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u/OliverBabish · 37 pointsr/videos

It's this awesome vanilla bean paste - way better than the stuff in the baking aisle, and it's got the little vanilla specks in it!

u/AlexFromOmaha · 26 pointsr/LateStageCapitalism

It is, but the savings here are being overstated. It's not a product with a huge margin, and the prices they get are based on bulk buys. Here's 16 ounces of extract on Amazon. Here's enough beans to make 12 ounces.

I'd also suggest light rum over vodka, personally.

u/Sketches_Stuff_Maybe · 17 pointsr/Cooking

It's known as Vanilla Paste as well

u/kiuh5cccc · 17 pointsr/GifRecipes
u/GinDeMint · 16 pointsr/Coffee

Sure! I used a toddy-type cold-brewer (but the $10 version from Amazon). I poured half a bottle of middling gold rum, 40%, into the cold brewer. Then I added an equal amount of water to make it 20%, but you could add half as much to make it 30%. Then I added half a pound of Caribou's Mahogany roast (cheap coffee works fine for this), ground for drip to increase the rum-coffee surface area. Then I took two vanilla beans, split them, seeded each side and added the seeds and pod to the rum and coffee mixture. Let it sit for 24 hours, then drain. It'll drain faster than you'd think for a grind so fine, because the alcohol's viscosity is so low.

At some point, make brown sugar simple syrup. Boil 1 cup water, slowly stir in two cups brown sugar. Wait until cool. You can either add this to the coffee-rum-vanilla mix before or after draining.

It turns out pretty well! Pretty strong, pretty tasty, plenty of caffeine. I had more kahlua than could fit in a fifth bottle, so I added it to a mason jar with a cinnamon stick for an experiment. It was good, but needed horchata mixed with it to really balance it out. My bottle went in a couple days.

If you need vanilla beans, Amazon offers a great selection of quality beans for a good price. This is my recent go-to:

u/GWNVKV · 8 pointsr/Cooking

Here you go :)

Vanilla Products USA 10 Tahitian Near Gourmet Grade A/B Vanilla Beans PNG 4~5"

u/Tealdeerhunter · 6 pointsr/orlando

Penzey Spices, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, World Market.

Last time I bought some, I had a coupon for World Market and it was the best price of the places above.

For a less expensive option, you could try Spice House of Longwood, Spice Bazaar, or a mexican grocery, but I can't say I know those all too well.

Amazon seems like a great deal. I might buy some to make extracts for gifts.

u/scooterrox2494 · 5 pointsr/Frugal

I ordered myself some vanilla beans and glass jars from amazon

I cut the beans in half and even distributed them through out all the bottles then just filled the rest up with cheap vodka. I did it about 3 months ago and the liquid is nice and dark. I made homemade labels with what kind of beans, to be stored in a cool dark place, and that you can top off the bottle with vodka as you use it for awhile. and then I tied it with some twine.

u/thecuriousblackbird · 5 pointsr/ChronicPain

Those look so delicious.

Energy bars can be super simple to make. Like homemade Lärabars are dates, almonds, and dried fruit (apple pie would also have cinnamon and cloves--Penzey's sells delicious true cinnamons that are sweet tasting, and comes in different size containers.). You can also get ground vanilla bean powder that's sweet and has no sugar. A little goes a long way, too. Dump the ingredients in your food processor and blend. They're so good. Trader Joe's has whole aisle of inexpensive dried fruits and nuts. Create your own combinations.

Here's a link for 26 must try energy bar recipes. Most are made from dried fruits, nuts, maybe some nut or seed butter, a little sweetener, and flavorings.

I always thought I didn't like dates until I tried fresh medjool dates from a grocery store produce section. Lots of warehouse stores have them, too. As do Indian grocers. The ones I had previously were old and dried out, in my white bread grocery store in the small town I grew up in.

Making your own trail mix would also be delicious, and the nuts and dried fruits are so good for you.

Having easy to make snacks that you can keep within reach can help you eat healthier with little effort.

u/ExpensiveProfessor · 3 pointsr/Cooking

I was looking at amazon for the beans and searched for grade A madagascar beans.

u/joiedumonde · 3 pointsr/Cooking

I find the bean paste much more of a middle ground. I bake a lot, so I spend the money on high quality extract, and usually buy it every few months. On the other hand, I buy the paste from Amazon or at TJ's (if I can find it there) once every year or two. It's worth the splurge because it lasts a long time.

This is what I get. I usually pay about $5-10 for an oz of extract, so this is about the same per oz cost. Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste, with Gift Box, 4 oz

u/jomebrew · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

I often get them from MoreBeer or Amazon. Last time I got this paste from Amazon

u/Judas_Feast · 3 pointsr/Cooking
u/Treekyboy · 3 pointsr/Kombucha

Authentic Foods Vanilla Powder - 3oz

I use this! This is the first time ive ever used it (1 teaspoonish) and ill be able to see how it tastes in a few days.

u/letsmakeitbrahs · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Ah, those are very expensive.. one bean is ~$15-20 USD. Is there any cheaper option? Can you just buy the interior beans? Will something like this work?

EDIT: Probably something like this? The first link is powder but this is ground vanilla bean.

u/James1129 · 2 pointsr/breastfeeding

It’s definitely disheartening and I cried for a few days about it. Your emotions are completely valid. It took a ton of hard work to make that milk. But please don’t despair!

I ordered some non-alcoholic vanilla off amazon and it worked! I add 2 drops to a 4-5oz bottle and my baby has been drinking it without issue.

I also tried mixing half and half of thawed milk and recently fresh milk and he also took it just fine. I just didn’t continue doing it that way because it was more work. 🤷‍♀️

I’ve still got about 350oz of high lipase milk that I’ve decided to donate. I couldn’t bear to throw out all that hard work. I know my baby won’t ever be able to drink all that milk while I’m still BF in real time, and it’ll be nice to help babies in need!

u/Kalrog · 2 pointsr/AustinBeer

Have you ever looked for vanilla beans in bulk? Real vanilla (not the extract) isn't cheap. Amazon has the good stuff for about $160 per 1/4 lb - so just north of $600 per pound. That makes the $400 seem downright reasonable.

u/entropikone · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

These are the ones I got and they're great.

u/lord_dumbello · 2 pointsr/Coffee

They don't have to be expensive. Here's a 1/4 pound for $17.95 on Amazon, just as an example.

u/Arshion · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


No, but really. Wouldn't making your own vanilla extract be awesome? Yeah it would. Trust me.

u/metrogdor22 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Vanilla Beans. Even with shipping, they're much cheaper than Walmart - but don't be deceived by their price. These beans are not cheap bargain brand; They made the best creme brulee I've ever baked.

u/Reddywhipt · 1 pointr/Cooking

$18 for 5 beans.

Not cheap, but better. Also not vouching for quality of this brand/vendor, though my last vanilla bean purchase was from a different Amazon vendor, and they were amazing.

u/GoHomeWithBonnieJean · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

All over the internet, as of 3am this morning, at least, they're about $3-6/pod.

Amazon has 5 pods: $17.50

Beanilla has 'em for $3.98 ... if you'll buy 25.

Neilson-Massey has 4.20 oz. (looks like maybe 35 beans) for $142.95, or about $4/pod.

Walmart wants 10 beans: $55.45

Penzys is charging $6+ for either Madagascar OR Mexican

u/chileheadd · 1 pointr/Cooking

Yeah, not nearly that much.

On Amazon, Tahitian


Sure, you can find more expensive ones, but using even these would beat the hell out of supermarket "extract"

u/srahahb · 1 pointr/PlantBasedDiet

Totally feel you there. These are the beans I buy if you're ever ready to do it! It makes a big difference in my oats and chia pudding, but it does take some patience lol

u/ss847859 · 1 pointr/orlando

I know this won't work for you now because of your time restraint, however, my wife and I make ice cream so we scrap vanilla beans. We use vanilla splits or Grade B vanilla beans.

All it means as far as I'm aware is that the vanilla bean was allowed to become a little over ripened and the end of the beans split. They are much cheaper but really there is nothing wrong with them!

[Here is an example of them on Amazon] (

u/twinsbrewers81 · 1 pointr/Homebrewing
u/PatriceJ · 1 pointr/xxketo

This one is 100% vanilla bean powder, zero sugar. It's pricey, though it wouldn't take much to flavor a cup of coffee.

u/chino_brews · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Yeah, I had heard about the vanilla shortage, and was shocked when I had to purchase vanilla extract at Costco and it was triple the price.

I bought 16 premium Madagascar vanilla beans for $11.45 shipped three years ago after seeing the deal on (Amazon Prime). Today, the price is $110. Looks like I could get them for about $45 if I tried.

I'd probably use high-grade real vanilla extract.

u/lady_bluesky · 1 pointr/Cooking

I've gotten these Madagascar beans from Amazon once or twice and have always been impressed with the quality, especially for the price. Currently at $26 for 10 beans, which is $0.60 less per bean than Costco's price. (Though my order history tells me that the last time I bought them was in 2016, at which point it was $17 for 10, waaaaaahhhhhhh.)