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u/TheDude899 · 3 pointsr/BadDragon

Depending on flexible you are back there, there are two different ways to go.

Once you got your toy and yourself lubed up, slowly insert the toy until you encounter resistance. Then withdraw the toy slight and push it in again while relaxing your sphincter. It is kind of hard to describe as you push kind of liking going to bathroom, but you don't need or want to push too hard. This is how I can easily take my med/bruiser's knot with the only warm-up being it's shaft.

Now, I can also take a large/Xar knot's with barely any warm-up as well, but the technique is different. I usually use my med/bruiser's cumtube to get myself lubed up on the inside. Next, I insert my Xar as far as it will naturally go. Then I just simply keep the pressure there and focus on relaxing my body. Eventually, my Xar will just start to slip in on its own. It is important at this point to stay relaxed and let it slide as much as possible.

Now, I also have a few toys that gradually get wider such as an XL/trent that I can use to loosen myself up and make taking the Xar's knot a lot easier, but it isn't necessary.

Also, you need to be sure you have some lube inside your body. This makes things much easier as most of the lube on the toy slips off and you insert it. Cumtubes are great for this, but do get in the way once things get going. That's why I have some toys with and without tubes. If you want to save some money, you can just get a lube launcher (

Finally, some lubes are better than others. BD's cumlube is pretty good, but I cannot recommend j-lube enough. Put some powder in a small bottle and add water until you reach your desired viscosity (I find thicker to be better.) It is the best for vaginal play as it is mostly sugar (bacteria love that stuff) and it can be a pain to wash off your skin (but that is way it stays slippery for a long time.)

Ultimately, you should be able to kage's knot, you may just need more foreplay. Maybe start with some fingers, then just the shaft, and slowly work your way down the knot.

u/neverendingpet · 2 pointsr/BadDragon

Yeah being super cleaned before makes a huge difference. Happy I can help!

Best lube launcher I can recommend would be Cleanstream XL Lubricant Launcher - the smaller ones don’t really put much in there and you can never use too much lube 😝

u/bigchastity · 3 pointsr/BadDragon

Boy do I have a bit of news for you.

J-Lube is pretty amazing stuff. Also, comparatively speaking it's dirt cheap. It's possible to get a similar texture/look by adding a combination of coconut milk, and possibly a little egg white for texture. If you mix it up really well, then let it sit for a couple hours so that it starts to separate again, it looks even more realistic.

And best of all, for about $2/gallon, plus the cost of coconut milk and egg white, this is fiscally possible, if not so responsible.

Word to the wise, do not attempt to stand up in a pool of J-Lube. You will slip and fall, or so I've heard. Cause I've definitely never wrestled in a kiddy pool of JLube. Nope.

Also, when it's time to clean up, salt, and lots of it.

u/Valridagan · 6 pointsr/BadDragon

Well, 2" and 2.5" may only be a difference of half an inch in terms of diameter, but the key factor here is circumference, and the difference there is a lot larger- over two inches! 5.25" for the shaft vs. 7.43" for the knot. It'll take some time to get it in, but it'll happen eventually. Just GO SLOW AND BE CAREFUL. Use lube, lots and lots and lots of it; there's no such thing as too much (and j-lube is very highly recommended for getting large things inside yourself painlessly). People also recommend that trying to get one side of the knot in first makes things easier- aim it so that one of the bulges of the knot is pointed forwards, towards your taint, and rock the toy back and forth against your tailhole; that might help a lot. AGAIN, BE CAREFUL.

u/FantasyF1 · 6 pointsr/BadDragon

I'd recommend something like this. I got all my BD toys with suction cups (those that needed them anyway) but I did buy that stand-alone suction cup to attach to one of my other toys.

I used a drill bit about 2/3rd the thickness of the shaft of that suction cup to drill a hole for it in the toy and was able to force it in all the way - if you know what I mean ;). Thanks to the ridges on the cup you don't need to worry about it slipping out on its own. I've been pretty rough with it and even tried pulling it out but its stuck there pretty tight.

u/xbutterscotchbabex · 22 pointsr/BadDragon

That’s awful :( as someone who has an extremely nosey family, I feel you. I personally would suggest going onto amazon and buying this lock box it might not be the most hidden, but it stores easily under your bed or in your closet and no one can open it unless they have the key. It fits tons of toys! I have a good 10-15 in mine. Good luck!

u/TheIrishGoat · 4 pointsr/BadDragon

This works pretty well. It’s thin enough to fit into BadDragon cumlube bottles and holds a generous amount.

u/PMMeYourDragonDildos · 11 pointsr/BadDragon

BD lube is water based so you should be able to thin it out before use.

You should also think about getting some jlube mix and food-grade titanium dioxide pigment to just make your own cumlube in large quantities with the thickness you desire.

Just one $20 bottle of that stuff can make up to 8 gallons of sticky cum-like lube. It's effectively the same stuff as what BD sells and it was also used as the xenomorph slime in the Aliens films!

Have fun!

u/IAmTheFatman666 · 2 pointsr/BadDragon

I feel pretty blessed in this aspect. My toys are usually in my dresser. My mom never comes in my room, and if she does, and then opens my dresser, she won't care. She knows.

Here's a couple locking boxes/chests from Amazon, that won't break the bank, you might look into:

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3

u/TrashPickles · 2 pointsr/BadDragon

I have two of these for my toys:

Relatively flat, so they fit under a standard bed, enough space to fit a good chunk of toys, and easily lockable.

u/Kaijucum · 7 pointsr/BadDragon

I have this:

It’s great and goes up to plus size. I have fit many medium sized and even large BD toys in it. DO NOT USE THE O RINGS IT COMES WITH, they will react badly with your toys. Buy the silicone o ring set from Tantus to use with this harness or any other and you’re good to go!

u/HornyKiwi29 · 1 pointr/BadDragon

Hey OP,
Could you send me a link to the bed fellas, I can't seem to find anything about it.

Also, these are nice. The price likes to double randomly, so make sure it's around $50 cad, not $100 cad.

u/ardentbliss · 3 pointsr/BadDragon

These work well if your bed is raised, but large / extra large BD toys won’t fit. I also use ammo boxes here

u/nacho_balls · 2 pointsr/BadDragon

I purchased 2 things from amazon which opened up a whole new world.

a harness
and a [larger ring] ( (for the big toys). I use the 3 inch on most of the toys I do not use the silicon ones that came with the product but that 3 inch and this 2.5 should cover everything.

Look for the style of harnesses that I gave in the link to make sure that you can adjust the ring that goes around the toy

u/kazumishi22 · 5 pointsr/BadDragon

Since I have family living with me I keep my toys in a really lock case (Vaultz Locking Storage Chest, 6.5 x 19 x 13.5 Inches, Black on Black (VZ00458) Each toy has a small knapsack bag and there's a bag dedicated to storing my lubes.

u/KittyLordSavior · 3 pointsr/BadDragon

I use this UV flashlight for all of my photos 😁

u/Pheonix_Rizen · 1 pointr/BadDragon

Black Light UV Flashlight, Vansky 2019 Upgraded UV lights 51 LED Ultraviolet Blacklight Pet Urine Detector For Dog/Cat Urine,Dry Stains,Bed Bug, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator

I hope that links it right. Takes 3 AA batteries

u/MrIndieJ · 1 pointr/BadDragon

Probably not :/ You could try implementing a permanent Vac-U-Lock system with one of these. Not sure of the best way, but if you drilled/cut a hole into the bottom of the toy for the Vac-U-Lock and got some silicone from Smooth-On to fill in the rest of the hole, you could probably make a decent suction cup for your toy.

u/daremeboy · 1 pointr/BadDragon

Don't get one. They aren't worth it. You're better off buying a $5 injector on amazon. I regret getting the one I did. The tube gets messy if you don't have the syringe on it while using it because it tends to suck stuff back into the tube if its not pressurized. The cord is a pain to dry and clean. The cord hangs free and gets in the way. It's just not worth it.

Get one of these, cheaper and cleaner and more effective.

u/agonv · 1 pointr/BadDragon

absolutely would recommend this strap on for anyone, but if you’re looking for plus size geared and very comfy this might be exactly what you need!!

u/only5cents · 1 pointr/BadDragon

I got This A little tight fitting, lube a little bit and Don't cram it all the way in! Fair warning.
Another post recommended This It looks similar. I do not have this one.

u/PhazonSamus · 1 pointr/BadDragon

(Copied this from my comment history since you haven't gotten much response, and I feel a little bad since we're usually better at being helpful around here)


Anything this style should work. You just need some replacement rings in the appropriate sizes for your various dragons. (links stolen from u/nacho_balls post on another thread)

Or, this style of ring for toys with knots and a large base like Xar or Crackers. So you don't have to be able to stuff the toy through the ring.

u/ipirandom · 1 pointr/BadDragon

I prefer my Feit Electric Blacklight bulb on a swing arm task lamp the most over a flashlight-size (maybe because it's too compact, haha), but here's what I've used. The bulb is also far faster at charging.

Edit: Actual lamp, I have no idea. I've had it for over 10 years, haha.


Other people have linked this flashlight a few times, but I haven't used it myself:

u/Valkires · 1 pointr/BadDragon

There are third party options of adding a SUCTION cup by drilling a small hole in the base and then adding a barbed suction cup in

Example of what I'm talking about:

Don't have personal experience but have seen others do it with sucess.

u/ainaakjama · 1 pointr/BadDragon

Hmm here I found mine I got from amazon

Replacement Syringe

It has the measurements. I use this instead of the BD one

u/Minkend · 1 pointr/BadDragon

I've been keeping mine wrapped in flour sack towel (supposed to be lint free) in a small latched trunk I bought from Micheals craft store. My collection has grown because of the BF sale so I'm making little drawstring sacks to keep them in and getting a bigger trunk


u/BeeDeeThrowaWee · 7 pointsr/BadDragon

Lot of folks around here use j-lube, makes a similar consistency as cum lube but doesn't have the same color.

But one of their containers claims to make 6 gallons of lubricant for ~15 bucks.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/BadDragon

:P I got mine from Amazon at

I haven't had a chance to try it with Chance (Hey, I needed that pun) or any other toys yet (Damn not having any cheap rent close to work), but I tried just mixing it up.

Apparently with the same amount of water that comes out as tears when you get it in your eyes, it is EXTREMELY sticky and stringy, more so than CumLube. Just keep adding water and it will get... watery. (Yes, that's a bad one)

One of my friends got me onto it after he couldn't get a consistency he wanted from lubes at the supermarket.

I've been tempted to mix some with milk, but I have no idea what the results would be. Maybe one day...


ANTS LOVE IT. Make sure you either have it in a sealed container or wrapped up in a plastic bag if you have an ant problem. They won't make it into the bottle, but will die trying. ...Or maybe my ants are just kinky

u/WrenchHeadFox · 1 pointr/BadDragon

Get an inexpensive non-divided plastic toolbox and pop a small combo or key padlock on it. This way you can select one that's right for your size needs. Obviously 10 bad dragon toys could potentially occupy a wide range of volumes when you consider their wide variation in size availability.


u/JakeOLantern · 2 pointsr/BadDragon

Plastic isn't going to hurt your toy, however if you don't let it dry off entirely before you put it inside the bag your probably going to run into some trouble.

I go a little overboard, but I have a lot of toys.

I store all my stuff in this guy THE TOY BOX

I wrap each of the toys in this THE WRAPS

I put a bunch of these in the toybox to snatch up any extra moisture and to keep my toys from getting really nasty and moldy/mildew. [The no mold safeguard](

And lastly I clean my toys using this The Cleaner

I have over a grand in toys in this thing though, looks like a toolbox so nobody really thinks...."there's probably dildos in that thing" and it's really heavy duty I mean this thing can take a beating like crazy so during travel and such I don't have to worry about rough handling of it. Also it can be locked with a padlock to keep nosey people out. The only downside is that it's watertight but the silica gel will dry up any moisture that gets in.