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u/puredirt · 22 pointsr/Ice_Poseidon

For low light situations i think getting an attachment with an LED light on it would work, because in the previous streams the only drawback besides D/C from s8 in buildings is the low light performance.

it doesn't have to specifically be this product but, if it's attached to a wide angle lens and has a LED light it might be perfect unless you want him to get an LED light for the actual selfie stick. (i would much rather prefer Ice switching to the teradek system inside clubs just so the low light performance is the best it can be)

If you are going to be sending like 6 powerbanks (i'm serious send over 5 powerbanks) to easily charge get a multi usb super charger

Of course you want to send more adapters for the different outlets, multiple because the hotels only send him one.

Losing his wallet is shitty content now, plus he will be going to places where there are a fuckton of pick pockets. Solve two problems with this.

Ice can wear this around his neck, and just pull it out to show ID and take out cash and his credit card, leave his passport with his other shit. Put a reminder to always tuck it back into his tshirt when he isn't using it.

For the weather:

Here is a drypack, so the powerbanks and extra phones/wires don't get wet.

If that won't work with the teradek backup, just get a poncho

If tried to find a waterproof case but I'm not sure if they would work with the stick/wide angle lens, since you will be sending him the equipment please look into a something that could both use a wide angle lens on top of a waterproof case.

Also tell him to buy a couple more S8's. I know that is a huge investment but this retard is gonna break everything. And obviously get him unthrottled internet anyway possible.

Goodluck manager.

u/Hellbilly_Slim · 18 pointsr/solotravel

I take this travel pouch of sorts with me on trips, your belt goes through one of the sewn on loops and the pouch rides on the inside of your pants. I keep one card and some cash in my billfold but spread the rest of my cards/cash between that pouch as well my backpack I keep locked up at the hostel.

u/TwisterII · 8 pointsr/aves

Too much rambling man. Cut it down to under 2 minutes and you may get some more views:


Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet w/ RFID Blocker

Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack

Gear Beast Sports Waist Pack Running Belt

iHeartRaves Hide Your Stash Boxer Briefs

It's also worth mentioning that people who get their phone stolen don't actually get their phone stolen. Through dancing, walking, and taking pictures 95% of those 'stolen' phones end up in lost & found.

u/Kellyscomments · 7 pointsr/minimalism

Oh they have. And won't she look classy pulling her cash out at the register.

I just noticed the link included "B000B". Ha.

u/ActionComics25 · 7 pointsr/badwomensanatomy

I bought THIS for hanging out at the beach and theme parks because I'd always wind up putting my money in my bra. Less chance of ring worm for me this way and less touching my sweat for cashiers.

u/Junkmans1 · 6 pointsr/Cruise

There are various types of waterproof wallets or cases that you can find. I've tried quite a few types and most leak. This is the only one I've ever had that doesn't leak and lasts a long time:
It is just the right size to hold a couple sea passes, a couple driver's licenses, a credit card and a bunch of US currency wrapped around them. Even keeps things dry when snorkeling and diving 10 feet or more under water.

With other cases: if bills do get slightly damp then vendors still take them and they'll dry out if you spread them out a bit in your cabin overnight.

I always take my phone and leave in a beach bag if necessary. I realize that we're taking a chance on anything we leave in a beach bag but I've never had an issue. They do make similar cases, even the same brand, that fit a phone so you can take it into the water but I've never tried those.

In Europe and places where water is not involved but pick pockets are more of a concern, I carry my passport and most of my money and second credit card in a money belt type hidden pocket worn under my clothing. I carry just a few dollars and one credit card in my wallet so I don't have to go into the hidden pocket very often.

u/bookmonkey786 · 6 pointsr/onebag

OK here's my guide for slightly paranoid travel safety, money wise.

I personally think money belts are too large, clunky and ineffective in hot weather anyway.

First empty out your wallet, keep the license/ID there, you might need it to get into clubs and such. 1 credit card and 2-3 days worth of money, copy of passport, and possibly hotel key card. If someone waves a knife in your face toss the wallet without any hesitation. One other tip for some countries, don't keep too much money but not too little in the main pocket, keep some big bills folded up in a card pocket, if you get pulled over and need to give a bribe you can show them your wallet that doesn't have that much money, not something to do in Belgium but useful in Bali.

Get one of these pill capsules. They can fit 1 paper bill, keep it clipped to your pants/neck, I keep it clipped to my keys and a little multitool on a belt loop. I keep in there 20/50 Euro or local bill, Euro's pretty good cause you can use it almost anywhere in an emergency. This is my last line of defense its at least enough to get me a taxi home or even keep going with my day and not waste time if my wallet gets stolen.

And/Or get one of these clip stash wallets ans a second line of defense, you can keep a day's money or some big bills there, keep it clipped on the inside of your pants, if you get mugged you can lift up your shirt and show you have nothing, its much more subtle than a money belt, better in SE Asia where you want to just wear a thin shirt. You can keep you credit card there but in Europe I prefer to charge on my card so I don't have to carry too much money or withdraw too much money. Its optional for me most of the time I don't bring this thing but it is an option.

If all these options fail then you have bigger things to worry about cause you're probably in a bathtub full of ice and missing something worse than money.

I worry much more about my phone really since there's less you can do tp protect it, I got a case with a lanyard loop so its harder to get snatched but really it's more so I don't drop it cause I'm clumsy.

u/cat-gun · 5 pointsr/SexWorkers

For appointments, I recommend getting a slashproof bag with locking cable. Once you've received the cash, test it for counterfeits. Then put it (and other valuables) in the bag, and lock the bag to the plumbing under the bathroom sink.

For traveling between locations, use a money belt or a stash bra. I recommend keeping a decoy wallet with some cash and expired cards in it, so that if you are mugged, you can give them your decoy, while keeping the rest of your cash safe.

For storing cash at home, I'd make one or more "pipesafes" with some black iron pipe. Wrap and band the cash, then put it in a fire resistant bag. Then put it in the pipe, and plug the pipe with a pair of "test plugs". You can see what I mean at this instructable for making a survival cache with PVC pipe.

I recommend using black iron pipe instead of PVC because it provides some fire resistance, but you can use PVC pipe instead. You can find black iron pipe at hardware stores, and "test plugs" can be ordered online or purchased through plumbing supply stores.

Split up your money among several "pipesafes" in different locations around your apartment. That way, if you're ever robbed, the thieves may find some of your money, but they probably won't find all of your money. The best places to hide your pipesafes will vary from location to location, so you'll want to size them to fit in your preferred hiding spaces.

Be sure to write down your pipesafe locations somewhere! You will forget where they are!
I recommend storing them as a note in bitwarden, then give your bitwarden account info to a trusted friend or relative. That way, if you die or get sick/injured, your loved ones can find them and access your funds.

Why not a safe, you might ask? A safe can also work. However, thieves know to look for safes. If the safe is portable, they can just tear it out of the wall and walk out with it.

If the safe is heavy enough to prevent easy transport, then it will be a pain the butt for you to move as well. Most sex workers are young, and move or travel frequently. Pipesafes can be moved relatively easily. Plus, you could leave them behind if need be, as they're not that expensive to make.

How much cash should you keep on hand? That will vary depending on your circumstances and risk tolerance.

Personally, I would first build up a cash emergency fund of about $5 K for unexpected expenses, like car repair, "get out of dodge money" (stalker, legal action), medical bills, etc. Top up this fund as you make payouts from it.

Next, I would pre-pay a $5 K retainer with criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended a number of sex work cases. If you're ever in legal trouble, the cops may freeze your assets, making it difficult to hire someone to defend you. Prostitution / solicitation cases cost between $5 - $25 K to defend, so pre-paying at least enough to get started is a good idea.

Eventually, however, you'll probably want to deposit much of your cash in a bank account. If you ever want to purchase a house or car, having an established history of regular cashflow will be necessary. A bank account also makes it much easier to interface with the rest of the financial system.

However, any funds you deposit will become known to the IRS. So you should expect to pay taxes on those funds. You'll need to set aside around 30% of those funds for tax payments.

As an anti-money laundering and anti-tax avoidance measure, banks are required to report cash deposits / withdrawals (called a Cash Transaction Report for CTR) greater than $10000 to the government. Most banks have systems that send these reports automatically, electronically, along with your tax information.

Bank staff can optionally flag and any cash transaction as "suspicious", known as a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR). For example, they might flag a deposit as "suspicious" if they think it was artificially structured to avoid the reporting requirement. (For example, making four deposits of $2499 in a 24 hour period might cause them to make a SAR.)

Due to previous government crackdowns on politically unpopular groups (gun dealers, payday loan vendors, sex workers), banks and other financial institutions are particularly skittish about providing services to sex workers.

So, if you suddenly start making a lot of cash deposits, the bank will likely ask you the source of your funds. If you don't have a good answer, they may close your account. So, be sure to have a plausible story for the source of the cash before you start making significant deposits.

Brokerages, currency exchanges, precious metals dealers and other financial institutions have similar Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

u/quiteCryptic · 5 pointsr/starterpacks

I recommend this belt as to not look flashy and conceal cash.

I also recommend this internal wallet if you need more things carried like cards. This one is a little more obvious if you were to get mugged and really searched though.

Whenever possible, use a cheaper older phone if going to more dangerous places. Carry a copy of your passport, not the real thing. Also keep a small amount of cash in your shoe for absolute worst case scenario taxi home.

How extreme you go depends on your preference, but for places like South Africa for example I would do all of the above. Also obviously don't fight back at all if mugged, especially if you do the above just let your decoy wallet and cheap phone go. A second back up phone if you have one in your hotel doesn't hurt.

u/x1009 · 5 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

yes! It's so solid that security missed mine multiple times.

u/soayherder · 5 pointsr/LetterstoJNMIL

Look into getting yourself a travel wallet - carry a decoy purse or the like. Then if it is an ambush like you suspect it might be, you are better prepared to bug out in a hurry.

u/The_Punniest · 4 pointsr/backpacking

I like this product. It has two loops(brown and black) and you thread it through one of the loops with your belt depending on the colour so it isn't noticeable. Then you put the pouch part on the inside of your pants so it is hidden.

In a pinch I would pick up a pair of tight boxer-briefs and place the cash in a plastic bag near your private area.

I hope this helps.

u/immortan_peter · 3 pointsr/Coachella

I went WK2 last year and after hearing about all the thefts from Chainsmokers/Zhu from WK1 I looked for something that would be easy to access and concealable. This travel wallet has saved me time and time again through crazy crowds at Coachella, EDC, Symbiosis...

u/greeneyes83 · 3 pointsr/travel

Or for ladies, try this (I actually just made my own out of scrap material.

u/iBlaze4sc · 3 pointsr/Frugal

Get this money belt. It was super comfy for my 6 week backpacking trip. I kept my passport extra money and plastic in it. Get a charles Schwab bank account. They are free. They reimburse for any amount of atm fees from anywhere in the world. When I used mine in Europe The fee didn't even show up as charged. The amount I withdrew matched exactly to usd per that days conversion rate. Not a single penny charged. It made it very easy for me to withdrawal only what I needed, as frequently as required.

u/whatktdid · 3 pointsr/onebag

I don't know how to crosspost things at the moment but I'll give it a Google, that's a good idea!

And sorry, yep, should've linked it originally. Here you go:

u/dageshi · 3 pointsr/travel

Being someone who spent 1.5 years in SEA this sounds like bloody stupid advice to me. Here is what I did and it served me well.

  1. Get two ATM cards preferably on two different bank accounts. Try and find one setup for travelers e.g. with low foreign exchange fee's and no charge for withdrawing overseas. But even if you can't find a good one, make sure you have two, checkout those pre-paid debit card/ATM cards if you can't find a good one.

  2. Try and make sure they've got a VISA or MASTERCARD symbol on em, because those work everywhere whereas some of the other networks are more patchy.

  3. Buy a money belt, preferably this one

    It's cheap, it'll go under your clothes and use it to hold your passport and one of your atm cards.

  4. Don't keep both ATM cards together. Store one in your money belt and put the other, your backup card inside your main bag. If you lose one, you have the backup.

  5. Don't keep your ATM card in your wallet, instead keep enough money for each day in your wallet, if it gets pickpocketed you lose some cash but not a lot.

  6. Do carry some cash in USD, about $200 is good, in $100, $50, $20, $10, $10, $5, $1, 1, $1, $1 that way if things do go really bad, and you've lost both your cards somehow OR both your banks have decided to temporarily suspend your cards on suspicion of fraud (happens when you cross into different countries alot) then you'll have enough cash so that you won't be sleeping on the street until you get it sorted out.

    Frankly number 6 is a bit overkill BUT US dollars are normally required for VISA's crossing into Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam so having a supply handy isn't a bad idea.

    And please, please don't carry large amounts of USD in $100 bills on your first trip to SEA, sounds like a recipe for outright disaster to me.

u/TacoExcellence · 3 pointsr/travel

Victorinox travel wallet. Super handy for keeping all your documents together. Best travel purchase I've made.

u/PastiesEverywhere · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival
u/wat_0_wat · 3 pointsr/personalfinance
  • Use credit card with no foreign transaction fee; When we were there, we didn't had to use cash in most places. Avoid using debit card for any transaction if possible.
  • Exchange euro from banks (if you have Chase, BoA or some others, their rates are better) than some currency exchange shop near Airports.
  • Beware of pickpockets esp. in Rome and Southern Italy compared to North. I have been using this pouch whenever I go abroad and it's been working great!
  • Recommended to inform your bank (Credit Card / debit cards) about your travel dates. Chase lets you do it online.
  • Enroll in STEP
  • Use NFC based payments (Apple pay or Google Wallet) if supported as they are way more secure than inserting physical card.
u/Ritz527 · 3 pointsr/Themepark

You can probably skip 1, 2, and 5 in my opinion. One and two might apply to larger families with kids and strollers but I don't need to lug around an $700+ camera all day or bother with water bottles when water fountains or free water can be found in pretty much all theme parks. Headphones in line? They'd arrest you at Universal if you had so much as a cell phone and you think your headphones will make it through the ride? Bleh. Also, do most theme parks allow you to bring outside food and drinks into the park? I just assumed it was a general rule that they did not. If the plan is to bring your own food, you're better off leaving it in the car, hopefully in a well iced cooler to protect it from the summer heat all day.

I'll tell you what to bring instead:

  • Lightweight, sweat-wicking, quick-dry clothing. Good for the heat of the day and water rides. I'm pretty much a walking Underarmour ad at theme parks, I'm even wearing quick-drying mesh underwear and sweat-wicking socks.
  • A slimmed down version of your wallet. You don't need your grocery store loyalty card or library card. You need an ID, a credit card, your ticket, and maybe some cash. Those can fit in a slim-profile wallet of some sort. If you're like me I put something like this underneath my shirt so my pockets don't feel like they're weighing me down. It also doubles as an easy way to hide your items from inspection if you intend to circumvent strict riding policies. The strap isn't coming off and the pockets are all zippers and velcro. It's secure. Usually fits the cards I mention plus my phone.
  • Rechargeable battery pack, to be left in a storage locker. Seriously, don't bother carrying this around with you everywhere. Retrieve it during lunch, charge your phone, then return it to storage. I've seen a lot of theme parks installing phone charging stations (Busch Gardens VA has several for example) so you may not even need that pack, assuming you don't mind paying to charge. I would probably bring mine.
  • Car keys. You probably want to get back in your car at some point. You can store these in the locker with your battery pack, you don't need them until you leave.
  • Your phone. Entertain yourself in line with some web browsing or mobile gaming. Also doubles as a camera so you don't need to carry about your photo bag. You'll have to sort out whether or not they'll let you bring it on the ride though. I'd probably find a way to leave it in a storage locker all day with my car keys and battery pack if they made me store it before I could ride.
  • Sunscreen and maybe some sunglasses. I've found most of the time I can keep my sunglasses with me but if you're somewhere without that option, maybe just sunscreen up before entering the park and leave the sunglasses in the car. You could also put them in a storage locker but I find that defeats the purpose. I'd rather squint all day than have to store them in a locker every time I wanted to ride something.
u/C10K8 · 3 pointsr/RepLadies

You could get something like this to keep your ID and cash in and tuck it under your shirt. Then use whatever bag you want. My sister studied abroad there. When I went to visit we stuck out as tourist, but I felt good in the large group we were always in. One of her friends crossbody bag was ripped off of her from a guy on a scouter one night. She was standing alone outside of a bar. Just stay aware of your surroundings and don’t put your things down. I personally was not comfortable wearing things that made me stand out anymore than I already did. Enjoy your trip!! It was definitely one of my favorite places to visit!!! 😊

u/icax0r · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I just carry my usual bag when I travel (a crossbody that has a turnlock closure, and I keep it in front of me with a hand on it at pretty much all times) and I also got one of these bra stash pouches, it snaps to your bra under your clothes and I keep most of my cash and a credit card in there.

u/deana_nerd · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

People use pouches like what you describe for travel frequently example here. If you don't want to buy online try a luggage/travel store.

u/annoyingbranerd · 2 pointsr/bigboobproblems

I have done many trips around Europe and my go-to solution is a decoy wallet with 50 EUR max in it that allows you to pay for an icecream or a soda or for entry into a museum. Passport and cards go into the money belt or into the hotel safe.

Neck wallets don't work for busty people. It looks funny and kinda obvious when worn under a t-shirt (especially one that is tight in the bust area) and too visible when worn above the shirt.

If you are determined to have something around your neck anyway I would recommend something that is holster-style like this one or a pouch that attaches to your bra.

u/Duckhunt · 2 pointsr/travel

I travel with this. Its simple. I just clip it on the waist of my pants with the wallet touching my skin. Easy access and secure.

u/ibuprofane · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Just get a hidden pocket and keep it in there. I have this one:

I’ve used this a few times to thwart pickpockets in Europe but last year was the first time I used it at Coachella. It’s so freeing to be able to dance and not have worry about checking my pockets every 2 minutes to see if everything’s still there.

u/EatMorePangolin · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

This is a great idea. The unit itself is very small and I don't see any reason it wouldn't work when separated from the band. You could use a bra stash pocket or something like it if you don't have a zippable pocket on your clothes.

u/cH3x · 2 pointsr/backpacking

My favorite option--and I've tried several--is a hidden pocket that loops over my belt at about the 3:30 position; the loop goes over the top of my pants, and the pocket hangs down inside by my hip. My pocket has a brown loop and a black loop to match whatever belt I'm wearing. I generally forget I'm carrying it. The one I use is .

u/DaddyKoolAid · 2 pointsr/Outlier

I'm not a fan of money belts, but in my experience this style works quite well:

Much easier to access, and the hot spot is the same size and place as your pocket. While it does stop the breathability, so does a passport in a pocket. Plus a lot of people seem to baby their passports - they don't have to be pristine to still serve their function.

u/Lee_Scuppers · 2 pointsr/solotravel

If you wear a belt, it means you probably don't wear skinny jeans. In that case this might be what you want.

I used mine for my 2 year trip and I'll use it on my upcoming trip. It's got room for backup credit cards and emergency cash. My pants and shorts are fairly loose fitting and the passport holder was rarely uncomfortable. Sometimes it's awkward to dig into your pants when you need it, but a little awkwardness never hurt anyone.

This won't work if you wear form-fitting clothes.

Edit: I didn't leave my passport in my room very often, and I never ever once left it in a dorm. If I did leave it behind for scuba diving or something, I hid it.

u/zantopper · 2 pointsr/travel

Love this neck stash for passport, cash, and other little things. I wear it over the shoulder under my shirt and tuck it into my pants or shorts on the side of my hip so that it's not visible.

u/hiyosilver64 · 2 pointsr/EnoughTrumpSpam


Everyone in this situation needs to get one of those passport thingies and wear their documents at all times.

Don't leave home without it on your person.

u/H-H-H-H-H-H · 2 pointsr/onebag

I’ve never liked these. They really make you stand out as a target. People tend to wear them outside their clothes where it’s easy to use a knife to cut the cord and run. If you’re intent on having a pouch and wear pants, these work better:

But really, for a phone, you just put it in your front pocket, put your hand on it in high crime areas, and stare down anyone who looks suspicious.

u/Sam1Ron · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

What I wear is called a traveler's belt. The specific one I use is this:

It should hold an S8+ no problem, I have a 5" phone inside a big case and left it in the big pocket without issues when traveling. Some of those days I would have a fat stack of cash too (in foreign countries where cards were hit or miss) and it never seemed to be too much - literally probably 3/4"-1" of bills plus an id and a couple of credit cards. Not sure if this is the same thing as a runner's belt or not.

u/nafraid · 2 pointsr/onebag

Something like this is not your traditional money belt but you can keep it in your pants, loops go through your belt. I cut the waist band off my money belt and made it hook on my belt like one of these but more horizontal. More comfortable than the traditional belt thing.

Edit: stash your cash, leave it in your apartment, lock it in a safe and just carry what you need for the day.

u/reol7x · 2 pointsr/JapanTravel

As others have said, you don't have to show it, I got a cheap passport/ID neck carry thing to keep it with me that I've used on two trips now. Something like this If you're coming fro the US, the Japanese Yen paper bills are a bit larger than US dollars, and don't fit easily in to a regular wallet, this was a bit more convenient for carrying the money & passport with.

u/thanos023 · 2 pointsr/China

I use a hidden pocket wallet, similar to this when I travel.

u/indomara · 2 pointsr/travel

I have this one, and I love it. After trips across the US and to Australia I can safely call it nearly indestructible.

It's larger than most, but I tend to lose things if I'm not overly organized, and this has room for money, boarding passes, multiple passports, and extra pockets for business cards and reciepts.

There is a thin non zip pocket on the outside I use for boarding passes when going from gate to gate, but I move them into the inside when I'm done moving about because I'm paranoid.

I love it, but it's probably too large for most people - check dimensions before you bite the bullet.

u/SlickyFats · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/Eurynom0s · 1 pointr/churning

My passport was warped to the shape of the side of my body after a day of wearing that around but it's because after sliding it around I settled on it being more comfortable to have everything on my side than my front. Didn't affect getting back into the US via Global Entry. If you really care then on a daily basis alternate which side of your passport is facing toward your body while it's in the belt to even out the warping.

I wasn't thrilled about having to walk around with my passport but I did a couple of Airbnbs where I had a room not the whole apartment (as opposed to being able to use a hotel room safe). I felt much better about having this thing strapped under my pants than having to worry about being pickpocketed.

That said I would advise not keeping anything other than your passport in there unless you're willing to go into a private space like a bathroom every time you need to get something out of it. It rather defeats the purpose of such a belt if you let everyone around you see that you're wearing one. I used my usual money clip stored in my left pocket for my cash/cards/etc.

u/guy_guyerson · 1 pointr/solotravel

I like the Belt Loop Pouch approach.

u/Drefen · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I am a very paranoid traveler.

I use something like this for passports and credit cards.

I also have a money belt when I am going to a country were cash is more prevalent than cards.

This is made for running but could easily be worn around the waist and under a shirt.

There are also larger pouches like this that go around your waist but under your pants.

There are a ton of options. I am not a fan of exposed fanny pack type pouches nor do I like the neck pouches simply because I do not like things around my neck.

u/bafflesaurus · 1 pointr/onebag

Some good tips here: I'd also look into a belt loop wallet

u/duttymong · 1 pointr/solotravel

Things I would add are:

  • A decent padlock for Hostel lockers - I used this one
  • Eagle creek wallet - Gave me so much peace of mind not having to worry about pick pockets.
  • Mini LED keyring
  • Reusable, washable ear plugs
  • Talc (buy it there) kept me very dry in the places you wanna keep dry ;)
  • Jeans, seldom used but handy when I went to a bar in a big city.

    I had a 40L bag and viewed it as a hierarchy, if I bought something I would have to give up something as my space was limited.
u/Sohcahtoa82 · 1 pointr/rollercoasters

The bigger concern I'm worried about isn't what to carry, but what to carry it in, since I don't have any shorts with zippered pockets and I've heard some parks aren't even allowing fanny packs on some rides.

I have a hidden pocket I can use, but I imagine a ride that doesn't allow fanny packs wouldn't even allow this if they caught me with it.

u/gypsyblue · 1 pointr/solotravel

You can also buy hidden pouches that attach to your bra like this (not an endorsement, just an example). I haven't personally tried it but I'm curious.

u/HarryMcMerkin · 1 pointr/solotravel

If you use a belt, this thing works great.

Search for "Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket" if the link doesn't work.

I kept my passport on me for more than a year with one of those things. It's fairly comfortable.

u/TristansTravels · 1 pointr/travel

Also, add a secret pocket to your list. Everyone uses money belts, so thieves look for them. One of these babies will serve you well if you wear it on your hip under your pants.

u/sig570 · 1 pointr/orangetheory

I use something called the tube; best thing ever for running. I throw in my ID, credit card, key, and iPhone and I am off.

EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt - Travel Money Belt with Zipper Pockets Fit All Smartphones and Passport - Black-XL

u/dieterschaumer · 1 pointr/EDC

There's the Cache Belt

but you've only been able to preorder it for god damn three years now, and that's held me off from ordering it. Other than that a whole bunch of rando hidden money belts on amazon where you unzip a pocket along the inside of the belt, but that's rather annoying. Its perfectly fine for if you want this as emergency money, but as a hidden wallet it doesn't work so well.

Alternatively, and what I used for my trip through europe, is this: TSA didn't care, and you can fit your wallet, passport, money, a bunch of things in there. You slide your belt through it, and then tuck it inside your waistband. Totally invisible other than that band where it attaches to your belt. Its a bit awkward to take out, but you don't have to take off your belt at least.

u/JakBlakbeard · 1 pointr/onebag

Instead of a money belt or hidden pocket, I recommend this. Very comfortable, secure, easy access. Clips onto your waistband and you wear it on the inside.

u/Prescriptioner · -1 pointsr/IAmA

How well do those 'hidden pockets' that hide underneath your pants/shirt really work? One of these, for example I'm thinking about using one in a couple of weeks when I travel in Latin America.