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u/justignorme · 266 pointsr/quityourbullshit

Pssh, that's nothing I'm a small indie developer and I just created my first game. You can buy it right here.

u/theredwakeskater · 90 pointsr/xboxone
u/maldoraf7 · 43 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Arkham Origins

Fallout 3 GOTY

Falllout NV GOTY


Witcher 2 (same price as OP)


Saints Row (same price as OP)

I think this post is either very biased or OP picked more expensive offers from a different retailer.

u/Futuramafryday · 40 pointsr/PS4
u/Kapono24 · 38 pointsr/reddeadredemption

I have some great news then, because you can play that and the DLC for just $14 right now and Rockstar can put their resources toward something we don't already have!

u/BitWarrior · 36 pointsr/battlefield_4

I feel that you've presented a very one-sided argument here. I'd like to attempt to address what you've responded with, in addition to adding some more flavor and perspectives.

Online Capabilities
Absolutely, the new PS4 will indeed require PSPlus, and it will cost $50 per year. That's a fact, but we'll get to how that impacts the user in other ways outside of its immediate financial cost at the next point.

You've said that 95% of console games are released at $60. This is true. It is also true that 95% of PC games are released at $60. I have no idea why you wouldn't outline that. You immediately mention PC games go on sale, but so do console games. Heck, let's consider Bioshock Infinite, probably one of the most recently released AAA games. You can pick it up today on Amazon, brand new, for $40, but on Steam it's still $60. Console games always drop in price fairly notably only a few months after release. Bioshock Infinite will be likely $30 in about a month.

Which brings me to my next point, your $120 a year example. If you feel utterly compelled to buy a game at release for either a PC or a console, you're going to only buy 2 games in that year. You make some strange points regarding sales later on that is barely comprehensible, but allow me to outline a very important point. In that year, in which you're paying $50 for PSPlus and $120 for 2 games (if you're an idiot) or 4 games if you wait a few months for that $30 price point, you're also going to get a metric shit ton of games coming in from PSPlus. There's a great comment about it here, but suffice to say, in that one year time a PC and console would have those 2 games (at $60 apiece), but the console would also have:

  • Super Street Fighter IV
  • Little Big Planet 2
  • Demon’s Souls
  • BioShock 2
  • Vanquish
  • Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Borderlands
  • inFAMOUS 2
  • Just Cause 2
  • Darksiders
  • Saints Row 2
  • Spec Ops: The Line
  • King of Fighters XIII
  • Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine addition to a ton of smaller indie games. As a matter of fact, that list is 1 month old (gasp!). We should add to that list:

  • Saints Row The Third
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Uncharted 3
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting
  • Deus Ex

    ...and again more indie games. Oh, and if you have a PSVita, you'd have a bunch more free games.

    So that's a huge point I wanted to wrap up into the $50 a year argument, in addition to the cost of games argument.

    And finally, cost of parts. You really failed to outline the TCO of a PC. You imagined a 7 year example, and there's no way in hell you're going to buy a "budget PC" that will be adequately playing AAA games 7 years into the future. You're either going to have to dramatically turn down every setting you can find, or the game just isn't going to work. The gaming rigs you need to make today to keep up with all the pretty graphics have a lifespan of about 2 years, 4 years if you really invested heavily early on. In the lifespan of that 7 year window, you're absolutely going to need to purchase 2 PC's, whereas you could sit pretty on the one console without any additional increase in costs.

    I hate to say this, but anyone who compares a console's components directly in line with a PC's components simply does not understand what they're talking about. There's a huge difference writing code against a machine that could basically have anything, versus a known platform, in addition to the huge benefits you gain from being able to write against the metal and having no layers of costly abstraction, in addition to the lack of an OS and/or background tasks getting in the way. This is an age old battle, but being both a PC gamer and PS3 owner, I can say with a lot of confidence there's no way you could get something like Killzone 3, Uncharted 2 or 3, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls or God of War 3 to run on a GeForce 7800 with the same quality and framerate, which the PS3 is based on.

    Console hardware goes a long way, far more than its PC counterpart. I have to upgrade my PC regularly to keep up with the games I want to play on it, but my PS3 stays there without investing a dime into it.

    Other Important Considerations
    You missed a ton of very important things to consider, both pro and con, for each platform.

    | PS4 | PC |
    |Locked platform. Other players will not gain an advantage because they have a more powerful rig than you, granting them higher resolution, a larger field of view, or smoother framerates.|Unlocked platform. Players with a more powerful machine, multiple monitors, etc, will have an advantage over you. It adds an element of hardware into the mix, not just skill. |
    |No hacking. There are just no hacks for the PS3 for Battlefield 3. It simply doesn't happen. You can enjoy a completely hack-free environment.| Lots of hacking. Huge number of hacks out there, gets really annoying really quickly. Hope an admin is online. Hackers make my blood boil. |
    |No DRM. Console games just don't have DRM. There's nothing to install, the system takes care of that. | DRM. Gotta install Origin. DRM running in the background, stealing your CPUs. Personally I hate this shit. |
    | Controller. You'll get used to it, but a mouse is always going to be the superior aiming device. Been playing with a controller for years and I still get frustrated with my lack of precision with it sometimes. On the flip side, however, flying is way fucking better with a controller. | Mouse. The way aiming was meant to be. Flying is really weird with it though, you may want to get a controller for when you pop into a jet/heli, or get a real joystick, throttle and shit (extra points for style, but more $$$). Huge potential to look like a super-nerd here. |
u/CaspianX2 · 32 pointsr/patientgamers

The PS3 has some spectacular deals in their multi-game collections. Observe:

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection - Includes Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition (which includes most of the upgraded features from Subsistence), Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Edition, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition, voucher codes for Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, 2 Exclusive Ashley Wood Bande Desinee Graphic Novels, and a 100 PG Artbook. Currently listed at $39.99 on Amazon.

God of War Saga Collection - Includes God of War (HD Remaster), God of War II (HD Remaster), God of War III, and God of War: Chains of Olympus (HD Remaster) and God of War: Ghost of Sparta (HD Remaster). Currently listed at $29.94 on Amazon.

Killzone Trilogy Collection - Includes Killzone (HD Remaster), Killzone 2 +all multiplayer maps, and Killzone 3 + all multiplayer maps. Currently listed at $32.25 on Amazon.

Resistance Collection - Includes Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 + Bonus Content, and Resistance 3 + Bonus Content. Currently listed at $29.73 on Amazon.

Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy - Includes Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and Assassin's Creed Revelations. Currently listed at $25.80 on Amazon.

Jak and Daxter Collection - Includes Jak & Daxter 1, 2, and 3, all remastered in HD. Currently listed at $19.77 on Amazon.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection - Includes Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, both remastered in HD. Currently listed at $18.82 on Amazon.

The Sly Collection - Includes the first three Sly Cooper games remastered in HD, plus 3D support for Sly Cooper 3 and new Move-compatible minigames. Currently listed at $20.40 on Amazon.

InFamous Collection - Includes InFamous 1 and 2, inFamous: Festival of Blood, and additional downloadable content. Currently listed at $27.47 on Amazon.

Tomb Raider Trilogy - Includes Tomb Raider: Legend (HD Remaster), Tomb Raider: Anniversary (HD Remaster), and Tomb Raider: Underworld, as well as some avatar stuff and making-of content. Currently listed at $19.48 on Amazon.

Prince of Persia Trilogy - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (HD Remaster), Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (HD Remaster) and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (HD Remaster), with 3D support and better framerates. Currently listed at $15.00 on Amazon.

Splinter Cell Trilogy - Includes Splinter Cell (HD Remaster), Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (HD Remaster) and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (HD Remaster), with support for 3D, better framerates, and enhanced online gameplay. Currently listed at $19.95 on Amazon.

Uncharted Greatest Hits Dual Pack - Includes Uncharted and Uncharted 2: GotY Edition. Currently listed at $19.96 on Amazon.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix - Includes Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (HD Remaster), Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (HD Remaster), and HD cinematics from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, as well as an artbook for those who pre-order. Currently listed at $34.99 on Amazon.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (To be released sometime in 2014) - Includes Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (HD Remaster), Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix (HD Remaster), and HD cinematics from Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. Currently listed at $59.99 on Amazon.

Ratchet and Clank Collection - Includes Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, all remastered in HD and with 3D support. Currently listed at $19.99 on Amazon.

Journey Collector's Edition - Includes Journey, Flower, and flOw. Currently listed at $19.99 on Amazon.

Devil May Cry HD Collection - Includes Devil May Cry (HD Remaster), Devil May Cry 2 (HD Remaster), and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition (HD Remaster). Currently listed at $14.59 (for the PS3 version) on Amazon.

Zone of the Enders HD Collection - Includes Zone of the Enders (HD Remaster) and Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner (HD Remaster), both with new opening animations. Currently listed at $12.98 (for the PS3 version) on Amazon.

Mass Effect Trilogy - Includes all three Mass Effect Games (but none of the DLC). Currently listed at $42.99 (For the PS3 version).

There's also the Silent Hill HD Collection, but from everything I hear it is a lazy and sloppy port of the games.

Whew! I swear I am not a shill for Amazon. I just appreciate a good deal when I see it.

u/amdrag20 · 27 pointsr/GameDeals

So Target has done this promotion before where you pre-buy a game and get $20 off a certain title, and, while some say is dishonest, you can probably get some of these titles for cheaper than the $30-40 that they advertise for. While I'm not here to tell you what's right or not, I am here to post game deals, and, well, this is part of it.

Without knowing what the "& more" titles are, I'll start with the ones that Target has listed in the ad. In order to get them cheaper, you ask for one of the games that's listed and tell them that you want to price match to a competitor's price. Target policy is that they have to escort you to the customer service desk to do the promotion where they have to look the price up on one of their iPads. Bring the pre-order card with you as they can check you out at the CS desk. I advise that you also have a few other items with you as this is where it gets kind of grey. Some team members will do the price match and promotion no problem, others won't claiming that you can't combine promotions (which is true according to Target's employee handbook). The issue in question, however, is if price matching is considered a promotion. It does not clearly define price matching as a promotions, so, really, it's up to the regional area if they will do it or not. I've found that having other items doesn't really raise any red flags when I did this promotion back about a year ago (you can then return said items at a later date for a full refund of those items making your final cost the sale sale price). Up to you. Anyway, here are the games that are in the promotion and their "better" prices at other stores (Current as of this posting):

  • GAME, console [Store with link] - The price at the store - promotion = total price at Target

  • CoD: Ghosts, PS3 [ Walmart ] $23.53 - $20 = $3.53

  • CoD: Ghosts, PS4 [ Walmart ] $37.79 - $20 = $17.79

  • CoD: Ghosts, Xbox 360 [ Walmart / Amazon ] $22.28 - $20 = $2.28

  • CoD: Ghosts, Xbox One [ Amazon ] $21.69 - $20 = $1.69

  • GTAV, PS3 [ Amazon ] $35.13 - $20 = $15.13

  • GTAV, Xbox 360 [ Amazon ] $34.91 - $20 = $14.91

  • Watch Dogs, PS3 [ Walmart ] $39.71 - $20 = $19.71

  • Watch Dogs, PS4 [ Walmart / Amazon ] $37.70 - $20 = $17.70

  • Watch Dogs, Xbox 360 [ Walmart ] $38.96 - $20 = $18.96

  • Watch Dogs, Xbox One [ Walmart / Amazon ] $37.22 - $20 = $17.22

  • Titanfall, Xbox 360 [ Walmart / Amazon ] $36.92 - $20 = $16.92

  • Titanfall, Xbox One [ Walmart ] $34.87 - $20 = $14.87

    It should be noted, that if you try to price match against Amazon, they will do the price of the product that is both SHIPPED and SOLD by Amazon. The "Fulfilled by Amazon" won't count! The prices listed above for Amazon are those prices current as of this comment. Some games are the same price at Walmart and Amazon, both links have been provided just in case one changes

    I'll update it if I/you guys find out any other games.
u/afterbang · 26 pointsr/halo

GET THEM ALL!!!! Just kidding ^^^^^but ^^^^^not ^^^^^really

If you are interested in the story I would recommend getting Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary first in order to get an idea of what Halo is about. It is basically the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved, but remastered for the Xbox 360 on its 10 year anniversary. It has the entire first game's campaign and a multiplayer portion using the engine from Halo: Reach (we'll get to that in a moment).

If you are still interested in the story, go for Halo 2 next. It is for the original Xbox, but is also compatible with the 360 so you can play the campaign. It no longer has online multiplayer, though, so it is only good for local custom games and the campaign.

If you purchased Halo 2 you are probably interested enough in the Halo universe to continue the Master Chief's story. The next game will be Halo 3. Halo 3 is a great game and still has online multiplayer, though it is fairly sparse right now.

Note: Halo 3 will become available for free download on July 1st if you have Xbox Live Gold.

Halo 4 is the next game in line that follows the story of the Master Chief, however, there are two other games that were released between them.

Halo 3:ODST is one of these two games. It takes place during the events of Halo 2, but you play as a normal soldier rather than the Master Chief who is a Spartan. Spartans are basically supersoldiers. Normal humans who were augmented to be faster, stronger, and smarter than normal people. It is a fun game and comes with the Halo 3: ODST campaign and a second disc that contains all the multiplayer maps for Halo 3 which allows you to play Halo 3 online.

The other game is Reach. In Halo: Reach you play as a Spartan supersoldier, but not the Master Chief. This game takes places chronologically before the first Halo game, Halo: CE, but was released in 2010. It still has a decent multiplayer population, but I am not sure if is more than Halo 4.

The final game is Halo 4, the newest in the series. It follows the story of the Master Chief after Halo 3, and I believe it has the most populated multiplayer as of right now. Though, the numbers are still fairly low compared to other shooter games out there. This will be the game you will want if you are only interested in online play.


Too Long Didn't Read

If you are interested in campaign and storyline go for:

  • Halo: CEA

  • Halo 2

  • Halo 3

  • Halo 4

  • Halo 3: ODST ^*

  • Halo: Reach ^

    Play these any time you want after Halo 3.

    If you are only interested in playing online multiplayer go for:

  • Halo 4

  • Halo: Reach

  • Halo 3 (which will be free on July 1st!)

    I would recommend Halo 4 over Reach, hopefully someone will be better informed on multiplayer populations than I am.


    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! :D
u/zombicidalscientist · 19 pointsr/masseffect

From the page:

> What DLC is included in the Mass Effect Trilogy?

> On PC, Mass Effect will include Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station on disk. For Mass Effect 2, Cerberus Network will be included which features Zaeed – The Price of Revenge, The Firewalker Pack, Cerberus Assault Gear, Arc Projector heavy weapon, and Normandy Crash site mission. For Mass Effect 3, Online Pass will be included granting players access to co-op multiplayer.
On Xbox 360, Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station are not included with Mass Effect, however they are available as stand-alone downloads through Xbox LIVE. For Mass Effect 2, Cerberus Network will be included and Online Pass will be included for Mass Effect 3.
> * Information on PlayStation 3 DLC will be available soon.

Pinnacle Station is $5 on XBL, Bring down the Sky is $1.

You can already buy the games individually for ~$54 on the 360 and ~$37 on the PC:

Mass Effect 3 is $20 on Amazon at the moment. Mass Effect 2 is $19 for the 360, $18 for the PS3, and $8 for the PC. Mass Effect 1 is on sale for $10-15 (used) on the 360 and $5-9 (used) on the PC.

If you're patient you can probably get Mass Effect 1 and 2 for ~$10 during Amazon's holiday sale. Mass Effect 3 was even on sale last month for $16 through Origin.

u/laughingboy · 18 pointsr/gaming

I honestly thought it was fake at first, but:


[EU]( &sr=8-1-fkmr0)

u/Orion2662 · 14 pointsr/patientgamers

Get it digitally and play it on your Xbox One via backwards compatibility. The game just went on sale an hour ago for about $10. (Requires Gold membership)


get the game of the year disc version that includes Undead Nightmare on Amazon for $15 plus shipping. link

u/Jeembo · 13 pointsr/Games

On Amazon, the 360 version of Tomb Raider is actually cheaper than the PC download version. I know it's probably cheaper on Steam, but I'm just throwing this out there.

A lot of PC people seem to halfway imply that console games stay at $60 for life.

u/Canna_bus · 13 pointsr/truegaming

I've definitely seen this as well, and find myself agreeing with pretty much everything you said. I had a friend Gabe who when talking about a new game, the first thing he'd always comment on was its appearance. "Woah dawg, those graphics look sick!" While me and my other friend would wait till we actually played the thing and 7 times out of 10 the thing sucked. He bought these games without researching like OP originally, and eventually he learned as well, but it took him a bit longer and he'll still play something that looks super flashy to this day.

I can't help but get suckered in as well when a big title that I heavily enjoyed as a kid drops. Most recent example of this being RE6. I picked it up at midnight release and was super stoked that my SO wanted to play it with me coop.

First, the lack of customization completely pissed us off, it's like they extremely downgraded from RE4/5 and somehow thought they were improving the system by getting rid of all gun customization and instead having a small pool of about 20 perks you can choose 3 from to equip. (Speaking of perks, they seem to be a growing trend as well... they used to just be limited to RPGs if I'm not mistaken.) RE6's level design was pretty bad, 90% of the time it's go from point a to point b. There's tons of rooms in the game that are just for you to gawk at and pass through, zero interaction, just serving the purpose of simply being there and looking shiny. And shiny it is, RE6 is the best looking RE made so far, yet what's the point of all this awesome graphics when you can't do anything with it?

We beat the 3 main campaigns because we wanted our money's worth, and after we checked online we saw capcom say they'd release coop in a free patch (GGCapcom) to ada wong's campaign so that you didn't have to go through all 3 main campaigns cooperatively and then get to the final one and have to play single player. Awesome. But months later, we realized we gave even less shits than ever. We started it up, played one chapter, SO got mad at me for not sticking together, and we kinda just looked at eachother and realized this wasn't really fun. Haven't touched it since. The lasting appeal isn't there. What images of it left in my brain are basically just explosions, slick graphics, and overly cheesy cutscenes. None of this draws me back in.

Interesting note to end on here, RE6 came out on october 2nd, 2012, while skyrim came out november 11th, 2011.

RE6 is going for 19 bucks

Skyrim is still like pretty much 40 bucks

u/mrkite77 · 12 pointsr/Games

what's funny is that it's currently $39.95 on the xbox.

u/StarfighterProx · 12 pointsr/xbox

That's a VERY disappointing price on Bioshock Infinite. Both Amazon and Best Buy already have the physical copy for the same price with free shipping.

u/RadWalk · 10 pointsr/gaming

You can still buy a brand new legendary edition which comes with 3 DLCs for $40 on sale right now. Link
You're Welcome.

u/AlienHooker · 9 pointsr/fnv

I mean, Amazon has it right now for 12 bucks. Amazon's not exactly a shady place either. But hey, it's your money, spend it however you want. I would recommend "Old World Blues" if you're dead set on downloading one right now through the marketplace.

u/RayCharlizard · 8 pointsr/Games

$20 bucks for the combo digitally, probably cheaper if you picked up a disc copy somewhere.

Edit: $20.80 new on Amazon US for MGS 2, 3 and Peace Walker.

u/FeierInMeinHose · 7 pointsr/Games
u/Jr712 · 7 pointsr/xboxone

Do it! Amazon has the entire trilogy for $30. For me personally, the Mass Effect series, Bioshock series, and Skyrim were my absolute favorite games from that generation. If you play nothing else you should at least play those.

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/GameDeals

I'd absolutely recommend Ground Zeroes, especially if you're a Splinter Cell fan. MGSV's movement as a whole evidently took some pointers from Splinter Cell's movement.

HOWEVER, as a huge Metal Gear fan I would strongly suggest playing the rest of the series first if you haven't already. While MGS4's gameplay was excellent, the plot and story was awfully written and that's probably why it left a bad taste in your mouth.

MGS1 through MGS3 are much better written and while they don't take themselves seriously, they're not silly and ridiculous like MGS4 was. [Get the Legacy Collection] ( if you can and play MGS1 through MGS3 first, you won't regret it. Both MGS2 and MGS3 are debated to be the pinnacles of the series. If you don't have a PS3, you can [get the HD Collection] (, but it doesn't have MGS1. If you get the HD Collection, you can emulate MGS1 with ePSXe.

Hope that helps.

u/IllIllIII · 7 pointsr/GameDeals

Yep, it's the equivalent of the GOTY edition if I'm not mistaken. New disc versions only go down to $15, and rarely $10. Normal price is $20 on Amazon.

Also, Siren Blood Curse Episodes 1-12 only go on sale once a year during the Halloween sale. This is the lowest price it's ever been.

Castlevania SOTN is a PS1 classic that's playable on PS3, PSP, and Vita, but you might want to go with the Dracula X Chronicles for PSP/Vita as it's only $2 more and comes with original Rondo of Blood, its remake, and SOTN. Only the remake is playable at first; you'll need to unlock the others.

u/undersaur · 7 pointsr/GameDeals
u/SumoSizeIt · 6 pointsr/xbox360

And the Undead Nightmare DLC was pretty awesome as well, OP ought to consider picking up the GOTY Red Dead Redemption pack, which contains all the DLC.

u/willfoster · 6 pointsr/GreatXboxDeals

Looks like you could just get the Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition on Amazon for $13 which includes all DLCs. :-P

u/KCandJelly84 · 6 pointsr/GameDeals

The Legendary Edition is also currently $39.99 for PC/360/PS3.

I looked and I don't see anything about it just being a code for PC, I looked and saw nothing.

It looks like it is physical only.

u/Afirejar · 6 pointsr/gaming
u/whiskerss · 6 pointsr/xbox360

If you're a Bioware (especially Kotor) fan you can't go wrong with Dragon Age II or Mass Effect 2. Also check out any of the Elder Scrolls games like Oblivion and the new one Skyrim will be out soon enough.

For a casual racing game I'm loving the new Need for Speed: Hot pursuit I also have the Kinect and I'm holding my breath to see if Forza 4 will be any good since it's Kinect compatible.

If you want a fun shooter, quite a few of us are into Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and check out the 360 players subreddit Team Awesome for some people to play with.

Have fun!

u/Vehk · 6 pointsr/skyrim

yes, so long as you preorder, but honestly I would guess that any copy you get on day 1 will have it, though I could be wrong. You can preorder from Amazon with the cloth map and release-day delivery for only $1 more.

u/jimuni · 5 pointsr/gaming

Half-Life 1 is available on Playstation 2.

Half-Life 2 is available on the X-Box.

Half-Life 2, HL2: Episode One and HL2: Episode Two are all available on The Orange Box which is on 360 and PS3.

u/Abstract_Logic · 5 pointsr/xboxone

Gamestop has bundles on their web page. With these bundles you are not saving very much any how. I saw a PS4 bundle that you get $10 of a year of PS+; but can easily find just as good of deals for XBL

In fact AMAZON is selling 12 months for $49.79 right now.

u/badgarok725 · 5 pointsr/Games

12 months of Xbox Live. for $59.99 which comes to $5 a month.

Your point?

u/ez617 · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This might not be allowed, but my suggestions would be something I will put off buying for myself plus two things I need. :)

u/tsjb · 5 pointsr/gaming

360 Skyrim: $54.79 on

PC Skyrim: $43.99 on

That's just a very quick search, not including incredibly common Steam sales (one of the major sources of cheap PC games), Skyrim was recently ~$25 new.

u/pixelsguy · 5 pointsr/xbox360

Mass Effect Trilogy - 3 games for $30 ( and Skyrim legendary edition.

u/darknecross · 5 pointsr/Games

Not on Amazon:

They even have the PC Retail Box version of the game for $25 as well.

I guess the major takeaway is that a lot of people are citing the major Steam Sale prices as the actual price of games on the PC, when in reality they aren't. Suffice to say the majority of people don't only buy games during the Winter and Summer sales, and don't always hold out for a daily sale. PC games are priced the same, but usually come down in price a bit sooner because brick & mortar stores are holding consoles back. That's not to say that console games don't come down in price at all, just see the Borderlands 2 example, plus check other AAA games that came out in the past year -- almost all of them are way cheaper now and in-line with what you'd "expect" on the PC side of things, and that's with the current state of the used game market. And since publishers have hard data on how Steam Sales affect revenue, I can't see why they wouldn't push to have digital deep-discount sales on the next-gen consoles.

u/SausageMcMerkin · 5 pointsr/PS4

From Amazon's product description.
> The Game of the Year Edition includes the full Red Dead Redemption game and all current free and paid DLC such as 'Undead Nightmare', 'Legends and Killers Pack', 'Liars and Cheats Pack', 'Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack', 'Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack' and the recently released 'Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack'.It will also feature the Deadly Assassin Outfit, War Horse and Golden Guns Weapon Pack pre-order DLC and the 'Solomon's Folly' single-player gang hangout and challenges.

u/Zigswag00n · 5 pointsr/xbox360
u/adiou3 · 4 pointsr/GameDeals

Great games. But if you check Amazon's digital game sales, these two games usually go for $4.99. Or it goes for $9.99 with a third game added (i.e. Spec Ops - The Line). And if you have a console, there's an Ultimate Rapture Edition available for $19.99 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that includes bonus content (DLC). I'm not sure why the DLC isn't offered for purchase on Steam.

u/jbigboote · 4 pointsr/xbox360

I liked the two original Xbox games a lot, so I'd say start with Halo 3. It continues that story. or if money is no object, start at the beginning with Halo CE, which recently got an anniversary release for Xbox 360.

Not counting the RTS game Halo Wars, chronologically, Halo Reach (the most recently released new Halo game) is the beginning. I thought it was a great game, I played it quite a bit, including the multiplayer, which I imagine is still alive and well. It's worth playing, and stands pretty well by itself, since it is before the Master Chief trilogy.

u/v0welmovement · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Mass Effect 2.

Oh, you mean clothes? Try getting an MTM shirt from Modern Tailor - it'll be the best-fitting shirt you've ever owned if you submit the right measurements. (Shipping adds $10, but their $20 intro shirt is still a good deal.)

u/ben7530 · 4 pointsr/gaming

Uhm, the PC version is actually 45 cents cheaper on Amazon. You don't need a fancy collectors edition to use mods! So... I heartily recommend the PC version.

u/fietsvrouw · 4 pointsr/gaming

I just read a number of reviews on Amazon that say the PS3 version becomes increasingly unstable and then unplayable. It has over 150 one-star reviews because of this. The 360 doesn't appear to have that issue, but you might want to check it on some other sites or reviews to be sure.

u/Glaubt · 4 pointsr/masseffect

Hasn't been available on XBOX live for some time now. But, you can still get the trilogy on amazon. Not sure what you'd do for the DLCs.
Mass Effect Trilogy - Xbox 360

u/Sieberella · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

GTAV $39.99

Perler Bead Tray $10.99

Suncatcher Group $7.21

Tide Detergent $19.29

The Mighty Ducks 3 Pack $22.18

TOTAL: $99.66

u/_deffer_ · 4 pointsr/Borderlands

Check your links before you post if you're unsure if you're posting referrals.

Usually any web link with a referral will have something to the effect of ref in the URL. For example, borderlands 2 from Amazon for me, the link is: (I've deactivated the link)

In the url, everything including and after 'ref' can be deleted, leaving the URL as


u/Dumetella · 4 pointsr/gaming
u/IAMtheRapistAMA · 3 pointsr/masseffect

ME1 on Amazon is 19.86 so this is a solid deal.

If you started the series with ME2/ME3 and have yet to play ME1... do it. It's a fantastic way to open up the series.

u/kushmau5 · 3 pointsr/Portal

Of course you can. Amazon it.

u/VoidByte · 3 pointsr/DoesAnybodyElse

Yes you should play the first one before the second.

And yes it is available on the xbox360. Amazon

I prefer the PC version.

u/campie52 · 3 pointsr/gaming

Team Fortress 2 is a PC exclusive? Since when? If I remember correctly valve did release The Orange Box.

u/slowro · 3 pointsr/korea

I used Amazon while I was stationed out there.

u/Allisonaxe · 3 pointsr/Favors
u/kcan1 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Actually no.
$120 for 2 years of just playing games online and then 2 $60 games brings you to $240. So you'd have $40 left over for a used game or a pizza.

u/sweetpea89 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My mom and I playing the first few worlds of Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. My dad hated video games (I never really played much) but my mom tolerated them and was the only one to ever play with me. DKC was her favourite game and it was the source of a lot of bonding / laughs every time we played - especially the underwater levels that we were both particularly bad at!

I'm still a kid at heart!

and play DKC whenever I can!

I'd love Bioshock Infinite - it looks like such a lovely game! And fun too! :)

Thanks for the contest! :) <3

u/bizznissphil · 3 pointsr/masseffect

You can try & find the entire Trilogy.

Amazon Link to the 360 Trilogy

I'd say 3. Better Combat & such with lots more to do if you get Leviathan, From Ashes, Citadel (It Comes In 2 Parts), and Omega. MP is still quite active as well.

u/alwc37 · 3 pointsr/beermoney

I buy video games and board games mostly. Since I have started I have bought

Guild Wars 2

Fall of Cybertron

Borderlands 2

Ravenloft Board Game

Lord of the Rings: the living card game

Wife is pregnant so I am using only beer money to buy the fun stuff right now. Putting my normal "fun shit" monthly portion of my pay check towards baby stuff now.

u/dakkr · 3 pointsr/mylittlepony

ill just leave this here

also if you have a gamecube/wii i'd recommend twin snakes instead of the original if you can find it, it's a remake of the ps1 original metal gear solid with better graphics and gameplay (imo).

u/bergyd · 3 pointsr/xbox360

Since you mention MGS: I bought this awhile back. Worth it.

u/snatchracket · 3 pointsr/halo

I found this page showing Halo 4 as a release day delivery title. On the product page itself it says to use two day shipping to get it on release day, so you're all set if you have Prime.

I investigated release day delivery on Newegg and was never able to find any mention of that being a service Newegg provides.

u/midnight_rebirth · 3 pointsr/Games

Yeah they do have a bundle that has the game + all the DLC. Xbox 360 here and PS3 here.

The Xbox one is backwards compatible if you have an Xbox One.

u/StormTester · 3 pointsr/reddeadredemption

Sure, but don't buy it for that price.

Here you can get RDR1 + Undead nightmare for cheaper.

u/lukewarmtarsier2 · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

It's cheaper to buy the ultimate on amazon or something else though.

It's $12 for the whole thing:

u/galactic-raptor · 3 pointsr/fnv

New Vegas is seriously one of my all time favorite games. Everything is so good from the story, the characters, the locations and even the music. There was a bit of a learning curve for me at the beginning which turned me away from the game, but I picked it up again and fell in love with it. Also, get the Ultimate Edition. You can easily get it for under $15 and it adds so many hours into the already deep game. Seriously I have over 300 hours into the game and to this day I still find new things I've never seen before.

u/Yamchakka · 3 pointsr/gaming
u/candiquackenbush · 3 pointsr/skyrim
u/GamePriceBot · 2 pointsr/multiplayers

Hello, /u/ninjanerdbgm! I am an arbitrage bot designed to help you find prices for games on some popular sites.
^I'm ^in ^super ^beta, ^so ^expect ^bugs.

Searching prices for: Halo

u/Accidentus · 2 pointsr/halo

I guess I didn't answer a lot of your questions, but the cheapest place to buy H4 is on Amazon. It's actually on sale for pretty cheap at the moment.

In terms of tips, learning the maps is the easiest way to get better. Site lines, common spots people are, callouts. Also, don't forget to use your nades. A lot of BF and CoD players don't use their grenades enough.

u/FATALVISI0N · 2 pointsr/xboxone

I've played thru RDR many times and it looks also amazing on the X like a remaster, John Marston was main lead character in RDR, RDR2 is the prequel to RDR. After you play RDR2 I would totally recommend playing RDR1 to follow the story.

RDR1&2 have amazing characters that you'll love along with the story and the amount of content in each will last you a long time, to me it's worth double the price tag. RDR1 I'm pretty sure you cn buy the GOTY edition on sale right now for a steal at $15 on Amazon

Do yourself a huge favor and dont miss out on either of these games!!!

u/mirach · 2 pointsr/PS3

Not sure, but it's on sale on amazon for $24 and free shipping with prime.

u/detrick4 · 2 pointsr/gaming

Buy it right now. 360, PS3. Also, the Undead Nightmare expansion is also fantastic. It is one of my favorite DLCs of all time. It is up there with Old World Blues (F:NV) and The Ballad of Gay Tony (GTAIV)

u/PsychoticPillow · 2 pointsr/xboxone
u/Meatslinger · 2 pointsr/Fallout

No problem. Also, if you're after the comprehensive package, I realized I wrote the wrong edition. Since New Vegas didn't earn GOTY, it's called the "Ultimate Edition".

Edit: The full package is available on right now for $14.69, and includes ALL of the DLC.

u/RedDelibird · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon



Total: $20.45

You are very pretty. Prettier than a whole apple orchard.

Snow, snow, go away

u/ElCarnicero909 · 2 pointsr/gameswap

This may sound a bit strange to you and if you decline, I'll be completely fine with it. but I see that you have a $25 Amazon giftcard and want Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. You can redeem the giftcard and buy Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. Once it's at your house, you can install all the DLC and then ship it to me. And then, of course, I'll ship L4D2 you. Except it would probably go backwards because you have a higher shroom than I do.

u/yokiatsu · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Bioshock Infinite on PC and for Xbox 360.

Batman: Arkham City GOTY for PC and for PS3.

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for PC and for Xbox 360.

u/bws311 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon




















Happy happy cake day And thank you!

u/IAmTheFatman666 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need this and I want this.

You will have a girl on December 7th.

Also, congrats on your upcoming baby. My sister had her first child this afternoon. A little baby girl. Which means I guess I'm an uncle now. It makes me feel old.

u/Yokuo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

But... Walking Dead Risk has a unique feature to it. Not only do you fight other survivors, you also fight hordes of walkers. I thought that was a pretty cool little extra thing they threw in.

Once again, if you like Walking Dead, have you read the comics? They're better than the show (and pretty different, story-wise!), and a great read. I can't find the Compendiums on there, but I did see the Omnibuses, which include over 500 pages per volume (I think there are 4 of them?)

If you decide to get a game even though you have enough at the moment, grab South Park: The Stick of Truth. It's shaping up to be amazing and a really good companion to the show. Plus, it doesn't release until November, giving you enough time to wrap up your current stuff.

If you'd like to watch something, I'm disappointed in myself for not already suggesting Community. Amazing show, but you need to start at the beginning to really appreciate the later episodes, as there are tons of references to older episodes in this show. It's been criticized as being "weird" and "inaccessible", but it's by far one of my favorite shows on TV.

u/agent86ix · 2 pointsr/ShouldIbuythisgame

I got the base edition way back and kind of regret not holding out for Legendary. The two major DLC packs (Dragonborn and Dawnguard) usually sell for $20 each, and Hearthfire is another $5. So it's a good deal if you want the DLC. Steam was selling the PC version of Legendary for $12.50 last sale, though, just FYI if that's an option.

That said, Amazon has the Xbox 360 Legendary edition for the same price on disc, if you prefer discs and the ability to sell the game later - glyde shows it's worth about $20 in "excellent" condition.

u/Famixofpower · 2 pointsr/ElderScrolls

Oblivion takes place in Cyrodil. I am sad to say Cyrodil isn't a good area to get lost in (PvP), and that it is a DLC area. Just get Oblivion and Skyrim, dude. Elder Scrolls is famous for being alone. Skyrim was the first to have useful companions, and Oblivion almost gives a feeling of isolation in a large world when you explore.

Also, ESO allows the player to start in an area of Morrowind, which is cool, but I recommend you play morrowind first. If you want PC -here

Oblivion and Skyrim can be found on the Xbox store, but can be bought from Gamestop for cheap. I recommend you get Legendary edition of Skyrim and GOTY edition of Oblivion. If you can get GOTY Deluxe, I reccomend it. You can find it on PC Here, but you want it on Xbox, which I can't really help with, because all of the DLC is still the release price.

If you don't care about shipping, skyrim, Oblivion. I tried looking for Morrowind, but some faggot is trying to sell it for 70 bucks. Just look through thrift stores

u/Gypsys_Soul_1989 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

because my disc broke and i have yet to play any of the DLC, this

u/VirogenicFawn21 · 2 pointsr/fnv

Your best bet would probably be :

u/dharasick · 2 pointsr/NAW

halo 3 is $9. I for one would be down for some infected on that huge sandmap. driving around in the warthogs being chased by super fast low-gravity enemies is some of the best times I've had playing video games.

u/Doombringer223 · 2 pointsr/gaming

It took me like 2 seconds to find this on amazon. Steam sells it for $19.99 while Mass Effect 2 also goes for $19.99 on steam. Mass Effect isn't some rare fucking gold original Nintendo game that can only be found in certain places. There are plenty of copies of Mass Effect on the market that are going for less than the stated $24.99 so yes it is GameStop, power to the prices.

Edit: To give a better comparison of prices you can get mass effect new for the 360 for $19.99 on amazon. You can get mass effect 2 new for the 360 for $19.96 on amazon. GameStop has mass effect pre-owned for the 360 priced at $29.99 and mass effect 2 pre-owned for the 360 at $17.99.

u/1n1billionAZNsay · 2 pointsr/xbox360

So it is! I hadn't seen one in the store for so long...

u/TenDot11 · 2 pointsr/gaming

No not really. If you want it for the XBox or PC it is not, but for the PS3, it apparently is.

u/Fapper · 2 pointsr/gaming

Yus, The Orange Box is on Xbox, PS3, and PC! :) Xbox version:

u/throwaway_for_keeps · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Mass Effect 1 was on every "if you own an xbox 360, you should probably play this game" list back when I bought my xbox a few years ago.

You can get Mass Effect 1 for $17 at Gamestop or $15 (with shipping) at Amazon and Mass Effect 2 for $18 at Gamestop or $15 with shipping at Amazon

$30 for two great games that will last this long is a steal. I think each of my ME1 playthroughs was about 40 hours, and I played it a total of 4 times, and my ME playthroughs were about 50, although I only played that thrice.

u/sjdaws · 2 pointsr/xbox

My account is AU and I buy digital from Amazon so no shipping fees, e.g

u/thebheffect · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/Hookunder · 2 pointsr/gaming

Actually if you even take the time to look for prices gold is on sale quite frequently, but yes ps+ will have more content included than xbox will.

u/daverath · 2 pointsr/xboxone

Buy one right now for $40. It won't expire, and you can rest assured you'll use it if you have been for 7 or 8 years.

u/Gashnor · 2 pointsr/xboxone

XBL 12 month online code for $48 on Amazon, or an XBL 12 month card to be shipped out for $45. $3 more for instant access, or save the $3 for a few days wait.

u/jimbo831 · 2 pointsr/gaming

You didn't look very hard:

$40 from NewEgg

$50 from Best Buy

$50 from Amazon

Google Shopping Search

I have never paid more than $40 for a year of Xbox Live. It is always available for that much or less. Most recently, I just bought a new one in March for $35 from Best Buy.

u/Nubtrain · 2 pointsr/Cynicalbrit

> If you don't want other devices brought into the argument, don't use the argument of 'I can do a lot more on PC'. Obviously it's going to bloat into discussion of 'what should I have in house' rather than what should I game on...

Read context, that is an argument against consoles and none of what you've said pertains to it. It won't go in a discussion of "what should I have in house" since PC vs Console is discussion of just that, PC vs Console. It's like if two people are talking about which car is better then one person goes on to say bicycles are better for your health because the discussion went onto safety/health. Even if it doesn't relate to the PC vs Console discussion, your arguments don't make sense. I've already mentioned and detailed why your argument doesn't make sense so you or whomever can read what's already been typed.

> I don't want to brag: I own quite a few devices (well, I don't have Xbox One - other than that I have all the bases covered). Despite having a top of the line PC, and even having DYI Steam Box. I still find myself using PS4 quite a lot for multi-platform titles. It's not marketing when your mates come around with bunch of beer and you drink your ass off while playing FIFA. I tried it with PC at the turn of generation, next day when I sobered up I drove to store and bought PS4... What else? CoD is a console-only series for me. Same goes for pretty much every racing game (rFactor excluded)... Just to name few examples.

Ok but that doesn't mean consoles are objectively better, your points are subjective which means nothing if you want to compare facts. Sorry if that sounded harsh but so far you've only provided subjective arguments and irrational counterpoints. I can connect my PC to my TV, controllers to my PC and play FIFA on my PC so why would I spend an additional $400 + tax when I can already do that on my PC? If you want to play on the couch and that seems to be the preference for how you play, that's ok. You can do that for both PC and consoles but PCs are objectively better in most, if not everything a console can do. That is why there is an argument with "PCs can do everything a console can do and more", im not just saying it out my ass for the sake of discussion. That is also why I'm refuting your arguments since it makes no sense and contributes to nothing.

> You'd be surprised how much the Steam's cut is. It's less than what the retailer/importer/publisher would get, but still it's not as great as you paint it. There are other benefits for devs - the fact you actually can sell the game is among them.

No I'm not surprised, how do you think indie devs survive like the team that made the Metro: 2033? It's still better in both profits and the control of your own game than trying to get a publisher like EA to agree to sell your game then have them take control of the development of your own game. I'd rather give devs more tools and control of how they publish their game instead of worry about upholding to stockholders expectations. Why are you under the impression that selling games on Steam or Amazon is not that much better compared to retailers like Gamestop when it actually is?

> I'd be hard pressed to find a 1 or more year old game on Steam that's priced equally to console counterpart. That's how it works where I live, although YMMV. Regardless, remember the USofA is not the only place on Earth where gaming happens...

Yeah they're not equal, Steam version or any online PC version will cost less.

PC Tomb Raider:

Steam: $19.99
Amazon: $19.99 and on discount for $7.99 link

Console xbox360/ps3:

xbox360: $19.99 on discount for $17.16
PS3: $49.48

Console Xbone/PS4 (Definitive Edition)

XBone: $41.42
PS4: $52.99

Bioshock Infinite: amazon link


Steam: $29.99

Amazon: Physical Copy - $39.99 on discount for $11.99, Digital $29.99


xbox360: $19.99 on discount for $15.24
ps3: $19.99

This took like 10 minutes to look for including a bit of formatting. TR cost the same for PC and last generation consoles and $50+ for the definitive edition which is just basically coded for xbone/ps4. So console players have to pay extra to play on the new consoles even though they already paid for one already?

Bioshock Infinite is an interesting one, the PC hard copy cost more but on a bigger discount? Xbox360 is on discount too but is this what you call a discount compared to the PC version? If there was a Xbone and PS4 version, would those have been $40+ with Tomb Raider being an example?

PC games get discounted often in addition to price drops so not only are you getting cheaper games, you can bring out all the visuals at a better framerate than a console can dish out depending on your hardware of course. Even then there are results you can google yourself or go on buildapc subreddit that shows that computer close to $400 can compete with the PS4.

Talking about PC bias when being bias themselves really contradicts doesn't it?

u/guttermonkey · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

For me it'd have to be Bioshock Infinite - I loved the first 2 games and am excited about the third. I've got a couple more games to finish up before I run out and buy it though (Gears of War Judgement is my current obsession).

u/Luckystar812 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My favorite game is... currently Animal Crossing: New Leaf <3

Tomb Raider is what I would like to play the most right now. We currently only have two games for our Xbox 360 (one is Halo Reach and the other I don't even remember the name of but it came used with the Xbox). Tomb Raider looks like something I would love. :) Thank you very much for this awesome contest! I'm curious to look through this and find out what everyone else is playing these days.

u/ChrisWubWub · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • 1: I sometimes have bouts of sleep paralysis, if you ever experienced it before you know how truly frighting it can be. Anyway, one night I was sleeping, having a pretty good dream about something that happened earlier that day, all of a sudden everything starts getting dark in the dream. Dream version of myself looks up into the sky and sees a giant UFO hovering over me, real me wakes up and can't move, scream or yell for someone to come help me. It was truly frightning because I actually felt like I was being abducted by Greys >_>.

  • 2: this gif of dobermans in the dark freaks me the hell out

    We're coming for you, saratonin

    this vidya game
u/megangigilyn · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My highest priority item on my apartment list is this couch because I'm moving into my own place soon and don't currently have a place to yeah....thats....thats an issue.

My highest priority item on my painting list is this book because I really enjoy oil painting and want to learn how to get better at it!

My highest priority item on my hobbies list is Skyrim because my boyfriend really loves The Elder Scrolls and I think he would really love this as a moving in gift.

My higest priority item on my cats list is this cat scratcher because my current one is falling apart and I feel awful about it D:

My highest priority item on my college list is this MCAT review set because I'm hoping to get into medical school and really could use this to study!

My highest priority item on my Owls list is this set of salt and pepper shakers because like I said earlier, I have literally nothing for the apartment, plus owls are my favorite and I really love this!

My highest priority item on my Makeup list is this palette because I really love the colors and everyone keeps gushing over how amazing it is!

Finally, my higest priority item on my Add-On list is cat odor eliminator because let's face it, my cats stink.

Thanks for this fun 'discussion'

u/cinnabubbles · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I actually don't mind doing the laundry, it's the folding part that drives me nuts.

I love video games~

u/idiosync · 2 pointsr/swtor

Except Skyrim 4.5 over 405 reviews

u/stinkylibrary · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney
u/CrappingOnYourThread · 2 pointsr/gameswap

>Just for reference (I know these prices don't really mean much here)

Well, since you brought it up...

BF3 Used $22 +$10 for OP - $32.

Skyrim Used $36

$68 total - so it's fairly equal.

u/R69L · 2 pointsr/gaming

Mass Effect Trilogy Set

Gears of War Triple Pack

Do a little more researching before posting a topic like this.

u/SolomonGunnEsq · 2 pointsr/xboxone

There is!

Definitely start with the first one and remember that your character carries over through out the series. Also remember to clear about 200 hours from your schedule over the next few months to play.

u/homeallday · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Awesome thank you! My favorite game is... GTA5. My husband and I looove these games and their ridiculousness. I've added it to this wishlist. :)

Thank you for the contest!

u/NCH_PANTHER · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Mission Accomplished

  2. I haven't flossed since HS.

  3. Link(used is fine)

  4. Picturess!!!! First is me and Bella from, what feels like 30 years ago and the second is the rare, and elusive...wait for it....PIG GATOR!!!!!!!

  5. Snorting is cool, too

    Edit: Syfy execs, I await your call about the Pig Gator movie.
u/DarthSontin · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

At the very bottom of the page, in the blue rectangle that says "Feedback," is an option for "Tell us about a lower price"



u/AFP520 · 2 pointsr/GrandTheftAutoV

They will probably be updated shortly. The blimp has been added as pre-order bonus.

u/bhy2pencil · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My favorite dessert is donuts. I FREAKING LOVE DONUTS. DONUTS WILL BE THE END OF ME! But cheesecake all day everyday as well. Ugh... So many delicious desserts in this world.

Happy cake day!

Game to play while eating donuts/cheesecake

u/liesbyomission · 2 pointsr/Games

It's also 10% off at Amazon for the digital version. They charge you when the game is released, but I believe Steam charges you right away. I preferred the latter so I went for Amazon. (Already spent my video games budget for the month on the Steam sales. :P)

u/NinjaDinoCornShark · 2 pointsr/Steam

You're thinking of Borderlands 3 I believe. See?

Edit: I'm stupid. I just linked to Borderlands 1 GOTY. Borderlands 2 is out though, here is the link

Edit 2: I think I am hemoraging. Borderlands 2 is not out yet. I'm sorry.

u/ISpeakMyThoughts · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Borderlands 2! I love this game I feel it has the right amount of humor and seriousness. I wouldn't feel right spoiling the epic win at the end! So here is my entry

u/-Chell · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/DaRussian35 · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfGaming

Manliest Name (that i can think of right now): Manly Manlington\

Game Title: Many Manlington, in Return to Manville

Game i hope you'll give me:Borderlands 2 Add-On Pack Version 2.0 xbox 360 or just regular Borderlands 2

u/Nuts2FaceImpact · 2 pointsr/patientgamers

You can try the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. It has three whole games for less than $30.

u/KOTRalchemist · 2 pointsr/gaming

I hope this link helps, (on my phone) not sure what to do to help with the first MGS with just the 360. I'll get back to you if I learn anything new. Have fun!

u/sylvaron · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Far Cry 3 is $19.99 from Gamestop tomorrow through the 25th.

EDIT: Amazon price-matched this as well.

u/swovy5 · 1 pointr/xboxone

For a full preview of the Halo 3 campaign, click here.

u/NotZero · 1 pointr/xbox360

Halo ODST and Halo 3 are both under $20.

I think Reach is a better game, but it's $40 on Amazon.

u/Ninja1017 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Bea, go to sleep. and get me this Halo 3 jking about buying me it unless i win of course :P and i apologize again!

under used its under 7 bucks ;P

u/Kenaf · 1 pointr/gaming
u/ProfessorPedro · 1 pointr/Games

No, it's a good deal. Even the PC copy of ME1 is $11 on Amazon. Hell, I was in a Gamestop last weekend and they still want $15 for a used copy of ME1.

u/isaidicanshout · 1 pointr/masseffect

apparently you weren't looking in the right place...

u/-predditor- · 1 pointr/masseffect
u/darkstar3333 · 1 pointr/gaming

You dont need to assume anything, its pretty measurable these days. Games go down in price within 6-8 weeks and continue to drop in price and go on sale in the first year+ (

Within 6 months ME3 will be $39.99 standard price and on sale even lower. The ME3 pre-order was available at 39.99-49.99 and has already been on sale for 39.99-29.99 at a number of retailers.

In 2 years its going to be priced just like ME1 and ME2:

ME1 @ $15.99 (New)

ME2 @ $19.96 (New)

u/sleepyrivertroll · 1 pointr/masseffect

You can buy it on Amazon used for under 20 bucks.

Here's a link.

u/asamorris · 1 pointr/gaming
u/Spartan8722 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/shyanide · 1 pointr/Games

Get him the Orange Box. Five great games, one low price.

u/radler470 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

They're VERY simple. Portal 1 is sold as part of the Orange Box bundle. Basically you have a gun that shoots portals... and you have to get from one place to another, trying to escape a test facility run by a robot named GLaDOS. It's a very simply concept, but takes some problem solving. You can usually play through the entire game in about 10 hours or so, depending on how good you are at problem solving. The second game gets a little more in depth and there is a larger story arc that's pretty cool. It's hard to explain. I'd recommend picking up a copy of The Orange Box, and seeing how you like it.

u/cweave · 1 pointr/self

If he likes movies then these:

u/heartsickhedonist · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The best orange thing :)
I don't have any way of playing videogames (except for my trusty Gameboy Color) but when I did, I played Half Life 2 over and over

u/Cutsman4057 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

a musicians best friend and my favorite lil orange thang, an Orange amp!

no gamer's library is complete without The Orange Box!

what time is it? Spoiler Alert: ORANGE TIME!

Whats this? Another watch?

need a place for some flowers in your kitchen? ORANGE FLOWER BRUSHES!

want to cuddle some orange? HERE ya go!

how about the Nom Nom Lunch Bag?

feel like eating some delicious orange? how about these?

need to make something that isnt orange into something that is orange? why not some tape?

did someone say citrus?

feeling decorative? Open up these bad boys!

u/FoolsRun · 1 pointr/xbox360

Amazon has The Orange Box for $20:

Totally worth it.

u/YourDrunkBestMan · 1 pointr/gaming

I'll never understand why people even bother with Gamestop anymore unless they're trading in.

Amazon still beats them even then in my opinion

u/Sparkstalker · 1 pointr/xboxone

I'm all for cheaper, but damn, at least make them even. If MS wants us to go digital, then this shouldn't EVER happen:

Just Cause 2 Games on Demand - $24.99

Just Cause 2 Amazon - $17.39

Just Cause 2 - - $19.96

Just Cause 2 - - $18.19

This is just one example. Dirt Showdown follows suit ($29.99 GoD, $19.47 on Amazon), as does XCOM: Enemy Unknown ($39.99 GoD, $24.18 Amazon).

I love the thought of going digital. But I'm not going to pay a premium to do so, especially when it doesn't have the overhead that pressing, packing, shipping, and distributing physical media does.

u/LPfor3v3r · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

For you: Neigh.

For me: Tons of fun!

Thanks for the contest! :)

u/TwistedEnigma · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

so this is .48 cents over :(.

if i win, and the above is not acceptable can you look throught my list, i have no idea of to tell if its gonna be under 5.00

thanks for the contest! you rock!

u/raveux · 1 pointr/gaming

You're in luck! It's now $10 for the x360 on amazon here

u/AJRiddle · 1 pointr/gaming

Mass Effect 2 is $10.96 on right now for 360 and 19.99 for PC. No excuse not to get it at that price. Link to Amazon

u/jphoenix · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Fallout 4 would be amazeballs. Portal 3 would also be rad. But in general I'm just excited to hear maybe about new ideas and games, not just franchises. Wanna see what the PS4 is going to look like, too!

Mass Effect 2 is 6.99 Used and prime eligible. Thanks for the contest!

u/bfodder · 1 pointr/gaming

Mass Effect 1 and 2 if she is in to those sort of games. 1 should already be fairly cheap and 2 is on sale at amazon today.

Any other info on what types of games she likes to play?

u/NX-74205 · 1 pointr/gaming

Mass Effect 2 is $11 on Amazon. My wife really likes Peggle and Zuma.

u/vagrantwade · 1 pointr/xboxone

$4.16/month. And dedicated servers. And there will not be a free PS4 game every month. Whoever told you that is lying. It will probably be a while before they offer a free PS4 game on Plus.

And Sony said DRM will be left up to the publisher. Just like with Microsoft.

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Charity links:

u/MarcOfDeath · 1 pointr/gaming
u/TheMattReptar · 1 pointr/xboxone

You can't buy Xbox Live Gold with your account balance. Never could. Never will.

OP, do you live in the United States? If so, here:

u/Hickorydickoryducks · 1 pointr/xboxone

Xbox Live Gold: 12 Month Membership [Digital Code]

Some of the comments on this seem really weird. Stating it does not work in US and that the codes are bad. They say Amazon and Microsoft won't help them.. I've never seen anything like it and I have always trusted amazon.

u/TristinPerry · 1 pointr/xbox

I'm afraid with $20 you probably won't be able to find any sweet deal on Xbox Live memberships. If you are able to conjure up some extra money you can buy either a card or an online code from Amazon at this link

u/PacificNorthLeft · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This may have been asked a bunch already so I apologize if that’s the case but I don’t browse this sub super often. I want to take advantage of the Microsoft game pass deal and get 2 years for $120 plus the $1 conversion or whatever. Can I just buy two of these 12 month gift cards on amazon, activate them on my pc, and then convert it for $1? Is there anything else to it?

u/angry_scissoring · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming

This is an amazing giveaway! So after too long rocking my 360 and landing my dream job, I'm buying an xbox one s this friday with my first paycheck so I can finally be in the loop. Might as well give this a shot so I can enjoy it as much as possible!


I may be kicking myself for not being able to think of anything more "high stakes" but I know I can't go wrong with this. Also, congrats OP!

u/desert_girl · 1 pointr/xbox360

Just FYI-- Amazon has it for $45-$48 right now, depending on if you want a code or the physical card. Newegg has it for $50 with 800 points included. And Ebay looks to be $47-$50.

u/eltacodeldiablo · 1 pointr/xbox360

yeah it should be the same interface. - there's an option for online game code which is e-mailed to you

u/Connguy · 1 pointr/buildapc

You could argue that the majority of households own a TV suitable for xbox gameplay, but are less likely to have a monitor acceptable for equivalent PC gaming in an appropriate location. But that's a difficult argument to make either way, so I guess it's fair to ignore monitor/tv pricing.

But xbox live is only $60/year if you put no effort into finding a discount. Amazon sells a year for $40.

Just rehashing some of the numbers. I tried so hard to convince myself to build a pc rather than get a next-gen system, but as long as I'm not looking for insanely high-end graphics that significantly beat a console, I just absolutely can't support the notion from a fiscal perspective.

u/Sario27 · 1 pointr/xboxone

this is showing 59.99 for the online code...

u/AbsurdTech · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

It's still $30 + taxes at Best Buy and Amazon. Oh, I feel bad for them..

u/Nissonica · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

One goes into an experiment possibly knowing one could fail.

But one does not undertake an experiment knowing one HAS failed.

Rosalind and Robert Lettuce.

u/Spyder810 · 1 pointr/Games

>So like right now, with no sale going on, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite on 360 (just picking the two biggest games so far this year) are $37 and $40 on amazon respectively.

Those are both "on sale", notice the list price crossed out and replaced with a sale price? That's the normal price which will drop as the game price drops. Go check out skyrim on amazon.

List price is now down at $30.

>Are they going to be cheaper on Steam Summer Sale? Probably, but they are not $60.

They have already been cheaper to obtain on pc than the "are $37 and $40" prices you've listed.

u/juliet1484 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/movzx · 1 pointr/gaming

Bioshock Infinite

2 months old. $20 cheaper than it was on launch. Does a 2 month difference justify waiting a full year for the DLC version?

I know it's just 3 hours of working, but those hours add up. It's just something to be aware of.

u/piratesgoyarr · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1.21 gigawatts

Bioshock infinite would be awesome. Thanks for the contest!

u/doctordiablo · 1 pointr/Games

Good games drop in price significantly slower than bad games.

  • Super Mario 3D Land sells for 3% less than the original $39.99 MSRP, 2 and a half years after release

  • Tomb Raider sells for 62% less than the original $59.99 MSRP just one year after release
u/Fortunato5678 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So many things to choose from, but I'll talk about what I've been playing recently: EVE. I always thought it looked good but I couldn't afford the subscription and a friend recently bought me game time and I love it. I love space first of all, but mainly I love the complexity. There's just so much to learn and do: combat, exploration, asteroid mining, hacking, planet colonization, system control if you're in a corporation. Skill training is interesting too, because you can have it train them even when you're offline, but sometimes it'll take days just to train one skill for something.

Anyway, that's enough rambling. I pick Tomb Raider because it looks like a pretty awesome game in general, but I'm specifically interested in the stealth and bow gameplay because for whatever reason I've always found bows even more fun than guns in games and I loved it in Far Cry 3.

Eggplant Wizard

u/Arshion · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Fable 2 is the first video game I ever bought for my 360 and I loved it. I played it from start to finish about 10 times. I really liked the story line and the conclusion, and being new to 360 gaming, the combat wasn't incredibly difficult to understand. :)

  2. I would love Tomb Raider I have played every Tomb Raider game through with my boyfriend, I fell in love with playing them on PS2 and this is the only one I have yet to play. I would love to be able to play this this summer while I'm living with no internet! :)

  3. Eggplant Wizard! A good porpoise.
u/tomkatt · 1 pointr/truegaming

>No offense, but just the fact you're in Australia makes you the odd case out, because Australia's prices (which I'm sure you know and I sympathize with you) are all kinds of fucked.

No, you're wrong. /u/NyranK specified Tomb Raider.

u/SaltwaterToffee · 1 pointr/gaming

If you still want a 360 version, you could have Target price match Amazon which also has it for $19.99.

u/heyredridinghood · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Tee hee porpoises.

Anyway, Zelda it's my favorite series in all of the land of videogames. XD my first Zelda was Majora's Mask. It was my first game I had beat I'm general. My parents tried their best to keep me away from games, but eventually caved. The game got me completely hooked. I did my best to figure out the puzzles and finally found my way to the end of the game with all of the masks. It's funny because when I first played it I was so clueless as to what I should do and so I just curled up in my Deku shell and watched they moon fall.

Poor little Deku Link.

While it's not Zelda, I would love to play the new Tomb Raider

Thank you eggplant wizard

u/Fullskee707 · 1 pointr/skyrim

Yes you can..


xbox 360


xbox 1 is the sole exception since prices seemingly raised upon release of SSE - still not even $60

u/NappingPlant · 1 pointr/skyrim

Every pre-order except for Steam will receive the synthetic burlap map of Skyrim. As far as where to get it, check with local game stores or place a pre-order on Amazon with release date delivery. I believe it is a bit cheaper on Amazon as well.

u/steelchurro · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My guess is war and my favorite game is skyrim

u/BigRedDawg · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I'll price check using Amazon.

Skyrim -$45.94 shipped

Call of Duty MW2 -$13.58 shipped

Call of Duty Black ops -$27.73 shipped

total on Amazon: $87.49 shipped.

I'll do you $65 + shipping. For the cost of one new game, you get three! :D

u/CourtingEvil · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Dang girl!

I just got this cat tree for my cats. They love it! I think it's of a pretty good quality, and if they rip it up at all, I can fix it quite cheaply and easily.

You seem to have very similar tastes in video games as me, so I would recommend either the Mass Effect Series or Rune Factory 4. I haven't played Rune Factory 4, but I've loved the other games in the series and I think you might also really enjoy it!

I'm indecisive, too, so I'll probably end up buying myself a ton of games & movies once I'm back home

Edit: Forgot to put an item in my original post

u/cdrewsr388 · 1 pointr/gaming

Yes, there is. This has all the DLC, excluding two from the original game that I think are unavailable now.

u/insomniatica · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Welcome back!

Here's my list of suggestions, why, and links to where to get them. A few are only available on computer, but you'll see which ones:

  • Thomas Was Alone (Meta. A cute puzzle game about AIs, and their relationship to the game and developers. It's simple in graphics and big on heart. = computer - itunes - android
  • The Stanley Parable (another meta game. About the players role in games itself and their relationship to the developers. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is really into games. It's fantastic, hilarious and oddly artsy) = computer -
  • Telltale's "The Walking Dead" seasons 1 & 2. (These are some of the best games I've played. Point and Click adventure games that everyone loves, even those who don't like point and click games. They are extremely emotional and heart-pounding. I recommend it highly, especially if you want a game that you can watch him play, or vice versa, and really get a fantastic story. Storyline continues based on your decisions in the previous game) = SEASON ONE: computer - PS3 - XBOX360 - PSVITA - iPhone/iPad (first episode free, others are in-game purchases, same with all the mobile games) - Android === SEASON 2: computer - PS3 - XBOX360 - iPhone/iPad - Android
  • To The Moon (sweet looking 16 bit game that is more of an interactive story. It routinely makes people cry because it's so darned sweet. Love is a central theme.) = computer
  • Borderlands 2 and/or Borderlands the PreSequel (both fun and funny FPS games that you can run coop if you like) = BORDERLANDS 2: computer - XBOX360 - PS3 === BORDERLANDS PRESEQUEL: computer - XBOX360 - PS3
  • Portal (fun and funny puzzle game - but he MAY have already played this if the Half-Life 2 he got was the full "The Orange Box")
  • Portal 2 (also fun and funny, but with a coop mode as well) = computer - XBOX360 - PS3
  • Fallout 3 and/or Fallout: New Vegas (Post apocolypic games that are fun and often funny. They are open world RPGs with FPS playing style, although you can switch to 3rd person. Fallout 3 is more epic, grand and is more metropolitan, and Fallout New Vegas is more like a spaghetti western, intimate, and has better writing/storyline in my opinion) = FALLOUT 3: computer - XBOX360 - PS3 == FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS: computer - XBOX360 - PS3
  • Mass Effect 1, 2, & 3 (RPG/FPS set the future, in space, where the storyline continues, using your decisions from the previous games) = computer - XBOX360 - PS3
  • Red Dead Redemption (an open world RPG/FPS that takes pages from both spaghetti westerns and film noir. If you get this, be sure to get the add on called "Undead Nightmare", where you fight Zombies and meet mythical creatures. The base game is more artsy, and Undead Nightmare is just a squat load of fun.) The links that follow have both thenormal game, and Undead Nightmare in one. = XBOX360 - PS3

  • A different idea is to actually get him a wireless controller for his phone! If he has an Andriod, I would suggest the Power A Moga Hero Power It's portable, holds the phone, and I just am in love with mine. And because I have an Andriod, I can download ROMs to play older games like Zelda: Ocarina of Time, etc etc. But the controller works with SO many games! If he has an iPhone or iPad, or if you want another option for Android, I would go with the iPega. I don't have one, but it has the highest reviews.

    As for if you should give 1 or 2 gifts, I think 2 might be a lot of fun! But it might depend on what the "1st place" person has on their list and what you want to give them! I'd say make the decision based off of what you want to give the main winner! =)


    EDIT - 3DS Games to consider:

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening - it's one of the best RPGs out for the 3DS. It's immersive and epic. Top reviews across the board.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf because everyone loves it so much and it's just adorable.
  • Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney because anything Phoenix Wright related is flipping amazing and totally fun.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance A great option if he's played other Kingdom Hearts games.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Especially if he's into Zelda, I agree with others that this is a nice option. Top-down action that returns to Zelda's roots.

    edit 2: P.S: I'm new. I'll be making an intro post hopefully tonight! So hopefully it's alright that I posted here first. I was just excited, as I'm a gamer and love helping people with what to play next. In any event... HI!!

    edit 3: I just made my [INTRO] post. It's here if you/anyone's interested.
u/Gothicroks · 1 pointr/xbox360

I have one friend who plays all the time. That might just be enough.

And ok! Would this be a good way to go about it?

u/MonsieurDeChoco · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think it'll be fun to finally play this game. If not, I'll just spend my time studying to be an elephant barber.

Something about me: I'm terrified of bees and anything in that family.

u/Trkghost · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Not sure what your taste in games is but I have been playing the Payday 2 beta over the weekend. It comes out tomorrow and is pretty interesting. It is a 4 player co-op game where you are career criminals and your doing bank heists and such. Had a good amount of fun with the beta and am looking forward to the release. I am playing it on PC.

So want this!

u/-filly- · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So, the only game I have on my WL right now is Kerbal Space Program, so I would have to find one I want more than that (I also have GTAV on there, but I'm still holding off pre-ordering it for lack of money.. Uugh)

I have been playing a LOT of MLB The Show lately (I absolutely love baseball, and I'm very into this game). But that's not what I wanted to suggest. I was going to suggest opening up the archives a bit, and playing some GT5. Seriously. This game pisses excellence every morning when it wakes up. It's offices smell of rich mahogany. It's actually banned in most countries. There are endless amounts of things to do. You can play it casually and just have fun racing, go all out and use it like a real driving simulator (chair, wheel, pedals, etc), or anything in between. There's STILL new challenges every week, expansion packs of cars, lots of A and B-spec races (you race, and you manage a racer), tons of cars to win, special races, and even go karts. What other racing game allows you to get the real feel of racing, and the arcade feel of GO-KARTS?!?!?

It's seriously a great game. I wasted 4-5 hours a day for about a month playing this game because there's so much to do/see.

I'd definitely like to get the GTAV pre-order done and over with, but Kerbal Space Program (it's actually on steam) seems to be all the rage right now.

u/aaroa · 1 pointr/TrueReddit

You kidding me? I haven't followed new games lately but I know GTA V is coming. The price is approx. 60€ (here is one) that's 78$ I found one on amazon and it's 60$. Both of those are regular prices, not discount-prices. Not that big difference in the end. In German it's 70€ which is 91$. That's pricier than in Finland.

And your argument is so utterly stupid. It's /r/TrueReddit if you didn't notice.

u/syxtfour · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Since Microsoft has managed to convince me not to buy an Xbox One, I'm interested in seeing what Sony has to offer with the PS4. I thought the PS3 was a disappointment, so if they learned from their gigantic mistakes and improved on their strengths, this generation could be huge for them.

But more than anything, I'm looking forward to the Steam Box. All Valve has to do is take the stage, tell us the launch date, price, and announce Half Life 3 as a launch game, then drop the mic. Mass pandemonium would erupt from the convention center, riots of geek joy would break out around the country. With Nintendo off with their own audience and Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot with each passing press event, Valve has picked the absolute perfect time to enter the console market. Assuming the price doesn't kill it before arrival, of course.

As for a game I'm looking forward to, that would have been easy if Nintendo was physically at E3. I'd just say the new Smash Bros. game. But since they won't be around, I'd say I'm looking forward to new information about Fallout 4. Maybe now I can get some answers I've been looking for, like why bottlecaps are currency, why people can't be bothered to tidy up their cities and homes even after they're fully settled, and how seemingly no one can wear a piece of clothing that doesn't have a hole or look like it hasn't been in a dirt pile for three weeks.

Here's my game!

u/zeug666 · 1 pointr/Borderlands2

$13.59 @ Steam

$13.59 @ Amazon (download)

Amazon doesn't seem to apply to the 4-pack, but Steam does, listing the pack at $40.79.

u/TacticalBacon00 · 1 pointr/Borderlands

When someone is an Amazon Affiliate, their referral tag is in the URL. For example:

That is the same link as above, but with my fairly obvious referral tag at the end. I stripped the actual link for obvious reasons in this thread. If the link contains tag= near the end, it's a referral. Keep in mind that many Affiliates will use gibberish tags to make it less obvious, so they will not always be as easy to spot as the one above. It's also possible to have many different tags for each Affiliate account, so the same person can have multiple different tags.

u/Incursus · 1 pointr/GameDeals

I noticed K-Mart has the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for $35. I was briefly interested, but Amazon has it for $30 with free shipping right now.

u/PrototypeT800 · 1 pointr/Games
u/boopaboopa · 1 pointr/truegaming

There is an HD collection available to you which includes 2, 3, and Peace Walker.

As for MGS1 and 4... those are different stories. 4 is exclusive to PS3 although you don't absolutely have to play it unless you want complete closure.. which some people weren't happy with. I was, I enjoy the absurdity. But MGS1 should be fairly easy to emulate. Alternatively you can play MGS1 if you have a PS2/PS1 or Gamecube (GCN has a remake entitled Twin Snakes).

u/JONNy-G · 1 pointr/gaming

This is what I have. 30 bucks.

You might want to get caught up on the story from Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, and Metal Gear Solid before hopping in, but it doesn't matter too much.

Great games, though, and honestly, the controls put some people off, but learning them, then mastering them to get those crucial headshots is pretty great, and feels a lot better on Xbox controllers than PS2 controllers.

But yeah, there's a ton of depth to the gameplay, a lot of easter eggs and funny moments if you look for them, a crazy story, and just so many ways to complete a mission that I've beaten each game multiple times just trying to find everything I could.


u/I_Was_Cratchett · 1 pointr/PS4

Yeah man you can actually get the HD edition on 360, you can play MGS1 and 4 later I suppose, it's forgivable haha.

It's my favorite game series of all time and there's noting quite like it. Worth every minute you spend on it. I hope you love them as much I do if you end up picking them up.

u/Totaltotemic · 1 pointr/Games

Playstation has been emulate-able for years, and MGS4 is the only one he's really missing out on.

You were saying?

u/qacha · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

What's more fun than knowledge?

> Today, a common figurative sense for the word pickle is "troublesome situation"—as in "you’ve gotten us into a pretty pickle." About four hundred years ago, modern English borrowed the word pickle, its literal meaning, and this figurative sense from the Dutch, who expressed a predicament with the phrase "in de pekel zitten"—literally, to sit in the salty solution used for preserving meats and vegetables. Literary usages of the figurative sense include Shakespeare’s Tempest, when Alonso asks Trinculo, "How camest thou in this pickle?," and Lord Byron’s Don Juan: "The Turkish batteries thrash'd them like a flail, Or a good boxer, into a sad pickle."

Also fun? Video Games!

u/DieRunning · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The game I would really like is Far Cry 3. I just love open world games. I've put an obscene number of hours into Oblivion and Skyrim.

I like turtles!

Of those games you picked up I don't have Castle Crashers :D

u/DrOCD · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love the Halo series. I played it with my older brothers all the time. We would play it whenever we were all together and as we have gotten older and have moved further away from each other, it is still something that brings us together. I currently have my girlfriend's copy of Halo 4 (she let me borrow it while I was recovering from surgery and she lives 5 hours away) and I need to get my own copy so I can play with her when she's 5 hours away and so I can continue to play Live with my older brother. So I am linking you to Halo 4

Eggplant Wizard

u/owlboy · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Sometimes Amazon price drops last for just a moment. Check out the graph:

u/skeed · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If Girlsplaywow is a jerk than I'm a talking pug. :P I wish you SO MUCH LUCK for this Saturday, you're going to be awesome! I have so much admiration for you being able to do that :D

I do not have much on my WL, and nothing at all that I must have. My next personal purchase on my list, since I generally just use it to hold things I'll buy for myself, is Red Dead Redemption because I promised to play soon with my good friend that lives on the other side of the country... Which sadly has to wait since I'm busy moving into my house :( Either way, you're amazing to make someone's day with your generosity! <3

u/MurmurringJoey · 1 pointr/GameDeals

The physical GOTY is currently $15 from Amazon- here's a link. :)

u/Stregano · 1 pointr/AskReddit


Dude, you have no excuse for not playing it. The game is now 2 years old and you can buy it brand new with every single piece of dlc for $30.

EDIT: It is in a spoiler tag for a reason, it contains, you guessed it, spoilers

EDIT 2: I thought I would be clever in giving a spoiler, but it was not cool, so my bad, I removed it.

u/Spartanobeana · 1 pointr/gaming
u/LoLican · 1 pointr/gaming

OP you dun goofed. You can get RDR for that same price but with all of the DLC which adds 20+ hours of gameplay. Link if anyone is interested. RDR is in my opinion one of the best games this generation and I would recommend it to anyone.

u/oltinktink · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition - Xbox 360 for $9.99 right now. Says it plays on Xbox One.

u/nfavor · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Amazon has the same deal, but it's backordered. Free shipping with Prime tough.

u/Jdfz99 · 1 pointr/xboxone

Amazon has the ultimate edition for the price of the digital version.

u/dgc1980 · 1 pointr/GameDeals

you old link had %26tag%3Dsomeaffilate09-20 or as &tag=someaffilate for the site that you originally got the link from,

in the future with amazon links you can just use
and it will work perfect

u/BabyPuncher5000 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/TweetPoster · 1 pointr/MundoGeek

>2016-03-26 14:22:05 UTC

>#Fallout: #NewVegas - Ultimate Edition $10.30 ^[Imgur]


[^[Mistake?]](/message/compose/?to=TweetPoster&subject=Error%20Report&message=/4c1bn3%0A%0APlease leave above link unaltered.)

u/Flavikov · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Listen, this is lazy but you should really just get The Stick of Truth especially if it's on your list. :P

Dang Girl

u/Nightcore50 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Dunno if answering this on tuesday itself is too late or not but..

The Skulduggery Pleasant Books are a good read if you're into magic and fantasy stuff c:

And as for what I'd like from my wishlist if I win.. I'm not sure how the price converts to $, but Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition is £27.99 on my wishlist c:

Hope this helps you, good luck finding something to buy yourself! :D

u/MahDarling · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Bioshock: Ultimate Rapture Edition.
Firstly, I always read this as "Ultimate Raptor Edition." Which is fantastic because adding raptors into Bioshock would be the most awesome thing since sliced bread!
Elsewise, it would be a huge sentimental thing to me to have these games in physical copy. I have played the trilogy (Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Infinite) on Steam. I didn't really get into gaming until a couple years ago, besides handheld games & Oregon Trail. So Bioshock was one of the first games I looked at and knew that I wanted to play. I had never heard a single review, no one had ever recommended it to me, nothing. I walked into that game with an open mind and my mind was blown.

The graphics, the gameplay, and the storyline were all so cool to me! I had never in my life been so engrossed in a game. I sat for hours just pouring over stupid minute details like searching trashcans, killing Splicers in different ways for achievements... everything! It was the first time I realized that games were not just for fat pimply nerds who wanted to make something un-fun because of the amount of analyzation and plot-hole nitpicking required to adequately bitch with other people, hammering away on keyboards, bitching with other people in fan forums. Games are for anyone willing to buy into a storyline, uncover details, make ethics-based choices, have a twitchy pinky finger from hitting "Shift" to bring up menus, and stare at a bright computer screen until they nodded off from exhaustion.

I was finally at home. I began to outwardly embrace my nerd. Screw the girls who held me at arm's length because I knew details of the Original Star Trek universe! Overzealous Firefly fans became friends. I wear superhero tshirts and can answer the trivia questions of the dudes who think I'm just a bandwagon "geek."

I own a goddamn Hanes blue manual for every incarnation of the USS Enterprise. I cross-stitched a "Home is where the [picture of xbox controller] is" because I could.

And all because of Bioshock. I was finally at peace with my dorky self because of a game that opened my eyes.

Eggplant Wizard

u/YourFairyWishPrince · 1 pointr/PlayStationPlus

Is this the rapture pack you were talking about? I haven't played the DLC actually but the online PS+ one seems like a better deal to me. Unless you greatly prefer physical games.

u/chimbraca · 1 pointr/Bioshock

Depending on how much you're willing to spend, the Ultimate Rapture Edition includes Minerva's Den on disc.

u/deelowe · 1 pointr/Games

Skyrim is $20 on the 360

They version for the switch isn't the special edition.

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as long as you get this edition. it has all the DLC's that have come out (and have paid an extra $60 for collectively) and yes again a fantastic game that still looks beautiful.

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Skyrim Legendary Edition. I never got around to buying and playing the DLC to Skyrim though I put a lot of time into that game, mostly messing around and learning/failing to fly off mountains.

I like turtles!

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imagine fallout, but then imagine it with swords, bow and arrows etc.

the legendary edition comes with the DLC as well, which costs $40 or so on the marketplace. it's on sale at amazon right now, I actually just ordered it for xbox.

you will be at home in the gameplay I think. it's basically the same a fallout, especially if you use a bow.

worth noting that elderscrolls 4 oblivion is a predecessor, and should be $20 or so for the game of the year edition, which has a lot of content as well, i'd play oblivion first because skyrim simply looks so much better that it is hard to go back to oblivion

do yourself a favor and buy both, which should come to $60 I guess we will see you in 6 months or something I put well over 100 hours into oblivion GOTY edition and I put 120 hours into skyrim (without DLC).

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Some reviews are as you say, but that is just a subset and halo 4 recieved good reviews from EVERYONE, even on sites that the reviews are based on user scores. It also got great customer reviews. You've just been on this subreddit to long not to see that. The only people that don't like it are the people that don't have much interest in the campaign and only care about multiplayer.

You can just look at amazon and wiki to see how good the critic and customer reviews are. Might surprise you to get out of this subs hate circlejerk of the game for a change.

Multiplayer population does not show how good a game is. Shows how addictive the multiplayer is, that is all.

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I can imagine a world as such a game player. I would be brand new to Skyrim, only have a Switch, and still be pretty upset that it's the most expensive version of that game while being the technically inferior one (except to maybe the aptly priced PS3/360 versions?). I have said as much and have also said that's the crappiest position to be in; it's a captive audience. I would be asking "why?" more often looking at the price discrepancies I have seen browsing the store.

It's called empathy.

Your post essentially admits that a "Switch Tax" exists due to the system being new and popular. And is that fair or right? I posit no. You say yes simply because "they got you by the short 'n' curlies."

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I am not being a dick but Halo 3 is cheap as hell. Yeah of course free is always better.

On gamestop its $7 used and $20 new. If you hate gamestop on amazon its $12 used and $18 new.

Or if you want you can spend $14 for ODST new and get the Halo3 multiplayer with all maps instead of waiting for M$'s bullshit.

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For any game with an online mode, buying it used will be obsolete by the end of this year. For the rest, eh, buying used games is jank. Can't speak to canada, but Amazon almost makes up the price difference here in the US. Plus the dudes that made the game get some money.

Case in point, tons of games on Amazon have $ off your next game promotions, for instance this. Because of those, my God of War 3 preorder is currently at $26.99.

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This guy is a prime example. There are plenty of copies available of new games. I have been in gamestops grabbed a brand new game and a used copy. The used copy was 10 dollars more. It has nothing to do supply and demand and has everything to do with people are stupid. A lot of people don't comparison shop. They just grab what they think is the best deal.

Here are some new copies right here...

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For all of you who missed out Amazon still has the a $39.00 deal because of E3 Digital online code only no physical card. Distributed by Amazon instant code delivery here is the link

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Tomb Raider for Xbox 360:
$6.99 new, unopened

Tomb Raider for Steam:

I'm not saying Xbox 360's are the better gaming platform. But if you want to go cheap gaming, PC isn't always the best route.

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Sorry, it's 50 cents more expensive. I'd say Amazon is your best bet here. It won't be on sale in normal stores for a while, and i haven't found any cheaper. There was one a while ago that had it for $46 or something, but they sold out. Sorry i can't help more. I know the pain of Aussie prices.

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Ebay Used vs. Gamestop Used vs vs Amazon used

Your point is null, the only difference in these is that i can walk to Gamestop.

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It's from Half-Life 2. Alyx Vance says "That's the old passage to Ravenholm. We don't go there anymore."

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>ps+ on a single account on the console gives all other accounts the online service ability.

I believe the new XBL Gold model behaves the same way (source), and they both cost $5/mo (source - actually it can be cheaper if you buy a 12-month code from Amazon). Gold also will give you two free games per month. KH3 is also not an exclusive.

You're right about the Netflix thing, though.

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12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership - [Digital Code]

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Just saw this when looking through the user submitted pictures.

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