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u/TheHocus · 3 pointsr/Adelaide

I worked in IT from the age of 18 (well, 14, if you count the freelance PC building work I did from 14-18) to 30, at which point I decided to re-skill and move into another career.

My advice about uni would be: unless you're planning on becoming a programmer, and maybe not even then, don't do it. Seriously.

IT is a lot like a traditional trade in that the most efficient way to learn best practice is to actually experience it on the job. Almost everything they will teach you in uni will be obsolete by the time you finish, or it won't be industry best practice.

I got my foot in the door at a company at 18, while my mates went to uni. By age 20 the company I worked for sent me over to the UK for 3 months to work in their new subsidiary as a senior technical advisor. Meanwhile, my mates hadn't even finished their degrees yet. When they did finally finish, they were taking help desk type jobs, while I was being employed as a systems engineer. And it's not because I was fucking brilliant or anything like that -- there's much more skilled individuals out there than me -- it was because I had 4+ years work experience over them by that point.

If you really do want to study, I would advise finding the industry standard certifications for your chosen area of interest, and doing them instead. For example, if you want to do networking, study for the CCNA exam, then go sit for it. With a CCNA you will get your foot in the door just about anywhere and it's much cheaper than a uni degree. You can find some study materials and exam guides at the following sites:
Udemy / Udacity / EdX
Google 'moocs list reddit' for lists of even more free and paid online courses

I'd also advise you to get some sort of Linux cert. To do that you can get this book:

Do all of the exercises, labs, and so forth, then go through each portion of each test on

Finally, understand that in order to succeed in this industry, you are going to have to do a lot of self-learning. That means creating a lab at home and fiddling with different equipment/products. If you don't have that sort of natural curiosity and love of learning, then I would suggest you find another career. IT is a field that is constantly changing and in order to stay on the cutting edge, you must do some learning outside of your job.

I hope this has been of some use to you.

u/BottledApple · 0 pointsr/Adelaide

Like this?

They haven't "always" been around because the technology to make those colours wasn't...I suppose my question is really, when did they become the norm?

In the Uk, they're not so prevelant. I never saw them there like I do here. Tradies or workmen tend to put on a hivis vest over their own clothing.

u/Veganpuncher · 1 pointr/Adelaide

Look. This is the last time I'm going to respond to your posts. Not because I don't like you, not because I'm a troll, but because, in a previous life, I did counter-insurgency for a living. I know what I'm talking about and you are simply wrong. Hard pill to swallow, but we're all wrong occasionally. Feel free to have last word.

A successful revolution requires the control, or, at least, the acquiescence, of the apparatus of control - the cops, the secret police, ASIO, AFP, Border Control, Armed Forces. All of them.

Besides who's going to listen to a bunch of uni students, schoolkids and hipsters? Are they the new ruling elite? Do you want them directing fiscal policy and negotiating trade agreements?

Here's [fun] (

u/MisuVir · 1 pointr/Adelaide

Any other clues? Colour of the cover, what was it about, how long it was?

Could be something like this?

u/PBRStreetgang67 · 2 pointsr/Adelaide

Hey. Whenever you're ready to overthrow the dominant paradigm, I'm right here. I make a mean Molotov (or would if U91 wasn't 166.7c at the pump). And I have a copy of Luttwak. The Master.

u/mshagg · 1 pointr/Adelaide

Seems like you just need bolts. Studs are the threaded parts coming out of the exhaust port, which the manifold bolts on to.

Those missing bolts are simply to support the exhaust.

Looks to me like you want an M8 threaded bolt that is 40mm long, with a flanged head. Somewhere like Coventry fasteners could hook you up.

Or call Honda and ask if they have the following part number:

Don't ride it like that BTW, the manifold wont enjoy supporting the full weight of the exhaust.

u/basefield · 6 pointsr/Adelaide

Asking the real questions

A book called Switched On. A memoir by a guy who had autism (or Aspergers - one of them anyway) and practically cured it using TMS. I'll tell you more once I get to read it.

u/anthrox · 1 pointr/Adelaide

For the Go players out there that need more battery check out this for the 6P it will also make your phone a brick but hey maybe this could do all day pokemon

u/daAlliance · 2 pointsr/Adelaide

i have one im not using that you can borrow. It's this one here