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u/thehuntofdear · 1 pointr/Albany

Not off the top of my head as I'm fairly new here and plan to get more into hiking the area this summer season. However, I find to be a good resource for finding hikes to do subsequent research on. Also, the ADK Trails (Forest Preserve Series) are good guides (e.g., Amazon Link).

A very short hike would be Vroman's Nose a little SE of Albany. A fairly nice (but flat) trail is around Peeble's Island NE of Albany. Otherwise, the Lake George area ADKs would be a good bet for day hikes.

Good luck and hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I comes along.

u/WafflePotatoPancake · 1 pointr/Albany

About 24. It would create roughly on average 24 jobs, which statistically less than half of would be to people inside the community, the rest to people outside of the community. Nothing good can come from this bottling plant.

Moreso even than the articles below go into, the road to the bottling plant already is plugged up to an insane point with school in the morning which is why they recently installed a roundabout which has been beneficial, but does not stem the tide of traffic in the mornings especially around school hours where it gets very plugged up. Also, where they want to build this extraction plant people have built there homes in purposefully to be away from the general hustle and bustle of the city, with nothing but the mountains around them as their little piece of happiness, soon to have a factory and all the truck noise and traffic every day. Granted, we are a very small town and nothing like Albany, but it's because its a small quiet place that isn't anything like the city that makes this place great.

Edit: Fixed typos

u/phantom_eight · 3 pointsr/Albany

Never really seen a NY State flag for sale anywhere but here's one on Amazon for ~6 bucks

This one looks better:

u/tkirk34 · 1 pointr/Albany

I got one of these for my trumpet and it works pretty well: link

u/No_volvere · 2 pointsr/Albany

You won't be disappointed. The tajin is the most important part IMO. I throw some in the glass as well as the rim, You can get it at Walmart in the Hispanic Foods section.

u/hansn484 · 7 pointsr/Albany

As soon as I got the rental notice I went to amazon and bought the exact same model I had through time warner for about 50 dollars:

Not a TW fan. I did get a good deal when I tried to switch to Dish, though. So now atleast I'm not paying an arm and a leg for cable.

u/a1brit · 1 pointr/Albany

Currently a "lightning deal" on some of them on amazon. Not many varieties in stock though. as /u/blamdin said there was a store on central but it's closed, don't think there are any other options around.

u/FifthAveSam · 4 pointsr/Albany

A Bumper Bully if she has a car and will be living in the city.

u/maxpowerer · 6 pointsr/Albany

Ok, well imagine this: There was one Dutch guy who was so sick of being stuck in that rinky-dink fort that he walked from Albany to Buffalo in the middle of winter to settle a trade despite with the indians. Along the way he lived in their forts, observed their religious rituals, ate 9-inch-thick bear bacon, and broke several ribs while slipping on ice.

Actually, you don't have to imagine it, his written account of it is available here (pages 135-157) and it's one of the coolest things I've read in my life. They even made a comic based on it.

u/johnix · 3 pointsr/Albany

Motorola SB6120

I paid $37.96 last April for a used one at my old apartment (my former roommate still uses it), $35.95 back in August for a used one at my current apartment. Both have worked beautifully with no problems besides one or two isolated service farts. Currently priced at $31.60, basically four months worth of rental fees.

u/blueboybob · 5 pointsr/Albany

I am a waterfall geek. pick one on the map

You could also buy this book

The author has books for berkshires, adirondacks, and other local areas

u/SonicPhoenix · 3 pointsr/Albany

We spray our yard every year with a cedar oil based product that works fairly well but would pull 2-3 ticks of each child every year, mostly after walking around parks like Five Rivers. Last year I never got around to spraying the yard but we used this on shoes and pants:

I know it's anecdotal, and only one data point at that, but we had no ticks last year and I was told it was a bad year for ticks.

One note, this stuff is for clothes only and needs to be reapplied after 6-8 washings. Do not apply it to skin - it might not be harmful but your skin will breakdown the active ingredient and quickly render it ineffective.