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u/flametex · 1 pointr/AustinClassifieds

Hey! I have a Lenovo yoga 3 pro with a brand new battery I could part with. Spec wise it would be pretty sweet for the price. The one I have is the same specs as the one listed here on amazon Only difference is mine has the m3 cpu vs the m5 of the same generation. Has been upgraded to windows 10 of course as well.

u/jazzguitarboy · 2 pointsr/AustinClassifieds

Kester 60/40 or 63/37 is always a good bet, but there are other good ones. The lead-free options have improved a lot as well. Just don't buy the el-cheapo Harbor Freight soldering kit and wonder why you can't get a good joint with the included solder.

u/Airatak · 1 pointr/AustinClassifieds

sweet! this is exactly what i was looking for, how much would your friend charge for this? i have this griddle and i would only want the flat side to be smooth.

u/dougmc · 3 pointsr/AustinClassifieds

If those are PC games, they'll be tied to your Blizzard and Steam accounts respectively and the box or whatever won't be worth much of anything. Unless you're selling the accounts ...

If they're console games, then I don't think that's an issue (but I'm not sure, the consoles seem to be trying to move in that direction too), but you should at least mention which console and give a price.

"Radeon R7" is too vague. I've got a Radeon R7 SSD, but I'm guessing you're selling a video card -- but there's a number of different Radeon R7 video cards.

edit: looks like the OP has put these things up for sale before, so some likely details can be had by clicking on his posting history.

u/phowe83 · 1 pointr/AustinClassifieds

I am trying to remove an Axel nut and have broken 2 breaker bars already. Borrowed a friends impact and it did nothing.

I found a person with a similar problem on reddit and this is the tool they ended up using. It costs about $60 so not super expensive, just not a tool I see myself using that much.

I have also heard this Dewalt model will most likely get the job done. So if anyone has one of those that would be helpful too. Thanks!

u/unknown_baby_daddy · 1 pointr/AustinClassifieds

It's this guy: link

I do have two spare used bulbs as well.

u/aponderingpanda · 2 pointsr/AustinClassifieds

Are you willing to move down on the price for the Corsair cooler? It's on amazon for $79.99

u/ImFromHereDamnit · 1 pointr/AustinClassifieds

For use as a PC monitor A DVI to HDMI video cable would work perfectly. The ones under $10 do not carry audio, but for a PC monitor setup it wouldn't really matter. Here's a 3 foot version for $5.01 shipped. As someone who uses a big ass HDTV as a monitor let me tell everyone how nice it is for reading, no more eye strain!