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u/D_Bat · 2 pointsr/Audi

You can do what I'm doing. I bought a cheap bluetooth adapter linked below. It plugs into an AUX port and is powered be 12v/cigarette lighter. What I'll be doing is cutting off those plugs and wiring it behind the dash directly into the AUX input wires behind the plug. This way I can still plug things into the AUX for anything but still do the bluetooth device into it. This device auto connects and is for both iPhones and Androids. Music quality is great. I'm no audiophile though and my 2008 Tundra speakers aren't super duper or anything.

If you want to go 100% wireless which is great then get the link below too if your phone supports wireless charging. I love car docks because they are a million times safer than putting your phone down in your center console. They keep your eyes on the road while still being able to see the phone. Also it's super useful with the WAZE app and GPS.

To power that device I bought the product below. It's a 12v to 5v convertor to power a USB port with 3amps of power. This will be behind the dash and I'll be wiring it to the other product below to add a USB port to my A-pillar. This way I'll have a very short wire going from my A-Pillar to my car-dock so that there are no wires really visible in the vehicle interior. :)

u/brp · 2 pointsr/Audi

I have had the 9500ix for 4+ years now and it's been working pretty well. It's saved me from at least 4-5 tickets. As /u/13489194 stated below though, there are newer models out there that work better and are worth a few extra bucks. What I've noticed in the past few years is a very annoying increase in false positives with all the new cars that have side radar blind spot detection.

I mounted mine up on the top of the windshield a few inches below the headliner and to the right of the rearview mirror. It doesn't obstruct my view, and only prevents the passenger sunshade from fully opening a bit.

What you want to do is get a hardwire cable, a tap-a-fuse, and a trim tool and just gently pull on the trim and use the plastic trim tool (aka bone tool) to push the wire in behind the trim, down the A-pillar, and then into the fuse box. Not sure about the S6, but on my A5, it made it easier getting it down the A pillar to remove the "Airbag" plastic cover piece that covers up a Torx screw, and slightly unscrew the cover over the pillar so you can more easily fish it in.

Hardwire that bad boy into a fuse that is only on when the car's ignition is on, such as the Homelink Garage door opening or something. I dunno about the S6, but on my A5 there are fuse panels on both the passenger and driver's side. I put mine on the driver's side so that I can mount the little mute button assembly w/ the included velcro right below the headlight switch assembly. I can easily and quickly mute it as well as see the flashing light while driving.

Some stuff I'd recommend:

Escort Max 360 Detector

Hardwire adapter unit (no need for the bluetooth one as the Max has bluetooth built into it now)

Tape a fuse

Trim tools to fish the wire in

Other common tools you'll need would be a screwdriver, Wire Crimper/Stripper, and a socket to punch down the ground connection in the fuse panel.

Also, you'll want to be running the Waze application when driving as it will notify you of police locations reported by users. That's saved me a lot, especially when they aren't using radar or are using laser.

u/GohnGalt · 1 pointr/Audi

/u/VeryCleverMoose okay, so this is the aux/30-pin cord that I bought and this is the adapter you need to go with it. There are dozens of things on amazon that are virtually the same, you just have to look through the reviews and questions and usually people say what it fits. Also, you will need a set of radio removal keys, I paid a few extra for ones that don't bend so easily here.

    1. Put a nice and thick towel over your center console. Sit in the passenger seat.
    1. Insert a removal key into each slot with the angled part facing outwards until they click. Don't push until you bottom out. This isn't Brazzers.
    1. With all 4 keys in, use a friend's help or use your thumb and pinky to grab a top and bottom key with each hand so the force is spread evenly between all four keys. Once the radio is loose, pull it out a bit and then - I needed a small flatblade screwdriver to help - depress the catch on the back of the radio to free each key.
    1. Gently pull the radio completely forward and let it rest on the towel.
    1. See the big 20 or whatever pin plug on the bottom right of the back of the radio (if you are looking directly at the back of the radio)? Unplug it, and plug it into the orange adapter.
    1. Get a small zip tie and jumble up the 30-pin cord on the aux jack dongle. You don't want to nicely coil it however as this can create radio noise.
    1. Unscrew a suitable screw on any clean metal on the back of the radio- may want to use a magnetic tipped screwdriver so you don't drop it. Put the grounding wire over the hole and screw the screw back in - make sure it's tight as you want a good connection.
    1. Take the weird plug from the 30-pin/aux dongle (which is in our case blue) and slide it onto the adapter plug (green in this case)
    1. Plug that assembled connector into the spot where you originally removed the 20-pin plug, it should click IIRC.
    1. Put the 30-pin/aux dongle in the back of the radio cavity, and feed the aux jack right across the center of the opening. Open your little tray/drawer. There should be a slot that goes into it, and you can slip the aux jack through. Feed what you can through the opening, don't worry about coiling it into the drawer yet.
    1. While keeping the aux cord taught and flat in the opening, slide the radio back into the hole. The aux cord should be down in the recessed channel in the center and the radio should slide right in over top of it.
    1. You're done. Just be careful coiling up the cord so you don't jam the drawer up, and you will have to slam it a little bit so that it stays shut. Press the CD button when you want to use the aux jack as the input. It works perfectly, and only a tiny bit of static/noise from the engine when using the aux jack, and only if you're playing something dead quiet.
u/tfof · 1 pointr/Audi

Get a socket and wrench set What I got

Get torx bits What I got

I got the Haynes Audi A4 book but everyone suggests the Bentley manual, I don't know which is better, I just know that the Haynes helps a bit and is ~100USD less expensive

Jack and Jack stands

35mm or 36mm socket for the oil filter. WIG

That ought to get you through a good chunk of work. Cost me ~200USD for that. Although I did get other things for the car like;

Triple square bits What I got

1/2in breaker bar

Sockets for the 1/2in breaker bar

Security bit set What I got ,Used it to replace a few sensors

Yeah, that's it. The extras ran me ~90usd more

u/untitled-1 · 2 pointsr/Audi

If your car has aux in you can use something like this. It has a mic built in and can play music and call through your speakers. I have an older junker version of this from Belkin, it's great nonetheless. Surprisingly great sound quality.

Edit: it needs a cigarette lighter jack so be ready for that. My A4 has the aux in and power port in the arm rest compartment so it was perfect.

u/kstrike155 · 2 pointsr/Audi

IF you have an iPhone:

You can easily get bluetooth streaming with your factory head unit using a CoolStream or Tune2Air 1000 (if you have the factory iPod cable) or Tune2Air 3000 (if you don't).

I only have experience with the Tune2Air. It will provide very limited control of Spotify/Pandora. You can pause, fast forward, and rewind, but you can't change tracks (next or previous). It will show track information, but only if you hit the "info" button on the MMI. I've been happy, but wish I could do next/previous tracks. Certainly not a deal breaker. But it does provide full control of your local library on your iPhone, just like a normal iPod is connected.

u/EichSnipe · 1 pointr/Audi

I use this one because it records forwards and backwards. They’re super easy to install if you’re just plugging into the 12V outlet. I mounted it on the passenger side of the rear view mirror, so it’s hidden from my view. The cord is fully tucked away under the ceiling, run down the door under the weather stripping, looped under the glove box, and finally plugged in. Completely invisible except at the outlet. Do yourself a favor and get a nice plastic tool like the second link.

u/pap3rw8 · 2 pointsr/Audi

I use an adapter called Tune2Air and it plugs right in to the AMI. It works great for me with both android and iPhone (with wifi off). The track info shows on the dash and skip buttons work even with Google Play Music on my iPhone. It works more reliably than a Lightning cable, and the occasional hiccup can be solved by reconnecting.

I got it in amazon, it was under $65.
Here: ViseeO Tune2Air WMA3000A Bluetooth Adapter

I can pretty much guarantee that a normal USB dongle wouldn't work at all.

u/betterusername · 1 pointr/Audi

Ross tech makes a great cable with software (Windows) included, but they go from $$$ to $$$$$. You can buy a cheap OBDII bluetooth interface like this one (works pretty well) and an app like Torque pro or Carista (expensive monthly subscription required for anything beyond actually OBD2 protocol codes), but it's not as full featured as Ross Tech's.

You can also look on something like AudiZine for someone near you, or take it to any Audi specialty shop.

What are you trying to do with it?

u/LoungeFlyZ · 1 pointr/Audi

I recently bought a 2011 S4 Premium Plus + sports rear diff ... looks almost exactly the same (tri spoke wheels and all). I love this car... a lot!

This seems like a pretty decent price considering the mileage. Mine had 40k on the clock, but was a few thousand cheaper.

Certified Pre-Owned is a MUST in my opinion, or a really good after market warranty.

Only thing that bugged me was no Bluetooth streaming, but that is easily solved with one of these.

u/VertexAudio · 3 pointsr/Audi

Ya, it's fairly easy. Use a company like, who have the best prices and often include free accessories for the install like wiring harnesses dash kits and antenna adapters.

The two things you will need to be aware of is that you will need the "keys" to get the radio out. They don't tend to come with the gear but you can usually take your car to your local shop and they will have keys and remove it for a few bucks. The next thing, to get an accessory wire, you must run a fusetap over to the fuse box on the driver side and tap into something that turns on and off with the car, like wipers.

u/RoboKAOS · 1 pointr/Audi

2010 S5 with the 4.2 V8 and a six speed manual here.

Drivetrain wise, this has been the most reliable car I’ve ever owned. No issues with the engine/transmission. There is a lot of chatter out there online regarding carbon build up since it’s a direct injection engine, but I’ve never had a cleaning done (and I’ve asked my dealer multiple times if they felt I should get it done; bought the car with 28k miles on it in 2014, and it’s at 73k now). I feel like if I hold onto it for much longer I may force the issue with the dealer.

Can’t speak to the oil filter, I’ve always had shops do mine.

The only recurring problem I’ve had is the sunroof drains in the A pillars. Over 4 years of ownership, I’ve had both the driver and passenger side drain go wonky and cause leakage into the cabin. The repairs were sizable, since they had to take apart the sunroof due to it being non retractable (~$700 each time, mostly labor).

Realistically I think I’m averaging somewhere around 18/19 with mixed driving.

The V8 model natively supports Bluetooth calls, but if you want Bluetooth music, you can get one of these adapters and plug it into the MMI jack. Works pretty flawlessly.

u/emceegull · 1 pointr/Audi

This is what you want. You can be paired to the audi's bluetooth for phone audio and contact sharing and paired to this device for media audio at the same time. It won't show the track names for android, but it will appear as a media source, and you will be able to play your music through it and go fwd and backward with tracks. As for charging your phone, just use a regular usb charger in the console, then you don't have to mess with the glove box. I hope this helps.

u/ItsMTC · 3 pointsr/Audi

If you have a premium then no, you cannot with stock. If you have a premium plus you can, but I'm sure guides online can help with that. If you don't have it stock I found those Bluetooth Audi MMI iPod 30 pin connectors work well; specifically this is the one I use in my Audi A4 2013:

Bluetooth Adapter for Audi and Volkswagen iPod iPhone AMI Cable - CoolStream CarPro

Just make sure you have the Audi 30 pin MMI connector, as that one and most others don't have it included. Or if Bluetooth is too risky just get an MMI to Aux 1/8 connector.

u/jfduke3 · 1 pointr/Audi

For some reason some audis are like that. Voice only I have a 2012 S4 and bought this $20 device and it works perfectly. Might fit your car too.
Moker AMI MMI Bluetooth Streaming Adapter

u/fallenbuddhist · 3 pointsr/Audi

Looks great, but speaking as someone with those can be a real PITA.

If you're not already using it, Sonax makes a pretty nice product that will save you a bunch of time getting in between those grooves.

u/absolutarin · 1 pointr/Audi

If you're sure that the 30-pin adapter is working properly, try this one rather than plugging your phone to the insanely short cable in the glove box.

It looks like a good solution to me.

u/False_Sheppard · 1 pointr/Audi

I found two different socket sets by Neiko. One for XZN sockets and one for Torx sockets. Would you consider these good quality? They aren't terribly pricey and have gotten very good reviews it seems.

u/jonnyt88 · 1 pointr/Audi

Has plenty of wire length so you can tuck them away yet put the Mic/Transmisser somplace you want it. Also this piece has a next/previous track buttons. The power adapter has a USB slot so you can still charge your phone off of it. I liked it so well, I bought another one when I bought my wagon as I didn't feel like ripping the console out of my previous car to retrieve it. I have android and iPhone and use spotify + phone calls.

Otherwise, it works great

u/kobazik · 1 pointr/Audi

Don't want to spend too much but will this one be any good? Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter, Scanner and App with Dealer Level Technology according to their website my A3 8V 2017+ face-lift is supported. ODB Eleven Standard is 3x more expensive

u/kcirenim · 1 pointr/Audi

Cool Stream Car Pro is what I use. I like how it automatically picks up when I turn on the car. Quality is good. Switching through songs I can go previous and next. But, I don't see any track or artists names.

u/PancakeZombie · 1 pointr/Audi

I assume you have an MMI 2G radio. Easiest way to listen to music would be to get a AUX- or USB-cable for the Music Interface (the clunky plug in the glove compartment, looks like this), There are variants with USB (and both) as well. I get my 2009 A4 today, that cable was the first thing i ordered.

^(That should be a simple way to hear calls as well.)

u/h3rwig · 1 pointr/Audi

You want this. This will sync with Audi's AMI and you'll be able to stream music from your phone via Bluetooth and it will display your track information in your car.

It works much better with iPhones as far as displaying track info goes however. It functions perfectly on Android, just no track info.

u/the_JCru · 2 pointsr/Audi

I’ve got this Bluetooth adapter in my 2011 Q5! I love it! It allows the MMI to still control the music and works seamlessly!

[](Bovee Bluetooth Car Kit for AUDI, VW, MB - Music Interface Adaptor for in car iPod Integration (WMA3000A AMI/MDI/MMI connector)

u/diasfordays · 1 pointr/Audi

I'm fairly certain audio streaming was not yet supported on the 2012 models. You'll need something like this to connect to the iPod adapter (for the AMI unit) in your glove box. If you don't have the one that came with the car, they're something like $20 online.

u/AlbaniaisRome · 2 pointsr/Audi

So it looks like im gonna have to pull the CD-Changer, which I dont mind. I dont even own any CDs. After I do that something like this should work?

u/hammerclam · 2 pointsr/Audi

I have a 2010 S4. Lately I have been running Liqui Moly 5W40. It's a full synthetic german oil, meets the 50200 spec, is cheaper than the audi spec alternatives - and free shipping off amazon!

u/Samuelson310 · 2 pointsr/Audi

Picked this up for my B8 S4, works like a charm. My iPhone will connect to both the Audi MMI for phone calls AND this bluetooth plugin for music.

u/taxcheat · 5 pointsr/Audi

Sonax Full Effect

4.4 stars from 800 scamazon reviews. Works great.

u/PntBtrHtr · 2 pointsr/Audi

This has worked great in my 09 A4
ViseeO Tune2Air WMA3000A Bluetooth Adapter

u/ErockR32 · 1 pointr/Audi

I have the Tune 2 air I got for my TTS a month ago.

Everything works fine. Get in car it starts playing music. I can use soundcloud mixcloud whatever I want. It also retains my normal Bluetooth functionality for phone calls. Pauses music to answer. Once the call has hung up it takes a second or two but the music starts playing again.

u/AcidKyle · 1 pointr/Audi

Bovee WMA3000A+ HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Adaptor for in car iPod Integration (AMI/MDI Connector)
You’re welcome.

u/jayhay · 1 pointr/Audi

I am picking up my first Audi (2008 S5) tomorrow and would also like to know if Tune2Air is working with iOS 8.2.

Some are saying it works, others not...

u/bella_sm · 1 pointr/Audi

Thx for the info guys, I was actually thinking of this:

Anyone tried it?

u/tgazelle19 · 1 pointr/Audi

As it is, it won't be able to play music over Bluetooth, all it supports is conversations over phone. The only way I was able to stream music over Bluetooth was with an aftermarket device plugged into the media socket.

You can find one here

Even then, it's unreliable. Sound cuts out and it's completely impossible to select songs through your MMI controls.

u/JsmooVE3990 · 1 pointr/Audi

It's been great so far except it's a 2009 and I can connect my phone for bluetooth calling but not for bluetooth music and I bought this ami cable with an aux cord and it didn't work. thinking about getting this but It's so expensive.

u/ThePandaPanic · 2 pointsr/Audi

Have this car and the Bluetooth thing bummed me out. I found a little receiver thing you can plug in to the iPod cable in the glovebox that you can use to play music over Bluetooth. You should already have a phone only version of Bluetooth for you car. (Standard feature IIRC)

Bluetooth thingy.

u/bdnicho · 1 pointr/Audi

I got one of these Grom Audio units for my 2007.5 A4. It plugs in to the external CD changer port of the stock head unit. I didn't have an external CD changer, so no big deal for me. I'd you do have one you'll have to decide if it's worth losing it, or if you want to go with something else.

As for the unit itself, it mimics a CD and doesn't provide track or artist info on the display, but it does work with the steering wheel controls.

Installation is very easy. Order yourself a set of these stereo keys and you can have the unit installed in 15 minutes. No tools required.

u/chrisbru · 2 pointsr/Audi

I have a 2012 a4 with the old iPhone 30 pin connector in the glovebox. If you have the same connection, I got this Bovee 1000 Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Adapter for in Car iPod Integration

It is a little pricey, but works flawlessly and I can still use the MMI to control my music and see the song details and such.

u/clippers13 · 2 pointsr/Audi

Hey I just got the same car as you like 4 days ago! Yes it is a super annoying truth but no you can not play music through bluetooth. Buy this and you will be able to. I got one and it should arrive tomorrow. I will tell you how it works if you want.

u/vigillan388 · 3 pointsr/Audi

Everyone recommends the ViseeO Tune2Air. I plan on picking one for myself for my 09.

u/chrisdazzo · 1 pointr/Audi

Most will recommend the Bovee WMA3000A:

An MMI unit is upgradable, but not without a major cost involved. The MMI controls too much of the car functionality aside from just your media.

u/Barrenhammer · 3 pointsr/Audi

Yes you need a vcds cable to get to the hidden menu. I don't know about activating Bluetooth through that, but here is what I use.

ViseeO Bovee WMA3000A Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Adaptor for in car iPod Integration (AMI/MDI connector)

u/yunganus · 1 pointr/Audi

If you have the iPod AMI connector my solution was a $30 bluetooth receiver from Amazon made by Moker. No issues other than the fact that the AMI port does not provide power so I just ran the thin wire out of the glovebox to a cigarette lighter charger next the ashtray.

u/SVF1997 · 2 pointsr/Audi

ViseeO Tune2air WMA1000 -...

I got this for my 2011 A5, never had any problems with it.

u/Mill3241 · 2 pointsr/Audi

Depending on how much work and money you want to put into this, you can get a Dension Gateway and this bluetooth adapter

u/ramon13 · 1 pointr/Audi

>Get one of these. I use it in my 2011 S4 all the time.

Hey so I am finally looking at this since my SiriusXM is expired now. Does it support android stuff because I despise apple and it just says iPhones and iPods.

u/complexery · 3 pointsr/Audi

I haven't bought one, but I've heard that this works great. (plus it makes it bluetooth). Your car has two bluetooth connections with your car, for the phonecalls, and for the music. From your cars perspective it is still getting music from an iPod.

I found this info at audizine a few months back, so do a search there.

u/frenchcece · 1 pointr/Audi

ViseeO Tune2air
This is what you are looking for. There are probably other devices out there that are similar to this one.

u/jaydotzee · 4 pointsr/Audi

The ipod-to-bluetooth adapter has to be a specific one. Unless the iOS software is present, Audi doesn't power the Bluetooth adapter, so it won't have electricity to turn on. I have the Viseeo Tune2Air because it mimicked iOS connection, Audi thinks I have an iPod/iPhone/iPad hooked up and powers the device and I connect Bluetooth for audio.

u/mguchi · 1 pointr/Audi

I use this with my AMI cable on my Audi 2009 B8 A4 that might work for you. Spotify works and my phone are both connected at the same time.

ViseeO Tune2air WMA1000 by ViseeO

u/TheBoosch · 3 pointsr/Audi

Most people that don't have the MMI with navigation get this:

Bovee 1000 Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Adapter for in Car iPod Integration

It connects to your current 30 pin connector and you can control the music from the car.

u/Scooter-Jones · 1 pointr/Audi

It doesn't. You can use the AMI cable to connect an iPhone in the glove box. You might need an adapter for the lightning cable. I got one of these for bluetooth streaming.

u/p94 · 2 pointsr/Audi

Get a Tune2Air. Will allow 2 connections to phone, one for calling and one for music. I have it and it works great.

As to why it allows one but not the other, there are different protocols for calling and streaming with bluetooth - unfortunately your Audi only came with the options for the calling protocol.

u/MasterGGM · 4 pointsr/Audi

Doesn't come with an AUX input and does not play Bluetooth audio.

I bought this:

u/treonetre · 2 pointsr/Audi

I bought one of these and it's been working well:

The only problem is it's an either-or situation, you can't answer phone calls on the MMI bluetooth if you're currently using the adapter.

u/SticksAndScones · 1 pointr/Audi

You’ll need to buy an adapter for the MMI system- if you look in your glove box, you can find the connector input to hook it up. Inconvenient but it works.

Bovee Wireless Car Kit for AUDI, VW, MB - Music Interface Adaptor for in car iPod Integration (WMA3000A AMI/MDI/MMI connector)

u/paulieparker · 2 pointsr/Audi

Please don't put any oil in other than what is specifically stated. That would really ruin your budget.

I buy my oil from Amazon for my Q5

Oil for Q5 at Amazon

u/LoneEcho6 · 1 pointr/Audi

2012 models dont support music Bluetooth streaming. That was introduced in 2013 models. I have a 2012 Audi S4 myself.

I bought an AMI to lightening port adapter. It's quite expensive around $120 and I have an ipod nano. I keep the ipod in the glovebox and can control everything through the MMI or from my center dashboard. Sort through playlists, artists, songs, album, etc..

Another option is this

You can buy this and it allows you to use spotify and if Im correct, change the song from your MMI but I could be wrong. I would do a bit of research on this bluetooth dongle to confirm all the functions available but I know a lot of people bought this and they say it works well.

u/______well_fuck__ · 2 pointsr/Audi

They make [suction cups for the front window] (, if that's your worry.

u/skylinrcr01 · 1 pointr/Audi

I feel you man. I have the 3.2, I guess the exhaust systems for our cars are the same. Remus makes one, it sounds good, but $1200 for a couple mufflers and some tubing seems ridiculous. AMI is easyish. I did a bit of research, and it yeilded me this site.

There is also this thing, which makes it possible to stream bluetooth to the AMI through A2DP, which is a minimal loss digital format. IE: no need for an iPhone or iPod to use AMI.

Aesteticly you can get a RS6 grille, I've heard mixed things about the ebay ones, but I think I'm going to give one a shot anyways, they are 1/4 the cost of a legit one, and if it fits horrible, I'll just go back to stock.

There are VCDS mods too, and other tweaks.