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u/dearabby · 5 pointsr/AirBnB

These thieving guests are really rare, so I wouldn't worry about it for your first guests.

What I've found is guests are even more likely to take the small items with them. It ends up being a lot of waste, too, because you'll have tons of partially used bottles.

The best solution I've found is to put things into dispensers. Someone might take a full shampoo bottle, but they aren't going to pull a dispenser off the wall. They wouldn't feel bad snagging salt & pepper in the cardboard store containers, but they won't take them if they're in shakers (mine have survived 5 years of hosting).

Leave out a reasonable amount of TP and a roll of paper towels and lock up the rest. It'll be fine.

u/DangReadingRabbit · 1 pointr/AirBnB

I’m not a host (I’m a guest), but in my own home I have one of the Schlage keyless locks. It locks immediately and is programmable. It’s great.

I’ve been looking to upgrade it to one that will integrate with my home alarm system and be programmable on my phone. I’ve been keeping my eye out for sales on the Schlage FE599NX because it does both, and is basically otherwise exactly the same.

I don’t like the locks that wait 30 or 60 seconds to engage without pressing some button. I want it fully automatic and locked instantly. This one does that.

u/Goat_187 · 1 pointr/AirBnB

About a year ago I thought it would be cool to offer a luxury travel set to my guest for a more hotel/upscale feel. I include a set of lord and mayfair shampoo, lotion, conditioner and body and face soap. Its a plus to offer to your guest and makes your listing look more pro:

I looked online for a hotel supplier, purchased 144 of each for $175. Therefore I'm spending $1.25 for each reservation/guest? I set out 2 sets when they are longer stays. Estimate I had 100 guest since then. In 2 weeks its going to be a year since I purchased these and I havent counted them but I probably have about half of them left or a little more left.

The simple fact is that 50% of guest dont even touch them because they have their own, they also don't take em home like souvenirs like hotel guest do me included. I guest they respect the fact that its your house, etc. Its a waste because I constantly throw away half empty bottles. and bars of soaps used once.

So definitively when I run out of these I think i'm going to go with the wall dispenser route of a high end product, something like:

u/striblingwalk · 2 pointsr/AirBnB

Why not get an electronic lock with a keypad, and text them the code? I know some hosts like to meet in person but that may be worth foregoing if they're more than half an hour late. This works great:

u/bobdolesflag · 3 pointsr/AirBnB

We used to snag extras while staying in hotels or buy bars at Dollar Tree 3/$1 but recently moved to this guy which is also available at Bed Bath Beyond. I use Suave products to fill it, and provide a basket of a dozen washcloths. We don't use washcloths either. :)

u/tallasassy850 · 1 pointr/AirBnB

I have this one and it's been awesome. It feels very heavy duty, but the combo is easy to arrange and change if you want. The inside compartment is big enough for a lanyard with two keys on it.

u/Slartibartfastthe3rd · 1 pointr/AirBnB

Can't recommend this enough. Connect it to any home automation hub and you can remotely change the codes. Get notices when accessed and by who. Program codes to only be active at certain times. Good for housecleaner access. Can let someone in remotely.

u/audio-logical · 3 pointsr/AirBnB

Got the Schlage BE365VCAM716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt on Amazon. I only needed a deadbolt but they also have a traditional door handle with the same mechanism. Got this because it was highest rated for marine exposure (my rental is on a salt marsh on Cape Cod). Have had it in place since November 2017 on the same battery. Highly recommend it!

u/puddinhead · 1 pointr/AirBnB

Some hosts swear by this makeup towel (which helps with laundry cause cosmetics are a bitch to get out)

I like to serve breakfast for my guests and make mini-quiches for them. This mini-pie baker makes individual quiches in 7 minutes and my guests adore them.

I bought myself this corkboard for the guest space - so that they can affix pins and show where they're from.

u/maccrogenoff · 1 pointr/AirBnB

I agree with the other posters. Your guests shouldn't have left the dog with you and you shouldn't have picked him up. Imagine if someone you didn't know wanted you to move and picked you up. You'd feel threatened. It sounds like you're not really a dog person, so it would be a good idea for you to stop accepting dogs. Many dogs are used to being on the couch at home. It's confusing to them that the rules are different in your house. If you keep permitting dogs you should get some of these.

u/quacktards · 2 pointsr/AirBnB

I would suggest having a friend or family member stay in your unit for a night or 2 and provide feedback about everything (temp, amenities, etc). To me 78 feels crazy high for Florida but I'm in the midwest. Even here I sleep at 70. Also sorry about the link. Maybe this one will work but if not, I was referring to a 6" clip fan.

u/akyyyy · 1 pointr/AirBnB

Yes depending on a cell phone can be the wrong way to go. But the pin code one seems really good. . It allows me to generate a 4 digit code so I can email it to my guests.

This is the one I'm considering Schlage FE599NX CAM 619 ACC 619 Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave Technology, Satin Nickel

And having a Realtor style lock box hidden somewhere as a backup

u/rollerhen · 6 pointsr/AirBnB

Sounds like you'll either need to invest in a fence of some sort, brainstorm with your neighbor, or install some kind of movement-activated, high-frequency deterrent. Googled "dog deterrent" for ya, found this.

u/Divalent2007 · 1 pointr/AirBnB

I'm not sure I can envision your room layout, so I don't know if this would work; but have you considered mounting a TV to a wall using an extendable swivel mount? That way a tv "over there" can be viewed "over here". Something like this:

Everybody knows how to operate a standard TV, and be familiar with what is on it. Many may not know how to operate tablet units with a limited offering.

u/soupcancooloff · 0 pointsr/AirBnB

airbnb is a hospitality platform, like it or not their end customer commonly demands late check-in. all the reps i've dealt with were very professional, so maybe you were unlucky in speaking w a bad apple. i agree with others that you shouldn't use your 3 cancellations for this.

my question is: if you're superhost, why do you use instant booking? instant book pushes listings to the top of the results but not above superhosts.

and as others have mentioned, try this:

Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box with Set-Your-Own Combination Lock, 13/32-Diameter Shackle, 1-Pack

u/lesterMoonshine · 1 pointr/AirBnB

Under the counter water filter, but it comes out of the cold water faucet, and you can install it, yourself. Much bigger than it looks in the picture, but much smaller than similar filters.

u/danceinthepuddles · 1 pointr/AirBnB

How about some fancy postcards so she can leave notes for her guests that double as a keepsake? Most museum stores have boxed sets of cards and they last for aaaaages.

u/KyleSilva · 5 pointsr/AirBnB

I have a battery powered lock (not wifi) but the idea is the same: In case for some reason the code doesn't work, or the batteries die on me without warning (none of this has happened yet) as a backup I bought one of these lockboxes and mounted it in a not obvious, but easy to find and operate with minor instructions spot. That way, if a guest tries to checkin and there is some kind of issue, or if you know there is going to be a power outage, etc. I can give them the code to the box. It's not ideal (I don't like giving keys) but it's pretty good as a backup plan.

u/consumer333 · 1 pointr/AirBnB

I just buy in bulk from wholesale hospitality stores. Save you the trouble of having to break up a set when a guest breaks a plate or stains a pillow case with crappy makeup.

These are also lifesavers.
Makeup Towels

u/CeePee1 · 3 pointsr/AirBnB

I've got one of these lockboxes attached to an exterior wall but slightly tucked away not in direct eyeline, and shielded from general view by plants.
You can manually change the code as often or as infrequently as you like, and either have it stored as part of the check-in instructions that get sent out a few days before arrival, or you can text it out yourself.
My personal opinion is having 2 keysafes, and 2 separate keys, increases the likelihood of 1 key being left behind or lost or put back in the wrong place. Keep it as simple as possible to minimise user error!