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u/strawberry_ren · 2 pointsr/BALLET

It’s more of a hobby, not a business, we did those events on volunteer basis 90% of the time. But I’m working on starting an Etsy shop to sell my fiber arts (mostly embroidery, but who knows maybe one day I will sell yarn!)

Yeah, and port de bras are a bit different, the lines of the body are a bit different than in Cechetti (ie, instead of pointed feet, winged feet). This book would be great to check out if you’re interested:

Yeah, for sure, not everyone is cut out to be a pro stage performer. (I’m not, anyway!) you went to an art high school? That’s really cool!!

Oh I never took any exams outside of the studio, and those were technically for level placement (although really I’m sure our teachers could place us fine without them, it was also about getting us used to a formal audition like setting I think).

That sounds awesome!! Do you know if they offer drop in classes? (I mean, like could I come once or twice without buying a whole session?) I ask because I live a few hours away in Michigan and I’m actually planning to visit Toronto this summer for a short trip, fingers crossed (I’ve heard waaaaay too many stories about good Asian food, and have a few friends in the Waterloo area, but ballet tourism is up my alley haha!)

Yeah, it’s not so bad because I have many friends in the town where that YMCA is, and I volunteer there, etc, so I can make a Saturday trip there worth my time.

u/little-bird · 7 pointsr/BALLET

It's great that you're going back to ballet!

Do you still remember your barre exercises? Pliés, tendus, passés, battements, frappés, degajés, rondejambes, etc? Start by doing those simple steps in sets of 10 for each side, slowly and precisely. Make sure you bend, stretch, pull up and turn out to your maximum ability. You'll be surprised how easily you can start to feel a burn with the basics.

When I was strengthening for pointe, I really loved using thera-bands which can be used for several different types of exercises.

As far as home videos go, I really like the routines on the New York City Ballet Workout DVDs as well as this Royal Ballet daily class on YouTube.

Good luck!

u/peahat · 12 pointsr/BALLET

I think a really nice ballet bag would be cool. You could do a little research on what other dancers typically keep in their dance bags an fill it with goodies! Like a cool water bottle, a resistance band, a cute sweat towel, hair accessories, extra tights. I'll edit my comment with some ideas when I have a second.

Nice gym bag,
Resistance band,
My favorite way to get a perfect bun,
Good sweat towel,
Spill proof water bottle(VERY IMPORTANT!),

u/tabbycat · 1 pointr/BALLET

Back On Point has some good inspiration and workout plans. Its all geared towards getting 'back on pointe'. Somewhere on there she also posted a daily workout with different exercises... I'll have to dig around for the links later. I've found it pretty helpful :D

Also look into these:

u/Kikinator5000 · 2 pointsr/BALLET

I'm an absolute beginner too (but getting better!)

I have the same issue with classes for adults only being offered once a week. I found a few ballet class videos that are really good and I go through those several times per week and synthesize what I hear in my in person class with how I do things with the video. The videos are also helpful because they're the same every time (obviously), so eventually you will have memorized the steps and can really focus on doing them right. I feel like in my in-person classes a lot of my challenge is just figuring out what it is exactly I'm supposed to be doing and I can't really think about alignment and technique when I don't even know what I'm doing. These two are really good 1 2

u/ghosthost626 · 2 pointsr/BALLET

NYCB Workout I and II are great. There's floor work, stretching, and basic movements. Some jumping.

Former dancer, just started getting into lifting almost a year ago. When I danced, I used NYCB Workout I to get maintain strength and flexibility while I was getting through some injuries. I didn't have II at the time but I've done it and I like it better.

u/chock-a-block · -1 pointsr/BALLET

Ok, so here's the thing. There is a ton of strength and technique that mostly isn't taught. Most of the bunions you see are there because of poor strength and technique. Very, very few teachers teach pointe in any way that builds towards a solid foundation.

My point being, adding more classes may not be the best path. Spending more time building strength is the better path.

u/Pennwisedom · 4 pointsr/BALLET

If we are talking about an online dictionary. The simple Glossary of Ballet on Wikipedia should have all the common stuff and the ABT Ballet Dictionary has pronunciations and everything.

If you'd like an all-inclusive book that has 99% of everything, then the Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant is great.

u/sloth_lifestyle · 6 pointsr/BALLET

Classical Ballet Technique
I've had this one for years. I liked it a lot, especially when I first started. It has a lot of pictures and details. It's more of a coffee table book size, definitely can't keep that in your dance bag!

I also second the recommendation for Gail Grant's Technical Manual and Dictionary

u/wijnmoer · 2 pointsr/BALLET

The general opinion is that you cannot teach yourself ballet at home.

However you can show your parents that you are dedicated by reading books (i.e. Vaganovas Basic Principals of Classical Ballet, it's really not expensive and might also be available at you local library)

and do pilates excercises which will help you to get in shape. Depending on your age you can also try and find a job that allows you to pay for classes yourself.

u/MarthaGail · 3 pointsr/BALLET

How about a list of helpful books and things for adult dancers like the Joffrey's Ballet Fit.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/BALLET

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u/I_say_bato · 2 pointsr/BALLET

I searched "moleskin sheets" and found this.
There are other items linked to that page that would also work, depending on how much you want.

u/bearshavefeet · 2 pointsr/BALLET

There's this book from RAD - it has picture illustrations for most of the exercises from the old Primary-Grade 5.

u/arrsquared · 1 pointr/BALLET

Work on your mobility every day, there are a lot of revolutionary techniques out there. you might check out

u/tsukiii · 4 pointsr/BALLET

Classical Ballet Technique, by Gretchen Warren. It has step-by-step breakdowns (with photos of professional dancers from the late 80s) of everything from plies to ballet running.

u/bunhead13 · 3 pointsr/BALLET

im a male. These M Stevens Tights are the one and only brand/type of tights I wear. unless of course i need to wear some sort of costume.

u/ohdizzy · 2 pointsr/BALLET

I am a 7.5 street shoe, narrow feet. I wear an 8B in these.

Can you go get fitted?
Edit: never mind! Different style. This is the Bloch slipper I wear, half a size up from street shoe

u/phantompanther · 2 pointsr/BALLET

CVS and other drug stores sell loose lambs wool! Near the shoe sole inserts and other footcare type products. A $15 package at a dancewear store is like... $2 at the drug store. Some even sell ouch pouches packaged for wearing heels! I've seen this brand at CVS in a few cuts/sizes.

Also, if you tried the gel pouches on at a different time of the day than when you take class, you feet will not be the same size (feet swell as you stand on them during the day) and that may explain why now they hurt.