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u/G33Kinator · 15 pointsr/Watches

For the past seven months, my growing collection of affordable watches has been living in a cheap set of plastic drawers. It worked, but it was sub-optimal. The other day I looked up watch boxes on a whim, and I found this one for about $35 on Amazon with Prime! It has a faux leather finish, a very rudimentary lock, a glass display lid, and a drawer under the watch pockets where I can keep my straps and tools. A very welcome upgrade! And when I get more watches, I suppose some rearranging (or selling) will be in order. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...

(the gray circle is a morally-questionable homage to a popular dive watch)

u/-reTARDIS · 14 pointsr/moto360

Deleted my other post on this as I figured everyone would rather see the pics than a link to the band...

I originally assumed I'd do the stainless band since I have the stainless/silver 360 but have to say the grey leather strap really grew on me while I was trying to figure out what kind of metal bands were out there that'd work.

If it wasn't for the lack of a easier to remove clasp on the leather strap that came with the 360, I might have even kept it on there.

I found after a full day of wearing the leather band though that moisture was getting stuck under the watch due to sweat and hand washing.

Since the leather strap is to much of a pain to quickly remove every time I washed my hands, I'd just not bother.

With the metal band, the quick release clasp on the bottom makes it very quick to remove/loosen the watch to dry under there after each hand washing now.

Here's the matte black version

Here's the stainless steel verson

You'll need to either use the spring bars/pins that came with the watch or buy some like these.

Best Buy also sells the same Pebble Steel bands for the same price as Amazon which is where I got mine from.

Some tips with removal and install. The spring bar/pin holes in the Moto 360 are made from plastic. Be extra careful with removal and putting the new ones back in. If you misshapen or break those holes, you're screwed.

If you don't have a proper spring bar tool like this, you'll need a jewelers sized flathead screw driver.

Getting the existing bands out is the easy part, I found putting the new band back in with the spring bars that came with the leather strap to be a lot more tricky in the metal band. I found the best way was to try and compress the springs on both ends of the bar and go straight into the opening. If you try to put one side of the spring bar in first then compress the other side, it didn't want to fit.

I enlisted my wife with her tiny little hands to assist and it made things a lot easier :P

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

u/KE-MN · 9 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I'd start by saying spring bar tools are cheap, and putting a different band or bracelet on a watch can really change its look. If you find a watch that you want to wear with different outfits, just pick up an additional band or bracelet.

All my watches are stainless steel or titanium, but I don't have a problem wearing them with a blazer with brass buttons, as an example. If I'm wearing a leather strap on my watch, I do avoid mixing black and brown. Black is black, and the point is it's nice and uniform. For brown leathers, I'm not concerned about the shade and some varience there can keep things from getting overly matchy. Can also vary things up with different types of leather, and as watch straps don't require much leather to make, that's a comparatively inexpensive place to add cordovan, stingray, alligator, crocodile, ostrich, tejus lizard, etc. if you want to have some fun with it. As an interesting example, here's what a $75 watch on a $300 strap looks like.

That black-dialed watch on a brown leather strap look sort-of intentionally clashes so you can wear it with whatever.

u/chrispscott · 9 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Yeah you can swap out straps until your heart is content. Pick up a spring bar tool and 20mm leather strap from Amazon and you should be good to go.

u/FilingAccount · 9 pointsr/simracing
u/EricTboneJackson · 9 pointsr/OculusGo

You can probably remove the scratches with this stuff. Works for a lot of people. Fixed a pretty nasty scratch on mine.

u/mysterygin · 8 pointsr/malefashionadvice

A lot of people recommend the regular Weekenders but they tick really loudly. They look great and are worth their price but the tick bothers me.

The best watches I've found for under $100 are:

Seiko 5 in your preferred color

Casio MDV Diver

Timex Weekender Chrono (Doesn't tick loudly)

If you choose one of these it's really easy to switch out the strap with one of these (spring bar tool)

I own all three of these watches and they are great. You can also check out different straps on Amazon or sites like cheapestnatostraps.

and a cheap plug for /r/Watches

u/RicardoRibeir0 · 7 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/aufisherman · 7 pointsr/moto360

Yeah! Any 22mm band. Just make sure to order a spring bar tool if you are going to replace the band yourself. I would recommend going to a physical store to get the band so you can make sure that it will fit.

u/PureDrifter · 7 pointsr/Watches

Here are some things to consider before buying and installing a strap :)

  1. Strap Width: Figure out what your watch's strap width is, usually called the "lug to lug" measurement. Watches commonly have 14-24mm wide lugs. A ruler works just fine. Length is usually not an issue unless you have far larger or slimmer than average wrists, if the stock strap works, you should be OK. WPT: check amazon/other sellers, often times they list the strap width. It's listed here as being 22mm for your watch.
  2. Strap Style: Purely up to you, some common styles other than the typical leather are Aviators (stitched+rivet for strength), NATO/Zulu (one piece of fabric/leather, very secure and simple), and of course, bracelets. Look here for more examples, though the relatively recently introduced Leather NATO isn't shown.
  3. Tools: I will say this once; BUY A SPRING BAR TOOL! They are available dirt cheap from amazon and ebay, and will greatly reduce your frustration level when it comes time to swap straps. (Note: No tools needed when swapping normal NATO style straps as they thread through the spring bars. You will need a tool to remove your stock strap and install the bare spring bars however.) Also a spring bar tool will reduce the odds of your tool slipping and marring/scratching your case while you try to compress the bar. Important thing to consider, especially if you have a plated or treated case as you can't just polish out scratches. I bought this one though there are a couple cheaper.

    I am a huge fan of amazon for basic tools and even some straps. For NATOs I like to use as they have competitive pricing, great CS, free (USPS) shipping, and almost always have an extra 10-15% code on their facebook page. Their leather NATOs are very nice as well.

    Here's a pic of a new strap I put on my Pulsar:
u/LGG-Watch · 6 pointsr/Watches

It is a normal spring bar system.

Using a tool like this one I was able to replace its original band with this band

(P.S. You need a 20mm band, any type will work as long as it is that size).

You can see from the back of the watch how it attaches, there is just enough room here to get that tool in, push aside the leather, and undo the spring bar.

u/JoCoLaRedux · 6 pointsr/frugalmalefashion
  1. You'd be very hard-pressed to find as much value in a watch that costs only $50
  2. No. You can only hear the inner-workings clicking away if you hold it right up to your ear.
  3. The sky's the limit. You should invest in a spring bar tool so you can change bands, though.
u/ipchristian1 · 6 pointsr/AppleWatch

polyWatch Watch Face Scratch Remover and Repair Polish

Please see the above comment about the fact
It was probably just removing the coating. They were very light scratches but the photos are genuine - the difference is amazing

u/charles111100 · 6 pointsr/balisong
u/i_was_valedictorian · 5 pointsr/Hardcore

The watch community swears by Polywatch to buff out scratches on plastic crystals. You oughta check it out.

Or do what I did to avoid it from the start and cut a piece of a phone screen protector the size of the flat part of the crystal and stick that on.

u/phoenixdigita1 · 5 pointsr/oculus

I've seen a number of redditors praise Polywatch

Obviously only take the polywatch action if Oculus support don't help you out.

Once fixed maybe contemplate putting lens protectors on. These ones worked for my Quest which I believe has similar lenses to the Rift-S.

u/SonicDethmonkey · 5 pointsr/Watches

Always good to see more of Sinn! I hear Polywatch works wonders for the acrylic scratches.

u/gleam · 5 pointsr/Watches
u/tcmcqueen · 5 pointsr/Watches

Don't get it serviced by Omega, they'll do a full restoration and in my opinion the patina on this watch is what makes it unique. Don't polish it, don't replace the dial or relume it. If you send it to Omega they will replace everything until the watch is "like new", they will polish the case, replace the dial, hands, pushers, crown, crystal, and the watch you get back will not really be the watch you sent them. Just a warning. I'd avoid Omega factory for service work like this. It would probably run about $600-800 give or take, depending on how many issues they found with the watch.

That said you could have the crystal replaced (it's hesalite, a type of plastic, and considered a maintenance item and about $30) or try polishing it to take out the scratches. You should have the movement lubed/serviced to maintain reliability, and the pushes (likely the crown will need to be as well) replaced.

One of the best guys I know for Omega service is Al at Archer Watches in Canada. You're probably looking at around $200 for the movement service/regulation and another $100-150 in parts (mainspring, pushers, crown, and crystal), +shipping. It's not cheap but it's cheaper than sending it off to Bienne. He's a little backed up right now and might not be taking new work for a few weeks but you might want to give him an email and ask him about the service he could perform.

As for your particular watch, it's a Speedmaster caliber 861, which is very similar to the currently produced 1861 so replacement parts are really not an issue.

u/vanillamode · 5 pointsr/Watches

congrats on the SARX045

B&R bands

Holben's fine watch bands

Barton watch bands

Crown and Buckle



watch band center





House of straps

Jones in Tokyo

Clockwork Synergy

also get a nice spring bar tool like the Bergeon 6767-F

things to think about when buying a strap include what kind of thickness you like, what kind of taper you like, what kind of stitching you want (ie, side whip stitch, top stitch, full stitch, etc), whether you want contrast stitching or stitching to match the color of the leather, what kind of texture you want on the leather (ie, smooth, pebbled, distressed, suede, alligator, etc), whether you want the strap to have padding or just flat, what kind of water resistance or splash resistance you like, etc

might help to do a google image search of [sarx045 strap] or something to get some ideas of what other people have done, or use some other similarly styled blue dial watch like [omega aqua terra strap] or whatever

if you have any questions on specific straps, there might be some reviews online of it, or feel free to ask here; there might be someone here who might have had experience with it

u/hemifieldsofgreen · 5 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I used a spring bar tool and used it in the small holes near the ends of the spring bar on each lug. It's tricky because you have to keep the links straight.

u/Sir_Dude · 5 pointsr/raleigh

If you have $5.74 and a little willingness to learn, you can buy a watchband adjustment tool off Amazon and do it yourself. There's tons of tutorials on YouTube.

Spring Bar Tool Set - 5in., 7 Pc

u/FF0000it · 5 pointsr/Watches

Polywatch works wonders on plastic crystals (which i'm guessing is what is on the watches - the pocketwatch might be glass).

u/Cheesetoast9 · 5 pointsr/OculusQuest

When posting amazon links you can remove everything from /ref forward, it removes the tracking data. like this:

u/jament1947 · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You could try using a product like Polywatch, which is used to fill scratches in watch crystals that are plastic. In theory, it would work the same. Good luck!

u/SteampunkSloth · 4 pointsr/Watches

This is true! If it's the same model that I saw the crystal is Hesalite plastic! You should be able to easily remove most scratches with a bit of love and some Polywatch:

u/75footubi · 4 pointsr/Watches
u/6NippleCharlie · 4 pointsr/Watches

Last month I got this and my big automatics have enough clearance.

u/jonathanbeaumont0 · 4 pointsr/Watches

Well I didn’t do the sapphire myself but I got most of it off amazon.
friction ball
tool kit
hand tool
However if I was going to pop the sapphire i would have bought a tool off amazon.

u/Dr_Irrelephant · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Yep. 20mm spring bar. They're pretty much all created equal. You might as well get something like this and never have to worry about it again, but there are a bunch of options on amazon and elsewhere. Anywhere that sells watches will probably have them if you don't want to wait for shipping.

You also might want a spring-bar tool to put it in. You can do it without a specialized tool but it makes it much easier. I have this one and it works great.

u/ali0 · 4 pointsr/WatchHorology
u/exzite · 4 pointsr/Watchexchange

What you're looking for are called spring bars, You can order them online for cheapppp or a few bucks at a watch repair shop.

I believe it takes a 22mm spring bar with flanged tips.

If you look further into it you can find cheaper options and even bulk packaging for barely a few dollars more.

u/god_damn_bitch · 4 pointsr/pebble

Here! When I first got my pebble, the first thing I did was by extra pins for fear of them breaking or getting detached.

If you don't want to wait for Amazon, try any watch shop. Usually you can find malls that have kiosks for watch repair.

u/thelizardwizard · 4 pointsr/SeikoMods

Here's my list of tools. I and not any sort of expert and by no means claim it's the best, but I've been able to do mods successfully with it!

u/od_9 · 3 pointsr/nova

Do it yourself, it's easy:

Just find the right battery and order it from Amazon, or spend more and get it from CVS.

u/djromaric · 3 pointsr/Watches

My day/date bezel fell on my Ray, I used this kit to open it and fix it. Real cheap chinese materials but it did the trick.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Watches

My cheap ass got this about a month ago and despite the lacking quality it gets the job done. No need to be forceful to the point of breaking a tool when it's a watch you're working on. So far I've used the kit to add and remove links, remove a bracelet completely and swap for leather, and open case-backs. Be especially gentle with the spring bar remover tool if you are using it.

u/matthew7s26 · 3 pointsr/Watches

I bought this set over a year ago with the intention that it would be a stand in until I could spend some money on some real tools. It's cheap chinese crap, but it's done the job for longer than I ever expected it to. Worth $7 on Prime.

u/almightywhacko · 3 pointsr/pebble

You can buy inexpensive kits on Amazon that make it easier to remove watch band pins and perform other simple repairs. IMO anyone who owns more than two watches should own one of these kits.

u/aarmea · 3 pointsr/moto360

I know you mentioned a small flathead screwdriver, but I've been using this set since my Pebble days. The notch in the pin pusher is good for preventing the pusher from slipping and scratching the watch, and holding onto the pin once it releases so it doesn't fly across the room. The pin remover is also not bad for removing links on metal bands.

u/Bill__Q · 3 pointsr/Watches

Do you mean the spring bar pin -- like this? Just replace it, they're cheap. If there's a nearby watch shop you can stop in at maybe they'll sell you one for a couple bucks. You'll probably want to also pick up a spring bar tool to make it easier to insert and remove the pin.

You'll need 22mm pins for the SNZG.

u/wkfink · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

You'd be surprised. I thought I'd scratch the shit out of my Raven but the acrylic is still mostly scratch free. I have some small hairlines, but those are polished out with Polywatch.

Acrylic also stands up better to harsh drops/bangs which would normally shatter sapphire.

Nice watch though. I like the choice.

u/staggerb · 3 pointsr/Watches

Zeppelin is a well-respected brand, and I'm a fan of a lot of their designs. This one in particular has a nice look to it. One thing that you should be aware of is that it says it has a hesalite crystal. While hesalite is known to have a certain warmth that mineral crystal and sapphire lack, it isn't widely used for crystals anymore, as it tends to scratch rather easily. However, the scratches are easily taken out with a product polywatch.

That watch also has a quartz movement; collectors typically gravitate towards mechanical movements, although there is certainly nothing wrong with quartz (which is, in fact, more accurate, and will probably last longer without service aside from battery changes).

Also, despite the fact that is rated at 30m water resistance, it likely won't hold up to swimming or extended time in water, although some splashes from hand washing/rain/etc shouldn't affect it.

If you want to look at other entry-level brands, Seiko and Orient are the usual suspects.

Enjoy your watch!

u/turdbogls · 3 pointsr/Watches

do you know when the watch was serviced last? it might need a servicing (which can be quite expensive) before you want to wind it too much.

you wind the crown clockwise (away from you) and its all done by feel. it'll wind freely for quite a few turns, then you will start to feel it get tighter and tighter. when I had a hand winder, I would wind it very gently, using a soft grip of the crown, and eventually I'd "hit a wall" and my fingers would slip off the crown. this is fully wound. it took me like 40 winds to get there. so, now that I knew how many winds it took, I wanted to find out the power reserve. once I knew that, I could fairly accurately predict when I'd "hit the wall" again....I would just stop winding like 5 turns before that and I'd be good.

whatever you do, NEVER give it a wind if you feel resistance. it should be fairly smooth all the way until it's fully wound.

as for the glass, it might by acrylic (plastic) in which case a tube of Polywatch should take out most scratches. you say it's damaged, but unless its chipped or cracked, you still have hope of restoring it for cheap.

I'm no expert on vintage Timex's, but it looks like a Marlin. but then again, all vintage hand winders look like a Marlin to me :)

it looks like it's on a Rally strap (big holes in it) which doesn't fit the watch IMO. I'd throw it on a Croco leather, or just a regular smooth leather strap. I've been happy with clockwork synergy leather straps. the dapper and gentleman collection are great, but the leather is quite thick.....might look weird with the svelt lugs that watch has. but their croco leather is nice from what I've heard and should fit much nicer. you can use code CWSSMR for 10% off too.

u/granolatron · 3 pointsr/fitbit

Check out a product called Polywatch ( I've used it on a few devices and it buffs out any scratches real easily.

u/dj1809 · 3 pointsr/Watches

Haven't had to use it myself, but a lot of people swear by this stuff.

u/j1mdan1els · 3 pointsr/Watches

Seems my first reply contained a link that wasn't allowed ... copied and pasted below with a different link ....

That should be hesalite - tap it with your fingernail and see if it's plastic or glass. If it's glass, then take it to a pro to polish out. If it's plastic, then it's really easy and you can do it at home in just a few minutes.

Now, given that the bezel looks great, cover it first with some low-tack masking tape. Rub the glass all over with 2000 grit wet and dry paper. It's going to look far worse before it looks better but have faith. There's no need to apply lots of pressure but 2000 grit wears out fast, so keep folding it over and keep sanding in a circular motion. Once all the big scratches are gone and you have a consistent "cloudy" glass, reach for this. I use a chamois leather but any clean cotton rag will do. Put a few drops on the glass and polish away. It won't take a minute to go from cloudy to as new.

If you haven't got the major scratches out, repeat all the above. After you're done this once, you'll get more confidence to do it again.

As for the servicing, I'm guessing with the LHD car that you're not in the UK? If so, can't really help on that one.

u/zanonymous · 3 pointsr/Watches

If you have a plastic crystal, polywatch works wonders.

Otherwise, you're probably looking at replacing the crystal/watch.

u/metroidpwner · 3 pointsr/Watches

That's really awesome. I can relate to this pretty strongly since my father collects watches and got me into them as well. His piece of choice for every day wear when I was a kid was a Submariner that he still uses - maybe one day it'll be mine too! :D

What you mentioned about the clasps feeling cheap is quite true. If I understand correctly, for a long time it was more-or-less a trademark of Rolex, despite how counter-intuitive that may seem. More modern Rolex pieces have machined (as opposed to stamped) clasps which feel much more solid and less cheap.

As far as scratches, you can buff out a lot of the ones on the crystal with polywatch. Here's a link:

I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but enjoy the piece and take good care of it!

u/40and20podcast · 3 pointsr/Watches

Edit: lol - there is totally no consensus.

In terms of the cheap stuff, there is the big blue one, and the smaller gray/silver/black one. They both work fine, until the pokey part breaks (and it WILL break). Either one of those, with extra pokey parts, is a fine choice (for a time). I personally like the smaller silver one.

A more practical long-term solution (that sacrifices a bit of convenience) is a hammer/punch. This is what I wind up using 90% of the time. This kit gives you the best of both worlds.

None of those are really the best, but most of them work for occasional home use, at least for a time. Pro's mostly use a high end hammer and punch, and holder (like this), but occasionally something like this, or this. Those are ostensibly great tools, but probably overkill for the DIYer.

u/zygie · 3 pointsr/Watches

You have to search for the lug width to determine which size band you need. Googling gives me a general consensus of 18mm, but a few listings say 19mm or 17mm, so it'd be best to measure yours when you get it.

Here's the most recent buying guide for watch accessories. Check out the recommendations for watch strap stores.

At the minimum, you'd need a decent spring bar tool for changing the strap, like this.

Finally, no it's perfectly fine having multiple straps for one watch as it really does change up the look.

I also don't know what the minute hand is for.

u/TheSuperChronics · 3 pointsr/Watches

bergeon 6767-F is the best. As other people said, other ones on Amazon are okay, like this one, but like in all aspects of life.. you get what you pay for.

The Bergeon is far better build quality and feels sturdier. The cheap one I posted is decent, but it doesn't feel that well made and the tips aren't great. Someone said the Burgeon F for bracelets and some other model for other bands, but If you get the F model (one I posted) it will work find for leather/rubber bands. The other way around not so much, because the F has a finer tip. So if you're only getting one, get the Burgeon 6767-F

Source: I have both spring bar remover tools that I linked

I bought the cheaper one first thinking, how can there be a difference ? Ever since buying the Burgeon one, I haven't used the cheaper, crappier one. Go for quality

u/skriefal · 3 pointsr/Watches

There are holes in the inside portion of the lugs to hold the spring bar. But on most watches those holes don't go all the way through the lugs.

A Bergeon spring bar tool will help you pop out the spring bars from underneath. Cheaper options are available, but the Bergeon tool will last much longer and is a good investment if you'll be doing this task more than once or twice.

u/Major_Burnside · 3 pointsr/Watches

Bear advice I can give is to have the right tools, take your time, and putting a little masking tape on the lugs can also help to avoid scratches. I use this and it works great,I have both the fine and the standard fork for it:

u/Preston205 · 3 pointsr/Watches

For a quality spring bar tool, check out the Bergeon 6767 a bit pricey compared to the Chinese ones but certainly worth it.

u/Phauly1 · 3 pointsr/Watches
u/Crunchatize_Me_Cptn · 3 pointsr/Watches

Hey man, experimenting with straps is awesome, and can really transform the entire look of the watch. As far as tools go, you can buy a spring bar tool to assist you (I use a Bergeon 6767-F, but you can buy much cheaper ones). If you don't want to buy one, you can use the dental floss method, but it's pretty haggard and if you plan on switching straps more it's worth it to get a spring bar tool.

For straps, it really depends on how much you want to spend. On the cheaper end there's Clockwork Synergy and Barton Straps. In the mid to higher-tier there's WatchGecko and Holben's, and for something really nice Hirsch straps. There are more out there of course.

u/stainedglasstrout · 3 pointsr/Watches

Nah, get a Springbar tool they're cheap enough and you can swap out the straps in about 1 minute. Re-sizing a metal bracelet is hard but on a cheap watch I use a bobby pin and my bench vise and push the watch down on the needle and it pops the bar out easily. A price bracelet Id take to a jeweler and pay $5-10 to have them fit it, most do it for free though.

u/WatchandThings · 3 pointsr/Watches

Even brand new tool can be too dull. I used to have a collection of free spring bar tools that I used to flip through. For most strap changes they were good enough, but there were few stiff straps or tight bracelets that would give me all the trouble and I would have so many scratches on the case for my troubles. After I stabbed myself struggling with a strap change, I decided to stop being cheap and put down the whole $17 and ordered a proper spring bar tool. I haven't had a single trouble with spring bar since. I can't say that it's night and day since free tools got the job done 90% of the time, but that 10% makes a difference.

u/em_effin_short · 3 pointsr/raleigh

Metal band? Any jeweler that sells watches can do it.

My husband bought one of these. It's cheaper than paying someone to do it.

u/glitchedgamer · 3 pointsr/casio

I love the 168W, it has the same module as the F-91W with a much better backlight and a great retro look. I have a NATO on my main F-91W, and while it was a pain to get on there, it’s much better than the resin band.

Also, the easiest way I found to remove the straps off a F-91W is with a little rubber mallet like this: SE JT6218 5-Piece Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set

u/JamesGame5 · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I can't see any holes from the angle of your photograph, but if it has the holes on the side you can get a tool kit from Amazon for $5. Here is a link to the one I used for my watch:

You could also take it to pretty much any jeweler.

u/mrvarmint · 3 pointsr/Watches

>Any hints on how to pop the bezel of an Omega out?

I assume you mean caseback...

If it's a screwdown caseback and you don't have a caseback wrench, you can buy one for <10$ or try the ball of duct tape trick or you can pick up a friction ball which works almost as well as a wrench but without the danger of scratching anything

u/HeyItsJay · 3 pointsr/Watches

I bought all my materials from Amazon and I've done about 3 Mods.

Heres a little documentation of my 1st one.

Seiko 5 Mod; PAM Cali Dial & Sword Hands & some more photos

Some things that I suggest you get before starting.

  • Magnifier Opposed to a Loupe this works well and is rather convenient with 3 magnifications

  • Precision Tweezers You need, need this. Seriously

  • Crystal Press Self explanatory

  • Dust Blower Often times you get dust on your dial while it sits, so get this to get rid of it

  • Hand Press I don't particularly like the hand remover included but it does the job just fine

  • Cushioned Holder I used this to hold the movement taking it out of the case

  • Silicone Grease Used to grease the gaskets for increased water resistance

  • Caseback Ball One of the best things you can get to be honest, it removes most casebacks

  • Movement Holder To uhh, hold the movement

  • Precision Screwdrivers You need this to unscrew the movement from the holders, also good tool to use for when you take apart movements to learn

  • Hypo Cement Used this for bezel attachments for when you change em up

    Let me know if you've any questions, I'd be willing to help you out and answer them to the best of my ability :)

u/jmcrofts · 3 pointsr/Watches

Buy a strap from wherever (hirsch is pretty good and if there's a watch boutique or kiosk near you, they'll probably switch it out for free. Or you can buy a spring bar tool and do it yourself

u/VashTStamp · 3 pointsr/Watches

Both the watches are capable of having a NATO band on them. Personally, I think that the classic silver T2H281 would look best with a wider variety of NATO bands. It's also kind of the watch I like more in general of the two, so I could be a little biased.

You are going to want to buy a tool to remove the spring bars in the band/strap which hold the strap to the lugs of the watch. Different watches have different lug width. Both of the watches you were looking at where 18 mm lug width, so you are going to want to order an 18 mm NATO band to accompany, along with your spring bar tool.

AND since I am being extra nice today I went ahead and showed you what a NATO strap entails and how to put it on.

Step One: remove the strap with the spring bar tool.

Step Two: notice the spring bar within the strap, remove this and place back in between watch lugs.

Step Three: The watch should now look like this after the spring bars are put back on, lay out the NATO strap next to it exactly like so.

Step Four: Weave through the watch spring bars like so, and then weave the main band through the metal bar I am holding in order to secure the watch to the NATO band.

Step Five: End result with complimentary wrist shot, showing the spring bar tool and leather band I removed (which I happen to often wear). Loop excess strap through the bars on the NATO strap like pictured.

Good luck my friend, Cheers!

u/Nixtrix · 3 pointsr/Watches

I'd be for it! There are many methods like:

  • You can buy a tool
  • Use a knife or small flathead screw driver (if you're not worried of possibly scratching it)
  • Paperclips supposedly work but I don't know if they're too flimsy.

    Worst of worst is if you're not comfortable with those methods then take it to your local jeweler and they should be able to do it for you for <$20.
u/TheOPoftheOP · 3 pointsr/Watches

Yes you can very easily! You need a 20mm watch strap. Here is one that looks like the one on the watch you bought:

To swap it out you will need a spring bar replacement tool. This is the one I use:

And here is a YouTube video showing you how to do it:

u/ABrownBlackBear · 3 pointsr/Watches

> i was wondering what i should get as a replacement. Still leather, and if yes, same color?

Seems versatile. I'd say google image search around and see what strikes you; e.g.:

lighter brown leather, contrast stitching?

tan leather, black stitching?

red leather?


This watch has enough of a military feel that it could look good on a NATO strap as well, and those come in all colors and can be changed without a spring bar tool though you'll want to buy one of those anyway.

My point is, variety is good. It's like having more than one watch, but much much cheaper. Just make sure you get the right width (probably 22mm).

Also look at what people have done with their Sinn pilot watches, particularly the 656, which has a similar dial. If you wear leather shoes most days/at work, consider matching. Crown & Buckle is often a recommended place to start shopping.

u/toxicavenger70 · 3 pointsr/Watches

You can use a small eye glass screw drive to remove the spring bars. But the best tool to use without breaking the bank is this one

u/jjphoto · 3 pointsr/pebble

They make small tools to make it easier, but you can do it with any thin, flat tool.

Here's an easy video that shows you how. I'd recommend NOT using a knife, as you don't want to cut the band - a small flat-head screw-driver, or even a thin metal putty knife would do the job nicely.

Does that help?

u/ehsu · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Why not get a brown strap and swap them as needed? It's really easy if you have a tool.

u/ZackMorris78 · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Here is mine Blue face with leather strap, so sexy. Here is the link to the strap I got but it is currently sold out. I paid $14.95 for it, should be able to find something comprable on ebay or amazon. I also bought this toolkit to swap out the bands, made it infinitely easier to do.

u/melomaverick · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I also just bought an edifice and the black and gray strap. This edifice is a bitch to take the straps off. I have a few tools and I could only get it off with the smallest one. This is the tool you need ([here]. The triangle shaped end is what you use.

It's worth the effort, looks fuckin great on that black and gray strap!

u/jetpacktuxedo · 3 pointsr/moto360

This is the tool I used to take the straps off

This is the strap I used

I actually had to cut the clasp side of the strap a little bit. The official ones have a small notch cut out of the end. The hole side fit in just fine without having a notch cut, but the clasp end wouldn't go in until I duplicated the notch on the new strap.

u/waterhoused · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Someone more knowledgeable than me should answer this too, but:

2) This spring bar tool is the one I used, and seems to be perfect for the job. ~$5, prime eligible.

3) From what I've learned today, I guess 17mm could work as it's just being held by that bar, but the 18mm leather straps I have on it now are perfectly flush. It's definitely an "18mm watch". But I guess technically anything narrower will also "fit" on it.

u/sf_techie · 3 pointsr/moto360

By the way from another comment reply I saw that you were gonna use the tool it came with to remove the leather band/install the shank band.

Don't use it, it was meant to remove the band off of the pebble steel not the moto360.
Instead also order this: and use the smaller end to remove the band safely.

You could also use a very thin flathead but I have heard people scratching or cracking the moto360 if they aren't very careful.

u/Nothingcreativeatm · 3 pointsr/Watches

Its really easy to do yourself-I watched a youtube video the first time. The tool is $6 or so on amazon here. The strap will cost anywhere from $15 to several hundred, depending on which you get. Crown and buckle is a popular vendor here.

u/tictoctictoctictoc · 3 pointsr/Watches

Amazon. I have this box and it's surprisingly nice in person.

u/watchesandbracelets · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange

Up for sale is my Omega Speedmaster Reduced 2510.50 in very good condition! I’m sure most people know the general specs of this watch but if you don’t here is a link I was told by the last owner of the watch that it had been well serviced and kept. The last service was is 2016 but has been only a few times since. I have ran my timegrapher on it and it’s readying +/-4spd in most positions. The crystal has the Omega logo in the center so I know it’s genuine Omega Hesalite. It does have a small scratch near the 7 o’clock edge of the class, [Polywath](Plastic Watch Crystal Scratch Remover Polish Tool would probably take it right out so I have no problems with trying to get it out before shipping it. Serial is 59XXXXXX, if you know how to find the age out please post it.

Full Gallery:

Asking: $1850 I’m posting it accordingly because the most recent model of this watch sold for $1850 and it was in very similar condition. I will always consider reasonable offer though. Located in the U.S. will ship anywhere in the U.S. or to any Maple brothers. PayPal for payment F&F, G&S+3% ($1905)

Please check my feedback and buy with confidence!

u/twooranges200 · 3 pointsr/vostok
u/terminal_veracity · 3 pointsr/miband

No guarantees, but Polywatch might be able to fix this:

I've used it on a cheap plastic watch and it came out perfect. It took a couple hours of gentle scrubbing. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort.

u/Calypto- · 3 pointsr/Watches

Try this product if you want to restore it. I can't guarantee it works since this is not from scratching, but from chemicals.

u/JenThePhoto · 3 pointsr/photography

This is just me thinking off the top of my head but a lot of guys who collect Swatch watches use something called PollyWatch to reduce the scratches on their precious watch faces. Can't see why that wouldn't work on a camera.
Always ^^^read ^^^the ^^^label. ^^^r/photography ^^^are ^^^not ^^^responsible ^^^if ^^^this ^^^makes ^^^things ^^^worse!

u/Atmke · 3 pointsr/Watches

SONGMICS Black Leather Watch Box 12 Mens Watch Organizer Jewelry Display Case Drawer...

u/chicagohifiaudio · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange

Amazon has some very cost effective ones (3, 4, and 8 watch slots). I have the [8 Slot Case](SONGMICS 8 Slots Zippered Watch Box Traveler's Black Watch Storage Case Organizer UJWB50B, and have had great luck with it.

u/John_the_Piper · 3 pointsr/Watches

Amazon! I just got it this week so I can't give any review, but it feels sturdy and decently made so far.

u/jahnnybgood · 3 pointsr/Watches

What u/johnydangerous said. Even with little experience, there are plenty of YT videos that can help. I learned how to regulate my movements by simply watching YT'd be surprised how easy it is. If you don't already have the tools, get this kit from Amazon and you'll have more than what you'll ever need to work on your own watches. Save yourself the money in the long run! 😉

u/EllKayHaitchBee · 3 pointsr/moto360

Sounds like the internal coil spring in the band pin may have broken. As /u/PMmeYrButtholeGirls said, they should be easily replaced. Something like this should work.

u/plto · 3 pointsr/pebble

The quick release springs themselves seem to be a standard item and are available on Amazon. But the band has to be compatible with them. A standard leather band can probably be easily modified, a steel band will be a bit more difficult.

u/puddle_divr · 3 pointsr/whatisthisthing

This spring bar has a built in release lever so a “separate tool” isn’t needed such as:

u/scribener · 3 pointsr/Watches

You need to measure the lug width in order to buy the right width strap. I can't find the lug width of this model online anywhere.

You'll also need a tool to remove the bracelet and add the new leather strap. Take a look on youtube for tutorials how to change a watch strap.


u/Tetbu · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Likely with a spring bar tool.

u/ixl333 · 3 pointsr/Watches

If you're interested, this costs less than the jeweler charges for a single adjustment, and then you'll be set for life:

u/coinman180 · 3 pointsr/Watches

A local jewelry store will be able to do it for cheap or if you want to do it yourself with this tool

u/pelvicmomentum · 2 pointsr/Watches

It is safest to use one of these than a butter knife or something. They're made to be safe to use on watches.

u/onewerd · 2 pointsr/Watches

I bought a watch took kit

u/Gforce1 · 2 pointsr/pebble

I ordered one of these kits off amazon for a few bucks it seemed worth it even though all I really needed was the small slotted driver.

GGI Deluxe 16-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit WTK-16 GGI INTERNATIONAL

u/junkit33 · 2 pointsr/Watches

The cheap tools are more than fine.

The twisty thing works great but as another poster noted, pins don't always go back in easily, so you need the hammer.

Just buy this guy and call it a day:

I don't know what you're looking at, but you can pickup a bucketload of spring bars for less than $20. They're all different sizes. You can either measure it yourself, or when you purchase aforementioned bucket of spring bars, you get all sorts of different sizes.

u/thehelios · 2 pointsr/Facer

I just replaced my band last night with a tool from this kit:

I have an LG G Watch R which has a 22mm band.

u/koshercowboy · 2 pointsr/edc_raffle
u/mattymattmattmatt · 2 pointsr/PSVR
u/Godziillla · 2 pointsr/pebble

I've used this stuff to fix the scratches on my OG pebble. Works pretty well for me.

u/dilated · 2 pointsr/Watches

I kind of like the scratched up look, but have you considered a round of PolyWatch?

u/jontmar · 2 pointsr/Watches

Polywatch, It's a polish for plastic lenses (acrylic), it works wonders on small dings and scratches.

u/RagingReptar · 2 pointsr/pebble

Holy shit didnt you put a protective case over it! Try putting some poly on it ? Get it here on Amazon

u/VentedSteak · 2 pointsr/Watches

I'd say it's worth a cleaning, at the very least. Any competent watchmaker should be able to do it, or you could look into sending it to Tissot for a service. A basic cleaning shouldn't be too expensive, maybe a hundred bucks or so. In the meantime it might be worthwhile to invest in something called Polywatch, which you can use to take the scratches off the acrylic crystal. Then pick up a decent leather strap (generally anywhere between $30-$120, depending on whether you want genuine or imitation croc, what kind of stitching, buckle or deployant, etc) and it'll look great.

There's a couple of these on Chrono24, so if you want to know what these are going for here's a link. Yours might be worth a little more versus a stainless steel model because of the gold content, but the condition that your watch is in will hurt the value a bit.

u/rishon · 2 pointsr/Watches

Thank you for the thorough answer! I have Polywatch on the way - is Displex the same stuff or should I cancel the Polywatch order and get Displex instead?

u/BigMoufPosy · 2 pointsr/Watches

Happy to help!

Generally, most bracelets on watches can be easily swapped out unless they're integrated into the case or have an uncommon size or shape. Keep in mind though, you will need a spring bar tool to swap bracelets/bands. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it's quite easy once you figure it out. If you don't want to do it yourself, it's an easy and cheap fix at a local watch-maker.

I see this one recommended often, but I've been doing okay with the free ones that often come bundled with straps.

u/BigZippo · 2 pointsr/edc_raffle

Buy this: Bergeon 6767-F Watch Spring Bar Tool - Long Stainless Steel Handle with Replaceable Screw In Fine Tool End

It’s the most useful tool anyone with a watch should own.

u/SPAS115 · 2 pointsr/Watches

Nice pickup, I'm in the market for a affordable Bauhaus-styled watch.

I believe this watch has a 20mm lug width, so here we go.

For NATO straps, I think a blue and white stripe one will suffice, but you can look here to see what you might fancy. $13 here.

If you want something similar to a NATO but more 'dressy', you can buy a perlon strap. Search for Eulit on eBay.

By 'link', I don't know if you mean like a metal bracelet, but if you want to achieve something like this (not my photo), then you can buy something similar here for $10. If you want, you can spend more to get better quality, but this one gets the job/look accomplished.

For leather, I think any kind and color goes well. Recommended bands are Hadley Roma, Panatime, and Hirsch if you want to spend a bit more.

Don't forget a spring bar tool to switch out the straps, option 1 and option 2.

Hope this helps and welcome to the watch world! Post pics once you find something.

u/Donberakon · 2 pointsr/Watches

Looks like a Bergeon 6767-F, which you can buy from [Amazon] ( or [this other site] ( The 6767-F has a small fork and pin-pusher type deal which are both screwed in place. In my experience, they come loose when you're finagling a stubborn springbar or something.

I'd recommend one with collets holding the tool ends in place, like [this one from Otto Frei] ( or the one right below it which is a Bergeon 6111. They both have a combination small fork/pin-pusher and a larger "spade" on the other end for better prying action to reduce the chance of scratching.

u/Cool_Cherry_Cream · 2 pointsr/Watchexchange

I've been using the same Bergeron tool I picked up on Amazon for about 3-4 years with no issues.

If nothing pops up used, I'd just spend the $20 and get this bad boy with Prime shipping.

u/Weenie · 2 pointsr/Watches

I've got a cheapo that is already wearing out after a couple dozen uses. It worked great at first, but the metal is pretty cheap. If you can swing the extra money, Bergeon is supposed to be the bee's knees. I think that will be my next.

u/Sparecash · 2 pointsr/Watchexchange

No worries, thanks for the pic! Is this the tool you are referring to?

I honestly always thought I would be a SARB033 kind of guy, but man that white dial with the brown strap looks amazing. For the brown strap, can you comment on how much wear it has?

Finally for pricing, would you do $320 for the watch/strap bundle?

u/pepe_le_shoe · 2 pointsr/Watches

> brand name watch

All watches will have a brand name. Do you mean like a designer brand name? Because those will be garbage watches.

For $500 dollars and with no other information, I'd recommend buying a Seiko Sarb033 and whatever leather strap you want (I recommend the brand Hirsch), and a spring bar tool.

You should never buy a watch for the strap it comes on a) because most watches come on bad straps, even a lot of good watches, and b) you can just buy straps and put whatever strap you want on a watch.

If there's anything else about the style of the watch you want, like colour, size, etc, that would let us made more recommendations.

u/Friday1995 · 2 pointsr/Watches

I also recommend the Bergeon. Their fork tips work very well. Cheap ones may be too thick and can't remove the spring bar.

u/SCOOkumar · 2 pointsr/AppleWatch

I use this one from Amazon, check out my post history and you’ll see my bands stored in it. It’s a very nice case and looks really classy with all of the bands stored in it!

u/PapaDave130 · 2 pointsr/Watches

For cases, I just bought this one from Amazon. It has 10 large slots and the quality is solid for the price. Nice felt interior and pillows.

For spring bar tools I use this one . Nothing fancy but gets the job done. That company also makes decent NATO straps, incidentally.

u/RedwoodBark · 2 pointsr/AppleWatch

Monowear's metal band ($80) will allow you to add links lengthening it to accommodate wrists up to 257 mm. I believe the extra links come with the band and do not need to be ordered extra, but I'm not certain. But you have to buy a tool to add links separately. There is a kit on Amazon for under $10.

I was about to buy it when I saw a YouTube comment that its width is better designed for the 38 mm and it looks too narrow with the 42. Not sure how much faith I should put in a random comment, but it gives me pause when $80 is on the line.

Would love to know how it looks if anyone here gets one.

Update: I went ahead and ordered it. The black looks really nice. Extra links are free; you just have to send customer service an email requesting them after you submit your order.

u/Ruff_Dog · 2 pointsr/randomactsofamazon

Aaaaaaaaaay, gurlfran'. My favorite class is probably my English class. That teacher is the chillest person I've ever met. I already told you about him, but I'll tell you again. I've written one paper the entire year. One paper! I've written more papers for my history class, which is sad. But yeah, this man makes English super fun.

This PR class is nuts.

u/sammaelj · 2 pointsr/Watches

To add to this, there are plenty of Seiko 5s under $100 that meet your criteria, such as this one or this one.

To answer your other question, you can remove links from the band quite easily at home with a few inexpensive tools

u/bille2021 · 2 pointsr/moto360

I kinda have this issue. I added 2 links. I really need 1.5 links. Its too loose with 2 but tighter than I'd like if I take one out. I got the kit below to be able to remove and add links as needed since I'm losing weight. Maybe do it yourself and test out how you like adding one. Not sure how the jeweler can say if it'd be to tight to your liking or not without trying it...

u/robemmy · 2 pointsr/Watches

Some people swear by these:

Otherwise try a more expensive case back wrench with more grips

u/SnorkFinSoup · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear
u/Micrafone_AssAssin · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Yes you do, it is a 6 dollar [strap tool] ( It is honestly really easy to do, you just kind of wiggle your way between the strap and lug, and push down on the end to release it out of the hole. Imagine a really small toilet paper holder, that you need a tool for. That's it.

I would say I have pretty average sized wrists, I can't remember exactly the circumference. I also don't remember for the Seiko 5 bc I never used the original band. The reason why the watch looks big is because the dial takes up the majority of the face of the whole watch. The bezel is really small, so this in comparison to the Seiko 5 makes it look much bigger that what it really is. In reality, it is only 2 mm bigger measuring at a 39 mm face.

The same thing happened to me when I put it on at first, you will get used to it very quickly and it will look normal.

u/CHUN_BUNS · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Get yourself one of these and a strap of your choice. NATO straps seem to be popular with the easy reader/weekender. Just search for a tutorial on youtube how to use it.

u/FalconHigh · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Don't forgot that the lense of your sunglasses is black which would match the strap. I personally don't like mixing a blackface watch with a brown strap, but I would still look around Cheapest Nato The beauty of NATO straps are they are pretty cheap and interchangeable so you could mix around with them.

As for the comment below about removing the original strap; you don't need to slice. Just get one of these strap removal tool, and you could take it off your self. At most it will take 10 mins. Easy DIY job.

u/Bud_Johnson · 2 pointsr/vaporents

Watch bar removal tool. It makes cleaning clogs from the teeny tiny holes on the all glass gongs and stems of my nano and air so much easier. I don't have to use a screen and I can use the other side to scrape the sides of the stem.

u/GT-Reg · 2 pointsr/hwatch

Thanks! Going to give this one off amazon a shot.

u/GemJump · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These would definitely Make me smile, Rasta!

Thanks and good luck all :)

u/BLSbranded · 2 pointsr/gshock

Get a [spring tool]( Watch Repair Spring Bar Tool Set 5 in-7 Pc and it'll be a snap!

u/JHG722 · 2 pointsr/Watches
u/minchomexa · 2 pointsr/Watches

fisrt item i found on amazon but im sure there's cheaper ones out there. careful not to scratch your new watch!

u/shadowbanningsucks · 2 pointsr/Watches

The one I linked to comes with a green NATO strap, but the watch is available in a wide variety of straps. Changing straps is not hard. Just make sure to get the right size, the Weekender uses standard 20mm straps. Here is a video that shows how it is done. A tool like this is a great help. Some straps have a "quick release" feature, which makes it super easy to change them without any tools. Here's a video that demonstrates the how quick release straps work.

u/ProRustler · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Most watch bands are replaced with a [spring bar tool] ( If you post pics to /r/watches you might get more help.

u/jeansaddiction · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

ah yes. I guess I thought you had once since you got the other band off. I have this one and it works fine

u/JingleMyDingles · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

It was easy to put on since it was a one piece strap. Literally just slide it on.


I realized the vendor I posted has the watch on a two piece strap. This means you'll probably have to get some watch tool like this. But then again, the process of swapping out the band is super simple too. The bars holding the straps have springs and are collapsable.

u/thejeka · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

FYI, you'll have to buy a tool to exchange the straps. Amazon has them for $6 here:

u/Sugarbearzombie · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Yes, especially if you have a watch spring bar tool like this one

u/Reps_4_yeezus · 2 pointsr/Watches
u/AmishJoe · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

I replaced mine with a metal band off amazon which I won't link because I am not very happy with the band (linked many times on here, it's cheap black metal.. and I'd avoid it), but changing the band was very simple. It does require a toolset, but they can be found very inexpensively, like so:

You just compress the spring bar which frees the band, put the new band in, done.

u/that_name_taken · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Generally, you endeavor to have the watch strap match the colour of your belt and shoes, not the watch itself. I have purchased straps from both Crown and Buckle and Strapped for Time and am more than happy with them. Any jeweler should be able to change straps for you, and you can even buy the tools to do it yourself.

Also, you should be conscious of the physical size of the watch, as you may struggle to fit larger watches under the cuff of a formal shirt. The MVMTs I saw were all 45mm, which is quite large - I'd probably be looking at something in the area of <42mm. Additionally, be conscious of the size of your wrist, as a large watch will dwarf a small wrist.

MVMT are "bauhaus" style watches, which /r/Watches has a primer on here. Skagen and Rodina are bauhaus style watches at a similar pricepoint which are more appropriate to formal wear.

u/iama_brick · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

most watch straps can be replaced, you just need something like this

u/comrade_robot · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

It's really easy. The band is attached to the watch with 'spring bars', which are basically pins with ends that are designed to be pushed in a bit so you can take the band off. The easiest way is to get a spring bar tool ( $8.15 from Amazon, you can find spring bar tools cheaper). I've also done it with an x-acto knife and a screwdriver, but these run the risk of scratching the watch. There are instructions here: but you probably can figure it out. One tip is that for leather bands, generally the short end with the buckle is at the top of the watch.

u/MaZaHaKa009 · 2 pointsr/Watches

This is a grey NATO (has nothing to do with NATO, ironically) strap which can bring out the grey on your watch's hands and minute marks.

Black and grey NATO

Solid black NATO

Black leather two-piece, with some sporty looking holes. You'll need a tool for this one. Here's one on Amazon.

u/ImADude13 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Alright - with all of those things is my advice. This Seiko 5 is well within your price range and can work in both casual and professional settings. I have one myself, and it's much better looking in person than in the stock photos. Additionally, at only 38mm wide and 11mm thick, it is quite small and won't look big on your wrist (I don't know your measurement, but you should be good). Now, you said you like leather - I suggest putting this hadley-roma strap on it. You may need a spring bar set to help you out, but it's really easy. These three purchases will still put you in at around $50 under budget and a sweet looking wrist piece. Also, if you're looking for what the final product will look like, here is mine with the exact same set up

u/Protonus · 2 pointsr/pebble

They're standard 22mm spring bars, can get them off Amazon, or most anywhere that sells 22mm watchbands.

Make sure that you didn't damage / widen the spring bar pockets in the plastic body of Pebble. They should be nice and round and clean. If you did make them into oval shapes, crack them, etc, then this can keep happening and you'll basically need to replace the Pebble.

A good spring bar tool goes a long way to prevent this, and is worth every penny.

u/MarcusAurelius47 · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

I've found I like to have a variety of bands on hand for my watches. I found this 22mm band at Walmart and adapted it to the buckle that came with the Zenwatch. I don't believe the black one on Asus' site is currently offered so if you want a black one that closely matches it, you could find a smooth black leather band and use this process to attach the buckle your watch came with.

If you're interested in a stainless band, I really like this 22mm Hadley Roma Stainless band I found on for $22. Just make sure you have a pin pushing tool so you can adjust the links on it! This spring bar tool I bought includes a set of pins that worked

EDIT: after taking another look, it seems that band isn't carried on Esslinger anymore :(

u/Daedalus-420 · 2 pointsr/hwatch

I bought this from Amazon to make life easier, but you could also do it with a small flat-head screwdriver.

u/timmythetoole · 2 pointsr/Watches

Solar powered watches are charged by any light - just keep it face up in a lit room when you take it off and it will never lose charge.

I have a Seiko 5 and the only time I need to adjust it is when i don't wear it for a couple of days and it stops - I have compared it against my phone and it keeps the right number for hours and minutes which is all I'm concerned about.

You can adjust the strap yourself easy enough It might be better to get a tool like this though which you can get for a few dollars on eBay

u/94Productions · 2 pointsr/moto360

Honestly, it's not that difficult... I bought this and it works perfectly. Just be gentle with it... The first time took me about 10 mins with me being super careful like I was disarming a bomb but after a few times I can switch out a band in under a minute or two. There are some YouTube videos that explain how to do it in case you never replaced a watch band on your own before. Hope that helps!

u/I_Like_Knives · 2 pointsr/EDC

Got this 12 watch display case for Christmas and did a really simple mod, I plan on doing other things to it during the summer.

u/JDN3 · 2 pointsr/Watches

Up until today I've been keeping my watches in various drawers and on top of random surfaces, but not anymore! Now I have a watch case.

Overall I really like it, especially for around $20. I wish the pillows would fit more snugly in their compartments and I wish that the latch would consistently catch, but these are minor complaints.

Some good things about the case: it feels really solid, it can store 12 watches, the faux leather is well done, the linen band that holds the case open won't snap anytime soon, and the glass is scratch free.

Also pictured is my entire watch collection (minus my SNK809 which is on my wrist).

u/heretek · 2 pointsr/Watches

Honestly I'd just go on Amazon and window shop for a case you'd like. I found one with a display window for 18$ and it sits on my dresser. I agree about the winder. It's not that much trouble to set the watch you will wear the night before or morning of.

u/n1ghtl1fe · 2 pointsr/GalaxyWatch

Sorry to hear it, counter top has gotten one of my watches before too. In the past only thing that's worked for me was Polywatch, I've used it on a few watches before, glass and plastic with great results. I have not however used it on my Galaxy Watch so I can't comment on how well it'll work. Definitely worth a shot if that scratch is bothering you though. Or putting a screen protector on may hide it. Hope this helps!

Polywatch Plastic Watch Crystal Scratch Remover Polish Tool

u/Diento · 2 pointsr/oculus

I'm going to give this one: a try... hope its the right one!

u/Lukimator · 2 pointsr/oculus

I bought it on Amazon UK here:

If you are american you could use this link instead, though it appears to be more expensive there for some reason:

u/smartwatchr · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

Band is $19.99 at Best Buy LINK. **Note - to install you also need a set of spring bar pins $5.49 on Amazon along with a Spring Bar tool $6.49 on Amazon

u/dennisthaamenace · 2 pointsr/knifeclub


Not so good for knife holding, but much better than the massdrop one for other edc items.

u/squidmaster23 · 2 pointsr/balisong

Christopher Palmieri, a member of the Balisong Flippers and Butterfly Knives, shared this awesome find which is essentially a watch case which perfectly fits standard sized balisongs. You can find this case on Amazon for $16.

u/kenotaphion · 2 pointsr/Watches

I don't know if Wolf makes any, but you could get a travel box like this.

u/TokyoRepperReturns · 2 pointsr/DesignerReps

The BP looks good, 2824 is a real workhorse and if anything happens to it, it's easy enough to have someone swap in a real 2824. Good choice! Ryan's a great guy, too.

My one suggestion would be that if you're going to get more watches, pick up an actual watch box or folio-style case so that you can store them all together and look over them to figure out what you want to wear -- having rep boxes for every watch can be neat in the beginning but they're just big.

If you want to try a gen on for a size, the Orient Kamasu is an AMAZING deal for the pricetag and looks pretty slick.

u/johnwclark · 2 pointsr/Watches

Probably the next best solution would be a travel case like this, or you might be able to retask an eyeglass organizer like this

u/Perizade · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ohuhu Professional 13 Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit Case Bonus a Hammer

This is a decent one.

u/UpstairsAssignment · 2 pointsr/RepTime

Ohuhu 147 PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit, Case Opener Spring Bar Watch Band Link Tool Set With Carrying Bag, Replace Watch Battery Helper Multifunctional Tools With User Manual For Beginner

u/MrCobb1 · 2 pointsr/Watches

I would pay a bit more and get the full tool kit, it will be useful in the future when you need to change the battery.

u/frankzzz · 2 pointsr/Tools
Same kit. One of the images labels each item.

If you search Amazon for 'watch repair tool kit', you'll see multiples of the exact same kit sold under different 'brand' names, and a whole bunch of other very similar kits, all under different 'brand' names. Most range from $15-$20 for the whole kit.

u/AskMeAboutPodracing · 2 pointsr/Watches

Are there any good quality kits for replacing bands that aren't made of plastic? My dad's been modifying his watches for quite a while now and I've seen he's got a couple broken handles to the plastic band replacement.

I've seen stuff like this on Amazon, and they're the kind that he's got. Are there any full metal ones?

I've also found this on Amazon, but I'm not sure if it'll be as easy for taking out the links. Any recommendations?

u/rajrdajr · 2 pointsr/EDC

> Do you change the straps often?

Given the EDC includes a "3. Crown and Buckle keyring Springbar tool" I think it's safe to assume watch strap swaps happen frequently!

/u/ThaSkeptic have you considered switching to quick release/quick change spring bars instead?

u/GreenGoose25 · 2 pointsr/Watches


Sodynee WBPU12-03 Watch Dislpay Box Organizer, Pu Leather with Glass Top, Large, Black

u/ndphi94 · 2 pointsr/Watches

Thank you. Amazon of course.

u/thirtyone41 · 2 pointsr/Watches

I have this one:

Only thing is the pillows aren't squishy enough to fit underneath of my watches with metal bands when the clasp is closed. Other than that it is a nice product for the price.

u/SheeshThatVino · 2 pointsr/Watches

This is the set I ordered, pretty cheap and it comes with 4 spring bars for every size 8-25mm. Not sure about the strength of the spring bars since I've only been using them for a day but they seem good. I just laid the watch down on a cloth and wrapped it in a micro fiber cloth to prevent any scratching.

It's really pretty easy and only takes 10-15 min.


u/rudman · 2 pointsr/Watches

That will work for spring bars but for bracelets with pressure pins you need something like this:

u/skyflyer8 · 1 pointr/Watches

Will a tool like this be sufficient?

u/ReadMyPosts · 1 pointr/Watches

It's my pleasure.

If you're working on a Timex Weekender, more likely this tool would suffice. If the backing is indeed screwed on you would need a tool like this.

You can still find similar looking Seiko variations to Timex pieces. Check out the SNZG15 for example. There are so many Seiko pieces, it would be wise to not get completely discouraged when looking into the brand!

u/andartico · 1 pointr/Watches

I would have struggled as well probably. St least until I inherited a watch knife (not sure how rhis tool is called in English). With something like that it becomes relatively easy to open a watch.

And it is probably cheaper. I am sure you can find some video on YouTube explaining the use.

u/IMeasure · 1 pointr/JapaneseWatches

It is a snap back, it's a little tricky depending on how tight it is. To do this properly you need a [case knife] ( or a sharp screw driver. You will find a small lip/cut-out under the case back, there is only one, so have a close look. Use the knife or screwdriver, it will fit into the Cut out, give it a little twist and it will pop off. Swap out the battery. Now getting the case back on can be a bit tricky. It can take a fair amount of force and you have to keep the caseback parallel to the case. This is made much simpler if you have a [case press] (

Or take it to any jewellery shop that sells Watches and they will do it, but the price can vary a lot ($10 to $20), but where is the fun in that?

u/jruss72 · 1 pointr/Watches

Buy the springbar tool and a complete kit. Look at this. The kit has a few more tools that might be handy and only costs a couple of dollars more. And yes both of these are worth it even if you only use it a couple of times.

u/SpinDoctor777 · 1 pointr/Watches

I've been using this cheap kit for close to 10 years.

u/realmenlovezeus · 1 pointr/moto360

Sizing the metal band is very straight forward. I love watches and being able to do things by myself so I bought a watch repair kit for £2 off of Amazon. This is the kit I got, it was on sale when I bought it, I only use the hammer and pins. I got it simply because going to the jewelers and being charged £10 to get a watch band adjusted is ridiculous. I have used it countless times since then and I definitely got my moneys worth.

The black band will get scratched over time, it is impossible for it not to. But the good side is that they typically get scratched on the bottom, and on the inside of the band (depending on the clasp used), so you will never see it unless you want to.

u/stillclickin · 1 pointr/Watches

I got this kit to resize the bracelet on my Seiko, which uses the pin and collar system. The blue tool with handle makes pushing out the pin so easy.

u/NotProperAttire · 1 pointr/Watches

It'll cost you $5-$10 to get the band adjust at the jeweler. Since you're ordering off amazon anyway, why not but a cheap repair kit for about the same price. I can vouch for this one, it's contains a number of basic tools every watch owner should have.

u/coloredcobra · 1 pointr/Watches

I watched a couple YouTube videos and ordered this cheap kit off Amazon and it's lasted me two years so far: Would highly recommend.

But for watches that are held together by pins and collars I always take it to an AD or watch professional to get it sized. It's not even worth the trouble IMO.

u/ikimashokie · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

I bought a tool set on Amazon:

I figured for $9, it would be worth having for the forseeable future.

u/SHIZZLEO · 1 pointr/Watches

i went chea and got this, but ended up buying the things that it lacked, and cost more than if i had just bought this.

For me the second one was still incomplete, and i would need a larger screwdriver set, but its a great start.

u/trompiston · 1 pointr/Watches

Not that hard. You do need tools however you could use a pocket knife. The only thing is you might bend the spring bars so maybe order a few extra.

u/addcn · 1 pointr/pebble

If it's just the rod that's broken, then you can get a replacement pin

u/cftvgybhu · 1 pointr/pebble

The band I bought did not come with pins and the pins in my Time band wouldn't easily come out.

Links to what I purchased: band, pins

Edit: Just saw this kit which comes with 4 pins, tool and similar band. Better starter kit, worth it for pins & tool alone.

u/Pooh_Bear · 1 pointr/3DS

If you can't get it fixed through Nintendo, this stuff works very well for getting the scratches out. I used it after I got a few small scratches playing The World Ends with You, and it seemed to get them right out. Now I have a screen protector on there.

u/chaching37 · 1 pointr/Watches

PolyWatch is something worth trying. I was able to smooth over some scratches that I found on my Seiko with a mineral crystal.

edit: downvote? I wonder.

edit 2: I stand corrected. As ArkJasdain said, use Polywatch only on acrylic crystals.

u/WaffleMonster42 · 1 pointr/EDC

Looks tough as nails on that strap. I love vintage military watches. If i were you i'd get some polywatch and clean up that crystal on the watch.

u/montydrei · 1 pointr/Watches

Which Citizen watch is it? If it has an acrylic crystal, then it seems Polywatch is the normally recommended product for removing scratches.

u/SpikeX · 1 pointr/pebble

It's prime-eligible on Amazon.

And if you don't have Prime, shame on you. Go get it right now.

u/CV1_Cable_Display4_U · 1 pointr/oculus

While replacing any part of the Oculus Rift CV1 HMD can be challenging, it's not rocket science. You can buy a replacement lens on Ebay for approximate $40. If the scuff is not deep you can use Polywatch

Polywatch Plastic Lens Scratch Remover

u/TRE45ONOUS_CHEETOH · 1 pointr/OculusQuest

Of there are scratches just use polywatch

Polywatch Plastic Lens Scratch Remover

u/traken · 1 pointr/guns

You might try something like a scratch remover.

u/Kazyole · 1 pointr/Watches

There's a product called polywatch that's a miracle substance on acrylic/plexi crystals. Just apply a bit of that, rub it down with a microfiber cloth for a couple minutes, and good as new.

Also, nice choice. That's a hell of a first watch.

u/InternetUser007 · 1 pointr/pebble

Check out poly watch on Amazon. A lot of people have reported good results at fixing Pebble scratches.

u/Nameless2nd · 1 pointr/Watches

You need some Polywatch, a few microfiber polishing cloth and a few minutes.

Wipe the crystal with a clean cloth to ensure that nothing remains that could scratch the crystal more. Apply a small drop of Polywatch to the crystal and polish with a clean cloth for two or three minutes with gentle pressure. Remove all residue with a clean cloth. Be happy.

u/Nenotriple · 1 pointr/vita

I've used Polywatch plastic buffing cream before on my PSP, it worked, but it took a very long time. The Vita screen is likely harder than the PSP, so it's probably going to take even longer to buff. (1.5-2hrs)

u/InnerQi · 1 pointr/Watches

Apparently I need a springbar tool to replace and [link remover] ( to size it. Worth my investment?

u/caliban92 · 1 pointr/Watches

If you don't want to splurge on the tool, I have the $2.50 option from Amazon and it works just fine.

u/willwinter · 1 pointr/AppleWatch

Invest in one of these for link removal:
Definately worth the $5.

u/BurrBrown · 1 pointr/Watches

Not silly at all. You're going to need a watch band link removal tool like this one.

u/scenque · 1 pointr/Watches

I had a really hard time accessing the spring bars through the end links on my SM300. I eventually acquired a fine-tipped spring bar tool and now it's not so hard.

u/skyleth · 1 pointr/Watches

either of the two will keep time just fine.

as for the screwdriver, it's probably too thick for changing bands (there is often very little gap to work with). the Bergeron mentioned by the other user is a fine tool (best one i've got at the moment), if it's out of your price range you can start with this one for about $5, it's on par with the free ones that are often shipped w/ straps, but be warned the metal is soft and it won't last particularly long, or after removing the first strap, be sure to only replace them with quick-release comparable straps which require no tools but will be a little more expensive and limited in selection. If you're going to do nothing but nato, then you shouldn't need any tools after the first time. You could also start off with sourcing your first strap from a place that offers a free spring bar tool.

u/jarec707 · 1 pointr/Watches

Thanks. Here's a like to the 6767f for others convenience Bergeon 6767-F Watch Spring Bar Tool - Long Stainless Steel Handle with Replaceable Screw In Fine Tool End

u/reezyrice · 1 pointr/Watches

No worries, I still struggle to take straps off too. When you wrote "watch link remover", do you mean a spring bar tool?

I recommend Bergeon. They are like the gold standard for watch tools.

EDIT: Blurry photo, but you can see the difference in quality after roughly the same amount of use (1 year for the affordable, made-in-china tool on the left, 1 year for the Bergeon on the right).

u/novaol · 1 pointr/Watches

I bought my own tool from Amazon and it has been my saviour on many occasion like helping friends to change straps and bracelets etc. Its very cheap and worth the while to get one for yourself. Cheers

u/pauliwogg · 1 pointr/Watches

As soon as I opened the box and saw the watch in person, I immediately bought a new strap from WatchGecko. It's one of their cheaper vintage straps but I love it. The company is in England so shipping to California took a couple weeks. If you're thinking about changing the strap on your Bambino, I would recommend getting a good quality spring bar tool like the one I bought off Amazon.

u/Glusch · 1 pointr/Watches

Maybe this box, this box or this box?

Any of them combined with this winder would hold your budget. That winder is generally considered a great winder. Doesn't look to special but does the work it's supposed to do without any hassle.

u/NevermindMeFuckStick · 1 pointr/Watches

Well, can't say I'm not jealous. Wish I had that kind of money for watches in such a short period of time.

Why cheap out on the box though? I kid, I have the same one and it's actually a pretty nice box.

u/zodd06 · 1 pointr/moto360

i did the same thing and needed extra links. i contacted motorola and they were pretty good about sending me extra links. while you are at it i would ask them to send the plastic end pieces that attach the band to the watch. these can crack. if you have to add links you may want to get a tool off of amazon that will help you with this. also this tool can help getting the spring bars off and on.

fyi, in order to get these parts you will most likely need to give them the watch's ime number (serial number) so i'm not sure you can preemptively start the process with them.

initially i called them after normal business hours and got support from a foreign call center. this was kind of "iffy" so i sent a follow up email. the email correspondence went well.

also, being that the band was too small, i could tell that the previous owner removed a link, i contacted the ebay seller asking for extra links (initially). they responded that they did not have them and offered a refund or a discount. i think there are different vendors selling the refurb moto 360 1st gen so ymmv.

good luck.

u/NoizeTank · 1 pointr/Watches

As an alternative to what /u/BluAnimal said, you could easily remove links from a metal watch band yourself. All you would need is one of these cheap tool sets and you're good to go. It's very easy to learn to use and you'll be able to adjust your metal bands whenever you want.

u/PhilCore · 1 pointr/RepTime

If you're going to just be doing a one time thing just bring it to any local jewelry shop and they'll do it pretty cheap. If you're going to be buying watches often, then buy a hammer/punch set. Something like this will work fine:

u/certainbum · 1 pointr/Watches

I got this kit a while back and have no complaints.

u/InternMan · 1 pointr/Watches

It might, try the smallest tips you have and see if it works. If it doesn't, there are also the sticky ball types of caseback openers that just use friction.

u/mommadog325 · 1 pointr/Watches

Here's the list of all the tools I got:


Hand presser/lifter-

Case opener-

Clippers for cutting the stem-

Magnifyer (loupe)-

Magnifyer holder-

Case cushion-

Silicone grease (for the o-ring)-

Rodico (for picking up dust)-

You'll also need a set of jewelers screwdrivers and files, which I already had, and some nitrile gloves or finger cots so you dont get oil and dirt from your hands onto the movement. I've also seen other people recommend getting a movement holder to hold onto the movement while you attach the dial and hands.

u/dllemmr2 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

If you cut off the original band it's easier. Or buy a spring bar tool:

u/vinylscratchp0n3 · 1 pointr/moto360

Might depend on the store, though. Amazon has a tool to do it yourself for $6, if your local jewelry store wants more than that to do it.

u/bICEmeister · 1 pointr/Watches

Great post for us beginners. For me, unfortunately one day too late though ;)

I did my first link-removal yesterday using a small hammer, a thumbtack (the kind with a grip) and a couple of post-it pads as the work surface (to hold the link up from the table so the pin could be pushed out). It worked well, but it did feel kind of ghetto with the thumbtack.

I started looking online for tools specific for this, and I did find the types of kit you use. But I was thinking, if you just want to be able to do bracelet/strap swaps and link removal/addons .. Would something like this be a good buy?

I hate getting big kits with lots of parts when I only need one specific tool (not for cost reasons, but rather space saving)

u/goodguybane · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

I use this tool to change straps and bands.

u/cgatno · 1 pointr/moto360

I've been using the Pebble Steel band from Best Buy without issues. I installed it myself and had to remove quite a few of the links, but still no cracks or any other issues at all. (Also to specify: I used the OEM spring bars)

The only thing I suggest is that you make sure you have the proper tools before trying to do any of this yourself. Honestly, you could probably do it with a tiny screwdriver, but I wouldn't suggest it. I used a spring bar tool that I bought from Amazon along with some patience and steady hands :)

u/imoftendisgruntled · 1 pointr/pebble
u/fb95dd7063 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Good news! This has standard lugs/strap so you should be able to use a number of straps. You'll need a springbar tool to remove that strap (youtube can show you how to use this)

Your watch lugs are 22mm apart, so that's the size of strap you'd need.

Any of these NATO straps would work:

These two-piece zulu straps would be cool too:

no need to get a whole new watch when you can just find a strap you like that will be better for the warmer weather.

u/startinggl0ry · 1 pointr/Watches

Nothing fancy. Just need a new spring bar tool. I've been using a knife lately, which gets dicey.

u/davidpascual · 1 pointr/moto360

Yeah sorry posted the wrong link - I did buy the 22mm:

It's a particularly tight fit near the pin. You could probably cut/shave down the strap around the pin area to help. I also have this tool which definitely helps remove and reinsert the pin:

I'm not sure I'd have done it without that.

u/tominabox1 · 1 pointr/Watches

just as easy as almost any other watch. Easiest with a tool.

u/AwkwardCow · 1 pointr/Sacramento

This is what you will need if you decide to change it yourself...price went up a few bucks:

This is good to have if you have a lot of watches but not necessary by any means:

It has sizes for 99.999999% of watches out there so if you happen to lose the bar that attaches the watch band to the watch, you'll have a lot of extra to substitute.

u/koochie · 1 pointr/Watches

You'll need a spring bar tool like this:

And watch this YouTube video:

u/Thatboylaze · 1 pointr/Watches

I bought one of these

It helps that the tool has a forked end so u can pull back the bar that holds the band in place. You might not see it but its more of a feel around thing. The bar has a spring so you push on it so it gets small enough where you can wiggle it out, same with other side. Sorry if that's confusing but there's many YouTube videos for help. That show I did it too.

u/Esoterrorism · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Seiko 5

Crown and Buckle Silas strap

Spring Bar Tool

Total ~ $121 (I didn't factor in shipping though)

u/Time_Ferret · 1 pointr/Watches

I've had this one from Amazon for a couple years and it's nothing special but totally adequate to the task. There are nicer ones like this if you want them.

u/ashdrewness · 1 pointr/Watches
u/Seeker80 · 1 pointr/Watches

The Seiko 5 SNK795 is rather neat for the price. The red second hand is a nice touch. It comes with a bracelet, and you ought to be able to find a cheapish leather strap for it, along with the spring bar tool for DIY bracelet/strap swaps. All together, your total is under $100.

u/aselbst · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

You can switch out the straps on your current watches with an $8 watch tool, and put NATOs on them. Can't be sure, depending on your watches, whether you'd want to wear them to the beach, but changing out the strap works on any watch and definitely changes the look.

u/AxumArc · 1 pointr/Watches

No separate springbars required! I bought the product here to swap from bracelet to NATO and honestly, was too excited to use it - i just cut a notch in an optics screwdriver :) this tool should do the job when i eventually put on my Crown & Buckle custom leather strap.

u/chasteeny · 1 pointr/Watches

Just make sure to get the same lug width bracelet. Then buy this fella so you don't fall victim to exorbitant pricing. Just make sure to do your research for compatibility, but yes it can be done and very easily at that.

u/JoeHurricane · 1 pointr/lggwatchr
u/Miadhawk · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

This is the kit I mentioned, that and YouTube and you're golden.

u/Wrister8 · 1 pointr/moto360

Oh here is the link to the tool I bought off of Amazon

Took about 5 min to swap the bands.

u/FCGKratos · 1 pointr/Watches

Most of the reviews said that it didn't come with anything additional so I went ahead and purchased this

u/ineedasandwich · 1 pointr/Watches

I bought this a while back and just used it for the first time. no complaints and theyre very simple so not much to go wrong.

u/kgyre · 1 pointr/lggwatch

Just need the right tool to pull the band's sheathing back, reveal and grip the springbar's ridges.

u/Sproketz · 1 pointr/moto360

They also have a tool for removing the spring bar you can get.

I didn't use it but if you want to be super careful you might like this. Might be a good thing to have if you plan on changing bands a lot too.

u/PBJsammich · 1 pointr/Watches
Recently bought this one and I've been pleased with the quality especially for only $20.

u/The_Time_Lord · 1 pointr/Watches

This one off Amazon.

u/robocaller · 1 pointr/Watches

I've been wanting to get a seaking like that. Real nice. The Borel is interesting too, do you have more info on it?
Lastly, the Borel and the Hamilton look pretty dinged up. They appear to be acrylic, you should look into polywatch.

u/Cyph3r92 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR
u/vanfanel1car · 1 pointr/OculusQuest

I haven't tried this myself but this product removed scratches on the oculus rift lenses:

u/TheManWhoSlays · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Would it be safe to use Polywatch to fix a mini scratch on my Nintendo Switch?

It is this!

u/AlexDelPiero16 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

You could try something like Polywatch?

u/QQueenie · 1 pointr/AppleWatch

Ugh, big bummer. I've heard good things about this product:

You can also get a screen protector, which will probably minimize the appearance of the scratch.

u/cortexgunner92 · 1 pointr/Watches

You shouldn't really have to keep reapplying, just ensure its not completely dried out.

Toothpaste works really well but if you want to do it the "right" way there are compounds specifically for acrylic watch crystals

Non of your scratches look that deep so I bet you could get it cleaned up in an hour or so.

u/btodalee · 1 pointr/NZXT

[PolyWatch](Plastic Watch Crystal Scratch Remover Polish Tool Thank me later.

u/Tollowarn · 1 pointr/Nokia

There is a polish you can buy cheaply. It's made for watch faces and does a really nice job.

u/tripleh3lix25 · 1 pointr/OculusQuest

Hey there, just went through this. In case you have this happen again, you probably didnt need to return you Quest. This stuff is supposed to take all the stuff out of the lenses and make them look better than new. I'll let you know how it works. My rift s and Quest are both scratched cause of this. My Go also never did this this severe, in a short span of time despite hitting the lenses multiple times.

u/Athyria · 1 pointr/Monitors
u/tortnotes · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Spring bar pins? Like these?

Just make sure you get the right sizes. I think my Timex Weekender's band is 22mm. You can also find larger lots at better prices if you look around--eBay might be a good place. There's a nice straightforward selection at this site.

u/blackoutjr · 1 pointr/moto360

For what it's worth I just ordered these, and as my comment above says, I'll try them out next week when my 360 comes in.

u/Nathan_TK · 1 pointr/Watches

Yeah, I really want to say that we have the same one.

u/OnionMiasma · 1 pointr/Watches

So... not a wooden, lacquered box. I agree with looking at Etsy for those.

But, this is the one I have:

It really does the job well; my wife who is really picky on quality has remarked a couple times on how well made it seems to be.

u/connor_lassiter · 1 pointr/balisong

I use this case. I know it's pretty unlikely, but I have an irrational fear of someone robbing my apartment and stealing my balis, so I don't want to display them out in the open.

u/Leesbalisongs · 1 pointr/balisong

SONGMICS 8-Slot Portable Watch Box Travel Case Storage Organizer Black UJWB50B

u/Estan28 · 1 pointr/balisong
u/i0datamonster · 1 pointr/Watches

[I got one of these years ago, best investment ever!](ohuhu 147 pcs watch repair tool kit case opener spring bar tool set bonus a hammer Its just nice to not need to bring it to someone for easy things like battery changes and link adjustments.

The CA 1212 is a 41mm band (I was way off). I couldn't find anything metal in that size. I'd call your local watch shop and see what they can order.

u/h2oequalslean · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

the tools i used where:


when using the hand remover id recommend cutting a little square out of a ziploc bag, cutting a slit in it, and have it cover the dial so the remover tool doesnt scratch it up. the dials scratch very very easily. Honestly with the cost of parts + having me put it all together, id feel like it wouldnt be worth it, better off DIY'ing it. the crystal press i have/the ones on amazon/all the cheap ones are all pretty shit and might give you trouble with the crystal install, so id recommend having a watch repair shop do that, i pinched/ruined 2 gaskets trying it myself.

u/Corix · 1 pointr/pebble

looks like the little nub is gone for the quick release pin

they sell a tool on amazon link that might do it, or try one of the small screwdriver sets, you can get them at any home goods store something like this, i bought mine at Harbor Freight near where I live.

u/rwense · 1 pointr/Watches

Its basically a third of the way down the bar and the leather strap has a hole cut for it so you can release the spring and take the strap off. Its basically this:

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered some spring bars and a new strap so it should all be good. Thanks anyway though!

u/sto7 · 1 pointr/pebble

I have one too, and I like it!
Add some quick release spring bars, and changing strap band just takes a few seconds. Perfect to switch from a sport band to a more "dressed" one.

(You'll need to make a cut in most bands to let the quick release nub out.)

Edit: only thing I haven't found yet is a third-party 22mm steel band with quick release lugs.

u/Nht2 · 1 pointr/moto360

I bought some nice quick release spring bars from Amazon.


u/eudaimonean · 1 pointr/Watches

So you're looking to display them in some way that's more prominent than they would be in a regular old watch box? A la

u/ambrosius5c · 1 pointr/Watches
u/aarcadian · 1 pointr/Watches

I know it might seem like an unwanted expensive, but a box to keep these in will help keep them nice.
If your budget is tight, you can pick up a cheap one on Amazon.,0,140,180_QL70

It’s nice to keep them together, because you could easy lose one like that.

u/PoopyTwat · 1 pointr/gshock

Good quality for the price, too!

Sodynee WBPU12-03 Watch Dislpay Box Organizer, Pu Leather with Glass Top, Large, Black

u/MSU5thGen · 1 pointr/Watches
u/Snow_Mandalorian · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Hi. You'll need a spring bar tool. It's a little tricky on this watch but keep at it!

No need to remove each individual link, the entire bracelet is attached via the little bars on top and bottom of the watch itself. You remove the bars with the tool and then attach the NATO strap to those bars.

u/stargazer63 · 1 pointr/Watches

What is a good bracelet link remover for Seiko Sarb033? I have looked in Amazon, but not sure which size or which one would work? Can anyone give me pointers, or a link perhaps? Will this one work?

u/madskillz26 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Do not let the band that comes shipped with your watch hinder you from making the purchase. More often than not, these bands can be easily removed with this tool. Leather straps are fairly easy to buy.

u/audma · 1 pointr/Watches

I bought this one and I've been happy with it.

u/elmicha · 1 pointr/samsung

I like this one the best. It's easily adjustable and the magnet is very strong. I also have this one, but you can only adjust it with a screw driver. This one also looks very nice, but you cannot adjust it without special equipment.

When I search for watch band 20mm milanese on, I get quite a few hits (and even more without the "milanese", of course). If you want to easily change the bands, look that you get one with "quick release spring bars". With normal spring bars you need a tiny screw driver or such a tool.

u/ShaneNickerson · 0 pointsr/WatchHorology

Go ahead and open it, take a look. Save yourself some money though and buy an 8 dollar friction ball. Works like a charm.

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Can't really answer this question specifically, but the band or bracelet is really a non-issue since they are easily swapped in and out with NATO straps or a strap of your choice. Just make sure you measure the band width correctly with the one you're replacing it with. Costs like $5 for the tool needed

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Get some glass polish. It doesn't "remove" the scratches, but it will remove glass around the area enough so that the scratches don't stand out.

Link of an example