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u/doodyonhercuntry · 187 pointsr/ATBGE

yeah it would be really nice cast in resin though, or if you could get a glass blower to mold a bowl that conforms to the shape like this

u/CoopAndHerSon · 39 pointsr/NEU

Yes, seriously. An empty bottle as a decoration is harmless and legal.

A vodka bottle vase could quite plausibly have been:

  • purchased as a vase
  • received as a gift
  • made from an old bottle legally consumed by the 17–20 year-old
    • on private property with their parents or grandparents in Massachusetts
    • in a different jurisdiction with a lower drinking age and then legally brought to Massachusetts

      So, yes, why are 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds not allowed to have liquor bottles?
u/lefteyedspy · 13 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

Here it is on Amazon.

u/[deleted] · 11 pointsr/konmari

A tall cylinder glass vase for the duckies. like this one

(Please note that link is for a set of 12. I just liked the pic to convey the idea. Otherwise these glass vases are much cheaper. You can find them at hobbylobby, target, Marshall’s, tjmax, Walmart,etc for like $8-10.

u/Selvetrica · 9 pointsr/PlantedTank
So looking at reviews it is apparently about 10 gallons. I got this when it was on sale so if you wait till around Christmas it is usually half off.

u/stevietwoslice · 9 pointsr/minimalism

These are honestly really cool when done right

u/cass1512 · 5 pointsr/houseplants


Modern Industrial Style Bud Vase w/ Hanging Glass Beaker - 7.25 x 7.25 Inches - Bunsen Single Stem Round Flower Vase Decor

u/kehillah · 4 pointsr/Aquariums

Thanks! It's actually this bowl off of amazon

u/Karakarakarakay11125 · 3 pointsr/christmas

That looks like regular fish bowls you could find at any pet store or on amazon in different sizes. Was at Michaels yesterday and they were selling little Christmas figures and fake snow like that. You’d probably also need a glue gun to hold everything down too. Shouldn’t be hard to recreate. If you buy anything from Michaels or big craft store, make sure you use coupons. They almost always have 40-50% off coupons.

These fishbowls come in different sizes:

u/ThrowtheMountain · 3 pointsr/Berserk

Sorry man these we’re in a swedish dollar store however i did find this one on amazon for you

Maybe if you screen my video and do imagine search you might get something!

u/southernduchess · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

I got mine from Amazon and Kirkland’s!
Wait until they go on sale... here’s what I bought and was able to sell on FB Marketplace

25% Off Sale Now

Amazon Home Essentials Mercury Chocolate Hurricanes Candle Holders, Set of 3

Volens Gold Votive Candle Holders Bulk, Mercury Glass Tealight Candle Holder Set of 72 for Wedding Decor and Home Decor

Libbey Cylinder Vases, 8.75-inch, Set of 12

u/floorwantshugs · 3 pointsr/nextfuckinglevel
u/MilkPudding · 3 pointsr/bettafish

I have this 10 gallon bowl. The glass is quite thick (about the same thickness as my 10gal tank) and it's 18" diameter so there is plenty of horizontal swimming room. It used to be $45 but Amazon raised the price...still, if you like the aesthetic, it might be worth it to you.

u/DisgruntledPelican · 3 pointsr/InteriorDesign
u/BrisingrReborn · 3 pointsr/PlantedTank
u/Grandescape15 · 2 pointsr/weddingswap

I have 7 short and 15 tall (7” and 9”) that I’ll be done with after October 28th! I’ll sell them to you for $0.75 each, or a total of $16.50 plus shipping. I got them from Dollar Tree and, and they may have a third size. They are $1 each there and offer free shipping to your local store.

*edit: it looks like they do only have 7” and 9”, but you could probably find 10.5”” vases cheaper than those sets. 4 for $25, which is still cheaper.

u/gralie5254 · 2 pointsr/succulents

I got it from amazon in a set of 2! I gave one to a friend but I selfishly kept this one. It is plastic but it comes with a drainage hole.

2 PCS Set Cute Cartoon Animal Shaped Succulent Cactus Flower Pot/Plant Pots/Planter/Container for Home Garden Office Desktop Decoration

u/qbak · 2 pointsr/plantsandpots

i found this online ..

it did take me some time to locate this. since i had bought it from a store.

u/be-concerned · 1 pointr/nanotank

Ah yikes looks like I have a lot to learn! What’s the smallest size tank for red cherry shrimp?
This right here is my main inspiration, and it’s kind of the look I’m going for, I might put more hardscape/plants:

I’ll have to find a bowl somewhere. These are my options: (1.74g) not sure if I’d even put shrimp in here, it’s pretty small (7g) (3.5g)

There’s a few more and I have to check in stores near me, too.

u/acfox13 · 1 pointr/LushCosmetics

That’s a cool idea! You could grab a few clear glass vases that fit the plant stand and use them to hold your stash so they won’t fall. Also, Ginger is adorable!!

u/onetiredllama · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Yay house!! We're still renting, but we just moved into a mobile home from living in a tiny little townhouse in March. The space increase is like... whoa. It's a whole different world not sharing walls with anyone, so congratulations! Yaaaay assets!

So, I'm actually going to list a few a lot, because I love decorating and it gives me an excuse to play house AND randomly browse Amazon! I played a lot of Sims just for the decorating part as a kid.

Also I get to play around with that Amazon Scout style explorer thing now, yippie! These are not all things that I want or have, obviously, I'm just killing time on Amazon.

Wall hangings and artwork:

u/H720 · 1 pointr/INEEEEDIT

Name: "Levitating Air Bonsai Pot"


Purchase Link:

u/Chroniklogic · 1 pointr/Aquariums

Bubble Bowl - Large Size. Hand Blown Glass, Not Machine Made (Pack of 1 pc)

u/doughnutarian · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind
u/MrPoopyButthole1989 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I will do my best, hope the transition goes well.

Cool salt & pepper shakers

Floating planter

u/rootietootieshootie · -2 pointsr/wholesomegifs

Cirsum Elastic Antigravity,Sticky Vase Stick on The Wall,Refrigirator, Bathrooms,Flower Container for Home and Offices,Reusable Flower Pot, Numasanltd