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u/Sparqs · 2 pointsr/Bacon

I don't think he comes off very well on that show, but his books drawn from his Vogue columns are great! I highly recommend The Man Who Ate Everything and It Must've Been Something I Ate.

u/generic_handle · 1 pointr/Bacon

A picture of a Klein bottle with the famous Cliff Stoll in the background. Stoll now makes these things and sells 'em off

If you like international spying, crime, and hacking, the man went for a pretty amazing real-life adventure and wrote a book about it (which is a fun, lighthearted read).

Stoll also has a nice description of the mathematical significance of Klein bottles.

u/Tomasfoolery · 4 pointsr/Bacon
  1. if you freeze, slightly undercook the bacon. Place flat or sandwiched on sheets of parchment paper. Freezing works fine, especially if you don't get rid of all the fat/drippings.

  2. A fairly long time. Same with uncooked bacon. I don't have exacts, my apologies, you can probably google it, especially if you know the brand/butcher. Depends on how it was made.

  3. Something like this works great for nuclearating bacon. But it makes it VERY CRISPY and not very good for freezing in my experience.
u/nickjames1984 · 1 pointr/Bacon

this one is right up my alley lol #willworkforbacon haha

u/billchase2 · 1 pointr/Bacon

Some reviews on Amazon. Might be worth trying!

u/wee0x1b · 7 pointsr/Bacon

Holy shit. $31 dollars?! Are they fucking high?

Spend $4 on 10 times as much pink curing salt as you need for a 5 pound belly:

Spend $7 on maple syrup:

Add kosher salt, whatever spices you like. Put it in a 2 gallon ziplock that costs 30 cents for 7-8 days. Smoke it, cook it in the oven, whatever. Slice it once cool. There you go: bacon without getting reamed by these clowns.

u/corkill · 1 pointr/Bacon

It's not antique. I got a brand new one for Christmas two years ago. Here they are on Amazon.

u/TheManWithNoName · 1 pointr/Bacon

There is a recipe in this book, which I just bought for my mom for xmas.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Bacon

I might suggest getting a jar of minced garlic and sorta "marinating" the bacon in a bunch of that overnight, before cooking the bacon?

Now I'm wondering if you could make roasted garlic cloves wrapped in bacon....

ETA the link that didn't work

u/ContentWithOurDecay · 1 pointr/Bacon

This one? I've been wanting to get a digital SLR for awhile now.

u/Grimmner · 3 pointsr/Bacon

Yup, Rhulman's is a book, or rather a book author.
[Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Curing and Smoking] (

Some people consider it the bible of modern salt preservation techniques.

u/superficial32 · 2 pointsr/Bacon

I'm not sure where exactly you'd find it there, but here's what I meant.


u/knowsguy · 1 pointr/Bacon

And this dingleberry has made a decent living by pointing out the obvious shit that pisses off most people.