you hit the vac button move the whole thing so the bag is hanging vertically off the counter held by the sealer. Hit the vac button and JUST before the liquid gets to the top hit the seal button. Mine stops dead and seals the bag right away and since you're pulling liquid up to the top of the bag it gets all of the air out every time.

u/Arkolix · 3 pointsr/Cooking

I have the FoodSaver V2244 which is as close to standard issue consumer grade as I'm aware of. I've only had it since October but have used it almost every single day since then and have been very happy with its performance, especially for its price. I'd recommend it!

u/tmlove84 · 3 pointsr/disability

I can totally relate to your situation, I myself have no ability to clean my house, do anything hygienic, and have no job. So I am highly dependent on many, if not all of the services that you are looking for.

I first just did a simple Google search for "home care based services colorado", and came up with quite a few results that might work for you, including what's called "Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)" and "Aging & Disability Resources for Colorado". Here is a link to A List of Colorado Programs. If Colorado's ADRC is anything like Washington's, call up your local Social Security office and ask about starting the process for an ADRC social worker, and to have them come out to your house to assess you for home care services. Because your boyfriend is on actual disability, he might have an easier time going through the process. I do know of people with schizophrenia and other such mental illnesses like depression, that have been able to receive this service as well. After you are approved, they will assign you with a care company that sends out a caregiver for a preapproved set of hours a week to help you with cleaning around the house, cooking meals, etc. An added bonus is that you can get a doctor's note to pronounce your pets as medical necessity, like Seeing Eye dogs are, but these would be "emotional service" cats. Then after that your caregiver would then be able to clean the litter boxes for you as well from then on.

Since you both are not married, you both will have to go through this process separately and I'm assuming would be assigned a separate social worker. Meaning one person may be eligible for more things than the other, and I'm sure the social worker will be more than willing to help you through all this.

As for the food, I too really hate reheating food in the microwave and get tired of processed foods. I invested in a FoodSaver | non, which vacuum seals food and extends their shelflife by months. I'm sure you can easily find a used one on craigslist or goodwill. The bags are a little spendy, but you can reuse them quite a few times if you wash them well. Just pull a preprepared meal or vegetable from the freezer and warm it up in a pot of boiling water. I'm sure there's a bunch of YouTube videos with good "How to" guides for getting the most out of a FoodSaver.

As for finding work as a person with a disability, I can totally relate to this, and have a few blog posts floating around in this sub getting into the different things that I do to make a little money to survive. Like using referral links – as I did above – to make a percentage off Whatever purchase is made from that link. I also make designs and post it to my RedBubble store for people to buy them on T-shirts, posters, pillows, etc. Totally not trying to link bait everyone. It can be really slow or really good passive income, depends on how much time you put into it. A good subreddit for making money online is /r/WorkOnline.

I hope all this helps, sorry I don't know Colorado law and there couldn't be more helpful with that. Let me know if you have any other questions.

u/anji4062 · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Do you have access to a plug? If so, there are actually little mini crock pots that you can throw your food into early in the morning, and then they are hot by lunch time.

Crock-Pot SCCPLC200-PK 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Pink

Here's a link. I just searched for "lunch crockpot" on amazon, and this is one that I got. A little expensive at first, but I think it might help you to have more varied meals and in turn will be cheaper than ordering out.

Edit: this is for fully cooked meals btw. So don't throw in raw meat or veg and expect it to be fully cooked. From the reviews, the food does get piping hot though.

u/meownameiswinston · 3 pointsr/electricians

That’s commitment. I use one of these lunch crock pots

Fill the metal insert with whatever leftovers you want. Plug it in about an hour before lunch and you have a hot meal. Easier to carry than a microwave too.

Edit: it’s called a crock pot but it doesn’t cook your food. You put cooked food in and it reheats it.

u/Harry_Canyon · 3 pointsr/sousvide

I got the hinged version for $11. No cutting and no removing the whole cooker with the lid.

u/MontyBurnsLeia · 3 pointsr/sousvide

I got this one and it is great!

EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid Compatible with Anova Culinary Precision Cooker and 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount)

u/NomadCigarCompany · 3 pointsr/cigars

I use the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker WIFI . That and a pot of water and you are good to go.

My picking my favorite Nomad is like picking a favorite child. That said, lately is has been a tie between the Fin de los Mundos. Esteli Lot 8613, and the Martial Law.

u/jp0le · 3 pointsr/sousvide

EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid Compatible with Anova Culinary Precision Cooker and 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount)

I use that lid, no need for refilling the water. I invested in that a few months ago along with the container and it has made my life so much easier for sous vide. When I'm not using it as a water bath it also doubles as a great brining/marinating vessel.

u/LA-shroomer · 3 pointsr/shrooms

Can highly recommend this guy. Drying cubes without a dehydrator takes WAY to much time. They'll be cracker dry in about 4-5 hours in this thing. For super thicc bois I cut them in half so they lay flat in the dehydrator - it helps in drying them out, too.

Also, this is a cool tek for harvesting.

u/dcabines · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

Yes, get the basic 7 gallon brew bucket. Drill a hole in the lid with their drill bit. Add the bulkhead. Add a TC to ball lock gas post. Now you can do closed transfers.

I also love my Tilt and TiltPi running on a Pi Zero.

With all that cash you won't mind a large grain storage bin perfect for 50 pound grain sacks.

You can break down your pound bags of hops into smaller bags with a vacuum sealer.

Try an RO system and upgrade it with a 14 gallon pressure tank (can't find the link).

u/Jowlsey · 3 pointsr/BBQ

I like to make about 2x as many ribs as we'll eat. I take the left overs and seal them up with a vacuum sealer, then toss them in the freezer. When it's time to reheat a slab I just put the sealed bag in a large pot of simmering water. In 10 minutes or so they're ready and almost as good the one fresh off the grill.

u/changefast · 3 pointsr/sousvide

This sealer is no frills and is only $26. It has lasted me a long time and uses generic bag rolls.

I still use ziplocks and silicon bags for fish and burgers and stuff that doesn’t like to get smashed.

u/climbherm · 3 pointsr/sousvide

I got this one for $30, and have been perfectly happy with it. It's not great with liquids, but I've made it work just fine for everything I've used it for so far. The drip tray is big enough that you'd have to really do something wrong for it to overflow, and if it doesn't get a perfect seal because of liquid I just seal the very end a second time.

u/exotube · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

The $30 Seal A Meal on amazon has served me well for 2+ years if you don't want to wait for a sale.

u/PatDar · 3 pointsr/UrbanHomestead

I borrowed a dehydrator from a friend and it had an on/off switch and that was it. I had no idea how warm the thing got or anything. I tried dehydrating a few different things with it but the results always varied and sometimes cooked/burned more than dehydrated. So I would definitely recommend one with adjustable temperatures.

One temp definitely doesn't fit all purposes. I ended up getting a Nesco off Amazon. I got this one. It's a little pricy than a thrifted one but I haven't regretted it and have made perfectly dehydrated mushrooms, fruit leather, and herbs. I still want to try an onion (outdoors!) and jerky.

u/fartbiscuit · 3 pointsr/nfl

Not to mention higher in fat and carbs than meats.

I bought a food dehydrator and now I make my own jerky. It's delicious, nowhere near as much salt as store-bought, and stupid cheap.

u/nept_r · 3 pointsr/trailmeals

Just to add, you can get a really good dehydrator for about $65 that will do virtually anything you want. I've done jerky, fruit leathers, veggies, etc but you can also dehydrate cooked meals with great success. It's crazy how easy it is, you literally pat stuff dry, cut it into small/thin pieces, and plug it in. It's really that easy.

u/Vid-Master · 3 pointsr/dehydrating

I just posted this comment elsewhere, I have had a good experience with this one:
It can be used to many so many different cool snacks, and the best part is that YOU made them!
it works very well for making beef jerky. It dries evenly.
If anyone is interested, heres a quick list of useful things:

1.) The beef jerky you make should cost about 35% of store bought beef jerky.

2.) Use large freezer bags to marinade the beef jerky.

3.) Try to time your day out when you make jerky, put the jerky in marinade overnight and then right when you get home put it into the dehydrator, that way you can stay up a little bit late if it takes too long, or take it out when it's ready so it doesn't overdehydrate and get brittle. You don't want to be away from home with it running in the dehydrator, because sometimes it will go quicker and then it may get overdried. It seems like it would take a LOT for that to happen though, a few hours past the correct time.

4.) Make sure to cut the meat across the grain, it will be super tough if you cut it with the grain. My best results are having the meat cut at 1/2 inch thick, across the grain, with "eye round roast" beef.

5.) Make sure to clean the dehydrator well when you are done. Be careful that you don't deform or melt the plastic trays in the dishwasher.

6.) Follow this recipe for jerky, it worked great for me

u/livingflying · 3 pointsr/keto

Make your own!! Here's a recipe. Just take the honey out of his marinade recipe. I use a marinade of soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, fresh ground pepper, and curing salt, and I also got a dehydrator to make it easier. I only marinated the meat for 2 hours, and it came out great!

u/magiclela · 3 pointsr/backpacking

Not at all. Just use the fruit roll sheets instead of the standard tray so there's no drip, or you can use parchment paper on the standard tray. Periodically just break apart the chili and flip it and voila, no mess. This is the dehydrator I use. I think it's a great starter kit for people who want to try dehydrating but don't want to invest in an Excalibur.

u/cmattei · 3 pointsr/sousvide

I made ChefSteps brisket and used these bags to seal a 15Lb Brisket. It was tight and I double sealed the ends to be safe but it held perfectly.

u/browngirlbrown · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I got this egg cooker and it is amazing. You can hard/medium/soft boil a bunch of eggs or poach and it's super quick. The buzzer when it's done is a little annoying but it's really small and can be stashed away easily.

u/mudprincess · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

[This is for you] ( because I read in your comments that you have a new guy that you're excited about. I have found that keeping a mate happy is MUCH easier if you know their love language. 😍

[This is for me] ( because I have been doing Keto diet to lose weight and EGGS ARE LIFE on this diet. 🤓

[This is for /u/Miss-omnibus to read when she has insomnia] ( because she was sweet enough to summon me to introduce herself in another thread and we had a good conversation. 😘

AND I think there is still money left over for you to get a little something extra for yourself or save it for another contest! 🤩

u/wordsineversaid · 3 pointsr/ProductPorn

I bought one of these recently and just used it for the first time. It works surprisingly well and it isn’t that hard to clean because the metal pieces in between the two heaters are removable.

u/_____DEADPOOL___ · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/MannyCoon · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

This may be a bit of an investment, but I use the sous vide method. I have an Anova One immersion circulator cooker that I use as a general kitchen appliance for cooking meat and veggies, etc. I found a method to mash grains using it, here. I've only done this once for my last batch of cream ale, which is fermenting right now, but it appears to be have worked well! It's great at maintaining a temperature without any insulation. I do it right in my brew pot, with the grains in the bag, 3 gallon boil volume. I do 5 gallon batches and add water after the boil. Anova says the volume limit is 4-5 gallons.

Like I said, it's a bit of an investment with a sous vide device costing $150-$200, but you can use it for a lot of other cooking tasks, and it's cheaper than a store-bought 2-cooler mash and sparge setup.

u/ketokate-o · 3 pointsr/keto

Anova Immersion Circulator

Not totally Keto related, but they're great for cooking all the meats!

u/Anathos117 · 3 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

I have this one. It clamps onto a container (like a pot) rather than being integrated, so it takes up less space. I have had problems with it getting fried by steam rising from the water (an amazingly stupid flaw), but a cheap replacement plan and covering the pot solved that problem. It looks like there's a newer model, so hopefully they've fixed that issue

u/learethak · 3 pointsr/AskCulinary

He means in a Sous vide bath. Like Anova Precision Cooker or Chefsteps Joule

u/theck01 · 3 pointsr/analog

The one I have is from Anova, it works pretty well. There are less expensive ones out there, I went with this one because of recommendations from friends.

u/recklesscharlie · 3 pointsr/atlbeer

I'll probably go with this one, considering the reviews. It'll have to wait until the end of stout season, though. :-)

Anova Culinary PCB-120US-K1 Bluetooth Precision Cooker, 800 Watts, Black

u/Letmefixthatforyouyo · 3 pointsr/Cooking

You can cook them in shell. Set the water bath to 170f, drop eggs directly into water. Remove after 14min or so, and you have perfect poached eggs. Crack to serve.

Sous Vide is slow cooking done perfect. It will give you an exact result, each time. Its consistent, which is a rare feat in most cooking, and makes amazing dishes. Chef steps has some great tutorials and recipes.

I use the Anova in a 10Qt soup pot. Works great. Note that the price does drop to about $130 at times, so if you want to save a bit of money, wait it out. If you want to save a lot of money, you can DIY a sous vide cooker yourself.

u/amrcnpsycho · 3 pointsr/cookingvideos

Gahhh looks like I got it on sale for 50 bucks off! But this is the one. Super easy, the blue dial just scrolls up or down to change temp and the play button starts and stops it.

u/VerySkeptikal · 3 pointsr/keto

1 best keto device ever:

Anova Sous Vide immersion circulator. perfect, easy, restaurant-quality food every time at a fraction of the cost.

u/wonkay · 3 pointsr/ketorecipes

You can also sous vide the ribs using this recipe and finish on the grill. Gets you about 90% of the way there for much less investment. Plus you can use it for steak, roasts, chicken, or anything else.

u/Yvels · 3 pointsr/sousvide

So, after hours spent on internet I decided to get myself a 28 quart insulated cooler for my new Anova. I didn't expect it to have "can space" on top but it's a perfect fit. Right now I have 12 New York strip cooking in there for 2.5h.


cooler :
cooker :

note : prices are CDN $

u/dalaio · 3 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Also, for us Canucks, the Joule isn't available in Canada (yet), while the Anova can be found on

u/natelyswhore22 · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

There are a lot of really cool camping things! I'll be back to edit this post on my computer with some things that we like / are unique /cool

EDIT - these are things that we use that we love. These things all range in price, so hopefully you can find one or two to fit whatever budget you have.

  • Collapsible Coffee Dripper : They can use this to make REAL coffee on the trail. They just have to heat water!
  • Portable camping grill : This takes a little time to set up, but it's a very compact grill and makes it easy to cook food or even just balance your mess kit
  • Nonstick camping mess kit : A nonstick kit is much easier to clean than a stainless steel one IMO. this set has a kettle, utensil, and scrubber which is awesome.
  • Camp Suds : An environmentally safe soap so they can clean their gear but preserve the trail!
  • Dry sacks : Dry sacks are just what they sound like... waterproof bags that keep your stuff dry. They can also double as a pillow if you stuff clothes in them!
  • Portable camping stove : This little guy connects to a small fuel canister and gives you a nice little stove. These are great for heating water / soup as they provide a better heat source than a fire you'd build.
  • Food dehydrator : This is not something they'd take camping, but it can really help them to save money on meals. If they are backpacking, they likely won't want to carry around cans of food and won't be able to carry around ingredients that would go bad. The dehydrator allows them to make their own backpacking meals that they will reconstitute with water.
  • Pocket bellows : allows you to stoke the fire without having to get your face super close. Also this lets you target a small area.
  • LED light bulb ; This does require a portable battery but it's really great to have this little guy. We use it in the tent at night or when we're hanging out but need a little light to chop food/etc.
  • Pocket chain saw : Cut big pieces of wood! It takes some muscle, but it really does work and it's a lot smaller than a hatchet or actual chain saw..
  • Literally the best backpacking chair : when you're backpacking, you have to carry EVERYTHING with you. So that means that stuff has to be light and small. These chairs are great, because (for chairs) they tick off both of those boxes. They have a back! And they are big enough to actually sit on!

    Other general items that are useful: Climbing/heavy duty carabiners (to clip stuff to other stuff. you can even get locking ones); water filters (if you get a Lifestraw, I recommend the water bottle. The actual Lifestraw is an interesting idea, but we've found in practice it's a little awkward); hammocks with nice straps; base layers; battery-operated lights of any kind (especially ones that clip or are hands-free); a set of waterproof cards (to pass the time on a break); nice, wicking socks; hiking poles; a camping knife.

    I haven't tried Cairn (the camping sub box) but they always look interesting.
u/xAbednego · 2 pointsr/jerky

"preset temperature of approximately 165," says the manual. this is the one I got:

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

u/fredneck4000 · 2 pointsr/shrooms
u/JSekai · 2 pointsr/keto

This is a good starter dehydrator.

I've been making jerky for about two years now and have been making that keto jerky for about a year or so.

There's some research and learning to be done, as well as trial an error, since you'll want to go for good lean meat and learn how to make 2-3mm thick pieces but def worth it. London broil or bottom round if you see it on sale but with great power comes great responsibility. I've had some jerky binges when starting out just because of how much you end up with in comparison to buying premade jerky. Lastly, its something like 1lb of steak turns into .5-.6 lbs of jerky. Keep it up man, you're looking fierce :D

u/MacheteGuy · 2 pointsr/zerocarb

If you have some extra cash, I'd suggest investing in a dehydrator. They're really fun to learn to use, and make for a nice supply of snacks! I use this one, and although it's not very flashy, it makes some very tasty jerky.

u/HrVanker · 2 pointsr/shrooms

I tried using desiccant for drying, and it's way too much hassle.

Just pick up a dehydrator somewhere. Check the local Goodwill stores and then Walmart if you need it now. But this guy is under $40 and free one-day shipping.

u/darxink · 2 pointsr/Autos

So that’s where the trays for my meat dehydrator come from.

u/OIdEvEAd · 2 pointsr/shrooms

Behold the KING


Now that your eyes have bugged out of their sockets at the price tag for this unit, get a smaller, cheaper one lol

u/LiftinTheVeil · 2 pointsr/shrooms

Never tried that and honestly if you have the money and want something to do the job right the link below is for a dehydrator. It’s 40 dollars.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

This will do the trick. I personally have this one, and I love it. Just take a look through amazon and read some reviews.

Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, White - MADE IN USA

u/rxneutrino · 2 pointsr/mycology

So far my ideas include:

  • Mushroom plugs - inoculate logs in your local forest with your favorite fungi. Feels like cheating though.
  • Books? Maybe this one?
  • Baskets? Is there a "best" mushroom collection vessel?
  • A food dehydrator might come in handy. Is there a preferred brand/feature for mushroomers?

u/Coffeepotlove · 2 pointsr/HotPeppers

Looks to be the same one I have judging by the set plates. Presto Dehydro Food Dehydrator. They're cheap and awesome, imo.

Edit: I'm wrong, but here's the one I've had for a while now. Dehydrator

u/lawn-darts · 2 pointsr/sousvide

Here ya go: Seal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer with compact design, hands-free, seal indicator lights, FSSMSL0160-000

Currently $31.44 and works great!

u/PsychicWarElephant · 2 pointsr/sousvide

bought this over a year ago, went through a 100 pack of bags, and about half way through my second and it still works good.

Doesn't do liquids, but IF I want to add liquid to something I just freeze it and and it as ice. but that is rare anyway.

u/optimator71 · 2 pointsr/sousvide

The next step up from foodsaver is the cheapest chamber sealer, nothing in between worth spending money on. I would suggest using a displacement method, finding a used foodsaver or a generic channel sealer. There is one on Amazon for $40.

Edit. The "generic" food saver is called "Seal-a-Meal" and it is now on Amazon for $30. Not worth spending any more for a channel sealer. Amazon also sells giant rolls of bags that are a lot cheaper than the foodsaver brand.

Also, while I bought the chamber vac for sous vide, I am hyped over it for other reasons. I use it almost on daily basis to cook ahead or save leftovers. We used to cook for the week on the weekend, but would get tired of the same food during the week. Now I cook and freeze individual portions and have a collection of a dozen different meals in the freezer to choose from. Moreover, when I cook dinner now, I almost always double the recipe and freeze the leftovers. This really reduced my overall cooking time and gives me more choices for daily meals.

u/itsamutiny · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

This is about $50 and generally has positive reviews.

u/Z-and-I · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

This vacuum sealer is usually around $30 bucks. It obviously takes more space up but it can be used with hop bags. Also the bags that come with can be cut down and you can make your own smaller bags. I have one and like it.

u/TheDivineMissPanty · 2 pointsr/SellerCircleStage this one is cheap and works great. You can use amazon brand bags that also work great and make it so much cheaper

u/death_hawk · 2 pointsr/sousvide seems like a pretty good deal. I haven't used it since I have a bunch of FoodSavers and soon to be a chamber vac, but if I were starting out I'd be considering that especially since it's $30.

u/arkieguy · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I've had really good luck with this unit! I've had it over 2 year with no problem yet and it's currently under $30.

u/TheRoadHome · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Also pick up a foodsaver. If you get a foodsaver you don't have to use the whole bag or worry about AA decay. I picked up this one and it works awesome:

Sidenote: Works for medicinal plants related to hops as well.

u/bsievers · 2 pointsr/sousvide

There's supposed to be a 'useful stuff' link in the sidebar, but it looks like it's blank to me. /u/revolution486 is there still a wiki type thing for products?

OP, I bought a cheapo food sealer on amazon that's worked great for me. Ziplocks always leaked. This is the one I have, but I paid $17.59 on 10/31/18:

I've used stock pots for the most part, but they're clunky and waste a lot of heat (which wears your SV device a lot) I'm looking at upgrading to the plastic bins now, but if you don't have a ton of funds right this second, it's a good component to hold off on to make sure you'll use enough to justify.

Searing in an oven is going to be possible but difficult. You need to keep applying heat while you're searing so you can't just take the pan out and toss the meat in, but you often want to baste or flip, so you also can't just drop the meat in and close the oven. The general advice I've heard is that enameled cast iron is "approved" for use on glass tops but (and I'm quoting someone else here):

>I wonder whether this whole issue is real at all. I've been using my heavy Le Creuset stuff for five years now with not a hint of a scratch anywhere (yes, I know it's coated but it's still darn heavy). So I just did a google search on the subject and found dozens of similar threads on all sorts of other chat sites, and you know what they all had in common? Despite the manufacturers' recommendations against using cast iron on glass cooktops, I was unable to find a single report of anyone ever actually getting any scratches! On the contrary, there were LOTS of postings from people saying they'd been using cast iron on glass for years and years with no problems at all.
> I'm starting to think that warning is just the manufacturers' lawyers playing CYA.

You can also buy a butane burner for ~$20 if you have the urge.

Another common tool is a straight up blow torch. If you have trouble with evenness, a searzall attachment helps spread the heat.

u/PM_ME_UR_NETFLIX_REC · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

This is what I do, but it's not really cost efficient, I think I get about a lb of jerky for 3lbs of flank steak, or about $23-$24 per lb of jerky. I need to experiment with other / cheaper cuts.

Buy a dehydrator (I have this one with some extra trays:

I think I spent $75 on the dehydrator plus extra trays.

After that, it's $7/lb flank steak from costco for me.

Trim the flank steak
Freeze it for a while to make it easier to slice
Slice it and experiment with slicing against / with the grain. Against gives you soft, crumbly jerky that chews easy, with the grain gives you hard jerky. Also experiment with thickness. I've found I like a thicker cut that is sort of diagonal across the grain a bit. You can also try using a mandolin but I've found it doesn't slice nicely.

There's a giant vein in the flank steak that you'll want to work around and remove, although the smaller veins of fat you can leave in.

Experiment with marinades, but a pretty simple one is 1 part soy sauce, 1 part worcestershire sauce, black and red pepper. They key is really to make sure you've got plenty of salt.

Marinade for 12-24 hours.

Dehydrate on the highest setting, mine has the minimum for beef jerky marked on it.

You can't over-dehydrate it so let it really dry out. I've run it for up to 24 hours before.

Blot the pooled oil off the dried meat before storing in an air tight bag, as it will make it go rancid faster (plus its greasy).

This makes easily some of hte best jerky I've ever had and is price competitive with some of the really nice jerkies I've had but like it doesn't compete price-wise with pemmican or jack links or whatever the hell basic jerky you might be eating.

u/thegamenerd · 2 pointsr/PrintedMinis

Usually what I do to dry my filament is put it in a food dehydrator set to 47C overnight. After that I store my filaments in a plastic bin that has lining on the brim of the lid. I throw a bunch of desiccants in there with the filaments and then I have a hydrometer in there to monitor the humidity. The humidity is so high where I live that leaving pla out for as little as a couple days will cause moisture issues.

I don't recommend using an oven because ovens usually swing pretty far on the temperature setting, and I've also never seen an oven that can be set as low as needed for pla. Here's a link to the food dehydrator I picked up. On mine the temperature setting is a little off but whatever temperature you set it to is rock solid. (i.e. I set the temp on the dial to 52C, it then reaches 47C and stays there all night long)

u/_mycelia · 2 pointsr/shroomers

If you have the money, Excalibur dehydrators are incredibly nice. Otherwise, the nesco dehydrators like this one work great. Make sure you go through Amazon or someone who will handle warranty issues for you, though.

u/tgw184 · 2 pointsr/keto

I bought a dehydrator from Amazon, not the best but not the worst. I usually get the flavored Great Value bacons like peppered or maple smoked. Or you can make your own "sauce" to leave it in overnight...but a lot of the recipes I've found on the internet are pretty sugary. Sometimes I'll add garlic salt or what not. Then, I cook it on a draining pan in the oven. Afterwards I toss it in my dehydrator. It's definitely a trial and error process. But it's nice to bring it with me on hikes or road trips.

Thanks for the heads up on the burgers; I hadn't thought about fillers... I need to retrain my brain to see outside the nutrition box. I usually just crunch numbers and see if it fits. I haven't been to KFC in forever, so I will swing by and taste the non-breaded varieties. And buffets are also a great choice since they are usually close to interstate exits. Thanks for the tips!

u/hand___banana · 2 pointsr/gardening

we use the nesco fd-75a (amazon link)

i would absolutely not get the one moongrass09 recommended(no offense) because it doesn't have an adjustable temp. reviews said it dries at 160 degrees and the only thing you should dry at that temp is jerky. herbs should be dried at 95 degrees.

we've had ours for over 5 years now and it's still going strong. we expanded it to 7 or 8 trays and still dries well. we do fruit leather (there's a batch of apricots in right now actually), fruit chips, beef jerky, pretty much anything you can think of. the extra power and temp control make the model i linked worth the extra $20. if you dry some fruits or herbs at higher temps it gives it ruins the flavor.

u/oduribs · 2 pointsr/HotPeppers

Those Chocolates are scary! I would also recommend a dehydrator. I got one last year and haven't looked back.

u/AngBeer · 2 pointsr/gardening

I have a really old, American Harvest (now Nesco) that looks much like this one: Mine is 550 watts vs the 500 watts in the link. I don't think it's made anymore. For somewhat light use, it's lasted me more years than I care to admit.

I think this might be a similar replacement.

I'm not sure how quality has changed over the years. I have a really old Kitchenaid mixer too and wouldn't buy a new one of those, because the workmanship went down the tubes.

This might be a more affordable option over the Cabelas dehydrators. If I were needing a dehydrator, I'd probably look at the Cabelas' but I have a lot more money available to spend now than I had back in the day.

u/moeru_gumi · 2 pointsr/Denver

Lol i know right? Though my newest, best kitchen toy isthis dehydratorand it's brilliant for when your garden gives you 3824720 tomatoes all on the same day and you have no idea wtf to do with all that (or when you find strawberries on sale...)! I've been eating soooo many dried kiwi slices and apple chips :)

u/dr_bloodmoney · 2 pointsr/trailmeals
u/daveed2001 · 2 pointsr/jerky

Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

If I've had to estimate I've probably put 200 pounds of meat and 400 pounds of fruit through this thing in the last 10 years.

I want to upgrade to an Excalibur Dehydrator but this thing just won't die.

u/HeartKevinRose · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I mean yes.

But really, something like this is fine. Some things to look for are a temperature control and a timer. They help with getting various foods dehydrated perfectly. Mine has neither, I just keep an eye on my foods a little more. At this point I know how it runs so I know what food I can set and leave for 8 hours and what foods I need to rotate trays every 2 hours.

I will say, I borrowed and Excalibur when I was prepping for a long distance backpacking trip and it was AMAZING. It dehydrates much quicker and much more evenly than my cheapo unit. But I would probably never buy one myself. For that particular trip I was running both machines pretty much around the clock for months making meals. For the occasional use, my cheap machine is fine.

u/happybadger · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

Something like that is way overkill for hiking, especially if you're only doing day hikes. My girlfriend and I go up to 20 miles on a regular breakfast and some sort of high protein meal after. You'd be better off getting a dehydrator like this one and just drying a bunch of on-sale fruit/meat/vegetables to use as trail food.

u/trevout · 2 pointsr/spicy

I got this one: (hopefully that actually brings you to the dehydrator). It was pretty simple to use, although I think I would’ve bought a more powerful one, since I had to run it more than 24 hours straight to dehydrate the peppers. I did some whole and some cut, if I cut them, I did it in half and put the dehydrator in my basement with an oscillating fan blowing on high on it since I didn’t want to pepper spray my entire family. The one I posted you just plug it in and set the temp and let it run, you put the peppers on the trays and stack them all up, the manufacturer recommends using 4-5 trays at all times even if they don’t have anything on them. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to help.

u/Andy_Dwyer_FBI · 2 pointsr/sousvide

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine,...

This is the one I bought, I also picked up
FoodVacBags 2-pack 11X50 Rolls...

It set me back about 80 with tax including the extra rolls, comes with some prepare bags and the vacuum line for containers as well. It doesn’t hold a roll, but I haven’t been bothered by that at all to date. It has wet/dry, vacuum+seal, and seal buttons on it and I love it. Mind you this is AFTER I listened to people saying to use ziplock bags and water displacement, and used 2 bags per item because I had my first bag pop open. No leaks in 100+ sous vide packages with this sealer+bag combo.

u/rcinmd · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

You can try one of the cheapo brands like FoodVacBags.

u/Baconsnake · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I bought these; they've been working great.

u/City_Planner · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I buy them on Amazon at:


150 feet (sorry I stated yards in the original post, but it's feet) for $21.99

u/toy_amore · 2 pointsr/keto

Your link doesn't work for me but were you pointing to the Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker by chance? If so, then I whole-heartedly agree with you. I love mine and use it everyday. Even the rest of my family are eating more eggs due to how easy and consistent they cook. I've used the poacher and personal omelette parts as well and they are great. Best $20 I ever spent.

u/gimpy04 · 2 pointsr/keto

All Amazon links must contain "/dp/" between the .com and the ASIN (the B00*** part).

The link should look like this:

u/Nurse_Keto · 2 pointsr/keto

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, Black

This thing is a life saver and cooks PERFECT boiled eggs. I bought the model that cooks a dozen eggs at a time. It also makes omelettes and poached eggs. Bed bath and beyond sells the larger model for $29.99, I used a 20% off code. Totally worth it!

u/Hawkonthehill · 2 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Try this thing. I don't know how but they peel way easier and cook perfect every time.

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker, Black

u/computerjunkie7410 · 2 pointsr/FoodPorn

Nah this thing:

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets with Auto Shut Off Feature - Black

u/arachelrhino · 2 pointsr/recipes

I got this one from amazon
Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker, Black

u/mgnwfy · 2 pointsr/breakingmom

Highly recommend it we use it here in my office. Dash is the one we have. But I'm sure you can probably find it cheaper at Wally world or a Marshall's type store. It makes the perfect hard boil egg that peels so easily. And it's tiny. So 6 hard boiled eggs in 10 mins, instant breakfast or fast protein lunch.

u/dakkerz · 2 pointsr/FoodPorn

I bought one of these and it’s made making soft boiled eggs more consistently a lot easier.

u/fears_escalators · 2 pointsr/keto

I use this thing to boil the eggs:

Makes perfect eggs every time. Super easy.

And I make them very simply: just mix up 12 egg yolks, 1 tbsp of yellow mustard, 1/2 tsp salt, and however much mayonnaise you like in a bowl, spoon them in the egg whites, and pepper them to all hell.

I use Hellman’s with added olive oil.

More mayonnaise or mustard if you like. The first time I used too much mustard, which just makes them zippy. One time I didn’t use enough mayo, and they were very plain. I just eyeball the mayonnaise, making it nice and creamy.

u/AAParker94 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Try one of these McMuffin Makers:

I have one, super easy to use and clean. Takes two minutes, just toss in the ingredients, cook, open up the separater and enjoy!

u/AlfLives · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

If you're not into prepping, a breakfast sandwhich maker is really easy to use.

u/puppiesandducks · 2 pointsr/1200isplenty

There's this one that isn't attached to a toaster. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

u/Prizeless · 2 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

This is the best invention ever:

u/nothingtoseehere28 · 2 pointsr/100DaysofKeto

Instead of a big spiralizer I got a Vagetti - it's got fewer options, but it's small and quick and easy to use. It's nice to be able to have noodly things again. Zuchiini noodles fried in butter and a couple tablespoons of salsa is fantastic, and my kids love it too!

My husband got a breakfast sandwich maker for Christmas, and I've discovered it's a quick and easy way to make eggs. I just use the top well section, lay in a slice of ham on the bottom and crack a couple of eggs into it, close and walk away. It's quicker and easier than getting out the frying pan and takes 2 seconds to clean.

A lot of my meals are meat of some sort + veg of some sort + fat (dressing, butter, cheese), so it's easy to get the right serving sizes just by putting my plate on the scale and zerioing it out after I put each thing on. Measuring out soups and such is a lot harder, but I figure if I'm accurate 80% of the time then the 20% I might be off isn't a huge deal. When in doubt, over estimate ;)

u/HearForBear · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday
u/Dwalker0212 · 2 pointsr/Hunting

I have a Anova immersion cooker. It is my go to way to cook venison, beef, pork, and veggies

u/IxNaruto · 2 pointsr/sousvide

hmmm i'm a low tier beast at Sous Vide I started out with Anova but making the switch to Joule.

Joule is gonna be all app based to start and stop with it no buttons on the device itself. So that may be annoying to some.

Anova is a great company as is Joule

Joule has a crazy deal for Prime day I would say go with them as they are top tier and that's such a sick price.

You can't go wrong with Anova though and even with no deal its a bit cheaper at the moment than the Joule and has buttons on it for stop and start which some may prefer.

End of the day you are just heating up water in a container also make sure you grab a container and a lid

Let me know if you need links to that as well.

Let me know if you need anything else. Like I said though you can't go wrong with Anova or Joule two top tier companies.

u/bouchard · 2 pointsr/shittykickstarters
u/Valeen · 2 pointsr/ProgrammerHumor

Obviously not all of them do, but check out the reviews for this one on Amazon

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker | Bluetooth | 800W | Anova App Included

Even if they did walk it back, several people at that company thought it was a great idea to integrate FB. No thanks.

u/somerandomguy1 · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I get that you had a bad experience with a Gourmia, I've seen you post about it on here a couple times, but as this post attests, units from any manufacturer can go bad. If you compare:

Anova: $125, 800W, 4.2 stars, 84% 3-5 star rating

Gourmia: $70, 1200W, 3.9 stars, 75% 3-5 star rating

Those numbers hardly indicate that either product is junk, nor do your experience or OP's, necessarily. Just wanted to point this out since aggrieved consumers tend to be loud while the contented majority stay quiet.

CC: /r/hailcorporate /r/shills

u/nyomnyom · 2 pointsr/sousvide

wow it looked so cheap.... but then i check on amazon canada T.T

the container is $33
lid is a nutty 50$
and the anova is 160+35 shipping
so it's a total of $278 :(

u/spit-evil-olive-tips · 2 pointsr/SeattleWA

Buy a vacuum sealer. Here's the model I have.

You can buy the big bulk "we got 14 kids" packages, then vacuum seal and freeze them in meal-size portions. Throw a bit of marinade in the bag with the pork chops or whatever, then your meal prep can be taking a bag from the freezer and letting it thaw in the fridge overnight.

If you want to get real fancy, get a sous vide machine and the vacuum sealed bags can go from your freezer straight to the water bath.

u/IAmBellerophon · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I tried using an electric bucket heater to assist boiling 6 gallons on my electric stovetop, but wasn't able to get quite enough juice to get a heavy rolling boil. YMMV depending on your stovetop power and boil volume and other such parameters, obviously. But I'd imagine with a temp controller hooked up it'd work well for mash temps, probably even on it's own without the stove power.

That said, what I did after the bucket heater failed to hit a rolling boil was buy one of these purpose-built Hot Rods. I got the 1500w stainless element + cable and plug from them, and paid the labor charge they offer to put it all together for me. Works great, boiling 6+ gallons in combo with my stovetop in under an hour.

For the mashing end, what I recently did for my mash that worked really well was to use a Sous Vide cooker (like this one) in place of my Hot Rod. A Sous Vide cooker is basically a heating element + temp control + water circulator all in one. It's meant to be used for precision temperature cooking of food immersed in water in vacuum-sealed it seemed like a perfect fit for a mash. And it really was! I do BIAB, so the grain stayed separated from the Sous Vide device to not clog the circulator. In my open-topped kettle I was able to maintain a mash temp of 151.5 degrees +/- 1 degree for the full 60 minute mash. And the bonus is I can still use it for it's intended food cooking purpose!

u/captainblackout · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Immersion circulators have become increasingly affordable in recent years, and can hold highly stable temperatures by means of a controlled water bath. I use a pair of Anova models, and have been quite satisfied thus far. They have occasional sales that drop the price for that particular model down to around $100. There are a number of similar products presently on the market.

Look into "Sous Vide" cooking.

u/slyphox · 2 pointsr/smoking

I'm using the Anova Precision Cooker. I'd also recommend looking at the Joule by Chef Steps

u/idlephase · 2 pointsr/sousvide
u/Burrito6920 · 2 pointsr/StonerEngineering

Hey, since you've been so involved with this I thought I would update you.

So I've discovered you can decarb weed with a sous vide, which is essentially keeping water at a precise temperature and putting a vacuum sealed bag with what you're "cooking" in the water.

In this case just at the temperature for decarbing, The THCA in cannabis begins to decarboxylate at approximately 220 degrees Fahrenheit, for about an hour or two.

Different things have said different times, but I can get 80-100% decarb with it. At that point I can cook it into a butter and get some good butter. That can be done on a stove.

A camping stove. Now the important part about that, is that there's an oven you can get that works with camping stoves. (Linked at the bottom) Sous vide, because it's vacuum sealed, has little to no smell, so the only part I would have to do at home shouldn't smell, and no electricity required for the rest!

Camping Stove Oven
Sous Vide Device

u/PeabodyJFranklin · 2 pointsr/grilling


The bluetooth capabilities aren't so important to me, it was just on-sale when I had a bunch of BB Reward Zone points to redeem before why expired. What I like is it's compact, and self contained.

u/attractivenuisance_ · 2 pointsr/OkCupid
u/aforest4688 · 2 pointsr/food

I have a Anova sous vide machine and it is great and it is 30 bucks cheaper then the joule and does the exact same thing. I highly suggest it, I use it with a 5 gallon bucket and it works great.

u/jellybellybutton · 2 pointsr/steak

You use an immersion circulator. (Some people just call it a sous vide, but "sous vide" in French literally means "under vacuum", because typically you vacuum seal the food before it goes in the water.) This is the one I have: and this is a popular one that came out recently:

u/xaplexus · 2 pointsr/steak
u/reddit455 · 2 pointsr/instantpot


IP is not meant for certain cuts.

(unless you just want to sautee it)

cuts with lots of fat are best. lean cuts will dry and toughen.

i'd slather it in olive oil and garlic, maybe tyme or oregano then broil it for ~6 minutes on each side..

but if you must..

add ~5 mins for frozen meat

you want perfect steaks and pork chops get a sous vide cooker. -

hang this thing on the side of a pot, and cook your food in a water bath.. (food is in baggies)

NOT quick, the opposite, the secret is low temperature for long time, so you CANT overcook.. I'll never make steaks any other way now.. but it takes about 2 hours but the meat is perfectly (rare, med, well)

u/Xammox · 2 pointsr/food

I use the Anova with bluetooth. Although I do not use the bluetooth function...

I usually buy 1" thick steaks, sous vide for about 60-90 min at 59* with thyme in the bag. Then I heavily season with Kosher salt and black pepper. After seasoning, I sear both sides in a cast iron skillet with black or white truffle butter for 3 min and also try to sear the edges as much as possible. I have had great results with this process.

u/sportscrazed2 · 2 pointsr/loseit

I'd ask for a piece of exercise equipment second hand is usually pretty cheap. Or maybe ask for something that will allow you to cook something healthy for yourself easily. I've had my eye on this lately

u/tooth10 · 2 pointsr/diabetes

I bought an Anova Sous Vide and it has been a game changer for my weekly meal prep. It is set it, through whatever meat you want to cook and walk away. You can cook a weeks worth of meat and leave it in the fridge and pull it as you need.

For meal ideas you can check out r/sousvide

u/peteostler · 2 pointsr/whole30

You don't even need an instant pot... Any stock pot works great.
Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker WIFI, Immersion Circulator (2nd Gen), 900 Watts, Black

u/JorgePasada · 2 pointsr/fasting

Yeah I actually bought a different sous vide with the Instant Pot because it was on sale but i'm returning it tomorrow.

I'll probably end up getting the new Anova with WiFi at some point as the only complaint with sous vide in the instant pot is the space (You can't do giant roasts like you can with the Anova where you don't have to worry about the container size).

But as a starter, or if it's just smaller stuff you're cooking, the Instant Pot Ultra is absolutely great for Sous Vide.

u/123ilovebasketball · 2 pointsr/financialindependence

To expand on /u/barchueetadonai's reply, Kenji Lopez-Alt writes recipes tested via scientific method. His recipes are available on or in his book The Food Lab.

Also, invest in a basic slow cooker. Start it before work and you'll come home to pot roast, pulled pork, buffalo chicken, meatballs, pretty much anything.

And lastly, the sous vide cooker. Check out /r/sousvide, but you can make anything from steaks to lamb to duck. But most importantly, long cooks will leave the toughest cuts of beef or pork tender and juicy.

u/sibre2001 · 2 pointsr/unpopularopinion


Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker | WI-FI + Bluetooth | 900W | Anova App Included

This us the one I have. But you can get them for far cheaper. A friend got one for like $50 and it works as well as mine. Just doesn't have the wireless abilities.

u/Karpe__Diem · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I have used a brown lunch bag method in the microwave. Pour some kernels in, sprinkle some oil on them, fold twice and staple twice (they won't do any harm in the microwave). Microwave them until you don't hear a couple seconds between pops. Turns out good.

My favorite way is using the best gift we got for our wedding (almost 7 years ago)..popcorn maker

It works awesome, except for the butter melter thing on top, that blows.

u/emdash8212 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I loooove this thing. You do have to stop it when it's done or it eventually burns (after 30 seconds or a minute), but because you can SEE THE POPCORN POPPING that's not a big deal.

Seriously, it's like a UFO that makes popcorn for you.

u/hutacars · 2 pointsr/financialindependence

I used to use this until it broke, but then got the air popper and tbh, I prefer it. Less preparation, less clean up, more compact, and faster too.

Nowadays I rarely eat popcorn, but I've reverted to the microwave when I do. I like shitty artery-clogging artificial butter and the even easier cleanup that comes from not needing to clean anything afterwards. It's bad.

u/shortystylee · 2 pointsr/1200isplenty

My husband loves popcorn. possibly more than he loves me

We have this one. It's countertop and just uses a little bit of oil for popping.

u/hoshkwon · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Bought this for the gf for valentine's day. Works like a charm and it's really cool to watch as well.

u/grogamir · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I season popcorn in all kinds of ways. From cajun to curry to bacon to sweet and hot. Anything that chips would taste good flavored as popcorn will also. My normal popcorn is made in a self stiring popper and seasoned with olive oil, cumin, curry, cinnamon and adobo (adobo is a seasoning salt with garlic and all kinds of good stuff in it).

u/JangSaverem · 2 pointsr/Cooking

The fact that you say you cannot rent a machine is crazy. The cost of all those single microwave packs and the MASSIVE amout of time it would take to pop them all for a "Metric ton of popcorn" would just never outweigh its costs.

A machine would be quick and painless also kernals are cheap.


get this thing and get going.

BUt seriously for one event not renting a machine is just wasting time and money

u/wleesal · 2 pointsr/Coffee

One of these bad boys

I just shake the whole thing every minute or so to get the beans out from under the rotating rod. It gives me a pretty consistent roast, and i can watch for desired color and listen for cracks.

u/liamemsa · 2 pointsr/movies

10 year theater veteran checking in...

You need both proper seasoning and a proper device to make it in.

To make the popcorn, you'll need a popcorn maker that agitates the kernels. Most have this as a manual function. That means that, yes, you have to actually turn that knob for like three minutes. However, you'll get a great batch. This is the most important piece. Every commercial movie theater popper operates that exact same way, albeit in an automated mechanical fashion.

The second thing you need is proper seasoning. You can get pretty good taste with standard salt, but for authentic flavor you'll need butter salt.

So, toss in a cup of kernels and about four tablespoons of canola oil. Then put in a spoonful of butter salt. Turn on high and agitate at a consistent speed. Once popping starts, keep agitating until there are around three to five seconds between pops. Remove from heat and place in a bowl. Enjoy.

u/LeftMySoulAtHome · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Is it the Whirley-Pop? My parents have one, too, and they swear by it.

u/NebThron · 2 pointsr/nfl

I grew up on popcorn made in this. Absolutely loved every second of it.

u/camopdude · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Hot air is tasteless. Get a Whirley Pop and some kernels from Amish Country Popcorn. I suggest Rainbow Ladyfinger, but they are all good.

u/TonyWrocks · 2 pointsr/financialindependence

Try a Whirley Pop, use coconut oil and 1/2 tsp of Flavacol, you'll never go back.

u/Nate_with_tKoR · 2 pointsr/TheKingofRandom

I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond, but they have them on Amazon, too. There's a few different brands, I think this is the one I used.

u/suddenlyreddit · 2 pointsr/foodhacks

I know this is getting to you a few days late, I make cheese popcorn all the time. Really you need the cheddar powder and something for it to bind together (popcorn topping, butter, etc.)

My method, with links to things I use:

  • To one of these I add 1/3 cup of popcorn, just enough coconut oil to coat the bottom, and a shake or two of this popcorn salt. I use the stir crank occasionally until popping stops.

  • I dump the popcorn into a bowl with extra room so that I can shake it to mix. If it is stainless, it makes things very easy to clean up afterward.

  • I then add about a tablespoon of this popcorn topping oil, distributed across as much as possible. Other oils work here, butter as well. You just need a very light coat, it helps the cheese powder bind to the popcorn (and adds flavor.)

  • I sprinkle some of this cheddar cheese powder across the popcorn.

  • I then shake the bowl, tossing the popcorn to distribute. Then repeat the oil/butter and cheddar powder.

  • If needed I add extra salt.

    You don't have to use most of these things, but I've made popcorn that has gotten a ton of rave reviews with either that method, or minor changes to it. Get some of the cheddar powder and go from there. It can also be used to make mac and cheese, au gratin, or any dish that could use a little cheese flavor if you don't want to just use grated cheese. The powder also sticks on the popcorn crevices, making it amazingly tasty.
u/the_pumaman · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

You can buy a pretty cheap stove top popcorn maker. The kernels are super inexpensive at the store. It takes about two minutes from thinking "gee I'd like some popcorn" to having a full pot of it: you add a cup of kernels with a spoonful of coconut oil, heat it up and spin it around, then apply butter and salt as necessary when you're done.

I got this one for my birthday six months ago and honestly now when I go to the movies I have zero desire to buy their ridiculously expensive popcorn.

u/AFlemeister · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Get a Whirley Pop. I love mine. Use it every night, or at least every other night.

u/TheOutlawJoseyWales · 2 pointsr/Coffee
u/Kalzenith · 2 pointsr/Coffee

I just Whirley-pop it

As long as you heat it up gradually, turn the heat up once it starts browning, and then cool it very very quickly, you'll end up with a good end product.

Turn the crank at about 2-3 revs/second on medium - medium high heat, and you'll be done in roughly 18 minutes.

u/KakariBlue · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

TIL what a whirley pop is:

u/raealistic · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

You can also use pretty much any microwaveable bowl with a lid. Melt the butter, add the kernels and salt, listen, wait, and enjoy. The bowl gets really hot but you don't have to worry about having paper bags around whenever you want popcorn.

I bought a "popcorn bowl" at Target for 8 bucks (you can get one on Amazon here. You can make it without oil or butter (but why?) and it works really well.

u/killercritters · 2 pointsr/Coffee

You can get a vacuum sealer and use this

u/somewherein72 · 2 pointsr/PipeTobacco

When I read your post, I recalled that they made adapters for food sealers that fit onto mason jars. But, I think what this guy on youtube did is more what you're looking for. The guy effectively sealed a bag of cigarette rolling tobacco with his food sealer for six months for a test in the sale package.

u/wbgraphic · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Like /u/DblBaggerDonkeyPunch says, the glass would have to be exceptionally fragile to break from being vacuum sealed.

Also, /u/CosmoVerde is correct in that the vacuum seal won't be terribly beneficial in preventing oxidization. There is still air in the bottle.

If you want to preserve your nicotine base with a vacuum sealer, seal it into mason jars using a vacuum jar sealer and store it in the freezer.

u/daylight8 · 2 pointsr/preppers

This is the vacuum accessory mentioned. If I don't have a foodsaver but this vacuum tool works great.

u/Stinky_Fartface · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

If you're cheap like me, or have no more space for appliances, like me, you can get the vaccuum lid sealer for Mason Jars, and a small hand pump that will attach to the lid. I'm sure they don't do as good a job as the electric model, but they work fine for me. I also store them in a freezer.

Interestingly, my hand pump came with the jar sealer, but I cannot find a listing like that on Amazon anymore. I only see the jar sealer with the hose attachment for the electric appliance. Just don't get the Mason lids with the nozzles built in. The attachment I listed will do it on standard Mason lids.

u/HoloSprinkles · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

 Ziploc Vacuum Starter Kit, 3-Quart Bags, 1-Pump

You want to get the wide mouth jar sealer so you can get the greens out of the jar. I think I got  vacuum pump thing at Walmart and it was just the pump bc I didn't spend that much on it, but it's still one of the cheaper ones on Amazon and it's rly good quality.

u/amaresnape · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Sauce and heaviest foods on botton, lightest or bruisable things or things that could get soggy (strawberries, lettuce, etc.) on top.

Pack as tightly as possible without squishing/ruining food.

Set out and let it get to room tempterature (about an hour or so), then seal the jar and put in fridge. This will allow the mason jar to "vaccuum seal", and stay sealed until you pull it back out of the fridge -- so leave it refrigerated until you grab it for work in the morning or are ready to eat it that day in general. **TIP: this works best with salads. if you're going for more complex foods, like dairy based sauces, you may want to invest in a jar sealer and seal right away!


Easiest thing. I do it with salads all the time, and they last about 9 days in the fridge.

Tip: keep things like dairy on the side, and grab with the jar.

u/Sirfonnerss · 2 pointsr/mead

You can buy an adapter/kit off Amazon from FoodSaver. I don't actually know if this is similar to what OP used. But yeah, you can do it.

u/MadBuddhaAbusa · 2 pointsr/kratom

If you want to vacuum seal you can use the food saver wide mouth mason jar sealer with a cheap vacuum sealer like a ziploc handheld pump.

u/OsoGato · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I plan on storing my seeds for years. Here's how I do it:

  1. Drill a 3/4" hole in the lid of a 2 or 4 oz. baby food jar, using a Forstner bit. Tape over the hole with micropore tape on both sides. Fill the jar half-way with Damprid (calcium chloride). Silica gel only gets RH down to 40%, whereas CaCl2 lowers it to <25%. Stuff the rest of the jar with cotton and screw the lid on. I stick the baby food jar to the bottom of a pint- or quart-sized wide-mouth mason jar using these from Wallyworld.

  2. Put the seeds in small ziploc baggies or breeder's packs inside the mason jar. Make sure they're slightly open and not airtight.

  3. Put some oxygen absorber packets in there.

  4. Put the lid on and vacuum seal the jar with one of these and a vacuum pump. You can use a Food Saver pump if you have one but I went with a cheaper option. I squirt some silicone in a ring around the lip for a better seal to the jar sealer.

  5. Screw the jar ring on and store the mason jar in the fridge.

    This method takes care of the 3 things that lower seed viability--humidity, oxidation (with the oxygen absorbers and vacuum seal), and temperature. I also plan on saving herb for the long haul like this, but with 62% Boveda packs instead of the CaCl2.
u/step1 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I bought a ton of hops and have no idea how I will ever get through them unless I make a ton of big IPAs. On hand, I have 1 pound of centennial, columbus, and belma. About 14 ounces of cascade. Maybe 2 ounces of citra, and 4 of simcoe. They take up a lot of room, but not THAT much room. In my side-by-side fridge, they take up maybe a shelf. The centennial are whole hops and are like 2x the size, so you have to take that into consideration.

For storing, they go in the freezer, vacuum sealed. I didn't want to buy a big vacuum sealer, so I bought one of these ziploc hand vacuum pumps as well as a jar vacuum pump valve thing and that way I can do a kind of quick ghetto vacuum seal on bigger hops bags and store the smaller amounts of things in vacuum sealed jars. It's not amazing or as great surely as a regular foodsaver type vacuum, but it's way smaller and cheap, even compared to the foodsaver version of the hand pump.

u/abdada · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I actually suggest going one step deeper: get some jars and use a jar sealer to split your nic into multiple jars. Suck the air out totally, stick THAT in the freezer.

u/awkwardsoul · 2 pointsr/tea

Foodsaver has an attachment that you can attach the vacuum to mason jars and suck the air out. Get a bunch of wide mouth small jars, the foodsaver machine and your are set.

There's a few handheld pump varieties too designed for mason jars too, and some DIY options.

u/dalesd · 2 pointsr/theketodiet

Foodsaver Jar Sealer attachment

You hook that up to your Foodsaver vacuum pump. It pumps out the air and seals the lid in about 20 seconds.

u/danwell · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

A freezer goes a long way.

You can also try aliquoting the nic into mason jars and use a mason jar attachment with a food saver to vacuum seal your goods.

mason jar attachment


As for how long you can possibly store your nic viably, no one really knows becasue

u/uppershelf · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I bought one of these but don't remember paying $35 for it.

I use it on a mason jar sealer like this.

It says you need the tube but the soft rubber on the vacuum makes a good seal on top of the sealer, the only issue I have with this setup is that you open all the hops to the air every time you weigh some out, a proper vacuum sealer is definitely going to be purchased in the future.

u/WibblyWobblyTimyWimy · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

I do this, only I vacuum pack my salads using one of those canning attachments and a brake bleeder.

I actually get a pretty good vacuum and my salad stays crisp in the fridge for a week. Just remember to layer your ingredients as to not get anything soggy.

As enterstip mentioned, they're easy to eat out of and readily washable in the dishwasher. I reuse the caps (lids?), too. As long as I don't damage/bend them while trying to break the vacuum.

Wide Mouth Jar Sealer

Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Edit: The advantage of doing this using mason jars as opposed to Tupperware would be evacuating near all the air as opposed to lazily squeezing it out using one of those cheap bowls.

Oh, and not to mention people at work'll think you're awful crafty bringing in vacuum-packed mason jars full of salad.

u/gr8balooga · 2 pointsr/popcorn

I use an air popper similar to this one. You can dress up the popcorn however you like afterwards or eat it plain. I use flavoring salts and you can make them yourself if you want, this site has some recipes.

The only issue that I have is getting the salts to stick well to the popcorn, but I hardly use any oil/butter. I usually spray some oil on the popcorn and then dust the seasonings on.

u/seancanada · 2 pointsr/Cooking

For popcorn, do yourself a favour with the trip-down-memory-lane-and-yet-still-is-pulling-in-amazing-reviews purchase of this popper. Bought the exact model and it's superb.

I don't use butter, but squirt grapeseed oil on the popcorn as it flows out, while crushing fresh salt on it. Movie time, baby. Movie time!

u/jblah · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Air-popper. This brand:

Seriously makes delicious popcorn, pays itself off over time, and is faster than the microwave.

u/Boston_Jason · 2 pointsr/cookingforbeginners

I'm a big cast iron cooker, and I still screw up popping kernels. This $20 air popper is a great timesaver.

u/spud_simon_salem · 2 pointsr/loseit

I have an Air Popper so I just pop it myself. I have this one. It's only $20. You can get a big box of kernels for like $5 at a grocery store and you really only need 1 or 2 tablespoons of kernels to make a nice big batch of popcorn.

u/iknowordidthat · 2 pointsr/Israel

You need a popping machine :)

It's special purpose hair dryer that's fun to watch in action. It's easy and doesn't make a mess.

u/bob_mcbob · 2 pointsr/loseit

The best way to make popcorn is with oil. You can use a covered pot you shake, or better yet something like a Whirley Pop. Unfortunately, using a tablespoon or two of oil doesn't exactly make it a low-calorie snack you want to eat regularly on a reduced intake.

The lowest-calorie method is to use an air popper, then apply a measured amount of whatever toppings or seasonings you prefer. My go-to recipe is to weigh out 20 g of popped popcorn, then carefully apply 3 g of melted butter, stirring constantly to distribute it well. I then sprinkle on sea salt that was ground to a fine powder. This gives a nice 100 calorie snack with just enough buttery flavour to be satisfying.

Unless you are specifically using large crystal salt for the crunchy texture, you probably want to use fine "popcorn salt" to avoid the gritty feeling of regular table salt. You can buy this pre-made, or grind it at home in a blade grinder or mortar and pestle. It has the side benefit that you use less salt because there is more exposed surface area.

There are many, many ways to season popcorn. Sriracha is pretty popular, but you can also use any combination of spices and herbs, or even stuff like nutritional yeast. You will probably get some great suggestions here, but a quick Google will get you a tonne of recipes you can modify to your heart's content.

u/Alienbyd3fault · 2 pointsr/IWantToLearn

I'm no professional. However if you can't do much at the moment. Try going on a walk for a bit. Maybe 10-30 minutes in the beginning. Try and do it mutiple days a week. Once you start getting use to it increase the time a little or jog for part of the walk. If it's an option listen to music. I know walking may not seem like much. But it's best to start small and build up the habbit. As for getting healthier food. Identify what is actually bad. Saturted fat and transfat are pretty bad. Not all fats are bad. Try and decrease the amount of salt and sugar you have. A cheap snack option is plain popcorn. It's around 20 dollars. And the kernals themselves are pretty cheap per bag. If it's to plain add a little bit of butter and salt.

u/ojus · 2 pointsr/Coffee

Go for it.

I'm using the standard air popper set up, works great.

Just pour the beans in, tip it back a bit, turn on the popper, and starting checking the color after the first audible crack (~3-5minutes). When the roast is just before where you want it, turn the popper off and dump the beans into a pan.

There's a bit of smoke and chaff involved, so do the roasting outside or at least pointing out a window.

You save money, time (I buy my green beans in bulk from sweet maria's so I never have to make weekly bean runs again), and you get some truly incredible coffee.

u/rem87062597 · 2 pointsr/budgetfood

You can roast your own pretty easily and cheaply. I bought a 5 lb bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe green coffee beans from Etsy for $30 shipped and then I bought this hot air popcorn popper. Put a scoop of beans into the popper, place a bowl under the shoot to collect the chaff so it doesn't go everywhere, angle the popper so the chaff shoots out but the beans stay in, and plug it in. Roast to desired doneness then pour the beans in a mesh colander and shake it until it cools. Let it sit for a few days and then you can grind and drink.

It's really simple and once you've done it a few times you get the hang of it. Just watch a few videos first. Roasting it myself has yielded the best coffee I've ever tasted at roughly the same cost as the cheaper brands.

u/HughRistik · 2 pointsr/Frugal

It's my gf's, and she's at college right now, so I'm not sure of the exact model or brand. But it looks like this. Yellow rim, clearish plastic lid with a tray for heating up butter or oil while the popcorn pops. I'll ask her tomorrow for a specific brand.

u/jillrabbit · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really want this for my daughter. She LOVES do I ! Thank you so much for the contest, I hope you become a ps pro today lol

u/somewhat_pragmatic · 2 pointsr/Frugal
u/djodom · 2 pointsr/roasting

I think it is pretty close to this one:
I have been using that for 5 years to roast. A minor mod that I did was open it up and twist the bimetal overtemp protection closed so I could roast as many batches as I want in succession. Works great. Just don't rely on the air pushing up to circulate the beans. I use a shaking motion to rotate the beans around and you can roast up to 1/3 lb with this.

u/krystlexplorer · 2 pointsr/keto

Invest in a Kitchen scale and a food dehydrator to portion out your food and make beef jerky and all kinds of veggie chips!

Food dehydrators that would fit your budget:

u/bendy-trip · 2 pointsr/shrooms

If you’re going to be drying mushrooms regularly then I’d suggest purchasing a food dehydrator.
like this

u/Goodnight_Gromit · 2 pointsr/keto

I have a Nesco dehydrator ($70)

It's super easy to use and clean. I make kale chips in it all the times and love having it.

u/Kanilas · 2 pointsr/pics

Here you go.

Basically, avoiding treats from China would be your best bet, if all else fails. We actually went ahead and bought a food dehydrator off Amazon, and use that to make snacks. In the long run, it's actually a lot cheaper this way, and you know exactly what they're getting. It's easy to put some chicken, or beef, or london broil on there (Look for sales at the grocery store) and just let it run for a day.

Also, it makes beef jerky. Your very own jerky factory.

u/caffeinefree · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I bought this one from Amazon a couple years back and it's been pretty great:

But I think it must have been on sale at the time because I don't remember spending more than $35 on it. There are equivalents without all the extra bells and whistles that come in at that price point.

My only complaint is that the trays aren't dishwasher safe, and hand washing something so large is kind of a pain.

u/btcmanifesto · 2 pointsr/BitcoinMining

No they're real, the kit this is from makes jerky just like that, I've done it

u/DesperatePleasure · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

Eh, not that much. The model I got was $65, now it's cheaper, this was back in 2013 though so there may be a better Nesco model out there.

Up until two years ago I only used it for ground beef jerky and did that maybe once or twice a year. But since I upped my pepper production from last year, I use it now to dehydrate those as well so now I have three things to use it for. Sliced jerky, ground beef jerky and peppers.

If you eat a lot of fruits, you could dehydrate those too. The plus side, if you have the storage space for it in a pantry, it will last practically forever. Eventually paying for itself.

u/AAjax · 2 pointsr/vaporents

The "Smart crusher" off Amazon is sturdy and cheap. Been using it without fail for years.

Same thing under a diff name

u/Three_Happy_Gnomes · 2 pointsr/eldertrees

Not many comments about grinders yet so I'll do one. Honestly if you're looking for 'bang for your buck,' you can't beat You'll pay 80 bucks at a head shop for something that you can get for 20-30 on amazon and it'll perform just as well.

I was astounded that my Chromium Crusher survived my first 3 years in college (I'm not sure even any piece of furniture lasted that long), still works just as well as the day I got it.

Somethin like this:

Or there's one for a Sharpstone if you want the more reliable brand name:

u/Breit_Sein · 2 pointsr/trees

I just use the "chromium crusher" i found on amazon, for around 20 bucks. Stainless steel, heavy, holds your kief very well and has that same screen to sift it all. Ive had this thing a year now, and it has no rust, barely any marks (and i beat the shit out of it), and still grinds great.

sorry for the long comment...not about pollen boxes. I ran out of stuff today...and am going insane.

u/impreza25sti · 2 pointsr/smoking

Got the one in the link below back in 2016, it doesn’t look to be available anymore but maybe they have a new model. I only use it maybe half a dozen times a year but it was certainly worth the price.

Chef'sChoice Food Slicer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

u/xenokilla · 2 pointsr/SouthBend

I'm sure you've looked into getting your own, they're not that expensive.

u/SlapnutsGT · 2 pointsr/BBQ

Chef's Choice

It is amazing so far, I am very happy with it. Now I just need to see how long it holds up but so far so good!

u/sodj1 · 2 pointsr/eatsandwiches

To anyone looking for a cheaper alternative, i bought my mom this slicer Works great! My favorite thing to make so far is philly cheesesteaks by thinly slicing sirloin roast. Also, have you tried making potato chips with your slicer yet Jeffrey?

u/niknoT- · 2 pointsr/smoking

I bought this one back in 2014. Works just fine for what I use it for; mainly bacon and ham. I caught it on sale for ~$70-80. You just need to go slow when slicing, and it helps to have your meat cold. Easy to clean.

u/Tarpit_Carnivore · 2 pointsr/smoking

I noticed after you smoked it some of it was already getting a bit charred from the sugar. One thing you may want to try is rinsing it off before smoking it. This may remove a lot of the "flavor" with the salt, sugar, etc but it will make the belly nice and clean. If you want to rub some sugar on it maybe try dropping the temperature? I've only used sugar in my cure and let smoke do all the work.

For slicing, I picked up this slicer and the non-serrated blade. It really makes cutting the bacon quick. It's a bit of a pain to clean with all the curves and cut-outs but I can slice up 5lbs of bacon in 10 minutes.

In the time I've been making bacon the one thing I realized is that its "burn" point is far higher than that of store bought. So I usually have to dial it down just a smidge on the stove to prevent burning. I haven't made any in the oven yet so I can't offer a difference there.

u/qwertydvorak69 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

This is the lazy man's best friend

you can use it to make grilled cheese pockets with butter crust or without. you can use it to make pizza pockets with some spaghetti sauce, onion, and shredded mozzarella. hot pb and j. i used to live off of one of these. lunch in 5 minutes.

u/SyfaVelnumdes · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

No idea why your response got downvoted... I like the idea of adding something to it, I'm incredibly uncreative when it comes to cooking, sadly - so thanks for the advice!So, I reckon you wouldn't recommend using it in a sandwich toaster then (as it won't really cool down in a sandwich toaster - I mean one of those: as it would be heated, but rather, to toast the bread separately and make an ordinary sandwich?

u/lavender_ · 2 pointsr/1200isplenty

I used to take a small flour tortilla, put in some pizza sauce, mozzarella, and turkey pepperoni. Then I'd put it in my sandwich maker. Filling, delicious, and solved pizza cravings for less than 300 calories. :)

u/PaulTheMerc · 2 pointsr/worldnews

Grew up in europe, living in Canada. In europe toast bread is the type that you stick in a toaster or to make toaster sandwiches like this

In Canada, that type of bread is the default "bread" and the other type is "European bread" when trying to distinguish.

u/Canadian-shill-bot · 2 pointsr/GifRecipes

Alternatively you can just buy this it's pretty great I have one.

Edit: also the hate on the ketchup dipping is very insulting and confusing to canadians.

u/n1elkyfan · 2 pointsr/assholetax

Heres what we have in the USA

Proctor Silex Sandwich Toaster, Omelet And Turnover Maker, White...

And I'm guessing this is what you are talking about.

Global Gourmet Sandwich Toaster/Toastie Maker - Deep Fill Non-...

u/plustwoagainsttrolls · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I got the V2244 off Amazon. It comes with a few sizes of bags, as well as a roll for making your own bags. I also bought a roll of the Ziploc vacuum bags, which are cheaper than the FoodSaver brand and work just as well.

u/Emanon22 · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I really appreciate my vacuum sealer when meal prepping. It's super helpful to freeze food for longer storage.

what I use

Also, I've found a simple kitchen scale is very useful for portion control.

this one

u/robonick · 2 pointsr/FoodPorn

I use a Foodsaver vacuseal system. I highly recommend them. They're great for a number of things.

Edit: Formatting

u/IonOtter · 2 pointsr/Canning

If you're serious about preserving and storing, I'd suggest getting a FoodSaver, a pair of jar sealers and a package of oxygen absorbers.

This will enable you to store nuts, grains, coffee and tea with very little loss of flavor.

u/Tree-eeeze · 2 pointsr/sousvide

True but it also says there is a newer model which is only $10 more than the woot sale on this older model.

u/mynumberistwentynine · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I'll be honest. I just trusted Amazon and bought the number 1 seller in vacuum sealers haha. This one to be exact along with these bags.

Aside from the one I bought I have zero experience with vacuum sealers, but I can say I don't have any issues with the one I bought either. It works and works well. They say the bags can store some foods up to 6 months, but I as I said in my original comment I found the chicken and rice portion of my last meal to be kinda starting to show slight signs of burn...although I suppose it could have been user error or just in my head.

u/OREGON_IS_LIFE_84 · 2 pointsr/smoking
u/LegendZ3 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I am using this. It's pretty easy to use, but relatively expensive. I found that ziploc bags does the job most of the time by using archimedes principle (it's showing liquid contents, but it work just as well on solids).

u/Flavorbaby13 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Yay happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear shercock! Happy birthday to you. (I signed that in ASL , but you couldn't see it...)

But this nifty vacuum sealer would make my life so much easier when it comes to sending my baked goods! thissssss

u/_just_a_dude_ · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I hear ya on the 2-part equation. Here's the sealer I'm using, currently:

I do a little bit of both vacuum and the ol' zip-lock immersion trick. Basically, if I end up having some kind of sauce that's anywhere near watery, I'll go with the zip-lock, immerse it to force the air out, then use a lid on my Cambro to hold the zipper outside of the water while the stuff that's cooking stays immersed.

u/davidj911 · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I use this and am very satisfied with it. $80.

Foodsaver V2244

u/blacklabel8829 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I have a FoodSaver V2244 and love it. I also got it on the rare occasion when Amazon had it for $29.99.

u/ryanmiller3039 · 2 pointsr/steak

It is super simple. Anova even has an app so you can monitor your cooker while you are in another room. They are on sale right now which is why I pulled the trigger.

anova precision $155 w the code SPRING25

12 qt container $24.95

container lid $11.08

apparently you can also just float ping pong balls on the top as well - having a lid insulates and slows the water evaporation

cheap adjustable rack to keep the meat in place $13.21

vacuum sealer $69.99

but for this you can just use freezer bags and water displacement to get a similar outcome

u/rocky6501 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I use Farmhouse 9 times out of 10. The caveat is that its harvest time related so the longer you wait beyond harvest the slimmer the pickings become, and that's across the board for all suppliers. Harvest is in late summer/fall, so right now you are still dealing with 2015's crop (last fall's harvest).

I just looked and there are a fair number of good hops still available, though you may be limited to either 1lb in some cases. In such a case, you may want to invest in a vacuum sealer deal. I have one of these and it's more than paid for itself (about $75).

u/musicandtreasure · 2 pointsr/vegan

I don't know if anyone suggested this or not (my phone is not liking the Reddit app at the moment) but crock pot makes a little tiny lunch crock pot. It's my favorite way of eating all my leftovers, and solves the what should i bring to lunch issue since i just throw some leftovers from the previous night's dinner in it. This might also solve your microwave issue (i dislike them for texture reasons and find the food is a lot better this way, and evenly heated even with soup!)

I also really have been loving cold quinoa bowls with various toppings. I take it out of the fridge about an hour before i want to eat it so it's not super cold, just slightly. I pack my grains in one container and then toppings like greens, nuts, seeds, whatever in another, and a last container with a sauce of choice. It's super easy to prep a bunch at once and then in the morning just grab one Tupperware from each category and throw it in my lunch box.

Edited to add link for crockpot thing i mentioned.

u/Rosydoodles · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I know Crockpot make a warmer which you can take to work, but I'm not sure if you power it in your car, however I found an alternative on Amazon which might be good! The first one needs the food to be cooked first, so do some research on the second one too, personally I'd cook in advance just to make sure regardless though.

u/agent_of_entropy · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Get a Crock Pot food warmer. I love mine.

u/IJoey78 · 2 pointsr/Plumbing

Need to get yourself a portable crockpot! Got one last fall and had a hot lunch everyday! Made a huge difference when it’s -25C out!

u/MrMajors · 2 pointsr/sousvide

I have both a center mount and a corner mount models from this vendor.
I prefer the corner mount because you can lift it up and spin it around for full access to the container.
Use the BT Precision Cooker.

u/steaksandwichand · 2 pointsr/SousVideBBQ

12 quart rubbermaid with a lid like this
EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid Compatible with Anova Culinary Precision Cooker and 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount)

u/annihilus813 · 2 pointsr/sousvide
u/bdporter · 2 pointsr/sousvide

> Every price listed as marked down on prime day is falsely inflated

This is certainly true for some "deals". However, the normal price for this product is not $140 to $150. It has been on sale in the last 6 months for about $170, but $129 is the lowest price since Black Friday.

I think using a price tracking site like is warranted before buying anything.

u/gr8daynenyg · 1 pointr/sousvide

Nice, thank you! I was looking at this one:

EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid Compatible with Anova Culinary Precision Cooker and 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount)

u/TheMooseIsBlue · 1 pointr/sousvide

I actually read that article earlier and it’s why I was confused. They make custom made covers for the bins that seem like an obvious improvement. But I don’t know what I don’t know.

EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid Compatible with Anova Culinary Precision Cooker and 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount)

u/Narkolepse · 1 pointr/sousvide

I bought a 12 qt Rubbermaid and an everie corner lid link, and have been happy. But I used a large stock pot for s while and add perfectly fine with that.

Get the Anova then see how it works for you before buying extras.

u/JarvisHBD · 1 pointr/sousvide

The shills are out in force this holiday season. Do not order using that link. Just use this non-referrer link and don't feed the rats.

u/tminus7700 · 1 pointr/Electricity

You want to use a transformer rated at 1,000 voltamperes or 1KVA. DO NOT USE those travel converters. They are to be used ONLY on heating only appliances. Like older waffle irons, clothing irons, hair dryers and the like. They produce a poor waveform of current and can damage anything with electronics in it. Like your product. But as you can see from the link, they run about US$100. So unless your have other items you also want to run at 120VAC, it is probably cheaper to buy a new heater in country. For instance in the 1980's I moved for 2 years to England. I bought about 3 transformers, but I brought a number of my US appliances with me.

The only other problem is that they use 50Hz instead of 60Hz. So I also had a frequency converter. I am an electrical engineer and I built that myself. I used it to run my computer monitors and turntable. Both of which would not work correctly on 50Hz, even with the right voltage.

Also what voltage was it rated for? Your product details (click on answered questions, search: voltage) said you could order 120 or 220.

edit: Most modern electronics will work on either 50 or 60Hz without problems. I had old school electronics.

u/nikkithebee · 1 pointr/sousvide

I got a 12qt Rubbermaid and a fitted lid for just under $30! (19.99 + 9.99, free prime shipping)

Edit: I wasn't sure about 12 vs 18 and I opted for smaller and couldn't be happier. I can cook tons of stuff in it without worry.

u/chlorostorm1 · 1 pointr/Twinnovation
u/v0idl0gic · 1 pointr/food
u/blatsnorf · 1 pointr/roasting

It looks like you want model 82306... I've started seeing more of model 82505 which is NOT the correct one.

u/blamsberg · 1 pointr/popcorn

can you be more specific? do you mean like an air popper, or a machine like this one? I've seen these and they don't work very well - a lot of the kernels end up unpopped, it's wasteful, inefficient, cumbersome to fill, and hard to clean. I don't recommend it

I prefer to use my Whirly Pop - very high quality and easy to use. avoid the stainless steel ones as they heat up too slowly, aluminum conducts heat faster so it takes less time to pop.

u/airbreather02 · 1 pointr/canada

Get one of these, makes great popcorn - Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper. The secret to movie theatre taste is using coconut oil to pop the corn in.

u/capchaos · 1 pointr/gifs

If you want to make everyone envious get one of these babies! Fun for the whole family!

u/halfbeak · 1 pointr/australia

There are 3 things you need to make popcorn at home that is just as good as movie theatre popcorn. First, a good popper. Second, pop it in coconut oil. Third, and this is the real secret, fake butter seasoning. So, so good.

u/FSMfan · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Not only is it just one pot, it's just one tablespoon of oil. What's the big deal? I wipe mine out with a paper towel in 10 seconds and it's fine.

I use the Whirly Pop, a tablespoon of canola oil, and melt REAL butter, add salt. Perfect.

u/kdchampion04 · 1 pointr/personalfinance
u/johnsmithindustries · 1 pointr/Frugal

Agreed, popcorn is great.

Protip: Buy loose kernels in bulk, pop them with one of these bad boys. Now you can pop popcorn/kettle corn perfectly, every time, even when the electricity goes out!!

u/piss_n_boots · 1 pointr/AskReddit

yes, I believe you can. haven't done it myself. I prefer the whirley-pop, which I believe -- as a popcorn enthusiast -- is the best way to make popcorn. also, buy good popcorn and keep it air-tight! the secret to fluffy popcorn is (a) medium-high heat and (b) NON-dry popcorn. the moisture in the popcorn is what causes the explosion. buy the freshest corn you can and keep it in a sealed jar. I also use a brown sugar thingie but I'm obsessed. links here:

u/Wolfsburg · 1 pointr/movies

I'll see your airpopper and raise you one of these.

u/eek04 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Random ramblings:

I recommend IKEA. Most of their stuff is decent quality, and very good for the price. Don't try for the cheapest they have; go a bit up in price. As an example, their SLITBAR Chef's Knife ($50) is made in VG-10, one of the best steels there is. I believe this knife is better than the one I have, which cost me about $250.

Consider non-stick skillets to be semi-disposable. I've stopped buying expensive non-stick skillets; I've tried the absolute top end, and even when I really baby it, it stops working in a year or two. Non-stick pans I've not had the same problem with - I bought some nice TEFAL ones (not the "professional" ones, one step up from that, I unfortunately can't remember the names), and they've so far lasted for over five years.

For cast iron pans, I've not found a difference in quality - anything I've bought has lasted a long time.

For mixing bowls, I recommend getting a bunch of cheap metal ones. I got ten bowls at two euro each about five years ago; one of them has gotten discolored, apart from that they're working fine still. Having lots works wonders. In the US, these are easy to buy at Vietnamese stores.

For plastic stuff, it's hard. IKEA has it, but it's sometimes expensive. I've had some luck with cheap stuff, but you have to look at it really carefully. Quality don't really go with price, but the very cheapest stuff is usually crap. A simple rule of thumb is to go to a cheap place, then look at what the cheapest you can buy is, and then buy something that costs twice that (at the same place). This will usually get you good quality; buying something that costs 10x more somewhere else don't give you any guarantee.

Thermometers are all over the map; go for a digital one, and read reviews. And you DO want a thermometer - it makes all kinds of things easier.

The chef's way of filling a kitchen is buying relatively cheap stuff, and having lots of it. I've copied that - for everything I care about, I buy ten of it. Things usually stack, so they don't take that much space, and having ten of everything means I can work without having to try to wash things in the middle.

You don't want "any" single use tools; they take space, and are a waste. I've got only two single use tools: I've got a garlic press and a WhirleyPop. The former is because it is way faster; the latter is because it is the only way I've found to make Kettle Corn without burning it.

For appliances, garage sales can be great. I paid $20 for my high end KitchenAid (battered but perfectly functional); and I only paid $20 because I didn't have the conscience to take it for the $10 they suggested.

Minimize the stuff you get at first; it's so easy to get lots of stuff, but most of it you hardly ever use.

u/twitchycat13 · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

If you love popcorn, get one of these:

Cooks popcorn amazing and you don't have to use much oil at all! I use coconut oil and sprinkle on some nutritional yeast after cooking, very good popcorn!

u/LurkAddict · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

There is no shame in that. I have done it myself a few times. And microwave popcorn is sacrilege. Stove top is where it's at. A Whirly-Pop makes the best. Not having room for anymore pots and pans and having a glass range that I don't like to shake a regular pan on top of, I have discovered the Presto Pop. It technically makes microwave popcorn, but it's mostly the same as stovetop, and is waaaaay better (and cheaper) than bagged microwave.

u/IMR800X · 1 pointr/movies

Easily done. Coconut oil, quality corn, and a decent popcorn maker is all it takes.

Fresh and hot beats sitting under a heat lamp for hours, in popcorn as in all things.

u/fernandizzel · 1 pointr/YouShouldKnow

I use on of these: Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Turn handle and it rotates two arms along the bottom of the pan to keep corn from burning.

Also, tastes way better if you use coconut oil.

u/mamoocando · 1 pointr/YouShouldKnow

/u/infinity526 is right, you shouldn't make popcorn on a glass top stove. But if you had a whirly pop you could do it!

u/j1mdan1els · 1 pointr/Coffee

Thanks too. I've read that some use popcorn poppers but didn't realise they were much of a thing here ... some searches on amazon found the one you recommend, at $150!!!!

But there is a cheaper one by another maker - it's smaller but the same design and seems decent quality. There are also electric ones, starting at around $40 -

u/mal1291 · 1 pointr/roasting

Stovetop roasting was probably the thing that got me into roasting my own coffee. I bought a whirleypop for $20 and got an aeropress to brew with. For about $120 I was making coffee that (I thought) was better than most local offerings and (for sure) better than grocery store brand coffee. Not to mention I was theoretically saving a lot of money because of how cheap greens were.

However, if you are willing to commit a bit more startup cash, I recommend the freshroast series of roasters as a much better method for controlling your roast profile.

As someone who is starting out, I'd say happy mug is the best supplier for greens. HM has nice coffees at good prices but Sweet Marias has a lot of unqiue vareitals and there's a number of really good coffees on there. The thing is that as a new roaster (and I am still in this category), you probably won't have the cupping skills or the roasting skills to appreciate all of the nuance that SM's beans offer, so HM is a better deal for $4.00/lb and 3-day flat rate shipping.

What are you brewing with?

u/OrdertheThrow · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Real talk? A whirlipop popcorn maker, it makes the best damn popcorn I've ever tasted! I make a bowl or two a week and its amazing how consistently good it is. If you like your popcorn a bit saltier there's this stuff on Amazon called Flavacol which is the seasoning they add in theatre popcorn, I put about a teaspoon in with the oil & corn usually.

This is of course not factoring in the price of oil and kernels, let me just say that coconut oil will make the popcorn taste x10 better than any other kind of cooking oil.

u/entgardener · 1 pointr/entwives

I cannot say enough for this machine: Whirley Pop Once you get the hang of it you'll make popcorn that will make all other popcorn you've ever had taste like poo. I use unrefined coconut oil, salt and sometimes a tablespoon of sugar for a kettle corn taste.

u/rhunsulrana · 1 pointr/loseit

this is my best friend, i can make IMMENSELY healthy popcorn (sorry non-carbers :( ) and completely control the oil and salt in it, it's not calorie-free but it is an awesome easy (and CHEAP) munchy that won't totally break your diet.
munch on my friend (but only reasonable portions!)

u/neonshadow · 1 pointr/todayilearned

You don't need anything nearly that fancy. Just get one of these:

Trust me, it's worth it. Make sure you pick up some Flavacol and popcorn oil from GFS, and you will be hard pressed to tell a difference between that and movie theater stuff.

u/MpVpRb · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Don't use a microwave!

Get a WhirlyPop and do it on the stove

It's faster and better with no "mystery chemicals"

u/EunathFile · 1 pointr/OkCupid

Hahhaha, I used the goat cheese Parmesan with dinner last night. ;)

It is similar to this but it was a super cheap one and I found it in a store.

u/cough_e · 1 pointr/Frugal

I like popcorn.

Buy a microwaveable popcorn bowl for $15 and a big jug of popcorn for $15 at Sam's or Costco. The bowl is a one-time purchase and the popcorn comes out to 20 cents per bowl.

I add a touch of oil to the popcorn before microwaving, but it's not needed (and makes it a little tougher to clean). Otherwise add salt and/or seasoning and you're good to go.

It's the perfect "I'm hungry but don't want a whole meal" option or "It's 11pm and I need a snack to get me through the next few hours of studying" option.

u/ryjkyj · 1 pointr/politics

Got one of these for Christmas years ago. I love it.

u/w1ngzer0 · 1 pointr/Flipping

Fuck air popped. Give me + popcorn + coconut oil + flavicol.

Hello movie theatre popcorn!

u/cluk · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I use something like this:

I used to put butter / salt in but recently I don't want to bother with cleanup. Straight popcorn is good enough for me.

u/lefsegirl · 1 pointr/Frugal

My favorite microwave corn popper. I have tried other methods of poppping corn in the microwave, but none works as well as this gadget (and generally I dislike single-function gadgets). Just add 1/3 cup of popcorn and press the "Popcorn" setting on the microwave. Butter after popping as needed.

u/juaquin · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

There are some that are made for it - I use this one. Works fine. I'm sure the paper bag works great too.

u/StarOriole · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

That seems like it might be a pain to wash out, since there are so many moving parts. Constantly juggling a lidded pot on the stove works fine, or if you want an oil-free method, microwave air poppers aren't bad either.

u/slothez911 · 1 pointr/Cooking

I've started using a specific popcorn container for the microwave. It doesn't use any oil, and it tastes the same as air popped to me. I use this one. I'm in Canada, so you might have to look around a bit, but I find the container a good alternative to an airpopper.

u/malejko · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Yeah, as stated in the original text, and the comment you replied to.. After drying them to around 8%, I stuff around 300-350g in a 1L wide-mouth mason jar and suck the air out with an attachment I bought; here's an amazon link to the same attachment. I got mine from London Drugs I think. Works well; and I just re-seal after I take however many grams out for a brew.

I'm going to see if the local HB club wants some, but otherwise name your price. 'bout $15 to ship one jar full which kinda' sucks, but.. Centennial, Northern Brewer and / or Willamette?

u/AuralSects · 1 pointr/AskReddit

One of these plus a Mityvac brake bleeder vacuum pump.

u/idontknowhowreddit · 1 pointr/microgrowery

That sounds cool. I didn't plan to have anything that long so I bought a dumb little Vacu-Seal and the food saver mason jar seal-y thing.

Seems to work fine, but I haven't had anything sealed for more than a week so far.

u/knitrat · 1 pointr/Canning

I don't know the answer re: density but I'll bet you'd find out more by researching why, as it says in the sidebar, the NCHFP and USDA have not approved any method for canning large amounts of fat (which pb would fall under). Canning fats is not for the faint of heart. I mean some people do so for lard and tallow. But picture pulling boiling jars of pure fat out of a giant bubbling pot of scalding water using canning tongs and you get the idea.. It can go so wrong if something tips, cracks etc.

Is preserving pb something you are trying to do? I suspect the heat and pressure required to safely do so at home would change the taste from what most people would enjoy. You could probably make a natural one with a longer fridge shelf life by taking the air out with one of these to slow down oxidization. The commercial producers use preservatives to achieve the same thing. But really, what makes the most sense is to use a jar sealer to take the oxygen out of your jars of nuts (so they don't go rancid on the shelf) and then make small batches of pb as you need it.

I've seen hot water bath recipes for canned boiled peanuts and for a nutella type spread but that's it.

u/Rock_You_HardPlace · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

You could get one of these and pack them in mason jars. You won't remove all the oxygen, but add an oxygen absorbing tab and you should be set.

u/berbiizer · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

What do you think of the idea of using canning jars and a vacuum jar sealer attachment for hops?

You can reseal and it doesn't crush the contents.

u/JeffreyRodriguez · 1 pointr/homestead
u/RelativityCoffee · 1 pointr/Coffee

You're much better off springing for a popcorn popper; the agitation will help you get a much more even roast.

u/homeboi808 · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

For one, it's popped the "regular way" and the butter flavor is likely different. Even though it's super unhealthy, buy microwave popcorn with "movie theater butter flavor", and that should taste more similar.

On a related note, I use an air-popper (I use the #1 Best-Seller on Amazon) and I love it. It is much cheaper in the long run. The downside though is you have to apply butter/olive oil/coconut oil/peanut oil and salt after the fact, which takes some added time. Stove popping is also good, but I don't want to deal with cleaning a pot every time I make popcorn. I use extra virgin olive oil because it's healthier and it still tastes good (different type of taste than movie theater butter flavor, but still good). If you want to air-pop and want "movie theater flavor", you can buy Orville Redenbacher's Buttery Popping/Topping Oil.

u/i_killed_hitler · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

If you eat popcorn even just once a week get this: Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper. Had one for a while and it works wonders. Tastes better than the microwaved stuff. Get some butter to put on top and let it melt as your popcorn pops or just get some of the flavored popcorn salt or oil at the store to put on it.

u/DruePhoenix · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My suggestion is an old fashioned air popper.

Popcorn isn't the healthiest thing in the world, but if you air pop instead of using some hardcore buttered microwaveable popcorn your snacking will be a lot less bad for you.(plus if you drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle fresh black pepper and some sea salt it's f'n delish.)

u/RoyallyTenenbaumed · 1 pointr/Coffee

Yea I didn't really know anything about it until I got it home and researched it. The people that owned it before were grinding flavored beans (i.e. coated in syrup) so it was kinda gross, but cleaned up easily. This is the grinder. I guess it's up to $100 bucks haha. STEAL!

Popcorn popper roasting is pretty easy. You have to do fairly small batches (about 1/3 cup per ~5 minutes), but it's not a big deal. It's kind of relaxing and I enjoy the experience. This is the one I have. I found it on sale for around $14. Totally worth it. The only details I had to get down were blocking the exit chute with a piece of foil and cutting some vent holes in the side. You have to do it outside since the chaff goes EVERYWHERE, and it's hot here, so the machine kept overheating and shutting off. Other than that, you just put the beans in, plug it in, stir them around a little (I just use a long stick I found outside..still going strong) until they get light enough to auto-stir, then listen for the crack and watch the color.

It's immensely satisfying roasting your own coffee, and places like Sweet Marias are very knowledgeable and have great selection. I usually order their sampler packs of 3-4 pounds. I save one cups worth of roasted beans from each sample then when I'm done with all of them I do a taste test. With an AeroPress it's super easy to brew multiple cups of coffee at once.

u/V2Blast · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

My family had this or something like it, and it worked well for quite some time (until it had some small malfunction or other, so it doesn't work for whatever reason).

u/louky · 1 pointr/Louisville

They're great! And alarmingly unheard of, apparently.

u/timsandtoms · 1 pointr/popcorn

That one just looks like a typical air popper. They're around $15-$30. I got this one(#2 Best Seller on Amazon) from Fred Meyer, and have owned it for about a year. It's great, no complaints, and the little cup on top for butter is even the perfect size to measure out how much popcorn you're supposed to put in it. My dad has an older model by the same company, and after around 7 years, it still works almost as good as when he got it.

As for seasoning it, ignore what /u/JustGreg said about using oil to pop if he likes the buttery flavoring. Oil popped popcorn is awesome(I have one of these too), and coconut oil that's been artificially colored and flavored for popcorn is what you should get if you want movie theater style popcorn, but if he likes the flavor of butter, just put butter on it. Take 1/4 to 1/2 a stick of butter, and either microwave it(AFTER you pop the popcorn, unless you have a 25 amp circuit in your kitchen!), or leave it on the the cup on top of the popper while it pops, and drizzle it on the popcorn after it pops. As for salts, I like Flavacol, which is what a lot of theaters use, Paragon Butter Flavored Seasoning Salt, or Jolly Time Buttery Popcorn Seasoning. Or if you're as lazy as I am, you can just pour some of all three into one of these.

Just remember with the air poppers, the only thing that ever goes into the area where it pops is popcorn, never put butter, oil, or seasonings in while it pops!

u/lilyofyosemite · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

> I try to avoid nuts given the high calorie content (not great for mindlessly munching)

Popcorn is the absolute best for mindless munching for me. I use about a tablespoon of butter if I'm feeling indulgent, and just salt otherwise. I can eat an entire (large) mixing bowl's worth by myself and not feel guilty in the slightest. (This is probably one of my most-used Christmas presents in recent memory.)

u/iLiketheway_youthink · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

These popcorn poppers are amazing!! You can even buy the oil/ butter flavor stuff! I use a ton of regular butter because IDGAF and it's delicious but for me, this whole set up is better than movie theater popcorn. Just sayin!

u/vapeducator · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Nope. I paid less for my entire setup than what I normally spent on movie tickets (at the time).

Projectors can last a very long time. To give you an idea, I bought my HD projector at a Circuit City before it went bankrupt, about 9 years ago. All you need is a wall that's big enough for the image. I don't need a custom dedicated home theater. A normal living room, bedroom or den is fine. I also got a portable projector with built-in DVD, an Epson Moviemate, on sale for under $600.

Presto Air popper for $22.45. I got 2 Primo Flavorstation carbonators for about $25/each on clearance at a Big Lots.

When you add up the cost of tickets, popcorn, soda, etc., you'll be surprised how quickly it will buy everything needed to equip your own affordable home theater experience. You want great sound for cheap? The Logitech THX rated gear is a great value.

u/petielvrrr · 1 pointr/Frugal

And for those of you who see time as money: this popcorn maker is a good investment. Occasionally it will go on sale for $10 (which is how much I paid for mine). It's nice because you can basically put the popcorn in, go do something else, and just listen.

I completely agree with OP, popcorn is the best frugal snack ever. You can pay $3 for a bag of potato chips or you can pay $2 for a huge bag of popcorn kernels that, when popped, basically equals... Idk, like 25 bags of chips? Just add butter and salt (or whatever seasoning you like, but with an air popper you can't use oil, so I like to melt a bit of butter for mine), and it's a great snack! (Not to mention a much healthier alternative to chips).

u/akkristen · 1 pointr/Frugal

Pretty sure it is this one

u/schrute_buck · 1 pointr/AskReddit

You buy the bags of dry kernels, pour into the air popper. A few minutes later, every single kernel is perfectly popped.

u/MonsieurJongleur · 1 pointr/loseit

Well, I actually bought this one-- used, amazon warehouse deals because it comes with fruit leather trays which I use a lot of. The higher the wattage the faster things dry. The Snackmaster is their entry-level version.

I haven't tried drying high water-content stuff like stone fruit or grapes because I'm a little afraid of spoilage if they don't dry evenly and I don't want to spare the freezer space. But for those I puree them and make fruit leather instead. Hope this helps.

u/Karbear_debonair · 1 pointr/loseit

It's really up to you. =)

I think that this one is the one my fiance bought. (Not positive because it's in another state, lol.) It works really well for us. Came with 5 trays, the fruit screens (smaller mesh so things don't fall through,) a jerky gun, recipe guide, and maybe some jerky seasoning.

It's really quiet, comparable to a window a/c. The jerky gun worked great for us, we've made some really yummy jerky. And so far the recommended timeset on it seems fairly accurate. The one I linked (with the extras) is listed for $65 right now, but there's one that comes with less that is listed for $49 on amazon. I'm not sure those are the lowest price you can get or anything, but it seems fairly reasonable to me.

u/Elusive2000 · 1 pointr/Paleo

Can you recommend a dehydrator? I've been looking at the Nesco Snackmaster, but I'm wondering what other people like.

Also, I like the meat brick idea. I'm stealing it.

u/livingplasma · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I use this Nesco FD-61 that a co-worker gifted me, trays cut out I can fit two of most rolls. My temp and humidty indicator with the sensor located at the bottom shows it being pretty close to the temperature on the dial. This Rosewill unit is basically the same base unit as the $100 PrintDry without the customized trays.

u/chaoticbear · 1 pointr/Bowling

Well, from what I've found, you *can* use the polish without a spinner, but it is better to do it on a spinner. This is Storm's product designed for people to use at home, I don't think as many people are going to be picking up quarts of Step Two. That's why I would (personally and hypothetically) do it myself until the ball needs a resurface.

If you're willing to drop the money on a spinner, absolutely do that. They're not difficult to use, and as long as you're not too aggressive with super-coarse Abralon, you aren't going to irreparably damage anything. Given that my PSO charges something like $30 for a full resurface, it was a no-brainer.

People have also built their own ball ovens for much less than the $200. If you look at the Nuball and Vertex rejuvenators, you will see it looks suspiciously like the Nesco FD-61. I stuck one on top of a rubbermaid tote so I can bake two at once, if you're curious I can dredge up the post. I've seen hair dryer boxes as well, but don't know if you need any modifications to keep it at safe temperatures.

u/thatnaplife · 1 pointr/CampingGear

I've had this one from Nesco ( for going on 6 years now, and it's working great. I've probably made 30+ batches of jerky, kale chips, and various other backpacking foods over the year and it's still chugging along. Nesco makes a ton of different dehydrators, and I've heard they're a decent brand.

I never used the jerky gun that came with the dehydrator though - I've always just used sliced london broil.

u/GoAskAlice · 1 pointr/recipes

We're on a weightloss kick though, it's going slowly but it is by god working. Found this last week, that's up next.

Will try yours after that, which should be right after we finish off that batch which will be, oh, about Friday. We realllllyyyy love jerky around here, hence the dehydrator. That thing cost us 60 bucks and has more than paid for itself. My only complaint is that it's a bitch to clean, but since my single attempt at making jerky in the oven nearly burned down the house, I can put up with that. Any hydrator's gonna be a bitch to clean, and this one is quiet.

u/heyytawnyy · 1 pointr/food

I've had this one for a couple years now with no problems at all. Really easy to use and clean.

u/Phunk131 · 1 pointr/trees
u/jaskub · 1 pointr/Marijuana

Thanks for all the feedback. Has anyone ever heard of a Chronium Crusher ( My friend says they're good and they are reasonably priced. Everything else seems expensive, but the Sharpstone does look sweet for the cost. Hotkarl, do you know what the difference is between the regular Sharpstone and the clear top one?

u/beatrixx · 1 pointr/trees

Yep, it is nice to get one with a magnetic lid so that it doesn't spill, and you just put your herb on the grinder thingies and put the lid on and twist it. then when you open up the middle chamber you have nice fluffy buds to smoke.

You can do it with your fingers but I just really prefer having a grinder. It's cleaner and I feel like with doing it manually I end up losing more on my fingers or by dropping it.

Also, you can collect kief with a grinder, which is awesome. I actually just cleaned mine and got a ton of good stuff out of it.

I have a chromium crusher that I bought off of amazon at a great price and it has been great.

I see you are in the Midwest; I'm from Michigan and always looking for other cool stoner chicks :)

u/akilleez · 1 pointr/AskReddit


I actually bought that well. Better than my old one for sure.

Badass Grinder

Not sure if this one is any good but its pretty sweet looking and its got a good rating.


I can't find the actual scale I bought from amazon but this one looks pretty good for about the same price.

u/GenuineMindPlay · 1 pointr/trees

Unfortunately no. But this isn't so bad

u/SaintVaIentine · 1 pointr/vaporents

this is why i was asking you guys for help, trying to avoid such problems myself.

i had narrowed down my selection to this i think, any thoughts on the thing?

u/xdr3 · 1 pointr/saplings
u/VSFX · 1 pointr/trees

After having this grinder for about a week now I can confirm the scissor method works just as well, if not better sometimes. It does take longer and makes your hand cramp after a couple of minutes, the grinder is much quicker.

u/ENTernetExplorer · 1 pointr/saplings

In order to get the best bang for your buck, I highly recommend getting a dedicated herb grinder. Something like this, while it may be a tad bit expensive, is definitely worth it. Most cheap grinders are made from plastic, wood, or aluminum, have only a single chamber, and are very low quality generally.
There are also concerns with plastic or aluminum grinders of the possibility of getting shavings or particles into your bud. This can be very unhealthy.
Another reason to get a high-quality grinder is that many of them come with multiple chambers, many also include mesh screens to use for getting kief.

u/AmazonInfoBot · 1 pointr/Breadit

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Name: Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer.

Price: $99.95

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I've been looking for a meat slicer myself. I'm looking for something that can cut a semi-frozen steak into deli thin slices for cheese steak sandwiches. Using a knife just doesn't do justice. I've been looking at this one on Amazon

It seems a lot of people are content with it. It's a bit on the pricey side for a home slicer. They have slicer that cost less than 50 on amazon and apparently it's a piece of shit.

they have 3 models. 615, 610 and 609.

Both 609 and 615 come with stainless steel blade, while 610 comes with stainless steel serrated blade. I've been told serrated blades aren't as good at slicing deli thin. I'm not sure. But they do sell the blades separately. The main difference seems to be the size. It's too bad they don't give the power output of the motor.

u/2cool4schoolor4u · 1 pointr/sousvide

Chefs Choice 609
Not too fancy but it gets the job done.

u/Thisisntmikester · 1 pointr/jerky

I bought this one along with the non serrated blade a couple years back and it works well for me. Cost me about $100 for both.

Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

u/HittingSmoke · 1 pointr/BBQ

I honestly don't remember. My dad used to work maintenance in a retail store and picked it up for me one day for my meat adventures.

It seems they're on Amazon for a decent price. I'm not sure if that's the exact model I have, but it's the same brand and it looks identical.

It really is worth having. It's the only way to get sandwich meat as thin as I like (pastrami specifically is supposed to be cut very thin) and it's great for slicing for jerky as well. If you have anyone who cooks bread in your house it's great for pre-slicing it evenly.

u/traskilla · 1 pointr/budgetfood

A stand electric slicer will save you time and money. It is an up front cost but you will save it back and more over time.

u/CharlieAndArtemis · 1 pointr/VeganMeatPorn

I got mine off of amazon. It’s nowhere near the quality of a professional grade deli slicer but it does the trick.

This is the model I got.. I don’t buy nice clothes, get my hair and nails done, or go on fancy vacations but I will spend all my money on kitchen gadgets. That is a fact! To be honest, this is kinda cheap in comparison to what I’ve spent on other things. 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

I’m a consumer whore!!

u/bpostal · 1 pointr/sweden

I've got one of those and it's awesome! A quick google search says you can get a similar one via Amazon.


u/MrDTD · 1 pointr/shittyfoodporn

I bought one these at a garage sale for five bucks, good grilled cheese and perfectly sliced.

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Okay, seriously, I vouch for getting her a sandwich maker.
They're inexpensive and will provide a hot meal whenever she's hungry and the cafeteria is closed (or she overslept, heh). They're generally accepted in the dorms, all they have is a plug. Bear in mind hot plates/crock pots are often off limits and can be confiscated upon room inspections.

Have a big stash of food/snacks in a container under her bed. It'll allow her to have control over her food without luring in any sneak roommates. I mean, better safe than sorry, y'know?

Oh, and water bottles. Definitely water bottles.

u/Edna_Mode_mood · 1 pointr/AskAnAmerican

Yeah, the peanut butter is warm and gooey. I have this sandwich maker appliance I got for Christmas one year, and it seals the edges of the bread so it doesn’t make a mess.

Proctor Silex 25408Y Sandwich Toaster

u/wolfmanpraxis · 1 pointr/grilledcheese
u/VSindhicate · 1 pointr/Cooking

I'm a sucker for the type I grew up with - grilled cheese India style. Don't want to get into any kind of contest here, but I'll post the formula since I doubt most readers will be familiar:

  1. Use shredded cheese (not sliced) on any kind of sandwich bread
  2. Mix cheese with finely diced coriander (cilantro) and green chili pepper according to taste.
  3. Prepare in an equity maker with butter. This cooks the sandwich in tight triangles that are super crunchy on the edges and gooey deliciousness on the inside.
  4. If you want to go all-out, dip the sandwich (the equity triangles are perfect for dipping) in a spicy ketchup, such as Maggi Sweet n' Hot.
u/MCubb · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey hey congrats! You should totally get a Sandwich Maker! They open up the sandwich possibilities x10! And they're super easy to use/clean up.

Good luck on your own!

you're a big girl now!

u/camelheeler · 1 pointr/sousvide

Lipavia Sous Vide Container - 26 Qt works perfectly for me. It's too big for 90% of what I do but when I want to do several racks of ribs or steaks for the extended family, the extra size is great. I also use it to hold all my sous vide stuff (vacuum sealer, Joule, bags, etc) when I'm not cooking in it.

This foodsaver works perfectly for me.

u/PuckDucker · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

I use a vacuum sealer for all cereal, chip, and frozen bags. You don't need to use those fancy bags they come with, you can re-seal the existing bags without sucking the air out. I've been doing this for years. I'm on my second one of these types now:

u/expressre · 1 pointr/fitmeals

I buy meat in bulk and use this ffodsaver for everything.
I have tuna steaks from over a year ago that still taste fresh!

u/Songtown · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I ordered one of these and going to put a desiccant pack inside. May only use it for Nylon and seldom used PLA[Food Saver](FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

u/scarabin · 1 pointr/BurningMan

just cook up batches of your favorite foods and vaccu-seal individual meals. freeze them and they'll act like ice in your cooler. toss one in your backpack before leaving camp in the morning and you'll have a thawed out lunch later on. leave it on the dash of your car to reheat with no effort. or boil the bag in water. re-use the same boiling water all week. eat it straight from the pouch and you'll never have to do dishes.

here's one on amazon for $62

u/mph1204 · 1 pointr/Cooking

well, I agree with the sous vide if you have a vacuum sealer. you can get a foodsaver one on amazon for the price of a couple ribeyes. This is the model that I have and it's suited me very well. It's also great if you like to buy in bulk. I've found that I've saved a lot of money using this thing. However, I'd say put it somewhere where you'd see it or else you're easy to forget about it. /end mini commercial

The sous vide makes the meat really tender and you can add your marinade right in there when you vacuum it in, saving yourself a ton of time. I usually finish it off using a cast iron pan or under the broiler.

u/boh_my_god · 1 pointr/slowcooking

There are just two of us, and I end up freezing often. If I've made a large batch of soup/stew kinds of things, I usually freeze in these freezer containers or quart-sized ziplocs, so they are in batches of one or two servings each. To reheat, it is easiest to put in a pot on the stove (run under hot water to loosen it from the edge of the container or bag), but you could leave in the fridge for a day to thaw then spoon into a bowl or mug and microwave.

When I made a big pork shoulder, after shredding I added bbq sauce to about 1/4 and we ate that for a few days. The rest I froze in three FoodSaver bags - unseasoned except for the rub I put on before cooking. Used one bag to make carnitas, the other two are still in the freezer...little blank canvases. =) For thawing the FoodSaver bags or Ziploc bags, I put them in a big bowl of cold water. Once they are soft (half hour or so?) you can reheat however you want.

Pasta is OK to put in the freezer, but its texture will be a little different once you reheat it. If you're going to eat it soon or if you aren't feeling like taking the extra steps, it would be OK to freeze it with the chicken/stew. I personally would prefer to make just enough pasta to eat for now, then just freeze the extra stew/meat and, when you decide to reheat and eat it, take the ten minutes to make some fresh pasta. It's worth it. Good luck!

u/soon2Bintoxicated · 1 pointr/castiron

Do you have or know anyone who owns a vacuum food saver?

If not, you can try those Space Bags you attach your home vacuum to. I tried the Space Bags for some extra pillows but, it seemed to slowly leak and expand with air again. It could've been because I over stuffed it though.

Whatever you end up doing, try and make sure they're clean, dry and coated all over with oil. Wouldn't hurt to toss in those little Silica Gel packets, either.

u/ps6000 · 1 pointr/sousvide

I picked this model up for about $50

Its cheap and easy to use. It does have problems with liquids, but that means you have to manually tell it to seal or it will get the internals wet. I made a mistake and got my machine wet with a beat balsamic and it broke the machine. Luckily the machine is dead simple and I was able to take it apart and repair the faulty shut off switch. Don't let it scare you though. When I make chicken stock I put it in the vacuum sealer bags which I make from a roll and thrown them in the freezer.

If you freeze foods you will appreciate the food saver. I was on the fence about it, but love how easy everything stores in my freezer with no/minimal freezer burn. Cooking sous vide, I can now do the longer cooks without worrying about my ziploc bag opening up.

u/ziryra · 1 pointr/sousvide

Amazon also shows that there is an update for this model at $69.50.

u/Davec433 · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Getting a Food Saver or equivalent will literally pay for itself 10Xs over. Saving hops, meat, freezing fruit/vegetables etc it’ll save you money.

u/bolognaballs · 1 pointr/seriouseats

Just sealed two bags of this recipe with a lower end foodsaver:

It has a drip tray in the sealing chamber so some liquid is ok. Only issue I had was the first seal was not 100% so I just closed the lid and sealed again on the same spot, no issues. Granted, it's not 100% air tight but it's pretty close and I imagine will ultimately be fine.

There was also a suggestion on here to freeze the unsealed bag for an hour or so (to get the liquid mostly solid) then seal. I'd imagine that works well.

u/callmeRichard · 1 pointr/sousvide is a pretty nifty review site. They pretty much aggregate reviews and information from the web and try to provide information on good buys. Here is the sealer they recommended. I bought it off Amazon yesterday and it should arrive today. I'm looking forward to it.

u/lessphiling · 1 pointr/sousvide

I got this one end of November for about 50 bucks and it was the best sous vide accessory I've purchased. I can't imagine not having one now. I've started buying meat in bulk, portioning it out and freezing it so I can make it whenever. Plus I've found other uses for storing things.

u/memory_limit · 1 pointr/GoodValue

Make and model? How long have you had it/actively used it? The vacuum pumps do eventually seem to go out.

This is the first vac sealer I had gotten. Lasted 2 and a 1/2 years with very moderate use:

Last year I bought this FoodSaver vac sealer which I've been more happy with.

Part of my problem was that I was attempting to vac seal brines on my first one. Now I would probably just settle for having a little bit of air in there so that I could guarantee a good seal

u/RefBeaver · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is the one that I received. We got ours from Target but it's the same item. I'm looking forward to it.

u/LowaLip · 1 pointr/slowcooking

Don't know if you're bringing your meal anywhere but I have two of these, one at work and one at home. comes with a removable liner so easily dishwasher safe. I love this thing. I make a huge dinner on sunday and I have lunch for the week. highly recommend.

lunch crock

u/rebarex · 1 pointr/Cooking

I know this isn't what you asked, but the Crock-Pot Lunch Crock is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I often bring in cold or frozen lunches, in the interior container, then plug in once ready to eat, and it heats up in no time. If being able to plug in a super tiny and portable crock is an option for your SO, it may be worth purchasing! Link

u/eratoast · 1 pointr/xxfitness

What about getting one of these little things? You could also get an adapter for your cigarette lighter that allows you to plug it in in your car!

u/cocototo · 1 pointr/1200isplenty

Also as an alternative...

I got one of these mini crockpot lunch warmers as a christmas gift and its great to bring to work! you just plug it in 20 minutes before lunch with your meal already prepped inside and then you have a warm meal without the need for a microwave!

u/myheartisstillracing · 1 pointr/personalfinance

This is what I do to make having a hot lunch possible with little effort during the week:

This lunch-sized crock pot

Round, 2 cup food storage containers

On a day you can set aside some time, cook up a couple big pots of food that will reheat well. Chili, soup, meatballs, etc. Freeze in individual portions in the 2-cup containers. In the morning, grab a frozen container, briefly run the plastic under some warm water, pop the food into the metal crock pot liner. Either put that into the crock pot and carry it to work, or leave the crock pot itself at work and just carry the liner back and forth. It's frozen, so you don't have to worry about leaks until it has been out of the freezer for a while. Plug it in a work and you'll have a hot meal waiting for you when lunch rolls around.

You can probably get away with only two cooking days for a whole month of lunches as long as you cook more than one thing at a time. It gives you variety to choose from as well, so you don't end up eating the same thing every day.

u/motherofstrays23 · 1 pointr/shrooms
u/browncrackers · 1 pointr/StLouis

Oh I live downtown but willing to make a drive. Sure I use this and this, minus the sweetener/honey. Comes out really tasty! I like new mexico style jerky. Pretty simple, not too many ingredients, and comes out pretty dry which I like.. And this recipe sorta fits that. There's other recipes if you google too, but this is the one I use the most. The guy in the video uses his oven, but I use this. Yum.

u/KevMag · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I use one of these. I bought some more trays so that I could easily fit 2 full size spools at once. I live in a very high humidity area. Nylon and ABS would be a disaster without one of these. I have to dry my ABS if it is left out more than 24 hours. Nylon gets bagged with desiccant, put in a plastic container and stored in a plastic box with desiccant. It then goes into the dehydrator after every use. I leave the filament in for about 24 hours. I dump the desiccant packs in with the spools to regenerate them.

u/secondcityapocalypse · 1 pointr/shrooms
u/RyWizard00 · 1 pointr/shrooms
u/Nincadalop · 1 pointr/ender3

I'd also recommend trying PLA+. I can't reliably compare it to PLA since mine has hydrated recently, but it prints like putty. I get my filament at Microcenter, which may or may not exist where you live. In the end it's all up to your experimentation, we can only recommend potential options. However, I'd be careful of the pricing. Just to give you a range: 1kg spool of PLA costed me around $12.99 and 1kg of PLA+ costed me around $13.99 at Microcenter. Meanwhile a 250g spool of PLA at Tinkersphere costs $23.99. Also, bonus tip: If your filament gets hydrated and you don't want to use your oven: Get a dehydrator like this one. and there are plenty of videos showing them using it.

u/watchingthewheels · 1 pointr/bloomington

You can get a food dehydrator off amazon for $32. Just got this one myself for making homemade dog treats.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

u/Commodore_Pepper · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

I bought this one recently. No timer, but works great. Good reviews and price.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

u/estherfm · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • A standing mat because standing in the kitchen cooking/cleaning is hard on the back and these mats make it so much more comfortable. It's really amazing and makes life a million times better, especially if you have to stand a lot.
  • A dehydrator to make dried fruit, fruit leather, jerky, dried herbs... so many possibilities, and everyone will be really impressed when you pull out some homemade jerky. (Can you tell I like making food?)
  • Record players are coming back into style. Music records won't get lost when your computer crashes, and they'll outlive the singularity. And you can listen to music... while you make food!

    All of these are on my Over $30 wishlist.

    Thank you for the contest!
u/AnotherAccount636 · 1 pointr/shroomers

I just use this, there's no variable temp or anything according to manufacturer specs it's around 165f. There's no loss in potency "if there is it's nominal" and my fruits are cracker dry in about 6-9 hours depending on size.

u/8492_berkut · 1 pointr/reloading

I use a Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator, bought for $35. Works well. If you're in a pinch you could always toss your brass into the oven at its lowest setting for an hour or two to speed things up.

u/rekstout · 1 pointr/keto

I like his recipe, it was the first one I tried but those paper filters are a one time deal so even if you only make jerky a handful of times a dehydrator works out cheaper - especially if you also have to buy a box fan.

I paid $37 for this one but I see them in yard sales all the time.

u/hKemmler · 1 pointr/reloading

I'd recommend this dehydrator and if you're doing a bunch at once get more of these and depending on how small your brass is I'd recommend some of these.

I can take my brass out of my wet tumbler, toss them in the dehydrator, and have dry brass in a couple of hours ready to go. Not sure how many is in this picture but I was able to do about 90% of it in one go

u/DoodlesAndSuch · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It looks like the price has gone up to $45, but that's still a lot more affordable than an Excalibur. (Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one, myself!) Here you go! It's simple, but it works! I've made beef jerky, dried peppers, dried jalapenos (take my word for that one and do it outside!), tomatoes, and apples.

u/mechanicalpulse · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

It depends on where you live. I live in the south and the humidity levels here makes air drying peppers impossible -- I've tried it and they spoil long before they dry out. If you live in the southwest, though, you can probably get away with doing this.

I use an inexpensive Presto dehydrator. It works well.

u/dont_even_play_piano · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I have this one, and it works perfectly. I've sealed maybe 7 lbs of hops in 1-2 oz increments without a hitch.

u/greese007 · 1 pointr/sousvide

I own the Seal a Meal and am totally happy with it. I use Ziploc vacuum bags of various size.

u/himswim28 · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

your correct, but I think kungfujohn1 has a point in the way amazon likes to carry the history of how you got to the product in the URL makes it easy to mistake if you copy that entire URL. IE a non affiliation link without any ref string at all: would have been more obvious, but in the end no different.

u/Whipstickgostop · 1 pointr/steak

I just have a cheap 30$ vacuum sealer off amazon. I will probably upgrade to a better one, but it gets the job done.

This was cooked with a reverse sear, 50 mins @ 250 degrees, then pan seared 45-60 seconds per side.

I defrost them in the fridge for 2-3 days in the vacuum sealed bag.

u/BugSTi · 1 pointr/Cooking

This one is way cheaper than the costco one. Ive had mine for almost 2 years and it has been great. Certainly saved me money on cheeses and meats that I can buy in bulk.

The bags are safe for immersion cooking, according to the package.

I heard that all vacuum sealers eventually go, so buy a cheap one.

Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 Vacuum Sealer

u/ShadowedPariah · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I mean this is $30 on Amazon and it's worked flawlessly for about a year so far for me.

u/phagemasterflex · 1 pointr/RCSources

That's the one I got a few years ago and it has been fine. I haven't used it anywhere close to weekly or even monthly, so perhaps it's lasted so long because of sparing use.

u/squeakhaven · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I've been using this one and it's done pretty well for me. It's a bit finicky about having the bag placed just right, but that's probably a given with vacuum sealers. I originally bought this Seal-a-Meal, which worked exactly once before something shorted out and it refused to turn on anymore, so I'd advise against going too cheap

u/GrimmLynne · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

We have this brand. We use it to make deer jerky every hunting season. I like the adjustable thermostat, and it also has trays that you can use to make your own fruit roll-ups. I got a good deal on mushrooms once that were on sale and dehydrated them for later use in sauces and gravies.

u/klandrach · 1 pointr/keto

I have this one -


I like it. I put the trays in the dishwasher and they come pretty clean, sometimes I have to use a little scrub brush. But it makes tasty jerky and kale chips (the only two things I have tried to make) really easily and fits quite a bit of food. I wasn't sure how much I would use it, so didn't want to spend a bunch of money on one. You can also buy additional trays if you are making a lot of jerky at once.

u/SharkF1ghter · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Also, get a food dehydrator and vacuum sealer instead of freeze dried food. Way cheaper in the long run.

u/Ziphonal · 1 pointr/preppers

I have this one and it works great. The slightly smaller cheaper version can be found here. It looks like it is the top rated one on amazon but was a little small for my needs.

u/backpackerwade · 1 pointr/jerky

I have this Nesco. I'm on my 2nd one as the 1st one died after a few years of use. I almost bought me an Excalibur one, but did the math and saw I could buy 4 of the Nesco's for the price of the Excalibur. I figured it might have been my rough handling of the Nesco. If this one breaks with my baby-ing it then I'll probably break down and get the Excalibur.

u/BugsRucker · 1 pointr/shroomers

this Nesco.

edit: $8 over your budget but get over it :)

u/Darranimo · 1 pointr/shrooms

NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, Gray

No need to get fancier than this. Works great!

u/TheProphetIAM · 1 pointr/shrooms
u/biznalls20 · 1 pointr/opiates

Don't microwave it, too many risks. You absolutely must develop patience right now if you don't already have it.

I have had this happen to me before however not toilet water thank god. You need to separate them form each other best you can without screwing them up too much and set the aside somewhere kinda warm where there is no breeze at all and just wait and keep waiting if you want to salvage everything. Let it sit like 24 hours before you bather checking. If you can apply passive hear with no blower go for it, just keep it very low. Like a portable radiator based heater on low.

Only other option I can think of is if you happen to have or can borrow a home food dehydrator, that would work wonders. Something like this or similar would do awesome:

u/spunkmesilly · 1 pointr/dehydrating

Haha I got a two tray expansion and the fruit leather tray so I’m assuming that my mom also got me the dehydrator to go with it. Unless she’s being a total jerk.

NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, Gray

u/Jimbojauder · 1 pointr/jerky

NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, Gray

This is what I have I love it

u/brontosaurus-rex · 1 pointr/Health

Nice, thanks! I've been thinking about getting another, and that looks like a good one. Mine was similar, I had the round nesco.

u/twistedfork · 1 pointr/dogs

It is actually incredibly easy! Although some people will tell you to season the meat, we haven't found any dog that doesn't like it as just chicken.

We slice chicken breast as thin as possible. My dad works at a meat counter so he's got super sharp knives, but if you pop them in the freezer for ~20 minutes you can slice them more easily. Place them on the dehydrator trays, turn it to 160 and let it be for 6-10 hours (or longer depending on how thin you got your slices). The jerky is done when know..looks like jerky. We make ours really dried out because it lasts my dog longer when eating it. We also keep it in the fridge, because we don't salt it and don't use other preservatives it can mold on a counter top with any kind of humidity, it has never molded in the fridge.

We have given the chicken jerky as gifts to other people that frequent the dog park and haven't had a dog turn up their nose yet and they are good for dogs that have sensitivities to additives in other kinds of treats. The chicken we buy is hormone and antibiotic free.

This is the dehydrator I use.

u/the-one_who_rings · 1 pointr/DIY

I've made decent jerky with this dehydrator before. I've used this thing before, but if I'm using ground meat I just shape it by hand now.

u/mygaythrowaway2468 · 1 pointr/shroomers

I’m thinking it’s a Nesco FD-75A

u/abracadabra5150 · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I've been using this one at least once a week for over two years now. I've even forgotten it was on while drying petg rolls for two days and no damage at all :

Edit: sorry, it is over $50 (not by much though), i missed that part of your post.

u/cubicleninja · 1 pointr/Paleo

This has been covered before, but I just bought a food dehydrator and love it. Make you some awesome paleo beef jerky and dried fruit. Make sue to pack along some nuts as well.

u/Mycomania · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

You dry them yourself? I tried dehydrated seeds before and they never popped. Even when using the lowest temp. I kinda gave up. Cut peppers dry faster anyway.

I have air dried peppers and pulled good seeds but it takes way to long. So I slice and dry now.

Maybe a different dehydrator would work better. I use this guy.

u/tsdguy · 1 pointr/keto

Sorry I wouldn't use a no heat method - too much of a chance of pathogenic contamination.

I just purchased a nice NESCO FD75-A Dehydrator off the recommendation of Jerkyholic.

I've used it a couple of times already and it works great. Top round has been finishing in about 5 hours at 160F.

u/ducasaurus · 1 pointr/jerky

Here's Alton Brown's recipe in text form.

His recipe is a great starting point. You can modify it to your own liking after you've made a few batches.

As for meat choices, top round or flank works out for me. Ideally, the leaner, the better. Here's a chart for meat cuts

I currently use this Nesco dehydrator that I got for $20 from a garage sale. So if you have the time to do some garage sale hunting, hit them up!

u/in3rtia_ · 1 pointr/sousvide

Where did you find that info on the Foodsaver bags?

I just did a Live Chat on their website and they said that their bags are 5 mil (as opposed to the standard 4 mil) and are rated for 185 degrees with no limit on cook time as long as the temp is below that.

That being said, the food vac bags get a lot of love on this sub, and they're 4 mil.

I will be buying those next, but I currently use these and they don't even say how thick they are, but I did Char Sui for a little over 8 hours yesterday with no issue. But that was only at 140.

u/goomba01 · 1 pointr/smoking

I've only used the basic food saver model that is available at most stores.

These are the bags I use. They are much less expensive than the food saver brand bags. They aren't as thick, but I haven't had an issue with them.

u/funnyfatguy · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Like this.

That's ~100 gallon sized bags (you cut them yourself) for $18.

u/snugglecakes · 1 pointr/Cooking

I bought these and they work great and last me a while (sounds like you may use them a little more though):

The nice part with the rolls is you can use as much or as little as you want. Good deal, especially if you have prime.

Another thought - if you can afford to spend a bit more on the sealer, definitely go for one that can handle liquid. I definitely regret not spending a little bit more on my first. Even just for foods/meats with some extra juices or a marinade it's a huge bonus. There are ways to work around it, but it can be a pain.

Regarding the sous vide - you can definitely use a normal pot. The poly carbonate containers are nice, but I didn't buy one until I had been using SV for a few months.

u/KappinSpaulding · 1 pointr/NoRagretsBeer

FoodVacBags 2-pack 11X50 Rolls Vacuum Sealer Bags - $19.89 with Free Shipping

Save money by buying hops in bulk. Keep them fresh with a vacuum sealer and these bags.

^1/9/2017 ^4:12pm ^EST

u/norcon · 1 pointr/sousvide

sadly the bags cost more than the sealer!

u/danmickla · 1 pointr/sousvide

I think these are fine: To me they feel better than the FoodSaver brand

u/im132 · 1 pointr/sousvide

ah gotcha , thanks for the link I'll look into these vs the ones I'm using:

Good to know that I won't need the marinade mode either. I guess when the liquid reaches the top, 90%+ of the air is out anyways.

u/beatitnerd · 1 pointr/Charlotte

Intel G3258 - 30
It was overclocked to 4.4GHz using an Evo 212 Cooler. Comes with an unused stock cooler.

GIGABYTE Radeon R9 270 - 60
It was never overclocked and always ran well.

Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler 3-in-1 Grill and Panini Press - 25
Works fine I just don't use it anymore. It has removable grates which is very nice. Includes an OXO panini press brush.

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker - 10
Never used.

Fitness Gear 2x6 Folding Exercise Mat - 20
Never used still in the cardboard.

u/Tantric989 · 1 pointr/Whatcouldgowrong

If you like hard boiled eggs a lot, this is one of the best things you can buy under $20. I get perfect hard boiled eggs every time with 0 effort. It also has trays for poaching and omelets, they don't make anything amazing but they will make decent eggs with a bonus that it was steamed and not fried.

u/KetoSheriff · 1 pointr/keto

Every once in a while I'll say something nice. I bought one of these about a year ago and it's been a lifesaver.

u/TheBigMost · 1 pointr/videos
u/threespruces · 1 pointr/Cooking

When I was a child in the seventies (here in the U.S.), my mom had an electric egg steamer. Inside the cover in the center was a small post with a pin embedded in the end that you used to pierce the shells before cooking. You could also poach eggs in the appliance, using an additional tray. I had forgotten completely about that thing until I saw your post. Haven't seen anything like it in years.

Update: Nevermind. Here's a modern version.

u/catchthisfade · 1 pointr/loseit
  1. Microwave eggs (use to do this for a while in college when I was too lazy to use the stove). I used this in my microwave days:

    Nordic Ware Microwave Omelet Pan

    However if he isn't allowed to even use the microwave, I'd reccomend he buy this and use it in his room instead:

    Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

  2. Protein bar also a solution when I was too lazy put anything together.

  3. Flavored low cal Yogurt, without cornflakes. Get the cornflakes out of the house if he finds himself eating them too much. I fucking love these: Light and Fit Greek Blueberry and Strawberry Nonfat Yogurt, 5.3 Ounce - 12 per pack -- 1 each.

  4. Finally, I also reccomended rice cakes with the topping of his choice. Rice cakes are low calorie (mine are 35 a pop), so I'd simply top them off with a spoon of whatever spread I had. Typically a 90cal spoon of peanbut butter (delciois with rice cakes), or hummus! Really easy to put together.
u/Thad54Castle · 1 pointr/steroids

Get an egg cooker like this for perfectly peeled hardboiled eggs.

u/HindleMcCrindleberry · 1 pointr/steak

Wow, that's interesting... I've never seen anything like that. Looked it up and I'm assuming it's something like this?

u/floralbomber · 1 pointr/Cooking

I find the texture a bit spongy/off, but it’s edible. I’ve found this egg cooker to be really great for hard boiled/soft boiled and it can do scrambled too— only annoying thing is the loud noise when it’s done. It uses steam to cook and has saved me lots of water and watching pans and pots!

u/chobette · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Don't laugh at me, but I really want this egg cooker. I don't know why you should or should not pick me, because I think we're all worthy. However, I stay at home most day with my two young children and then work on the weekends. My husband just got showered in gifts for his birthday from not only myself but family and friends of his. I know my birthday will roll around and I will be lucky to get a card. Waaah. Anyway, I love deviled eggs and I always have to call my mine to get her hard boiled egg break down because my memory sucks. This would be swell to have and I can quit annoying her.

u/AnteaterToAggie · 1 pointr/UCDavis

Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs (protein), 10 baby carrots (filler, necessary sugars, vitamins)

Cooking Hard-Boiled Eggs (for the person who doesn't want to want to watch a pot of water boil)

Option 1:

Option 2:

I make a dozen per week with minimal effort.

u/exccord · 1 pointr/keto

Fastest breakfast I have is I take 2 eggs and put them in an egg cooker then set it, forget it and 5 minutes later I grab and go. Of course I get a towel or container to take them with me.

u/spyWspy · 1 pointr/leangains

Perfect hard boiled eggs every time. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets with Auto Shut Off Feature - Black

u/E1Mariachi · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

I am talking about an egg cooker like one of these.

You can see on this measuring cup that it needs more water to boil one egg "medium" than it needs for two.

u/Antranik · 1 pointr/keto

In my actual article, under the "egg salad" I have way more details such as how I soft-boil the eggs. Here I'll copy paste it:

There are MANY ways to soft boil eggs but this is what I do:

  • Put water and eggs in small pot.
  • Turn heat on high.
  • When it starts boiling vigorously (takes about 5-6 minutes), I turn off the heat and cover the pot and set a timer for 3 minutes.
  • When the timer is up, I pour the water out and pour in cold water to halt the cooking process. It’s best to just transfer them to a bowl with cold water.

    If you’re on the go or don’t have much time to make sure it's perfect, some people use an electric egg cooker like this one which makes it a brainless activity to cook the eggs to the desired setting (soft, med, hard) without having to tend to it if you’re getting ready for work.
u/butter_half · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

I LOVE EGGS. My bf jokes that I eat so many that I am an egg. I even have this as my home screen wallpaper right now: Also, this little egg cooker has been an absolute game changer!

u/Otto-Didact · 1 pointr/keto

Make half a dozen boiled eggs in under 10 minutes with one of these:
Reasonably priced (as gadgets go), easy to use, works awesome.

u/sjthree · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I do a better job at eating healthy at the office compared to my work from home days. When I WFH, I am able to graze all day and truly cave when the afternoon munchies strike. At work, I can only eat what I pack. I focus on protein since it is filling and keeps me from getting too hungry.

I stock up on Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice frozen meals when they are one sale. Not the healthiest choice, but decent calorie control and many of them have 20g+ of protein. Works great when you are in a pinch. And even though they are supposed to be frozen, they survive quite well in the fridge or insulated lunch bag from morning until lunch time.

I buy large packs of chicken breast, grill it, divide it into 4 oz quantities and freeze. Pull out a bag, mix with salad greens and a little bit of dressing, and I have a salad for lunch. I use a Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Salad Container.

I also have a lot of Greek yogurt, string cheese (6g of protein for 70 calories), and baby carrots.

I also bring my breakfast to work and eat it while checking my morning emails (and Reddit haha). For breakfast I will make an omelet (using this or a breakfast sandwich with this

u/ispeakcode · 1 pointr/budgetfood

I bought this a few month ago and it's freaking great and eery.

u/Purplekaem · 1 pointr/askwomenadvice

As long as you’re not buying a gift card and the gift shows that you know something about him (his favorite things, etc.) I think you’ll be fine. Does he complain about cold feet? Fuzzy socks with his favorite superhero on them. Complains about spending too much money on breakfast? Get a breakfast maker!

u/SeafoodDuder · 1 pointr/Advice

If I had to give some advice on this then I would recommend:

  • Focus on your needs before your wants.

    Just because you make that much doesn't mean you should spend that much. Be kind to yourself and to your wallet. Everyone wants nice things but you should be nice to yourself first.

  • Focus on Happiness itself.

    You already do what you love. So, why not focus on what makes you happy outside of that. Life is about happiness. This is different to everyone so it's hard for me to talk about. If you love snowboarding and bike riding and they make you feel great then awesome. Shop around first.

  • Credit Cards are your worst enemy.

    We need them for some bigger purchases but Credit Cards are your enemy. Always remember that those companies make it seem like it's just some plastic card but it's not. You're not handing over that money, that's not money in your hand, you're handing over a plastic card. Would you still be as willing to do it if you were holding $500 in cash? what about $2,500? Don't nickel and dime yourself over these quick fast food purchases. Please never, ever just say to yourself, "YOLO" and impulse buy. Buyer's Remorse from Impulse Buying, yeah it really upsets me.

  • Be in the business of saving money.

    I won't go into details about myself but, I'm 30 from California and I'm very happy and I love saving money. I love jogging / running, riding my bike and being a huge computer nerd. Anyways, I save money by:

    A) Thrift Stores. They are an absolute gold mine, I just got some pants, jogging pants/shirt and my Sandwich Maker for $21 the other day. Talk about a lucky find. :)

    B) I don't eat out a lot, and I drink water/eat before I go grocery shopping because it makes me buy less junk food. I buy lots of 'filler' foods like fruits/vegetables, things with fiber (granola bars <3), Rice, etc. Go to the 99 cent store!

    C) I rent from a place that's below my means because I save money. I don't like the town I live in but I can't do much about that right now.

    D) I don't drive both because I have a fear of driving and some problems with my depth perception. If I did drive, then I definitely would never buy a brand new car/truck. So, I save money by working on my health and having a bus pass.

    E) I don't have a smart phone and I don't have any desires to have the internet on my phone when I have it right in front of me. There is no way I'm paying like $40 / month for some stupid smart phone plan (IMO).

  • Take a visit on over to /r/personalfinance

    Because it's a pretty sweet subreddit, don't be intimidated.
u/doubleplusfabulous · 1 pointr/santashelpers

A breakfast sandwich maker? As for grilling, you could get a shish kabob holder.

u/Jenjenmi · 1 pointr/loseit

Breakfast sandwiches are a staple in my house, but I love our gadget:

It will make me a tasty sandwich for 350 calories:
(disregard the applesauce, that's not IN my sandwich)

It cooks the egg in 5 minutes after preheating. I add in a frozen English muffin, frozen bacon, and cheese--and yum!

u/onlyupvoteswhendrunk · 1 pointr/GifRecipes

Anova listed here for 150$. I personally don't have this one, but there is also the Joule for 200$ as well as the Sansaire as the other commenter mentioned. They are all pretty good and will get the job done without taking up too much space.

u/dlxnj · 1 pointr/BBQ

I'll see him tomorrow so I'll ask but pretty sureeee its this one

Edit: As for the bucket.. he just uses honestly a plastic bucket most of the time

u/godplaysdice_ · 1 pointr/gainit

I'm extremely lazy when it comes to cooking and I hate doing dishes, so I bought this and am loving it:

If you want to know more about it, Google sous vide cooking.

u/BL4CK_CAT · 1 pointr/Cooking

Unless you are a professional chef, i don't think you need to spend more than 200$ on a sous vide machine you'll maybe only use once or twice a week. One of the most common home-machines is the Anova Sous Vide Sticks and it's like 200$ with all the equipment. Just get this one and don't blow a grand on something you just need to "test out some recipes".

Everytime i need to sous vide something i just borrow the 60$ thing from my gf's parents and even this one gives good results. Some people even sous vide stuff in a cooler box and it's decent.

u/uno_a_caso · 1 pointr/italy

diciamo che con un pasto in-topic ti compri l'attrezzatura base e per un po' stai a posto.... il problema è trovare da noi ancora c'è poca scelta altrimenti con "poco"

u/c4ptainmorgan · 1 pointr/labrats

Sous vide plus bucket equals waterbath for 1/3 the price.

u/rharmelink · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

I actually don't do much meal prep. Most of my cooking is quick single serve dishes in the microwave. Usually takes me only 10 to 20 minutes, as long as all the ingredients are already available. Note the specialty microwave equipment I mention there.

When I do prep something, I typically use glass cake pans, either 8x8 or 9x13, in the oven. I also use silicone bakeware, mostly cupcake molds. Also useful in the microwave. Very versatile.

As an example, I got a 5-pound package of a dozen boneless, skinless chicken thighs last week. As soon as I got them home, I baked them in a 9x13 pan and then put them into storage containers. I just take them out as I need them, either cold or heated up in the microwave.

I also drained off all of the juice in the pan, to save for soups. Very tasty.

I have a slow cooker I don't really use. I have considered a sous vide machine for steaks and such -- Amazon has the Anova on sale today.

u/TheRealDrCube · 1 pointr/sousvide

Like OP I have been on the fence about giving sous vide a try. Is there a particular anova model that is a consensus recommendation?

I have found two different ones on amazon (one is 2x the price)

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Precision Cooker, Black

Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator - 120V Circulator Cooker (Black)

u/Nutsackstapler · 1 pointr/Darkroom

Another pricey option is a sous vide. I’ve been using mine strictly for C41. It takes about 45-1 hour for everything to get up to 102 degrees.

sous vide

u/kwon234 · 1 pointr/Cooking

the 2 most popular are Anova and Joules they are kinda pricey but once you get one, youll never have meat cooked off temp. some models even have bluetooth wifi so you can start the cooking while your at work. i used to SUUUUUCK at cooking chicken breast but with a suos vide machine it comes out almost as good as thigh meat.

u/keeho · 1 pointr/vancouver
u/breadhead1 · 1 pointr/ketorecipes
u/Dank_Knight69 · 1 pointr/treedibles

Why don't you get a cheap [sous vide machine?](Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker, 800 Watts, Black

It's essentially what you're looking to do, and the machine will make your life easier by letting you know that you're in the right temperature range.

u/nicetriangle · 1 pointr/amazonprime

Assuming you're talking about this one

If you check CamelCamelCamel, that item has dropped below $100 a few times before, so this isn't really a crazy deal.

u/LackingTact19 · 1 pointr/TrollYChromosome

Would it really be alright to leave it unattended? This is what I think of when I think Sous Vide, wouldn't the water boil away?

u/berkston · 1 pointr/DotA2

you can, but you're right it's just a hassle. before i got my anova i used to use a lobster pot and a candy thermometer and just tinker with the flame until it maintained a certain temperature.

i'm sure there are tons of videos online about doing sous vide without any special equipment.

it does take about twice as long to get to the meat to desired temperature without the water-circulation, however.

by the way anyone interested the anova sous vide thingy is great and costs way less than gaben's

u/mpressive36 · 1 pointr/Cooking
u/Pyhr0 · 1 pointr/AskMen

Get an immersion cooker. This is the one I have. It's damn near fool proof for steak or chicken or hamburgers. Season the meat, put it in a zip lock bag, drop it in water for 2-3 hours and your desired temp. Then toss it in a cast iron skillet for ~30 seconds each side to sear it and enjoy. The only downside is that it does take a while longer than cooking on a grill or stove top would, but man it's incredibly easy and doesn't require any interaction while it's in the sous vide so you can put it on and go watch endgame then come back to a perfect medium rare cooked steak that you only have to drop in a skillet for a minute to finish.

u/sassytaters · 1 pointr/keto

Get you a sous vide wand, set it to the temp you want it, and enjoy.

This is the one we have. My husband is pretty much a master chef with it now.

u/rektful · 1 pointr/sousvide

ah i see thanks for reply! do you season it before putting in the bag?
is this one a good model of it to get?

u/shakatay29 · 1 pointr/keto

there's a bluetooth version and now i'm REALLY interested. we usually eat 20-30 minutes after arriving home from work and because of other things to do, i don't always have an hour to wait for my food to cook. but if one of us can say 'cook now!' when we leave work...hmmmmmm....

u/tynenn · 1 pointr/keto

The annova is currently $100 on Amazon

Edit: here's the link to the one I bought: it seems to be the most popular one. I'm sure there are other products that're a better value but I was kind of impulsive and just wanted to finally have one. :)

u/UNMANAGEABLE · 1 pointr/todayilearned

115 isn't bad for showers, you aren't being submerged in the water for long term. Cells start to die around 106 degrees when you start dehydrating. Just a quick google search so I don't seem like I'm talking out my ass

But when I was talking getting steak to medium rare I was talking about Sous Vide Cooking, which you effectively shrink wrap food and put it in preheated water and it effectively can't over cook. So if you want a medium rare steak, you have a water bath set to around 125-130 degrees (Anova sous vide heater from amazon) . Bag up your steak with spices/whatever you want. Toss is it in the water for 1-4 hours, and it'll come out medium rare all the way through. Sear both sides of it for Maillard effect/flavors, and enjoy a perfect steak.

Cooking on a grill gets you medium rare a lot faster (5-7 minutes a side depending on thickness) but you are working with the center of the steak being 125-130 degrees when done, while the gradient of the steak from center to outside is much more done than the inside since you are effectively scorching the outside with 400 degrees + temperature.

u/senorpickles · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

The funny stick looking thing I refer to is one of these. My immersion blender sees a lot of time making homemade ranch dipping sauce.

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:



Never forget to smile again | ^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/Damean1 · 1 pointr/steak

First, get one of these. Then sear in a cast iron pan.

Or replace step one with the reverse sear method.

u/andoryu123 · 1 pointr/pics
u/MsZuko · 1 pointr/InfertilityBabies

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for per se, but if you want to keep something at a steady temperature an immersion circulator does that. It's rather pricey, but it keeps the temperature consistent.

u/jamaa1995 · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

>What does your unit look like? I need something size efficient.

I have the Anova WiFi Precision Cooker. It's pretty small and doesn't need that much space.


I wanted Chef Step's Joule, but it doesn't ship outside the US.

u/Tileren · 1 pointr/analog

I use an Anova sous vide that I got on Amazon. I keep my chemicals in brown glass jars and the sous vide keeps them within +/_ .10 degrees. It's a rather expensive gadget, but since the chemicals never contact the water and you cook with it in vacuum sealed bags, you can use the warmer to cook dinner with too!

u/Golden_Ruled · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

No peanut or Canola oil on keto - Both high in poly unsaturated fats and bad for keto.

Want a real bomb steak? Use the reverse sear method and it'll be perfect every time. Use Avocado oil or Ghee, as your frying oil. Coconut oil is the other go-to oil in keto, but the smoke point is too low to use for steak.

Wanna up your steak game even more? Invest in a Sous Vide cooker like the Anova, vacuum sealed with some thyme, rosemary, sea salt, and pepper. Then use a Bernzomatic Propane torch to put a better sear on it than you've got in your pic.

u/Prime09 · 1 pointr/Kombucha

I’ve used my sous vide cooker (Anova brand) for moths at a time. Just need to top up water levels when I start to hear it getting low.

u/ElMalakai · 1 pointr/PressureCooking

Instant Pot != Sous Vide Machine.

But seriously, grab a sous vide whale dick, and use it with your instant pot. I can make great sides in the IP, and pull a bag from my sous video bath and sear it in 90 seconds, and serve dinner in under 4 minutes.

u/nibblicious · 1 pointr/whole30


"Add to list" (or maybe not too late to get on Xmas wishlist....)

u/sliight · 1 pointr/amazonprime

This one:

The WiFi Bluetooth one is normally $200ish, I'd considered buying at $180 before, but didn't see the value in the WiFi part of it. So the $150 you posted I'd probably buy if I saw it hit $100. Thanks,

u/EliCooks · 1 pointr/sousvide

Joule or Anova WiFi, keep in mind Joule can only be used with a phone or other WiFi device that supports the app - but its ease of use can't be beaten.

Anova Nano might also be a good option but I've heard mixed reviews. I personally use the Anova WiFi and couldn't be more satisfied.

Anova WiFi (I bought mine for $119):


Edit: updated with Amazon links

u/frugal_masturbater · 1 pointr/GifRecipes

Thanks, that's good to know. I'll put this thing on my Amazon wish list:

Just a matter of hinting to the wife :)

u/MrSlowhead · 1 pointr/treedibles

I guess using a doubler boiler could be called a sous vide method, but more specifically, I have one of these that I want to use for infusion.

u/christineispink · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

we put this one on our registry (not too pricey) plus we got a bunch of le creuset for xmas from our moms to use it with. one of the groomsmen bought it for us yay! i think you can do lots of different things with a sous vide, including fish (not sure about veggies).

u/mrhuggypants · 1 pointr/fitness30plus

Business Costco is Costco geared towards businesses. Their bulk meat comes in 50lbs or more. A LOT of stuff is individually packaged items which makes it easier to take on the go. I have one about 20 mins from my house but they may not be everywhere.

As for the sous vide. I have one made by Anova.

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker | WI-FI + Bluetooth | 900W | Anova App Included

There are other ones that work fine but I really like the WiFi, as I can turn it on while at work, come home and it's ready. I love this thing.

I got the food Saver vacuum sealer from Costco and it's paid for itself in the amount of food it's saved me.

But for the sous vide you can use a zip lock bag or they even have reusable bags that you can wash out the inside. You put that in a stock pot or heat safe water container you have laying around.

I hope this helps!

u/The_Reckoner_ · 1 pointr/personalfinance
u/1111thatsfiveones · 1 pointr/kickstarter

Astroturfing is a marketing technique. You have a 2 year old reddit account with no activity before today, and all of your activity is links to this campaign. So essentially you look like you're trying to market this.

As for other options, there are several. Something like this would be my recommendation, because it's a lot more space-friendly than the one you linked, and is a lot less expensive. All you need for sous vide is a way to control water temperature. That's it. If you really wanted to, you could cook ghetto sous vide with a crock pot and a ziploc bag.

u/phathomthis · 1 pointr/funny

+1 that a good steak doesn't need sauce. Imo it ruins it and only poor cuts or poorly cooked steaks need sauce at all.

+1 on the sous vide. The results are amazing and it's so effortless. There's even this little gem that hooks up to your wifi and can be controlled by alexa or on the go. It's pretty hard to not get it perfect with this.
A nice sear on the grill, a pan, or a blowtorch with sear tip and you're at top quality cooked steak.

u/leonard71 · 1 pointr/Cooking

I have this guy. I usually used a large crock pot container as the water bath so I didn't have to buy a large special tub. Even that was a bit tight to work in if I had two big steaks in there. I didn't really feel like the water had enough room to circulate. But I don't like the device enough to want to buy a special tub to do water baths in.

u/splatterhead · 0 pointsr/trailmeals

4 1/2 stars after over 2000 reviews on Amazon for the FD-75A.

u/LivingPaleo · 0 pointsr/1200isplentyketo

Do you not have a cooktop, or you’re just looking for simplicity? Eggs in the microwave don’t sound very good, to be honest. I have one of these egg cookers and I use it constantly. Super simple soft or hard boiled eggs, it also does poached eggs and omelettes but I’ve never tried either.

u/macbookproearly2011 · 0 pointsr/steak
u/picklesthecat · 0 pointsr/Cooking

I find smaller bags usually work better if you use the grocery stuff. One minor tip is I usually nuke the bag for ~20-25 seconds (just before any start to pop, whatever that time is for your popcorn / microwave) and then I shake / massage the bag so the heat / oil / salt is well distributed. I find it makes a minor to moderate difference in evenness, although I haven't exactly done a comparison so it could be a placebo.

Personally I've always felt the microwave does a better and easier job than either a stove top or air popper. If you want to try something better than the bags, I'd recommend something cheap like [this] ( which allows you to use better popcorn and however much salt / fat you want to.

u/Honesuki · 0 pointsr/Homebrewing

I use a foodsaver with the mason jar attachment. Works well. Stores my hops in glass, not plastic. Reusable and "resealable". I keep them in a freezer.

When I need hops I can open, measure, and vacuum again right away. Less waste and measuring.


I also use this thing for storing dry goods like DME, dextrose, and things that tend to clump when left stored for a long time.

Also great for quick pickles, marinades, and whatever else.

u/ChrisF79 · 0 pointsr/Cooking

Absolutely. There are some caveats though. My wife and I have this vacuum sealer (Amazon link) and we also have a smoker so we'll do 30 pounds of pulled pork at a time and that sort of thing. Here's the catch though. There can't be any moisture when you vacuum seal or it just pulls the liquid out and won't seal. So, you end up having to slightly freeze everything (about an hour or so) and then seal it. It isn't a big deal but it does take a bit of time.

The other thing though is that it does give us the freedom to buy in bulk when stuff goes on sale and really helps pay for itself very quickly. Costco sells the freezer bags and Amazon does as well. Those seem to be the two cheapest places to get them.

Like /u/skwibby said, it's an essential kitchen item.

u/ctindel · -2 pointsr/KitchenConfidential

Just buy an Anova sous vide you can clamp to a pot. You can even sous vide them, dunk in ice bath, put them in the fridge, then sous vide them again for just 10 minutes to heat them up and still have a runny yolk.

u/Yangoose · -2 pointsr/funny

Stop with the amature shit. Get a Stir Crazy, get some quality popcorn and some good oil. Then after you pop it but some real butter on it.

You'll find that good popcorn has almost no hulls and you almost never get popcorn stuck in your teeth.

You'll also find microwave popcorn and popcorn from movie theaters almost inedible in comparison once you become accustomed to the good stuff.

u/Who_GNU · -3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

How are you popping your popcorn? The only reason I've ever seen popcorn burn is because there wasn't enough oil in the pan, or it was a bag of microwave popcorn with a susceptor.

If you are buying popcorn in a microwave bag, you are doing it wrong. Get something for use with (good), or without (better), a microwave. (I haven't used either of those specific products, but I use ones like them, and the principal is the same, so it is hard to go wrong.) They will pay for themselves in no time, because bulk popcorn and oil is really cheap, and making popcorn properly takes hardly any more time than microwaving a bag.

Stay away from air poppers, unless you want really dry popcorn. If you want to be healthy, cook it with a flavorful oil (e.g cocoanut or olive) and don't add butter. If the oil is flavorful, you won't need the butter to make it taste good.

For the best traditional popcorn though, cook it in cocoanut oil, add clarified butter, and salt it with finely ground salt, often referred to as flour salt.

u/Metaweed · -6 pointsr/vaporents

Here ya go. for info on the grinder.

For a direct purchase link -

By far the best bang for the buck. The price fluctuates on them and i have gotten one for 12 bucks with S/H. No real problems with it other than the screen getting to clogged after a few years of usage. Id highly recommend it.

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What shouldn't you? Kidding. There are lots of great things under $20 on sale for Prime Day. This egg cooker is probably my top choice:

I've had one for a couple years and it's so effortless to make hard boiled eggs. And it makes weird but totally fine little omelettes for when you're lazy but still want brunch. - Samantha

Here are some other top options under $20 (sorry we don't have a list curated for under $15!):