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u/basylica · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Most bras use the UK sizing when you are in the post DD size. There are a few exceptions.

Bravissimo has huge selection, as well as figleaves and amazon carries a lot of them. If you want to try on IRL nordstrom will carry your size in most stores.

If memory serves (see i dont even remember because UK sizing is king) 32K = 32H which is one band and cupsize larger than me. You have a lot of options but for me i prefer panache (particularly cleo which is a sister brand) bras mainly because they cater to smaller bands and deep (vs wide) cups.

Next step is figuring out you breast shape and trying on bras. Fyi after 20yrs of cramming myself into too small bras my initial size worked until i had the mythical “tissue migration” and went up like an extra cup size so i would warn you about buying a ton of bras initially because boobs can sometimes inflate after years of being compressed ;)

I really like the panache cleo marcie, its been my goto for several years (and sizes) now. But i probably tried on tons of sizes and styles over the years. But if you are full on top its a great place to start and has come in a rainbow of colors over the years.

Amazon isnt a bad place to start ordering bras because of free ship and returns and there are lots of shapes and styles.

Try a few and post fit results here (you dont have to post pics, just this fit great in this way but didnt work because of this...)

Odds are good you will need a deep cup vs a shallow one because generally H cups are. So panache is a good place to start. Freya is another brand (i found the bands were not firm enough when i tried them, but this was years ago) bravissimo has their own line of bras, curvy kate makes bras in your size (ive never tried them as ive heard they run wide and shallower, but i cant say for sure)

You can literally search 32H bras on amazon and scroll through options.

Goddess comes in US sizing, and a couple other brands but UK tends to be the popular big boob bras. The brits definitely have us beat bigtime on better bras ;)

These can be pretty compressing so i preferred going up a size ie 32H when i wear a 30H in other bras, but id start with your size and go up if you need to. Just be aware of sister sizing. Ie 30H = 32GG = 28HH. Go up a band go down a cup, and down a band go up a cup.
So 32H = 34GG is one band bigger but same cup. Confusing but bras can be ;)

Id highly recommend using a unlined cup bra like marcie or jasmine to find correct fit. Lots of girls want/are used to foam cup bras but they dont mold to you like a “cut and sew” bra and make it hard to diagnose fitting issues. There are some foam cup and spacer options out there in your size but id start with the inlined for fitting purposes first.

Check out bravissimo’s site too and filter by your size. The options will for sure blow your mind ;)

u/gliterpoison · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Thanks for the tag /u/crazymusicalgenius96 !
I am feeling you girl! Our shape is a pain and a half. I am going to be totally honest with you. I tried a crap ton of bras before I found what I wanted. Wanna know what I found? Victoria Secret. Its the weirdest thing to me that it it what fits best (still not perfect but literally fits very well when put on well). I also fit well in a self expression by maidenform racerback. I am trying to remember if they run to a 32D/DD but I would not suggest the raceback if you get a 34C/D as you likely will need a rixie clip to help keep it tighter (because the bands are pretty stretchy). I would suggest getting this first and trying this ( on (suggest 34C/D as their bands are stiffer). It is the only of the UK bras I have had actually fit me, second best was the Freya Lauren padded halfcup. It fit for awhile but as it shifted it was bad for me but it could be good for you (would go for a 32D/DD for sure in that). If you wanna talk bras with me feel free to PM me as I don't want to rant here lol. :)

PS: Padded bras rarely work for us. I am trying to find one now that will work but it isn't healthy to wear them daily anyways so it works out :). I would also like to say that the calculator size is a starting point and you likely will be closer to a 32D than the DD as it overestimates often for our shape.

u/t_maia · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

>If there are still problems, please let me know.

I am not sure how to adress this, since this is a sensitive topic with plush women. But part of your fitting problems are caused by your chub.

It is especially visible on the Elomi Maria. Look at the gore and the center piece connecting the wires. See how it sits on the upper end of your stomach? Your stomach pushes the bra away from your body there, making the cup tilt. This is one of the reasons the Elomi Maria feels so tight. Ok, it is also a strapless, but it has to stretch extra around the tissue you got sitting in your upper stomach area.

A potential solution to this might be a bandless bra. Some women like this construction, some don't. Advantage of a bandless construction is more space for the stomach if you are chubby or pregnant, downside is that there is no padding from the band between the wires and the stomach and thus the wires tend to dig in more. I do better in banded bras, others have found that they love bandless bras. It is something you just got to try.

Elomi Eva and Elomi Abi are two bandless bras that you might like shape-wise and design-wise. They are pretty similar. Cleo Lucy is another very popular bandless bra.

You also seem to be of a short statue, so maybe look at some bras that are made by Elomi particularly for a short built. The Elomi Rita is one and Elomi Megan another. Both have a banded cut though. The upcoming Etta (release in June/July) is the first bandless bra made for a short figure.

Panache Evie is simply a bad fit, not surprising with a strapless bra. They are notoriously tricky to fit. Considering this the Elomi Maria is not half bad. If you really want or need a strapless bra, Elomi Maria is your best bet.

You could try the Elomi Maria again in 40G or use an non-stretchy extender on the 38GG like this one.

Fantasie Jana - the gaping at the side is caused by the tilted cup as I explained above.

The band might also have a tendency to settle into a natural skin fold on the back. I get this too. This makes the band ride up a bit and the gapping at the side worse.

Freya Gem is known to have a stretchier band, but I think it might be beneficial in your case.

All in all you got similar fit issues to somebody who has got a flared ribcage that widens towards the waist.

A potential solution might be to hook the bra uneven, tighter on top and looser on the bottom. Again, a non-stretchy extender might help to achieve this. Also a stretchier band like on the Freya Gem helps since they take better to this kind of abuse.

u/vallary · 3 pointsr/ABraThatFits

It's a bit harder to get diagnose fit and for some people to get the best possible fit in a moulded bra, but if you're not at all open to wearing a non-moulded bra, that's totally your choice. Your measurements put you between band sizes as well as between cup sizes, so you're likely to wear a 32 band in some bras and a 34 in others (in addition to being between cup sizes).

I'm putting only amazon links in here for ease of shipping/returns. Everything I've linked is available on Prime, but it might default to another seller if the size you choose is out of stock or they have a lower price so just pay attention when you're adding stuff to your cart as other sellers will have their own return policies.

For absolute basic, 'everyday' bras, your best choice to start would probably be Freya Deco. This bra runs bigger in the band, so you'll probably do fine in a 32 band here.

Personally I prefer the fit of the Parfait Jeanie to the Deco, I find the cups/straps are a little closer together so it's much more comfortable for me. (Also it's $20 cheaper, though, I'd still pay the extra money for something that fit better).

Strapless bras are fairly difficult to come by in larger sizes, the Deco Strapless is what I would consider the most useful one, it also comes in a longline version which may be more supportive if you don't find this sufficient. It is tighter in the band than the regular Deco, so you may take a 34 in this.

Panache Sport is probably the most consistently recommended bra on this sub, it comes in underwired and non-wired versions. It's not moulded, the cups are seamed and made of flexible foam. The underwires in the wired version are padded, so it's pretty comfy. You'll probably take a larger band in this based on the fact that you're lifting and doing yoga, and not running.

However, since the Panache sport is an encapsulation bra, it's really not my first choice for yoga. I prefer this Shock Absorber which is a strong compression bra, to just flatten my boobs as much as possible to get them as much out of the way as they can get. This runs tight in the band, so I might suggest trying a 36 band. The sizing is kind of weird on this as well, the boob section never gets any wider, it just gets taller (I own this in a FF and H cup in the same band size), so if you try it and think it doesn't provide enough coverage and is showing too much very squished cleavage, just size up even if it's a cup size much larger than you would normally wear.

$250 is a bit of a tight budget for the number of bras you want, but really not impossible once you've narrowed down your size. Even based on Amazon-pricing, if you like the Parfait Jeanie, you can get 3 of those, the Deco Strapless, and a sports bra for $260.....but you can also get 3 Decos, the Deco Strapless, and a Panache Sport from here for £161 which converts to $213USD. You can also often find new with tags bras on ebay from UK sellers that are selling off previous seasons' printed or fashion colour bras.

u/horkus1 · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

You and I are apparently boob twins. Same exact measurements and same fit from Lucy and Juna.

Unfortunately I have had little luck finding a molded bra that works perfectly but Freya Patsy half cup works well enough. It is not really padded but gives pretty good nip coverage by using thicker fabric. It is not the softest thing in the world but it might be worth checking out. If you have amazon prime, you'll get free returns just in case it is not to your liking.

Here is a link:

Btw, I was told that Freya bands run large but I got my regular 32 in this one and it worked for me. Just info to help you decide.

HTH and nice to find a twin!

ETA: The Patsy is a bit shallow so it will fit somewhere between Lucy and Juna. Again, it is not perfect for me but it is the best thing I've found short of my ill-fitting VS bras.

u/cleverdistraction · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Yeah, the shape or size may just not be quite right for you, but I figured the strap thing was worth a shot. You definitely don't want the straps to be TOO tight, but adjusting the straps is one of those things I still sometimes forget to do with a new bra that it can make a difference in the fit especially in the top of the cup.

Re: extenders, I had never seen one before either, don't worry about it. :)

I got mine at Amazon, but they're often available at other stores like Target, Walmart, or - here's an interesting one - Joann Fabrics (remember to check for coupons!).

The reason I got mine on Amazon is that you get a lot more of them for the money, e.g. this set or this one, with prime shipping available, but if you want one immediately then you should be able to find one locally! I do not have any particular brand preferences or advice; I've never used one for an extended (ugh pun not intended) period of time so I don't know if one brand holds up to repeated use better than another, or anything. I just got a set with lots of pretty colors because I'm like a magpie or something O_o

u/BriannaRG · 3 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Hey there! Definitely not an expert here (I'm sure one of them will check in) but I used to have the same problems. Sports bras are the worst with a pendulous shape- I felt like I was always trying to escape out the bottom of a too-big band! I was jealous of my friends who could just buy a cheap one off the rack in some store labeled in "S, M, L" sizing and make it work. That was definitely not going to happen for me. Looking back, I think most of them had firmer tissue and were self-supporting, so they had a completely different shape than I did.

You'll definitely want to measure yourself according to the sidebar guidelines so that you have a better size to start with. Then, there are lots of sports bras that have adjustable bands and straps, and even different types of hold.

My favorite turned out to be the Panache Sports Bra (I like both the wired and non-wired for different activities). I get incredible lift and support, and absolutely no movement. It's on the expensive side, but I've never been more comfortable in a sports bra and I don't dread working out anymore. Plus, Amazon has lots of sales, so I've rarely paid full price. If it works with your measurements, I recommend trying it! If not, there's lots of other styles to try, and this sub was very helpful in making a few recommendations for me when I was looking. Hopefully you find something that works for you!

u/ButTheBoobies · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Welcome back!

Averaged MWB and the +4 sister size method both put your near a 38G and 36GG, and these are sister sizes to the 40FF Alegro you linked to which actually looked like a really good cup volume for you despite the loose upper panel.

I would recommend starting with:

  • Cleo Marcie, which is on sale in 36GG on Amazon for $27 with free shipping and free returns in the blue color

  • Cleo Lucy, which is on sale in 36GG on Amazon for $29 through Herrom in the purple color, or around $50 with free shipping and free returns in the other colors. ^(If you can afford to front the higher cost on this one, you have the flexibility to send it back for a full refund and buy it in the cheaper color once you know the size you need, if it works out and you're so inclined).

    Alternatively, you could also scour Bratabase. I currently have the Cleo Alexa in 36GG and Elomi Lara in 38G listed for sale, as well as a Cloe Juna in 34H which I think would fit you pretty decently based off the measurements and the photos you've provided.
u/lillakatt · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

I wouldn't shy away from balconette/Demi bras because of your size, I hated Demi bras when I shopped at Victoria's Secret because I was always popping out of them - it wasn't the style, it was that the bra was 3-4 cup sizes too small. Also, when a certain style has scaling issues (ie: a bra in 30H that's based off of a design for 30F and just made bigger instead of scaling for more typical 30H proportions) they usually don't start to happen until past GG and you're not quite there yet.

this bra by Chantelle is a balconette bra and it's one of my "every day bras." unfortunately you're sized out of this particular style, but there are similar ones both in and outside of this particular brand.

I really like the Cleo Maddie. even though it's too shallow and wide for me, it's still comfortable and flattering. I would recommend going up one cup size for this bra.

Most ABTF users are hesitant to recommend moulded bras (bras with foam padding, not necessarily push-up but some are) because it's harder to diagnose fit issues in them. I personally like them because I don't mind the fit issues and I think they're a good way to transition from VS bras to wearing the right size. I think that not having back pain, falling straps, and a floating gore is the most important thing, so you may find that your new bras are such a big improvement over your old ones even if the wires are an inch too wide. I'm like you in that I don't want any chance of my nipples showing, but you can find full coverage without foam padding.

I really want to try the Cleo Lily but I'm waiting until the Spring colors come out because Aqua/Pink is ten times cuter/easier to find matching underwear with than the Navy parrot.

u/geekygirly · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

The Panache underwired sports bra:

I am a 30JJ and love Love LOVE this sports bra. The band is nice and firm, and the wires are very well padded and don't hurt or dig. I also love that it has a hook to convert the bra from normal to racerback straps (I find I need the extra holding power of converting to racerback after a while on a run!)

Have fun getting back into the gym! I'm just getting back into after the holidays too and it feels great to be sore (good sore!) after a workout!

u/bustybluestocking · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

My experience with sports bras and gymnastics (which has it's own 360 concerns) has led me to search for the elusive racerback encapsulation DD+ bra. Racerbacks are only style I get support, good distribution of pressure and full range of motion in, while encapsulation personally feels much more comfortable then compression. Both the Panache Sport and Freya Active (which are very popular, so give them a try too) have j-hooks which are completely inadequate and a bit flimsy.

I've temporarily settled on the Bendon Extreme Sport. It's a cup size small for me (only goes up to a G, alas!), but the best fit I've found: great top and side support, convertible straps for a true racerback and really strange wires (they have a sort of swoosh shape when worn) that somehow work. Worth a spot on your list for sure.

u/wambrita · 4 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Hey, your massive quadboob looks like mine when I attempt to wear a 34C!

In all seriousness though, I think you'll do good in a 30F like others have said. Your breasts look firm compared to my pudding boobies, but I'm seeing that you have a similar shape that I do; but mine hang lower.

Try the Cleo Lucy! It gave me enough lift to where the shape I got in the bra is almost identical to your natural shape, I'm confident to say that it'll work for you nicely. Here's me in my Cleo Lucy for what it's worth.

Be aware this band is really snug, and going from a 34 band to a 30 band is going to feel too tight at first, until you break it in, so if you can I would for sure pick up a pack of 2 hook bra extenders to help with the adjustment period. (Feel free to buy other ones beside the listing that I just linked)

Hopefully it works for you! And of course, don't forget to scoop and swoop!

u/hurrrrrmione · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

No, it's okay! I figured you didn't know the name, and that's fine. And sizing conversions can be very confusing, especially since US sizing is not consistent after DD and UK brands don't always list the correct US size on their tags.

It looks like a pretty good fit to me as long as the gore is tacking. Most UK brands do set their straps pretty wide, especially for balconettes and halfcups like Maddie, which typically have wider set straps than plunges and full cups (there's a good blog post about this here). And we do consider comfort an important fit factor - it's useless if the bra fits perfectly if it's so uncomfortable you don't want to wear it!

Nordstrom Rack's selection does tend to be quite hit-or-miss for the sizes that most or all US brands don't make (aka 'matrix sizes').

Since you like Maddie and already know how it fits on you, maybe you could order it online in 30F? Right now on Amazon it's on sale in 30F in this same color for $33 with free returns. It's also Prime eligible if you have Prime.

u/quaith · 11 pointsr/ABraThatFits

To me you look like the classic combination of FOB with tall, shallow roots. This makes it tough to get a good fit from bras like the Lucy, which have a rigid top section that won't cling and conform and/or wrinkles when it runs into taller tissue (which is what I think is going on with your strap issue). I have this problem too - you're not alone!

There's a two prong starter approach. First, stretch lace:

  • Panache Idina and Idina Plunge - 4-part stretch lace styles similar to the FOB friendly Tango. Firm bands like Cleo, so try 32F.
  • Panache Andorra and Clara - always forget these two. Can be a bit pointy in shape and not specifically FOB, but nice 4-part stretch lace cups. 32F
  • Lepel Fiore, Fiore Balconette and Fiore Plunge - stretch lace styles from a brand similar to Cleo. Bands are stretchier according to Bratabase, so you'll probably be comfortable in a 30FF.
  • Just Peachy Balconette - house brand; an entirely stretch lace balconette. Bratabase says true to size, so 32F.

    Second, half cups:

  • Freya Padded Half-Cups - numerous and dominating the market. The Patsy and Rapture are the classics, though. Freya runs stretchy; 30FF.
  • Cleo Maddie and Juna - molded half cups are a tough fit, but these are two very popular styles.

    I don't think you should size down in the Lucy - it looks like you fill out the bottom well, and a 32E would probably be too small.

    Edit: Added the Andorra and Clara!
u/tiffwilliams15 · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

FF is a UK size. It's 1 full cup bigger than an F. UK sizing goes D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG and so on. I checked bratabase and the Deco has very wide wires. 34FF actually has the same volume as a 32G, but with a looser band. The Cleo Lucy is a good bra to start with if you are full on bottom. Also, unlined bras are much better when you are trying to nail down your best fit/size. It has medium wires. Amazon often has the Lucy on sale for a good price, right now the 34FF is about $31. You might want to try it in the 34F and 34FF.

u/monochrome_in_green · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

It sounds like your fitter found you the right cup volume, which is awesome! The looseness at the top could just be a shape issue; most VS bras are molded cups, which cannot conform to the shape of your breasts and may be more difficult to fit absolutely perfectly. Molded cups are the least likely to show under shirts, though, and so are very useful.

If you find that you would like more support from your bras, especially as the bands stretch out over time, you could use a rixie clip to tighten the bands or sister size down to a 34DD in the future. I do recommend double checking by taking your measurements, but it sounds like you're doing pretty well =]

u/tehzephyrsong · 5 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I'm half your mom's age, but the way you describe her breasts sounds pretty similar to mine - I'm a cup size smaller than she is at 38E, but I'm also 5'2" and overweight. I've had luck with Panache bras; my favorites are the Tango II balconette and the Jasmine. The Jasmine has stretch lace at the top of the cup, so it's pretty forgiving to full-on-top shapes. I like wearing my Jasmines because they make my boobs stick out further than my stomach, lol!

u/discomoondance · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I'm not an expert, and I don't know much about Comexim, but I had the same question I asked about a Freya bra. I was told that it isn't recommended to wear a bra band larger than you normally wear just to get the wires right. Wearing it larger than you need will just lead to other fit problems; riding up in the back and tissue spilling out the bottom of the front, strap issues, etc.

However, since the one you're having difficulty with is a 65 and you prefer 70 bands, try out the sister size in a 70. It'll probably have wider wires than the 65, but you won't be sacrificing for other fit issues you might stumble upon in the 75.

I don't know how the wires run in Comexim, but check out Bratabase for the model in question to see the wire width and compare that width between the different sister sizes in question. That'll give you a better idea before buying. And ultimately it's all about your comfort and what you like. If you try the 70 and find the wires still narrow and you decide to try the 75, but the band is too large, you could always alter the band smaller or use a Rixie Clip Good luck! :)

Edited for spelling

u/vmbuford · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Okay, if you've tried flirtelle and you think you need narrow wires, and you're full on bottom, I'd say try Cleo Lucy or Marcie. Marcie is more for even breasts, while Lucy tends to work better on FOB breasts. You could also probably try Freya, which also has narrow wires, and most of their models are FOB compatible. The deco may work for you (it has narrow-ish wires), or one of their padded halfcups may do you well. For cleo, you'll probably want to stick to a 32 band, but you may need to go down to a 30 in some Freya's, as they tend to be stretchier.

You should be able to order these all (although, for some odd reason, I can't find the cleos on nordstrom's site even though I know they carry them) for free shipping and free returns (or maybe try them on in store at) Nordstrom. Also, amazon prime, if you've got it.

These other bras are also recommeded for FOB:

  • Bravissimo Alana
  • Freya Arabella
  • Panache Tango II Balconette
  • Goddess Kiera

    Depending on how FOB you are, the CK Entice may also work for you (although, it has been discontinued, tends to work better for even shapes), and you should probably go up one cup size for it, so 32FF.

    Do you live in Southern CA? I've heard good things about Jennette's bras as well as Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack for fittings and bra shopping.

u/annoyingbranerd · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

If you are in the USA, your best bet of trying on some bras in 38HH in a store is Nordstrom. Call your nearest Nordstrom store and have them order in a few bras in 38HH.

I would also phone any lingerie boutiques within 4 hours of you and see whether they have this size in stock. (Chances are high they have one bra, the Elomi Caitlyn in beige or the Goddess Keira in fawn. Or they have one sole bra in 42F and tell you to come in anyway, in the hope of making a sale. Been there, have fallen for that crap.)

I've been through all of this and in the end I just gave up. I order all my bras online. I don't have to drive several hours to a boutique with a shitty selection and pay full price for an ugly bra. Instead I look up the newest collections from Elomi, Goddess and Panache, make a list of what I like and then try to find a good price for those bras. I try the bras in the comfort of my own home without a sales assistant breathing down my neck and telling me how great it looks and I can think a few days whether I really want to keep the bra.

I can also try the new bra with all my shirts and see which shirts it works with. Does the lace show through? Is the beige pale enough to work for my pasty-white skin and not show through my work uniform white button-downs? Is the gore low enough to wear with that new gorgeous teal and silver shirt with the low plunging neckline?

The way I see it, you are not really buying the bra online, instead you are paying a deposit to the online shop so that you can try the bra in the comfort of your own home, maybe even giving it a test drive of around 30 min while you do some light chores around the house, simulating everyday wear.

You only really bought it when you decide to keep it, rip the tags off, give it a rinse to wash the starch out and then put it on for a 10+ hour day.

So maybe consider taking advantage of the amazon sales and order a few 38HH bras through amazon.

Since you wanted wire-free:

The Elomi Smoothing that you got in 44FF is also available in 38H and might fit you in that size too because it runs large in the cup. It is sadly currently sold out on amazon, the only sizes that are available are 38GG and 40GG. If you want to try it in 38H, you'd need to order it elsewhere.

u/captain_wombat · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

A properly fitting bra will support and separate your breasts without pressing them too tightly to your chest. It sounds like that's what you're looking for. What I would recommend is first to use the calculator and then post a measurement check with your measurements so the community here can help you find your ideal fit. I think it's likely that the bras you have been wearing are too large in the band and too small in the cup, which is just a recipe for discomfort.

Once you have found your ideal size, a bra with a nice snug band and soft underwires will be super comfortable. Personally my most comfortable bras are from Comexim, but there are other brands with pretty soft underwires too.

Another option is to go with an encapsulation-style sports bra. These bras are designed to completely surround your breasts and hold them snugly in place without compressing them. The gold standard for this type of bra is the Panache Sport. I get the "oozing" problem you describe with some compression-style sports bras, but the Panache keeps everything in place nicely.

u/pollyatomic · 3 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I recently picked up a couple of the Panache underwire sports bras that sound like they fit your criteria almost perfectly. I got them in 32DD, but they go up to at least DDD/E+. They have multicolored, but I grabbed a solid back and a solid white (on sale at my local running store!). They hook in back and also have a small hook on the straps to convert to racerback if you prefer it. They seem a bit more suited for FoT (which I'm not), but I've been quite happy with them regardless. I'm quite glad I found them!

u/bloggsy · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

It sounds like she might be something like a 34J or 36HH? If so, you should be able to help her to find something fairly easily. If she doesn't want them 'up here' in her face, look for something full coverage so she doesn't feel like they are all on show as she might with a plunge or balconnet.
When you've measured, how about trying the Panache Andorra - the lace is pretty stretchy so I think it works for a number of shapes, and comes up to a J cup. You could order it from Amazon or Nordstrom and get free returns - it's cheaper elsewhere but the free returns is wonderful when you are trying sizes.

u/Kaywin · 5 pointsr/ABraThatFits

The first thing that immediately jumps out at me is the discrepancy between your measurements and the bra band size you went with. Sister sizes get gradually shallower and wider as you size up in the band, while having the same volume. Does that make sense? In other words, a 28D/DD or 26DD/E is going to have far more projection in the cup than a 30C is.

It seems like you're experiencing what a lot of us on here did, stuffing our 30DD busts into a 34C and ending up with a fit that sucks. I think a 30 band size is going to be much too large for you given your measurements, and even if CK runs 'small' in the band it's not going to change the mismatch in cup shape, which means the C cup is going to be much too shallow for you.

I'd highly recommend trying something in a 28 band size, if not a 26. I understand that 26 bands are quite hard to find. In my experience 28 is significantly easier to find. What is available to you is probably gonna depend on your geographic area, but ordering bras in your size online to try on isn't a bad idea. Amazon Prime, for example, does free exchanges/returns.

Edited to add: Here are a couple bras available in 28D/DD on Amazon Prime.

Parfait Charlotte, assorted colors

Skarlett Blue Petite Plus Balconnet (I have this bra and it's one of my favorites! I would get it in all the colors if I could.)

Freya Patsy

In my case I originally thought my boobs were shallow, but later found out they are projected, just thin. I'm sure the fact that I wear binders somewhat regularly doesn't help them in that department, heh.

u/straightbutterslug · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

It might shift around during nursing. Thinking about that made me realize though that maybe the gore is too high? The wire doesn't seem too narrow like it doesn't contain all my breast tissue, more like the inner parts of the cup are too sloping. I don't really know how to describe it! Every time I think I know what a well fitted bra feels like it's like a new challenger appears haha.

Before pregnancy etc my favorite bra was the Freya Patsy which has a low gore since it's a half cup.

u/[deleted] · 27 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Hey, I'm somebody who goes braless on occasion and has very pointy nips. Have you considered something like these?

They tend to stay put pretty well, and honestly, if you're comfortable without a bra at your size there's not really any reason to wear one, especially since your size would be very hard to find. That's just my opinion. :)

If you really want a bra, though, of course you should look for them.

u/luftballoons · 3 pointsr/ABraThatFits

The Cleo Juna has some lace along the top of the cup and isn't too full coverage (but is otherwise boring).

The Deco Plunge is "boring" as far as decoration, but does give nice cleavage w/ less coverage.

The Tango II seems like a fun nude bra, but it's not. It's evil (in this size rage).

I don't think the Natori Feathers comes in your size, unfortunately, because I think it hits all of your points.

The Gossard Superboost lace plunge looks cute, but I haven't tried it (and I think I remember people saying Gossard is weird re shape/sizing?)

The Freya Carys is not beige as in nude color, but is a more neutral color and also comes in longline.

u/sparklyboots · -2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Congrats on your weight loss! :) Just off the top of my head, I'm thinking the Natori Feathers in a 30DDD might be a good choice to try. Plus free shipping & returns, yay!

u/RowingPanda · 3 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I recently purchased a Panache sports bra and love it!

However, my breasts are full on bottom. But the shape of the bra seems like it would hold in the top fullness. Maybe someone else here will have experience with this one and full on top? Good luck!

u/the-dizzy · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Um. So yeah, I goofed up a little. It's actually not a Freya, it's a Panache. This one:

Derp. Sorry. :P Back to square one, I guess.

Anyway, I do have pretty significant gapping at the top of the cups - maybe about an inch? Though maybe I should go down to a GG instead... a little gapping won't bother me too much.

Thanks for the input about the balcony/plunge bras. :D

u/Atojiso · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Hi, a couple of things before you give up on that bra.

First, clasp it behind yourself, you're not supposed to be able to turn it around. It will eventually end up in either a stretched out bra or broken wires.

Second, bras need a little while to break in, like new shoes do. Give it a good wash in the sink, air dry it, and wear it around the house for smaller amounts of time. Mine usually take between 2 week and a month. Get yourself some bra extenders to make it feel more comfortable in the mean time. You can find them everwhere from department stores, Target, the dollar store, fabric stores, or online.

Third, I agree with the others that not all stores size properly. Give us a post with your measurements and we'll help you out. =)

u/oneimaginaryfriend · 3 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I am a similar size, full on bottom, and also dislike showing any nipple. I like this Cleo balconnet. They used to run $70-$80 but lately they’re $25 on Amazon w free returns. Double great!

Cleo Women's Maddie Balconnet T-Shirt Bra, Nude, 34FF

Edit- not sure why the link is to a 34FF, but it does come in bands 28-38. I’ve got a 28F right now but have varied a bit.

u/memmly · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I have two of these bras and they're my favorite for running:

They have version without underwire too.

Edit: id like to clarify that i wear 28F and I'm very particular about having enough support while running. So this bra really does great

u/gaseum · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

I'm getting a 32F for you, my dear. If you do prefer the 34 band, the sister size would be a 34E (equivalent to a 34DDD in Victoria's Secret). But I do suggest trying the 32 to see how it feels.

For full on bottom/projected/average root, I'd recommend:

  • Freya Arabella
  • Bravissimo Alana
  • Panache Tango II Balconette
  • Cleo Lucy

    These are in order from very narrow and projected to average width and somewhat projected, so you may have to experiment to find the style that's right for you.

    If I were you, I'd try the Arabella and Cleo in a 32F, and the others in either a 32F or a 34EE depending on your preference.

    Hope this helps! Be sure to post a fit check when you get your bras so we can troubleshoot any potential problems. :)
u/bra-adventures · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

I also have a rather pronounced tail of spence, and for me shoulder bras work best to keep them in check. I'd recommend the Natori Feathers - I personally haven't tried it, but it's supposedly great for shallow breasts. You may want to size up in the cup though, it's very shallow.

The ones I own are Mimi Holliday shoulder bras - I have several non-padded (narrow wires) and one padded (wide wires). Mimi's rather expensive, but from time to time, cheap ones in 28D-DD and 30C-D pop up on Amazon UK and Ebay. Their balconettes and padded plunges (actually half cups) also have very wide cups.

u/Goddess_Keira · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

The difference in size is probably not due to using inches instead of centimeters. It is probably because you pulled the tape more tightly on one occasion than the other, leading to smaller measurements and of course therefore a smaller predicted size.

Your measurements point more to 34G US (or 34F in UK sizing) than 34DDD, to me, especially since you say you're projected. The bras you bought were small in the cups for you, thus your breast tissue had to go somewhere and some of it went in the band which makes the band feel too tight. Meanwhile, your breasts are seeking more room in the cups, so they can push the cup away from your body, giving the appearance of gaping.

Since you say you appear projected, I have to say minimizers won't give you the best fit because they don't suit a projected shape--they're shallow and wide, and so the pull tissue a little closer to the chest and give a slightly minimized appearance. But this works best for fit if the wearer's shape is also shallow and wide, which does not sound like you.

Because you're leery of the 34 band, what I'll recommend you try is the Panache Andorra bra in 36E UK. This is a sister size up to the UK size of 34F (that would be equivalent to US 34G). The cups of 36E hold the same volume of breast tissue as 34F on a larger band, but the thing about the Andorra is that it runs snug in the band, so it's kind of a compromise between a 34 band and a TTS 36 band. Hopefully this explanation makes sense to you, but if you're confused by anything feel free to ask questions.

u/imaginaryideals · 53 pointsr/ABraThatFits

You should check the sidebar and measure yourself with the ABTF calculator. I don't know what kind of measuring guide JCPenney's provides, but a lot of mainstream stores use the +4 method, which is more likely to give you an uncomfortable bra size.

I noticed in another comment of yours that you mention wires poking out of your bras from stress. When I had this happen with my old bras, it was before I started wearing my correct size. Since switching from 34C to 30E/F, I haven't had similar issues.

If you have a Nordstrom Rack nearby, I strongly recommend checking it. Nonstandard sizes can be found on their clearance racks, although like all clearance items, YMMV for finding what you want. But it's a good way to find cheap bras. If you don't have one nearby but are in the US, Amazon, Bare Necessities and Bravissimo are good places to look online. Bare Necessities currently has a sale going on.

As for sports bras that have bra sizes, I personally wear Panache's underwire sports bra, and I like it. However, from my normal 30E/F, I went up a band size to 32E. If I tried my regular size in their sports bra it would be uncomfortably tight.

u/abtfplz · 6 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Yes! I would highly recommend silicone ones that you can continuously reuse. I bought these from Amazon and they've been amazing.

No show throughs, quick cleaning, no movements, hassle free!

u/Shanakitty · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Projected, seamed bras don't have to make your boobs look like cones or cylinders. They can look pretty round (most of my bras are very projected, unlined cups, and give a nice shape). The main problem is that they don't make many bras like that in your size range.

I just looked though, and it seems that they make Panache Andorra in 40D. It is a bra with medium-width wires and medium projection (though I'm not 100% sure how it scales in your size) that suits even top- and bottom-fullness, so it should be a lot more projected than your current bras, but without a lot of danger of being pointy. If you try it, I would suggest not getting the black, because black bras tend to run a bit smaller (something about black dye sometimes makes them less stretchy). Panache bands are typically pretty firm/true-to-size, and since they don't make C-cups, getting a 42 isn't an option.

u/salamander05 · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

[These] ( are super sticky. The smaller size will be fine for you (I have both). If you want to make sure they stick, wear a bra with them for a little while before you leave so they can get squished on. Honestly, they're so sticky, even after washing, I can't imagine they'll fall off.

u/fourfs · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I bought these but I'm not thrilled with them. The quality is fine, but the spacing doesn't really work and I can sometimes feel them scratching against my back - not on every bra, but some, just depends on how it lines up. I'm not really looking to extend my bra bands so much as reinforce the hooks. The way the spacing is on these, they invariably add about 1/4 of an inch which is fine when a bra is brand new, not so much on my older bras.

These Maidenform extenders are my favorite, but they're not as affordable to buy in bulk.

u/LadyBoobsalot · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Did you take both underbust measurements (snug and tight)?

26s are pretty hard to come by. You can get them from Ewa Michalak in Poland (custom order, non-returnable, custom order fee), Comexim in Poland (custom order, non-returnable; can also buy from on Amazon...higher priced but they accept returns), and Made in Preston in the UK (non-custom, returnable, kind of pricey and reviews haven't been very good). New companies Edwards & Millers and Bosom Galore will be making 26 bands but I'm not sure when they will be available.

If 28 bands are working for you, I'd stick with those. If they're a little too loose you can try buying bras that are known to fit snugger (like unpadded Cleo bras), altering the band to be smaller (see alteration tutorials link on sidebar), sewing along the band's elastic to prevent it from stretching as much (alterations link again), or using a Rixie Clip (basically the opposite of a band extender).

Which bra did you try in 28GG? If you read through the shape guide on the sidebar and give us an idea of your breast shape someone might be able to recommend some specific bras likely to work for you.

u/singsingsingsing · 3 pointsr/ABraThatFits

If you want to get this look with a properly fitting bra, I must say the Freya Deco did wonders for me! I have very large, pendulous breasts with what I consider an average root. The Deco keeps them lifted up and creates that rounded look on top without them touching.

I also recently purchased the Cleo Lilly and Cleo Lucy
, and they give me a great rounded look that isn't as intense.

u/dranarchy · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Geez, I didn't even know I was essentially buying the same bra over and over again. No wonder nothing was working. My ignorance of this topic is a little embarrassing! But you're all very sweet and helpful around here, so I'm going to pursue this li'l project. It would really take a surprising amount of stress off my life and add confidence if I could just get it straightened out.

Just to be clear, first try:

  1. Panache CLEO Lucy Balconnet Bra 5851
  2. Panache Cleo Marcie Balconnet Bra (6831)
    in which size, exactly?
    Also, which Freya unmoulded would you recommend?

    It seems silly that there aren't companies cashing in on tapered torsos. To be honest, I didn't even know I had such a thing, but it explains why a LOT of clothes I try on fit weird! :P
u/pinkponies7 · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I'm also in NEPA and a 30FF !! Ok, sorry, I get excited when I see other fellow NEPA'ers here. Anyway! There are absolutely no specialty stores here and it makes me sad =/. My method so far (I have amazon prime) is ordering a bunch online in different brands and styles, then shipping back what doesn't work. It seems like a huge pain to most people, but I don't think it was that bad. Plus with amazon, you can schedule the UPS people to pick up returns at your house. also has free shipping, I just found that amazon is cheaper.

Another option is making a trip to NYC or Philly for a day, finding a specialty store and trying a bunch on then either buying there or ordering online when you get home. I'm sort of an even shape with avg. projection and my favorite so far is my panache andorra.

u/wanchin · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Thank you.
I will have to head over to nordstroms to try them out.

You said "depending on your shape". Can you elaborate please?

EDIT: I was reading the reviews for one of them on Amazon and people were saying that they are sized to small. Is that just because they ahvne measured themselves properly? Does Cleo's sizing match the number we cam up with here?

EDIT2: Which one of the brands at nordstrom have sizing that matches the numbers here? And which has the 3-part unpadded that you recommended?

u/hapa_jj · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

How backless are we talking?

You can get one of those adapter things- basically they hook onto the bra back closure, and you wrap it around diagonally. They are like this:
I got one at TJ maxx for like $4. It's good in that it allows you to wear your normal bra.

u/lunarblossoms · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

I had the same problem with the CK Princess and other CK bras. Just recently picked up the Cleo Lucy, and it fits perfectly. I also got it for $35, so that's pretty awesome.

u/weesheep · 17 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Try panache underwire sports bra.
It comes in so many sizes and is great for high impact. I couldn’t recommend it more! I think they also make a non wired one if that’s what you are looking for, I’ve never tries that though.

u/hellodollybar · 6 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I wear these. I like them the best out of everything i've seen. They have not sticky version too.

u/coledarling · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

also on amazon :) with free shipping/returns with prime!

u/100-percent-awesome · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

I think you'll be fine in a 34. The extender is for just in case and while you transition to a smaller band. You can get something like this. Personally, I went from a 36 band down to a 30 band! The difference in firmness definitely takes a little while to get used to, so even if the 34 seems really tight I urge you to try it out for a week or so before writing it off.

u/LolosterGoldfish · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits
  • If you haven't already, please check your measurements according to the side bar. I can't emphasize this enough and if I sound rude about this I don't mean to, it's just important to finding a properly fitted bra of any type!
  • How backless are we talking? They make low back converter straps that hook up directly to your bra and depending on how the back of the dress looks that could be an option for you. Typically you wear them so that it hooks directly in the back, loops around your stomach and then hooks to the other side. You can also wear them in such a way that you hook it to the back, bring the wing forward, wrap it around your back, and then hook it up to the other wing (also brought forward). The low-back converter strap method would probably give you the most support, though if it is also a strapless dress I don't recommend using one of these with the "bring it forward first" method because I imagine that it would fall down.
  • Depending on your size the stick on backless bras may or may not work for you. There are a few different types of these, but keep in mind none of them will give you the same support as an actual bra (at least as far as the information I've gathered so far suggests). There's the silicone chicken cutlet type, the cloth chicken cutlet type, the underwire type, the U-plunge type, the disposable adhesive type, and then there's this type which encapsulates each breast, just to name a few. The problem with many of them (though not all of them) is that they label their sizes as "a-cup," "b-cup," "c-cup", etc. They assume that all a-cups (etc.) hold the same volume. This is completely inaccurate so trying to gauge your actual size is very difficult. Mostly you just have to buy it and try it multiple times until you find your size.
  • For example: I wear a UK 30G and in a Nubra Original I found the c-cup to be just slightly too large and I ended up going with a b-cup. Though I've also heard from someone else who was about the same size as me that the c-cup and even the d-cup was way too small for them. I think I might be shallow shaped and I don't believe the other person was so breast shape may be an issue when finding one that fits as well.
  • The Maidenform underwire one that I linked to does list sister sizes, so if you have been sized by the methods on the size bar and if a sister size is available then it could possibly fit. A possible fit issue I could see with these is that the wires could be too wide or too narrow depending. The very last adhesive bra that I listed to is probably the most accurate in terms of sizing, but from what I understand they aren't very low-cut if that is a concern.
  • Another option you could try if you aren't concerned about support in the least is to use nipple covers and fashion tape to keep the dress stuck down to your skin.

    Having gotten through saying all of that, if you have been sized by the methods used here in r/abrathatfits and you end up getting one of these bras, I am currently working on collecting data in a survey so that a more accurate sizing guide could be created. Please fill it out and let us know how it goes for you, but again, only if you've been sized by our methods (and again if my repetitive nature about this is coming off as rude it's not intended to be - I just want to get the most accurate information out there for other people). And if anyone else is reading this, the survey is still going on. I've only had 2 responses to it so far.
u/islandbug · 6 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Based on the pictures, 30E/F seems too small. I think your original measurements of 30FF/G sound about right. And I'm actually leaning more towards 30G since I'm 28FF and you seem more than one size bigger than me. Don't worry, it's not as huge as it seems! There was a survey done on this subreddit where we found out that 30F is about average.

As far as brands go, if you really think you're full-on-bottom, Cleo Lucy is a good starting bra.

u/AtomicAthena · 6 pointsr/ABraThatFits

"Bandless" is a way to describe bras. Bras are either banded or bandless. It refers to if the band goes under the cups, like Marcie (a banded bra) or like Lucy, an unbanded bra. See how on the Lucy, the bottom of the cup ends at the underwire, where the Marcie has more fabric there that continues from the band?

u/lo_dolly_lolita · 8 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I love my Panache Sport! I wear it for everything like biking, hiking, ballet, traveling, and horseback riding. It would be quite difficult to stock enough sizes for a small business though.

u/turmoli · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Ah, this is more complex than I realized it would be!

I will purchase a 28FF this weekend and see how that fits and if I can get used to it.

I've seen a lot of people raving about the Panache sports bra. Do you have any experience with this brand, and if you do, do I keep the 28FF as well?

Thanks so much!
I'm already intimidated because I just looked up VS bras, and they don't even list band size 28. Or bigger cup sizes for smaller bands. This will need some shopping around, yeah shopping!

u/Pippyn · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

The Panache Wired Sports Bra has saved my running life! I bought mine on Amazon LINK
PRO TIP: This ran a cup size big for me. I'm a 32GG and the 32G is perfect for me.

edit: I'm just now realizing this isn't in K on Amazon. Sorry :(

u/Kashna · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Hey, we've got almost the exact same measurements! All the same except for lying down, mine is 33.5". Balconette bras work well, particularly this one! The wires are definitely wide enough for me, although ymmv. I hope this helps! This is an older style so it seems to be cheaper, a bit less risky to try out.

u/dehue · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Maybe size up in the band and buy some rixie bra tightening clips? That way you could use them to tighten the band as needed or not use them if you end up needing a looser band.

Ewa Michalak makes KK and L cups in bigger band sizes, although ordering from her seems a bit complicated. I do believe there is guide on this subreddit about ordering from there.

u/Malyi · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Thanks for this! The Marcie (well, at least the one I found on amazon ) looks a little pinky.

u/trialblog · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Panache! It is ah-mazing. I do go down a band and a cup size in this one, normally wear a 30F, took a 28F in white. I don't know if that holds true across the board tho, it might just be because I have in-betweeny sized breasts.

u/EmmaInFrance · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

With the Panache brand bras (including Cleo and Sculptresse) that I've tried so far, I've needed to go up a cup size, so you might want to try a 38F in the Cleo Minnie. How did you find the band on the Minnie, out of interest?

You could perhaps try the Panache Andorra or Andorra Plunge. There's also the Panache Jasmine and Scupltresse Chi Chi/Flirtini/Paradise. I get a little wrinkling at the top of the Scupltresse bras but it doesn't show under bras.

u/avazah · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Can you get some non-stretchy bra extenders in the meantime? That's just one link but Amazon has tons and tons available (just make sure they don't have elastic).

It could be that you are sort of in between a 28 and 30 band. Freya naomi is also a darker bra, and sometimes the darker fabrics are stiffer and stretch less than lighter fabric (like babes in the wood).

Personally, I get this type of pain when the band is too tight, not too loose. If you try an extender, try just one row at first and make it looser until it's comfortable. Maybe eventually the band will loosen so you can wear it normally. How far you can pull the band back behind you isn't really indicative over whether the band is too firm, too loose, or just right.

u/esoomcol · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

The ones I have are these cheap ones but there's a bunch of other options on amazon.
Low back converters might work too

u/Pine21 · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits


Both of those are on Amazon. Cleo Lucy and Panache Andorra.

u/rsv123 · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Amazon has about a zillion different options- This Maidenform one says it has 3/4" spacing between each row- would that work?

u/Iamamomwithsnacks · 8 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Mine is the Natori Feathers. So comfortable. I wore it while I was pregnant and a size 32DDD(shallow) and then after for a little when I was nursing. Then my boobs and body shrank and I had to get rid of it. :(

I should get another one...

u/kaylore · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

Firstly, please do what /u/eriophora suggested! 32A is a very uncommon size, and a fitting bra will help you immensely right away if that is not your true size.

Now that that is out of the way, what kind of back does the dress have? There exist "low back bra extenders," but I have not used them myself so I am not sure how well they actually work. The ones I linked were totally random.

u/_53_ · 1 pointr/ABraThatFits

Here's a few links for you:

Freya Faye:
Amazon Link

Freya Siren:
Amazon Link

Cleo Lucy:
Amazon Link

Cleo Kali:
Amazon Link

u/rebinator · 3 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I am between band sizes too and I often use extenders on new bras with the lower band size. After a few washes I don't need the extender any more. I have a set like this.