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u/OedipusLoco · 331 pointsr/nfl

We've recently become obsessed with this because it was on sale for $3. Mine arrived today!

u/cusoman · 76 pointsr/nfl

Quick, someone get Dogra's address and buy him a gnome. That will cheer his grumpy ass up!

u/pimfram · 21 pointsr/nfl

Said gnome for those who've never seen its glory:

u/onken022 · 21 pointsr/nfl

We can use these: NFL Minnesota Vikings #1 Oven Mitt

Except instead of “#1 Fan” it can say their PFF rank and position.

u/BroncGO · 17 pointsr/nfl

Yo Raider Fans:

What's better than having this hanging in your front yard? How about telling your Raider Bros that a Bronco Fan bought it for you? Raiders win, I'll send you that Raider flag. If the Broncos win (haha, I had to force myself to write 'If') WHEN the Broncos win, you send me this.

Any takers?

u/Derk-Derks · 12 pointsr/minnesotavikings

Oh, and here's where to find this magical $3 bastard.


EDIT: They bumped the price up :(

u/iFUBAR · 10 pointsr/ElectricForest

Please don't bring your huge flags into the forest. Telescoping flag poles (like this one) are great for your campsite but leave them there.

u/SinisterPaige · 9 pointsr/minnesotavikings
u/coreyf · 8 pointsr/minnesotavikings

Here us go! For a short period of time last offseason, they were available for three bucks apiece with a maximum of three gnomes per order. I, along with many others on this sub swooped up so many, that they were the number one selling item in "outdoor statues" on Amazon. After a few days, the price shot up and the rush was over, but not before hundreds, if not thousands were sold for cheap.

I still have dreams about that day

u/duffman13jws · 6 pointsr/CFB

Well, at least most of #3 is reusable from season to season. I'm in close to $400 on my tailgate gear, but I've put it together over several seasons. It's not too bad, you get a

  • Coleman Roadtrip XLE - $125 plus tax
  • Cosco folding table - $38 plus tax
  • Cooler - $30-40 for something decent by coleman or rubbermaid, $50 wth wheels
  • Flagpole - $35 plus another $30-50 for flags - it's a must so you can find your car more easily
  • Canopy - $80, I've been using this model for 4 years now with no issues.
  • Collapsible chairs, various utensils, canopy weights, containers, etc. that are essentially tailgate-only, maybe occasionally used for camping

    Now, food and beer is another story - for 5 home games and a neutral site, I'd say we average $75-100 per game on refreshments. Craft beer costs money, and I only do frozen burgers and dogs 2 game per season; I usually barbecue a pork shoulder and ribs the other 3 and just reheat them on the grill top; the ribs add up quickly, and so do sides.

    Next additions are some tailgate games - I'd like to build cornhole boards or maybe ladder ball, but i might need to buy a pickup to fit all this stuff. We're already to the point that I use a hitch-mounted cargo carrier on the wife's SUV since we can only put the 3rd row of seats down with 2 kids in car seats and a stroller taking up space in the trunk.
u/LongUsername · 6 pointsr/madisonwi

No, it's not. The center iconography was changed. For example, here's the old one on Amazon:

u/datekman · 6 pointsr/minnesotavikings

Don't forget about the gnome!

u/SuckCow · 6 pointsr/bonnaroo

Search for a tailgate flagpole and base. You park your car tire on the base. Maybe cut a pool noodle to wrap around the bottom of the pole where it could slightly bump your ride. I use something like this.

u/Lasers_go_pewpew · 5 pointsr/Coachella

Portable power pack like this one I bought last year

At about 60 bucks, its a steal. Only weighs about 2 pounds, is a little bigger than a standard TV remote, and it's a whopping 22400mAh. To put in perspective, a full iPhone battery is about 1900mAh. We had a group of 5 last year, and all topped up our phones batteries each day, charged our GoPros and digital cameras, one iPad, and portable speakers starting from Thursday, and still had about 10-15% juice left by Sunday.

Flagpoles like this one are also great for beautifying your spot and making it easy to find. This is the one I bought 2 years ago, and it's held up, but I didn't extend it fully last year due to high winds. It's not too expensive, so it could be worth your while.

u/cactipus · 5 pointsr/minnesotavikings

Here you go, a classic.

u/BoIR1347 · 5 pointsr/sixers

I have the same one I got it from here.

u/ChasingLena · 5 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I believe what you're looking for is one of these:

Flagpole To Go 20-Foot Portable Flagpole

u/tepman16 · 5 pointsr/CFB

Pro-Tip for future flagbearers:

Get yourself one of [these] (

and if you feel like planting it, combine it with one of these [bad boys] (

Have used this set-up for multiple music festivals and is convenient to carry, easy to setup

u/BvsedAaron · 5 pointsr/yugioh
u/fwump38 · 5 pointsr/ElectricForest

Telescoping flag pole. They make them that you drive your car over to support it

edit: Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package with 18' Portable Flagpole

u/Amazingbambam · 4 pointsr/Coachella

Flagpole To Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package With 20-Foot Portable Flagpole

Not sure if that’s the cheapest, but I’ve used the similar set up for multiple feats, camping etc.

u/acousticrocks · 4 pointsr/ElectricForest

I believe they are using an extendable flag pole.
Here's an amazon link. You can find more by searching "Extendable Flag Pole"
Flagpole To Go 17-Foot Portable Flagpole

u/bigredaltoid · 4 pointsr/minnesotavikings

It WAS a sale that was going on...than the price seemed to fluctuate between $3 and $15, but now it's back to $25 :( There was quite a few people who purchased three (the limit) when they were $3...maybe someone can help you out?

u/DocRock2018 · 4 pointsr/bonnaroo

Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package with 20' Portable Flagpole

u/rayhoop · 4 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival - You can even incorporate it into a costume (when it's retracted). It beats using a pool noddle or a long stick

u/jleviathon · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

Right on man CO born and raised! The UC flag was 3ft by 5ft I believe. This was the flag pole I got. Can't say enough about the quality. This one is 17ft with the 3' x 5' UC flag and a 1-1/2' x 3' CO flag. Both flags are very light material. I duck taped every section to the fitting so it wouldn't collapse on its own. This pole stayed up in a monsoon! 30mph winds and sideways rain last year! Until the canopy it was attached to collapsed anyway haha. You could go 20ft but it may be too much. I think a heavier cloth flag would be too much as well. Good pole though. CO represent! The clips that come on the pole are strong too. Here is where I put the tape if you can see it. Everywhere you tighten each section.

u/kfithian21 · 3 pointsr/detroitlions
u/fullyc · 3 pointsr/IndoorGarden

Not sure if this will help but I'll chime in with my experience. I went to home depot and purchased regular old LED bulbs (5500k) daylight. I also got one of these: I hung em using standard clip aluminum hoods. I grew everything from seed using this set up (3 of the LED daylight bulbs) and that LED growlight. Basil, Parsley, Coriander, Nasturtium flowers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and peppers. Now, I'll say, that the lights were perfectly fine to grow everything, but once the plants were big enough, I would transplant outside or place in my sun room with sound facing window.

u/PsychedelicVisions · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

I bought this one:

Cost $65 and then it was snapped in half when the little storm came and none of my neighbors stuff was staked down. Their sleeping tent and canopy tent wrapped around my entire car, it scratch and dented the fuck out of the car and broke my flag pole. They found this funny and didn't even help untangle all their shit from our shit. I'm still a little bitter in case you can't tell

As far as that flag pole I had it for 2 years, it works really really well, it stood up to all sorts of storms and high wind, was really well made as well. It goes under the tire of your car to keep the base of it in place. I think it held up well, it just couldn't withstand all of my neighbors possessions smashing in to it at a high velocity.

u/abgtw · 3 pointsr/AboveandBeyond

I had considered this one:

One review said he used it at tomorrowland and it worked great, so seems like a really tall pole. The problem will be with Gorge security saying NO METAL POLES even though this kind of telescoping pole is specifically allowed - but try proving that to the asshole with tiny tyrant syndrome denying your way in!

u/Katoptrizo · 3 pointsr/diypedals

These seem to be roughly the right size.

u/wowlookatit27 · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Just order one of these puppies -
Flagpole-To-Go Portable Flagpole

u/Arguss · 3 pointsr/AskAnAmerican



So it is. :O Although obviously not everyone in the South is into NASCAR, so you've gotta know you're making a spurious suggestion.

u/Tasty_Corn · 3 pointsr/sandiego

you can do that with something like this

u/forgotmyoldlogin3 · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Used this at every festival for 3 years now.

Flagpole To Go 14-Foot Portable Flagpole

u/Broglesby · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

I personally have never used either of these, but have had my eye on them since last year. I feel they would be perfect. (There are varieties of both also, shop around)

Campsite Flagpole

Handheld (collapsible) Flagpole

Edit: Formatting

u/markreid504 · 3 pointsr/NewOrleans

I ordered this in 2013, and it's been working ever since.

u/-kj · 3 pointsr/minnesotaunited

I picked up a collapsible flag pole last year that I've used in a few stadiums (including TCF) without too much hassle.

u/_Prrr · 2 pointsr/succulents

I just got two of these and they're working really well. The plants are also turning a really pretty color.

I've read (I'll try to find where) that 6500k color temperature is great for growing succulents, but it doesn't promote flowering, you'd have to add in some with a lower color temperature, but the colored LED lights have the right colors for both growth and flowering. Some of the fancier/more expensive LED grow light even have a switch to control if you want the flowering lights on, the grow lights on, or both. Like this one.

u/smakweasle · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo
u/Subaudible91 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest
  1. University Customs makes pretty much all of the flags you're seeing on the subreddit lately.

  2. Use something like this flag pole at your campsite.

  3. Totems are sorta vague in their limitations. I used a telescoping pole similar to this, and got past security with no issue. Once inside I extended it out further so it was far above the crowd.
u/Reckless_Renegade · 2 pointsr/Aquariums

Thank you! The light is ...
TaoTronics 24w Led Grow light Bulb, Grow Plant Light for Hydropoics Organic Mini Greenhouse (3 Bands)

u/madman86 · 2 pointsr/madisonwi

There is a seller on Amazon who has the 3x5 for $35.

u/mkkuntz8 · 2 pointsr/TomorrowWorld

My group bought this last year and worked perfectly, but it was also only $30 then. We just hammered PVC in the ground to secure it.

u/Stupidaussiewanker · 2 pointsr/trees

You needa give it a little more sun bro and a little fertilizer wont hurt. Fuck it while your at it jump on amazon and get a little grow light. Here have a link

u/size1one · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

17' and only 1lb. can hold 2 flags:

u/LeyvaFlava · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

This is the one im using, pretty good quality and not to big can fit in your luggage bag if youre flying. Having it able to fit it in my luggage and a compact size is what i was mainly looking for

u/CorkyRoboto · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Amazon. Flagpole-to-go. I got the 15’ one. Keep it short when you go in. Go here

Edit: Link

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/gardening

lol! Seriously thank you for that laugh this morning.

I only covered the top with sand because im experiencing a small fungus gnat issue atm (I have about 7 different carnivorous plants in there so it isn't that big of a problem). This is the light im using. I have 2 of the hanging directly above it. about 2-3 ft away from the top of the plant

Not much fertilizing as it is still fairly young and I didnt know I should be. I did just repot it though so the soil should have some good nutri's (Nutrients) in there or so I would imagine. I water when ever my meter says its dry deep in the soil. (didnt trust the minger method for my first time around.) Yes there are holes in the bottoms of all my containers... im not that noob I did read before i got started lol air temp in the room fluctuates from 74-80. (Im in Las Vegas) but I have a fan in the room if it gets to muggy and I got lucky and my home had an a/c vent in the closet they are in already. Also humidity in that room is usually high to medium even in this dry heat with some things i do.

u/gandalph91 · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

I have this one and it works like a charm!

u/inadazed · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

I use this one from Amazon. Works just fine. I duct-taped it to our canopy for extra security.

u/Dr_Zeuss · 1 pointr/hydro

Can't remember the brand but it's some sort of led grow light from amazon. It's just to get them started. Im building a stand for that light so I can get it closer to the plants.

Edit: found it. High Efficient 24w LED Grow Light, TaoTronics Plant Grow Lights E27 Growing Bulbs For Garden

u/The_Jasp · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

bought last year and has been with me for 3 festivals now. works really well, taller than other poles, holds two flags, and collapses to fit in your car!

u/DaRedBasshead · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

I use this coupled with a tire mount. Never had any problems :)
Flagpole To Go 20-Foot Portable Flagpole

u/MusicFestivalGoer · 1 pointr/TomorrowWorld

I got this:

EDIT: When they say no metal poles this will still be allowed right? It's lightweight aluminum, but the whole thing is barely a pound.

u/Luke20820 · 1 pointr/detroitlions

I’m guessing it’s this one.

u/malenkylizards · 1 pointr/Hydroponics

Thanks for your insights. I've changed tack quite a bit about the structure. I found a pretty simple deep water setup that looks very doable:

As far as lights go...Whew, it's surprising how expensive the options out there are. I'm very limited with respect to that. Would it work to just get one of these? Maybe supplement with a regular old CFL or two if necessary?

u/musedav · 1 pointr/politics

The way the Trump part is [uneven] ( makes me think someone just bought a bunch of tiny russian flags, like [this] (, and then got like some gold letters from michaels. Maybe spray paint and a trump stencil would be better. Either way, wouldn't be hard to make, hypothetically speaking and not from experience or anything.

u/mcbaxx · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

To help you find your campsite

Flagpole-To-Go Portable Flagpole

u/dhstack · 1 pointr/indoorgardening

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Have you ever tried using a grow light to supplement the natural light you do get?

Something like this:

u/Tomcat87 · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Just buy one. This one's $30 and works great.

u/McWuffles · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

Selfe-stick! hahaha

But for real,

/u/rayhoop has it:

u/str4ngerd4nger · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

Grab yourself one of these. I ordered one last year and it's perfect. Super lightweight, sturdy, all that good shit.

u/lemonsky · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/King__Lion · 1 pointr/Coachella
u/paintchips_beef · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

As an alternative if you want to save a couple bucks and have a canopy this one without the base is a little cheaper and you can just zip tie it to the legs of the canopy.

u/baconbourbon · 1 pointr/CFB

This kind of tent, not a camping tent. But yeah we just leave stuff there and come back for it.

u/Kuwait_Drive_Yards · 1 pointr/IndoorGarden

This one. I hope its enough...

u/ThePhog08 · 1 pointr/TomorrowWorld

I have this one, the whole thing is ridiculously lightweight and it collapses. It also has rubber stoppers on the ends. No problems at other fests, hope they allow it

u/nattarbox · 1 pointr/BurningMan

Zero problems. Bought this one in 2011, and it has been used every burn since! We zip tie it to a conduit shade pole and run a 4x3' flag on it. It collapses down into something you can throw in your luggage.

u/noodle_brain · 1 pointr/homestead

i started with two of these and then bit the bullet and bought this guy. worth it. the little ones are fine for a couple of plants but the rectangular one is SO bright (PS- do NOT look at those when you're plugging in the light) that you can have one several feet above your couple hundred seedlings and it's fine.

u/DjSpectre · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

I bought it here for the 14' (now sold as a 15' model). Collapses to between 3-4 feet

And here for the 6' one. I collapses down to about 24".

u/Twisky · 1 pointr/okeechobeemusicfest

I didn't make a totem, but I had a 14' Portable Flagpole at my campsite.

u/huntskikbut · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

Here is the one I have, it is held up by your car tire! Very easy setup.

u/Heyeddieadams1 · 1 pointr/okeechobeemusicfest
u/NeonSith · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

This one from Amazon:

Wasn't too tall so it didn't hit any of the decorations that are above (e.g. while walking on/off Rainbow Road there are lights that could easily get tangled up). If you hold it up high, you'll be able to see it in the live streams. But it's not so high that you're getting in the way of others when you set it down since it's as tall as you are basically.

When we walked in, I had the telescoping part all the way down and the flag folded up so it could simply be patted by security. Much easier than having it in full-mast and them question anything.

u/tipsytopsyslurs · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Found this one on amazon for $19 Collapsible too!

u/cheesefuzz · 1 pointr/Bonsai

I use a 350 watt VIPARSPECTRA for my Schefflera "luseane", and it is too much... i have to put it on a timer that is on for an hour off for an hour, or else it burns it.

For my other tropicals i use two of these: because the light throws the light pretty wide, you really gotta put these right on top of your plants.

and one of these:
Throws a much narrower (and brighter) beam, but it is purple/pink and makes my house look like a strip club from the street. It is the reason I ended up getting the other two above... they produce a much whiter light. But it is effective. Got crazy growth out of my fukien tea during winter with it.

No more tropicals for me...

u/FantasticGentleman · 1 pointr/Coachella

This is what I got from amazon. Worked very well. The flagpole towards the bottom locks very well but not quite as well at the top. I just put a little duct tape around each extension point and it worked great all weekend long. The 20 foot height made our flag visible from real far away.

u/high_side · 0 pointsr/AskAnAmerican