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u/eugenelee618 · 2 pointsr/BasketballTips

Coaching Basketball by Jerry Krause (not that Jerry Krause) is pretty comprehensive. But it's pretty old, so a lot of the tactics are probably outdated by now. But it's fine for getting used to basketball related terminology.

I strongly recommend Half Court Hoops on Youtube. No frills, just straight to the point, TONS of plays from NBA, NCAA, and even travel league.

And the final book I recommend is SABA: The Antifragile Offense by Brian McCormick. It's not a collection of plays - in fact the book advocates the opposite. Instead of teaching young players specific plays and offense, it emphasizes using certain actions to create "small advantages" (like a switch forced by a PnR or a close out created by a ball reversal) and teaching players to grow that "small advantage" into a "big advantage" (a wide open shot or a layup). In short, it teaches athletes "how to play." I think it's the natural next step from the read and react offense, and a great way to think about basketball offense and teach it in the modern era.

u/blimp · 3 pointsr/BasketballTips

It's really hard to pick a "best basketball", as it depends a lot on preference, whether you like softer / stickier balls or tougher ones, deep or shallow gooves, etc.

That being said... Being the uk and this time of the year, I assume you're gonna play indoors. The ball I use is this Wilson NCAA replica, and I very much enjoy it. That being said, it is a very sticky / grippy ball, so if you handle / dribble it a lot I can see it being a bit rough on the hands, since it doesn't "slide" in your palm like other basketballs.

On the other side of the spectrum, I also have a Spalding TF-250 for outdoors play, and the composite material is very tough and more on the slippery side. Also more durable.

Other than that, Molten balls I've played with also tend to be pretty nice, kinda middle-of-the-road-ish (I think it was the GM7 that I'm thinking of). Probably more durable than the Wilson too, since it's not quite as soft.

u/jermeyyz · 2 pointsr/BasketballTips

I have never tried any of the ones you recommended, but the one I use a lot is this one Zi/O. It is great for indoors and does pretty well outdoors too. I like that its tacky and not rubbery like most outdoor balls. It does wear out after a while but it still has that leathery feel to it.

u/1___1 · 4 pointsr/BasketballTips

I've fought two torn shoulders, a torn ankle, pretty bad tendonitis in both knees, countless sprained ankles, a sprained knee, broken ribs, etc and I'm only 24. Thankfully the major problems occurred from 19-24 after I finished my competetive career. I'm working towards a comeback so this is very relevant to me.

The first thing you need to do is the equivalent of physical therapy (strengthening exercises), even if nothing is hurt right now. Almost every muscularskeletal problem can be fixed or prevented through increased strength and flexibility in the correct muscles. Your muscles support your joint function, which take a lot of abuse from playing sports. Having strong muscles in the right areas also helps prevent injury.

One big thing I've learned is that almost everything in your body is connected. Foot pain? Possible cause could be as far away as your lower back. Personally, I resolved some of my knee pain from strengthening my glutes. The human body is extremely complex and it's a ton of information to learn. Between years of physical therapy and doctor's visits and reading up on it all, I've become a lot more knowledgeable but still barely know anything.

Your options are 1) find someone who knows what they're doing or 2) learn it all yourself. Personally I have found a really great training gym where all the coaches know a lot about injury prevention and how to exercise to both prevent injury and improve athletic performance. Hopefully you can find something similar for you.

Kelly Starret has a youtube channel a book and a website. Crossfit gets a bad rap (rightfully so I believe), but this guy has very good info. His big thing is mobility, which deals with how the different muscles are connected to joints and appendages. Problems in one thing will affect other things, and he shows how to fix these problems with stretches and pressure therapy/release.

Oh another thing, I have a personal massage therapist, who helps loosen my muscles from heavy training and tells me if she feels any imbalances. So I have a lot of very expensive and knowledgable people helping me, I realize I'm very fortunate. I think without money, it's very difficult to get the best protection and treatment there is out there. :(

But the knees and ankles get the most damage, you can youtube knee and ankle strengthening exercises for basic stuff. That's a good first step. The stuff I mentioned is pretty over the top and specialized

u/LaserBeamsCattleProd · 10 pointsr/BasketballTips

Super glue. Apply it with a syringe to get the glue as deep as you can in that cavity.

Super glue sets pretty fast, so you'll be up and running in no time.

Try not to leave it in a hot car or direct sunlight.

u/lizzuke · 2 pointsr/BasketballTips

You need better fitting shoes, and possibly better fitting socks. If it's only on one foot and it's a serious problem, you may need different sized shoes for each foot. Some people just have funky feet. If your feet are both the same size, it could be how you run/cut on one side. Next time you play, see if you're favoring a foot or not. depending on how sweaty your feet get and how big the blister is, you can also get something like this

u/jimbooooooooo · 1 pointr/BasketballTips

I own a pair of Bauerfeind Genutrain knee braces and they're great for protecting your knees since they have gel padding all around your knee cap to keep it in place.

They're pricey but well worth the money.

u/BasketballTrainer · 2 pointsr/BasketballTips

I wore rec specs when I was younger but can honestly tell you that contact lenses are by far cheaper over the course of the year for a basketball player. This stuff worked for fogging:

u/gnoah0 · 1 pointr/BasketballTips

is a great start. It's hard to learn from a book sometimes though, so when you're learning a fundamental from the book, find an example on youtube.

u/Eacheure · 2 pointsr/BasketballTips

Just so we're on the same page, a weighted basketball is it's own thing, it is NOT a medicine ball.

Dribbling is stressful to your arms, especially starting out. If you don't keep up with dribbling, you'll end up losing control over the ball after a few bounces - especially when dribbling/running. Watch children play basketball with a regulation ball, you'll see what I mean, it's significantly heavier for them, not to mention oversized.

But you're basically an adult - you're stronger, but nah you're the same. You'll just experience the stress differently. You just might think you're clumsy with the ball, but the fact is your motor skills needs some exercise.

The heavy ball should be used primarily for stationary dribbling drills; take it slow. Cycle through the heavy ball and normal ball. Here's a good resource for some drills you might want to take up with the heavy basketball.

Oh yeah, don't look at yourself dribbling - watch some TV or something while you do the drills.

u/thehami · 3 pointsr/BasketballTips

always start close by the hoop to work on your form once you enter the park, shooting at the hashmarks around the FT line helped me gain more consistency and I instantly felt more confident shooting long range, i continue to do this once I get to the park. once you do that, shoot a lot of mid-range jumpers then start at the corner or straightaway for threes. just remember to always start real close to the hoop once you enter the park or gym. I also needed an adjustment period when I went from inside to outside, it could be a mental thing. I also always end my sessions with 3-5 straight free throw makes and that always helped me.

for a ball, i've always liked this one but i know some people don't. It's generally good and has lasted me about a year and a half so far, I might get another one because the one I have now is starting to lose grip.

u/bwcrawford99 · 1 pointr/BasketballTips

Evolution for $55

Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball,Official – size 29.5