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u/Statuethisisme · 12 pointsr/MTB

Something like this

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Look at slimline safety goggles they are available in lots of different styles and some have more ventilation than others.

Uvex variant.

Another Uvex


More Bolle

Good luck.

u/Lokept · 6 pointsr/airsoft

Looks like it actually went down in price. I personally own them and so do 2 of my friends. They all still work perfectly. My only complaint is the fan cord to the battery is short. Not a big deal tho.

u/Dayson108 · 5 pointsr/FFRecordKeeper

I just taped a this big guy last night. It mostly went well but there is a chunk missing out of that center that came up during taping. So it definitely happens. It's not to bad though. I haven't flipped him over yet. I wasn't prepared and he's to large to flip easily. I had to go to home depot and buy some larger boards to put him on to prepare to flip him. Once he's flipped it wont be to hard to bring the template back up and replace the missing beads.

The ones you've made look great! I have no idea what the one in the top left is from, but I love it.

A couple of suggestions for melting:

  • Do not melt them on the boards, but it seems you've learned that with the tape method. The warped boards are awful for making larger projects, the beads don't line up correctly.
  • This is one of the best pieces of advice I can think of if you are going to display these somewhere. Decide which direction you are going to want the final product to face. Put the tape on that side, and flip it over. On the side that you aren't going to see, feel free to melt the beads a little more intensely than the other. Don't worry as much if the beads fuse a little more than you'd like. This side isn't going to be seen and will help hold it together much better. Once it's ironed, flip it over, remove the tape and lightly fuse the visible side. When you are taping the visible side, if the beads feel to loose, flip it back over (use tape again if you need) and melt more it on the non-visible side.
  • If you're going to make a lot of these, I would suggest buying a snowboard waxing iron, like this one. The iron is flat with no point, but its easy to use the corner of if you do need a point. I found this to work a lot better than a normal clothes iron.
  • If you're melting large ones, iron it in sections. As you iron, the sections will start to cool. As they cool they will start to curl. Put something heavy on those sections (I use my old college textbooks, yay for being useful again!). If the curling is bad, go over it with the iron briefly to warm it up and continue putting heavy things on it. The curling can be especially bad if you have only one side of it ironed. As you iron the other side the it will 'curl' both direction and be more flat.

    Three more non-melting tips.

  • To make my templates I take the sprite image into GIMP and I use the color select tool to break the image apart into multiple layers. One color per layer. Then I decide which bead color looks best for each layer. Next I put guidelines on the image to separate it into different 29x29 pixel squares for the different boards. I usually build my beads one board at a time instead of the project as a whole. Then as I'm putting the beads down, I make all the layers invisible. I start with the black layer and put those beads down on the board. Then I make each color visible one at a time and place those beads down.
  • If you want more boards. I suggest the craft store Jo-Ann. They frequently have perler products on sale for 40% off. And if you download their app you can frequently get coupons for 40-70% off. I've bought most of my boards on the times I've gotten coupons so I haven't spent a lot on them. They have good deals on beads as well but see below for my advice on beads.
  • Think ahead on the projects you may want to make and buy in bulk from the Perler website. If you buy 6+ bags they are only $2 a bag, but their shipping is a bit pricey. If you buy $60 worth of beads you get free shipping! In addition, if you subscribe to their email list, they will frequently go on holiday/misc sales and you can get an additional 20-30% off. This might be a little overkill but I went ahead and made templates for my next 29 projects to complete my summoner/summon/villain from each game goal while I waited for a sale. I counted all of the beads of each color and the total was around 120,000 beads (NeoBahamut was about 8,800 beads). Buying in bulk this way I spent about $1.50 a bag (though I did buy a couple of the 6000 bead black bags from Jo-Ann with coupons).

    Wow. that ended up being a wall of text. I did not intend for that, but I just kept writing. Hopefully it's all useful information for you. If not, sorry for the ramble.


u/giraffeaquarium · 4 pointsr/BigBrother

I found the goggles (or something similar) that Alex wore in the ball rolling comp.

u/saf621 · 3 pointsr/toddlers

If you’re a skier then I’d say stick with starting with skiing with your son. They make harnesses for learning how to ski like this that might be useful for you:

u/mhuang2286 · 3 pointsr/skiing

Hertel super hotsauce wax. The best ever any temperature.

u/CypherFox · 3 pointsr/airsoft

If you want to splurge, you could go for the Bolle X800 or Bolle X810 goggles. The lens is separate from the frame to allow airflow, so it is nearly impossible to fog them. I have the X810s and they're the best goggles I've owned. I can't fog them when I've fogged just about every other set of eye protection, even thermal lens goggles.

u/sumix_fit · 3 pointsr/running


I used Camelbak Marathon. Enough pockets to carry my gear and more than enough volume to carry me to each aid station this race.

u/Chrome4320 · 3 pointsr/watchpeoplesurvive

Right, depending on what level of protection you're after i'd say they offer 3 options:

Light - Bollé Tracker -

Medium - Bollé Cobra -

Heavy - Bollé Pilopsi -

I've only really got experiences with the Tracker and Pilopsi. I found the trackers slightly uncomfortable myself but i do have a rather wide head which could explain that, my brother tried them out and found them very comfortable! The Pilopsi goggles i've worn every day in work for the past 3 years or so, with very heavy use and throwing them around the shop I've replaced them twice due to the rubber seal starting to denature a little bit I'm guessing from sweat but the lens is extremely durable!

Basically I may be biased but I'd go for the Pilopsi any day of the week, extremely comfortable, virtually no peripheral view obstruction, plus the best sealing from the 3 options above!

Hope this was handy for you, if you've got any other questions in the same area i'd be happy to answer! :)

Edit - the last link was wrong sorry, corrected!

u/3OH3 · 2 pointsr/skiing

Here's a comment I posted a month or two ago about this topic. Basically everything you'd need to wax, sharpen edges, and perform small-medium ptex repairs (think small core shots and scratches on the base of the ski).

Here's a kit I would go with if I were buying a kit. I personally liked buying stuff individually that suited my needs but it's easier to just buy 1 thing:

The reason why I'd go with this kit over the ones you listed is because it comes with an edge sharpener guide + gummy stone. If you're sharpening edges you'd probably want to use a file&guide when starting out.

For waxing (normally use all temp wax unless you're an every week sort of waxer. Could expand out to cold specific wax if the weather calls for it):

Plastic Scrapper:


Iron: buy one at goodwill/a thrift. If you're too good for that then here:

You can also buy a nylon brush and base cleaner/a rag to clean your skis but hot waxing and then scrapping also works for cleaning.

When I'm done waxing my skis I usually go over the skis with a wine cork to make sure everything is even and smoooooth. Not something that you have to do though

For tuning:

Gummy Stone:

Edge sharpener (can choose a different one):

Video so you don't fuck up your edges too much:

You can also get a diamond stone/nail file from the store if you'd like.

Ptex for some base repairs:

Metal Scrapper for Ptex (could use a flat blade if you'd like but don't fuck up):

Lighter: Gas Station/already in your house. After Ptexing a couple of times I fee like a torch lighter would work best here

Video for small ptex repair:

If you have major core shots I would probably go to a local shop and have someone fix it who does that stuff for a living. Really research what you're actually doing before you do it for the first time. You don't want to make things worse. After you get the hang of it it becomes a lot easier and can save you money. Can also do it for your friends on the cheap

u/hacksauce · 2 pointsr/skiutah

I ride at Brighton, and have been waxing my own board for years. I use Hertels,
an old iron, and a credit card. I've got no complaints.

u/Lost-in-LA-CA-USA · 2 pointsr/skiing

I like these Swiss Corps goggles w/ interchangeable lenses. The lenses are easy to swap out for changing weather and light. Good quality for the price.
SwissCorps M1S Swiss Army Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles w/ 3 Magnetic VLT Anti-Fog Lenses Polarized OTG w/Case for Men (White Camo Band)

u/xIceHoundx · 2 pointsr/snowboarding

I have this Toko iron and its worked well for me thusfar.

I also use Hertel wax which you can also find on amazon and get quite a lot for a great price. I like it havent had a problem with my boards being slow.

u/ImmoralGamer · 2 pointsr/airsoft

I use these and never have an issue with fogging,plus I also use these with a helmet.

u/mojob · 2 pointsr/wintercycling

Greetings, fellow ninja!

u/zxj4k3xz · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Is it these? If so, they are not OK for Airsoft. They are not Impact rated and will most likely break. I’d suggest getting some ESS Land ops off EBay instead.

u/Madprofeser · 2 pointsr/LSD

The tapestries are from Sunshine Joy

I bought one off of Amazon, if you just search the name a bunch come up. Most are roughly 30 bucks.

I wasn't interested in anything else personally, but after some quick google searching, those kaleidoscope glasses can be had on Amazon for 12 dollars cheaper, 10 dollars cheaper and
a whooping 30 bucks cheaper

The clothing, at least from an initial search, seem to be Chinese Wholesale stuff. At first glance I see a couple designs on AliExpress

So if you want something particular, just get a little creative with your GoogleFu. He didn't name any of the items the correct names so you can't just google the title of it to find it cheaper You will have to do broad searches and use the result to narrow down your possibilities for the item you want.

u/AimForTheAce · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I bought this Bolle's cheap goggle. $16 shipped with prime.

Last week, high was high 25 and low 5. On the way home, it was prob. mid teens. It worked pretty well, but it was my first time to use it. So, the sample size is small.

u/hidperf · 1 pointr/MTB

I bought these and have had no problems with them. But I only use them in cold weather.

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles (Vermillon Gun Lens/White Frame)

u/jrt364 · 1 pointr/snowboardingnoobs

How "cheap" are you talking?

There are $15 snow goggles on Amazon, but without knowing your budget, it's hard to give advice.

Let me know your budget and I can help you find something.

u/Ban_All_Gifs · 1 pointr/skiing

If you source the pieces yourself you can get what you need. You usually don't need everything that comes in a kit. Buy the additional pieces as you need them.

Here's what I found without much effort:

$35 iron

$23 wax (huge brick)

$6 scraper

$14 nylon brush

$6 scotch brite sponges

That's $84 and is all you need to get started. You can certainly get kits for around the same price that include some edge tuning bits, but they also come with a very small amount of wax and surprisingly often they don't include any brushes, or just a wire brush.

u/advice47 · 1 pointr/BurningMan

Bought these goggles for my first burn, they are awesome, no fogging, no dust gets in, they're comfortable, and I'm still using the same ones now. Plus they're only $15.

u/Anjin · 1 pointr/BurningMan

I have a narrower face and got these and they fit and worked great:

u/bilago · 1 pointr/oculus

Build yourself a "Boxulus Rift" for now and use your cellphone as the screen. You can DIY with a cardboard box, cheapo ski goggles, and magnifying lenses... All probably sub $50 Dollars.

Goggles on amazon:

Lenses (buy 2):

And use the shipping box they come in. :)

u/kingbowser · 1 pointr/BurningMan

I have wide frame glasses and these have worked well for the the last couple of years: Bolle X500 "Attacker" Ski Goggles

u/AussieEquiv · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Anything under the 10 hours ish mark I do in one of these
Gear's not quite at the stage where I can comfortably do an overnighter with it :o

u/jdubbs92 · 1 pointr/snowboarding

I love this stuff:

Hertel Super HotSauce

Don't bother will different types unless you are looking into racing.

Any ski/snowboard waxing iron will do.

u/FullyBaked · 1 pointr/snowboarding

I usually just use my brush after a rub-on. Works fine for me. I've been using this stuff for years. It works for all temps and either cold or hot application.

u/TheMapesHotel · 1 pointr/BurningMan

We use ski goggles which can be had readily and cheaply in many areas with used recreational shops.

What you want regardless is a layer of foam or something similar that goes along the edge between the goggles and your face. Something that produces a breathable seal.

What I like about the ski goggles verses motorcycle goggles is they tend to have a large, wide face plate similar to diving goggles. I like having that extra space in my field of vision during whiteouts. I also like this because both of us wear prescription glasses and they fit over the top of the glasses.

Honestly both my SO and I did the daytime and nighttime goggles because that is what everyone says you need. They took up too much room and we NEVER have once needed them so we ditched the different types years ago. IMHO its a waste of money. Just get a solid clear pair and go. Less to carry, less to worry about switching back and forth, and the less you have to worry about out there the better.

Let me know if you need any other help. I am always very glad to answer any and all stupid and not so stupid questions you may have. Feel free to PM me if need be.
Ours are something similar to these:

u/Gnyff · 1 pointr/airsoft

It's a Danish shop though. But I'm sure you should be able to find a shop near you. :)

Edit: found an amazon link. Go nuts.

u/CarlBrutananadilews · 1 pointr/snowboardingnoobs

These are cheap and good enough for most/all conditions:

u/artist508 · 1 pointr/airsoft

Those are clones of the rather expensive Bolle X800, but as said I would get them from a brand other than Lancer Tactical. The Save Phace version is made in the USA.

u/co1one1huntergathers · 1 pointr/skiing

I've got this helmet and love it. Look for a helmet with a magnetic buckle, so much easier to deal with when you have gloves on.

Giro Zone MIPS Snow Helmet -...

Here's a good place to start, not sure about your budget, these are all going to be $100+

u/jcasper · 1 pointr/skiing

I've been pretty happy with these as a cheap pair, no complaints for the price:

u/Minizman12 · 1 pointr/airsoft

I have almost a full squad using them and they hardly ever fog with the top foam removed. If you are at all worried about fog I suggest getting this:

The other option is to get a goggle like this:

Which has a lens slightly lifted off the frame which allows a ton of airflow. One guy on my squad uses these and says they're fantastic.

u/Raceon4 · 1 pointr/running

I have two pairs of ski goggles. One has colored lenses for daytime and the other is clear for night. I figure that most people think I look ridiculous running in the winter anyway so why not use something that works.

These are the ones that I have:

u/acoolazn · 1 pointr/snowboarding

I just use Hertel on normal/warm days and a cold temp wax on cold days.

u/linuxlewis · 1 pointr/skiing

Just bought this kit off amazon and I'm going to be waxing my own skis for the first time in preparation for epic Tahoe pow this weekend. I've watched a bunch of YouTube videos. Any tips from r/skiing?

u/Bdc9898 · 1 pointr/skiing

[I've enjoyed these] ( New lenses go for like $20 new on Amazon. I like having a lens for sunny days, and then I can just easily swap it out for a lighter one for blizzard/cloudy/night skiing. It's especially nice because then I can leave my prescription inserts in.

u/cliu1222 · 1 pointr/snowboarding

Something like these:

OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet - with ASTM Certified Safety, 9 Options - for Men, Women & Youth (Black,L)

AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet - Climate Control Venting, Dial Fit, Goggles Compatible, Removable Fleece Liner and Ear Pads, Safety-Certified Snow Helmet for Men & Women