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u/bmcnult19 · 2 pointsr/240sx

I've used one on a custom car we made in high school. It was (relatively) easy to fiddle with if you know what you're doing. If you want anything custom(sequential injection or coil on plug ignition), you're going to have to know how to solder. It's pretty good for turbo applications (IMO) because they have a pretty good boost control solenoid for relatively cheep that's easy to install and a built-in MAP sensor. A megasquirt is what I'm going to get when I do my KA-T build. They're also pretty expandable if you want to change anything later.

If you do decide to go the megasquirt route, I would suggest reading a book like this or this so you really know what in the hell you're doing when it comes time to "mess with the tables". It was pretty challenging on that custom car.

Also, Porsche is awesome.

u/charliegsand · 2 pointsr/240sx

i run the Hella H4 conversion housings as the optics are top quality, and i use a local companies H4 LED conversion.

the DOT legality is questionable because i am not using a halogen bulb as intended, and i don't think the LED kit is certified. but the light output & focus is ideal. it puts the light where it should be.

the Hella housings are all glass & should stand up to the heat of even the highest output LED/HID

u/PM_ME_YOUR_SILVIA · 1 pointr/240sx

I only needed to use bolt extractors once. It was the coil pack bolt on an SR20 valve cover. It was probably a much easier extraction than what you're dealing with. I used an Easy Out kit.

For your situation, I'd try something like this.

Check YouTube for tutorials. Start small. Use a center punch. Use penetrating fluid.

u/jubelo · 4 pointsr/240sx

Looks much better than OEM, but I prefer the shaved look. I shaved mine off and it looks way better. I got one of these and its not perfect, but I dont listen to much radio anyways.

u/fishmando · 3 pointsr/240sx

If you put an ebay exhaust on with a big can, it may actually be louder than a straight pipe (speaking from experience). So just find a muffler shop (or fabricator) and put a 2" or 2.5" universal (weld-on) from a known brand such as Magnaflow or Borla. You can grab one of these on Prime for $89 which is well worth it, pay the muffler shop around 150-200:

u/TomAss886 · 2 pointsr/240sx

Grab one of These and burp the radiator.

u/frsh2fourty · 0 pointsr/240sx

Just get regular s14 seats and cover them with these

u/TwoDeuces · 2 pointsr/240sx

Not sure if you read the details on the last photo, but I write all of these numbers right on the car with a Posca Pen so that I don't have to go hunting for them in the FSM later.

Subframe studs: 72 - 87 lb^f
Subframe Member Stay (the V shaped bracket that mounts under the front subframe bolts): 32 - 41 lb^f
SwayBar Brackets: 32 - 41 lb^f
SwayBar Endlinks: 6.5 - 8.7 lb^f (hand tighten + 1/4 turn)

Control Arms Interior (subframe) / Exterior (knuckle)
Camber Arm: 51 - 65 lb^f / 57 - 72 lb^f
Toe Arm: 51 - 65 lb^f / 57 - 72 lb^f
Traction Arm: 51 - 65 lb^f / Exterior 57 - 72 lb^f
A Arm (RLCA): 57 -72 lb^f / 56 - 64 lb^f + 25mm cotter pin

Suspension Upper Bolts: 12 - 14 lb^f
Suspension Lower Bolt: 72 - 87 lb^f

Rear Diff Mounts: 72 - 87 lb^f
Front Diff Mounts: 72 - 87 lb^f
Diff Cover: 29 - 36 lb^f
Diff/Propshaft bolts: 41 - 48 lb^f
PropShaft Center Bearing mount: 32 - 41 lb^f
Wheel Bearing: 58 - 72 lb^f
Axel Nut: 152 - 208 lb^f + 50mm cotter pin
Axel/Diff bolts: 25 - 33 lb^f
Wheel Studs: 72 - 87 lb^f (these are so commonly overtorqued, its not that much guys!)