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u/Gereshes · 23 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Going through undergrad commencement this weekend had me thinking about my time in undergrad and more specifically, those things I chose to carry with me almost every day.

Starting from the upper right hand corner and working my way around in clockwise direction.

Pens – 3 Disposable Bic pens – When it comes to pens I leave them everywhere. I leave them in class, the lab, the machine shop, etc. Because of this I buy them in bulk and then just carry a bunch of disposable pens with me. They are cheap so if I lose one or someone asks to borrow one I don’t worry about getting them back. I like these pens because I find they are comfortable to write with, wont break from me carrying them around or treating them like shit, and have a pen cap to prevent them from making a mess in my pocket. Why no pencils?  I haven’t found a mechanical pencil that is both cheap and will survive in my pocket. If you know of one that fits those two requirements let me know in the comments!

Highlighter – Used for marking up academic papers I am reading. I’ll usually carry one or two with me but I keep several different colors at home for heavy markup. The colors I like carrying on me are odd colors, not yellow, like green and pink because they let my markups stand out from other peoples markups.

Sharpie – Used for marking up things that pens and highlighters can’t like metal, ceramics, and sleeping lab mates.

USB Drive – I don’t use it all that often thanks to free services like Google Drive and Dropbox but  everyone in a while when you don’t have access to other options these can really save you. For example like when you need to print out a final report that’s due in 15 minutes and the internet is down. (That example definitely hasn’t happened to me)

Letherman Skeletool – The Skeletool is a good all around multi-tool. It has a knife, pliers, wire cutters,/strippers, screwdriver (both flat an Philips), and a bottle opener.  It’s slim so its easy to carry without giving up a lot of functionality.

Timex Weekender Chrono – Useful for telling time if durring both meetings and tests when you cant check your phone. Taking a peek at your watch durring a meeting is unnoticeable unlike when you check your phone which can be considered rude.

TI-84 – The second most useful tool in my entire engineering education after a pen. I’ll often use the calculator instead of Matlab or Wolfram Alpha for doing homework that require simple computations just because I’m so familiar with it that I can operate it extremely quickly just from muscle memory.

Planner –  It’s useful for writing down assignment due dates and meetings. Everyone has a different way of organizing events/work an I find havving a written copy helps me visualize where everything is.

Muji Recycle Paper Bind Notebook – Useful for taking notes in meetings and they can fit in my back pocket

Allett Slim Bifold Wallet – It’s an ultra thin bifold wallet that I love. It’s so thin I never even notice it in my pocket. I can sit on it all day without being uncomfortable. My last one became worn out after two years and I bought another one immediately. I highly recommend them!

Keys –  For opening doors/stuff. Note: I just grabbed some unused keys for this pic and put them on a carabiner.

Google  Pixel – It’s taking the photo. Lately its mostly been used for snap chat

u/stinkycatfish · 15 pointsr/bicycling

If you are that worried, just measure distance and time manually and record it in a notepad.

That's what people did ten years ago and it worked fine. Except for the guy that posted his mom's training log from the '80s a couple days ago.

u/astrorocks · 11 pointsr/AskAcademia

I use these (Rite in the Rain). They're water resistant for the outdoors and most of the field geologists I know use them. You can get them lined/unlined/gridded, spiral or not spiral. But they don't have header info (you can just make your own boxes).

u/SatanLuciferJones · 10 pointsr/notebooks

Except for the thickness and pockets, the dot grid Kyokuto F.O.B COOP fits most of the criteria and is what I've used through most of uni. I also love the Soft Ring 5mm dot grid by Kokuyo w/ clear cover.
My workhorses though are the 600 pg 4mm grid softcover by Miquelrius for work and a cheap A6 hardcover, Leuchtturm knockoff from Daiso for on the go notes.

u/HMS_Hexapuma · 9 pointsr/EDC

Interesting challenge! Of course, EDC depends on your personal needs and I'm going to assume you're in the US since you're making the challenge in Dollars. Unless informed otherwise I'm going to assume I don't need to buy a watch.

Arc lighter - I don't smoke but it's always good to be able to make fire - $10.99

Travelambo RFID shielded slim wallet - I insist on RFID shielding these days! - $14.99

Jackery mini battery bank - I always carry power these days - $11.99

Now I want a charging cable bracelet but I don't know which phone you have. Either the MicroUSB version or the Lightning version
$1 - $3

Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil - I love these because they have an inbuilt sharpener and a more substantial lead - $9.04

CRKT Journeyer - You have to have a knife and this is a good budget model. I would prefer the straight blade version but this one is cheaper - $26.87

NiteCore Tube - You can't have an EDC without a lightsource - $9.25

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Soft Cover Pocket Notebook, 3 1/2" x 5" - I know Fieldnotes are the gold standard, but I like a waterproof notebook - $7.40

Total = $94 (Roughly)

u/tim404 · 8 pointsr/notebooks

Mine didn't come until college. I was in school for engineering, and up until that point I'd been just using whatever was handy for notes - composition books, standard-issue spiral bound notebooks, loose-leaf paper in binders. None of it really did it for me.

And then, for my chemistry class, we had to all purchase the ubiquitous lab notebook. What a concept! What an amazing thing! It's... a book, man, like y'know? A book. Cool!

So then, after that gateway notebook, I got myself a Moleskin (back when they didn't suck so much) and went through that, and stuck with using them on and off through the years.

However it was my discovery of Field Notes, and then the pocket notebooks concept in whole, that really got me started down this path. I went from a user to a collector, a snob, and an evangelist.

Welcome to the addiction. My name is Tim. We have a good time around here.

u/PokeyHokie · 7 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

I love engineering paper. I must have 20 pads of the stuff floating around between my apartment, office, and the 5 or so labs. I hated having to use it in undergrad, but it's just so goddamn handy that I ended up getting addicted to it. 1" and 0.2" grid lines, and a nice header space.

I'm also addicted to these things for research work that needs to be properly documented in a bound notebook. I know it's not much different than a standard composition notebook, but the heavyweight paper and cover are durable and just generally awesome.

u/SadPenguin · 7 pointsr/geology

Rock hammer, leather rock hammer holster, a nice hand lens, nice quality outdoor gear for the myriad of field trips and field camp..

Oh! Get her the Rite in the Rain geological field notebook. Those things are freaking awesome.

u/ManiacalShen · 7 pointsr/labrats

Big enough that you can glue whole pages in there. Gridded, numbered pages, very professional. And not very pricey.

u/perfextiiion · 6 pointsr/stationery

Have some stuff Muji coming in as well but decided to post now :)

List of items - Uni Kuru Toga Roulette:

Tombow Mono Graph:

Arch Eraser:

Shitajiki Writing Board:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica:

Pilot G-Tec-C Gel Pen:

Mono Eraser:

Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper:

Stalogy A6 Editors Notebook:

Kokuyo Campus Notebook Set:

Rotring 600:

Kiki’s Delivery Service Kuru Toga Pencil:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C:

u/E_MO_TION__COMMOTION · 6 pointsr/typewriters

I bought these Muji notebooks for my fountain pens and type on them all the time. The paper looks pretty similar and tears out easily. Good quality too.

u/dvgva · 5 pointsr/EDC

I'm not the best photographer, so here are the links to everything:

Watch: Eco Drive W/ NATO Band (Band was found on Massdrop)

Knife: Kershaw Blur S30V (Blue S30V W/ Blackwash finish can be found on Massdrop)

Pen: Fisher Space

Wallet: Big Skinny Slim

Notebook: Right in the Rain No954

Light: ArmyTek Prime C1 Pro

Lighter: Zippo Slim - Venetian High Polish

Candy: Life Saver Fruit

u/--blue · 5 pointsr/notebooks

Amazon Link for the lazy.

u/roserisenrise · 5 pointsr/Journaling

I had the same problem as you! I use my Nanami (crossfield) for school so I bought this cover:

It works great! It has two ribbon bookmarks and an outside pocket, and it’s very durable. It’s not quite as stiff as a leuchtturm, but it’s stiff enough I can write with it on my lap.

u/MelodyABC · 5 pointsr/notebooks

I'm fairly new to bujo and i just switched to multiple notebooks. Here goes... my $0.02 worth!

I started with Mnemosene 149(?) Which I think is B5 size. I loved the size a d couldn't see myself going down to A5 or smaller. I had a very hard time finding an organizing holder for multiple notebooks in that size, as A is mostly what's used in USA and Europe. I'm not thrilled with the ordinary look of this notebook, but it's a blank canvas to customize, and much sturdier than I initially thought. I may try my hand at needlepoint and add some little flowers along the top edge of the pocket. I liked this one especially with the extra fold-out 3rd section so I can hold more journals.

Kokuyo Systemic Refillable Notebook Cover - Twin Ring Notebook with Edge Title - Semi B5 (7" X 9.8") - Normal Rule - 35 Lines X 40 Sheets - Black Cove

This paper us the same company so caught our eye. I love it! It is lined with subtle little dots along the line. This way you can use it as grid or for dot paper if you want to add straight lines, but it's very subtle so not distracting when you just want lined. In my few days of using it, I have had no bleed thru of fountain pens. It is soft and smooth. It comes in multiple other varieties too.

Kokuyo Campus NotebookRegla Semi B5Dotted 7mm30hojasPack de 5, colores

I'm loving having multiple notebooks that all fit into one. I use them in different amounts of time so I can swap out one as I fill it without needing to waste pages from other sections. I currently have separate books for
bullet journaling (day week month)
creativity (sketch, ideas...)
*workbook/notes from a book I'm going thru.

Again, im pretty new to both bujo-ing and to Reddit. I hope I'm not being insulting by giving too much info.

Happy bujo-ing!

u/MossyCredenza · 5 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

They open backwards but still have the hole punch on the left.

u/chevybow · 5 pointsr/college

These are the ones I used last semester and they were really nice. Probably my favorite notebook I've used recently. Might not have the most amount of pages but I never ran out of room- always wrote small enough to keep each lecture to about a single page each.

u/ProfitByte · 4 pointsr/nba
u/_Kyrk_ · 4 pointsr/fountainpens

So long as you're not looking for perforated paper, I like the Kokuyo Campus notebooks. They're fountain pen friendly (though I've never tested them with anything larger than medium nibs), have different colors, and have a very convenient "dotted-ruled" layout.

u/Tevshko · 4 pointsr/writing


I can't do lined journal -- need unlined to draw and doodle, and explore. Leads to pretty interesting pages.

u/stinky_wizzleteeth · 4 pointsr/AskEngineers

I use a National brand quad-ruled comp notebook, $11 on amazon:

Nice quality paper, big enough to jam letter-size printed paper inside. I carry it around with me in a manufacturing environment and it survives. Cover is heavy but flexible card stock, but not as sturdy as the stiff cardboard covers found on some smaller computation/composition notebooks. also comes in spiral bound, different sizes, etc. Don't get the ones with carbon copy pages.

u/yakhacker · 4 pointsr/notebooks

I got a Seven Seas The Writer for Christmas and I LOVE it. I too use it for journaling and general brain dumps.

I picked one of these up to use as a cover for it and it works like a champ

u/nausium · 3 pointsr/notebooks

Muji notebooks are pretty nice, and the B5 size is about the same size as the XL:

I think Baron Fig has one of their soft cover notebooks in that size too.

u/robeschi · 3 pointsr/notebooks

I don't know what your price range or tastes are nor where you're located, but here's what I use: My absolute favorites are a Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport size with a pen holder and a TWSBI Diamond 580 with your choice of bottled inks. I'd recommend Sailor Souten with its beautiful blue color, lovely shading, and awesome red sheening, not to mention it being well behaved on the Midori paper.

u/beingisdoing · 3 pointsr/notebooks

Spiral notebook like this for lecture or book notes. I really like this size because it’s not too big and the spiral makes it even better for saving space on your desk. This comes in handy when you have a big text book spread out on your desk.

Loose leaf grid or dot paper for assignments. But I used blank paper most of the time when I was doing proof based courses for my math degree.

u/zelmarvalarion · 3 pointsr/notebooks

Not quite what you are looking for, but getting close with Engineering & Science Notebook. If you continue the search and using engineering or architecture notebooks as the search terms, you might be able to find what you really want. Places like art supply stores and campus books stores would probably be your best bets for a B&M store

u/ExcaliburZSH · 3 pointsr/notebooks

The blank leuchtturm comes with a guide sheet (lined on side, grid on the other). I didn't think I needed a index until I had it, now I love it.

You could also try these, to start out

u/KingPaixo · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

These were my favorite notebooks throughout college.

u/BobertBobertson · 3 pointsr/engineering

Not this? This is bundled with the product from your link.

u/OMGROTFLMAO · 3 pointsr/graphic_design

Why? There's literally nothing special about them.

You'll get a lot more utility if you use the actual field notebooks he was riffing off of when he made his little paper journals.

u/Caramellatteistasty · 3 pointsr/notebooks
u/75footubi · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal


It comes with a small notebook inside, but I just took that out and use it as scratch paper at work.

u/LK1721 · 3 pointsr/notebooks

I'm in my second year of college and spent a lot of time trying to figure out what sort of set-up and format worked best for me and so far I've really enjoyed using an A5 notebook cover with a bunch of cahier notebooks in it (Midori Traveler's Notebook style, which allows you to put multiple cahiers in one cover). A5 is a good size for writing on tiny lecture desks and is generally a pretty good compromise between portability and writing space.

Specifically, I tend to use A5 Muji Journals which come in a variety of formats, but I use blank due to the way I take notes (mindmapping). You can get packs of 3 or more on Amazon depending on the format you prefer.

I enjoy taking notes this way because cahiers are generally pretty cheap and the Muji books have decent paper but the leather cover makes them look fancy and keeps them in good shape.

u/TectonicWafer · 3 pointsr/geology

Practical or decorative?


u/bobdotexe · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks
u/-buff · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Hi! I've been wanting to get a decent fountain pen for a while but I always get kind of scared away by all the different things (how to pick a nib, a pen, what kind of refill strategy to use, etc). I'm hoping someone can recommend me everything I need.

Here's everything I can think to mention to help:

  • I really do not like plastic. I would like a pen that reduces my plastic usage as much as possible. I do not know if there are refill options that avoid plastic, but this is actually a huge motivation for switching to fountain pens.

  • I'm just going to be using normal paper. I use Moleskine journals for personal stuff, and write class notes in the B5 notebooks from Muji.

  • I've only used black Pilot Precise V5 pens for about 15 years? And I would appreciate something similar to this, specifically in the way it writes on paper. I imagine that means a fine or extra fine nib?

  • I am not terribly concerned with having access to a thousand kinds of inks, but writing in more than blue or black might be interesting. I don't mind buying extra equipment to avoid plastic or to be cheaper in the long term.

  • I write very quickly and I want to continue to be able to write very quickly. So, an ink that dries quickly would be nice.

  • I don't want to spend a crazy amount on my first pen, but I also recognize I am probably asking for more than what a $20 pen can get me.

    Thanks to anyone that can help me out!
u/speech_acts · 2 pointsr/notebooks

These are the ones I've been ordering from Amazon.

u/stirwise · 2 pointsr/notebooks

My lab's standard notebook is pretty basic, but I like it a lot: National Brand Computation notebook. No table of contents, but it meets all your other criteria. I just use page flags to mark projects, but you could also dedicate the 1st page to a TOC, since the pages are numbered. Light yellow paper with green grid, handles every ink I've thrown at it.

u/rexferramenta · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy

Notebooks are on sale this time of year. It's one idea I really wanted to do with one of my friends, but we couldn't get the campaign started.

I definitely second Lovecraft, me and my friends played Archam Horror and really enjoyed it. You could send them on a more personal mission to kill an innocent scholar to suck up his knowledge or research or something.

u/trebuday · 2 pointsr/geology
u/ChristophColombo · 2 pointsr/geology


It's the No. 540F; most places that sell Rite in the Rain have it.

u/SuperChoob · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I noticed the other day that a 1-subject Mead notebook contains 100 pages, while a 3-subject notebook contained only 150. This means that something I expected to hold 3x as much content only held 1.5x as much, spread thinner. And yet, people on amazon are paying more than twice as much for them.



u/omnibuspig · 2 pointsr/law

Yeah I don't mean to make you unemployed, but there are companies that make left handed notebooks.

u/Locke1337 · 2 pointsr/teenagers

Pens are a must. Also keep a good supply of pencils. I do not use a binder, I keep something to keep paper flat and a small notebook like this for each subject.

u/mrpotatoehead · 2 pointsr/compsci

I'm a big fan of this one

u/bs-scientist · 2 pointsr/labrats

Like the other comment mentioned, I have a notebook that is “my thoughts” basically. It goes where I go. It has random calculations, notes from meetings, notes from seminars, notes of things I want to remember to come back to later, etc. It houses all the stuff that I know I want to have written down, but doesn’t belong in my lab notes or book/article notes.

Books and articles I have on the computer and in some notebooks. I am not too picky on that.

My lab notebook is a little more structured. I use this one and I used to use this one
I really enjoy both. I only stopped using the national brand one because it is not hardback and I am just too rough on it.

When in the lab I do take my lab notebook and my other notebook that is just my thoughts so I have somewhere to write down other stuff without clouding the lab notes.
I feel like clear lab notes are important in the event I ever need to hand an undergrad my notes and tell them to figure it out. I am fortunate to be in a lab with 6 super awesome undergrads that have their shit together better than any others I have seen, but still. Good clear notes go a long long way.

u/ThexRuminator · 2 pointsr/Minneapolis

Yep. I just finished engineering school this spring, and I've gone through my fair share of pads.

Green Paper is by far the most commonly used engineering paper. It's fairly thin, a little less than printer paper. I mostly used this paper for scratch calculations and everyday homework.

Buff is a bit thicker, but still has the same layout. I liked using this when doing hand calculations that would be included in reports or labs.

For notebooks, look for a Lab Notebook or Engineering Notebook. There are a few options out there, and it depends if you want a spiral or bound book. Computation Notebooks held up very well, and helped preserve my notes.

u/JaySqueeze · 2 pointsr/bootroom

I agree the online tools are time consuming, although I find it useful to make my favorite sessions with Academy Soccer Coach online software. That is very rare though as I put all my sessions and games in a moleskine type notebook. I write each session/game in pencil and write down reflection notes in pen, which really helps me when looking back at sessions. I've gone through 2 notebooks in the last year and I actually ended up using my first book tonight to help plan my session for tomorrow. I was trying to remember a certain activity I did several months ago and remembered the month I did it in and found it easily in my older notebook.

This is a cheap version of what I use

u/punim · 2 pointsr/notebooks

As far as clear covers go, I got the one offered by nanami, but ended up hating it because it was too loose. I later picked up a clear midori cover and it's much nicer and snug, plus it has a pen holder.

Then I realized I didn't like the feel of plastic so I got a paper midori cover and I've been pretty happy with it. It's plain, but keeps the cover from getting too messy.

I tried a couple other cases but it was too hard to write with pockets and seams in the way, so I've been sticking with the plastic and paper covers.

u/Dea_G · 2 pointsr/AskMen
u/CndSpaceCadet · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Kokuyo Campus B5 semi dotted

No bleed through. Minimal ghosting. Paper thin and smooth Japanese paper goodness. And well priced. 10/10 would recommend.

u/Haully · 2 pointsr/bujo

My wife and I use this:

Not leather, but sleek and has a lot of functionality. Has a spot for a small legal pad, fits a A5 journal, and a few extra pockets

u/DreamWisdom · 2 pointsr/notebooks

From what research I've done, this may be the solution to your particular problem:

Here's a video of it being used so you can see what I mean:

u/SunOfEris · 2 pointsr/Fitness

My hands tend to shake too much while lifting to like using my phone. I tend to use a mini-journal (about the size of my phone). Something about physically writing it down makes it feel more real.

u/Jesse_berger · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

This is a hard one, I have a lot of ink, and I like the characteristics of a lot of my inks.. But a color that I go to a lot is Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu, an amazing purple color.

As for paper, most of my inks perform very well on these notebooks you can frequently get them for around $8 for a 5 pack, $11.50 is a bit much.

u/RiteInTheRain_NB · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Depending on what type of science courses you take, I'd recommend our stuff. Our paper is water-resistant, so you can spill on it without consequence. It works great with ballpoint pens, as well.

Let me know if you want a little sample book to try out.

I've also heard good things about these types of notebooks (1, 2, 3). I've tried something very similar to the Scientific Notebook Factory one and liked the feel of the paper.

u/twinklekit · 2 pointsr/notebooks

I love the muji A5 notebooks that come in 5packs lined (6mm). They're pretty amazing...They're cardboard covers and not black, but they're really cheap so you can probably get a cover or something

Edit: Second link is a thicker notebook, first link is a 5pack of smaller notebooks

u/TheJerseyDevil123 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ok I'd have to go with This then

u/-chickadee- · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I use the Kokuyo Systemic notebook cover for 2 of my A5 notebooks (a Hobinichi Cousin & a slim A5 leuchturm1917). Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I like it's versatility.

u/PsHye18 · 2 pointsr/PenmanshipPorn

It could be a "Dotted Bullet" notebook,
I like it for the reason thatm you can write vertical and horizontal- both ways having a guiding line.
For stadistics and math, is very easy to make graphs and charts with the correct measure and is very clean and fresh

Something like this:

u/EzSiFiMetal · 2 pointsr/geology

A good chisel to go along with her rock hammer is great for sampling

Also, a scratcher/scribe with a neodymium magnet on the end is incredibly useful for testing hardness and magnetics of a rock

I use a compact mineral identification guide a ton as well. There are many out there, but this one is the one I use - others may be better

Edit: And the most (imo) important part of fieldwork are the notes you take, so a waterproof field notebook is a must-have if she'll be mapping in a rainy environment. This one has geological charts and diagrams in it as well

Above are good lower priced items, but if you really want to go all-out, good boots and a rain jacket are indispensable , but they have to fit very well so she may be better off picking those out herself (at least that's the way I feel about them)

Hope this helps!

u/JediJigglypuff · 2 pointsr/notebooks

They're the 5 pack of Muji notebooks. You can get them in stores if you live near them, on their website but that hasn't been working lately, and even on amazon.

u/namewithtoutwords · 2 pointsr/notebooks
u/NipponPentester · 1 pointr/fountainpens

you may want to check out Kokuyo campus notebooks from Japan available on Amazon. They are relatively inexpensive, in a convenient size B5 and layflat in addition they do very well with fountain pen ink. Ever since I discovered them that is all I use for notes.

u/piff00 · 1 pointr/notebooks

I'm a pretty relentless Muji stationary stalker and I've yet to see these online, but I can throw in another alternative brand. Midori MD has similar clear covers, though I've only found them in A5 ([Amazon] ([Jetpens]( and 4"x6" (Jetpens).

(I wish I was able to get the Muji cover like yours, especially if it's a B6! I love how it looks on your notebook. That perfect tailored fit... good stuff.)

u/greenland96 · 1 pointr/Artists

I go through notebooks all the time. If you want to be cheap the Amazon Basics notebook is good There are nicer ones for more money too.

u/DioTheory · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I wanted them specifically to use with my Rite in the Rain notebook. The paper's waterproof, but if you don't use waterproof ink it'll still run if it gets wet.

I love to hike, and I try to keep notes on all the trails I do. This will make it so much easier! Thank you so much! <3

u/apkayle · 1 pointr/fountainpens

The ones I really want to protect go into pen Franklin Christoph pen pouches. Durable/cheap pens I don't mind scuffing a bit go in the front of this:

Actually, the notebook cover isn't too abrasive and does a good job of protecting things.

u/VA_Network_Nerd · 1 pointr/college

Meet you halfway:

This is the de-facto standard. Single-Subject, spiral notebook. Tough. Functional. Available everywhere.

Two things I hate about spirals:

Crushed wires making it awkward to flip pages.
Lack of stiffness demands a table-top.

Ponder a not horribly expensive upgrade:

Black n' Red
Moleskine Extra Large Hardcover

No more spiral. Can write in your lap. Classier look.

Also available in graph-paper pages...

u/epik · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Occasionally I do some research about minimalistic leather journals because I always seem to have a reason to write things down but dislike the common 5-star notebooks and the like. There are lots of beautiful leather products out there especially with many upstarts through kickstarter and Etsy but it seems like the one everyone is trying to replicate is the good ol' Midori. Simple and beautiful and with people figuring out ways to cheaply get refills for the paper, I think some of you may enjoy it.

Also, the smaller "passport" size:

u/PhilosopherAboutTown · 1 pointr/notebooks

I like Kokuyo notebook covers. This one is the better model (and cheaper) but I found it a bit too snug for the Crossfield, especially with a 60pp Muji book in it, too. So, I bought this other one which takes the Crossfield and the Muji just fine but is a bit more awkward to use, with the trifold structure.

u/Doctor_Riptide · 1 pointr/fountainpens

Greetings from /r/all! Having seen the gif that's been on the front page for the last couple of days, I decided I might like to try my hand at some fancy pens, since I enjoy some of the finer things in life from time to time. This seems to be one of those.

Anyhow, I went through the sidebar and noticed there was one thing not really covered. I tend to write very small, and have found that a Pilot with a .5 mm tip works out best for me. I find that .7mm is a little too big. What sort of tip should I be looking for? I'm currently eyeballing a Nemosine Singularity with an extra fine tip, would that do the trick? Or do fountain pens tend to write a little thicker than some smaller ballpoints?

Also, as I am a student, I use a 5 star notebook to take my notes in. Is this type of paper ok with fountain pen ink or would I probably get some bleed through?


u/Chemistryz · 1 pointr/betterCallSaul

I also don't use crappy floppy lab books like this; spending ~$30 on a hardcovered proper lab book like this is amazing.

Although these were all I used in grad school

And I kill these in about 3-4 months. But I tend to write my thoughts on approaching the problems, which tend to be a bit wordy. Also, analytical chemistry tends to have a lot of graph data and references I stick in my books too (which take up entire pages).

u/your_plag_is_showing · 1 pointr/geology

How far along is she in her major? Do you know if she has completed field camp yet? You could always look into getting her a nice rock hammer, a nice hand lense (make sure it is 10x magnification), a rite in the rain book specifically for writing notes outside - these have some good geology guides in the back, or even like a "field pouch". All or any of these things she will need at some point as a geo undergrad

u/chronos42 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Perhaps a water filter?

My item, a little journal for my upcoming trip :)

u/jdixon1974 · 1 pointr/notebooks


Thanks for the reply. Those are exactly what I'm looking for, but they won't ship to Canada according to their website. I've sent them an email. Thanks

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Rite in the Rain All-Weather Soft Cover Pocket Notebook, 3 1/2" x 5", Green Cover, Universal Pattern (No. 954)

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I'm in the same situation. The Rhodia Dot and Muji notebooks.

u/sarasa177 · 1 pointr/notebooks

I have Kokuyo Systemic in A5 and it's really nice. The one I have it's a bit different than the one linked there though, mine can be filled with two notebooks (edit: link). It's available in B5 too. I use it with a Midori MD A5 and a ring notebook that comes with it.

Kokuyo Smart Ring binder looks pretty nice but it can only hold 50 papers (25 for the one with CamiApp feature). The idea of binder with only 50 papers is kind of seem pointless to me, I'd rather buy a notebook or other generic binders IMO.

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Yep - the five pack will be fine. Here's what I found on Amazon.

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Something like that. The best is when I can convince the admin's at work to buy some in their normal ordering. That is rare.

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You look wonderful today, did you do something new to your hair?

You should get this can opener is made of good thick steel, it's heavy in the hand and I have never had a problem opening a can with one. Bonus, it has a bottle opener on it.

And this is an excellent liquid measuring cup.

You may also want some of the following:

Hand soap for the kitchen and bathroom sinks, hand towels.
You need basic first aid stuff, like adhesive bandages (band-aids) and rubbing alcohol, good tweezers. Include basic pain meds, stuff for an upset stomach, allergy meds, or any prescription medications you need.

Sponges and scrub brushes. If you want to use a swifter type thing, I'd like to recommend this I have used it to clean offices and it works. The handle is pretty heavy duty and you can make or buy extra cleaning cloths, then you just put them in the washer.

Oh a colander, I will admit I picked that one because it's cute.

I love my rice cooker I use it to steam vegetables or cook rice at least once a week. I have the larger version but that one would probably work, or the larger one.

I could use one of the following: Notebook or Scissors or a Book.

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I agree with those mentioning to take a notebook. This is the one I use in my research.
Observe and listen. then ask. Write everything down.
Your homework for the first few days will be to google anything (technique, equipment, concepts, jargon etc.) that comes up you're not familiar with.
What a great opportunity, have fun!

u/colinmhayes · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I use this right now, and have a standard format that I follow. It's okay. I'd rather have one of these.

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not exactly what i was looking for but i need them in a hurry.

decided i'd try a pack of kokuyo campus notebooks i found on amazon. first time hearing about them. anyone have any experience?

i got these.

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Mischief Managed

Ok I hope I did this right

Wine helps me destress and this will help wake me up the morning after to be on time for class.

A broom cleans up household messes and this will help me clean up school messes.

A hat protects my head and these will protect my papers

Books are necessary for school especiallythese books

Trunks hold all kinds of items and this is basically a portable trunk.

A cloak will protect me and make me look cool and so will this

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Why dont you just put your paper in the 3 ring upside down and flip the book, then turn the ball point pen so its clip isn't facing your hand.

Then get the proper supplies elsewhere.

Fuck, I'm righthanded and figured this out faster than you.