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u/jembella1 · 2 pointsr/AdultColoring

hello :)

i'm pretty random but i love leopards/animals/moomins/high quality paper (i just use gel pens as i love the shiny finish)

i acquired this (which is where i mentioned moomin)

and yes i am aware of alot of the different styles, i guess i'm being picky and just want to find a clean cut book if that makes sense; sometimes i find a good book but it seems they give up half way and the pictures don't turn out great towards the end which feels a shame

u/alenalazareva · 1 pointr/AdultColoring

(FREE page For personal use only, no resale)
FREE coloring page from my Coloring book RAINBOW line art.
Print, color, enjoy! Please feel free to share this image , and post your colorful creations so I can see what you do with her!
The full Coloring book available on Amazon

u/akc421 · 1 pointr/AdultColoring

I am coloring this book:
It's currently 10% off on Amazon. Here's the description:

  • Color away stress and express creativity
  • Hours of mindfulness and fun for all skill levels
  • 50 intricate designs comprised of mandalas and geometric patterns
  • Printed on 8.5 x 8.5 inch bright white paper
  • Marker friendly -- each design is printed on an individual page
u/anathemas · 1 pointr/AdultColoring

Oooh, so pretty! That's the kind of blending I'm always too lazy to get lol — you've definitely sold me on them. I can justify it when I think of 60 colors for $70 vs 7 pan pastels for the same price lol. Plus, I just got Pop Manga Mermaids, and these would look so good with that.

What do you use to sharpen yours with btw? I've seen some people say pencil sharpeners work and others say that you should stick with sandpaper. Also, do you remember if you paid around $70 for yours? Sometimes Amazon bumps the price up and down, don't want to pay more than I have to. :)

u/Nheea · 2 pointsr/AdultColoring

Hey, welcome to /r/AdultColoring!

Well, you can first start with these: and then check out the colouring book:

And something similar:

There are plenty of books to colour around the world, if you'll tell me what you prefer, I can come up with a few suggestions.

For example: do you like flowers or butterflies or doodles?

Have you seen Johanna Basford's books? Maybe you'll like them.

u/dmcindc · 1 pointr/AdultColoring

I bought this 168 set on amazon. I did receive 168 markers, but one was a duplicate and one color was missing. I contacted the seller and they said they are sending me the missing one. So far these markers are working great.

I also picked up these gel pens from Costco for $14.97. That's an amazing price.

I recently just ordered some ultra fine Sharpies and Bics, for use in more detailed coloring books, but haven't received them yet.

u/Hulahoopes · 3 pointsr/AdultColoring

Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom Book of Prints

Amazon link

They are larger prints with thicker card stock, perfect for framing!

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/AdultColoring

Title | Finding Your Colors Volume 1 - Fine Art Adult Coloring Book preview
Description | Book Preview - Finding Your Colors, A fine art adult coloring book for stress and anxiety relief. To support my art become my Patron on Patreon LIFE + ART & SICKLE CELL
Length | 0:23:02


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