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135259536| > None Anonymous (ID: niKWMFIy)


maybe usa had an interest in carving europe in half?

i... i dunno, man.
i dont really get it, either.

the polaks really got screwed
>no help in 1939
>no help all the way to 1945
>have the best fighter squadron during battle of britain, have the 4th biggest armed forces throughout the entire WW2, capture Berlin along with the Soviets
>dont even get invited to the victory parade in London and USA
>UK government confiscated tons of polish gold as payment for "loaning spitfires during battle of britain"
>dont get invited to Yalta conference
>dont get invited to Potsdam conference
>decide polish borders without even inviting them
>reduce poland size by 30%
>fall under communism for the next 60 years

Polaks have good reason to hate fucking everybody with a passion.
i read all this in an amazing book, Bitter Glory, written by american historians.

Just reading it made me foam with rage, i cant even imagine what polaks must be feeling, lmao.

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/4chan4trump

Title | Rob Skiba identifies the Antichrist from Scripture and a potential Omega Plan
Description | This is a segment from the fourth teaching I did in Oklahoma back in January of 2016. This section covers material from chapter 3 of my book, Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last, which is available on Amazon:
Length | 0:46:22

Title | Truth - (proof) two bloodline on earth Rob Skiba
Length | 1:21:50

Title | 3. Return of the Nephilim In the Last Days-Transhumanism,GMO,Cloning-Rob Skiba
Description | In the third part of Rob Skiba's presentation, we look at the correlation between the genetic corruption of the days of Noah, and our modern times.
Length | 1:01:49


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