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u/mermanicus · 2 pointsr/AlternativeHealth

I really like this sub, but sometimes it has some strange articles on it that I don't personally believe in (everyone's entitled to an opinion), which can also turn other people off to the idea behind it. Not all good alternative health options have studies to back them up, but its good to at least try and find some science to back up the claims.

Anyways, I worked in Ophthalmology for a few years and found that reducing blue light at night is a great way to aid in better sleep (and has other positive effects). This is especially important for ages 0-20.

There is a relatively easy way to lessen the effects. Get glasses lenses that block blue light (they look kind of orange) which is the most effective (amazon has cheap options Another option which is less effective is to download an app that lowers the amount of blue light given off from screens (I think its called twilight for android, f.lux for windows, not sure about ios). This should be used about 2 or more hours before bed.

Another tip:
For eye fatigue (which is good for people on the computer all day as well as using handheld devices): the 20/20/20 method: every 20 minutes look 20 feet away for 20 seconds or blinks to let your eyes relax.

u/satoshistyle · 1 pointr/AlternativeHealth

I'm not a health professional, so take this as you will.

If i were diagnosed with any type of cancer, I would load up on substances which have been shown in vitro, or in animal trials to have immune boosting and anti-cancer effects.

Resveratrol, Fucoidan, Turmeric/Curcumin, Quercetin all come to mind. There are many studies on these substances and their immune boosting and anti-cancer effects available on PubMed. There are lots of great books on them available on amazon as well, which more or less summarize the research in a readable and understandable way.





The essential mineral Selenium is absolutely critical for a good immune system, I'd look to supplement that heavily (up to 1mg / day) from a formulation that had good bioavailability/absorbability. N-Acetyl-Cysteine is also excellent for your immune system, specifically helping you create more Glutothione. Supplementing with Glutothione sublingually itself would also probably be wise. Alpha-Lipoic Acid is great for the immune system as well.

It would also be prudent, IMO, to get on a ketogenic diet ASAP, and stay away from well-done red meat (acrylamides), fried food of any kind, and nitrates (preservatives in meat, usually deli-meat).

In addition to providing the body with the raw materials it needs and removing things from the diet that cause inflammation/irritation/toxicity to the body, a positive mental attitude and the reduction of chronic stress is also important. Try to structure the day for 30 minutes of exercise/intense activity, and 23.5 hours of rest, concentrating on lowering stress levels during that 23.5 hours (deep breathing especially, but also massage, spa, meditation, comedy clubs, funny movies, laughter with friends, or whatever works for that person to release stress and establish a positive mental attitude).

u/BryansMadness · -1 pointsr/AlternativeHealth


It's very high in saturated fat. You might as well be eating butter.

Healthy nuts, like almonds and walnuts, have been shown to increase HDL, which removes plaque from the arteries.

But you should still lower your overall oil consumption (as oil is so calorie dense a few extra tablespoons a day will make you fat...and that fat will add to arterial plaque).

Fiber helps a lot to lower your cholesterol. So eat oatmeal. But don't overload it with sugar as pure sugars will damage your arteries with inflammation which will cause blood clots and more plaque to form (but fruits like blueberries are okay, actually they're beneficial).

Dr. Esselstyn (a former heart surgeon) has been the only doctor to prove his diet is capable of "dissolving arterial plaques" by using MRI scans on his patients.

Read his book if you are serious about your heart health.

u/hibiscusdiscus · 1 pointr/AlternativeHealth

yeah I tried to wrap my head around whether the stones were legit or not, and I have to conclude that I really have no idea. I do like this stuff, it's much much more gentle and does a great job loosening up debris if you feel clogged. But if I want to improve the health of my liver, I'm going to do it gradually with dandelion or something.

u/Mr_Rob_1 · 2 pointsr/AlternativeHealth

Def look into H pylori as a potential cause. Other than that:

  1. DGLicorice
  2. GI Revive (Or Heartburn TX)
  3. Probiotics (worth a try)
  4. Lastly my doctor tells me he gets great results with IRF

    Good luck!
u/dcntrliz · 4 pointsr/AlternativeHealth

My first experience with naturopathy was when my daughter had an ear infection and we were fed up with the normal Doc. I took her to an ND (Naturopathic Doctor) and she gave us garlic-mullein oil to put in my daughters ears. She went from not wanting to do anything at all, to up and playing in just a few hours. I took her back to the ND the two days later. The doctor scoped her ears again and she was 100% better. Since then I invested in The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and have used it for many common illnesses.

Next, I've had seasonal allergies really bad for years. To the point where I would wake up sneezing over and over again until I could take claritin and wait for the effects. Knowing how well my daughter's naturopathic cure worked, I decided to try that approach. I did some research and I found Stinging Nettle capsules and QBC plex. They seriously changed my life. I would take the QBC plex everyday during allergy season and the Stinging Nettle anytime I really had it bad. Eventually I didn't have to take either and I could go outside without sneezing and all the fun that comes with allergies.

Finally, I've also struggled with dandruff for much of my life. I searched high and low to find a natural cure and I eventually found Jason's Dandruff Shampoo . It works wonders and I noticed huge improvements after only a couple uses.

Overall, I'm so glad I lived in a place that was able to open my eyes to naturopathy specifically. It has enabled me to be more self-reliant and more skeptical of pharmaceuticals.

P.S. I would love to see this thread used more as well. Thank You.

u/coreachick95 · 2 pointsr/AlternativeHealth

GI Response by Innate:

Also, follow all the lifestyle recommendations like eat smaller meals, avoid common triggers like spicy food, alcohol, chocolate, and put at least 2-3 hours between eating and going to sleep.

u/brownestrabbit · 1 pointr/AlternativeHealth

We use these. Highly recommend them if you drink Reverse Osmosis or distilled water.

u/AnotherCharade · 2 pointsr/AlternativeHealth

I think some of the confusion is the idea of a gluten sensitivity vs. a gluten intolerance (i.e. Celiac disease.) If you are interested in food sensitivities, for our allergies course we used the book Allergies: Diseases in Disguise by Carolee Bateson-Koch at my college. It has some good information that's generally pretty easy to read, though it does suffer from some editing problems.

u/google_intern · 2 pointsr/AlternativeHealth

I have purchased this herbal supplement from Whole Foods. It comes with two types of tablets. The smaller tablets in the foil packet are passionflower.

u/awkwardninjapowers · 1 pointr/AlternativeHealth

Commenting because I'm interested too. There's been some similar diets that claim to stop the growth of cancer cells too, like this one.

u/b2dmizzle · 1 pointr/AlternativeHealth

I use oil of wild oregano on fungal infections. It has worked wonders for me. Specifically, I use oreganol