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u/TheOneSenator · 1 pointr/2012Elections

If you guys agree with this and want a little more insight into Al Qaeda and the Jihadist Resistance in general I encourage you to read " edited by Bruce Lawrence. It's amazingly enlightening. You can preview it here.

I had to read it for a class I took and it changed how I look at a lot of things. It's definitely worth the time.

u/hemlockecho · 1 pointr/2012Elections

God, Guns, and Gays.

The documentary was based on a excellent book by Thomas Frank that I recommend as well.

u/absinthe718 · 1 pointr/2012Elections

> Honestly, I'm not sure. But the ideas brought forth in the Peter Schiff video seem reasonable to me. The only thing that seems debatable is the timing.

The same is said for rapture predictions.

For a counter argument, please consider Krugman's The Return of Depression Economics

It's a quick read.