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u/vit29 · 40 pointsr/AskOuija

Don't worry too much OP. The Semen Bartender's Handbook will help you find an delectable drink for your special occasion.

u/Lvl100Magikarp · 8 pointsr/AskOuija

will this suffice? looks pretty hot

u/lordnibblets · 16 pointsr/AskOuija

Hop on pop is a children’s book wrote by Dr. suess. Here you go, you can buy it if you want.

u/RubberMan00 · 1 pointr/AskOuija

Bottles & weapons are easy starters.

I have it all here;

(Also available in paperback :D)

u/Secret_Lies · 1 pointr/AskOuija

His most common and repeated prediction - his main theme - is the military invasion of Europe by an alliance of Islamic nations in the early 21st century. Read Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe if interested -
His "greatest" prediction, for detail and accuracy, is a rambling commentary on the collapse of the Soviet Union and the role of Pope John Paul II and the "peace between the children of opposite ideas" that followed the end of the cold war. He described the "miserable daughter" of Mother Russia lasting 73 years and 7 months, just as Encyclopedia Britannica did. If more interested in that, read the same author's previous Nostradamus book - but it's out of print now.

u/NiceIce · -1 pointsr/AskOuija

Perhaps, at least until they come in contact with laws that have been warped by feminism to demonize men. Feminism is a hate movement.

I'm not sure you realize how much Feminists hate men.

This is a book by a feminist. Be sure to read the comments!