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u/Facu474 · 14 pointsr/BABYMETAL

BM website info

Facebook event


Date: July 2nd at 7PM (yes, right between the Japan shows)


Described as "Special show"

Poster - Cool little video announcement


Tickets (this link has the code already put it)

BABYMETAL Pre-Sale: Wednesday, April 24th at 10AM (BST - local time) (password:BM2019)

General On Sale: Friday, April 26th (BST - local time)

Stalls Standing (pit/floor): £53.25

Circle Unreserved (seats): £53.25

BABYMETAL VIP General Admission/BABYMETAL Gold Experience: £166.50

  • 1 Standing Room Only Floor Concert Ticket
  • 1 Commemorative VIP Laminate
  • 2 Exclusive gifts from BABYMETAL (provided at the show)
  • First Priority entry into the venue
  • Priority merch shopping

    BABYMETAL VIP seats/BABYMETAL Silver Experience: £166.50

  • 1 Balcony Reserved Seat Ticket
  • 1 Commemorative VIP Laminate
  • 2 Exclusive Gifts from BABYMETAL (provided at the show)
  • First Priority Entry Into The Venue
  • Priority Merchandise Shopping

    For those wondering, THE CHOSEN ONE ticket is not available for this show (via the BM VIP website).


    Venue info:

    Capacity: 4,921


    Last time they played this venue was in 2014 (November 8th) for the Back to the USA/UK Tour.

    It was later released on DVD as part of Live in London and BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 Apocalypse Limited Edition. Streaming: Part 1 - Part 2. Purchase: Amazon UK - Amazon US


    Support band's info:

    Amaranthe - Countdown

    Sleep Token: Article about them - Calcutta MV
u/jabberwokk · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

The Blu-ray itself is bare-bones but the two concerts are so worth it!

It was surprisingly easy to order on Amazon, just by choosing the site's own link to view in it English. The only potentially tricky part (if you didn't notice the option) is to make sure to chose the international shipping address. When it did ship I was notified, I was able to get the DHL tracking number from my Amazon account, and then have DHL send me shipping progress updates through the DHL site.

u/Neomet · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

Asmart! Lol just kidding.

But you will need a TheOne membership for the cool stuff like shirts and it sells out fast. You'll have to wait next year for that or try the UK and USA stores because it's more simple and less expensive but you have to be really fast when shirts appear (trust me on this, the Tshirt i tried to buy sold out in one day). Unfortunately, there's not a lot of stuff to buy from these stores.

Maybe you should try the Funko pop action figures.
It's easy to get and pretty cool for kids too :)

If you don't mind spending a lot of money, there is the Yahoo auctions but be careful with swindles.

u/Andry0 · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I recently bought these one

Pretty comfortable, I used them last time to the "Light this city" band concert (so pretty heavy music) with the low filter and it was a great experience.

u/icebalm · 7 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Hi yunoo! As a first time metal concert goer I think it's important to let you know that metal concerts are LOUD! So loud that they can induce temporary and/or permanent hearing damage. I highly recommend some musician grade ear protection. I use these but they don't have to be these, just something like them:

They don't muffle the sound, it's just like turning down the volume. Have fun at the show!

u/darksteel2291 · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

For more expensive orders such as concert disc releases, I tend to like using Amazon Japan since they have better pricing. Note the difference in price between Amazon Japan and CDJapan. Amazon's shipping is expensive but I've found for orders of multiple items it's better value for the speed you get. Keep in mind too the price of the item on Amazon Japan's site includes the 8% consumption tax that gets taken off the pricetag when it ships overseas since the tax applies to Japanse residents only.

u/netinl · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

In your case I would choose the shop that will give you the lowest overall cost and which will offer the shipping method to your liking. I have ordered stuff at all three shops in the past, and they're all very reliable.

A little comparison:

u/YeanLing123 · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

I don't know if it has been released in the west, but you can get it from the Japanese amazon (for Japanese blu-ray prices...)

At the bottom of the page you can switch the entire site to english to make ordering easier =)

u/rickwagner · 4 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Those aren't great, but are better than nothing.
I've been happy with these, although you can definitely get a set that's better quality, if usually more expensive.

u/crisuskeer · 4 pointsr/BABYMETAL

This is for a physical disc -- great for displaying!

The Amazon purchase should also include the mp3 downloads for free.

METAL RESISTANCE is currently $5.99

u/HTWingNut · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Best advice ever. I bought these and they work wonderfully.

u/The_Larchh · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I use these LiveMus!c earplugs. Works great and very comfortable.

u/tweettranscriberbot · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

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Here's another look at a @BABYMETAL_GN commission example. It's been a great joy to bring these to life.

Attached photo | imgur Mirror


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u/Andy-Metal · 8 pointsr/BABYMETAL

YES to London! That and Budokan are must haves due to their ease of availability and overall low price.

You're gonna have to venture over to or for the rest.

Legend I,D,Z

Legend 97, 99


Tokyo Dome

Metal Resistance Limited Edition CD/DVD. DVD comes with METROCK 2015 festival performance, serious knock your socks off concert!!

That's about it for stuff that can be had easily and without coma inducing sticker shock.

u/symsector · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Metal Resistance from But, maybe you could check with your local Amazon store domain if there is one, as e.g. on you will see this: "Price: £9.99 & FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20."

u/zounds_uk · 4 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Yeah, was sorry to read that in your thread.
Luckily mine turned up in the UK unharmed from Amazon US.
I got Su/Yui from one seller and Moa from another, cost me £117.00 including postage.

Might also be worth ordering Yui/Moa from Amazon UK here for £12.99 each (just in case they do find some from somewhere, will only be charged when/if dispatched):

u/Phantodragoon · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

I'd buy the Blu ray honestly, I'm not sure if you can have US amazon shipped to your location, but it's on sale for $22.99 USD right now.

Edit: Live in london is also pretty cheap.

u/Psulmetal · 3 pointsr/BABYMETAL

i got both mine from Amazon US. When I bought them Budokan was on back order as well, but it only took like a week. They are both reasonable in price too.

Edit: I ended up with the exact same German versions buying it from Amazon US BTW.

u/twoffo · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

Looks like GMB Chomichuk is at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo - C2E2 this weekend, in case anyone is heading that way.

Perhaps one of the Chosen Seven is there watching to make sure he doesn't reveal any of the Fox God's secrets.

Edit: The pre-order at Amazon US is at 21.10 currently. They have the pre-order guarantee. For those that don't know they charge you the lowest price listed from the time you pre-order until the time it ships.

u/Cadiazm · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

[New from £30 + delivery]

>Japanese original cardboard sleeve reissue of the second album by BABYMETAL. Comes with a bonus DVD featuring the same contents with the original one (subject to change). *The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.

u/IfTheseTreesCouldTal · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

Yo, just sent me an email and they have the Vinyl version of the English/ International release. So if you are looking to save some money if you are outside EU, go there

Quick Link: Make sure to select the Vinyl Option.

u/ein_myria · 3 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Amazon Japan. dvd | blu-ray

Usually cheaper than asmart and cdjapan but do note that sometimes tower records and/or hmv japan will have special release items. (eg: the last release had a guitar pick and/or poster that you didn't get with amazon and/or cdjapan)

u/daneguy · 3 pointsr/BABYMETAL

You can buy the Funkos on Amazon, so no, not that rare :P

Although Moametal is way more expensive than Su or Yui...

As for other merch, there are the The One editions for shirts, cd's etc, which are rarer than the regular ones.

However the rarest are signed items. IIRC they have done exactly ONE signing event, I think it might've been 2012, Singapore? Also there were signed copies of Metal Resistance at some festival in the States a couples of years ago. That's about it. So those would be the rarest I guess.


Legend 1997/9 is gonna be cheaper than IDZ.

edit, actually amazon have IDZ for a good price at the moment

u/american_daimyo · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Hope Metal Resistance will follow. The first band score was already almost only for the first album.

u/kranzx · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Thanks for the heads up.

Also, Budokan Blu-ray is only £13.99. Shipping is exactly the same as the CD.

u/Thejaff72 · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Headphones unfortunatly muffles the sound, you'll want instead something like Eargasm or HearSafe

They'll reduce volume by about 30db while retaining sound quality


BTW: There are special earplugs that are adjustable through different inserts. Using them for years now:

u/CavZee · 4 pointsr/BABYMETAL

It is

But it ended up being cheaper for me to import it. Syncopation is seriously one of my fav songs on Metal Resistance now. Can't wait to see a live version of it. *drools...

u/TweetsInCommentsBot · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL


> 2018-09-28 20:53 +00:00

> Look what arrived at the office today... the first of many! Can't wait for all of you to read what @BABYMETAL_GN and us cooked up. If you want to buy it

> or if your feeling fancy pants go for the deluxe edition


> #BABYMETAL #comics

>[Attached pic] [Imgur rehost]


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u/Jaxel-Metal · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Its legend 1997, if you want to buy it, it's on amazon but it's quite expensive:

If you just want to watch it look for it on the proshot spreadsheet, its there along with most other babymetal concerts ever recorded and relased:

The date and venue is 2013-12-21 Makuhari Messe event hall

u/quadra900 · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

It also includes some photos of their live performances according to the product page of

巻頭にはライブ写真を掲載し、アルバム『METAL RESISTANCE』までの代表曲12曲を一般的なバンド編成で演奏できるように、ライブ音源等をもとに譜面化したこのバンドスコアはファンのマストアイテムになること間違いなしです。

u/sodronez · 13 pointsr/BABYMETAL

at most concert you should wear an earplug to reduce the loudness


u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Did you click "See all 4 formats and editions"?

Anyway, here the link:

u/forensick13 · 3 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Amazon: Audio CD ($8.99)

It's a roundabout way to find because it's hidden in a dropdown with the import being the main version:

See all 4 formats and editions -> Audio CD dropdown -> 2nd option

u/MightMetal · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

The regular edition Blu-ray without the sticker is 6425 Yen

u/MannyVazquez93 · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

Also on Spotify and you can buy their album here.

u/onemetal · 5 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I don’t know why sells Kari band’s CD “Kari Ongen -DEMO-” that cheap, ¥553 approximately $5.


u/boots_in_puss27 · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

So I guess it's available for pre-order on the Japanese Amazon site?

Theyre just missing a pic, but I'd much rather order from Amazon since it's cheaper, and I don't have to worry about any other charges since they handle the rest.

u/aertyar · 1 pointr/BABYMETAL

It's also 2,99 on Amaon UK It's back to £9.99 and not sold by Amazon directly anymore (Sold by MediaMerchants).

MR is on 3,99 (Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). )

What's wrong with Amuse?

u/Sentimental_Night · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

You have quite a few options available to you.

  • Some might argue that the Japanese THE ONE Limited Edition is the version to go for (But you need to be a "THE ONE" member.
  • There's also the regular Japanese Limited Edition version which includes the bonus DVD (also available from other Japanese resellers; HMV, Tower, CDJapan, etc.)
  • The UK options are a bit poor as everyone wants a Mega Bundle containing the prints, dog tag and T-Shirt/Hoodie.
  • At least the US store does have the Mystery Bundle which obviously contains a T-Shirt/Hoodie of some kind but as the the other contents, who knows.

    Personally I've ordered THE ONE Limited Edition, a Limited Edition from Tower Records and a standard CD from Amazon just so I can have access to the album on release.

    I'm also hoping that the UK store sort out a Mega Bundle as I'll already have bought three copies of the album - I don't really want another three!

    If you're gonna choose one then I'd suggest the Japanese Limited Edition as there is no guarantee the US and UK versions will include the DVD.