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u/[deleted] · 602 pointsr/pics

I don't claim to know the tastes or preferences of those with handicaps, however I think a battle with these in the warehouse would be quite fun for him.

u/zamardii12 · 170 pointsr/gaming

For those interested it's $35.

Edit: Since people seem to be confused about this: The paint job is done by people after the fact and the ammo counter is also user made. Look at the Amazon review images... people have painted it themselves and again the ammo counter is not on any models of this. The person made it and retrofitted it themselves. Pretty obvious too when the gun itself only holds like 8 rounds in the magazine and the counter on the gun in the GIF goes to 35.

u/tha_dood · 111 pointsr/educationalgifs

This is at least twice as expensive as just buying an airzooka which works 10x better.

u/eatadonut · 62 pointsr/AskReddit

two chicks at the same time, man.

Actually, that's tasteless. 10 of these, and 9 of your best friends. I suggest you augment your $100 with a moderate amount of delicious alcoholic beverage.

u/invalidusernamelol · 59 pointsr/gaming
u/GhostalMedia · 57 pointsr/pics

FYI. This is the Nerf gun.

I work for the Internet and own far to many of these stupid things for office warfare. This $10 Nerf gun is the by far THE BEST Nerf gun available. It actually shoots 75ft, it's accurate as fuck, it stings when you get hit, and it is super friendly with generic / homemade ammo.

u/404_UserNotFound · 54 pointsr/funny

Ok so from one nerdy father to the next... you need to up your game a bit. Dont worry I am here to help. start with the stryfe
if you open it up pull the switches for the mags and doors and turn them backwards so it will spin the motors anytime you pull the trigger. Next get a pair of the 18 dart mags (the drums are too slow). Now order 4 of the lithium high voltage batteries. . .only pull the lower button a half second before you fire cause you can smoke the motors. You will hear when they are ready. . its a little loud. Once the motors reach max rpms you can dump the entire first mag as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Now that you got them a little gun shy to dash across the openings you can use the second mag for only the best shots.

I personally like to have a pair of them and a hand cocked one. The single cock ones are good for the stealth shots once they learn to listen for the whirl of the full autos.

u/FuckingJerk · 47 pointsr/AskReddit
u/ckfighter2 · 42 pointsr/interestingasfuck

It's awesome. I still have mine. For those wondering you can get one on Amazon

Actually I think I'll add it to my subreddit too.

u/bluesox · 40 pointsr/blackmagicfuckery

I have a handheld version with a surprisingly accurate sight on the top. It has a 50' range, which is astonishing for something so compact. I can pop it from my third-story window and watch the wind hit people across the street. It's always funny to watch someone brush their ear and turn around to see where it came from.

Edit: Ask and you shall receive

u/ScubaSteveeeeeeee · 32 pointsr/videos

Who pays this much for a nerf gun?

u/Catbrain · 26 pointsr/videos

It's the Strongarm.

u/TheMellowestyellow · 21 pointsr/funny
u/sirblastalot · 18 pointsr/funny

Stampede is where it's at. Same firepower as a Vulcan, but magazine based and in a rifle configuration, so you can aim. Snag 2 of the drum magazines from the Raider and you can rock 'n' roll for an entire weekend of HvZ.

u/idiot_proof · 17 pointsr/geek

I don't think you understand how much of a steal this is. There's the two Recons going for $20 used and new for almost $100, the longshot going for $100-200 easy, the Vulcan going for way too much, two $15 Mavericks, a $25 rampage, plus a whole lot more. I mean, it's easily over $200 worth of guns, especially with that longshot. The longshot uses a different mechanism for firing the darts that can be better modified than pretty much any other nerf gun out there. Stock, it's on par with most guns, but modded it can be hitting some insane ranges. Since it's no longer in production, nor is any gun with the same mechanism, it's worth a pretty penny.

Edit: I'm wrong on the plunger system.

u/testhec10ck · 14 pointsr/pics
u/NERFGunFetcher · 14 pointsr/magicthecirclejerking



Retaliator - (H) (W) (A)
Alpha Trooper - (W) (A)
Rapidstrike - (H) (W) (A)
Stryfe - (H) (W) (A)
^^^[[gunname]] ^^^or ^^^[[gunname|SERIES]] ^^^to ^^^call ^^^- ^^^Updated ^^^images

u/freestylekyle314 · 14 pointsr/gifs

He using an air blaster to put the fire out. And then editing the video to play backwards.

u/wynevans · 14 pointsr/Nerf
u/iCANhazRECON · 12 pointsr/Nerf

The Doominator has poor performance both modified and stock, and the Rapidstrike is pretty much only good when modified. Go with the Demolisher, and possibly also a few of these to go with it.

u/flibby404 · 12 pointsr/Nerf

Right now the Nerf Delta Trooper is $20.49 plus tax on Amazon, maybe slightly over budget, but it's got magazine compatibility and slam fire. A Mediator is also a springer with slamfire, but it's magazine feeds out from the side and it is pump action, and is sold without any attachments and a small magazine (6 rds). I would recommend going to Ross though, as they sell quite a few magfed Buzz Bee blasters that are cheaper (~$8) such as the Reaper and the new Revolution. I also found a Retaliator there (more recommended for modders, but since you do not plan to mod, the Delta Trooper is a better choice due to having slamfire) for about $16. The Nerf Alpha Trooper is also on clearance at Kohls for only $7.50, but there's $9 worth of shipping (at least for me) plus tax, so it really isn't that cheap.

The Strongarm (also available in fancy colors) and Disruptor are a decent plinkers for $10 ($13), but their more inexpensive alternatives are the Dart Zone Blitzfire Two Pack for $13, the Adventure Force Destructor for $7 and the Xshot Reflex 6 two pack (or one pack if you can find it) for $12 currently but $16 msrp. The Destructor and Reflex are the same things made by the same company but sold under two brands: their own and the Walmart one, under different colors.

For the Double-drum revolvers, there is the Nerf Flipfury, the Adventure Force Hyperspin, and the Xshot Xcess (note that the levers on the Hyperspin/Xcess just release the cylinders and don't completely rotate them, while the Flipfury's mechanism does completely swap the cylinders). The two larger blasters in the Dart Zone Commando Iconic 4 Turbo Dart Blasters are also multi-drum, but are the worst in the group and resemble the old-model Xshot Xcess.

A Dart Zone Magnum Superdrum is also only $20, and gives you a 40 shot cylinder with slam fire, but it's misgivings is that is it very loud because it doesn't have air restrictors, and the plastic feels a little bit on the cheaper side and is super creaky. The $25 Xshot Turbo Advance and Adventure Force Superdrum (again, same blasters different brand and color, Turbo Advance is usually $30 but it's on sale right now)

Some other $20 or under offerings from Adventure Force are the Double Trouble, Havoc Powerclip, and Quatroblast. The Double Trouble is a good flywheel blaster, but the Quatroblast is known to sometimes not rotate properly and the Powerclip uses proprietary clips but is a decent blaster otherwise.

This is accurate as far as I know as of October 1st, 2019 CE as of 5:52 UTC. Props to you if you read the whole darned thing.

u/gallegoshank · 12 pointsr/gaming
u/RazgrizInferno · 11 pointsr/Nerf

Long story short - accuracy in Nerf has very little to do with the gun and is mostly determined by the darts. Get yourself some of these and an N-Strike Elite blaster of your choosing and you'll get close.

u/Not_Joshy · 10 pointsr/lifehacks

Just going to leave this here - [Airzooka] (

Similar premise, but totally badass.

u/DNAtaurine · 10 pointsr/memes
u/Lordsquiggles7 · 10 pointsr/Nerf

[Here's] ( the cheapest, best mod you can do besides /u/foam_data 's method.

If you want a cosmetic upgrade and some extra perks like more modding capability you can get [this] ( too, but if you hate the faux grip wrap like everyone else you can just get a Sweet Revenge reshell if those are still around.

u/Megashockman · 10 pointsr/Nerf

Or any other compact semi-automatic clip-system blasters:

Stryfe - Go-to for a lot of people, customizable (barrel extension point, stock attachment point and 2 tactical rails), relatively cheap, but only includes a 6 dart magazine.

Rebelle Rapid Red - Girly but has a smooth shell that's good for paint jobs, includes a 12 dart magazine, and is frequently less than $20 on Amazon (from what I've seen), but only has a single tactical rail.

Demolisher - Has a missile launcher, customizable (barrel extension point, stock attachment point and 2 tactical rails), comes with 10 dart magazine and stock attachment, but is more expensive.

Desolator - Right side is clear orange (left side isn't though), comes with a 10 dart magazine, but is Target exclusive, slighly more expensive, and doesn't have barrel or stock attachment points.

There are a few more but I don't think that they're good options for certain reasons:

Hail-Fire - Has higher capacity but to rotate between magazines you need to use your other hand, high capacities make the blaster heavier, it's fatter than any of the other options (can't be holstered at all) & it's more expensive. If you like the idea of it, and think it will work for your loadout, then you should consider it though.

Modulus ECS-10 - Bigger than other options & more expensive.

Rayven - People like it, but it's rare/expensive (it can cost over $50 used) so it might not be in your price range. Plus 1-handed reloading is more difficult.

Cam ECS-12 - Expensive, bigger than other options, and has nearly useless camera

Captain Cassian Andor Eadu blaster - Overpriced & bigger than other options

u/Elaboration · 9 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I know little about cap guns, but I'm a die-hard fan of Nerf (and similar) blasters - like these two for example. They're a lot of fun to use, okay to bring outside (I know I wouldn't dare take out a cap gun while in the city I live in), and pack a real punch while still being completely safe. There's a different model for just about every kind of gun action you can think of, for example: classic single action revolver, bolt action, lever action, even fully automatic.

If you're looking for something more mil-sim or real-world, might I suggest CO2-powered airsoft guns? They have cool blowback action so you get the feeling and the bang of shooting a pistol, and are accurate enough to be able to plink cans from across the room. And they're good for teaching gun safety at a young age, without putting anyone at that large a risk.

u/Mistr_MADness · 9 pointsr/Nerf

> Would this be a good first Nerf gun? is it powerful? and is it accurate?

I mean, it hits the standard 60/70 fps, nothing special. It's about as accurate as any other Nerf blaster, which isn't saying much. The 'custom stock' kinda sucks, I recommend you get one of these instead. If you really want to get one, go ahead, but you should really just get the blaster without any Nerf accesories and buy aftermarket accessories.

u/morpheus1229 · 9 pointsr/Nerf

>darts are EKIND's new ones, found here:


u/imfuckingawesome · 8 pointsr/FirstNameBasis

Man, i was going go fucking LOSE it if he pulled one of these babys out at the end!

u/Swiss_Cheese9797 · 8 pointsr/guns

The Nerf N-Strike Stampede is pretty close.

u/sarcasm_hurts · 8 pointsr/PraiseTheCameraMan

Here you go, Airzooka.

u/MEGA_SHARK_DEATH · 7 pointsr/educationalgifs

I remember having these as a kid.

u/juantinntwo · 7 pointsr/Teachers

I call this the wakey wakey. Perfectly harmless but wow does it give them a jolt. It almost feels like a bucket of cold water and the first time you use it the whole class loses their minds.

Best 20 I spent in college and I never thought I would use it besides blasting empty beer cans with my roommates.

u/ThePieWhisperer · 7 pointsr/pics

It's actually significantly more than $40

Edit: Apparently Target sells them for $40... Amazon so espensive :X

u/ZeroMercuri · 7 pointsr/Nerf

>Are 12 round mags easier to find?


>Are they particularly cheaper


>does the 6 extra dart capacity not justify the extra cost?


>Are they particularly less bulky?

YES! Especially if you have a dropleg holster with a Stryfe, the 12 round is WAAAAY less awkward.

>Do they perform better?


>I've heard that 12 rounds fit into AR mag pouches pretty easily


>Am I just making the situation up in my head, and 18 round mags are just superior and used more often?

I'm pretty sure this is the case. People tend to use 18s for their price/capacity/availability. Some people with infinite amounts of money exclusively use P-Mags for their style (and they hold almost as many darts). And others use the 22 round Worker mags for their extra 4 darts. But I still say the 18 round mags are the most common.

u/greyflcn · 7 pointsr/Nerf
  1. Make a facebook group (And ask kindly if you can post your events in other generic geeky groups). Possibly LARP groups.
  2. Or Pay $10/month for group
  3. Make a waiver form of some sort.
  4. Decide if you will include kids (And figure out statutory liability with that. Usually by demanding that the parents are present when games are played.)
  5. Look up local city park rules and regulations, and see if something "gun-like" is allowed in the part. (i.e. My local city park doesn't even allow slingshots).
  6. Find yourself a nice patch of grass or something where you can play, without getting to near to normal passerby's.
  7. Require everyone wear sunglasses or other eyewear.
  8. Enforce non-violent language at the events. i.e. "- We play with blasters, not guns. - We use darts for ammunition, not bullets. - We tag people, we do not shoot them. ".
  9. Possibly, if you think there will be any concern from bystanders, maybe inform the local police that you are playing with Nerf blasters at the location.

    As for barriers, follow this guide, and buy stuff like the stuff below:

    3/4 pvc tees, 10 pack

    Thinwall 3/4 PVC pipe.

    3/4 pvc elbows

    Mosquito netting, cut into 4 pieces

    Duct Tape

    Hacksaw or PipeCutter


    (Maybe a drill and string too)


    Lastly, you will need enough blasters for at least 3v3.

    Decide what you want to supply for that.

    The lowest price I know possible is two packs of tri-fires.

    Along with some keyrings, because the priming handle on those blasters is difficult.

    Actual triads are good at twice that price.

    I also find it's really handy to have a ziploc bag with two pieces of ductape on one side, then cut belt loops in the bag. (And supply some rough string for people without belts).

    Ebay often has a supply of inexpensive darts to use.


    Although depending on your area you may be able to just go to a Goodwill and find a bunch of cheap blasters.

    That or use craigslist, letgo, offerup, varagesale to find cheap blasters for sale in your area.


u/sp00kymemes · 7 pointsr/Nerf

Hammershot -$15US on amazon.

Elite Spectre -$50US on amazon.

About 1/5 of the price of this haul.

Amazon is love, Amazon is life.

u/aslum · 6 pointsr/Warhammer40k

Pretty sure that's a Nerf Maverick

u/DWells55 · 6 pointsr/gaming

It appears to be an N-Strike Stampede ECS. It's magazine-fed and fully automatic. I haven't bought a Nerf gun in years, but I'm tempted to go buy this one.

u/Agire · 6 pointsr/Nerf

> Those bloated Amazon listings are probably just hoping some poor grandma to come along and buys the blaster their grandson has been asking for... not realizing they might be getting over charged...

While on the surface it looks that way its much more likely the case that the listing is controlled by a bot when items come in stock the bot raises and lowers prices depending on sales and stock, as soon as a product goes out of stock the bot raises the price to a unreasonable price so that orders aren't placed but the listing can be kept up. If these listings are never manually checked they just simply stay up forever at a high price. The product doesn't exist its not someone trying to scalp people just a bot that hasn't been told the item is out of production.

Take for example this stampede listing on the UK amazon which is at close to £400 but when we look on the price tracking website CamelCamelCamel we see the listing has been up since 2010 and price has fluctuated heavily, from 2010 - early 2014 the price is fairly reasonable and again from late 2014 - mid 2016 it seems reasonable but after that point it hits sky high values. Interestingly the price does sometimes take a dive at random points (though remains >£100) why this is IDK possibly the bot has some logic to determine when to raise and lower prices and still does so notably it raised the price a month before Christmas and lowered it again a month after Christmas in the past year.

u/Hitlersartcollector · 6 pointsr/progun

Can You Imagine Airzooka Toy (Black/Silver)
This one has the top mounted assault scope. Helps when destroying school buses

u/Yowomboo · 6 pointsr/Nerf

If the budget is super tight there's also a 100 pack. Though I'd really recommend the the 200 pack, more darts is always better.

These darts also have a nice squishy tip.

u/knockablocka · 5 pointsr/pics

I believe it's called an "airzooka" my family use to have one which, when filled with smoke, would give crazy big smoke rings.

Airzooka - Black

u/PapaAlphaTango · 5 pointsr/EDC

It's not the most practical thing for my car, but I keep a couple of NERF mavericks under the driver and passenger seats. Being in traffic sucks, impromptu nerf battles help take the edge off grid lock traffic.

u/arcsecond · 5 pointsr/Firearms

Added to Amazon wishlist: Power Wheels Jeep, Nerf Machine Gun

u/Shishanought · 5 pointsr/Pareidolia

If it's the same we have, then this

u/roguellama_420 · 5 pointsr/Nerf

For $30, you can buy some pretty good options for one, but not for two. You’d be limited to something like two Strongarms . If you can go up to $40, you can get two Superdrums .

u/voyanex · 5 pointsr/Nerf

I'll take a Hammershot too. Free shipping (with Prime), capacity for an extra dart, and easy to mod too. Here's a link

u/puncstrad · 5 pointsr/Nerf

Boomco M6/Farshot/Plasma Pistol. $5 to $10 dollars per, plus $12 for enough K26 to fill 15 of them. May take some time and patience to get used to modding them, but despite the annoyingly sturdy construction they can definitely be modded without severe aesthetic damage. u/DukeWintermaul has a very detailed but long youtube video describing the spring replacement process if you need help.


The pistol shows those new to Nerf the potential of superstock mods, and teaches them to value every dart and lead their shots, which I believe is far more important than mindlessly spraying. It'll make them more capable and athletic players, since many (dare I say most) casual Nerfers don't mod anyway.


^(Not as good of an idea if you play with mostly children or teens, though. The priming weight of a modded Farshot variant is quite heavy, and can hurt your hands, which is why some opt to add a pull bar or ring to the end of the plunger rod)

u/Moby_Tick · 4 pointsr/gifs

It's really explained by a $13 airzooka. These will ruffle your hair across the room.

u/Tarachia · 4 pointsr/AskReddit

Seriously, here is an Airsoft pistol

And here is a nerf pistol

I have one of the 1911 Airsoft for practice, and if I saw someone with one, without the tip, I would assume it is real. It looks very convincing from a distance (and, up close, I might add)

u/voiceofgrog · 4 pointsr/sysadmin

My hiding place

The Nerf N-Strike Maverick Rev-6 is surprisingly useful for fending of bossy bosses.

u/hotdynamites · 4 pointsr/instantkarma
u/eric1rr · 4 pointsr/videos

I mean seriously. This shit is a full auto machinegun. It's fucking cray and I want it now mom!

u/Albuyeh · 4 pointsr/pics

By the way, in case you cared, the Nerf Vulcan is just $25 (1/2 off) @ Amazon

u/HellInOurHearts · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I save your life on the daily from alien invaders

I am low on ammunition, fellow human. This isn't for the integrity of my human spirit. This is for the integrity of our planet Earth.


u/ben827 · 4 pointsr/Nerf

The Longstrike? Was it a thrift item?

If you're not planning on modding it, you're gonna have a bad time. The Longstrike has a pretty bad reputation around here.

Since you're kinda new, I'd strongly recommend you get this blaster. Again pricing varies, so the waiting game is the best way to go.

Here's another excellent beginner's blaster, they sell for $20 at Target, but this Amazon link is for convenience. I'd also check out eBay.

Around here, we really like this blaster..

Maybe those links will also help you.

Edit: Did I mention the Stryfe comes with a 6 dart clip? So that would have you covered on multiple levels if you're interested. As others have said, 12, 18, 25, and 35 clips/drums also work with your blaster. So anything you can find that says "clip" or "drum" is okay to use as long as it uses darts. Disc clips are not compatible with this blaster, nor are disc drums.

u/acherem13 · 4 pointsr/pics

Nerf Stryfe, it decently priced and it is automatic. My buddies and I meet up once a week on campus (college) and have nerf wars, it is really fun and the stryfe is always reliable. Plus it is not difficult to mod and have it be super powerful.

u/murse_joe · 4 pointsr/Nerf

I'd say buy a Nerf Hammershot It's pretty easy, it's a five shot revolver. It's got a hammer to cock instead of a slide, so you can prime and fire it one handed. Easy to still have a drink or hold on to something, or you can dual wield. It's pretty cheap, takes most any dart, and is a lot of fun to cock like a revolver.

There's also the Strongarm and the Disruptor. They're both six shot revolves, slide primed so harder to dual wield but they're solid and you won't have any problems running them, and they take pretty much any dart. If you ever played with a Maverick when you were younger, they're basically the modern equivalents.

EDIT: the Hammershot is actually on sale on Amazon. You can also grab them cheap at Walmart or Target.

u/Infinifi · 4 pointsr/forhonor
u/ThunderKrunk · 4 pointsr/Nerf

Nerf Rival Nemesis

Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery

Headshot Ammo (I tend to like the half blue/half white ones)

Nerf Zombiestrike Hammershot

Gavinfuzzy 8-shot cylinder

Blasterparts Metal Kit

Narrowbase LLC Hammershot holster

Little Valentine Waffle tip darts


This is just to get started. We don't want to overwhelm the new guy. This is what most of us would consider a competitive "starter" kit. Most of use will use a different holster, but no one will argue that the Narrowbase holster is bad. "Double X" waffle tip darts are the current go-to ammo for the competitive "superstock" nerfer. The tips are about 0.3 grams heavier than standard darts, so they will fall quicker but be much more consistent shot to shot. The Nerf Rival series is just about as nerf as you can go before you are full on paintballing. The headshot ammo is the closest you will get to nerf brand "high impact rounds" (HIRs). It comes at a much lower price, and (in my opinion) it is actually better or at least more consistent in weight compared to nerf brand HIR. No need to buy extra nerf magazines, because the Nemesis holds 100 HIRs. It just hit the United States market last week, but we have been eyeing them for months now (Canada got theirs early).

u/E1Ga11oB1anco · 4 pointsr/titanfall

Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster


It is fairly simple prop to make. I left it assembled and primed it with black spray paint. Then I brushed on acrylic paint. This gives it a rough texture unfortunately, but removes the need to disassemble like air brushed versions. I distressed it by “chipping” the edges for wear and caking the handle to give it a thicker texture.

It was actual made for a Destiny cosplay costume for one of my kids. And yes, it is fully operational.

For about $20-25, you can do this too with small tubes of paint. Only took a leisurely 3-4 hours over a few nights to complete.

Hope this helps anyone who is interested in trying this.

Thanks to u/Charlie_Catz for posting originally and showing what’s possible with a little imagination...

u/Finian · 4 pointsr/gaming

You can

BOOMco Halo Covenant Needler Blaster

u/Kuli24 · 4 pointsr/Nerf

I recall answering this question a few months ago. Boomco M6 is the best option.
K26 is for extra power.

u/whiskeywinewheywhale · 4 pointsr/halo

or you can pick up in store at Toy'R US for the same price.
(which is where I picked up mine. use the Toys'R Us website to figure out if you can pick up there. they also have free shipping!)

they were released about a month ago and are full auto dart blasters!

u/KaltatheNobleMind · 3 pointsr/KotakuInAction

if throwing things is the new rules of engagement does that mean conservatives can do the same thing? even using nonelethal and non damaging action.

like rather than throwing food that can stain and ruin clothing get like an air cannon that shoots concentrated bursts of air or something. just annoys someone and lets them go about their day after.

i think this works quite well :D

u/dinsette · 3 pointsr/GiftIdeas

It's certainly not very useful, but air cannons are highly entertaining. The reviews say they are difficult to put together, so check to see if there is anything local that's already assembled.

Also, have you ever been to ? They have all sorts of fun little gadgets.

u/MrSlime13 · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have a similar tradition with a group. This year I intend to get a n Airzooka, like back in my younger, camping days...

u/flipflop979 · 3 pointsr/skyrim

It's one of these but he has modified it a bit.

u/slightlyalcoholic · 3 pointsr/secretsanta

I searched for a while, This one is kind of hard. I think your best bet would be to make a small care package. If they're in the Army, Small things to take with them places are what they would thrive on. But have fun with it, zombie theme it!

Include things like:

Army Gummy Men

Switchblade Comb

Nerf gun

Some type of zombie toy

Add a bunch of cool snacks, maybe a drink or two (could make home made labels for these things), some travel size toiletries and a really cool personalized mini story/warning letter about your adventures sending him the box during the zombie apocalypse.


Edit2: A quick fun zombie game would go well too!

Zombie Dice

Zombie Fluxx

u/lendrick · 3 pointsr/steampunk

This is the exact gun:

By the look of the comments, he took it apart and painted the pieces individually. Here's a video of someone disassembling one to mod it:

u/emag · 3 pointsr/fatlogic
u/ZRL · 3 pointsr/lgbt
u/workroom · 3 pointsr/secretsanta

what if they came with this...

u/GForce917 · 3 pointsr/DoesAnybodyElse

I figured out what's missing

u/everfalling · 3 pointsr/gaming

i think you're thinking about the Stampede. The Longstrike is a manual bolt action rifle that requires no battery power.

u/The_Asian_Hamster · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

There dont seem to be that many weapons on Amazon, but this will surely allow me to win the apocalypse,
i would tag /u/Morthy because according to his/her's flair is a Lord of Underpants which is always useful and /u/tragopanic is known to be quick, and i would hope that applies to being quick on the trigger on Nerf.

u/ReddGoat · 3 pointsr/Nerf
u/BlasterLabs · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Yeah, a little late... the orange Stryfe has been listed on Amazon for purchase since December of last year, and it's readily available at most retailers now.

u/FortuneDays- · 3 pointsr/Pets
u/DistractedSeriv · 3 pointsr/buildapc

It's been almost a decade since I built my PC and I've never bought compressed air. I use my trusty Airzooka to blow dust out of my PC.

Yes, I'm serious.

u/nateious · 3 pointsr/MLPLounge

Can we have a pro-capitalism rant? Since it's lifted more people out of extreme poverty than any other system.

Anyway the last thing I bought was a nerf gun I actually bought 2, one for me and one for my kid for his birthday.

u/Amygdaloidal_Dream · 3 pointsr/Portal

Thanks for the suggestion so far, it looks like the hardest part of this will be trying to come up with something that kind of resembles a portal gun.

I'm thinking I might get a Nerf gun like this one and try to attach some "arms" to the front of it.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can use for the arms and the best way to fix them to the gun?

u/DescendsTheBlade · 3 pointsr/videos

Nerf guns have gotten so amazing in the last decade or two. I mean look at them, they're ripped right out of a sci-fi videogame.



Mega Centurion

And that last one is a friggin' sniper rifle.

And I didn't know This it's just getting ridiculous. Next they'll sell the Nerf Quadcopter with heat seeking darts.

u/Zombona · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Stryfes are not a Target exclusive. I don't think they are going anywhere. Look at different retailers.

They are still available at Amazon.

u/Riekopo · 3 pointsr/halo

My awesome cousin bought me ALL OF THE BoomCo Halo nerf guns. I am beyond elated.

u/Probably3rd · 3 pointsr/NerfExchange

If you have prime:

A Recon MkII will provide you with retaliator internals, minus some metal bits that they switched to plastic and the trigger. I'd say this would be the cheapest way including shipping.

u/dangman4ever · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Get both as both have advantages over the other that balances each other out:

The Mediator is easier and faster to use out of the box IMO since it already has a pump grip already. It's just as easy to upgrade the spring in the Mediator as it is with the Recon Mk2. However, the main con against the Mediator is that it's not left-hander friendly, some people may find the ergonomics a bit off (i.e the short travel of the pump grip isn't to everyone's liking and can throw people off), and the side magwell may be an issue for indoor or heavily cover areas.

The Recon Mk2's chief advantage over the Mediator is that if you wait and monitor this link long enough, you can get the Recon Mk2 for like $5 to $8 easily:

You can then use the remaining $10 to $12 that you would spent on the full Recon Mk2 setup on larger 3rd party magazines off NFStrike or eBay and items you need to create a PVC pump grip like the one you see in Beret's video here:

IMO, the Recon Mk2 + custom pump grip is more ergonomically friendly than the Mediator. The front barrel and the stock on the normal full Recon Mk2 kit are just plain useless so really not worth spending money on them.

But yeah, get both as variety in blasters is a good thing to have in general. Not one blaster is to everyone's taste. In fact, speaking of variety, in addition to the Recon Mk2 and the Mediator, get the Buzz Bee Air Warriors Interceptor and the Snipe:

The Buzz Bee Interceptor already has a very ergonomic pump grip, can take K26 spring for super performance increase, and its out of the box performance is a bit higher than the Recon Mk2 and Mediator. The Inteceptor shoots at an average velocity of 77FPS whereas the both the Recon Mk2 and Mediator shoots at an average velocity of 65FPS. The main con against the Interceptor (they fixed the Magwell issue apparently) is that small grip and short stock. But that can be fixed:

Why the Snipe? Because it's a really really fun blaster to play with. The whole bolt action sequence on the Snipe is just utterly fun to play with. Combined with the overall look, it does bring out the inner "I'm a snipah!!" feel. At the end of the day, Nerf isn't just about performance or a massive arms race. It's about fun too and roleplaying or acting your inner sniper is part of that fun. With that said, the Snipe actually has the better out of the box performance since it can shoot at an average velocity of 85FPS. It can also take a K26 spring upgrade as well.

u/greeny74 · 3 pointsr/halo

It's made by BoomCo. Here it is on Amazon. I got one as my Reddit Secret Santa gift this year

u/Gildan_Bladeborn · 3 pointsr/Nerf

I've seen multiple posts from people with similar performance issues with their Nemesis, and the common element in all cases has been they're using Energizer batteries. I'm not sure why that would make a difference specifically, but in at least one case just switching to Duracell solved the performance issue. Personally I'd suggest tracking down the Rival rechargeable battery pack instead of any sort of alkaline battery, though that may not be readily available in your neck of the woods.

u/FC-TWEAK · 3 pointsr/Nerf

According to, the Nerf Rechargable drop-in is 2.2 x 9.8 x 8.7 inches (55.88mm X 248.92mm X 220.98mm). Here is a Hobbyking Lipo Finder where you can plug the numbers in.

u/LLF2 · 3 pointsr/Nerf

These fire from my stock Stryfe. They have the waffle tip design, which is softer than a glow in the dark voberry dart.

u/downztiger · 2 pointsr/castiron

Invest in one of these. They are a good time, and cats hate them.

u/upsidedownbackwards · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Maybe pick up one of these if you have the problem again. Works great on stray cats. Scares the bajeesus out of them without hurting them.

u/gerwen · 2 pointsr/funny

Air cannon


u/ydno · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Also on my wishlist(Oh come on... Who doesn't want an airzooka!)


u/dishrag · 2 pointsr/boardgames
u/Milhouse_is_a_meme · 2 pointsr/cosplaygirls

Generic Steampunk cosplay. No character I can recognise.

They always have the custom N-Strike Maverick too, popular gun for cosplayers.

Looks good though.

u/Slicker1138 · 2 pointsr/funny
u/ErrantWhimsy · 2 pointsr/Seattle
u/WeAppreciateYou · 2 pointsr/gaming

> i think you're thinking about the Stampede.

Wow. You're completely right.

Reddit is lucky to have a user like you.

u/MikeTysonChickn · 2 pointsr/Nerf

People who find their kids old nerf guns look online to try and price them and find this.

Good thing I'm not a fan of the vulcan.

u/Stregano · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Like this and this and this

Nerf guns are badass now. Back in the day, the coolest nerf weapon you could get was the bow and arrow

u/Fireproofjeans · 2 pointsr/Nerf

Rival Nemesis or a custom built HIR-icane that feeds from within the tank would be sweet for a good performance rapid firing high capacity secondary.

Thematically, the Vulcan would be hilarious on a tank though! belt fed machine gun. Modern, easy to purchase variants would be the Scorpion or the Enforcer

HPA for the main gun though. And please post it when you're done if you can, pictures and/or video would be amazing!

u/dkdavid721 · 2 pointsr/Nerf

my opinion is don't bother with drums. Amazon sells 18 round stick mags for $12 and it comes with 18 darts. Stick mags take up less space so they are easier to carry than drums and you can tape them together if you wan't fast reloads. Also if you run an hvz rig with pouches you can fit stick mags in them. Can't do that with drums.

u/Realist12b · 2 pointsr/DIY

That little white one on the left is OP AF. Seriously, if anyone reads this and needs a cheap nerf gun for their kids, that's the one. Three bullet load, a quick pull to charge it..... it has a surprising amount of power. I got two of them for my daughters last Christmas and my brother and I (both 30 plus) had a 3 hour war while my 90 year old grandpa casually dodged bullets on the couch.

We got them a bow this year, and it works surprisingly well... but the quick re-load of that little white gun still trumps all.

Here... I don't work for nerf, but I will plug a solid product.

u/latetothetable · 2 pointsr/boardgames

omg...I play this game too often to NOT have one. Literally looking online right now for a mini one that can fit in the box

Edit: Literally just bought This nerf gun, I'll test it out in 2 days to see how it fits in the box. I would actually make my first box insert ever if I need to to make this work.

u/oicu81shoe · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. You know what you need? Weaponry, I'm talking like this. Semi-Automatic Clip Fed blaster great for office warfare! Or this, a six shot revolver with slam-fire action! You said you worked for a software company so they should be all for office warfare!
  2. You can just pick an item out of my default wishlist
  3. Decorate already!
u/hineybush · 2 pointsr/weekendgunnit

im gonna make one of these out of this

u/DFSniper · 2 pointsr/Nerf
u/neekogo · 2 pointsr/CatsAreAssholes

Order this and shoot him off. It doesn't hurt and won't damage electronics like water

u/unitool · 2 pointsr/SantasLittleHelpers

Hi, I ordered a few things from your lists just now. Should be there soon.

Hawkwell Kids Classic Ankle Boot(Toddler/Little Kid),Tan PU,9 M US

DREAM PAIRS Toddler Maple Black Red Knee High Winter Snow Boots Size 9 M US Toddler

DREAM PAIRS Toddler Klove Grey Pu Faux Fur Lined Mid Calf Winter Snow Boots Size 10 M US Toddler

Nova Mountain Little Kid's Winter Snow Boots,NF NFWBN820 Purple 10

Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Award Winning Cooperative Game of Adventure for Kids

PAW Patrol - Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2 Foot Tall Ladder, Ages 3 and Up
Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Barbie Made to Move Barbie Doll, Pink Top (Amazon Exclusive)

Prextex Pretend Play Electronic Toy Cash Register with Mic Speaker and Play Money Included for Kids

LilPals Princess Karaoke -Children's Toy Stand Up Microphone Play Set w/ Built-In MP3 Player, Speaker, Adjustable Height (Pink)

M SANMERSEN Piano Keyboard for Girls, Keyboar Piano 37 Keys Multifunction Portable Piano Electronic Keyboard Music Instrument for Kids 2-6 Year Old Girl Toys Girls Gifts Age 2-6 for Girls(Pink)

ALEX Spa DIY Bath Bombs

u/HexCoils · 2 pointsr/vapeitforward

You know what adults really love at things like this? Shit they actually would use and not throw away. Like a cast iron pan, or a chef's knife (side note: I wouldn't buy that personally but it's the best looking one I can find for $25). I still have a blanket that I got from a White Elephant a few years ago. Doesn't match a thing in my house, but it's comfy and comes in handy all the time.

For the kids, and adults honestly, I'd recommend a nerf gun (expect to remember people getting shot with it the entire rest of the party), Jenga, or a mini helicopter.

Even if a kid gets stuck with a cast iron pan you know their parents are going to give them twenty bucks for it to make em happy.

u/hopalongrhapsody · 2 pointsr/columbiamo

BYOG, dont scrimp on the ammo, and bring some socks-tucked-in-socks, because those are grenades.

This is a good basic sidearm, $12:
If you only do pistol, take two. By late-week, one will not cut it.

This is a basic semi-auto, $33:

Lots of Darts $9:

You can do whatever you want, I saw someone bring a gatling nerfgun. The guys that brought me had arsenals in boxes, looking like rambo with ammo bandoliers, shotguns, full autos, (sock) grenades... and by the end of the week, they were among the few living. Come prepared, yall, especially in later days when there’s more zombies.

u/MonsterIt · 2 pointsr/toys

Nerf guns, cheap or real. Guaranteed fun.

Source: I'm a boy. An old boy, but I still play with nerf guns.

Nerf N-Strike Elite: Strongarm Blaster (Colors may vary)

u/Virisenox_ · 2 pointsr/Nerf

Strongarm, Disruptor, or Hammershot: Great cheap pistols. Not great for modding though.
Retaliator: A basic mag-fed rifle with that's been modded by a lot of people.
Stryfe: Semi-auto battery powered mag fed flywheel blaster. Not great stock, but it has a huge modding community.
Stratohawk: Full auto flywheel blaster. Comes with a 25 round drum. Very usable out of the box.

u/fordprefect294 · 2 pointsr/Nerf
u/TopEchelonEDM · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You definitely want this Nerf gun. Right? Riiiight??

u/MonsterHunterNecris · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

It's not an official destiny gun, but I picked up a couple of these of the shelf at Target for like 15 bucks and they look and feel remarkably similar to Destiny's handcannons:

They have a pull back hammer and everything. Only improvement would be if the bullet cylinder was in the back instead of the front but for the price it alright. Convinced most of my office to pick these up, it's kinda like the wild west (or early 2015 crucible) here now lol, neon green nerf darts when you least expect them.

u/codemagic · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Nerf is already capitalizing on the genre's popularity, why not TWD?
Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

u/Huffdaddy32 · 2 pointsr/NerfExchange

On amazon as we speak for $19.99


u/Gonzo_goo · 2 pointsr/gaming

Man this brand is way cheaper than nerf guns. My gf's little brothers love halo and nerf guns. Gonna have to be the cool guy in the family. Holy shit they have the needler! BOOMco Halo Covenant Needler Blaster

u/Captain_Ahub · 2 pointsr/Nerf
u/Spark898 · 2 pointsr/halo

Don't know how to embed URLs, sorry.

It comes in bright red and blue, like the BoomCo skins in Guardians. I did the paint job myself with matte black and gray spray paint.

Unfortunately the darts aren't fired through the barrel, there's an opening between the barrel and the flashlight/handguard. So it might be a bit wonky to install, unless you cut out the AR's barrel and slot in the M4 there.

u/monstrous_moose · 1 pointr/videos

So I guess you guys never had an airzooka growing up.

u/DrewFlan · 1 pointr/educationalgifs
u/bogus83 · 1 pointr/DestinyTheGame

Like the disorient punch effect. That'd be pretty funny- I'm picturing something that works like the tractor cannon but looks more like this that "poots" disorient gas at an enemy at short range. The catalyst could make you immune.

u/mnemosyne-0002 · 1 pointr/KotakuInAction

Archives for the links in comments:

  • By KaltatheNobleMind (

    I am Mnemosyne 2.1, I have the context, the needs, the way. ^^^^/r/botsrights ^^^^Contribute ^^^^message ^^^^me ^^^^suggestions ^^^^at ^^^^any ^^^^time ^^^^Opt ^^^^out ^^^^of ^^^^tracking ^^^^by ^^^^messaging ^^^^me ^^^^"Opt ^^^^Out" ^^^^at ^^^^any ^^^^time
u/bunnysoup · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If you're looking to turn that frown upsidedown, I would recommend two of these, a pal, and terrain with ample hiding areas. :)

I hope things get better. hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

u/Googunk · 1 pointr/IAmA


good construction, easy to work with since there's lots of extra room inside, and for aesthetics it looks like a giant magnum revolver no matter what you do to it, so little decoration is needed.

Parts - other nerf guns for little replacements that break, most have interchangeable parts. The hardware store is the best bet for springs and rods. I recommend any tight aluminum "pull" spring. Do remember that if you heavily upgrade the spring you will need to reinforce most of the levers and screws or replace them with stronger ones.

biggest performance tip - remove the air restrictor. It's a penny size round piece of plastic in the shape of a peace sign located in the interior of gun at the base of the barrel, it limits air flow intentionally and removing it improves performance by about 50%. if it is built into the barrel you must drill or cut it out, but be sure to do so EVENLY or else it will impede accuracy.

u/ltpl4y3r · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Awesome! We purchased a pair of these, along with some whistler ammo.

I highly suggest you buy some cheap pistols and toss them to your friends, after the ambush. This makes sure your friends have a method of retaliation! Nerf wars are much better with two sides!

P.S. I'm 26 and I am now trying to convince my friends to purchase Nerf Guns...

u/THATguy_146 · 1 pointr/guns
u/BillClam · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I tried investigating your WL to see if we had anything in common, now I have to ask for people's recommendations in make up for my fiance as that seems to be a very popular RaoA item.

So shot in the dark

u/DrMnhttn · 1 pointr/IAmA

Put this in your Amazon wish list and send me the link: Nerf N-Strike Maverick

u/geekometer96 · 1 pointr/Firearms
u/toadsanchez420 · 1 pointr/Nerf

Oh, yeah, and she loves water balloon fights too.

This is what she has now: Maverick

This is what we have: Longstrike CS-6 / Vulcan EBF-25

She hates that she can't 'prime' the gun, and that we always have to for her. So we were thinking something smaller and easier to fire. I will definitely look into your recommendations, thank you so much.

u/murphwhitt · 1 pointr/AskReddit

One of these. If you've got one, you always need another

u/AceBacker · 1 pointr/worldnews
u/Lukimcsod · 1 pointr/pics

Something like this but add a charge of gunpower to the end of the cylinder and a burst disc before the marshmallow.

u/hangoverDOTTED · 1 pointr/Dallas

How about a marshmallow gun but the marshmallow is cannabis-infused?


u/NEWG1RL · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This has some good ideas of how to "Adulting So Hard"...

So here's my suggestions:

u/TheJoePilato · 1 pointr/Flipping

I bought two Nerf Stampede ECS guns today and I'm trying to sort out their situation on Amazon. There seem to be two different listings for them and, as far as I can tell, they're the same model. 1 and a 2. Which should I list under? They're going for between 45-65 on eBay so I'm really trying to sort out this Amazon nonsense.

I also got my hands on some Cars color changing cars (two styles of Lightning, one DJ, one Flo), which are selling for over $100 apiece but I'm trying to see whether the price will keep going up if I wait. So this is more of a "help me decide when to sell this" matter.

u/Magyman · 1 pointr/funny

You mean the Stampede

u/EatsHerVeggies · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I like that zombies can be a threat individually and as a group. And I like that they eat people and turn their victims into members of their ranks. Delightfully nasty.
Betcha'd like this bad boy
My favorite zombie movie is Dead Alive. It's wonderfully campy, yet disgustingly gory. Brilliant.
*I am sick too :( because I am a teacher and work in a cesspool of germs and disease :)

u/tylerni7 · 1 pointr/gadgets

I recently bought the Nerf "Stampede" from Amazon. It was something like $30 and has clips for the ammo, and it is fully automatic. Looks like the price has gone up

I don't know if this sort of thing is good for kids, but it's a ton of fun for adults. Definitely far beyond what we had when I was a kid. If you want to get some educational value out of it, disassemble it and let your kids figure out how it works.

I was expecting some crappily designed system for just barely getting the darts out of the barrel, but myself and a couple engineering friends were very impressed with how carefully it was designed and put together. If you let your kid take it apart and modify it, they would definitely learn a lot.

u/The_Cerberus123 · 1 pointr/funny
u/Alopixgg · 1 pointr/pics

JUST the one on top goes for $250

u/richalex2010 · 1 pointr/guns

It's a Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster. With that many names, it has to be awesome!

Nerf has a lot of cool-looking guns now, the whole N-Strike line is way cooler than the pump-action (or similar manually-cycled) guns I played with.

u/DontSayAlot · 1 pointr/pics
u/Jangular · 1 pointr/Nerf

Ok, apologies for the length of this post, but I want to give you multiple options and reasons for them.

Loadout 1 - Flywheels

Rapidstrike Holiday Bundle - Normally I would recommend a stryfe as a starter blaster over this, because the rapidstrike usually needs some level of modding to reach it's potential, but since the holiday bundle comes with 2 18 clips rather than 1, I feel that since you're essentially getting the rapidstrike and 2 clips for the same cost as a stryfe and 2 18 clips then it warrants looking at. Should you prefer the smaller form of the stryfe and the semi auto rather than full auto, then you can get that and 2 more of the 18 dart clips linked below from amazon.

Hammershot - If you want a secondary, this is the way to go in my opinion, since you can use it with one hand and it just is a great platform.

$60~ Shipped

Nmag Clip Holder - These clip holders are fantastic and not super bulky, giving you quick and easy access to your clips while wearing a belt. Certainly an investment, but a worthwhile one.

Belt Loop Adapters - Same as the clip holders, but for your hammershot.

Belt Loop Adapters - These are to use your clip and hammershot holders on your belt, meaning you don't need to buy a molle platform. Choose size according to belt width.

$70~ Shipped

[Extra Clip](
) - Having extra clips is near essential to avoid having to constantly stop and reload your clip. Since the Holida Rapidstrike comes with 2, another clip on top of that puts you at 3 which is a decent start.

$11~ Shipped

Koosh Darts - These are the go to darts for affordable and effective darts. They're more accurate than elite streamlines, but you might encounter some that have quality issues. Overall the price and accuracy is worth the occasional bad dart.

$20~ Shipped

Total - $161~
I know that's a little over what you listed, if you needed to be firm on the $150, you could drop the hammershot and holster, pick up another clip and a single clip holder from Narrowbase and I think that should be closer to the $150 mark.

Loadout 2 - Springer

Rampage - The rampage is a good springer platform to start with, and the extra ammo capacity is always a plus.

[Extra Clip](
) - Same reasons as loadout 1 except buying 2 this time rather than one.


Blastersmiths UK

MkI Battle Belt - This is in my opinion a good molle platform since it has built in clip holders, with molle space you can build on. Also since it isn't a full vest it isn't as bulky or restrictive.

Large Dump Pouch - Something that I wasn't able to squeeze into the other loadout, and was less necessary because the NMAGS can serve as a storage for used clips as well. Basically this just gives you a place to quickly drop used clips when switching out. This is more necessary for this loadout because you have the drum that comes with the rampage you need somewhere to drop.

Molle Attachment Bars - These are used to attach your dump pouch to your battle belt or molle platform of choice.


Koosh Darts - Same as the first loadout.


Total - $147~

This loadout has some different gear than the first because I wanted you to see two different ways you could go with a loadout, so don't be afraid to take aspects from one to apply to the other, it's all about finding what works for you, this is just what I would go with if I had that kind of budget, because I feel like having good gear is just as important as a good blaster, because having reliable and quick or easy access to your clips is important in games, especially HvZ, which I have no idea if that's something you intend to play or not. Anyways, I hope this gives you a good starting point! If you have any questions on why I picked certain things, let me know!

u/OBrienIron · 1 pointr/NerfExchange

Amazon just had 18 round official NERF magazines for $4.49 and it included 18 darts. I picked up 4 of them, but @ $5.99 each.

Could do a camelcamelcamel alert for the next time.

u/chronacolyte · 1 pointr/Nerf

I would put my vote down for dual wielding Triads: 2x $7, tie a string between the priming handles, congrats you can now fire six darts in less than two seconds, no batteries required and reloads faster than anything mag-fed. It's also a crowd-pleaser--the combo is so simple but always gets the most attention.

u/Doctor_Sportello · 1 pointr/inthenews

alright jeanine, i'm picking up this weapon ASAP. it's time to stop "pussyfooting around" indeed.

u/matcheswon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Neat contest... Happy belated bday! I need to find more fun cheap items for my WL but this will have to do for now. It's way more fun to give, but I do like a good contest. womb liberation!

u/Goggalor · 1 pointr/Nerf

Are you letting the motors spin up all the way before firing?

Generally the people that can fire their Stryfes very quickly have done modifications to give the blaster a lot more torque, things like motor swaps and voltage mods.. those things don't really belong in a 4 year old's blaster. :P Seconding what /u/foam_data was saying, you should take out that skirt and the unnecessary locks.

If that doesn't sound like something you want to do, you could swap to less complicated blasters- springers like the Roughcut, or Triad would be great for a 4 y/o. There are decent non-Nerf offerings, as well.

u/laynabby · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks for the contest!

I would really love these

Also I think that you would enjoy this!

u/Pablo696969 · 1 pointr/Nerf

$43 on Amazon

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster

u/majikmonkie · 1 pointr/Nerf

> I haven't been able to find it in any stores here in Canada.

Clearly you didn't read that fully, or don't understand the difference between shopping and currency in the US and Canada... We typically have a more limited selection of things, and not everyone ships here, and when they do we pay more taxes and import fees to get it across the border.

The only two offered through (Canadian site) are: $59.96 CAD and $54.00 CAD before taxes (13%), and neither can deliver before Christmas.

The only one through (US site) who ships to Canada is this one, and after shipping and import fees to get here in time for Christmas it will be $45.85 USD, or $63.24 CAD. Even with regular 8-16 day shipping it's $27.59 USD ($38.05 CAD) and that won't be here until well after the new year.

u/jh828 · 1 pointr/AskEngineers

I've got an even better idea: an Airzooka, so you don't have to worry about making a mess. Or just a precharged tank of compressed air.


u/MyNameIsNico · 1 pointr/educationalgifs

You can get one of these, just have your kid sell a bunch of wrapping paper/chocolate/popcorn when the time comes... or spend $18.

u/bruke53 · 1 pointr/amazonreviews
u/nightfly13 · 1 pointr/princessbride

Maybe not?
Can You Imagine Airzooka Toy (Black/Silver)

u/no_mixed_liquor · 1 pointr/cats

Cats respond better to positive reinforcement. But if there is no possible way to do that and you really need a cat to stop doing something, try an Airzooka. They aren't loud and just shoot a blast of air that doesn't hurt anything but does scare cats.

u/ibechainsawin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon




I wish I had ones like these when I was a kid. And now that I have a kid of my own I look forward to running around the house with them.

u/young_speccy · 1 pointr/airsoft



Go make your dad proud!!

u/emilyrose93 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Pencils are made of wood. These are wood chips.

  2. We all know how popular Frozen is at the moment - and this one has a holographic cover!

  3. An apple is a traditional teacher gift. This is an apple shaped post-it dispenser.

  4. My favourite subject was always English, so there was a lot of writing. A super comfortable pen is handy

  5. Could there be any better recess activity than a NERF battle?

  6. If we're going to Reddit Elementary School, then this has to be the mascot.

  7. Chocolate-y, chocolate-y pop tarts. Not good for you, but so delicious.

  8. This is an old-school Australian picture book

  9. This might be a little bit heavy for a kid, but I could carry it

  10. I'll be crafting! How about some Perler beads?

    In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.

    I went through your comment history for a while but I couldn't find anything for either bonus :(
u/IntrinsicGiraffe · 1 pointr/gifs

In case anyone is curious:

The nerf gun he is using is the Elite Strongarm.

u/the_reach · 1 pointr/gifs

Nerf Elite Strongarm Blaster, if anyone is curious. Only like $10, and powerful as hell.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/facepalm

Non-mobile: This pistol

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/basketcase77 · 1 pointr/facepalm

I like to keep it simple and reliable. This pistol is great and hits like a champ. Plus cheap as hell.

u/SeaRegion · 1 pointr/Reformed

Then you're going to need to do what I just did and buy two of these:

Makes for a fun evening :)

u/Soylent_Hero · 1 pointr/Nerf
u/foam_data · 1 pointr/Nerf

The brute spiker works out at £24.23 posted with duty etc. That's not much. RRP will be at least £19.99 if it gets released here, it depends on a retailer picking it up. That's only £5 more than RRP and TRU tax would easily put it up to that. The needler is currently an eye watering £44 on Amazon UK.

The assault rifle is probably fine if you just want it for the looks and don't mind that you will spend a long time pumping it up and it's not as good as a rapid madness for less money.

NONE of the halo stuff is slated for a U.K. store release that I am aware of, Boomco has generally very poor traction here and UK retailers have avoided many other boomco items to keep shelf space free for things that sell.

u/ValkyrieRaptor · 1 pointr/gundeals
u/JordoST · 1 pointr/halo

You can get them shipped to Aus through Amazon, I think I paid like $30 AUD total for mine.

BoomCo M6D Green

30AUD with shipping isnt that bad considering exchange rates

u/Hugh_Jass_Clouds · 1 pointr/Nerf

Different paint job, but the same balster.

u/Boristhedwarf · 1 pointr/Nerf

Or you could get the barebones blaster from amazon and a new spring/catchspring for still under $20 :)

Bam! You just snagged yourself a good, modded nerf blaster for $17.

u/ahalekelly · 1 pointr/Nerf

The Recon MK II is on sale right now on Amazon for $4.53, though that doesn't come with any magazines or accessories.

u/nevets01 · 1 pointr/Nerf

I know you say 'no batteries'
But what do you want doing all the work? Your arm, or an electric battery?
Boiler League of Tag has a 160 FPS cap, so much of the high-FPS springer (Caliburn etc.) realm is out, and they also disallow shortened darts, much to my chagrin.
At the end of the day, for you I'd recommend a Dart Zone Quantum, despite your aversion to batteries, because it's rapid-fire, high capacity, and ridiculously easy to reload (open top cover, dump balls in the hopper, close top cover), and the $50 price point is fair.
As for the batteries, you can use Nerf's rechargable battery pack to make it considerably lighter, and, well, it's rechargeable.
It also presents a clear upgrade path (rewire for LiPo) if you decide you really do like this sort of thing.

u/Intedinator · 1 pointr/Nerf

The easiest mod is the Nerf Rival rechargeable NiMH battery pack, as others have already said. It makes a noticeable difference, and, IMO, takes most Rival flywheelers from adequate to fun.

Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack

LordDraconial has a nice mod guide at:

Or go a little crazy, like I did, with a 2-stage 3S LiPo MassKhaos:

Or perhaps IAmBobololo’s Khaos Pistol:

Almost forgot this beast:

u/rhoona2 · 1 pointr/Nerf

whoaaa they are a bit more exspensive than i thought but look awsome!!


stupid question this is the rechargeable pack you mentioned?

u/-Blue-Jay- · 1 pointr/Nerf
u/J3didr · 1 pointr/Nerf
u/Lecic · 1 pointr/Nerf

Double-X also comes in glow-in-the-dark white from "EKIND." Alternative to Glowberries?
The main link for red Men-Gun darts is currently out of stock. This one still has 3 in stock. Can you add it as a second link for those?
Thanks for maintaining this thing for the community.

u/Jeroscope · 1 pointr/Nerf

Meishel's will be very easy on them. I run mine at 43mm. Oddly enough, I was backwards. I used a Meishel for my pusher and Fangs for the flywheels. The Meishel puts out a fire rate similar to Soldier 76's pulse rifle in Overwatch which was EXACTLY what I wanted.

u/-stormageddon- · 0 pointsr/news

People opposing WBC should all buy an Airzooka. They're quite effective at causing non-violent annoyance.

Alternatively you can make even larger air cannons using a variety of materials.

u/CommanderCooper · 0 pointsr/Nerf

Who's selling it, then? I was under the impression that Amazon had to be directly involved for it to be eligible for Prime shipping.

u/LamoidZombieDog · 0 pointsr/Nerf

from what i can see, the rampage is basicly just a Drop smaller newer version of the cs-35 raider? they look very similar.. and no, im not attached to that gun specificaly, im just trying not to spend a ton of money, and since thats the only gun i had and got it for 5.00 i figured id mod that..i found this for 31.89 then theres also a sonic ice version for 60 which i wouldnt be buying so ill think about buying the rampage, suppisvely it shoots 75FT without mods?
i see it doesnt come with a stock which is kind of od.. i could always use my Raider one until i buy the mod one..
is that gun much smaller at all then the cs-35 raider? i like having the big long gun and having one thats drasticly smaller would suck
it seems a lot smaller but it could be because it doesnt come with a stock

u/Maniacal_Coyote · -1 pointsr/Nerf

Get a pair of Stryfes. They're good, cheap, and easy for any rug rat to use. They don't even have to worry about which way they load the darts in!

u/that0n3reddit · -2 pointsr/Nerf

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Heres one example.

u/zerohourrct · -9 pointsr/AskReddit


If socializing does not work, after you've clearly asked them to leave, annoy them away by investing in annoyance devices like an AirZooka (, bubble guns, squirt guns, or water balloons.

EDIT: Nerf guns may also work. Just go into your local toy store and purchase whatever is cheap and shoots cheap projectiles. Airsoft guns may also be a possibility, but those can actually be dangerous and might give them ammunition for litigation.