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u/atoponce · 1 pointr/AeroPress

I don't know that there is an all-in-one AeroPress solution with kettle and grinder, but I have looked into ultra-portability, and I think with the right bag, even though you might make some compromises (the grinder doesn't fit in the AeroPress, the AeroPress doesn't fit into the kettle), I think you can get a fairly sweet portable kit. For me, this means I don't need capacities any larger than 500 mL. So, here are some things I've looked at:

  • Ultra thin collapsable silicone electric kettle
  • 300g travel food scale
  • AeroPress Go (Yes, I'm definitely getting one)

    I own the JavaPresse hand grinder. I love, love, love this grinder, but my only gripe is that the diameter is a bit small for my hands, and they tend to cramp up when grinding. I'm open to a portable hand grinder that has a larger diameter, and shorter. The Porlex grinder seems like it might be a good fit.

    The only thing that I haven't really found to my liking is the perfect bag to carry everything in, and a portable air-tight opaque container to carry whole coffee beans.
u/AFenvy · 1 pointr/AeroPress

An electric kettle designed for pouring over coffee will make you life with the Aeropress much easier with less spillage. For example I am currently using this Electric Coffee Kettle.

I would also recommend getting a reusable metal filter instead of using the paper filters. I think it really helps the taste - it makes the AeroPress more of a French press. I use this Filter.

I also would say grind the beans yourself right before you brew if you want the best and freshest coffee. I used to pre-grind at the store and it makes a HUGE difference. I have an electric grinder, however I want to try hand grinding in the future.

u/mchasal · 1 pointr/AeroPress

Perhaps an appropriate sized solid plastic cutting board, maybe one of the thicker ones for strength, with a hole cut in it to allow the filter holder to pass through.

Along the lines of the washer idea that was suggested, but something food safe and pretty easy to find.

Something like this:

u/gordonv · 1 pointr/AeroPress

Cuisineart Coffee Bar Grinder.

It's super easy. It's essentially a blender / food processor that is built for coffee beans.

The nice part is that the level of grind is controlled by how long you hold it down, like a blender. So you can go very course down to "baby powder / Turkish coffee" level very easily.

The onyl bad part is the lid gets grinds stuck on it from the oils.


I've had one for over 5 years. Still works great.

u/KRegister · 1 pointr/AeroPress

The French Press idea got me to thinking. I have a large FP that I use for more than one cup. It's ceramic and VERY sturdy! I may just repurpose it! It is aprox 8.3 cm diameter at top. (3.75 in)

It's made by ForLife. It's still available in the US on Amazon. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it!

Edit: US Amazon link

FORLIFE Cafe Style Coffee/Tea Press, 32-Ounce, Black Graphite

u/drw229 · 6 pointsr/AeroPress

It will cost you but this will allow you to get a lot of Crema, I highly recommend!

Fellow Prismo - AeroPress Coffee Maker Attachment

u/47u2caryj · 2 pointsr/AeroPress

Yes I did and my travel mug is still too small. The mug I have is this one, which I really enjoy, except for this situation.

u/redivulpis · 1 pointr/AeroPress

I agree on the body weight thing, helps quite a bit. Lately I've been using pre-ground (Deathwish). I don't have a grinder yet since I'm kinda between living situations (live with parents, very little room for my stuff as it is). But once I have more space I'll be moving on to whole-bean, fresh-grind.

u/ejb85 · 2 pointsr/AeroPress

I have this variable temp kettle I use for my Aeropress and tea (which makes the variable temperature part more important). I've been really happy with it.

u/gratarian · 2 pointsr/AeroPress

I use a Capresso Infinity and typically use the left most "Fine" grind setting as I find the Extra Find to be too hard to press. But it is definitely something to play with as you may find a coarser grind gives you the flavor and taste you prefer.

u/CaptainCanadaa · 1 pointr/AeroPress

You all do not know the terrors we face on our side of the Atlantic. Trump may be our real life Scooby-Doo villain, but what's worse... we lack the knowledge of the most essential kitchen tool. I spent a year in Ireland, though, and there they all seemed fine with these cheap plastic kettles. It was so scary to think of the carcinogens...

Now, even I digress.

I think I will go with a regular one, the variable temp will not be essential, but I'll find one where I can toss in a thermometer definitely. Do you focus on wattage much? I'm deciding between two, one 1000W and one 1500W. They also have all these spout shapes It's just overwhelming. Thoughts?

So many thanks for your words. Any opinion is consolation to me. I'm plagued by indecisiveness.

Precise HeatTM

Secura 1.8

u/dragonarrow2776 · 8 pointsr/AeroPress

Saaad 😭 I personally love my udder mug. If you need a new one I found it on Amazon:

u/J0HNNY_RICO · 5 pointsr/AeroPress

I have an Able Brewing filter, I really like it because it doesn't have the "crimped" edges that make other metal filters hard to screw in. Here it is on amazon for $12.50 USD

u/ubergoober27 · 5 pointsr/AeroPress

I just took this little fella across Europe and the UK, and have used it stateside as well. It collapses very flat and the travel case is a nice touch. Low capacity but more than enough for a brew!

u/6745408 · 1 pointr/AeroPress

One stack of filters is roughly the same amount of recycled material as a newspaper.

Paper filters are nice, but don't allow the oils to come through. For some beans, I prefer paper -- for most, I prefer the mesh filter.

u/jamesep · 1 pointr/AeroPress

is that a copy or a legit Kaffeologie?

They're using the same image but that doesn't mean anything these days!

u/Meximelty · 3 pointsr/AeroPress

I use a Hario cold brewer. Hario"Mizudashi" Cold Brew Coffee Pot, 1000ml, Brown