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u/fandingo · 7 pointsr/funny

> ... Except fashion is forced on women in every aspect of our lives.

I hate to sound insensitive because I really do understand the ridiculous pressures put on women all the time, but come on. How can the word "fashion" even appear in your thought process of gym apparel? I don't know what your gym habits are, but when I'm there, I have my headphones in and a nod is the most I interact with other people. The pressure of social norms should be absolutely zero at the gym, unless you're trying to score a date. Why would you care if even one person at the gym thinks you look homely? You're there to sweat, not walk the runway.

On a more constructive note, if you're looking for more modest shorts or pants, check out basketball apparel. The shorts aren't tight, and at least for women's clothing, decently long. The pants are loose because they're designed to be worn over shorts. Are these not perfect pants or shorts?

u/scooby_noob · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I would avoid french terry (for pants at least), because I think it's the worst for doing this. I have these adidas soccer pants and they definitely don't stretch out, though they aren't as comfortable as conventional fleece sweatpants.

u/Sexual_Batman · 3 pointsr/ibs

I have these from amazon and they are so soft with a flat extremely comfortable waistband. They’re high rise, but they don’t compress and give a good non bumpy line under shirts.
High Waisted Soft...

u/CompleteDark · 3 pointsr/running

Check out Baleaf tights on Amazon or these which I really like and they're currently only $20.

u/uberfkknfrau · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Lady LEO's, These are great but holy cow do you pay for them! Lots of room for the booty without the sagging crotch business. So much room in the pockets for all of your secret agent-y things.

u/bloodpressures · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Just bought these and they are AWESOME: Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants...

u/kittykahoots · 1 pointr/xxketo

I wear CW-x compression pants. They are really pricey, but the compression has really helped with decreasing the "bounce" when I run and they make my legs happy after leg day.

I have a 12" difference between my hips and waist.

Be warned that these take a good 5 mins to put on due to compression; like putting on support pantyhose.

This pair
and these are the ones I have; the second pair I have with green that I used to run the Shamrock.

I wear an xl am 5'8" so use the size chart :) it is very accurate

u/shkrimm · 1 pointr/running

These ones from Under Armour don't have any zipper so they shouldn't hurt you ?

2XU have these pants that maybe would fit you ?

u/glynnf · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Adidas pants like these from amazon. Good price, and I don't notice my phone jostling even when running. Plus it is a zipper pocket.