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u/BarbellCappuccino · 9 pointsr/xxfitness

My Gymshark Ombre dupes on Amazon were a total hit! Just bought a second color. And this led me into trying an Energy Seamless dupe from AliExpress. Hopefully those turn out! Buying from AliExpress has me so nervous compared to Amazon.

u/thefeldmann · 8 pointsr/CanadianForces

I never liked the issue sock system. The socks always became lose and bunched up or were just way too hot. I'm a cheap bastard and I generally never advocate for spending money on kit but I don't cheap out on socks. $20 for a pair of socks might sound ridiculous but they'll last you a long time and feel amazing. In my opinion good socks are just as important as good boots. I use Costco's Kirkland brand hiker socks for my everyday around the hanger sock or the Wigwam trail mix fusion if I'm going to be rucking, marching or on my feet a lot. If my feet feet get cold I just wear my neos or mukluks and its enough for me.

u/superspeck · 7 pointsr/KitchenConfidential

I live in the south and we have an acre that I have to maintain every day after work, even in the summer, because the last time I trusted someone else to do it they ran a mower over some rare cactus my wife had just gotten to grow acceptably in the middle of a big pile of rocks and then they ran a weed eater through my melon and squash beds. An acre is a lot of mowing, edging, weeding, ... year round. So 5pm to about now every day ... this is my life.

I’m a fat pasty white northern boy who sweats like three pigs. Especially when it’s 110 and 90% humidity. I sweat so much that gold bond is ineffective after five minutes and baby powder applied to my ass pools in my shoes.

Adidas makes a boxer brief that is a bit longer than normal. 9 inch inseam I think. It keeps the chub rub from the pants inseams (if I weedeat in shorts my legs look like hamburger) and whatever non cotton synthetic these are made out of just laps up the sweat without chafing, but it doesn’t absorb and hold it, it transfers it to your outer layer. It’s like under armor for your junk.

Only way I’ve been able to handle the sweat is to just let it flow and find ways to not have it affect my body.

u/pm_me_your_baguette · 7 pointsr/xxfitness

Aliexpress is basically a site where you can order cheap or knock off things from China. The pair of leggings that she bought is probably from here since she said they were $17 lol. Many chinese sellers are also selling the same product on Amazon.

u/Sommer717 · 7 pointsr/streetwear

It's not the same. The Itasca OP posted has blue stripes, and a gold coloured logo.

Here's one on Amazon:

u/GoCrapYourself · 5 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Haha! If you're looking for really high quality simple hoodies I would get Champion Reverse Weave (the link shows them for $35!) and Independent Trading Co (so many good colors and only $30).

Let me know if you ever need clothing advice homie (not that I'm some guru, I just like clothes). I love talking about this stuff

u/airborne_AIDS · 5 pointsr/RagenChastain

> god socks

You might want to give these a shot. I've only been using them over a month and so far no blisters. You might also want to try this one. The second isn't my favorite, but it is a little heavier and might provide a little better protection.

What works well for me is the fact they isolate individual toes. I've gotten a lot of blisters, but my pinky toe is one of the worst / most common areas for me.

u/11thUserName · 4 pointsr/financialindependence

I wear black Adidas crew socks. They're comfortable as hell, and close enough to dress socks that no one would notice.

u/ChefGuru · 4 pointsr/Chefit

If you're spending a 10 hour shift in the walk-in, if it were me, I'd look into buying a heated vest. You could wear it under your jacket (even under your chef's coat), and they've got battery packs that can last up to 9 hours, depending on the model. I've seen them for as low as $70, but you can go up from there depending on features. I almost bought one a few years ago that had adjustable sides so it could be made smaller if you want to wear it against your body, under your clothes, or expanded to wear it over your clothes. There are different types with different heating element patterns, sizes of batteries, etc.

I would suggest getting one of those and an extra battery pack, wearing it under your chef's coat to warm you up, and sticking with a light jacket to give you better mobility / less restriction. Wear it under your chef's coat, don't tell anyone that you've got it, and then just play it off like you're really tough, and the cold doesn't bother you.

Then again, if it's your job to spend hours in the walk-in, maybe you could make this suggestion to the management, and explain that it would help you do your job better. They might agree, and buy it for you. At my last job, they bought the receiving guy a jacket since he spent so much time in the coolers & freezers, so you never know.

u/AsianChickenPlatter · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I've got 4 pairs of these and they're currently my favorite. Especially since I have a tendency to sweat buckets, in the hotter months.

u/GiveMeSomeIhedigbo · 3 pointsr/bodybuilding

Anyone ordered these short shorts from Amazon before?

They look short enough to show off the quads without being ridiculous, but I'm not sure if I have the legs for it.

u/magnetic_couch · 3 pointsr/asktransgender

I swear by Underarmor heatgear boxer briefs:

These keep everything in place for me, prevent chafing, and really helps keep moisture levels low.

For something feminine, Victoria's Secret "shortie" style panties work best for me. They have enough stretchy fabric to keep me comfortably contained up front.

u/greenduch · 3 pointsr/actuallesbians

Ooh! So, I just discovered new boxerbriefs that I really like. They are a bit shorter than normal, which I love, and they don't have a dick pocket (or hole, even)

Amazon link.

A lot of times I have trouble shopping for boxerbriefs because they always pack them with a giant sock roll or something in the pictures, which makes it look like it has a giant dick pocket thing, which I don't really want.

But yeah, boxerbriefs are amazing. Plus they're great in the summertime for randomly going swimming and not being all self conscious that I'm in my underwear. :p

u/Thundercruncher · 3 pointsr/bodybuilding

I don't wear CK either....I wear these. I don't think there's anything wrong with Hanes but I hope she didn't mean I look like a model for some plain undies.

u/Irvine5000 · 2 pointsr/Hyperhidrosis

I wear these,

As well as the compression pants, and compression shirt under my clothes to help with the sweat/smell. I also take glycopyrrolate, which i recommend looking into. It's a prescription I got from my dermatologist. Completely blocks sweating. Causes some dry mouth but i much prefer this.

u/kylorhall · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

I use Injinji and it definitely aides my rolling pinky toes, which seems to be the same issue. I'm travelling around the world and basically own 4 socks: two pairs of Injinji in Original Weight and an Injinji in Midweight. I prefer the original weight weight / micro crew, I just bought the midweight at first, won't buy in the future - the micro crews are fine in my trail runners.

Going from a lightweight merino sock to the toe socks allowed me to basically double my daily mileage - I don't often have feet issues doing 20-30mi now. I still carry leukotape and have to do some prevention during heavy elevation gain/loss, but I'm a heavy guy.

They're not the most durable however, I wear them every day and they do develop holes in the toes over time, but I'm cool with $30/yr in socks. I'm planning on restocking two pairs during my Te Araroa trip (3000km).

u/Iodized · 2 pointsr/streetwear

Just to confirm that these are the socks right? Looks clean.

u/Shawncfer · 2 pointsr/running

First off, congrats on your first 5K! I also did my first 5K around this time last year, got hooked and did a half marathon in November. Now I’m running across the Grand Canyon in a few days and then doing a full marathon next month. It gets addicting!

Underwear wise, I will swear by these:

Cheap(ish) and comfortable. I’ve even gone to these for my daily wear outside of just running.

For the journal, I personally do everything through an app. Specifically, Strava. I’m able to log my runs and times, and it will show me trends on certain routes I run often. There’s a 3 mile loop around my house I do quite a bit, and I can look back and see where I was at when I first started, then where I was right before the half, then where I was right after all the holiday eating, and now. Plus, you get the benefit of seeing your friends workouts as well. I love it.

Again, bad ass! You’ll get hooked on this!

u/sheepshizzle · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

These are the underwear of the gods. Truly. Everyone in this thread needs to try these underwear. They also make a "trunk" version which has a shorter inseam.

u/of_moose_and_men · 2 pointsr/rugbyunion

I go with these. They're just short compression shorts.

u/MarkRippetoesGlutes · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Talc and get some pants like these:

I have tiny legs. But with even just 26 inch thighs the chaffing can get uncomfortable, particularly on long walks (only like 3 hours + though). The pants work. Talcum powder works if applied all over. Also, going commando in looser pants can also help.

But like /u/HPPD2 said, better pants helps a lot.

u/SwaggersaurusWrecks · 2 pointsr/weightlifting
u/magicalmcrib · 2 pointsr/tennis

Don't know if this is the right place, but does anyone know of any website or place where I can buy quality tennis stuff for cheap? Like shirts to train/play in, and/or shorts like this:
Also any gear like sweatbands or headbands

u/ZenithRepairman · 1 pointr/powerlifting

Hanes jersey shorts with pockets. Super cheap ($7) so I have a pair for every workout day. Fall above the knee so easy to squat or pull in. Roomy on the legs. Downside? They’re probably not super “fashionable” but I lift alone in a home gym so I don’t care.

u/Tetbu · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Same thing happened to me. I had to buy more blue/black via Amazon because the blue/green didn't fit my foot.

u/timo4ever · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

when ppl recommend reverse weave hoodie from champion, does it matter if it's without logo or with logo?

u/iminsideabox · 1 pointr/Curling

I use some BaLeaf running pants. Super comfy and have a fleece lining so keep ya toasty on the ice.

u/huffalump1 · 1 pointr/AskEngineers

Note that off the shelf solutions exist and are cheap.

Better ones might be more expensive but for $70 it's not bad.

u/non_mobile_link_bot · 1 pointr/rugbyunion

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u/betamaxheadroom · 1 pointr/everymanshouldknow

The brand that I recommend has been Under Armor BoxerJock 9". They are incredibly light, breathe well, comfortable, and will work well for multiple days of wear at a time.

To add to what neoshade stated in regards to blisters, generously powder your boots. Depending on what my goal is for hiking/ruck marching, I vary between the Nike SFB or the Rockies SV2. Your feet are incredibly important and a few bad blisters will really mess you up. If you can deal with the heat, I would strongly advise wearing 2 pairs of socks while you are hiking. Obviously, you still need to change your socks, and your boots will be tighter, but it's totally worth it.

Also, boot companies make boots, insole companies make insoles. Spending a few extra dollars on some quality insoles may save you a lot of pain down the road. I rucked and ran with poor support and developed plantar fasciitis. It's no fun and it will always be an issue for me. I spent quite a bit of money on my orthotics and while it doesn't help my feet breath that well, it definitely helps with support.

Putting Iodine in your water doesn't exactly have the best taste. You should try it out before you go out on this journey. Get used to it. I've seen people gag on it which only leads to further dehydration. I have heard people recommend the LifeStraw. I haven't tried it yet, but some of you may appreciate it.

To save on space and weight I don't even use a sleeping bag. I got a water resistant blanket and got a zipper sewn onto it. Then, I use a water resistant poncho and wrap myself in it so I'm relatively water protected on all sides.

u/HPPD2 · 1 pointr/Fitness


yeah I have like 10 pairs of these and pretty much only wear them

u/mrcpu · 1 pointr/CampingGear

These ones?


I'm curious too because I was going to pick up a set.

u/zorkmids · 1 pointr/Ultramarathon

I like them too, but I find they wear out really fast. The merino ones are especially good in chilly, wet conditions.

u/Rushblade · 1 pointr/Fitness

I wear compression shorts. As a note, you can get these for a bargain online (see I have noticed they are not as good quality as the UA or Nike ones you pay $50 a pop for, but only in that the material feels thinner. They have not frayed or anything for me yet, and I figure why spend a ton when they are only meant to catch the sweat in my crotch.

u/Not-Fashionable-Guy · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I’m a freshman in college who always wore past knee athletic shorts in high school. My wardrobe isn’t very fleshed out and I have a lot of graphic tees that I wear most days. Is it okay to wear a graphic tee(that’ll go with anything colorwise) with a pair of dockers classic shorts?

Also as an extension question, all of my socks are Does it look bad when I wear these with either athletic shorts or the dockers shorts? Also, can I wear slides with these socks with the graphic tee and nice shorts or is that a big nono?

Also, I only own basketball shoes and running shoes. Can I wear these with the aforementioned non athletic shorts and a t shirt?

u/MikeM126 · 1 pointr/triathlon

Compression shorts?

I just picked up some 2XU's for a bum hamstring, it's amazing the difference I feel when I train with them.
I liked these ones:

u/MondoHawkins · 1 pointr/goodyearwelt

Adidas athletic crew socks. They're between a dress sock and a wool sock in terms of thickness, but closer the dress sock side.

u/xrobin · 1 pointr/Ultralight

I'm a fan of Under Armour briefs with cheap generic 2.5" shorts with the liner cut out like these. Feels great to have zero resistance in range of motion, and the modularity means I can wear the shorts while hanging the briefs up to dry. I recently got some Terrebonne Joggers for when I want pants and they seem like they're gonna work well.

u/C19-H28-O2 · 1 pointr/steroids

Under Armour Men's Original Series 6” Boxerjock are a god send. They also sell 9” legs if you need it.