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u/walawalawala1 · 8 pointsr/Aquascape

Hey all

Thanks to this sub and after a ton of research here and elsewhere, I finally got my first planted/aquascaped tank set up. This is an update to my hardscape post HERE

You’ll notice that I got a different rimless tank. I wasn’t happy with the number of stocking options a 5g tank was going to limit me to, so I found a slightly larger (and $$$) option. Also, now I’ve got an extra tank laying >:) I’m super stoked with how it turned out but I might setup CO2 in the future to get it to really pop. I’ll put specs for the tank below since I always find that helpful from other posters. Almost everything was bought through Amazon (since North America sucks for aquascaping materials):

Tank: Landen 10.7 Gallon Rimless

Light: Fluval Planted 3.0 Nano LED (Petsmart purchase)

Filter: Penn Plax Cascade 500

Lily Pipes: JARDLI Glass Lily Pipe

Heater: Tetra Submersible Heater 50W

Substrate: Fluval Stratum (Petco purchase)

Inert Substrate: Carib Sea ACS05839 Super Natural

Some kind of rock from my LFS, spider wood

Seachem Excel: .75ml every morning before the lights come on / Seachem Flourish: .75 ml twice a week

8 hours of light/day

Plants (sorry, I don’t know Latin names, and I’m lazy):
Java Fern, Anubias (of varying kinds), Java Moss, Christmas Moss, Dwarf Hair Grass, Micro Chain Sword, Crypts, Subulata (?) (the tall grassy one in the back right)

1 Dwarf Gourami, 5 Ember Tetras, 1 Otocinclus, 2 Ghost Shrimp (if they haven’t gotten eaten yet)

u/davidoffbeat · 8 pointsr/Aquascape

ITS A TRAP - or at least it seems like a gamble with a sketchy newly built website (registered 2 weeks ago), a decent company would've put a little more effort into a business name than "4aquarium" the site is nothing but generic ebay/no-name products...their facebook is like 2 days old...

As someone mentioned below it was "free" but had $5.50 shipping...

Here is the same product for $3.92 plus free shipping on Amazon.

It has this high quality about us section..."The shop was created to help people to get a aquarium stuff easiest way."

Plus this website is getting posted by some sketchy reddit user that uses multiple accounts to spam his youtube channel all day.

u/weenie2323 · 2 pointsr/Aquascape

Very good idea to get the plants growing well before adding fish, you may need to add some fertilizer since there will be no fish poop(nature's fertilizer) yet. I strongly suggest you buy a water testing kit and using your testing results to guide when to add fertilizer(nitrates below 20ppm) and how much water to change per week(nitrates above 20ppm). The Spec V is a nice little tank, I have 3 of them. As long as you are committed to doing regular water changes(try starting at about 25% per week) you could have a small group(8-10) very small species of fish like the Green Neon Tetra or the Chili Rasbora. Doing a weekly water changes on a Spec literally takes less than 10min:)

u/ricamac · 1 pointr/Aquascape

I am quite happy with the following (I use on a 10 gallon and a 3 gallon at the same time using a T-fitting and two diffusers and two indicators):

Diffuser @$16.99 ea

This diffuser is good for hanging on the side of your tank. There are many others to choose from.

7 day timer @$14.65 (Three prong plug for regulator solenoid):
You DO NOT want to let it run overnight because they say it will suffocate your fish.

CO2 indicator @#17.89 (need one for each tank)

CO2 proof tubing @#9.99 (regular tubing may leak CO2!)

Regulator with bubble counter and solenoid @$69.99 (Yes, this one works great at that price)

Adaptor fitting to get regulator attached to a paintball tank @$9.90 (I had to modify this part, so pay attention):

Paintball tank @$21.49

Dicks Sporting Goods will refill for $5 using your tank.

The issue with the adaptor is that the one I got had a bleed-off relief hole too far down in the threads such that the hole was exposed even when the tank was fully screwed in because the thread depth on the tank was shallow (fewer turns total) compared to the adaptor, Had to plug and re-drill the hole.

You should at least look at these components as part of your evaluation.

u/pillowfortsclub · 1 pointr/Aquascape

If you want to see if your betta will accept a more natural-looking sleeping place, you could try this Zoo Med floating log. Mine love them! I would just add it in, give it a month or so, and see if he switches over or still prefers the basket.

u/n8rsgonnan8 · 1 pointr/Aquascape

I just went to a tank system, its only been set up for about a week. I'm using a paintball tank. This seemed easiest for refills, only $5 at Dick's. This is all the equipment I got for it:

The regulator came with a bubble counter/check valve which was a nice little surprise. I then bought 10 or 20 feet of tubing from The Home Depot for $5.00. Make sure you get thread tape to seal things up, I initially did not use it and it leaked a lot.

I've been running for a week and so far so good, I have the solenoid plugged in to the same timer as my light.

u/Qxzy-unbv2 · 7 pointsr/Aquascape

I just bought a 17 gallon tank Fire Aqua and a Fluval Light. The fluval light is the new bluetooth one and looks amazing. You can choose the sunrise, and sunset with your phone which automates things for you.

Here's some advice. Rocks, substrate, tools, plants, and wood is expensive. So don't be surprised at a hefty bill when you get what you want. Do some research on how much substrate you can put in the tank. I wasn't sure how thick I was able to lay it at the bottom, and I don't think I did enough. Research how you can give the tank more depth by adding height in certain areas and proper ways to do that. (Maybe lay down big rocks firs then add substrate over top) to create a mound.

Get a complete testing kit. I forgot to get one and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. Also some ammonia to start your tank cycle when it starts to get cloudy. Info here.

Depends really what your budget is. My light costed more than the tank itself, and all the other stuff doesn't come cheap. Especially plants and decor.

Let me know if you have more questions.

u/ZZZ_123 · 2 pointsr/Aquascape

I would say CO2 is more of a lifestyle than a cure. Its a big commitment in my mind but then I haven't tried it.

UV is easy to set up and you should see results in a week. if not just return it for a full refund within 30 days.

u/davr2x · 2 pointsr/Aquascape

Root tabs are root fertilizing tabs/pills that are recommended when using inert substrates like sand and gravel, since those don’t have the nutrients other products, like soil or Aquasoil, have.

u/CostarMalabar · 1 pointr/Aquascape

after inspection it's seem to be a Seachem Ammonia Alert thing
here is a amazon link for the product !

u/sl1pperyp1ckle · 5 pointsr/Aquascape

You could get some better substrate...

CaribSea Eco-Complete 20-Pound Planted Aquarium, Black

u/xXJuanSanXx · 1 pointr/Aquascape

capping the dirt with sand as well as using a turkey baster like this to knock the dirt off the leaves immediately followed by a WC will help a lot.

u/jquack2 · 3 pointsr/Aquascape

So here is roughly what I was thinking with the java moss foreground planting and the accent stones and here is the link for the plastic mesh and these are the lead strips that I was talking about.

This is a tutorial I found that show how to make the mats that I was talking about.