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u/vecdran · 15 pointsr/WildernessBackpacking

Does your pack have any horizontal webbing on the hip belt, or MOLLE webbing even? If so, how about a roll-up dump pouch?

Money no object? Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Ultralight Dump Pouch. I use one of these for quickly stowing layers. Weighs barely anything, with a 3.5liter capacity and sized to fit behind larger MOLLE pouches.

Going cheap? Condor Roll- Up Pouch

The best designs roll-up and collapse into a small package. I'd stay away from the more rigid ones, unless you're fine with a 2 to 5 liter pouch just hanging around.

u/pliskin42 · 14 pointsr/bugout

Here is the list of gear. It is meant for both myself and my wife, so I doubled up in some places. (Links where I have them)

u/Ampage86 · 11 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I used a clackit attached to the front of my hydro pack. Problem solved

u/Miamiblue112 · 11 pointsr/BuyItForLife

If anyone is interested in the Rush12 and only want to pay a quarter of the price check out

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack Army Molle Bug Out Bag Backpacks Small Rucksack for Outdoor Hiking Camping Trekking Hunting Small Black …

I research the heck out of 5.11 bags and was about to pay $130 for the Rush12 last year when I came across the above linked bag. 5.11 bags are great and heavy duty construction. But the bag I linked above for a fraction of the price is far surpassing my expectations. I needed a bag for my Army Reserve life and civilian professional life. In the year of owning the bag it has servived a 29 day FTX (military training, where you legit live outdoors 24/7). The comparntments are all good sizes. And plus it's black so as military uniforms change, I can continue to use or wear when walking around base.
For my civilian life, I needed a bag for work where I can carry my work laptop, gym gear, lunch, and not look like I'm rucking when walking downtown. This bag does the job to the T. I fit my 13" laptop, meal prep lunch carton, gym shorts, t-shirt, toiletries, and size 13 running shoes in this bag. It's not as heavy duty as 5.11 and you won't be "rucking" in this bag or putting weights in it to train, but for the price it's been amazing.

u/passg1 · 10 pointsr/Goruck

Hey guys!
This is my 34L GR2, EDC and Travel bag, and I LOVE everything about it.

I used 1 set of these as compression straps. They are very sturdy and work perfect with the GR2's additional MOLLE row evenly distributing the pulling force. My bag was pretty full and with these straps I managed to compress it nicely with an aesthetically pleasing look.

I made the cord net with this 1/8" shock cord, this zipper pull and this cord stopper. I ended using this shock cord net a lot to hold my hoodie or my jacket. Highly recommended, and these cord stoppers and zipper pulls are the sturdier ones I could find, they grip on the cord really hard.

And finally my favorite patch so far! :).

u/DrPercivalCox · 6 pointsr/preppers

I bought this one a month ago, and I love it. I've bought a couple molle pouches/attachments to go with it, and it's worked perfectly so far. I have clothes, snacks, flashlights, knives, some small and simple camping/survival accessories, a lot of first aid stuff. It's pretty full now, but still not obnoxiously heavy. It isn't some fancy name brand, but I wasn't looking to spend a shit ton of money either. Amazon has a lot of bags like this for around the same price.

u/Impyman18 · 5 pointsr/guns

More Smith/Armour tools

u/Snipermonkey19D · 4 pointsr/VEDC
u/jzpenny · 4 pointsr/EDC

In general, I like it a lot. A few changes I'd make:

  • throw in some contractor bags - you're lacking the 'cover' component of the five 'c's. they weigh nothing and serve a million functions.
  • add a stainless steel nalgene, and keep it full of water. you don't want to have to build a fire or drink iodine water out of a pond when you get thirsty 30 minutes into a hike. use all consumables (sawyer filter) only as backups/last resorts, favoring renewable sources (boiling water from the cleanest available sources)
  • if you carry a compass, bring a (good, topographic) map. compasses are of limited value without maps.

    There are other changes I'd make that I consider more stylistic, but those are all "for sures".

    What I would start thinking about for expanding this and carrying the water might be something like this. It's got shoulder strap loops for easy carry and molle webbing so you could attach your existing pouch on one side or break it down into two for more symmetry in the pack. That's actually very close to what I carry as my modular takealong innawoods, packed in to the site inside a frame pack.
u/Trollygag · 4 pointsr/longrange

I wouldn't buy a cheap bipod, but you could consider getting a front bag or making your own block to shoot off of. You get the similar benefits but for less money. Both of them for $30. Over years they will start leaking from the seams, but it isn't that big of a deal.

u/adjgbole · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

I used to have the same problem, but now I use a Platypus 1L bag and their drinking tube kit (

I also recommend taking off their alligator clip and replacing it with this:

I've used it on many day and multi-night hikes with no problems. I run the drinking tube up the side of my pack, under the compression straps, over the shoulder, through a daisy chain, and finally to the magnetic clip. I only have to take the platy out of the side pocket when I need to refill it. It's also nice because I don't have to stop and fuss with a bottle while using trekking poles, I can just drink while I hike.

I tried using a SmarTube that was made to use with regular bottles, but it was rather poor quality.

u/MoonshineBaby · 3 pointsr/flashlight

I just got this, works perfectly. It has side interior pockets for spare batteries/charger and headbands, etc and loops to hold about 5-10 lights depending on size. It's also great for travel.

u/The_Eternal_Badger · 3 pointsr/tacticalgear

You can get bags similar to that one all day long on Amazon for roughly that price. $39.95 is about what it's worth. If a $39.95 backpack is what you need, it's probably fine.

u/kaosf · 3 pointsr/Goruck

Sure - here's a set I see pop up on here: 5.11 system


u/FnJUSTICE · 3 pointsr/Nerf

In terms of cheap holders: Condor Roll- Up Pouch

I like them because of their versatility and compact size when not in use. They hold 3-4 12-dart mags and not even peek over the top, so for 18-darts, they're great. I also stuff other things in them when I'm on the move.

The only issue is gear rattle. The mags will rattle around if you have only 3 in there when you run, and if you do weird jumping/flipping shit, there's a chance whatever'll be in there will slip out of the top (but that takes some trying to do).

I run 2 of them on a Condor Battle Belt and I'm contemplating a 3rd.

Also, what you have them on matters! Chest rigs give you more capacity at the expense of restricting movement, while battle belts give you more flexibility and range of motion at the expense of lowered capacity! Try to shape your gear towards your playing style!

u/w0uld · 3 pointsr/Goruck

I use these straps on the molle of my GR2. They work well.

u/macbooklover91 · 2 pointsr/EDC

You said in the bag or Molle right?

u/theGRZA · 2 pointsr/Survival

ThirstyOne is correct. $20. I bring mine on short hikes and leave it in the truck day to day. And this fits inside with the nalgene. The only thing i didn't like about it is that it flops around a bit when fitted to a belt or backpack. I use a shoulder strap now.

u/CJOttawa · 2 pointsr/canada

Click the Amazon Marketplace link ("28 New from $9.49") and scroll until you find a seller offering international shipping.

Some products just don't ship but I've found a lot that do.

Another oddball tip:

Some stores use the Amazon platform but also have their own e-commerce stores.

Here's an example: Hero Outdoors.

Check this Amazon page where they're one of the marketplace sellers:

$35 + 20 shipping = $55

Now check their own ecommerce site:

$30 + 15 shipping = $45

$10 saved on a single small item by just Googling.

Let your fingers do the Googling - expand to include,,, and just "all Canadian websites."

u/ThirstyOne · 2 pointsr/Survival

That may be the case but I think the OP would be better served by using something like the "Condor h2o" pack. He'd be able to store his water bottle and the rest of the kit without worrying about contaminating his water or losing kit components. Something similar to this guy's setup.

u/Gergss · 2 pointsr/EDC

I would not go crazy on the pack and spend the money on the first aid gear. With that said, Vism makes a first responder bag. I use mine for work, but it would make an excellent first aid bag. Lots of pockets to organize every thing and easy to work from while it is slung over your shoulder. Vism First Responder bag

u/Dog_Off_Leash · 2 pointsr/Goruck

Smartphone Strap Pack - Backpack Shoulder Strap Pouch (Black) - Backpack Attachment for Hikers, Travelers, Students, and Commuters

Several of us have been using these for a couple years now, and they work fine.

u/tgbhingnbd · 2 pointsr/longrange

I use the rear bag that came with this set:

It had a nice V shape for resting the stock.

u/iceph03nix · 2 pointsr/EDC

I've got a MP tactical backpack and I use the webbing for quite a bit of things.

You can use them to hold just about anything that clips onto a belt. I keep a knife and a flashlight clipped in mine, as well as rubber bands, cables, and cable ties in these. Those also work for mostly used rolls of electrical tape, so any rolls that get low go in them as well. full roles are too thick and end up in a pocket.

I also have some of these but they're crap and more trouble than they're worth.

u/caffeinater · 2 pointsr/Goruck

It does seem pricey, yet I'm considering the same one. It seems like the most flexible option for carrying bottles. I initially bought a Condor bottle pouch and it's well-built but a little loose for my 20z insulated Klean Kanteen (probably very comparable to your Hydroflask) yet not tall enough for my 40oz Camelbak.

u/AUT1GER · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

It is a pretty thin backpack. I think it was designed to carry weight close to your back so it doesn't stick out much. It doesn't taper much so it is really space efficient. It gets a lot of its volume due to its length and not girth if that makes sense.

You can buy these to compress the bag if you need them. I don't think you need to though.

You can buy the bag and return it for free if it doesn't work out. They include the return label in the box so there isn't a huge hassle.

How tall are you? The 26L might be better if you are using it for travel and EDC. If you are tall, the 26L will look better on you.

u/shutupshake · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

tactical backpacks like this are common, low-cost options.

u/Geoffr0y · 2 pointsr/Survival

If these will work with your setup they're made of carbon fiber resin, they should hold up unless you're packing kettlebells in your MSS...

u/SearingPhoenix · 2 pointsr/Nerf

Nice thorough review. +1.

I have the similar AK rig, and I have to admit, I wish I had gone with a 100% MOLLE rig.

I did a chunk of research the other day, and I think personally I'd have to go with a waist-loaded option. For whatever reason, having straps on my shoulders makes it annoying to really couch a blaster in my shoulder, on top of the straps -- don't ask me why, it's just always... Not quite right.

That said, if I had to rebuy my rig, I'd spend a bit more and get this setup:

  • Condor Gen 2 BattleBelt + Condor Duty Belt
  • Condor Dual AK Mag Pouch or Tri AK Mag Pouch
  • Single-Point Sling

    I'd probably go with a double pouch on each side, carrying 8x18 + 2 or 3 in/on the blaster + sidearm + holdouts. More than enough.

    Everything's on the waist, out of the way so you keep utmost in upper-body maneuverability. Everything's also off to the side, so you can go prone/flat against walls pretty easily on either side, whereas the chest rig made bellying up to a wall less than ideal.

    If I wanted to go for extras, I'd want to look at a Mag Recovery Dump Pouch for one side.

    For those that want the shoulder support, you can get an H-Harness

    Now for the really crazy research that I did.

    I considered adding hydration of some kind, which gets a bit tricky for waist packs. The slickest hydration pack I could probably find was the Condor Hydro Harness which actually fits nicely with all of their gear -- but you need to have a compatible chest rig to use it properly... Which means things on the shoulders. Even more cobbled together solutions, such as an H-Harness + Hydration carrier has the same problem, although less so.

    Fortunately, there are solutions! MOLLE-compatible 'side' hydration pouches, such as the Source Kangaroo 1L or the Blackout! Side Hydration Pouch would take the water off the back. 1L is a lot less, as most backpacks are 2, 2.5, or even more in capacity. The downside of any hydration pouch is twofold in this case:

  1. You don't have any good way to keep the water line near your mouth, since you lack shoulder straps.

  2. Cleaning bladders is a pain!

    That said, Source does make some pretty awesome extras, both of which seem really useful the former of which may even work to deal with problem #1 in this case.

    There's another alternative to this, too, though! I personally find my Nerf habit totally niche, so I always feel a bit guilty getting something JUST for Nerf... But Nalgene bottles or the like are really useful otherwise, so that's always a nice option.

  • Getting just a MOLLE Nalgene carrier or generic bottle pouch would work fine. Solid Nalgene bottles have pros and cons though. Pros: it's rigid and strong, which means it takes impact and wear very well. Cons: It's hard, so it doesn't collapse, and it's generally more bulky.
  • You can get soft Nalgene Canteens in 32oz or 48oz and put them in some sort of suitable pouch. I imagine the 32oz canteen would fit rather well in the standard bottle carrier, although I don't know how well the bottle carrier collapses, making the presence of a canteen possibly moot.
  • Turn any Nalgene (or smaller water bottles, if the usual 32oz is too large) into a hydration carrier with a straw adapter. Popular ones include SmarTube or Source SNEP, both of which include a Nalgene-compatible 63mm wide-mouth adapter, and the Condor Nalgene carrier has a straw pass-thru in the top. Obviously, the downside to this is that the thing you're drinking from generally needs to be upright to ensure constant water supply. Not that big of an issue, but it does limit canteen pouch options to ones that will hold the thing upright.

    I personally think I'd lean towards the straw option, as it's easier to clean and more universally usable, although I'm not entirely certain I'd like the bulk of a Nalgene bottle on my waist and the slosh factor, both of which are lesser issues when dealing with a bladder. Maybe I'll try and find a suitable pouch for a 32oz Nalgene canteen and get the SNEP...

    EDIT: Malformed link.
u/FOH-Banana · 2 pointsr/livesound

Saw this dump pouch mentioned on here in one of the many posts along this line - it's permanently replaced my chalk bag; slightly larger but doesn't swing, and big enough to easily fit a few folded-up plots too. First one's 18 months old and hardly showing any sign of wear.

u/minimini · 2 pointsr/MosinNagant
u/notquiteamidget · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/jcdang · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/CrossShot · 1 pointr/longrange

Normally the other option is a shooting bag / rest of some sort.

But I mean you can get a pretty cheap bipod for the same price as well.

u/SenorPierre · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I use this. got it from a friend and repurposed it. tons of elastic loops, one zippered pocket and a deep open pocket. I carry a spool of kanthal, multiple juice bottles (probably close to 200 mils), cotton, an extra 18650, set of precision screwdrivers, plus my MVP. it gets a little crowded but keeps shit straight.

edit: I also keep a pair of small craft wire cutters in there, also. and a Tugboat.

u/Jon_Grgry · 1 pointr/Goruck

This Vanquest PPM-HUSKY 2.0 is awesome and fits perfectly. But you'll need some of these.

u/patrat21589 · 1 pointr/guns

NcStar. I got it on Amazon. I'm really happy with the quality.

u/Bilbo_Fraggins · 1 pointr/Goruck

Goruck accessories: Sternum strap, waist belt, bladder adapter, GR1 cinch system.

Source Magnetic clip Actually ordered here, but got the style in the previous picture.

u/BagOfGuano · 1 pointr/Multicopter

What about using something like the D clip linked to below? Just strap the goggles on the outside with one or two of those maybe? I have the Quanums too and was hoping this would work for me. For $12, I think I may pick it up and see if I can make it work. My current solution of 6 different boxes/containers kinda sucks.

u/backwoods_neckbeard · 1 pointr/Multicopter

for all those who want prime shipping, you can buy this bag on amazon. it was a little cheaper when i snagged one, but 22 bucks is still pretty damn good and you get prime shipping.

personally i think the bag is pretty shitty, but it is a much better choice than the old laptop bag i was using. definitely going to be trading up to something nicer, but if you're strapped for cash this is an ok choice to get you through for a bit.

i also highly suggest picking up some d-clips for the webbing on the back.

u/thesockcode · 1 pointr/techtheatre

I'm a fan of my cheapo MOLLE dump pouch. It attaches solidly to my belt (with a bit of fiddling), has both a drawstring and a lid, and doesn't swing around annoyingly. I don't use chalk bags because I can't stand having the thing swinging around while I walk.

OP's bag looks nice, though, as long as the belt loops are solid...

u/lvl20dm · 1 pointr/EDC

I just got this one a few months ago and I like it quite a bit. There's plenty of pockets and some organizers within the pockets. There is a pocket for water bladder, with hole at the top for a Camelbak straw thingy, if that's your thing. I've taken it on a flight - packed it full and it fit overhead/carry-on requirements.

u/idontknowwhynot · 1 pointr/bugout

I went with this one. My bag is urban prepped since I live downtown Chicago. This one made the cut for me because I use a lot of MOLLE add ons and can compartmentalize certain scenario based add ons. For example, I have a side pack that has PPE for catastrophe in the city (think 9/11 dust and destruction), so it has respirators, safety goggles, a few other things. Not needed? Great, quick pop off and a few pounds lighter (also, I’m packing for 2... girlfriend thinks I’m crazy, but I got her covered).

u/savax7 · 1 pointr/EDC

Fellow IT guy here: I use the Condor Compact Assault Pack and some Eagle Creek pouches to keep everything organized. I also added a MOLLE water bottle pouch for hydration.

I also have to carry a bunch of tools since I work in ag, I could be working in a manufacturing plant the size of an NFL stadium - trips out to the car aren't really an option.

**I got a knock off hydration pouch of Ali, this is the same thing though.

u/kimste2 · 1 pointr/victorinox

I would go with the third one.

Personally I use this

u/gmann2388 · 1 pointr/EDC

No, but with the switchable shoulder strap it's nice to be able to put on the side you'd prefer. I use this guy and can easily move it from my one bag to the other.

u/Eevich · 1 pointr/PAX

From my personal experience at PAX;

Don't bring anything that doesn't have a secure or zippered pocket of some kind. This is more of a personal preference but I want to know that my chargers and few electronics are safe and not easily accessed by others.

Don't bring anything with small or thin straps, by the end of day four even with cushioned straps my shoulders are pretty damn sore. Adding extra cushioning before hand might be a worthwhile investment.

Don't bring anything too bulky or that has too many accessories on it, by which I mean anything that might hook or catch on other people passing by. It's very cramped in there and last year I watched a womans bag, that had a few chains on it, snag and break.

I personally like having several pockets to help me stay organized and so that I don't have to stop and pull everything out just to find one thing, especially with how busy and chaotic some of the spaces can get.
A small pocket for electronics, a second for quick snacks or med access (beef jerky, pepto and tylenol are good basics to keep with you just in case), and another section or two for swag and anything I buy.

I personally use a tactical backpack. Simple and no fuss, but plenty of room. Some are made with very breathable materials which can help keep your back from getting too sweaty if it's hot or muggy.

Something simple like this

u/Wilsonsj90 · 1 pointr/emergencymedicine

1st off; Don't waste your money on items you will NEVER use or that wont have a practical application. While a BP can be nice to have, it will get taken by responding medics and will have no bearing on the care you provide in the meantime. Forget the cuff. Forget the BVM. If a patient has coded, you're not going to alternate compressions and one man bagging. If a bystander wants to help and doesn't feel comfortable with a face mask, quickly instruct them on compressions and you do the breaths while monitoring their rate/quality. Consider EPI auto-injector depending on state laws if you think you'll ever come up on an ANA. CVS has (had?) a generic for $10. Forget other meds. To much liability with no benefit pre-EMS.

Coming from an urban center without the need for driving, I use a MOLLE kit attached to my day pack. Stocked it with several sets of gloves, penlight, decompression needle, shears, lots of 4x4s, face mask, chest seal, CELOX, and CAT. Stethoscope is always in my primary bag. Goes everywhere and I still have plenty of storage for laptop, street clothes, and whatever else I might need.

Most of what I've come across are ODs, but I won't even think about carrying Narcan. Dispatch will alert LE as well and they have it on them. Just monitor their airway. Even out of the city, 99% of what you'd ever come across needing immediate assistance that won't have the risk of a combative person (i.e. OD given Narcan) is bleeding and airway. The rest can wait for a rig.

Notepad and pen might be helpful as well for quick vitals. In lieu of a BP, just note weather their pulse is strong or not.

Location, season, and space dependent, a foil-type survival blanket might be in order too.

Link to a MOLLE pouch(No affiliation and not recommending; for reference only):

Link to a MOLLE day bag(Again, no affiliation, just reference):

Hope this helps!

u/agoonygoogoo55 · 1 pointr/Goruck

Thanks for the info, got any pouches you recommend for the inner top molle? What do you normally look for in a pouch? I have this admin pouch and this utility pouch. Would you say these are useful as an ifak?

u/smallbatchb · 1 pointr/photography

This guy

Another decent cheapie is this one though I'd add a piece of padding at least to the bottom.

u/Abovereports · 1 pointr/Tools

I did something similar, although I got the 3V Gear bag. If you do go this route, I recommend getting a Condor T&T pouch for it. It's great for cables and tools.

Also these Condor Roll Up pouches are great to add

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Assault Backpack Rucksack, MOLLE Compatible for Military Gear, Outdoors, Hiking, Bug Out Backpack

Vanquest 5" MOLLE Sticks (4 Pack) for attaching the pouches

u/medic-pepper · 1 pointr/Miata

Lol yeah. For a while I ran some MOLLE bottle pouches between the seats on my cross bar. They worked well and I still use them during long drives or when it's super hot out as the cover could shade the water bottle.

CONDOR H2O Pouch (Black, 10 x 4Dia-Inch)

u/LobBobBlob · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I manage the ends with these EKLORN 6 Pack TW MOLLE Web Dominators with Elastic String,Practical Backpack Accessories (Black)

u/DaemonPainter · 1 pointr/EDC

I have tried keeping a clasp that will allow me to clip my keys so I can keep them out of my pocket. When I go to work I put my work keys on the outside or on a lanyard. After my shift I seperate the two and hang up my home keys.
XTACER Tactical Molle Key Ring

u/PenguinPellets · 1 pointr/Bushcraft

Just grab a couple of these camelback clip and clip it to your pack

u/BeaverNutz · 1 pointr/canadaguns

That bipod will be hard to mount on a Mosin. Also it will look stupid. If I were you I'd get some sandbags or something like this if you were looking for a shooting rest.

u/daeedorian · 1 pointr/1022

If you're set on adding a bipod, yes--you need to drill a hole in the stock and add a sling swivel for mounting a Harris style bipod.

For a gun like that, I would just get some sandbags, however.

u/roboboi · 1 pointr/EDC

Pick whatever color you like nobody cares. I use to have a red 40 liter bag and nobody noticed. Now i have this and its nice

u/james_lpm · 1 pointr/tacticalgear

HSGI molle straps are what I use.

HSGI Taco Pouch Molle Fastener - Short Clip -

u/cr0n1c · 1 pointr/flashlight

Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner. This is what I had in mind for you but it may not work.

u/KindaJamesBond · 1 pointr/techwearclothing

Honestly, I bought a Maxpedition MOLLE pouch to use on the side as my laptop charger holder - saved SO much space inside. When not in use, it's super lightweight and still fits the all-black aesthetic of the bag. Looks like it should have come with it!

Here's the one I have

Edit: I attached it to one of the side bottle holder areas using some of these which was wonderful for quickly taking it on and off as needed (like for airports, etc.).

Edit2: Formatting n00b.

u/Gavin_152 · 1 pointr/EDC

I absolutely love it. The possibilities to organise your stuff are seemingly endless and the quality seems more than adequate. I was also surprised by the comfort and the fit when you're wearing it.

Only minor down point is, that there's only one set of compression straps. I would have liked to see them add one more set on the bottom half of the pack. But there's a pretty simple solution to that problem.

In all, I can only recommend that pack ... you won't be disapointed!

u/AfterburnerAnon · -1 pointsr/knifeclub

I use a pull though and a stick myself, while I'm waiting on saving enough money for a sharpmaker. May I suggest this: