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u/sonic260 · 2 pointsr/ARMS

And you're not supposed to draw without a reference, lol. You're supposed to take what you see and interpret it the way you want on the page. Some people draw better with their imagination, and some people draw better with references. But without a reference, unless you have a perfect photographic memory, or your brain can render objects in your mind with perfect minute detail, your drawing won't be life-like. However, without imagination, a reference drawing will just be a carbon copy without artistic expression (how would you emphasize, or exaggerate facial features in a portrait drawing to draw attention to them?).

The two styles are intertwined and, in many cases, rely on each other. You don't have to choose one over the other.

It is perfectly fine to draw while using references. A lot of the time, your result will be even better because of it. Like here, how you captured Spring Man's likeness with the hair and nose. Even the placement of the facial features is really good. With Kid Cobra, you got his outfit and Slappamander ARMS down.

If you want a place to start, Drawing on the Ride Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards is an excellent book that teaches how to see and draw based on your perceptions.

On building technical skill, I also recommend giving a look at , which helps build control over your lines.

You can so improve if you dedicate time to drawing. When I was learning how to draw heads, this is how I was starting off, but these are the same two characters a year later. A year after that, I'm currently trying to learn how to draw the human figure, and this is the last drawing I did. I don't have as much free time these days, but I'm always trying to draw a little bit each day.

I'm probably not being very convincing. I'm not very good at expressing myself, but seriously, I think you'd be great at drawing.

u/Wolfy76700 · 2 pointsr/ARMS

Well, in theory it might be possible with a Turbo Controller for PS/XBox (Including fighting sticks) and a Brook Adapter, but I cannot test that because I don't have any Brook Adapter.

That would work pretty well with a Turbo Fighting Stick because while you cannot move, you could just leave a book on the L & R buttons and let it do the job since the post-game menu is defaulted on Rematch.

Good thing is, with the Brook Wii U Adapter update, we do somewhat have access to this option, although it is not for everybody. The HORIPad that comes out this month will have turbo functions and will be cheaper, but I don't know if said function is confirmed to work for triggers.

If you're feeling like building something, you could also do that with an Arduino and two synchronized motors, with a little thingie on each to press on the L & R Buttons. If you sync that, that would work too as it would simulate a turbo press on those buttons. The main problem is to sync the two presses as well as keep the Joy-Con or Pro-Con stable in this system. This kind of things has been seen with, for instance, Ditto Hunting in Pokémon Sun & Moon, so that wouldn't be such a new idea.

u/parmigianomeggiano · 2 pointsr/ARMS

OHHHHHH and here I was mixing up SL/SR and ZL/ZR because when you turn the joy con the SL/SR are now on top, so my mind was just calling them ZL/ZR. I get it now. Thanks for the explanation!!
I've been using these when playing with a single joy con but it looks like they won't work for this game.

u/ErsatzCats · 1 pointr/ARMS

After looking at a few things online, these are probably what I'll end up getting. Adjustable weights so it's really useful. I've been meaning to work out a little anyway so these seem useful for daily exercise. Let me know if you find something better!

Valeo AW10 10-Pound Adjustable Ankle / Wrist Weights (5 Pounds Each)

u/reposed · 1 pointr/ARMS

I haven't seen anything in the states like this yet. From the article I found talking about these cases, it says its a Japanese exclusive right now. The article was written in April. I currently have the PDP zippered case and it's alright. Got this only because it's an ARMS case really. I'm hoping my Switch will be able to fit in it with the hybrid case I have on it.

u/SculptedPizza · 2 pointsr/ARMS

Try this one OP. I just don't think a fight stick would be too beneficial for arms due to the multiple move points. It's like the FPS of fighting games. I'm sure once mastered it'll work wonders.

u/Aghc001 · 2 pointsr/ARMS

$44 on Amazon here’s the link: DeepLee Mini Projector, DP300 Portable LED Projector support PC Laptop USB Stick USB/SD/AV/HDMI Input for Video/Movie/Game/Home Theater Video Projector- Yellow

u/Dougboard · 16 pointsr/ARMS

I'll give you the black and yellow color scheme, but you do know that the extending boxing glove toy has been around forever, right?

u/SortaEvil · 1 pointr/ARMS

Correction, upon looking into it, it's apparently Nyko making the stand: amazon link incoming

u/skilloz · 13 pointsr/ARMS

Using an Elgato Game Capture HD, and then recording it via OBS.

u/supadude5000 · 1 pointr/ARMS

>Split screen: Split screen is going to be the tournament standard at grass roots events, because we simply can't afford extra monitors nor the space for double screen set ups.

Space I can understand, but how are TVs more expensive than Switches? Each setup can have 2 $150(or less) TVs for the same price of a Switch. You would need the extra TVs for hosting any kind of Splatoon 2 tournament down the line, as well. Now that I think about that, extra TVs are essential for most tournaments that aren't fighting games.

> Having an open bracket with everyone sorting themselves out leads to a very disorganized tournament. Having a set amount of tournament set ups (usually numbered) give me more control of the event as a TO

An open bracket doesn't mean that suddenly everyone is running around willy nilly doing their own thing. I just meant for the brackets for non-seeded players. If it's a small tourney, the entire thing is open bracket. Also, you can still have numbered setups of TVs and docks. I don't know how a BYO set up would lose this.

Fairness is debatable, but New Players is a valid point, mostly from the perspective of entrants that share a single Switch with their siblings.

Stolen property is a risk for every event ever. It's a valid point only if you see it as your responsibility to stop it from happening, which you do. So fair enough.

You lost me on the streaming point because there should only be one or two spectator systems set as streaming systems even if we use the BYO system. The spectator machines never have to be changed out, they need only join the proper Arena for the match they wish to stream.

Docks is a somewhat valid point, but may be alleviated later this year when Nyko's dock releases, depending on its quality.