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u/ortusdux · 112 pointsr/pics

Get some of these stickers and put them on your front door. Also, smart fire alarms are great. We have two nests alarms and they ring your phone whenever the alarm goes off.

u/MiataCory · 69 pointsr/CCW

Well, hardening the door or sticking up an ADT sticker are quick/easy solutions. As are things like outdoor lighting, lights inside on timers (looks like someone's home), and the like.

If you're looking more for lifetime companionship, doggos are the best though. Cats just sleep through intruders and wait to eat the flesh off your face when you're dead. Sneaky little fuckers.

u/beefwarrior · 25 pointsr/chicago
u/themcjizzler · 17 pointsr/Aquariums

Next time I suggest using [glitter adhesive vinyl] ( or glitter vinyl cling Both are removable and are probably cheaper than buying both glitter, spraypaint and a sealant. Takes about 2 minutes to apply and will not shed glitter all over. Unfortunately this spray paint look will start chipping pretty quickly and you'll get clear spots eventually. Also not really removable in any easy way.

There's also some me other cool options, like this rainbow hologram cling film or dimension effect and a million other ways to decorate, just search for cling vinyl it's stupid easy to find

u/sciendias · 14 pointsr/HomeImprovement

We did 2 things - we added UV reflective stickers like this. We also added bird feeders that suction to the window like this. It helped, but hasn't completely resolved it. Plants should also help slow them down. Finally, I went to the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary not too long ago and they have installed these things that they really like and have prevented a lot of deaths. Cheap and easy to DIY - so we may try that next year.

u/xaffinityx · 13 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Shoes - $59.95

Mugs -$20.98

Kitchen Gadgets -$40.81

Knives -$28.24

Skillet Set -$63.99

Cell phone case -$10.99

Shelf -$33.53

Paper towel holder -$17.99

Scrub Top -$17.17

Socks -$5.00

Turkey stickers -$1.75

All adds up to $300.00!

u/SecretSnack · 13 pointsr/evilbuildings

There are transparent stickers that birds can see.

u/gijoeusa · 11 pointsr/whatsthisbird

I use the Window Alert decals. They come in different shapes. I usually order the hummingbird.

Lost a beautiful large woodpecker to the patio door the day I moved into my home. Was devastating. Heard it hit. Found dead on the deck. Must have snapped his neck. Been here 4 years now and not a single strike ever since.

FYI: they have to be changed every six months. It’s a small price to pay... a few bucks a year to save amazing birds that live in the trees around my home.

u/kiwikiu · 9 pointsr/whatsthisbird

tough to say for sure, as nightjars can be very difficult to ID visually and often have a lot of variability in color within species, but I think this is a female or immature Chuck-will's-widow, based on the lack of a prominent black crown stripe often seen in Whip-poor-will, and on the color of the tips of the outer tail feathers:

Chuck-will's-widow has more caramel-colored, less contrasting tips to the outer feathers

Eastern Whip-poor-will's outermost tail feathers are tipped in a paler buff or tan.

And yes, please put up some window decals to prevent more window strikes :) Some nice ones are available on Amazon and are pretty cheap

u/Minemose · 7 pointsr/whatsthisbird

That's what I use and I haven't had a strike happen since I put them on. They just cling with a little water.

u/sidewalksundays · 4 pointsr/Advice

Also look into these maybe? Privacy window film, it just sticks on and peels off. But they still let light through but your dog cant nose it off and they can't see in. Obviously doesn't fix the problem long term but it stop you havent to live in darkness with drapes drawn. :)

u/discreetTrex · 4 pointsr/bird

I use these to prevent birds from hitting the windows. So far so good! Though they need to be replaced every 6 months or so.

WindowAlert Leaf Medley Decals

They have a few different shape options.

u/greggilliam2nd · 3 pointsr/baysideisacult
u/8976r7 · 3 pointsr/videos

Birds can see UV light so you can use a nearly invisible decal that the birds will see as being a bright glowing light and will not try to fly through.

These work great, I've had them on my window for a couple of years with no issues. You can take them down when you clean the window and stick them back up. they cling to the window, no adhesive is used:

u/t4yl0rj4d3 · 2 pointsr/gifs

Ummm. I can't for sure. I'm a bit busy at the moment but I'll take a look for you and come back with a link soon.

Edit: this isn't the exact product I have, but it's basically the same, and if you look around you may find a better price.

Here you go

u/DeepOceanVastSea · 1 pointr/worldnews
u/hollowlefty · 1 pointr/parrots

They have the cutsey window stickers here. Honestly I think you'd be happier long term just getting a sheet of the stuff from a manufacturer. Here is a blurb from 3m for the name brand stuff. Or you could hit up other suppliers and manufacturers like these on aliexpress.

Have fun.

u/savagesnyder · 1 pointr/drums

Those holiday window clings work pretty well too... Usually you can get far more bang for your buck that way. I usually cu them up into the right size and they are way cheaper. Something like these, I'm sure you could find a better deal though.

u/ginmartini2olives · 1 pointr/birding

I've had a feeder attached to my window for years with no injuries. If you are worried maybe get some window decals too? I put these on my sliding door and haven't had any strikes this summer:

Window Alert Leaf Medley Decal, 5-Pack

u/TriptychButWith8Bits · 1 pointr/britishproblems

I have a bag of these and I'm pretty sure at least one of those conversations would have me in stitches :)

u/msweatherwax · 1 pointr/britishproblems

This is the stuff we used.

It will take 2 people to make a decent job of it, but once it's up you barely notice it's there.

u/dscgod · 1 pointr/whatsthisbird

Even something as simple as this can help prevent bird strikes.

u/lithaborn · 1 pointr/AskUK

Do this. Having a constant low heat throughout the house will warm it more efficiently than a two hour blast twice a day.

Alternatively, the three of you could invest in a £15 electric heater each and take the heating out of your landlord's hands.

Little tips and tricks would also include hanging blankets or quilt covers up at doorways to minimise draughts, making stews and slow roasting meat joints and casseroles will keep a heat source in your kitchen for hours at a time, invest in hot water bottles (if you go to Poundland, they have neck-shaped ones in the stores near me. Assuming it's a nationwide trend, your Poundland should have some), if you have a communal area, dump a load of fleece blankets in there to sit under, keep your curtains closed, ask your landlord if you can seal any window draughts with temporary plastic glazing...and get the hot drinks in and a toasted sandwich maker for hot cheap fast snacks.

We're a family of four in a three bed semi-detached and can very easily keep the place warm all month for £90 on top of our normal summertime usage, using electric alone. For how little heating he's letting you have on, he's takign the piss. We run a 1kw electric heater in the living room for appx 6 hours a day and a 400w halogen heater permanently on in the main hallway to keep the stairwell heated because there's a LOT of cold space there that keeps the entire house freezing if we don't heat it up.

u/tazman1243 · 0 pointsr/firefighters

Something that might interest you
Pet Inside Finder Sticker - 4 Pack - Adhesive on FRONT and BACK. In a Fire Emergency, Firefighters will see alert on the window, door, or house and rescue your cat / dog. Safety first in case of fire.