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u/QuantumDisruption · 3 pointsr/Asthma

I feel you, this is almost exactly my situation minus the basement and arthritis. The only thing you can really do is go to extraordinary lengths to keep the basement clean and allergen safe. If it is a large room, you might need another air purifier (make sure they're HEPA filters). Seal off your door with something like weather strips and floor draft blocker to keep the allergens out. If there are windows, look into what you can do to make sure they are air-tight as well. I have literally duct-taped the frames of my windows before when allergy season was peaking.

Running a humidifier and keeping the room at ~45% humidity also helps me, but you have to be careful as humidified/uncirculated air can cause mold growth. If the humidity is a problem, look into getting your own de-humidifier. Amazon has a really small one for ~$35 that might be better than nothing.

For the GERD, I've found that dietary changes are the only thing that really helps me. I'm taking prilosec right now and generally have to take a Tums in the evening, but staying away from fatty food is what helps me maintain the symptoms the most. I wish I could help more than that because I know a lot of this seems like common sense. But yeah, my symptoms only started improving when I made physical changes to my room: sealed the door, blocked the AC vent completely (something about it was actually triggering my asthma more when it would run), taped around the perimeter of my window frame except where I need to open it, and make sure to clean dust under my bed/around the room once a week.

Also, get a NetiPot or something equivalent and use distilled water to rinse your sinuses daily. It's imperative that you only use distilled water with the salt mixture packets the nasal rinse things come with. That has helped my allergies tremendously.

edit: this is the sinus rinse kit I got

Just get the pack of 50 salt packets and you're good to go. I believe they also sell a starter pack with the 50 salt packets included. I can't stress enough how much this has helped me personally with allergies.

u/0io- · 2 pointsr/Asthma

You should go back in. Things like allergies and infections can make asthma worse. If you have indoor air-quality issues and a small place the little UVC air purifiers work great (for me, at least.) They kill mold spores before they can reproduce. (Could be the best $29 you ever spend). You can also try washing your sinuses and throat out with salt water. Read up on nasal lavage and jalai neti. If you're getting sinus infections frequently that can be a huge help too. Good luck to you! Hope you are feeling better soon!

And what you describe does sound a lot like asthma, so it's not an obvious misdiagnosis.

u/CaptMorgan74 · 1 pointr/Asthma

I have 3 of these and 2 of these. We have the bigger ones positioned throughout the house, and the smaller ones on each side of the bed. They work pretty well, and seem to be pretty energy efficient. I also buy high quality filters for our HVAC.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Asthma

Talk to your doc. Use warm mist humidifiers at home/office. Keep a scarf over your nose, mouth, and ears when you are outside in the cold- trust me, it helps.

You can also try a nebulizer with just saline (which can help a bit!)

u/kayemm36 · 3 pointsr/Asthma

One good thing to do is get a decent quality dust mask like this one and wear it while you give the place a thorough dusting, scrub-down, vacuum, and then air it out, before moving your stuff in. Use wet wipes to dust instead of a duster, since they trap dust instead of just flinging it into the air. Make sure you get the blinds, the windowsills and windows, the tops of doors and doorways, all vents, and the baseboards. Take breaks when you need to.

Then, as you move, do the same thing to your stuff. Dust your furniture with wet wipes, since moving it kicks up a lot of dust no matter how thoroughly you regularly clean. It may be a good idea to also use either nasal filters or wear a mask for a day or two until all the moving dust settles. Doing this should help a lot.

u/Irishtrauma · 2 pointsr/Asthma

Pepcid is a specific ant acid in that it helps reduce prostAglandin - it’s an h2 antagonist

These might be helpful for you and your doctors:

It’s more than just taking drugs. It’s also addressing lifestyle, dietary and environmental factors.

Back to just asthma: if you got steroids and a lot of nebulized albuterol it’s very stimulating and can really tax the adrenals. Might I suggest adding some adrenal cortex to see if that helps pick you up

u/gfpumpkins · 1 pointr/Asthma

So? I'm talking about something like this. Worked great in our two bedroom apartment.

u/tunacanstan81 · 2 pointsr/Asthma

I have severe persistent asthma and cut grass and smoke are my big triggers. A hepa filter is a godsend this is a link to the one I use and It, alongside my meds helps when my crazy redneck neighbor gets smoky.

I hope this helps



u/mesquitoes · 1 pointr/Asthma

It's definitely a bit weird, but what worked for me was supplementing with food grade diatomaceous earth. It works miracles for clearing up acne and excess lung mucous, pretty much overnight. Here's a link to the stuff on Amazon

u/cheungster · 2 pointsr/Asthma

The only thing I guess i can recommend is the air filter. I keep it on 24/7 on low and it picks up all the dust and bad stuff in my bedroom. Without it I would wake up snorting and with an itchy feeling in the back of my throat. I'm sure it's mostly allergies but dust can have a huge effect on your asthma.

Hopefully it's not against the rules to link products...

u/Crrttopgal · 1 pointr/Asthma

My pulmonologist recommended a nasal irrigation system after my asthma flared up due to post nasal drip and sinusitis. I've used it 3 times so far and for the first time in months I can breathe out of both nostrils. I've heard it can be good as a daily cleaner to get pollen out of your nose. This is the one I bought.

u/trtsmb · 1 pointr/Asthma

A spacer is a plastic tube that goes between the inhaler and your mouth. It's designed to make it easier to get the maximum meds into your lungs. has a pic of a spacer.

This is a power lung -

If you have higher t than normal, it probably actually eases your breathing to some degree.

u/lepurplegiraffe · 2 pointsr/Asthma

I had this one for years before I moved

Surround Air Multi Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier with HEPA/Carbon/Pre-Filter and Germicidal UV lamp

It seemed to help because I was living with a smoker at the time.

u/PrincessPnyButtercup · 1 pointr/Asthma

I couldn't find much either. Found this patch though: I HAVE ASTHMA Medical Alert Symbol 2.5 inch Sew-on Patch

u/crapshack · 1 pointr/Asthma

Yes, by allergy shots I mean immunotherapy. On the allergy tests, dust mites are my really big one. I think certain animals will trigger allergies more than others. I have 3 dogs in my house right now (dogsitting for my parents). My little one doesn't cause me allergies, but the two big ones are awful.

Yes it's really cold in winter. We got our first snow last night. My asthma also gets worse when it is cold outside. I think it's from running the furnace, and not opening the windows for fresh air. Your skin gets dry, and that dead skin is food for dust mites. Running a humidifier is helpful, or taking a hot bath with eucalyptus scented bubbles can help too.

When you're in that state you panic you need to try to calm down - breathe slowly, in through your nose (if you can) and out throught your mouth. I usually close my eyes. Get into the best spot in your house - for me it's the bathroom, it's cool in there and there isn't any fabric to hold dust or dander. I even tell myself in my head, "You're okay, just breathe slowly.." I also will use more of my rescure inhaler than the instructions say, if it's not helping. When I go to the hospital for an attack they put a mask on me that is a mix of oxygen and ventolin, and there's so much it makes a cloud around me. If the two puffs on the instructions don't help, I'll take two more, and 5 minutes later, two more. But if you're freaking out that might not be a good idea for you.

u/neko819 · 2 pointsr/Asthma

I know some people think they look weird but I live in Asia where the air quality is horrible. I use the Resrpo masks and it makes all the difference. If it's just the cold (and not the pollution/pollen/etc), maybe just try a paper filter mask or something like this. Seriously though the respro looks odd but works soooo well.

u/girlinthegoldenboots · 2 pointsr/Asthma

It could be that there is a lot of dust/mold from the apartment or even some cat hair in the air. Get an air purifier and sad if that helps. I recommend this one: Germ Guardian AC4820 22” True...

I live in an old apartment with a dog and a cat and I was having terrible attacks (like coughing so hard you vomit) and we bought a couple of these and now I haven’t had a bad attack in weeks!

PS: don’t get rid of the cat