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u/PossiblyAPOS · 3 pointsr/BeAmazed



2. Just because the smallest virus is 17 nm technically, and the more conventional "smallest" is 50nm, doesn't mean it's realistic to be scared of, especially if you don't live in an area where that virus is found.

3. Even if a filter allows the virus through, it still reduces it. Just because something is smaller then pore size, doesn't mean all of the virus get's through. I bring this up because while it is true the virus may still be present(Say for example you are using a 0.03 micron, and virus is 0.025 micron) doesn't mean you'll get sick. You need to have a specific viral load to be infected. Same thing applies to bacteria. Basically a single virus isn't enough to infect you. Why? Because it usually "dies"(Viruses aren't alive, get's destroyed/inactive etc etc) before it can get anywhere to infect, or before it has a chance to multiply. Which is why you can have sex with someone who has HIV, and not get HIV as long as they are on the newest drugs and are undetectable.

Technically the virus is still there, technically you're still getting some of it in you, but there isn't enough to actually infect you.

Yes it's good to be cautious, but jeez man a filter is cheaper then you thought it was, and way more convenient then even purifying tablets, because 1 takes prep and time to do, containers or bags to clean etc.

Also purifying tablets get rid of bacteria/viruses. Great. How does it handle heavy metals and other shit a filter will handle?

Just saying.

u/Gullex · 2 pointsr/Survival


Although, if you're hiking in the Rockies, I strongly doubt you need to worry about filtering viruses.

u/knotquiteawake · 2 pointsr/news

To survive sure. However, what water do you plan to cook your food with? Bathe/ brush teeth with? Flush the toilet with? A lot of prepackaged food requires water to rehydrate...
Most "preppers" will say 3 gallons per person per day. I think that's a bit high for most situations. Two seems a better balance. If you have a way to filter water you can maybe get away with one gallon.
I have one of these and a 5 gallon bucket.

I was also gifted with a two gallon Berkey filter system as well

Both have the ability to filter out microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses.

u/Pyronious · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

I reuse my oil multiple times - usally I get 4-5 uses out of it before it starts turning dark. Higher smoke point oils will last longer. I like peanut oil. Buy it at a restauraunt supply like Smart Food Service though, it's marked up too much in grocery stores.

These oil filters work out to $0.25 each and are perfect for straining the oil using a chinoise.

u/Chefintraining · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

One of my chef's liked using something like these. I can't testify how fast they worked other than we always had Clarified butter.

u/skyroket · 1 pointr/preppers


If you have a bath tub, you can get a bath tub "bag" that comes with a hand siphon. There are a couple different brands. I have the "AquaPod Kit" off of this search result, but I doubt it matters much.

Even if you have a sewage line break nearby, placing residents under boil orders, you can use this to store contaminated water to filter/boil later if they shut the water completely off.

Which leads me to my other point: water filter. I live a stone's throw away from a lake out my back yard. Obviously this doesn't help me in winter when it's frozen over, but I got this Sawyer .02 micron filter kit, that you buy a 5-gal bucket to complete the kit. There are a couple different top dogs when it comes to water filtering. is a big one, but there are more economical alternatives, especially if you're only going to use it in an emergency. Even Sawyer has some smaller mini squeeze pouches that I got for the car emergency bags.

The water out of our lake had mosquito larvae and all kinds of shit in it. It was a little bit awkward to taste after running it through a towel, then the Sawyer 5-gallon bucket, but if you put it through a carbon filter like Pur or Brita, it's better. Also they sell those little flavor squirters in the drink aisle to flavor water. That makes it indistinguishable from tap water.


Obviously you are in an apartment, so your options are limited (I have a small portable generator I can wire into my house to power the furnace circuit, among others). I doubt your power would be out for a long time, so you might be able to get by with hand warmers and space blankets (or regular blankets, FFS). Also, I just almost impulse-bought this Zippo hand warmer that goes for 12 hours on one fill, and you can keep a refill can nearby or something.

u/gba_13 · 1 pointr/preppers

It's better than nothing but you can't filter fine particulate using a cloth.

You could use one of these as the hose.