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u/Dorkamundo · 65 pointsr/LifeProTips

Another good tip, if you are going to be out on the ice during the questionable times, it is a great idea to carry a pair of ice picks ... It could be as simple as two nails tied together with a string and wear it around your neck.

It will exponentially increase the chances that you'll be able to pull yourself out of the water on your own. Which can be really difficult if you are already cold.

Also, avoid wearing things like Carhartt coveralls or other similarly thick coveralls because as soon as you fall into the water, they end up acting like an anchor keeping you in the water as they absorb water immediately.

u/ihave_problems · 30 pointsr/malefashionadvice

You can get a Rothco 100% wool cap for $7

You do have a point though, I just think $50 for a wool hat is a bit much

u/Statuethisisme · 12 pointsr/MTB

Something like this

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Look at slimline safety goggles they are available in lots of different styles and some have more ventilation than others.

Uvex variant.

Another Uvex


More Bolle

Good luck.

u/[deleted] · 12 pointsr/cosplay

It's about 24" in diameter and started off as one of these.

EDIT: 24", not 26"

u/grauenwolf · 10 pointsr/wma

It's just a child's sled with the straps moved. You can see the original holes for the handles.

Amazon has a metal version for half the price.

u/maretard · 8 pointsr/nonononoyes

Learn to retract your arms as you fall, like you're boxing, or crossed over like you're in a straightjacket. Eat the fall with your body, keep your arms protected.

You can do this really simply just by standing up on a board, stationary, and just falling over. Do it over and over again, and just keep your hands close to your chest and land on your body like you're flopping into bed.

Have someone push you over on your board while your eyes are closed so you can practice fighting the instinct to reach out and stop your fall.

Intentionally catch edges (going slowly, on a green or something) and just eat it over and over again.

Gear helps as well. The number 1 thing that caused me to fall on my wrists was the fear of pain, after I bruised my tailbone. I was just terrified of falling over, I would keep wrecking my wrists and elbows trying to keep my tailbone from hitting the ground.

I got a pair of these and now I can sit down hard on a steep blue without even flinching, and just hop right back up without even losing much momentum.

u/brivera · 6 pointsr/Marvel

Of course you can! That's the best part about the internet! As much as I'd like to make one for you I don't think I'm going to turn this into a side business. I posted a link in this thread about the DIY reddit post and YouTube video I followed to make this and if you're serious about making one for yourself I'll be happy to pm you some tips I figured out along the way that aren't in the video or post.

Flexible Flyer Steel Saucer

u/aliencorgi · 6 pointsr/streetwear

what size are you? amazon has them for $20 cad

u/Rustedblayds · 5 pointsr/japanlife

kukuku reminds me of that snow scoop sling thing....

GF and I saw a kid playing with this during a ski trip one year. We bought a whole lot from Costco, and then I sold them on Amazon for a small profit of about 1500yen each.

Opportunities abound!

u/tyrankh11 · 5 pointsr/skiing

You'll probably be renting most of your ski gear, so here are the warm items you'll want:

  1. GLOVES. Since you're just going on vacation, get a moderately good pair that are waterproof, and buy some cheapo glove liners (example glove, example liner).
  2. Scarf. Thick scarf preferably.
  3. Balaclava (example here) - optional if your scarf is really good, but recommended.
  4. Overpants (wear underarmour and jeans underneath). First time I went, I went to target and got a pair for about $15. (example here)
  5. Beanie.

    Now my personal two most important, but expensive items:

  6. Socks! Go to rei and get yourself a pair of these ski socks. Nothing is worse than freakishly cold feet, or feet that get destroyed by the crappy rental books. These socks are built to keep your feed warm and padded.
  7. Jacket. you can cheat a bit by layering. The 'real deal' would be to get something like this. OR, do what I did (and continue to do): underarmour + long sleeve shirt + sweater + rain jacket. Yeah, you don't have a good seal, and you'll end up getting snow on your clothes and be a bit cold by 2pm, but if you don't have hundreds of dollars for a ski jacket it's a good deal. Note: i've found that cheap ski jackets are garbage, and you will pay the price for them.

    Hope this helps! You can buy pretty much all this except for the jacket for under $100, and maybe even less if you're really thirfty. Helmet, boots, and skis should be taken care of by the rental folks.
u/Decipherer · 4 pointsr/DIY

Haha, thanks! It's a metal sled from Amazon!

u/CypherFox · 3 pointsr/airsoft

Have you looked at the Bolle X800 or X810 goggles? Yes, they're a bit more pricey but they'll almost never fog (so I've heard) due to the fact that the lens is seperate from the frame itself which allows a HUGE amount of venting and airflow. Had a hell of a time finding someone that would ship the X810s over to Canada...all the sellers for those are in the UK or France.

u/Anton338 · 3 pointsr/snowboarding

Thanks! I use the HangTime mount. It's pretty sturdy once you find the wall stud.

u/mhuang2286 · 3 pointsr/skiing

Hertel super hotsauce wax. The best ever any temperature.

u/Clintfrom50Campfires · 3 pointsr/CampingandHiking

If you are EVER on ice that you suspect could be the least bit unsafe, PLEASE make sure you're wearing these. They have saved countless lives. If you're on a lake and the ice is a foot thick or more no, you probably don't need them. However, it's not uncommon to ice fish on 4-6 inches of ice with a snowmobile, or for people to xc ski on frozen rivers. Ice picks are the smartest thing you can carry on your person.

u/in5trum3ntal · 3 pointsr/snowboarding

I don't know about CA - but they are available on amazon. If I were you, I'd go to a "boot doctor", I've had some amazing results after talking with experts while having my gear and feet present. Its important to think about all the issues beforehand and be as forthcoming as possible. Go to a mt that may have a place on site, which will provide you with the ability to test out modifications and report back. Sometimes the guys don't even ask for money, just be nice and throw them a tip. I've had J's and heel lifts put in that have changed my days and riding experiences completely. They can even help you understand how your bindings and stance can help with similar issues.

Best of luck.

u/vhalros · 3 pointsr/cycling

If its because of cold, you could wear this thing: It will make for a very humid environment around your nose/mouth (also available as a balaclava).

I guess you could also try putting chapstick or some other waxy thing (Burts Bee's maybe) on your nose?

u/Chrome4320 · 3 pointsr/watchpeoplesurvive

Right, depending on what level of protection you're after i'd say they offer 3 options:

Light - Bollé Tracker -

Medium - Bollé Cobra -

Heavy - Bollé Pilopsi -

I've only really got experiences with the Tracker and Pilopsi. I found the trackers slightly uncomfortable myself but i do have a rather wide head which could explain that, my brother tried them out and found them very comfortable! The Pilopsi goggles i've worn every day in work for the past 3 years or so, with very heavy use and throwing them around the shop I've replaced them twice due to the rubber seal starting to denature a little bit I'm guessing from sweat but the lens is extremely durable!

Basically I may be biased but I'd go for the Pilopsi any day of the week, extremely comfortable, virtually no peripheral view obstruction, plus the best sealing from the 3 options above!

Hope this was handy for you, if you've got any other questions in the same area i'd be happy to answer! :)

Edit - the last link was wrong sorry, corrected!

u/DreamArcher · 3 pointsr/hockeyplayers

I've broken my tailbone twice and now suffer from chronic pain. Just get the pants you want and then add a seperate tailbone protector. Something like this.\_lpo\_vtph\_468\_tr\_img\_2?\_encoding=UTF8&refRID=18M02FBX46YV8Z3TFDH2

u/hacksauce · 2 pointsr/skiutah

I ride at Brighton, and have been waxing my own board for years. I use Hertels,
an old iron, and a credit card. I've got no complaints.

u/chop924 · 2 pointsr/snowboarding

FWIW I have small feet/heel hold problems as well. The K2 Maysis boot was good to me, but everyone's foot is different.

Like someone else mentioned you should go to your local shop and try on a bunch and buy the one that is the best fitting and gives the best hold. Also remember you can also buy those J bars to help fill out your ankle area and get better heel hold. I use j bars, and usually put a thin strip of ducttape over them too bc their adhesive has a tendency to wear out over time.

u/NYPorkDept · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Rothco's watch cap has served me well but yeah, don't get their backpacks or jackets thinking they'll hold up to heavy hiking/camping

u/gravistational · 2 pointsr/snowboarding
u/Cheesecake_12 · 2 pointsr/stevenuniverse

Paint a sled?

Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer Sled. Steel Sand Slider

u/Boredbarista · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Rain jacket, pants, and booties will make you impervious to rain. Best cheap option is helly hansen. Sure, bicycle specific rain pants are better suited, but they cost >$60.

You should get full fenders. They will keep the spray off your back, and keep your lower legs drier when you aren't in rain pants.

u/zuodun · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Another cheap recommendation.

Rothco Wool Watchcap from Amazon

I'd just rather have something wool than acrylic.

u/xIceHoundx · 2 pointsr/snowboarding

I have this Toko iron and its worked well for me thusfar.

I also use Hertel wax which you can also find on amazon and get quite a lot for a great price. I like it havent had a problem with my boards being slow.

u/Boy_Man-God_Shit · 2 pointsr/snowboarding

Two of these

SkateHoarding Wall Bullet Snowboard Wall Mount Display Hanger Rack

u/time_and_again · 2 pointsr/onewheel

When I was learning, I fell three times. One was a nosedive because I accelerated from zero too fast. Two, was a wheelslip when I was experimenting with a really loose setting. Helmet really saved my dome on that one. Three was a wobbly patch of road at an intersection that threw me off. I'd say that was all within the first 80 miles. I've gone another hundred without a fall and think it's basically thanks to a narrow, close-to-the-wheel stance.

For gear, I say get all of it. Helmet, elbows, wrists, knees, maybe even padded undershorts if you don't want hip bruises. BUT, realistically you can go with just helmet and wrists if you know the route. I go about 1.2 miles to work on a dedicated bike path and most of the time, knees and elbows feel a bit like overkill. But I say that knowing falls can sneak up on you. You can't predict what cars and other pedestrians will do. For wrists, I grabbed these and really like them. Gloves protect the skin, but I'm worried about bones.

u/3OH3 · 2 pointsr/skiing

Here's a comment I posted a month or two ago about this topic. Basically everything you'd need to wax, sharpen edges, and perform small-medium ptex repairs (think small core shots and scratches on the base of the ski).

Here's a kit I would go with if I were buying a kit. I personally liked buying stuff individually that suited my needs but it's easier to just buy 1 thing:

The reason why I'd go with this kit over the ones you listed is because it comes with an edge sharpener guide + gummy stone. If you're sharpening edges you'd probably want to use a file&guide when starting out.

For waxing (normally use all temp wax unless you're an every week sort of waxer. Could expand out to cold specific wax if the weather calls for it):

Plastic Scrapper:


Iron: buy one at goodwill/a thrift. If you're too good for that then here:

You can also buy a nylon brush and base cleaner/a rag to clean your skis but hot waxing and then scrapping also works for cleaning.

When I'm done waxing my skis I usually go over the skis with a wine cork to make sure everything is even and smoooooth. Not something that you have to do though

For tuning:

Gummy Stone:

Edge sharpener (can choose a different one):

Video so you don't fuck up your edges too much:

You can also get a diamond stone/nail file from the store if you'd like.

Ptex for some base repairs:

Metal Scrapper for Ptex (could use a flat blade if you'd like but don't fuck up):

Lighter: Gas Station/already in your house. After Ptexing a couple of times I fee like a torch lighter would work best here

Video for small ptex repair:

If you have major core shots I would probably go to a local shop and have someone fix it who does that stuff for a living. Really research what you're actually doing before you do it for the first time. You don't want to make things worse. After you get the hang of it it becomes a lot easier and can save you money. Can also do it for your friends on the cheap

u/bovan · 2 pointsr/running

you get cold masks in neoprene which heats the air, and more advanced ones like this

Try looking at webshops that sell XC skis etc, they might have some they recommend.

u/HonorableJudgeIto · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

What do people think of these? They are a third of the price and slightly lighter:

u/kbronson22 · 2 pointsr/beards

100% wool, cheap as Hell, and they look great with a beard. I'd say wearable to and from the office as well.

u/ImmoralGamer · 2 pointsr/airsoft

I use these and never have an issue with fogging,plus I also use these with a helmet.

u/mojob · 2 pointsr/wintercycling

Greetings, fellow ninja!

u/HARSHING_MY_MELLOW · 2 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

I use SKS raceblades, which work great and are very easy to put on/take off in just a minute or 2. The Crud Roadracer 2 might interest you as well.

Overshoes really help to keep your feet *dry. They are more important without fenders as all the water hitting your down tube and BB will splash outward to the shoes.

For pants, I wear Helly Hansen overpants. There are no pockets and they breathable, but 100% sealed. Match that with a North Face rain jacket and I get to work 100% dry.

u/k0nabear · 1 pointr/snowboarding

anyone tried one of these respirator masks?

how funny do they look? how effective are they? know of any other brands other than ColdAvenger that make similar products?

u/DVNO · 1 pointr/DIY

Any idea where to get rubber spacers around 1"? I was looking at this product, to hang snowboards. It appears it's simply a drywall anchor, screw, and a rubber spacer around 1" long. Figured I could make my own for about $1.

I went to Home Depot and found nylon spacers, and metal spacers, but not rubber. An employee told me to try to the plumbing aisle. The guy there said he only had rubber washers, which were too thin.

Do those kinds of spacers go by a different name?

u/Anjin · 1 pointr/BurningMan

I have a narrower face and got these and they fit and worked great:

u/jerklin · 1 pointr/snowboarding

For heel lift you can try j-bars. I got a pair of these and they help a ton.

btw 32 (soon to be 33) y/o computer guy here, shred it up my friend :)

u/8eyond · 1 pointr/streetwear
u/bay-to-the-apple · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I use these because they are cheap and efficient waterproof pants.

Think I paid $35 for them. They work well.

u/FullyBaked · 1 pointr/snowboarding

I usually just use my brush after a rub-on. Works fine for me. I've been using this stuff for years. It works for all temps and either cold or hot application.

u/Alternative_Program · 1 pointr/ElectricUnicycle

Do [these on Amazon](Demon Flexmeter Wrist Guards Double Sided, Large (Sold as Pair) look like the right ones? All the pictures I can find show the skid plate attached with velcro. Is there any way to tell if they’re the updated design?

Also, my sizing is right between Medium and Large according to the guide. Any advice on wether I should size up to Large or down to Medium?

Thanks for helping me better picture how supermaning could be pretty bad. Honestly, sounds a lot like high-siding. Thankfully I’ve never experienced that on a motorcycle (low-siding is waaaay more common), but I can definitely see how you’d want to take every precaution!

u/Minizman12 · 1 pointr/airsoft

I have almost a full squad using them and they hardly ever fog with the top foam removed. If you are at all worried about fog I suggest getting this:

The other option is to get a goggle like this:

Which has a lens slightly lifted off the frame which allows a ton of airflow. One guy on my squad uses these and says they're fantastic.

u/artist508 · 1 pointr/airsoft

Those are clones of the rather expensive Bolle X800, but as said I would get them from a brand other than Lancer Tactical. The Save Phace version is made in the USA.

u/CivilServiced · 1 pointr/instant_regret

More like this:

The screwdrivers sound like a down home equivalent but you can also make your own with some dowels and nails, and they will float.

u/CarlBrutananadilews · 1 pointr/snowboardingnoobs

These are cheap and good enough for most/all conditions:

u/thugymoi · 1 pointr/streetwear

im guessing you're trying to cop this one? if so i got a medium and it fit just right, if i got a small it wouldve been too snug. I'm 5'7 140 lbs.

u/DreadPirateRobertsIV · 1 pointr/Nerf

So... theres this snow ball blaster...

u/VampireFlankStake · 1 pointr/snowboardingnoobs

Most was already said, but I would highly recommend the following two items: and

I'm an experiencing rider and still use the wrist guards every day (under a size larger mitt than I would wear without) and the Azzpad on any day that isn't powder.

As was already commented -- wrists and tailbones are the most common injuries that will really screw up your learning. Shoulders another weak point but no way to really help that except learning how to fall.

u/jdubbs92 · 1 pointr/snowboarding

I love this stuff:

Hertel Super HotSauce

Don't bother will different types unless you are looking into racing.

Any ski/snowboard waxing iron will do.

u/tbrozovich · 1 pointr/hockeyplayers

For keeping skates tight. Also can try a lace puller. I use them. Don't go too tight and cut off circulation though.

u/NedNederlanderr · 1 pointr/cosplay

I think without totally removing them you'll end up just having to cover the whole shield with something else to get a perfectly smooth surface unfortunately. If you want to stay with a clear material, try looking up "clear acrylic skylight domes". You would have to make the handles but that's not super difficult.

If you want to go with metal, look up the "Flexible Flyer Steel Saucer". Here's an amazon link, but I'm in the US so you may do better searching for it yourself:

If you cut off the edge that's super rounded in, you're left with an almost perfect captain america shield shape that's actually metal. Strip away the paint and polish the steel, then go in with an "anodized aluminum look" spray paint (Dupli-color is a good brand). This will give you a great shiny painted metallic finish look. Make sure you clear coat everything once you're done so the steel won't rust.

u/uke_traveler · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I used to have my snowboard wall mounted. I took off the bindings to let the board seem more like art. I used these which worked well

The only problem is when moving out they left large holes in the wall

u/hahncholo · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Can't help you with the armored part, I have this:

u/TheMapesHotel · 1 pointr/BurningMan

We use ski goggles which can be had readily and cheaply in many areas with used recreational shops.

What you want regardless is a layer of foam or something similar that goes along the edge between the goggles and your face. Something that produces a breathable seal.

What I like about the ski goggles verses motorcycle goggles is they tend to have a large, wide face plate similar to diving goggles. I like having that extra space in my field of vision during whiteouts. I also like this because both of us wear prescription glasses and they fit over the top of the glasses.

Honestly both my SO and I did the daytime and nighttime goggles because that is what everyone says you need. They took up too much room and we NEVER have once needed them so we ditched the different types years ago. IMHO its a waste of money. Just get a solid clear pair and go. Less to carry, less to worry about switching back and forth, and the less you have to worry about out there the better.

Let me know if you need any other help. I am always very glad to answer any and all stupid and not so stupid questions you may have. Feel free to PM me if need be.
Ours are something similar to these:

u/dazosan · 1 pointr/hockeyplayers

The other comments are great, but if you're still having trouble you might want to try getting some lace hooks, which help get things tighter if you're a little new at this.

u/Gnyff · 1 pointr/airsoft

It's a Danish shop though. But I'm sure you should be able to find a shop near you. :)

Edit: found an amazon link. Go nuts.

u/Jump_Zero · 1 pointr/hearthstone

Outside Stuff
If she's the beach type

Snow type

This place will give you more ideas if you're still looking.

Thanks for the giveaway.

u/Raceon4 · 1 pointr/running

I have two pairs of ski goggles. One has colored lenses for daytime and the other is clear for night. I figure that most people think I look ridiculous running in the winter anyway so why not use something that works.

These are the ones that I have:

u/acoolazn · 1 pointr/snowboarding

I just use Hertel on normal/warm days and a cold temp wax on cold days.

u/Yummy-Asian · 1 pointr/snowboarding
u/thorrising · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Looks like the hooks we used to use to tighten our skates in hockey. Usually used by kids because cold hands and rough laces don't mix well.

Like this

u/nightgames · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

What's the deal with the sizing on that Rothco hat?

One Size - $11.39

One Size Fits Most - $8.16

Edit: I just figured it out. They're both from different sellers.

u/jrt364 · 1 pointr/snowboardingnoobs

How "cheap" are you talking?

There are $15 snow goggles on Amazon, but without knowing your budget, it's hard to give advice.

Let me know your budget and I can help you find something.

u/cryonine · 1 pointr/snowboarding

Very cool idea! Though I'd probably just spring for something like this to make life easier... I have a love/hate relationship with corks. Also, thank you for posting that source... a lot of very cool ideas in there. :)

u/mcroft · 1 pointr/snowboarding

What did you use to hang it? I don't have space to store mine, so I want to make a feature of them on the wall. I'm looking at these, but I'm not sure how secure they'd be.

u/Ban_All_Gifs · 1 pointr/skiing

If you source the pieces yourself you can get what you need. You usually don't need everything that comes in a kit. Buy the additional pieces as you need them.

Here's what I found without much effort:

$35 iron

$23 wax (huge brick)

$6 scraper

$14 nylon brush

$6 scotch brite sponges

That's $84 and is all you need to get started. You can certainly get kits for around the same price that include some edge tuning bits, but they also come with a very small amount of wax and surprisingly often they don't include any brushes, or just a wire brush.

u/end_the_wars · 1 pointr/bicycling

I have a pair of these rain pants. They keep me dry and button at the bottom so I don't have to worry about the chain. I also use them in the winter over my work pants when I ride to work to keep the snow out and to keep warm.

u/Brandorff · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

My peacoat is navy because it's from the Navy. I wear an olive watch cap with it and get compliments.

If yours is black I'd do a gray watch cap

u/AimForTheAce · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I bought this Bolle's cheap goggle. $16 shipped with prime.

Last week, high was high 25 and low 5. On the way home, it was prob. mid teens. It worked pretty well, but it was my first time to use it. So, the sample size is small.

u/pojodojo · 1 pointr/chicago

I use this face mask, and it has the benefit of making you look like Darth Vader.

u/Hotblack_Desiato_ · 0 pointsr/xxfitness

> but she lives in Minnesota

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

No excuses! :P

u/lucaskwitko2 · 0 pointsr/Beyblade

Just buy a this instead of the stadium. its cheaper and better. ( You will need to modify it a little)