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u/BadBrainLives · 1 pointr/BISMUTH

the crystals will be covering a 36x40" flat surface. i'm def not using nail polish on all of that. it'd take an eternity. alright, well thank you!

edit: I think this will work: and I already have a bunch that i use to preserve paintings, so should be good! let me know if you've heard otherwise about acrylic coating.

u/Mycd · 1 pointr/BISMUTH

fishing sinkers advertsied as 'lead free' are a cheap source these days.

Looks like $<10US on amazon or try a site like!shop/cqae

u/upsidedownbat · 1 pointr/BISMUTH

I made bismuth necklaces for many of my friends and family members for Christmas a couple years ago. The easiest way is to buy some bails (like these and just superglue the flat part of them to the backs of the crystals.

I also printed out little fact sheets that had facts about bismuth and a note that it's really soft and brittle so to be careful with it and the colors will rub off over time if they're handled.