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u/DobbHeadPlus · 260 pointsr/videos

3 for $20+ on amazon with just over 2 stars, if that's not a deal.

u/Lord_dokodo · 67 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Are you talking about the mushroom looking one that has a outside circular lip and a straight stem? They're called bellows plungers. You might not have been using it right, it's technically a different style plunger than those traditional red ones that you see in cartoons where they stick it on someone's face.

Bellows plungers are what they sound like. They're like bellows and bellows were used by blacksmiths to shoot air into the furnace to heat up the coals. Likewise, a bellows plunger pushes the water instead of using suction to pull.

They come in varying sizes but they use the same technique.

Here is a big one:

This is a simpler one:

You have to fill them with water before you actually plunge. If you just stick in the drain then its not as effective.

The downside is it typically only works with toilets. You need some water in the bowl for it to work, enough to submerge it otherwise the water just falls out. So you can't plunge a sink with it really, you'd need a traditional plunger.

u/impy695 · 11 pointsr/BuyItForLife

That looks uncomfortably... familiar...

u/somerandumguy · 8 pointsr/gay

One of these bad boys. The handle is perfect, feels amazing. ;)

u/H720 · 7 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting

Crossposting from /r/INEEEEDIT:

Product Name: "SurePlunge Automatic Plunger"


Product Link:

Many users in the thread on /r/interestingasfuck said this may damage pipes that are not built to withstand high pressure so do be cautious before buying and possibly wrecking your plumbing.

I find the prices of all the items posted to /r/INEEEEDIT anyway, as the sub is focused around cool inventions that can be bought.

u/KarmaAndLies · 5 pointsr/AskMen

Buy two plungers, a drain one and a toilet one (the holder is useful too).

u/ThatBitterJerk · 5 pointsr/videos

Smile link just in case anyone in this thread is suckered into trying them:

u/Godzilla_in_PA · 5 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Get one of this style of plunger. Put it in the toilet, slowly push down to collapse the plunger then allow the plunger to expand to fill with water. Then quick push down on the plunger to force the filled bellows to push water down the drain. If the clog doesn't clear after you do this two or three tries you have bigger troubles, call a plumber.

u/ShiversTheNinja · 5 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Two seconds of googling. You couldn't even check first?

u/pandabearak · 5 pointsr/AskMen

Get one of these. Seriously, freakin' Walgreens carries these for like $12. Best plunger ever and you don't have to call a plumber at $50/hour.

Or just flush multiple times. Don't let this build up. Jesus, this was disgusting.

u/VA_Network_Nerd · 5 pointsr/college

Toilet Plunger - Not a sink plunger
Zip Stick Drain Opener

In our last apartment we paid electricity, and had electric heat. The windows were drafty as heck. In hindsight, I wish I had taken the 30 minutes and $10 to apply some simple weather stripping.

weather stripping

u/neanderthalman · 4 pointsr/fixit

Or you could get a fucking sink plunger. Which is exactly what this shit is trying to mimic. Only the plunger will actually get the job done.

Here's one for like $2.

u/yeos_ · 3 pointsr/simpleliving

This was their most powerful they tested to save you some time.

u/EraserGirl · 3 pointsr/LivingAlone

Sturdy step stool ($40) - not the rickety tubular kitchen chair ones, I mean one where you can stand on the top. a Buy it for Life item, not inexpensive, but safe.

Leatherman multi tool (around $50), which i keep in the junk bowl because I can never find a screwdriver fast enough. Pricey new, less expensive when you buy it second hand or in a pawn shop. they don't really break, but you do have to clean and oil them once a year.

Cordless drill (under $50), mine basically has the screw driver bit in it 90% of the time. the rest of the time I drill lots of pilot holes. pay attention to the battery... if you can get one with a battery that is shared by other tools in the line, then it is easily replaceable and if you buy another tool in that line you can swap batteries. I like to have 1 battery in the charger and one in the device.

Spirit, bubble or torpedo level. (under $10) the Hanging kit usually contains just the wires and hooks, but you need a small spirit level for hanging pictures and shelves evenly. doesn't matter the brand they all work the same

Small tool boxes vary in quality. I don't know if this is for you or someone else. But don't buy anything unless it's a NAME BRAND, cheap metal tools bend and can break with too much torque. Even the Stanley line that Walmart sells isn't fabulous, but it's better than a nameless brand. I don't like SETS of tools, but you need to start someplace, buy GOOD tools one at a time, I love finding $$$ tools at thrift stores. bought a cheap socket set 4 years ago to replace my stolen ones and they already have rust)

Bucket organizer. (around $15) If you buy a SET of tools, take the plastic blow molded container and put it in the recycling. You will never bother putting the tools back in and when you get more tools they won't fit. Bucket Organizers are pockets that fit around a 5 gallon bucket. You shove your tools into the pockets and everything else in the middle. And keep it in the bottom of your closet and carry it to where you need the tools.

Tack Hammer. (under $15) You won't need a big 22 oz hammer, but a smaller 16 oz one with a normal handled and then a Tack hammer, these have a narrow head and sometimes are magnetic and hold the nail in place. Tack hammers are easier to use for hanging things exactly where you want them.

Stud finder.(under $20) uses a battery, and lets you know where the studs are behind drywall. BEST PURCHASE EVER. any brand will work fine.

Digital Infared Thermometer (under $20) Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun - ALSO BEST PURCHASE EVER... works in the kitchen for food and oven temp, fridge temp, and for locating drafts and cold spots around doors and windows.

Toilet Plunger - the sort with the extra bit on the end. you do NOT want to be waiting around for someone to unblock your toilet. It may be disgusting but scoop out some of what's in the toilet before you start plunging, it's less disgusting than having to mop it off the floor. You want the plunger that makes a seal around the bottom.

BUCKET. (under $10) mine is constantly in use, i keep it in the tub and toss wet things into it. I have gone through EVERY TYPE on offer...I was so sick of plastic buckets, that warped and stained, where the handles ripped out. But the BEST and cheapest one I have ever found is a flat back duraflex bucket for watering horses. Not kidding. Made of a hard polyethylene these things are designed to be flung around and stepped on by 2000 lb animals. these are cheap if you buy them in a feed store, but even with the shipping on Amazon it is WELL WORTH the money. You will need a bucket when you empty the back of the toilet tank to change the flushing flapper or gasket, and you will need it when you empty the commode itself, if you have to change out the wax seal underneath.

Blanket hangers. (6 for $27) yeah this is obscure, but when I moved I lost a LOT of storage space. These saved my sanity. I use them to hang up quilts and sleeping bags in the back of the closet OFF SEASON. I also use them to hang blankets, sheets curtains and stuff once they come out of the laundry aren't quite dry. I didn't even know there was such a thing before now I wouldn't give them up.

Flashlight. ($30-50) I've written about these before. Until I bought a GOOD one, I had no idea how bad the others were. Cheap flashlights are great to have scattered about in the cellar, or in the junk drawer. but if you really want TO SEE, get a great flashlight. I gifted myself one for christmas one year and I love it. It hangs by the door and if I am going to be out very late or the weather is bad, I shove it in my bag. It will also illuminate Well past the end of the porch and into the yard if I hear a noise. any very good brand will do, but I found Maglites to be dangerously useless.

u/Nwambe · 3 pointsr/britishproblems

Two things to do:

Boil several pots of hot water, pour them down one at a time to melt the obstruction.

Second, get a specific type of plunger. All the rest are bollocks and utterly useless, etc. etc.

Korky Beehive

u/Kimberkley01 · 3 pointsr/CleaningTips

BATTLEHYMN Toilet Bowl Pumice...

This is where I got mine after reading a tip on this sub. Absolutely will work. Maybe use in conjunction with CLR.

u/biased_user_agent · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

most of the top layer for solar panels are glass. IF this is the case with yours, you can use the automobile "bug and Tar removal" from any autoparts store or home improvement store. or goo gone, or 98% alcohol, turpentine, etc

Get a toilet brush like this : Toilet brush but 2 dollars at a dollar store.
get a bucket of water
Spray/pour on the bug remover
let sit for a few minutes
While keeping the brush really really wet, start brushing off the sap
If the brush wont do, you can use one of these plastic scrubber

After youre done, put a light coat of auto wax on the panels and buff it in( ONLY IF ITS A GLASS TOP LAYER, should be) this will help prevent sap from attaching and you can go up and just flick the little sap drops off.

u/Powerdriven · 3 pointsr/AskMen

Best plunger known to man

Source: I own it and I have had a plumber clear my toilet and tell me I should get more fiber, flush more often and hold the lever down to get more water during the flush. He was flabbergasted after he cleared it. This is the same plumber that replaced my entire toilet stack from the basement floor up to the toilet and tub. (not at the same time as the clog, later. (note: I now poop at work with pro toilets)

u/Reddywhipt · 3 pointsr/Plumbing

I don't know plumbing... but if it pushed it 25' further down the line, I'd think it would be pushed into the main house drain, and the rest of the house wouldn't be draining anymore.

Yes, I tried plunging the hell out of it using one of these. Didn't seem to help, but it was also blowing back through the second drain in the laundry room sink (double).

u/tsoliman · 3 pointsr/CrappyDesign

I had the same problem. This works on everything:

u/erh2k14 · 2 pointsr/videos
u/englishmusic · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I recommend a plunger once you buy it you will not need it, but if you neglect to get one you'll find yourself wandering the streets at 2am buying a broken plunger from the grocery store because everywhere else is sold out. Ask me how I know.

you're a big girl now!

u/samsterk911 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Your'e gonna want some awesome new knives.

this to keep all your cords in place.

this so you don't have trouble plugging in all your stuff.

this can be used to keep track of all the tiny pieces (e.g. batteries, screws, etc.).

I personally use this everyday, it's the best.

these to keep you clean.

everyone needs one of these.

gotta put all the shoes somewhere.

something like this will come in handy.

It's the small details that count.

this could help when moving everything in.

And then get one of these bad boys for you!

okay I think I put enough for now, hope it helps.

u/flimspringfield · 2 pointsr/AskRedditAfterDark

We have a plunger that when I first saw it I though it was someones toy:

u/AngelicBabyGirl · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am also moving really soon so I have giant list dedicated to the move, feel free to check it out.

First this is to not for get cleaning supplies or a plunger because they are things you are going to need!

Storage bins and closet organizers are always good for keeping the potential small apartment clean, organized and a bit bigger.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this awesome alarm clock in their brand new apartment?!

I love this shelf and I think it would be perfect for a small apartment and this beanie bag looks pretty comfy, and would be great if you have friends over to play video games!

u/waspocracy · 2 pointsr/shittyideas

This made me remember that most people are using the wrong plunger for toilets. Most people use something like this, but it's for sinks. A toilet plunger has an extra thingy (don't know technical term).

u/purebredginger · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Advice: plan out your meals weekly to help save you money. You can buy snacks and off your list every now and again, but you'll find yourself only buying food you need for the week so you hardly ever throw away food you never got around to eating.

What you need: a plunger. Guys do shit to toilets that just... idk how they do it..

cheeto fingers

u/coffeekittie · 2 pointsr/DIY

Not a plumber, either, but I've always used This type of plunger for bad clogs.

u/Edward_Morbius · 2 pointsr/HomeMaintenance
u/particle409 · 2 pointsr/Plumbing

No need to scoop out shit water. As others have said, get a snake or toilet auger. Home Depot sells a cheap toilet auger for $10. It's only 3 feet long, but it should do the trick. Also, what kind of plunger are you using? People often use the wrong kind of plunger, which doesn't seal correctly. I like the beehive style, it seals best:

u/oberonbarimen · 1 pointr/pics

I know you already have three, but I would like to recommend a master plunger. If used properly they beat any regular toilet plunger. Compress slowly and usually you only need to use short strokes but most of the time you can compress and then pull out and you're good to go. You can get them at the hardware store and not just online. I never end up with wet floors. They are worth it if you end up having a difficult toilet in the future. Saved me from calling the plumber a billion times.

u/murderous_tac0 · 1 pointr/HomeRepair

Pumice stone. It's the only thing that will actually work. No chemical will take off the stains from porcelain. BATTLEHYMN Toilet Bowl Pumice Cleaning Stone with Handle - Fine Grit,Sturdy, High Density, 2 Piece

Chemicals like clr will help to loosen the buildup. But nothing compares to a pumice stone. Don't use pumice with chemical btw. Just water.

u/DominusDeus · 1 pointr/AskMen

A proper toilet plunger. I quite like this one.

u/wingedmurasaki · 1 pointr/AskReddit

accordion or bellows? I have this type and it is UNDEFEATED.

Seriously, I hate the stupid low flow toilets in this country. And the ones in my apartment complex suck even more.

u/justatest90 · 1 pointr/gaymersgonewild
u/tester2080 · 1 pointr/teenagers

$3 also who can't afford to spend £8 on something they need. Do you not have a plunger in your house? How does your mum unclog the toilet?

u/StraightUpAsshole · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting
u/ptProgrammer · 1 pointr/Blacksmith

one of these. Every house should have one. :-)

u/dedondemon89 · 1 pointr/Femdom

I used a condom which smoothes it out. The fact that its a straight solid phallus helps apply pressure right where you want it. However i have experience with larger toys as well which helps so that i can comfortably accomodate it. For more amature milkers i suggest the clear acrylic handle of the plungers sold at ace hardware. I know that sounds odd but its long enough and stiff enough to easily manipulate it and put pressure right on the prostate and it has a rounded tip.

u/tormundsbearcock · 1 pointr/videos
u/fortyfiveACP · 1 pointr/pics

Maybe just start with this one. (I'm not affiliated with the seller or Amazon in any way)

u/DichotimusRex · 1 pointr/leaf

You mean, like this: plunger ? How do you know what size to get?

u/fubo · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I used to fart huge farty farts, crap huge crappy craps, and regularly clog the toilet -- to the extent that I got very quick at getting the lid off and closing the flush valve before the bowl overflowed. Indeed, at one point I had to go buy a more powerful plunger because the usual kind didn't work well enough.

Then I started eating more vegetables and fiber and less gluey refined starch and fatty burgers and such. I don't clog toilets any more.

u/reddit455 · 1 pointr/videos
u/netdigger · 1 pointr/pics

You need something like this

u/ARedHouseOverYonder · 1 pointr/AskMen

also make sure you buy the TOILET plunger, not the sink plunger. Sinks rarely get backed up enough to need one but its not a bad thing to have. What you MUST have is a toilet plunger.

Toilet Plunger

Sink Plunger

u/AboutTheBass · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Seriously, this. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU NEED A PLUNGER TO BUY A PLUNGER. You'll have a bad time. You're a big girl now! :)

u/selfcurlingpaes · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Under my Stuff I Actually Need Wish List, you'll find, well, stuff I actually need now that I've moved away for my first year at my new university (Today's my second day of classes! Super excited!)

I need (any pf these would be wonderful):

u/SargonX · 1 pointr/DiWHY

These have been around forever... I remember these from way back when I was a kid...

Turns out you can still buy them on Amazon...

u/SheridanCecrops · 0 pointsr/CumFromAnal

I've actually had my best results with a plastic toilet plunger handle. The handle part was like a row of marbles glued in a row. It would glide in and out easily and quickly. I would pump my ass as fast as I could. So my sphincter was made to open and close at super high frequency.

MINTCRAFT Toilet Plunger Handle, 6-Inch

You can find something similar at lots of stores.

No. I did not sit down on it, for safety. I took the handle off and threw away the rubber base. Then I laid on the floor and just pumped my ass for all it was worth.